Andrea’s Husband

Andrea Harris sat and stroked the big black cock as 
she watched another black man thrash her husband's ass 
with a cane. 

There were welts all across his bare ass cheeks as 
Andrea let go of the cock and walked up to him, she 
pulled the duct tape from his mouth, "You won't 
embarrass me again will you pussy boy, that was 
shameful behaviour from you, I have never felt so 

"No Mistress, I promise I won't embarrass you again."

"You'd better not, Sammy here enjoyed punishing you, 
he can hit harder than me so you'd better not. I'm 
going to release you so do what Sammy asked you to 

Adrian Harris could hardly stand when he was released, 
he staggered to where Sammy sat and said, "I'm sorry, 
may I suck your cock now Sir."

Sammy held his cock in his hand and motioned for 
Adrian to kneel down and take the cock in his mouth.

This was the first time that Andrea his wife had asked 
him to do this, up till now he had just watched as a 
succession of black men with huge cocks fucked her ass 
and pussy, before he had been ordered to get them 
drinks and whatever, not suck their cocks.

He closed his eyes and sucked on the huge black cock, 
he could still taste Andreas pussy juices and cum from 
when he had fucked her not so long ago.

"Lick my balls pussy boy," said Sammy leaning back and 
lifting his legs high into the air.

"Don't forget his ass as well, lick his ass," said 
Andrea taking her mouth away from Marshalls cock.

Adrian didn't fancy another thrashing and with eyes 
still closed pushed his tongue into the black ass 

Sammy grabbed his hair and pulled it forcing his 
tongue and face in ever deeper, "That's it pussy boy, 
lick my ass, lick my black ass," pulling his hair even 

Andrea looked over as she sucked on Marshall's cock, 
it had been only a month since she first cuckolded her 
husband on their wedding night, gentle things at 
first, now he was ready to be a proper cuckold, she 
had such plans for him.

Adrian Harris had always been a bit of a wimp, his 
mother had beat him regularly making him wear his 
sisters clothes if he misbehaved. On one occasion she 
had taken him shopping with a dress and high heels on 
complete with lipstick and Mascara.

His sister would beat him too, although she was 
younger than him she had complete control over him, 
his mother had made him lick her cunt from when she 
was fourteen and had to make her cum before he could 

His sister came up with the idea that if he could lick 
her pussy he should lick his mother's too, that 
carried on even now although he was married to Andrea.

Andrea first met Grace Morris in a sex shop where she 
was buying panties for Adrian, they had talked about 
the size of them Andrea remarking they were much too 
big for Grace.

"Oh no dear, they're not for me, they're for my son."

Andrea was immediately interested, "You make your son 
wear panties, is he a Mommy's boy."

"Very much so, why are you interested."

"Let's have a coffee, I think we should talk," said 

Andrea explained how she was a slut and loved fucking 
black men, she told Grace about her man Sammy and how 
he loved to treat her like a whore and make her fuck 
their friends as well.

"Their cocks are that big," motioning with her hands 
like a fisherman.

"Wow, really, they're that big!" exclaimed Grace, 
"I've never tried one, always wanted to but never 
plucked up the courage, are they really that big."

"Why don't I set us up on a double date, well when I 
say date I really mean a fuck, these guys aren't 
interested in dating, they just want to fuck you and 
treat you like a whore, I love it."

"I don't know Andrea, what if he doesn't like me."

"What's not to like, you're an attractive woman with a 
great body, of course he'll like you, you do suck and 
fuck don't you?"

"Of course I do, but I've only done it with white guys 
since my husband fucked off, don't worry, I can hold 
my end up," and laughed out loud, "you know what I 
mean," and they both laughed.

"Junior, this is Grace, grace, Junior, and this is 
Sammy, take your pick, we'll be swapping anyway so it 
doesn't really matter."

Junior was already holding Grace from behind with his 
hands roaming around her body.

