Animal sex part 2.

When Christine’s mind finally returned to that hated
Christmas Eve, and the visions of that drunken bastard
that took the only real joy in her life, she wept
silently to her self for a while. When she regained her
composure Christine bundled herself up against the
winter cold, locked the office and as usual on a
Christmas Eve took the elevator alone to the lobby of
an empty office tower, always the first to arrive at
six and last to leave at six.

“Merry Christmas and have a wonderful weekend,” the
doorman said as she exited into the cold New England

“Uh, yeah you too,” Christine grumbled back. Actually
not really meaning it, as she mumbled in her mind,
“Yeah dick-head, fuck you and Christmas too.”

Christine pulled her scarf and collar tight against her
as she stepped out into the new Christmas Snow that
immediately began to whip into her face as it spiraled
back and forth across the narrow Boston street. The
sound was almost deafening as the cold winds hurdled
north to south creating a virtual wind tunnel between
the high-rises.

As the cold wind howled it sent punishing blasts of
frozen snow slamming into her face as she tried to walk
against it. Putting her head down and redoubling her
effort, she thrust her body forward toward the parking
garage and the waiting comfort of her Mercedes Sedan.

As she neared the garage entrance her mind began to
play a cruel trick on her, she swore she heard the
faint sound of someone calling her name, mixed with the
howling winds it sounded eerily familiar, but it was
all so impossible.

Looking around she heard it again, “Hey cute buns, wha-
cha-doing,” over and over she swore she heard in the
wind but far off in the distance, but she saw no one,
besides the street was barren, she was alone. With the
awful sound of the howling wind it was just a weird
mind trick or the whistle of the wind, besides only
Marley called her cute buns.

“Shit I need a fucking drink,” Christine said aloud to
herself knowing she didn’t mean it; hell she thought,
I’ve been sober for almost five years now. Christine
had overcome her excessive drinking that had begun just
a few days after Marley’s funeral. Why now, why did she
even think about having a drink? This was all too crazy
she thought to herself as she approached her car and
pushed the button on the self starter hoping the seats
would begin to warm up for her before she walked that
last few hundred feet to the door.

Quickly, Christine got into the car closed and locked
the doors as she pulled her coat more tightly around
her shivering body and snuggled deeply into the plush
seats, that thankfully were already beginning to show
some warmth. Christine closed her eyes for a few
moments as she snuggled even further into the soft warm
leather seat as she let head fall backwards onto the
headrest settling back and absorbing all the warmth she

As Christine snuggled into the warm seat, she felt a
foreboding yet somehow comforting warmth on her face.
Amazingly it felt almost like the gentle caress of a
lover’s hand as it lingered on her cheek, then heard it
again, but this time it was very near and clear as day.

“Hey cute buns, how-ya-doing?”

Christine bolted awake her eyes scanning the entire car
in seconds, in sheer terror her eyes locked on the
ghostly image of her long dead husband Marley Carole.
Christine ground to a halt, her entire being non-
reactive and motionless even to the point of loosing
her ability to speak. Christine stared through
frightened eyes as she studied this scary apparition
that appeared before her. It appeared to be Marley, but
this creature was a sickeningly horrid shade of grayish
white, the body appeared show ghastly and festered
wounds that may have been run over by that speeding
pick-up truck.

Wrapped around his neck and upper body was what
appeared to be a coil of heavily weighted metal chains.
These burdensome chains seemed as though they actually
passed through the passenger side of the windshield
without breaking cracking or breaking the glass.
Outside another thirty or so feet, possibly even more,
remained coiled at the center of the car’s hood.

With its apparent hefty weight, in her mind she felt it
was astonishing that it could lie there without
damaging the car. But what she found to be even more
gruesome was the extraordinary burden the dozens and
dozens of weights that were attached to each of the
many links that made up this ominous chain must have

“Who, who the fuck are you, and what are you doing in
my car?”

“But cute buns is that anyway to address your husband,
can’t you see?”

“Marley? Impossible, you are dead, what kind of evil
t*****e is this?” Christine cried out as she began to
slap her own face, “wake up Christine Carole, wake up
from this bad dream,” she yelled to herself over and
over as she tried again to slap herself awake.

