An eager grad student tries to seduce the wrong freshman female

By the time I entered my junior year at college, I had
figured it out. It was great, marvelous, terrific.
Every single year without fail the school brought in a
whole bunch of new girls, young and succulent, eager
and scared, about a thousand of them. Seventeen,
eighteen-year-olds and most so pretty it was painful to
watch them unload their parents’ car and haul their
stuff into their dorm rooms. Jiggling, lots of
jiggling; I got hard just watching.

Every year, a whole new army of pussies just waiting to
be sundered, a whole new field of boobs unsucked and
unkneaded, of cunts unlicked, of warm bodies eager to
be groped and plundered. I decided I would love them,
as least as many as I could. And I did. But this is the
story of why I am no longer at school, no longer
seeking that advanced degree, no longer using young
girls for my pleasure.

So I had graduated in three years, got my masters in
one more and settled down to work on my doctorate, not
caring whether or not I ever finished my dissertation.
I survived as a graduate assistant with housing,
teaching freshmen courses and grading papers, and I
devoted myself to my real vocation: fucking freshman
females. I set an unrealistic goal of getting a hundred
each semester from each incoming class, a hundred
honeys, no dogs and a secondary goal of popping as many
virgins as I could, at least a dozen per semester. I
have no idea how many of the thousand or so new girls
were unsullied, but I would guess about ten percent,
perhaps a few more, but there were of course the
lesbians and those unfortunates nobody want to poke,
but wonderfully very few of both at our very expensive

I don’t know how the admissions people did it, and I
suspect that some perverts were surreptitiously at work
culling out the plain-janes, but the vast majority of
the freshmen females were hard-bodied beauties willing
if not eager to be mated, year after year, and that was
what kept me at school, diligently doing my best to
give pleasure where pleasure was wanted or at least
needed. Since the college semesters lasted about 90
days, and I hoped to do two hundred new girls each

I had my work cut out for me with no time for
vacations, and I stopped masturbating, ate balanced
meals, got all the rest I could, ran a couple of miles
almost every day, did Kegel exercises religiously and
my absolute best to seduce at least one girl a day.
Some summers I stayed and worked and fucked if I could
get a grant, but most years I went home and played with
the girls there, demonstrating what I had learned to an
appreciative few. Seldom was my bed empty. After a
while, I was getting a steady diet of roommates as the
pleasure I provided built my reputation and that made
it much easier. Volunteers were always welcomed. My
record, at the time, was five new pussies in one day.

I must admit that I was both well equipped and well
taught by two older sisters when I began my career of
doing freshman coeds. My strong, heavy, spear-headed
penis stood out at least seven inches curved slightly
upward when I was aroused and since I had been plying
it in eager females since I was thirteen, I had plenty
of practice and was well aware of how to pleasure woman
and delay my own climax. My sisters saw to that. I got
my ass beat if they didn’t orgasm before I did. By the
time I got out of high school, I could fuck for fifteen
or twenty minutes before hitting the point of no
return, feeling that wonderful rush and ejaculating,
and by then most of the girls I knew were well
satisfied and begging me to stop.

It was a rare session when I wasn’t able to produce a
couple of squealing orgasms with my cock and as many as
they wanted with my tongue and lips. I found that
whistling gently on a girl’s clit drove most of them
absolutely crazy. I wasn’t sure there was such a thing
as a G-spot although my younger sister insisted that I
seldom missed hers, but coeds never left me unsatisfied
and I left almost all of them sated and sore. Honest.

This year I was off to my best start ever having fucked
three lovely girls in the days before classes actually
started, two of them on moving-in day while their proud
parents were still motoring home. I had helped to carry
stuff up to luscious young Angela’s room after admiring
the way her globes moved beneath her t-shirt and then
set up her new computer and hooked it into the school’s
wireless system.

I showed her how to access various sites with the
lovely blonde on my lap and by the time we got to the
library catalogue I had her shirt off and my two middle
fingers deep in her young vagina and her head back on
my shoulder, mouth open and my tongue in her throat
while I mauled her tits with my other hand. She came,
gasping and writhing, as I stood with her arms about my
neck and our mouths joined.

I told her gawking roommate to take a walk around
campus and stripped the girl, spread her open on her
unmade bed, admired her carefully tonsured mound, drove
my thick ram into her and fucked her until she begged
me to stop, bouncing her at least six inches off the
thin mattress at the height of our vigorous copulation.
Then I ate her until she climaxed again and did her
from behind, snuggled together spoon fashion with both
her big jugs in my grasping hands. Once she was spent
and sobbing, I dressed, snapped her picture with my
tiny digital and went out looking for fresh meat.

