An arrogant husband gets his comeuppance on a cross country trip with his beautiful wife of twenty years and their passenger, a young black man

I couldn’t help staring at it. It was not only the biggest cock
I’d seen, there was an aesthetic quality to it that begged a
lingering look. Veins coursed over thick black flesh ending in a
perfect golfball sized half-dome. It had to be eight inches long
and, Lord Almighty, it was still soft! The first word that jumped
to mind was “superior” I was staring at a superior penis. The
k*d’s voice snapped me back to reality.

“Wanna hold it for me, Prof.?” he laughed. I yanked my gaze away
from his enormous shaft and turned my attentions to the bathroom
wall and back to my own puny peepee, clearing my throat. Toby was
seventeen. He was about my height, athletic and black as the
night. He had a deceivingly angelic face. His eyes were big, face
slightly rounded round, mouth constantly drawn in a childlike

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” I replied, turning red. I
wanted to say something more but didn’t know what else exactly. On
the tile directly in front of me someone had written I Love To
Suck Big Dick! I couldn’t help but muse at the irony. Not for long

“That’s okay,” Toby nodded, “Your wife’s been checking out my
package for the past day and half.”

Huh? I tried to keep the piss going into my urinal and confront
this bold statement at once. “Uh, that wasn’t a very funny joke,
Toby,” I said.

“I shit you not,” Toby grinned, shaking the excess off that
colossal organ. I was reminded of the black jack, a sort of
flaccid nightstick used to knock people unconscious. “She’s been
eyeing my dick since halfway through Pennsylvania.” He spent a
couple of seconds stuffing his enormous manhood back into his
jeans, zipped up and flushed.

No longer distracted by his Kong sized prick, I finally spoke. “I
demand you take that back,” I said firmly, like a parent. I mean,
the nerve! If it weren’t for us, Toby wouldn’t be getting a free
ride to LA. True, he had to do some of the driving. Well most of
it, but still. The nerve!

“What’s the problem?” he said nonchalantly, “I’m just being real.”

“No, you’re being inappropriate and crude. My wife has not checked
out your package.”

“Who’s being ‘inappropriate’ now? You’re calling me a liar.”

“You’re calling my wife a. a package checker-outer.”

“Maybe she hasn’t looked at other guys, but I guarantee you. She’s
been checking out my package like it was her favorite library
book. I woke up yesterday in the back seat with a hardon. I open
my eyes what’s the first thing I see? Her getting an eyeful of the
tent in my pants. She looked away all embarrassed, like you did
just now.”

“Oh, come on, Toby.” This was getting just plain childish. The
people who had introduced us to Toby had told us he had a penchant
toward juvenile behavior. I thought, big deal, he’s a teenager.
But this was sliding down to elementary school level.

“No you come on. You can’t accept a normal red-blooded woman
can’t scope out the bulge in someone else’s pants just cause she’s
your wife?” He gave me that audacious grin again.

Shame. Things had been going quite smoothly up till this moment in
the campground bathroom. No bumps in the road as it were. Toby had
been a stellar co-driver in our cross-country jaunt. Polite,
gentle, humble. But now things had suddenly become very
frustrating. I wanted to get back at him good for being so damn-
so damn- cocky.

My mind formulated the first logical response to Toby’s over
confidence. The Greeks had a name for it. In formal debating it’s
called Ad Homonym, literal translation “to the man”, loose
translation. well, let’s just say if you’re in an argument with a
fat guy and the fat guy’s winning, you blurt out something about
pulling up a chair to an all-you-can-eat salad bar. The Greeks
considered an Ad Homonym to be a forfeit in a debate, since it has
nothing to do with the topic at hand. Not to mention it is a
childish way of denying you’re being beaten. Here’s what I said:
“You people and cock size, it’s all a big myth anyway.” See? Ad
Homonym. To the man. Forfeit.

Toby’s eyes narrowed. “My people? Wait a minute,” he said, “What
the fuck did you just say? You aware I spent the last two years in
a home with a WHITE family?”

“You’re black, Toby. White women don’t check out black guys.
Black women check out black guys.” See? I did it again. Ad Homonym
Ad Nauseum.

There was that grin again. “Okay. You’re jealous. Tell me, Prof.,
when was the last time you did it with her?”

He just wouldn’t let go. “Toby, that is none of your business.”

“Was it before or after Jerry Garcia died?”

Okay, tit for tat, I pick on him because of his race; he picks on
my lifestyle.

He continued, “What do you people do now since the Dead stopped
touring, just drive around the country in circles waiting for
Jerry to get reincarnated?”

I took a breath then decided to be the big man. well, in a manner
of speaking. “You know what, let’s forget this conversation
happened. We’re going to be on the road the next week or so, that
van’s going to get smaller by degrees if we bicker like this, so
let’s call it a day. You win. I win. Nobody wins.” (Whatever the
hell that meant!)

I quickly washed my hands and started heading out the bathroom
door. “I’m going to go for my ceremonial campground
constitutional. I’ve done it at every campground at which I’ve had
the pleasure of staying. You can join me if you wish, maybe it’ll
become a tradition of yours. Or you can go back to the van.
Lorelei’s probably made some herbal tea, you two can celebrate the
moments of your life. See you when I get back.”

