Animal Magnetism

A couple decides to get devoiced and to celebrate it
they go out one last time together on a motorcycle rally
that they both had always enjoyed. Only this time the
guy decides to get his soon to be ex-wife, snot-flying
drunk and she has the time of her life, even if she
can’t remember what happened the next day.

The marriage between my second wife and I was abruptly
coming to an end. It had been very obvious for months.
We filled out the papers, gone to court, and was
awaiting the decision of the judge. We both decided that
in celebration of our pending divorce we would attend a
motorcycle rally, the “boogie “and party hardy like we
had once done in our happier days.

Lisa was 15 years younger than myself, a fitness
instructor with the body appropriate for her profession
with the constant smile on her face that flirted with
every man she met. During our marriage I would confront
her about her flirting with other men. She claimed that
it was just a natural animal magnetism that she had

Lisa had a real taste for Long Island iced teas and
would always get drunk every time she drank. On occasion
she would smoke a little pot but it was the liquor that
always did her in. We had ridden in on our Harley with
Lisa exposed as much as she could possibly be without
being arrested. She was wearing a pair of cutoffs that
had been modified to be even shorter with white
transparent gauze bikini top therefore exposing her
camel toe and her nipples completely.

Once we were in the gate, she decided to take everything
off and just ride completely naked exposing her
completely tanned body. She had 36 DD tits, a very well
shaven pussy, wearing only high heels as we made our way
through the crowd. She put on a show for everyone that
even glanced her way. She was going to make this a very
exciting celebration of divorce.

I decided that if she was going to have such a good time
I was going I have a good time also, so my devious mind
went to work concocting quite an adventure that she
would never forget. All I had to do was keep pouring the
Long Island iced teas down her throat and it would just
be a matter of time before she passed out completely.
And when Lisa was out she was out cold.

As I hatched my plot, I suggested Lisa go off and
socialize among the crowd while I set up our tent. She
jumped at the chance. I got with my buddies at our
encampment and explained what my plans were for the
evening. All of them were eager to help. They all knew
of her infidelities and that she had taken me to the
cleaners, financially.

Lisa finally came stumbling back into camp after being
gone most of the afternoon. She looked pretty disheveled
but was very much into party mode. My buds and I mixed
up another pitcher of Long Island iced teas and handed
her another large glass. We had been smoking pot all
afternoon so our creative minds were on overload.

Scott had baked up a batch of killer pot brownies and
explained that they were good enough to finalize our
plans for Lisa’s evening. We all sat there around the
campfire teasing and taunting Lisa and watching as
someone’s cum oozed out of her pussy lips. She actually
seemed to be quite proud to show this off once we
pointed it out to her. I asked her how many loads she
had taken that afternoon.

She said that she had only taken two in her pussy but
she had sucked the cum of another. Some of the other
guys had asked how many loads she would like to have the
rest of the evening. She boldly said she thought she
could take on at least nine other guys.

With that she started to drift away. It looked like she
was getting ready to go down for the count when Scott
offered her a brownie. She was hungry by this point so
she gobbled it right down and asked for another. Scott
gave her another and handed her another drink. She
sparked up for short while, then, with her slurred
speech told us that she might take a short little nap.
She then slumped back in her lawn chair and passed out

We all poked and prodded on her just to see how far out
she was and got no response at all. With that we picked
her up and carried her into the tent, bent her over a
large cooler and used shrink wrap to tie her arms and
legs to a makeshift rack therefore keeping her from
moving or escaping.

Dusk was upon us, so we built up our fire made a number
of pitchers of drinks and placed a sign at the entrance
of the tent saying, “free for the taking, please feel
free to make a contribution anyway you can.” The
entertainment was about to start in the main tent of the
event so, many people were walking by and observing our
sign. As they would stop by we would offer them drinks
and invite them into our tent.

Our entertainment for the evening was about to start.
They were skeptical at first, when Mike said well maybe
we need to get it started first. He then proceeded to
drop his drawers pull his cock out and mount her from

After that, the line lengthened. Load after load of cum
was dumped into Lisa’s pussy, on her back, in her hair,
on her face, virtually she was covered almost entirely.
Then up walks the largest black man I have ever seen in
my entire life, he stood about 6’8″ looked at me and
said, do you think this is right, what you’re doing to

I said yes I do, sir.

He then whipped out his cock that was at least 14-inches
long and as thick as a beer can. He said I have this to
offer, would that be okay? I said yes as long as you can
find 10 more men to fill that hole you’re done. That
shouldn’t be a problem he said. I think I can do that. I
think I can come up with something even more

Amos tucked in behind her and rubbed his huge cock
against her vagina to help lubricate it then placed the
head at her ass hole and slowly pushed and pushed until
all 14 inches was buried in her bowels. Suddenly Lisa’s
started to awaken. The pain was arousing her from her
coma like state. Once fully awake and fully aware of how
she was being invaded, she started to scream.