I now had the pictures of more than four hundred naked
and freshly fucked coeds along with their first names
and my comments and rating of their performance. I gave
Angela a seven on my ten-point scale since she had
proved to be an adequate cock sucker, had not demanded
I use a condom and managed to stay active and compliant
for almost an hour of full bore sex, gyrating through
several exciting positions without complaint and
bucking like a quarter horse when she climaxed, which
she did a number of times.

The sun was almost down when I spotted my next bedmate
sitting on one of our low, brick walls looking sad and
worried. I plunked myself down beside her, patted her
long, bare leg and asked what was wrong. She sniffed
and said it was the roommate she had been assigned,
who, she claimed, was a big blonde that smoked little
cigars and looked to be part horse, a dyke lesbian she
was sure. She was afraid of being violated.

I assured her that she could safely spend the night in
my room and that we would work together in the morning
to get her into a different dorm if necessary. I
claimed I knew some people in the housing office and
that there would be no problem in finding a new and
better roommate. I assured her that I would sleep on my
sofa, which in fact I did for a while that evening,
between sweaty couplings, with my prick in her hand.
She smiled at me as I mentally undressed her young and
voluptuous body.

Since she had not eaten, I led her to the small
cafeteria annex, and we got some pizza and headed for
my room in the basement of the graduate housing dorm. I
popped open a couple of beers, and we sat on my old
leather sofa and got to know each other. It did not
take long, two more beers and perhaps half an hour
before we started swapping spit and undressing each
other and breathing hard. Her nipples were big and
pointed by then, real mouthfuls.

She told me she was a virgin and begged me to be gentle
when I was about to drive my rigid ram into her
seething slit while she had one long leg up on the back
of the sofa and the other on my shoulder. I smiled down
at her, eased the dripping cockhead into her tight-
lipped labia and then slid it all the way in, right to
the balls, watching her eyes get bigger and bigger as I
tore her open.

She arched up and climaxed at once, squealing with
pleasure as I braced my feet on the sofa’s arm and got
to work, sawing her deeply while she snorted, wheezed,
sobbed and begged.

I got my second wind and she got her long legs tightly
wound about me as I approached the moment to decision,
the point at which I could not hold back my roiling
ejaculations. By then she was sobbing, “More, more,

“Tiffany,” I said, seeing that her mouth was wide open
and her eyes tightly closed, and swallowing down my
hatred of that name, the name of the one of the girls
who tormented me all through my adolescence. “Sweetie,
are you on birth control?”

She gasped and shook her head no. Before I could even
consider using her chest or mouth, I came, gritting my
teeth to keep from screaming with relief after nearly a
half-hour of furious effort, and made a mental note to
explain that the college first-aid room had day-after
pills. After a bit, when I was squishing my jism out of
her, we took a break, cleaned ourselves up and got into

Of course she spent the night during which we bonked
twice rather furiously and then I awoke with a really
outstanding piece of wood, an oak-hard pecker that was
tall, straight and almost unquenchable, got her into
one of my favorite positions with her taut butt on a
pillow, her feet on my calves and wrung a series of
orgasms out of her before I exploded and had to kiss
and tongue her to keep her from screaming.

We went to lunch, both of us bruised here and there,
and then I did help her find another room, and met her
new roommate, a lovely, dark-haired girl from upstate
New York named Melissa who had “fuck me” written all
over her. I did her standing up, pressing her against
the wall while Tiffany watched and learned. Before I
left, I took a picture of them wound together, their
lush bodies warm and sweaty. It was my good deed for
the whole semester which began the next day.

On the first day of classes, I noted half a dozen
lovelies in my introductory class and made a mark
beside their names on the printed list. By the end of
the week, I had rolled five of them in the proverbial
hay and then enjoyed Mink, the prettiest of the group
on the weekend, two days of wonderful lovemaking that
left us both exhausted. Mink’s name was really Mindy,
but she had changed it in junior high school when she
discovered what boys were for and the pleasure built
into her wonderful body. Mink was one big G-spot; she
could climax from nipple nibbling, navel probing or
tongue sucking.

As we lay tangled in her sheets after our first, fierce
coupling, she told me about her introduction to sex
when she was just thirteen. It was a story that would
make any porn site proud. A visiting cousin, a boy of
fifteen, had caught her in the shower, stripped and
climbed in with her.