“Fear not my darling, you are not asleep, and you are
in no danger from me as I promised I will carry my love
for you into eternity. Christine it is because of that
never dying love that is implanted on my very sole that
I have come to you at this important time. This my
darling is the very Eve of Christmas joy, and because
you disregard that fact, I have come to help you.
Christine I have come in love so that you will not also
bear the painful fruits of evil that we weaved for
ourselves in our greed.”

“Our disregard for our fellow man, woman or c***d is
the sin of our greed. Look upon me my love, see the
chain I carry, I made through my own culpability, yes
this onus is the result of my many misdeeds to our
fellow man. Each link I forged as I evicted a poor
family, cheated another of funds, padded the books to
sweeten a deal or just refused or forgot to be merely
human to another man of goodwill. Christine, my love,
by onus is a sever penance, but I fear that your chain
will but so great it will make mine appear as little
more than a mere link of yours.”

“Trust me my love this and more shall all come to pass,
unless you look into your heart and heed the word of
one who love you more than life. I ask only that accept
this gesture of absolute love, look deeply your heart
and find that woman I once knew, the woman that taught
me love and joy before I corrupted her and taught her
absolute greed.”

“Ooh sweet, sweet Christine the wealth we built is the
merely the fruit of another man’s pain. It is fruit
that is left to rot on the vine unless it is used to
create happiness and to undo man’s inhumanity to man.
Yes my dear our financial rewards were extracted from
the sweat of another’s brow. Ooh my dear listen to me,
the pains I now endure and those that you will soon
endure will be just reward, yes darling it will be
their vengeance.”

“Bah Humbug, humbug, humbug that’s what I saw to this
bad dream. You and it are nothing more than a bad piece
of meat in my stomach, an un-digested scrap of a
hastily consumed luncheon. Yes that is, it’s all a bad
dream and soon I will wake up from it, and when I do, I
will be in my comfortable desk chair where I must have
fallen asleep.”

“Christine listen to me, I have come to help you my
love, but foremost to warn you of what you have been
chosen to face. Tonight three spirits will visit you,
and let me forewarn you, treat them with respect for in
their clutches lies the truth, heed my word, in their
clutches lies your very future. Christine my love, I
warn you because the love we shared was so pure and
honest. Because of our love I warn you so that you will
never know or feel the pain of my fate. Please listen I
want you to have joy in your life again.”

“The first spirit will come to you at the stroke of
midnight, the next one, and the last and most
frightening of all at two, as for me I completed my
final mission, I shall never see life again so heed my
words. Now I must take my leave, but remember I love

A loud clash of thunder filled the world, as Christine
knew it to be in that very moment in time. The vast
energy from that thunder clash virtually ejected Marley
back through the windshield, as he rose through upward
dragging his clanging chain noisily behind him.

The massive onus he carried uncoiled off the car seat
sliding miraculously back through the windshield
leaving no sign of where it had been. At one point when
Marley was in the car, just one single link of his
dragged across her feet and Christine in that moment,
although unhurt in any way, was pinned in place by the
awesome weight she felt.

She could sense how the car was weighted down as the
entire length of Marley’s chain moved inside and across
the car, yet it left no marks as it passed over her
ankle and through the auto’s windshield.

As each weighted link disappeared it clanged and
clinked loudly rising undeterred right through the
thick reinforced concrete ceiling of the parking
garage. Her eyes followed Marley’s path as he ascended
into nothingness finally disappearing from sight. As he
disappeared she felt alone in this sudden and very
uncomfortable silence.

Falling forward onto the steering wheel, Christine
closed her eyes, the result of total emotional
exhaustion. She remained unresponsive, just totally
stoic until once again the silence was broken by
Marley’s voice. “Heed them well, they mean you only

Then her heart almost stopped as without her effort,
her car shifted into gear and began to move forward at
break-neck speed. She tried to brake, to gain control,
but her car kept gaining speed. Faster and faster it
went, reaching speeds beyond her comprehension.

It appeared as though it was little more than a flash
of white light as it headed unchecked directly for the
garage’s thick concrete outer wall. Just as her car
crashed at blinding speed into the concrete wall there
was an awful metal crunching crashing sound, while in
the same micro-second a blinding light filled her
brain, Christine screamed, stopped breathing as the
entire world turned into nothingness.