"Why don't you whores take your clothes off," said 
Junior pulling down his pants.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed Grace as she saw what looked 
like a horse's cock hanging between Junior's legs.

Grace stripped and dropped to her knees, "Suck it 
bitch, suck my big black cock," he said, pulling 
Grace's head into his crotch.

Grace tasted her first black cock, she was surprised 
how quick it became hard as she slobbered and sit on 
it sucking all the time. Junior lifted his cock up, 
"Lick my balls bitch!" Grace sucked on his balls one 
by one.

Andrea was sucking Sammy when he pulled her hair over 
to Junior, he pulled Grace's hair as she moved on her 
knees to suck his cock.

Sammy's was every bit as big as Junior as she slurped 
and sucked until Sammy pushed her onto the couch and 
spread her legs.

Grace cried out as his tongue went inside her cunt as 
she pulled on his head pushing her cunt into his face. 
It only took a few minutes for Grace to cum but Sammy 
kept on licking and licking until a second orgasm 
erupted from her wet cunt.

Grace had never known such a feeling, she watched as 
Sammy rose with cock in hand and plunged it deep into 
her cunt, a loud shout came from Grace as he fucked 
her, "oh fuck your whore, fuck me, fuck me" thrashing 
wildly under the fucking she was getting.

She was cumming again, she couldn't believe it as cum 
gushed from her for the third time. 

Andrea was being fucked as well, she was much more 
used to it, but nevertheless she enjoyed every second 
as Junior pounded her cunt.

Sammy pulled out much to Grace's disappointment, she 
needn't have been, Junior plunged his cock in her cunt 
and carried on fucking.

That was Andrea's and Grace's first meeting together 
with black cock, from then on they were at the beck 
and call of any black friends of Sammy, Junior had 
claimed Grace as his whore and she was more than 

Graces daughter Rachel was drawn into their circle and 
was now a whore as well for any black cock that wanted 

After that first encounter with Sammy and Junior 
Andrea explained that she needed to be married but she 
didn't want to give up her black lovers, she wanted 
Adrian for a cuckold.

"That's fine by me, he's a fucking nuisance around the 
place when my lovers call, I have to tell him to go 
out somewhere, take him with my blessing."

The wedding day came round, Adrian wondered why such a 
beautiful girl like Andrea would marry him, he was the 
luckiest man in the world.

Andrea was dressed in a suit and tie, Adrian was 
dressed in a pink floral outfit with flared pants. It 
had been his mother's idea, she had promised to beat 
him again if he didn't wear them, said Andrea wanted 
him to wear them as well.

"Do you Andrea Rose take Adrian to be your husband."

"I do."

"Do you Adrian take Andrea to be your wife, to honour 
and obey at all time, to keep her body clean from 
bodily fluids, and to take care of any c******n she 
might have."

Adrian was surprised to hear that vow but a dig in the 
ribs from his mother and sister made him say 'I do'.

Adrian's wedding night was spent in his room while his 
mother, wife and sister entertained half a dozen big 
black cocks.

A month later he was getting his first punishment for 
not carrying out his wife's orders, he was sucking his 
wife's lover's cock and licking his ass while his wife 
was being fucked by another black man.

Marshall fucked Andrea hard until he was ready to cum, 
pulling out so far he gave her a cream pie.

"Over here pussy boy, come and clean this whores 
cunt," shouted Marshall.

Adrian scurried over to where cum was dripping from 
his wife, "clean my cunt, Sammy will want to fuck me 
after, you can't expect him to put his cock in another 
man's cum do you, lick it up, show it to me first 
before you swallow, I want to make sure you've got 

Adrian swallowed hard, surely they were joking, suck 
another man's cum from his wife's cunt. His head was 
pushed forward, "clean it pussy boy or Sammy will beat 
you again," said Marshall.

Adrian licked some cum up and showed it to his wife, 
"that's it darling, now swallow and clean the rest, 
clean it properly, I'll check later."