I was out the door. I walked into the sunlight, proud of myself
for rising above that claptrap. I let the forest air cleanse me.
Then, I headed out for my hike.

Toby walked out behind me as the two of us parted ways; I heard
what he said and stopped dead in my tracks. Wait a minute, what
was that? I processed the words again: “I’m going to fuck her.”

Chapter Two
Things Get Cockier

I turned around. Toby was ambling back in the direction of the
van, not even looking back. God help me, I could see the outline
his mule-dick made in his pants from behind.

Fuck her! Did he just say that? I hustled up and walked alongside
him. “Okay this has gone on long enough. You keep it up and we’re
leaving you here in the middle of East Armpit Nowhere. You can
walk to LA.”

“She won’t let you kick me out. Not after I hook her,” Toby
smiled. He tugged at a long reed of dry grass and began picking
his teeth with it.

“What are you talking about?”

“Go on. Go on your walk, Mr. Natural.”

“You just said you’re going to fuck my wife and I’m supposed to go
for a walk.”

“What’s the matter? Don’t trust her alone with me?”

This k*d may have been young but I had to admit this. He was
always two moves ahead of me. “I do trust her.”

“Then go on your walk.”

“You could r**e her you know.”

Toby rolled his eyes, “Oh yeah, that’s what ‘we people’ do all the
time isn’t it? Besides drink grape soda and collect unemployment.”
Before I even had a chance to react, he stopped, turned toward me
and jabbed a finger at my chest- “You know, I thought you were
real when I met you, but you’re just another phony pantywaist
bitch. You deserve to have your wife fucked right out from under
your nose.”

“You say that one more time and-” I raised a fist.

Toby laughed knowing full well I had no intention of using it. He
leveled his gaze at me. “Fine, Prof. You want to make sure I don’t
r**e her come along and stand guard. Yeah, just hide out near the
van where you can see it all happen. I do something
‘inappropriate’ you can blow the whistle. But you won’t. Because
your wife’s the one that’s going to cross the decency line. Over
and over again. I’m gonna turn her into a black man’s cumdump.”

“You are hitching the rest of the way, Toby, mark my.”

He was ignoring me now. “You are gonna watch me make your wife beg
for my giant dick, won’t that be a treat? Tell me does she

“What’s- huh?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Yes or no,
does she swallow?”

I considered the consequences of blessing this question with a
response, then blurted out: “No.”

He nodded confidently then said, “Does she take it in the ass?”

Through gritted teeth I said the word: “Never.”

Toby smiled ear to ear then looked down at the bulge in his jeans
and talked to it, “Heard that, my friend?” He looked back up,
musing. “Man, that is gonna be one tight fuck.”

“Toby, I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to let you take your
stuff and walk away from our lives without any further-”

Toby shushed me and gestured toward a clearing the woods. The VW
bus was in sight. The sliding door was open, the canopy pitched.
And there, standing beneath the canopy was the most beautiful
creature I had ever seen.


My wife.

Chapter Three

This is the way I’ll always remember her I suppose. She was
gathering some extra sticks of wood in arm’s reach, feeding them
into the fire on which a pot of water boiled. Her long tie-dyed
sundress hung loosely around her ample breasts and hips. She was a
full woman, plenty of meat on her bones, but not an ounce of fat.

She was forty now, but time had only touched her face here and
there. The rest of her was as buoyant as a life raft. She was very
fit and very natural. Mountain woman, earth mother, forest nymph,
Lorelei loved to walk barefoot through life. She was everything a
man like me could want in a wife, friend and lover. I never
answered Toby’s question but I had lost track of how much time had
gone by from the last time we had made love. What a waste, I
thought as I looked upon her now. I could have torn her clothes
off her supple body and taken her right then and there. And I knew
Toby was thinking the same thing.

Completely unaware she was being watched, Lorelei pushed her long
frizzy blonde hair out of her eyes as she scanned the ground for
another stick of wood. Finding one, she bent over to get it,
giving Toby and myself a nice view of her mountainous cleavage.
Her breasts were real, by the way. Toby licked his lips and rubbed
his hands. “Mm, mm.” I heard him say.

“That’s it, Toby, go get your stuff and-”

“What, you still here?” he sneered at me, “Go hide yourself,
little man. Me, I’m gonna go turn that little wife of yours into a
cock-hungry breeding bitch.”

It was finally my turn to laugh, “Whatever you do, don’t let her
hear that word come out of your mouth. She’ll cut your nuts off.”

He didn’t even flinch. “Thanks for the heads up, my man, but when
I call her a bitch she’s gonna ask for more.”

I had no response.

“Now go hide yourself,” he took a few steps, then turned toward me
one last time. “And, Prof.? Just be thankful I’m letting you
watch,” he said. With that he left me, pushing on toward the van.

I stood there thinking, this is ridiculous. I was letting this k*d
go try to fuck my wife? It was absurd. Yet I watched as he walked
into the clearing. My instincts told me to run up there, kick
Toby’s ass out of the van and bid him, his arrogant strut and his
ten gallon cock a good fucking riddance. But I just stood there.

There are moments in your life you look back on and can’t figure
out what you were thinking at the time. I look back on this moment
and I know what I was thinking. I wanted to see him fall. I wanted
to see this k*d go up to that beautiful, faithful, loving wife he
just met a day and a half ago, and try to make her beg for his
thick black cock. And get cold water splashed in his face.