Christine tried to recapture her ability to breath as
she remained in darkness and silence while she tried to
ascertain if she was still alive. Regaining a little
courage she slowly opened her eyes only to find she was
still in her undamaged car. As she looked around she
realized that for some strange reason she was quietly
parked behind the closed door of her own garage, unhurt
and within the safe confines of her suburban home.

Not understanding what had happened she looked at her
watch, six-ten, impossible she thought. But something
was very odd; her watch must be broken, because in a
normal commute, without bad weather, it took her almost
an hour to reach her suburban home and it was snowing
badly outside. According to her watch she had just left
her office ten minutes ago. Impossible, she thought
again as she made her way to her bedroom.

Stripping to panties and bra, Christine fell into bed
pulling the oversized down comforter over her head, in
short order fell into a deep almost comatose sleep.

Chapter IV

As Lorie Hatchet passed through the main entrance of
the day care center she was greeted with the warm
sounds of, “Mommy, mommy I missed you, we had such fun
today.” Lorie smiled as she hugged this strikingly
beautiful nine-year-old. A beautiful c***d created with
and reared with unconditional love. A c***d although
baring the scars and pain associated with severe
handicaps, she had grown quite beautiful and seemed to
always have the innate ability to emote love and joy to
whomever was around her.

Bundling Noel into her arms she rushed her trough the
cold to the warm comfort of her old beat up Taurus. It
may not have been pretty but it ran OK and the heater
was great. Buckling her in she noticed her glancing
toward the bags in the back seat trying to get a
glimpse of what may lay in store for her on Christmas
morning. “No peeking, you sly little snoop,” she joked
with her little girl as noel blushed and they both

As Lorie walked around the car she felt pangs of guilt
again, she knew Santa was never going to bring the
dolly Noel really wanted. It was far too expensive for
her pocket book, so she had to settle for this
discarded doll from a friend’s c***d. At least the
little brat had so many she hardly played with this
one, and considering they still had the original box,
if she stayed up late tonight she could iron its
clothes and it might just look new again.

As they headed they sang Christmas carols along with
the radio, and once home continued through the evening
as they had dinner and until Noel finally went to bed.

Once Noel was in bed, Lorie began immediately working
hard hoping to make the dolly look as close to new as
possible. But when the clock struck midnight it was
time for her to hit the bed, she’d done what she could
besides she had to be up with the sun and Noel.

At the same stroke of midnight, miles away in the
suburbs came a different sound to the bells of
midnight. “Ho, Ho, Ho, rise and face the joys of
Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho, rise up Christine, rise up and
join me in the beauty of the season, come join me in a
cup of joy!”

Christine pulled the covers from her head and cast her
tired eyes on a jolly fellow with rosy cheeks and eyes
as bright as the summer sun. He was a giant of a man
with a two foot long white beard. He appeared massive,
super strong yet still somewhat gentle and quite roly-
poly. The ceilings in her Victorian home were well over
eight feet and his Christmas cap bushed against them
and his billowing red and white robe had a fur train
that trailed yards behind him. That’s it, she thought,
he looked like a giant Santa Clause.

Christine jumped up demanding to know who he was and
what he was doing in her room.

“For the moment,” he began, “admiring your nice tits
and that cute ass you’re shaking in my face.” Then he
let out a laugh that was so loud it must have been
heard miles away.

As Christine looked down at her breasts, they were
almost hanging out of her red demi-bra and on her ass
she had merely a thin band of her matching thong
nestled deep between her firm rounded cheeks. Christine
became flustered and fell down onto the bed hiding her
body under the covers. “Get out, get out of here before
I call the police.”

The ghost let out an uproarious laugh, chuckling as he
said, “Ah, you do that, it might prove quite
interesting. First of all I am the Ghost Of Christmas
Past, the first of the ghosts that will guide you
tonight, but your problem is that only you can see me.
So call them, can’t you just see that amusing police
report now, I can see it well.”

“Ah yes it is going to read, an almost naked Mrs.
Christine Carole filed a complaint about a seven and a
half foot Christmas ghost. It appears he was in her
bedroom checking out her hot body and making lurid
comments about her firm tits and rounded ass. Now
wouldn’t that make for great reading material on a cold
winter nights for your business associates? Besides
think of what the society gossip press could do with
info like that?”

“OK, OK you win, look just leave will you? I don’t need
you or any other ghost. Just let me sleep please, just
get out of my dream and out of my house.”