She had been able to slip out of his hands and escape
his jutting cock only to run into her own father out in
the hall who took one look at her wet body and then
carried her to his bed where he initiated all three of
her orifices and then turned her over to the randy
cousin and his older brother who double teamed her
until they were spent. By then, she liked it.

That Monday, she told me as I got her legs up on my
arms and let my glans play in her inner labia, she
looked at her teachers and at the boys in school in an
altogether different manner. And by week’s end she had
seduced two teachers and hooked up with a ninth grade
boy who as reputed to have the biggest cock in town. It
took her only one more week to find out that three
other boys, all of them in high school, had much bigger
weapons and were much more talented fuckers.

I let her decide what we should try and had a most
pleasant two days that left me with a sore tongue and
an aching cock. Mink was terrific, but she was too much
girl for me.

On Monday I spotted Diana as I crossed the quad. She
was what some called an ice queen, and I put her down
as a long-term project while I lined up that week’s
talent. Diana had been head cheerleader, homecoming
queen, Merit scholar and voted most likely to succeed;
you know the type. I was sure she was a virgin but I
was wrong. It took me almost a month to find out. And
then I wished I had never met her.

It was almost Thanksgiving when I finally got to
discover what Diana could do in bed. It nearly killed
me and absolutely changed my life. Even now, years
later, I hate to think about that bright, chill morning
when she ushered me into her sorority bedroom, locked
the door and told me to strip. I didn’t like the way
she was smiling, but I took off my clothes and
displayed my assets. She was not impressed.

The small room with one window had been painted dark
red and the only decoration was a huge poster in
imitation of the R**e of the Sabines only this one
showed big, lusty women carrying off slim, young and
sexually aroused males. I did as I was told and by the
time I pulled off my boxers, the lovely Diana was
standing before me in a short singlet with some sort of
black straps in one hand and a riding crop dangling
from the other. She was still wearing her four-inch
heels, short boots actually. Her hard nipples poked out
the thin cloth and there was a smile on her face as she
licked her lips and stared at my rising hard-on.

“Very nice,” she said, stepping before me and fitting a
Velcro cock ring about my penis and nuts in a figure
eight manner. She showed her teeth as she pulled my
balls one by one into the elastic ring and yanked it
tight, locked it down around the base of my rigid cock
and whispered, “That should give us some extra time” as
she rubbed her warm body on mine and tapped my ass with
her whip.

“I don’t think I need it,” I told her as I pulled her
flimsy garment over her head and admired her wonderful
body with its pubic triangle of golden curls.

She smiled, kissed me, stroked my straining cock, and
said, “You will. You certainly will.”

She made me lie back on her bed and then squatted above
my loins, frog like, legs bent, hands down on my ribs,
pink labia extended. “Now,” she said as she lowered
herself until her pursed outer lips were just touching
my glans. “If the pain gets too great, if you feel like
screaming, go right ahead. The girls are used to it.
But the last man I had in here, an instructor as I
recall, passed out and was absolutely worthless. I
expect more of you, a lot more. I know your
reputation.” Her vagina then swallowed my hard pick and
clasped it tightly as her hands slid up to my nipples
and began teasing then out.

I tried to thrust and she said, “Don’t,” quite firmly,
smacking my flank with her quirt. “If you survive, I’ll
let you play later.” And then she began moving up and
down on my fully extended shaft with this wide rubber
band about its base and my balls pinched tightly
together. It hurt and I must admit that I was
frightened by her determined look.

Her young pussy rippled with muscles and fluttered
spasmodically as she fucked me steadily and deeply,
often with a twisting motion and then she leaned
forward and presented one of her distended nipples to
my mouth as she ground her pubic bone into mine and
achieved her first climax of the afternoon, bathing my
aching cock with her warm juices as she stiffened and
shuddered, clamping tightly.

I sucked and tongued her tits, and she grinned and
said, “Very good, now nibble gently.” I did as I was
told as she continued to move to and fro on my extended
ram, rocking gently from side to side, squeezing and
relaxing. My testicles pulsed and throbbed. “Don’t you
dare come,” she hissed, her vagina fluttering
wonderfully as she arched her back and clamped hard on
my prick. “We’ve just started.”