Toby hailed her and she looked up. Those crystal blue eyes
sparkled as she smiled back. She almost saw me to so I quickly
ducked down behind a boulder. I watched Toby casually nod to her
and point to the van, saying something. She nodded and smiled as
if to say “okay.” Oh my God, I thought, had he done it? Had he
just asked if she wanted to hop in the van with him so he could
slip his huge manhood into her wet pussy? But Lorelei turned away
and Toby hopped in the van, sliding the door closed behind him.
Lorelei knelt over the fire, checking to see if the water was
boiling yet. Behind her, I could see Toby’s waist, the only part
of him visible through the sliding door. He was changing his
clothes. He had his shirt off. Now the pants were coming down and
out it flopped. God his penis was humungus. Lorelei casually
glanced behind her, caught sight of Toby’s penis and did a double
take. If you ask me, she looked at that gargantuan dick a moment
too long for my liking. She studied it right up until Toby yanked
on a pair of sweatpants, packing that monster cock away again.

Lorelei suddenly turned back to the fire, as if what she were
thinking was wrong. She did look flush though. The black sex
cannon she’d seen certainly left a lasting impression. Fine, I
thought, she saw it now, but there’s no way she’s been checking
out his crotch before this. And even if she had, there’s now way
she’s actually going to beg for it.

Toby opened the sliding glass door and came out of the van wearing
only the sweats. I noticed now that his torso was finely cut,
shoulders bulging, biceps round and taut. If I were a woman I’d
think about having sex with him. Think. Lorelei looked up and
smiled, eyes wandering around his body momentarily- yes down to
his dick, ho hum- then f****d herself to look away, busying
herself with the fire again. Toby looked down at her ripe ass and
for a second I thought he was just going to jump her right there.

Then I’d swoop in and rescue my poor white wife from the big black
monster. But he didn’t. Toby simply sat on the lip of the van
under the canopy, relaxing. He leaned back, letting his thick
manmeat bulge proudly under his sweats.

The water was boiling so Lorelei went to get a couple of teacups
out of the van. She came back and made the tea the old fashioned
way. No bags for Lorelei. She used a strainer and tea leaves, the
way the Brits do it. Toby watched her, genuinely fascinated with
this tea ritual, exhibiting not even a hint of sexuality. Here I
started getting relieved. Nothing was happening. Toby was all talk
no action. He was just messing with my head. He really had no
interest in my wife whatsoever. And even if he did, she really
couldn’t care less about Toby’s dick, didn’t want to fuck him, not
now, not ever. Period. I decided I was going to get up and walk
into the clearing and clean the slate with Toby. I’d never mention
this event to him and maybe someday would tell my wife over a
couple of Honey Ales.

Just as I collected the resolve to rise up from behind my rock,
Lorelei sat on the lip of the van next to Toby. And the two
started talking. Nothing physical, just talking. A little eye
contact. He made her laugh a couple of times. She seemed to laugh
a lot harder at his jokes then at mine. Then something happened
that chilled me to the bone. Lorelei crossed her legs inward
toward Toby, then started fussing with her hair.

Chapter Four
Neural Kinetics

Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a college professor. I
used to teach Psychology at an Ivy League school. I spent years
studying Human Behavior and presenting my findings to classroom
after classroom for about twenty odd years (Lorelei, in fact, was
one of my best students). By the time I went on “permanent
sabbatical” I had developed a psychological theory that one can
understand the workings of the mind by studying the movements of
the body. Not words, mind you. Movements. You could put plugs in
your ears and still understand what was going on in a person’s
head simply by watching them, like a silent movie. Neural Kinetics
I called it. God what a pompous ass I was. Oh well, be that as it
may, I basically have a doctorate in one thing: body language. And
when my wife crossed her leg in toward Toby and started playing
with her hair, my confidence began to crumble. One has to
understand that in order for someone to do that- especially a
female, who is acutely aware that almost every man she encounters
is evaluating her on a sexual level- they have to be completely at
ease. Guard totally down. Toby briefly glanced down at her
generous breasts quivering gracefully before him as she began
playing with her hair and grinned that grin. This mutherfucker
didn’t even have a high school diploma yet! Anyway, being the kind
of petulant little headcase I am, I threw my Neural Kinetics
theory out and decided I needed to hear what they were saying.

So began the silent scramble toward the van. There was a light
breeze going, and the crickets were starting to chirp loudly. So
my movements went unnoticed as I circled around the van, behind it
and began crawling underneath it, toward them. All I could see
were Toby’s unlaced sneakers planted flat on the right of me,
Lorelei’s dainty white feet, one crossed over the other, to the

I could now hear their voices.

Lorelei: “Now that I think about it, we’ve been married longer
than you’ve been alive.”

Toby: “Man, that’s a trip. How two people can stay together that
long. I suppose if I met the right one.”

Lorelei: (pause) “You’ve still got a long way to go before
thinking about marriage, Toby. Enjoy yourself.”

Toby: “Oh I’m not looking for a wife yet. Not my own, anyway.”

She laughed. SHE LAUGHED.

Toby: “I’m serious. Most of the women I’ve been involved with have
been other men’s wives.”