Suddenly a dark cast appeared in the room, it was easy
to read that this ghost was pissed.

The ghost raised his hand and passed it over the length
of Christine’s body causing her to rise and levitate
above the bed. Instantly her bra fell free of her body
and floated down to the bed only to be joined virtually
simultaneously by her thong.

Christine gasped in fear as her body floated naked
about the room some five feet above the floor, where
she felt a blast of cold air that hit her when her
bedroom window flew open. She was soon floating above
the street with this massive jolly ghost at her side.
Once he had taken her hand, surprisingly, she felt safe
and warm even in the New England winter chilled air
even though she was naked.

“Where are you taking me and can I go back and get

“When you are with me you must remain naked like I so
that you remain invisible and so that no one can see
your clothing, besides aren’t you warm and comfortable.

“OK, OK, but where are we going?”

“To visit Christmas’s past.”

“The past? The far past?”

“No, your past.”

Taking her hand as they began to soar over the
housetops finally coming to rest in front of an old
single house in a non-descript lower middle-income
neighborhood, somewhere in suburbia.

Looking around with a sudden keen interest Christine
sensed an odd familiarity as they approached the home.
Grasping her hand firmly they passed through its walls,
eventually standing next to a Christmas tree in a small
but well appointed living room. Under a neatly
decorated tree was what appeared to be a dozen or more
attractively gift wrapped presents.

Suddenly a sound caught her attention and as she turned
she caught sight of two small c******n giggling while
they slinked down the stairs with naughty grins on
their faces.

Stealthily the co-conspirators crept down the final few
steps and over to the Christmas tree being sure to be
quiet. As they neared Christine gasped, tried to cover
her nakedness and jumped behind a high back chair.
Christine was even more startled when the ghost let out
an uproariously loud laugh, so loud in fact, she was
sure it was heard blocks away.

“Be calm Christine,” the ghost bellowed as he continued
to laugh, “they can not see or hear us for although we
can observe we are in another dimension and can in no
way interact with them, or them with us, that is unless
I choice to let it happen.”

“But I’m naked and you are so loud,” Christine

“Trust me my dear, it is true, they can not hear or see

“OOH, OH MY GOD, that is my sister Alice and ooh my God
me, we’re sneaking peeks at our Christmas gifts.”
Christine jumped again as she heard another even more
ominous sound. “And what do you girls think you are
doing?” Came an authoritative male voice.

Both girls jumped back from the gifts in fear as two
adults descended the stairs.

“Daddy, Mommy,” the adult Christine cried out, “Alice
and I meant no harm, we, we were just peeking, that’s
all, please don’t be mad.”

Again the ghost laughed at the top of his lungs, as
Christine shook her head, realizing that she couldn’t
be heard, while almost simultaneously the two scheming
little girls said almost the same thing word for word,
their jolly father just began to laugh as well.

“Ah the problem around here is that we coddle you two
ladies much too much, besides you two girls have the
same excuse every Christmas day. I guess that is what
daddies do for their little girls, go ahead, yes go
ahead you spoiled brats open your gifts. But you only
have an hour or so and then you both best be dressed
and ready for breakfast.”

And as pretty bows and hand painted wrapping paper
began fly in all directions like confetti, the ghost
with a touch of his hand Christine was taken away from
the happy scene. As they soared above the old building
she could still hear the girls giggling and her parents
in the background laughing too. And why not, it truly
was a happy home.

Then just as suddenly they were in a dark hallway of
some large building. The ghost led the way around the
corner and Christine felt ill at ease as something
inside her told her that is was a place that held mixed
emotions for her. Christine intentionally lagged
behind, and then the ghost turned to her grasped her
hand and pulled her through a wall.

There before her was two teenage girls naked except for
panties giggling and lying next to one another on one
of the two single beds in the room.

“This is very naughty Chrissie,” one girl said.

“So what, how else are we going to learn, and besides
this is what the two girls did in that movie, besides
you promised you would try it, well it felt real good
didn’t it?”

“Yeah I liked it when we kissed, and then when you
touched and kissed my boobies.”

“Well OK then you kiss me and then you can touch and
kiss my boobs this time.”

The girl named Beth nodded her approval before she took
Chrissie into her arms. They kissed quite passionately
and as they kissed Beth tentatively began to caress
Chrissie’s breast making Chrissie gasp her obvious
approval into Beth’s mouth while they kissed.