A terrible sick feeling came over Adrian as he licked 
up Marshall's cum and swallowed.

"Have you got it all?" asked Andrea pushing two finger 
deep into her cum laden cunt.

"You're going to have to learn to clean me properly 
pussy boy," she said bringing out some cum on her 

"Open up Adrian, open your mouth now," she ordered as 
she made him clean her fingers.

"There now, that wasn't so bad was it, it's only 
Marshalls cum, it won't poison you, from now on when 
my lovers fuck me I want you to clean my cunt from 
cum, isn't that nice of me to let you do that."

Adrian mumbled something, "I'm sorry, we didn't hear 
you, what did you say, speak up."

"Yes Mistress, that's very kind of you to let me clean 
your cunt."

"Time for me to fuck my whore pussy boy," said Sammy 
telling Andrea to get to her hands and knees on the 
floor. Andrea dropped down and laid her head on the 
floor in submissive style ready for Sammy to fuck her.

Adrian was ordered to kneel by his side as Sammy 
plunged his cock in her already wet cunt. Marshall 
handed him the gel he asked for and gave it to pussy 
boy, "get my whores ass ready I want to fuck it."

Andrea felt the cold gel being applied to her ass hole 
as she waited for Sammy to finish fucking her cunt 
first. Adrian was told to spread her ass cheeks a s 
Sammy's cock was pushed inside her ass. His big cock 
opened up her sphincter as he fucked her hard holding 
pussy boy's face close to him.

"Open pussy boy," he said pulling his cock out of her 
ass and giving it to him to suck clean. Adrian had no 
choice, he closed his eyes and opened his mouth as 
Sammy pushed his cock in, he could smell his wife's as 
juice as he sucked feeling very sick.

Sammy pulled out of his mouth and plunged it back into 
her ass hole and continued fucking her. It took a 
while for him to cum as he covered her ass crack with 
his cum.

"Clean it pussy boy, every drop, clean it out of her 
ass, come on," and pushed his head into her ass.

Adrian licked and sucked until all the cum was gone 
but Sammy hadn't finished, he squeezed Andrea's ass 
and finger her until more appeared which he scooped up 
with his fingers and gave them to pussy boy to clean.

Andrea had told mother Morris what she was going to 
do, the phone rang and mother Morris spoke, "how did 
he do, did he clean your pussy for you," she asked.

"We had to beat him first, he refused to suck Sammy's 
cock so Sammy beat his ass with a cane, he didn't 
refuse after that."

"Good for you girl, put him in his place, beat his 
fucking ass every time he disobeys you, did you get 
his ah... uniform for him," laughed his mother.

"Yep, gonna make him wear it now, really bright pink 
they are with little yellow flowers."

"I'd love to come over but Junior has ordered Rachel 
and I to stay in, Junior is bringing a few friends 
over, you know what that means, we have to fuck them 

"I know, come over tomorrow, he'll still be wearing 

"Pussy boy, come here," shouted Andrea.

Adrian walked in, "yes Mistress, you called."

"From now on you're to wear these and nothing else, if 
any of my friends call and you're not wearing them 
they will have my permission to beat your ass, 

"Yes Mistress, I understand."

Adrian opened the package, inside were several pairs 
of panties, all pink and floral, a suspender belt, 
stockings and a pair of high heels.

"You will put clean panties on every day and wash them 
by hand, not with mine, separately, and keep them 
clean, and don't ladder the stockings, now put them 

Pussy boy's heart sank, now he was really going to 
look the part of a cissy as he pulled on the panties. 
Next the suspender belt and then the stockings 
followed by the high heels. It took a few minutes for 
him to stand but finally he managed to walk.

"Come on then, let's show the boys, you look very 

Pussy boy was met with wolf whistles and laughter when 
he walked in the other room. 

"Pity we gotta go pussy boy, I might just fuck your 
ass if we stayed, bye whore, I'll call you, enjoy 
yourself with pussy boy here."

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