Lorelei: “But. you’re only.”

Toby: “Seventeen, yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I like girls my age.
They’re fun. But married women are just. better. Better in every

The way he said this last part really scares me. There’s a lilt in
his voice that made it clear to me he was looking deep into those
blue eyes when he said that.

Lorelei: “Wow, umm. so did you ever. get caught by their

Toby: “Every time. Mostly, I’m the one who went up to them and
said ‘Hey, Mr. so-and-so, sorry to have to break it to you, but
I’m making love to your wife and there isn’t a damn thing you can
do about it.'”

Those words echoed in my head as I watched Lorelei rub her feet
together. My God. was she actually getting turned on?

Lorelei: “And they never did anything?”

Toby: “What are they gonna do? I connect with a woman and she’s M-
I-N-E mine. Nobody, not even her husband’s gonna keep me from
enjoying what’s mine.”

Lorelei: “So you just. dated these women in front of their

Toby: “Oh they learned who was the boss real quick. Some of them
even got off on the thought of their wives having sex with me. We
go out on dates, hubby did the driving and the buying. sometimes
even the watching.”

Lorelei (laughing nervously): “You’re putting me on.”

Toby: “They told me they appreciated seeing their wives get
treated like a lady by a real man.”

Lorelei (in a voice that would wither the confidence of a
professional boxer): “Oh I get it. You’re supposed to be some big
stud or something, is that it?”

Yes! Give it to him, Lorelei! I thought, excitedly. Finally, Toby
the super prick gets hoisted up on his own throbbing member! Do
it, baby, cut him down to size. I waited. But the cutting down
never happened. Because Toby flipped the script.

Toby: “Don’t play me off like that. You’re married. You know just
what I’m talking about.”

Silence. Dead silence. For I don’t know how long. I imagined
Lorelei working up the nerve to tell this asshole off. I imagined
her looking at him in utter contempt and disgust. Then I imagined
her twirling that chunk of blonde hair around her finger looking
his muscular body over, enigmatic look in her eye. My gaze darted
between the two sets of feet looking for a Neuro-Kinetic clue. It
finally came when Lorelei’s moved closer to Toby’s. Then I heard a
wet, lip-smacking sound. Lorelei let out a sweet little sigh and
began rubbing Toby’s ankle with her foot.

Chapter Five
Believe it. Bitch

No, please God. They were kissing! Toby was doing this, wasn’t he?
He was doing it! No, no, he wasn’t yet. She was only kissing him.
She hadn’t begged him for it yet. That was the deal, she was
supposed to beg him. I lay there on my belly under my own van like
a fucking lizard thinking I was still in the clear!

Their feet started intertwining before me and left to my own
imagination to fill in the blanks, my ego was soon leveled another
lethal blow. The sound of rustling sweatpants followed by:

Lorelei (gasping): “Jesus.” (giggling like a little girl) “I can
barely fit my hand around it.”

I felt queasy. I could almost hear Toby’s black meat thickening in
my wife’s tiny white hand. Toby’s voice came next:

Toby: “Jack it off.”

Lorelei: “I’ll have to use both hands.”

Toby: “Whatever you need to get the job done.”

I started hearing the friction of skin on skin. My heart was
sinking like lead.

Toby: “Yeah, woman. Work that butter churn.”

Lorelei (breath quivering): “Oh baby! Does it ever stop growing?
This is unbelievable.”

Toby: “Believe it. bitch.”

The skin-friction stopped. Land mine! I had warned Toby of it.
Lorelei’s three verboten words are: ‘babe’, ‘bitch’ and ‘cunt.’
Lorelei once threw an ink blotter at a real estate agent who
called her ‘babe’. This was it! Toby was about to get the axe.

Lorelei: “What did you just call me?”

Toby: “You heard me, bitch. You don’t like it, walk away.”

I gleefully waited for the tantrum. It never came. Instead. the
skin friction started again! No! This can’t be happening. She was
obeying him! But what I heard next stunned me beyond belief.

Lorelei: “Can I blow you?”

I’d never wished for deafness before, but I would have given
anything to have my ears damned instead of hearing Lorelei’s silky
voice ask that question. Here comes the insult to injury.

Toby: “Magic word?”

Lorelei: “Please.”

Thank you very much. Not another word. Then I watched Lorelei’s
knees dropped to the ground, situating themselves between Toby’s
feet. Her thighs began to move slightly, rhythmically. She was
sucking him off. I started hearing the noises. The gagging, the
c*****g, the labored nostril-breaths and yes. the whimpering. My
wife was falling in love with Toby’s cock. And Toby knew it.

Toby: “Suck harder. Mmm. Uh-huh. Harder still. You’re getting
there. That’s good. Now give it some throat. Deeper throat. Mo’
deeper, pussy mouth, let’s see what you can handle. Mmm. Yeah.
C***e yourself on it, cunt.”

Cunt. Well I guess the three verboten word rule went south. I
heard Toby laugh in amusement.

“Damn, girl, you sucking like a real pro now! The other vegans
know how much meat you can stuff into that tiny white mouth of

Lorelei tried not to laugh while she was blowing him. This Toby is
one charming fucker.

Toby: “Shit, you almost got half of it in there! You used to a big
cock or what?”