“OOH MY GOD,” Christine moaned, “that’s, that is when
I, I.”

“That’s right, that is the first time you ever made
love to another person and your first bi-sexual
experience, but more important your first love,” the
ghost said as they became silent focusing their
attention to the two teens relishing their first
uninhibited act of love.

Breaking the kiss Beth pushed Chrissie back onto her
back and began a slow descent toward her first taste of
another woman’s breast. Here they were away at a
boarding school, lonely, with few friends between them
and seeking all the answers to love. Both girls were
from families that had just barely afforded to send
them to this exclusive all girls school. The other
girls were almost all from very wealthy families; so
they looked down on Beth and Chrissie as unfit for
their social standing.

As Beth captured Chrissie’s erecting nipple between her
lips and teeth she couldn’t but feel a tingle in her
virgin pussy as she suckled on another girl’s teat like
a new born. Chrissie just kept moaning her pleasure as
she held Beth’s face to her breast by stroking her
hair. Chrissie was caught up in it all as she allowed
herself to melt into a pre-orgasmic bundle female flesh
lost under her friend’s ministrations. Beth worked both
nipples going from one to the other and occasionally
rising up so that their lips would meet.

“OOH YES, it feels so good, please go lower, please
lick my pussy and then I’ll do it to you I promise,
please do it” Chrissie begged.

“I, I don’t know, I’m afraid, beside I’m no lezzy.”

“Neither am I, but we are just experimenting. I have an
idea, I heard of this thing called sixty-nine, it means
we do each other at the same time, turn around.”

It was becoming quite obvious that Chrissie was now
becoming the apparent leader and in no time at all she
had them turned around. Without any hesitation she
moved her head between Beth’s thighs eliciting an
immediate gasp of pure pleasure from Beth’s mouth.

Instinct led Chrissie to flick her tongue up and down
Beth’s moist labia sucking in the nectar making Beth
shiver with each and every pass of her tongue. Beth’s
lack of reciprocation left Chrissie feeling left out of
the pleasure cycle. So in frustration Chrissie found
Beth’s clit with her lips, tongue and teeth giving it a
quick firm, but functional nip.

“OUCH, that fucking hurt you bitch,” Beth yelled.

“That’s right you one way cunt it was supposed to so
start eating my pussy too or I’ll bite it off,”
Chrissie yelled back as she reached down and pushed
Beth’s face into her pussy.

Beth got the message and began to explore, eventually
she did it with an ardor that eventually matched
Chrissie’s and they both soon rapidly approaching

Christine stood watching her very first exchange of
physical love with another person and became instantly
excited. It was like watching a XXX movie, no more like
a live play. She couldn’t help herself and let fingers
find her clit, then she played voyeur as she
masturbated. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the
ghost step behind her but paid little mind, her primary
focus was herself as she worked herself toward a long
awaited orgasm.

Suddenly the ghost pushed her in a bent over position,
stepped forward and impaled her onto his massive cock.
The ghost entered her soaking wet pussy in a single
thrust reaching depths no one had before. His cock
bigger than any she had ever had in her before, but it
was not uncomfortable as he worked himself in and out
of her.

Suddenly she felt something strange, the ghost’s cock
began to grow to abnormal proportions filling her to
capacity, but he still continued to grow with each
thrust in and out of her. Christine mind was in a blur
in moments it felt as big as her arm. Sudenly it began
to cause her pain, a unique mixture of excruciating
pain that at the same time initiated a comparably equal
amount of sexual pleasure.

As Chrissie’s body convulsed through this strange
partnership of sensations her eyes feasted as she
watched Beth’s lips and tongue take her possession her
then teenage body. Her eyes helped her recall the
beautiful ride that that glorious mouth took her on,
one she had never forgotten.

Simultaneously the ghost’s unique cock was driving her
mad, it was unbelievable the ghost had the ability to
make it grow or shrink and to cause her to feel pain or
ecstasy all at his own will.

It was quite obvious that the ghost enjoyed teasing her
by growing then shrinking his cock as he fucked
unceasingly in and out of her, always keeping her just
short of her orgasm. What was even stranger when he
made it swell, she felt indescribably sever pain, but
this pain was unique each stab of pain brought her
closer and closer to an orgasm she knew would be earth

“Please, please,” she begged aloud, “let me, please let
me come, I beg you, PLEASE!”