Eric picked up Amos’ underwear and stuffed them into her
mouth, muffling her objections to being split apart.
Amos took deep long strokes in fucking her now bleeding
rectum. Amos reached over to his pants and pulled out
his cell phone then dialed a number. Devon, he said,
round up all of the guys and bring the pack of dogs over
to the yellow tent by the pond. I found some free stuff
over here. He said, y’all got a get over here quick
because I’m going to be done in about 25 minutes.

Hell, he’d already been banging her bunghole for 30 min.
already. This man was a God. Lisa started quieting down
now accepting the fact that she was going to be violated
more than she had ever been violated. Amos reached
around and pulled his underwear out of her mouth and
told her to suck every cock that was stuck in her mouth.
If she didn’t he would have to hurt her. By this time I
think she was slightly enjoying his mammoth cock.

Just when I thought things were starting to subside,
Amos’s friends walked up and was peeking in the tent
just as Amos started grunting like a bull and unloading
his come deep into her bottom. Each one of his friends
were almost as big as him, and each one of them had
massive dogs on leashes beside them. Rottweilers,
Dobermans, boxers, German shepherds and the like. All
male and all looking for a bitch to mate.

When Amos had called his friend and told him to bring
the dog pack I thought he meant just a bunch of black
guys. I was surprised but now I was really excited. Amos
slowly pulled his cock from Lisa’s rectum, got around to
the front of her and placed his face right up next to
her face. They made very serious eye contact then he
quietly said, I want you to fuck and suck everything
that comes into this tent with enthusiasm. Do you
understand completely.

Lisa whimpered, yes I do sir. Some of the cum that had
been exploded onto her body was starting to dry so the
black men turned the dogs loose and all 10 of them
started licking every square inch of her body cleaning
it up. I have never seen Lisa squirm that much in my
life. Cum was constantly dripping from her pussy and her

Once she was clean the first black man came around and
stuck his cock in her mouth, at the same time, ordering
Spike, his dog to mount her. His cock was almost as
large as his friends and his dogs cock was just as
large. He told her, take it all, take it all, now. His
dog was frantically fucking Lisa’s pussy, his knot
growing larger and pressing her vagina lips until
finally it entered her and grew to a massive size.

The man’s cock now was embedded entirely into her throat
therefore she was not able to breathe. He held his cock
deep in her throat until her eyes started to roll back
into her head and she looked like she was losing
consciousness then took his cock out to let her breathe
and recover then inserted it deeply in her throat again.

When Spike exploded inside her pussy, he exploded deep
in her throat. After their encounter, Lisa had about 15
min. to recuperate while the dogs knot shrunk.

All 10 black men and all of their dogs repeated this
procedure over and over, again and again. Each man would
take her to the edge of unconsciousness then back again.
Each man would not cum until his dog would cum. I do
have to admit that there were times I thought this was
going to k**l her but each of them assured me that she
would be okay and even better when they were done.

Regardless, I thought, what a great way to send her
away. The bitch deserves it! When they were all done
each one of them patted her on the head and said, good
girl, you’re my good girl.

Scott and I cut away the shrink wrap that had held her
immobile so long then carried her outside and placed her
on a blanket in front of the fire pit. We then placed a
sign around her neck saying, “Please piss on me.” I then
knelt down beside her and whispered in her ear, you are
now to beg everyone that walks by here, men and women to
piss all over you. You are to beg and plead with them,
convincingly. Do you understand you fucking whore. She
nodded and said, yes sir, it’s I do.

She was too exhausted and too spent to move from that
position until dawn. None of my buds and I could sleep
all night long because we didn’t want to miss anything
that would happen to her. That “boogie” ended with eight
of my buddies fucking her and 15 passerbys. She had been
butt fucked by six. She had sucked 16 cocks. She had 14
random loads of cum squirted on her. She had 10 massive
loads of cum from dogs dumped into her slimy cunt.

So all in all she had a total of 69 loads of cum in one
exciting evening. Quite an appropriate number don’t you
think? We lost count after a while but we’ve
guesstimated that approximately 40 women pissed on her,
83 men and 22 dogs. I didn’t fuck her. I wanted nothing
to do with the slutty cunt. We all got back on our bikes
and rode off leaving her there with a bowl of water and
disappeared into the sunset.

Now, we somewhat live together, I live in the house and
she lives in the garage. She is collared, eats out of a
dog bowl and is required to provide entertainment for
anyone or anything that I command. She has developed
into quite a nice pet. I feed her, I water her, I bathe
her and on occasion allow her some treats.

She is not tied down, she is free to leave as she
pleases, so I have not f****d this situation on her. She
understands this completely and is there at her own free
will, constantly serving her master.

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