Lorelei (briefly coming up for air): “This is to my husband’s dick
what Texas is to Rhode Island.”

Lorelei’s obscene suckling started noises again. I was frozen in

Toby: “I love the way you look at me with those pretty blue eyes
while you suck the shit out of that black monster.”

I’d have taken decades of corporal punishment over this. Holy
shit! I felt actual tears streaming down my face. I was starting
to cry. Eighteen years of wedded bliss, over in less than a half-
hour. This teenager had swung a mighty wrecking ball into my
marriage, my love, my life, obliterating everything beyond
recognition. Lorelei, my soul mate, the woman I loved and
cherished over every other, was succumbing to this young man’s
massive tool like a common tramp and there wasn’t a damn thing I

Lorelei (suddenly): “Shh! What was that?”

Toby: “What?”

Lorelei: “I thought I heard someone crying.”

I froze.

Toby: “Probably just a wood chuck squealing or something.”

Lorelei: “Woodchucks don’t squeal.”

Toby: “Yes they do. Now get back to work, you fucking hosebag.”

I guess Lorelei was about to say something else but it was
mercilessly squelched by the sound of that gigantic shlong sliding
down her throat again. I couldn’t believe my ears. Between the
c*****g and the gagging, she was actually humming now. Lorelei had
officially Toby’s cock-slave.

Toby: “Man, I am gonna cum right down your throat.”

Lorelei (mouth very full): “Mmhmm!”

Toby: “And you are not gonna waste a drop.”

Lorelei (mouth very full): “Mm-mm!”

Toby: “Clean up like a good girl and I just might fuck your little
white ass.”

Lorelei: “Mmmm.”

Toby: “Okay, baby. Hope you brought your appetite. cause I’m gonna
give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all in one bite. get

I once came inside Lorelei’s mouth a long time ago. She didn’t
swallow but the thought of having semen in her mouth prompted her
to barf on my lap. She ordered me never to do that again. I guess
that edict was out too. Because she was making no protests at the
suggestion of chugalugging Toby’s black jizz. I was filled with a
vile urge to take a gun to both of them. Or a knife. Or the entire
pot of hot water that was simmering on the fire. I had to do

Stealthily, I crabbed backwards and came out the other side of the
van. quietly stood up and caught sight of them through the far
door. There was Toby’s sinewy back, blocking most of my view of
Lorelei. He had one hand behind him; the other on Lorelei’s
frizzed blonde head, long fingers palming it. He was forcing her
up and down on him, commanding her every move with his wrist. His
body slowly tightened then he arched himself just enough for me to
see what I believe they call in the dirty movies “the hardcore.”
And my jaw dropped

Chapter Six
Superior Cock

. but not nearly as wide as my wife’s was at the moment! Both her
hands clasped the stem of what looked like the thick branch of a
Sequoia. Toby’s veins were bulging, his shaft glistening from my
wife’s saliva. Okay I’ll say it. Toby’s prick was awe-inspiring. I
watched Lorelei trying desperately to accommodate this master
loin, cheeks puffing, tongue swirling, lips firmly locked around
its perimeter. As if he knew I was watching, Toby pulled her head
all the way up, so I could see his powerful, thirteen-inch pussy
pleaser, bulbous head and all. In that second, all I knew, all I
thought I understood was crushed. And from the ashes came a
sensation that was completely new to me. Utter and complete
humiliation. I’d had some embarrassing things happen to me but
they were things from which I was able to move on. The sight of
that erection was so profoundly mortifying, I knew right then and
there that I would be forever changed. I could only imagine what
was going through Lorelei’s head. besides of course 13 inches of
what truly was superior cock.

Yes. Toby came. And time stood still. And once Toby finished
coming I’d be praying to go back to the “good old minutes” when I
was only humiliated.

It went a little something like this: that humungus purple dome-
head expanded slightly and shot out a thick stream of creamy white
jism, blasting it right into Lorelei’s hungry mouth. Toby then
pushed her head back down on his meat, getting it as far into her
maw as he could.

Then I saw her gulp. And my knees weakened. This couldn’t be
happening! Filled to capacity, Lorelei’s tiny mouth started
running over. And over. And over. Dribbles and drools of Toby’s
hot protein supply spilled down that cock shaft, finally running
over her fingers. Lorelei was desperately trying to keep up,
gulping down as much as she could. This was after all, the fruit
of her labor.

But it was no use. Toby seemed to have blown the equivalent of a
twelve-ounce can of beer into her mouth over the course of about
ten seconds. Her mouth, his cock, her hands. All were covered with
his warm rich seed.

Toby lay back for the moment. He may have been done. But she
wasn’t. She began cleaning his cock off. “That’s a good girl,”
Toby said. By the time she was finished with it, it had softened
up a bit, flopping this way and that as she licked it dry. She
looked up at him showing him how she was licking every bit of it
off her fingers and hands, as if seeking his approval.

But Toby folded his arms. “You’re gonna have to beg for it, you
dirty white cunt”

Then she said it. I couldn’t believe I was hearing my once
honorable spouse say these words to this k*d she met only two days
before. “Please fuck my ass with your big black dick.”

Toby nodded skeptically. “Get in the van, take off your clothes
and get down on all fours, ass up high. I’m gonna bust you open
like a fucking pi�ata.”