“Ho, Ho, Ho, does the little lady want to come,” the
ghost chuckled.

‘YES, OOH YES PLEASE!” Christine cried out.

“Look at the lovers on the bed, look and always
remember. Remember what is was like to love
unconditionally, remember what it was like to enjoy
another persons, remember what you have forgotten, most
importantly remember an orgasm is shared love.”

Christine looked toward the bed just in time to watch
the juices of the girl’s orgasm wash over the happy
faces of two young girls as they brought each other to
a mutual orgasm. But just as the joy of orgasm was to
explode in her body, the ghost tore his giant cock free
of her pussy spraying her buttocks and back with the
hottest and most viscous sperm she ever saw and leaving
her hanging from the very edge.

Then instantly they were soaring high above the city
and passing through the window of her twentieth floor
office. As they hovered in a corner she watched as
Marley talked on the phone. The sight of her handsome
man filled her eyes with real tears and somehow brought
joy to her heart as well, Marley looked so happy, so
normal. As he ended the conversation he wished the
person he spoke to a Merry Christmas, and then
responded to a gentle knock on his office door. “Come
in, come on in” he responded happily.

Then through the door pranced a female Christmas Elf,
dressed in a clinging red dress cut so short that her
lacy red panties were on display. The top of the dress
was cut in a square pattern that left the flesh exposed
from mid back, over the middle of the shoulders and cut
straight across, so far down on the abundant cleavage
that one wrong move would most likely cause both
breasts to spill out. This erotic elf wore red fish net
thigh high hose held up by a garter belt that
apparently was hidden up under the short dress. Her
outfit was finally finished with long green pointed
elfin slippers.

As the elf danced and twirled her dress rose up showing
the transparent panties that easily displayed a newly
shaved pubic mound. What little hair was left had been
shaped into a Christmas tree and sprayed green with
temporary color. As she danced and sang Jingle Bells
the elf shook the little bells she held in one hand an
envelope in the other.

The elf continued to dance toward Marley and he began
to laugh, ah Christine my favorite elf, and what are
you up to?” Christine danced over to Marley and handed
him the envelope. Opening the card, inside was written,
“Your first Christmas present. One long slow blowjob to
be performed immediately by an immoral elf that
swallows.” Marley began to laugh as the little elf fell
to her knees and without waiting for his response took
his soft cock out of his trousers and swallowed it

Christine and the ghost watched as the Christine of
eleven years earlier sucked away at Marley’s rapidly
rising cock while in the same breath hummed Christmas
carols as she worked her magic. In no time at all
Marley was as rigid as a steel flagpole that in mere
seconds was filling Christine’s throat.

This vile little elf offered Marley no mercy as she
sucked and nibbled the shaft of his cock as it passed
in and out of her throat. Occasionally she would take
it completely out of her mouth and stroke it in an
almost violent motion as she licked the tip, before
swallowing it down to his pubes once again.

Suddenly Marley cock exploded his first volley of sperm
crashed across the bridge of her nose as she stroked
his cock. Almost instantaneously the Christmas elf
grasped the head of his cock with her lips, locked onto
it just behind the bulbous head and allowed Marley to
continue exploding volley after volley into her oral

Once his explosions diminished into little dribbles the
wanton elf squeezed out what she could get before
depositing the remainder on her tongue. When he was
finally done, the sluttish elf opened her mouth and
showed Marley the first Christmas gift he gave to his
whorish wife this Christmas which she swallowed with a
loud theatrical flare.

“Ah my little slut you suck a cock so well that I must
repay you, what do you say we head home so that I may
ravish your cute buns in front or our roaring fire

“I thought you’d never ask?” Christine said in a
chuckle as wiped her lips with his tie and ran from his
reach fearing reprisal. When he laughed as well she
felt safe to approach him again, where she grabbed his
hand and pulled him out through the office door.

OF JOY FOR THOSE SHE LOVED,” she certainly isn’t the
woman at my side on this night, the ghost bellowed at
Christine. He waved his hand over Christine’s head as
she felt a blast of speed, and before she could even
ask what was happening she was once again home, in her
underwear and lying alone in her bed. The Ghost Of
Christmas Past had vanished.

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