Now when she moved away, she squeezed firmly on my
penis and pulled it upward with her, stretching it. I
yowled the first time and she slapped my face, showed
me her whip and growled, clamping even harder on my
member, mashing it with her vagina. Her inner muscles
seemed circular and fully under control, rippling
horribly. After a number of those movements, each of
which felt as though it might pull my cock out of my
body, she moved higher and began rubbing to and fro,
using my flattened prick to stimulate her whole vulva
and mashing my face between her globular breasts. I
gasped in pain.

Purring happily, she arched up and said, “Let’s roll
over.” I was happy to oblige and felt much more in
charge as I drove my constricted woman pleaser up into
her tight cunt for the first time, feeling my balls
straining against their strap. But then she wrapped her
long legs about my middle, set her boot-shod heels on
my butt and was quickly back in control. Forcing me
deeper and deeper as well as setting the tempo of our
copulation. She seemed tireless as I dripped sweat down
on her smiling face. We moved at marching pace I think,
about 120 a minute, one a second in and out, endlessly,
mindlessly, painfully.

After she enjoyed another shivering orgasm, she pushed
me off her and got to her feet, leaving me lying on my
back with my prick standing up and dripping. She
prodded it with her short whip and licked her lips
before goading my balls gently. She went to the door
and said, “Next.” In came another young woman wearing
just an undershirt who licked my prick and then sat on
my face and wriggled her hairy maw over my mouth while
a third naked female mounted my cock facing my feet,
slapped my thigh and demanded action.

Diana kept me there for three days, including a weekend
party for incoming frosh most of whom used me
disgracefully and blindfolded. By then they had
strapped a half-dozen different devices onto my
genitals, f****d some sort of rounded device into my
anus and abused me in ways I had not even imagined.

They had anointed my stiff penis with some kind of
stuff that made it numb and insensitive and were able
to keep it hard for two or three hours at a time as one
after another used me. Every time it flopped, one of
them sucked it back to straining life. They even used
some sort of electrical device to give it stimulating
shocks, a thing that looked like a small flashlight. I
suspect I was also d*****d part of the time, and that
phrase about the danger of a four-hour erection
occurred to me at several points. I did not get very
much sleep.

Finally when my tongue and jaw were so sore and swollen
they were useless and my sore cock was limp despite the
ministrations of the sorority’s best blowjob artists,
Diana reappeared wearing a rig strapped about her waist
and groin that held a huge purple dildo that was at
least a foot long and much thicker than my own poor
weapon on the best of days.

“On your face, up on all fours, you faggot,” she
snarled at me, smacking my flank with a short quirt
that dangled from her wrist. “This is the coup de
gr�ce.” She grinned and stroked her fat weapon. “If you
survive this, we will let you go; it you don’t, well,”
and she laughed. It was not a nice laugh.

I voiced a protest, and she hit me again right on the
base of my cock. I got into position, begging her not
to do it, fear in my heart, and felt something cold and
wet on my anus. “I’m being nice to you, bastard,
greasing you up. The last motherfucker we had in here
got it dry and deep. He had to go get his ass sewed
back together.”

“Please don’t,” I begged, feeling the pressure begin.

She laughed and rammed about six inches of her smooth
rubber spike into my battered body. I screamed and
collapsed, groveling, begging, weeping. She hit me
several times with her little whip and f****d me back
up on my knees, my head down on my arms, whimpering as
she began sodomizing me, driving deeper and deeper into
my colon until I could feel her belly on my buttocks.
She was strong and merciless.

She pulled it out with a soggy plop and said, “Now look
here.” I shook all over, shivering.

I turned my head as she removed the slick dildo from
her harness and replaced it with one that was a bit
bigger and covered with knots, bumps, ridges and
protrusions. It was gently curved and at least fourteen
inches long and as thick as my forearm. She grinned as
she stroked the enormous thing and then stepped behind
me, bent her knees and set it flanged head at my poor,
stretched anus.

“Take a deep breath,” she whispered, leaning forward
and digging her hands into my shoulders. Then she
pressed and in it want. The pain was exquisite and
never ending as she screwed it into me. I howled,
bucked and fainted.

When I awoke I was dressed and lying on a bench at a
campus bus stop. The moon was out and it was chilly. I
sat up and became aware that there was something
clamped to my penis. After I figured out where I was, I
stumbled to my dorm, punched in my code number and once
in my own room, disrobed and found that a strap
encircled the base of my scrotum and three similar
straps were buckled onto my cock, my swollen, blue and
purple cock. The device was painfully tight and when I
finally was able to get it off, I found a small slip of
paper clamped to the underside of my poor penis. It was
a note with one word on it, “Leave.”

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