As Lorelei crept onto the van’s floor I could see Toby’s amazing
shlong begin to harden again. Okay, I had blatantly underestimated
this teenage superstud. His cock was without a doubt a dominant
force to be reckoned with. And the way he used it. the ability he
had to please and control a woman the way no other man could . all
this was too much to get my mind around. Right now, my mind was
like Lorelei’s virgin ass. It couldn’t handle what was about to be
pushed into it. It’d just have to be streeeetched. Speaking of
which, Lorelei was now on all fours, smooth pale ass skyward. She
was anxious to be violated.

I turned away and slid down the side of the van. Out of sight now
I started to weep quietly, head in my hands. I don’t how much time
passed but it was dark now. The crickets were chirping very loudly
now. And Lorelei hadn’t even noticed I wasn’t back from my
ceremonial campground constitutional yet.

But her cries of pleasure and pain began to emerge from above me.
I didn’t want to see anymore. I just wanted to run away. But I
knew I had to stand and fight. somehow. I mean, David beat
Goliath, right? I rose again and peered through that glass.

Chapter Seven
An eye for an eye

Things were getting way out of control. My wife was enjoying this
way too much. I mean, true, Toby had a thick, black, thirteen inch
cock. True, she had just swallowed gob after gob of this seventeen
year old’s love goop, something she’d never done for me or anyone,
ever. But Jesus! This was ridiculous.

It makes me laugh now. Here I was at a mundane campsite somewhere
in the mid-west, peeping on my wife about to have anal sex with a
black k*d on the floor of our own van!

At that moment mind was reeling at the sight. Lorelei was on all
fours, completely naked, save for the little ankle bracelet. The
one got from the Navajo reservation we visited back in ’92. Her
brown eye was peeping up at Toby’s hovering shlong, which stared
back menacingly with a brown eye of it’s own.

I wanted to barge in on them. I wanted to rush into the van and
put a stop to this. Before that seventeen year old wonder stud
made mincemeat of my beautiful wife’s asshole with his king-sized
dong, turning her into his cockslave. I should have. Instead I
just stood there frozen, peering in at this obscene display from
outside the van. I had so far gone unnoticed. I think for a second
maybe my wife caught a glimpse of me. But that second ended mighty
quick. She was either so absorbed with taking that black jack
hammer up her ass that she didn’t notice me. Or else she DID
notice me and couldn’t be botherered. You pick the scenario!

“Please,” she begged, wriggling her backside up at him, “Fuck me
in the ass.” The tramp! He teased her for a moment, slapping her
wiggling white rump with his unbelievable piece. then finally
pressed the “eye” of that enormous black monster right up against,
the “eye” of her willing white butt. He was gentle at first and
Lorelei buckled at the sensation, sinking to her elbows, waiting
for more.

But after Hitchcock, Toby was the master of suspense. He played
with Lorelei’s butt with the gigantic head of his penis, making
her wish it was inside her. NOW!

“Please Toby,” she begged again, softly, voice quivering, “Fuck me
with it.”

“You want this?” he barked, rubbing the head of his magnificent
cock around her butthole. “In your ass?” he added, as if he needed
to clarify.

“I need it in my ass!” she cried.

But Toby was reserved. He stopped and took a breath. Reading her
face I could tell he was making her crazy! “Hmm,” Toby said
pensively, “I don’t know if you can handle it.”

“I CAN HANDLE IT!” she yelled. This was my wife? The woman who had
loved and supported me for eighteen years? The woman who had borne
and raised my c******n? Pleading on bended knee to get her ass
fucked by this stranger?

“Okay, you pathetic little slut,” said Toby, managing to steal
word for word the very phrase I had already formulated. Toby then
lined up his cock. and finally. thrust his hips, sinking his cock
in through Lorelei’s out door.

“Ahhhh!!!” Lorelei managed, ass being filled more and more by the

Lorelei had never been buttfucked by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
She’d once told me- right after I had made my sole request to
sodomize her (the subject never came up again)- that the thought
of anal sex sickened her. Butts were exit points, utilized
exclusively for things coming out, not going in. Besides, she
thought the act to be demeaning and demoralizing. Especially for a
woman. But here she gave a nice throaty “YES!” when the final
inch of this black teen’s weapon disappeared between her receptive

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Toby sneered at her, “I’ll tell you
when to speak.” With that, he hauled back with one hand and gave
her ass a spank for the ages. Lorelei tensed in pain. or was it
pleasure? “You got that, cunt?” Toby continued. Lorelei nodded
weakly, ass shaking violently, impaled on this humungus pole of
black fuckmeat. Toby raised a hand and swung it down again,
spanking Lorelei ten times harder. This time she jerked her head
upward and shrieked “OH! YES! I got it! I got it!” then she looked
down, ashamed and aroused at once. Her big breasts quivered like
jello the whole time. In a strange way that turned me on. In a
completely normal way, what was to follow did not turn me on at

Toby began grinding his dick in and out of her sphincter
repeatedly, tirelessly, eliciting responses from my wife I had
never heard before. SHE LOVED THIS. The way he was talking to her.
The way he was abusing her. The way he was battering her anus with
his thirteen incher.

She was babbling. At one point she said: “I. I can feel you, all
of you, inside me.”

“That’s nice to know,” Toby answered snidely, slamming his
fantastic organ deep into her again and again, “I’ll be sure to
put in my fuckin’ report.”

Toby’s groin spanked against my wife’s white cheeks over and over.
Her huge, round breasts flopped back and forth like the udder of a
cow doing windsprints. And I was watching the whole thing. I mean,
I wasn’t moving. Mosquitos were biting me, even. I couldn’t have
cared less. I was watching my wife getting an assfull of black
pipe and enjoying it in a way she’d never enjoyed anything before.

Chapter Eight
The Iceman Cometh

Toby’s movements became quicker, his breathing deeper. He was
about to blow his load. For the second time tonight.

“UNNGGGHHH!!!!” Toby cried, black, sinewy body tensing in ecstacy.
His bottom clenched and I knew he was pumping black sperm into her
tiny asshole. Lorelei cried out, loving every inch of it too.

When I had argued with Lorelei about anal sex, right after that
sole request I had made, one of my points was this: if it feels
good to have something come out of you through that portal,
imagine how good feels to have something go in! I remember her
eyes narrowing as she said “It feels good because something is
coming out. When something’s going in, the anus rejects it.
causing it’s owner to feel DISpleasure.” I demanded her to prove
it and she shut me up by saying: “You’re such a believer in the
pleasure of anal sex why don’t you let me take my dildo to your
ass?” I didn’t get any sex that night and the subject of sodomy
never arose again. But watching Lorelei cry out in pleasure at
this big black dick doing her ass, I was confident I had now done
enough “observational” research to reach this hypothesis: It
DEFINITELY feels just as good- maybe better- when something is
going INTO your ass as well.

Having shot his spunk, Toby relaxed, as did Lorelei, who was no
longer my wife in the grammatical sense of the word.

Have I told you how faithful she’d been up until this young
stallion came into our lives (not to mention two of my wife’s
orifices)? Until mere moments ago, Lorelei had been a graceful,
gentle female, an innocent doe, frolicking in a forest that’d been
happy to have her frolic within it. Now- with this insanely huge
black penis inside her- she had become something less, far less. I
mean, she was below a slug on the evolutionary chain. She was
turning into a. I had to find the right words. A “white trash
cumslut,” yeah that’s it. And I, her own husband, was watching her
disgusting descent live and in living color. I honestly could have
thrown up right then and there. Only I didn’t have the stomach to
look away.

Toby pulled his masterful organ out of my wife- who cried out at
the loss. I dry-heaved when I noticed her now-gaping asshole
leaking an abundance of brownish-tinted sperm. Toby grabbed her
shoulder and f****d her onto her back.

I could tell she was exhausted. She just looked up at him, sweaty,
panting and cross-eyed at the sight of that magnificent cock.

“I’m gonna fuck you now where a woman is supposed to be fucked,”
he said to her calmly.

She gulped, unable to speak. I finally looked down at her soft
pussy. Never. in my entire life. have I seen a woman’s vagina so
wet and wide open. Evidently Toby had or he would have reacted to
the sight with a little more surprise.

“You ready. bitch?” Toby said, one side of his mouth curling up in
a semi-grin, stroking his mind-blowing sex organ back to full

“I’m ready,” Lorelei said in a little voice. Her eyes were like
saucers now, drinking in the sight of Toby’s enormous twat-filler.

Toby lowered the 13″ piece till it was finally even with Lorelei’s
invitingly wet pussy. She braced herself. He paused for a second.
Then reared back. And charged into her.

Chapter Nine
end of the line

“OH MY GOD!!!!!” Lorelei cried, muscles tightening as the big
black dick invaded her womanhood, “IT’S TOO BIIIIIG!”:

“Shhh,” Toby whispered nonchalantly, “You’ll just stretch out a
little that’s all.”

“STRETCH A LITTLE?” my once faithful wife yelled back, “YOU’RE

Toby put a hand over her mouth and I watched as his buttcheeks
pumped. It was unreal. It looked as if he would eventually turn
her inside out with that thing, the way he was pushing into her.
Unable to speak, Lorelei’s eyes and nostrils flared in amazement.
She was taking it all into her heretofore under-used, under-
appreciated little white cunt, which was only now getting what it

Her body began to buck violently as she came again, this time
vaginally. According to gynecologists, a true vaginal orgasm is
the end-all and be-all. The most pleasurable feeling a woman will
ever have experience in her entire life.

Lorelei stared up in disbelief at Toby. He took his hand off her
mouth and it opened wide as she began to howl, like a wolf in
heat. To my dismay, this went on for a bit. Anyone could see what
was happening here, besides two people having sex. Toby was
training her. By the time he was finished with her she wouldn’t
even be a human being anymore. Just another of Toby’s cross
country fuck-dolls. Some slut he could brag about somewhere down
the road. And someone he’d be able to drop in on at a moment’s
notice someday and conjugate with.

Toby raised his head, closed his eyes and smiled, “Your pussy’s
gonna make me come,” he uttered to my wife.

She reached out and squeezed his shiny ass cheeks, fingers digging
in deep, feeling herself come again as well. She wrapped her legs
around Toby’s waist and locked them at the ankles. “Ooo yeah, come
baby, come. COOMME BAYYBEE COOOOOOME!!!” she screamed at the top
of her lungs.

The van was now rocking like a dinghy in a hurricane. Then I
noticed, out the corner of my eye, an elderly couple passing by.
The smiled at me neighborly and started to wave. Then stopped when
they noticed this van I was peeping into was rocking in a very
specific way. The woman looked away from me and the man grabbed
her arm and picked up his pace. Far as they were concerned I was
some kind of pervert! Once the old people were gone, I took a
quick look around at the rest of the campsite, which, thankfully,
remained dark. There were no more hikers. And Lorelei hadn’t
awoken anyone else with her shrieks of pleasure. At least not yet.

At the peak of this heavy rutting, Toby moaned again. He was
ejaculating for the third time in one hour. I was as astounded as
I was jealous. He came for what seemed like an eternity and after
that slowed down and stopped, breathing heavily. Lorelei’s arms
stroked his rippling back, her legs rubbing his powerful hips. her
blue eyes were staring up at him, c***d-like.

“Thank you, God,” she finally said.

That was it! I had to do something fast.

I ran around the van, toward the sliding side door. I pulled at
the handle and slid it open upon Mr. Black Stud and his newly
found cavewoman.

Lorelei looked at me suddenly, quite shocked. As if she’d
forgotten she was married to someone and here he was. Toby
remained perfectly calm.

“Man your wife was tight, Prof,” he said before I could say
anything. He pulled his oversized penis out of her swollen cunt.
Another river of sperm gushed from between her lips, spilling onto
the van’s floor. “Was,” Toby emphasized, marking my observation.

What else was there to do? Anything I said to Toby wouldn’t work
so by process of elimination. I gave my wife one of my patented
looks of “fatherly disappointment”- the kind Freud talked about-
and shook my head. It almost worked on her.

“Honey, I.” she started, then Toby put a finger to her lips.

The black bastard then looked at me and this is what he said: “I’m
gonna enjoy fucking your wife all the way to LA. And you’re gonna
enjoy the show from the rearview mirror, cause you’re driving.
Starting right now. See I gotta get to LA by the end of the week.
I’ve been patient up till now, but no more of this scenic route

Wait a minute what was going on? I hadn’t even expressed my anger
verbally yet! It didn’t matter to Toby.

“And at the next town, we’re gonna pick up some real clothes for
your wife,” he grinned, “Something a little sexier than that
fucking tie-dye tent she’s been wearing. Your wife has a great
body and she needs to show it off. Halter to show off her big
tits, short denim skirt for that ass she’s working. No hose for
those legs though. They look good enough as is. But this girl’s
got to get her some heels, those Jesus sandals just ain’t cutting
it, you know? And as much as I like this kinky blonde hair, she’s
gotta get it done so it stays out of her face. I wanna see her
when she’s sucking my cock. I don’t wanna be looking at some bail
of hay, This ain’t Hee-Haw, right?”

I actually formulated an answer to that question! But Toby wasn’t
exactly in “listening” mode.

“Now get in and drive this van back onto the highway,” he
commanded, “I’ll be back here driving your whore wife.”

My heart was pounding. After all, I was upset. “Listen here you.”

But I never got the chance to finish. Lorelei never gave it to me.
She said, “Just do what he says.” She was eyeing me with contempt.
Lorelei then punctuated the sentence with a word I’d never heard
come from her before, “. bitch.” She smiled widely then looked up
at Toby, grabbing onto his dangling cock.

“Listen to the woman, prof,” Toby nodded. “Clean up all this
camping shit and drive us on outta here.” With that, Toby turned
back to my wife, leaned down and kissed her deeply. After a moment
he looked up at me, angry this time. “Do you want me beat you?
Cause I can and I will, believe that.”

I believed it. Toby was a lot younger and from the looks of that
muscular body, a great stronger than me. I humbly left the two of
them and cleaned up our camp ground in the dark. This wasn’t
happening, I thought. It couldn’t have been. It was a ridiculous
concept, from stem to stern. My wife was giving up nearly two
decades of marriage for that. that. PRICK? I replayed all the
night’s events in my head. Had he d*****d her? Had he hypnotized
her? Questions, questions, questions. and no answers. Except for
one very obvious answer, which I was not even ready to consider.

I would in time, though. I closed up the van and walked around to
the driver door. I grabbed the handle, noting that the van was
already rocking a little. I opened it and climbed in. I looked in
the rearview and saw my wife’s legs sticking up, toes curled. She
was whimpering again. I set my eyes forward again, stuck the key
in the ignition, turned it and started the engine. I wanted to
ignore the fact that my wife was being fucked to holy hell by this
black stud. I could turn up the radio I thought. I could use the
sideview mirrors instead of the rearview. But those things
wouldn’t do me any good. Because the entire van was rocking from
the power of his dick-thrusts. I could feel him slamming into
Lorelei from the driver’s seat. Oh well. I gripped the wheel and
pressed the accelerator. We were on our way out of the campground
and heading to LA. If I kept driving without sleep- which was
probably what Toby wanted- we would get there in two days. Two
days, I thought. Forty-eight hours. Two thousand eight hundred and
eighty minutes, then it would all be over.

Little did I know I was in for the longest two thousand two
hundred and eighty minutes of my life…

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