ANONYMOUS person called

One time I was tired as hell I had been working for 12 hours, and then there comes this strange call from some one that said that she wants to be ANONYMOUS, from a city that is 130km far from where I live. so she said that she don’t know me but she is horny and she just dialled this number without knowing who it may be, she said believe me that this is not a joke or no one made me call, just that she is willing to get some sex from some one that she never knew before, and never seen before. Then I started to really doubt her because I was in relationship with someone else that I really loved her at that time. so I told her sorry I am not single and I an not help her, because I have some one that I really love, and I told her the name of the person that I love, because I was sure that my girl friend has asked some one to call me and see me if I was going to cheat on her. Well I shut down the phone then she called again a minute after, she said see man I am not willing to start e relationship with you or anything I only want some one that can have sex with me and only tonight and then I don’t want to see you again, and I said no sorry I can not do that for you. I shut down the phone again, well that night I was going sleep for e one or two hours so later I can go and have a dinner with my girl friend, so I went to sleep, phone rings again hmmmm I thought this is going to make me call the Police, I picked up the phone, and then she said you know I am a girl and you know that many girls believe in different things, she said that a very old woman told her to just dial any number on the phone and the first man that answers you have to have sex with him.
Then she said please do this for me. then I asked her where does she live she told me in Ferizaj and I told her are you crazy I need to drive to hours to get to you, she said yes but I have to have sex with you tonight.
Also said I am very beautiful girl, slim, young, that she had sex only with one person, so there was no doubt that she may be sick from aids or any thing.

I again said no I am not going to come there no meter what. She called again she said she is going to k**l her self because she can not live with a bad luck and if I don’t sleep with her, her luck is just going to continue to be bad.

So I called my girl friend and told her I am sorry but I have some one that is calling me 4 times and telling me all what she told me. So I told my girl friend that I am going to see what is going on. She trusted me and told me ok you can go and talk to her, she trusted me because I had never before cheated on her.

So I took a car and left down to Ferizaj and I called the girl and told her that I am waiting for her in the city in one coffee shop, she was so happy that I can not even explain. So I waited for her 45 minutes I thought that she was making jack ass out of me, I said ok I am going. just two minutes before I left she called me and told me that she is in front of coffee shop, she told me how she looked when I came out and she came to me I was shocked I was paralysed from her beauty.

so we went in HOTEL I told her that can not do anything but I have jut come to talk to her, but my heart started to tell me man go for it she is so sexy , she was dressed so provocative I could see her tits I could already feel my hard COCK getting bigger and bigger in my pants, so she putt her hand in my leg and told me do it for me I started to look on her lips they where so hot and nice, I felt I could eat them I was turning on from her look, legs, tits and lips from every thing she had. as she was touching my leg she started to touch me cock she could see that is was turned on and I was burning in my heart for her, she said I am willing to touch you sckin, she put the other hand on my shoulder and tied it very much, I could almost see the steam coming out of her.
Then I said ok we are going in one of the hotel rooms. She screamed and said yes.
There where so many people, I was so shy, so took her up, she could not wait on till we went to the room, so she started to kiss me hard while we where going up stairs, and hugging me touching me, cock that was about to explode.

When we went in the room, she took of her clothes jumped over me; I think she raped me that time 0ooooo. touching my cock and she took of my belt and t shirt fast took off my jeans and without waiting at all she seat over my dick and in and out for 5 or 6 times and I could feel that she was Cumming she yelled to much she took it out of her pussy and pout it in her mouth and she liked it I started to yell as well the pleasure that I think I never had it before. after about 45 minutes I was cumin when I cum on her mouth I think it was a half a littler of sperm all over her mouth and tits, she was not stopping she put her tong on my ass hole and licked it for five minutes and I was feeling bad about that but I thought ok I came for her all the way here so I will let her do any thing to me. My dick was not going down my dick was straight up and as a rock as never before. so she ask me to fuck her from behind I fucked her so hard and I could not understand why I had so much lust, I just continued to fuck her in all the positions that I knew we, she took my cock from her pussy sucked it well kissed it played with it in very nice way she hugged my cock, then she got over me and put it her wide ass hole, where please for me was growing more and more. i could feel that is was cumin and she again pulled it out of her gold ass hole and put it in her mouth and swallowed every drop of my sperm. after I had fucked her two time for hour and half we only took 5 minutes break and continued for another 3 hours of licking each other.

Then when we wanted to go home she told me her name and asked me for my name that was crazy i ask for name when we are finished. Well on the way out we went through the Restaurant every body was looking and us I could see that I and she had made a big noise. And I think half of those people had masturbated.

when we went out the door she said see thank you for this, my life has changed, and guess what, she gave my girl friend a car as present that she allowed me to go and just talk to her (she was a girl of the third riches man in our country, that is the reason why I can not say her name).
My girl friend she don’t know that we had sex, ANONYMOUS person is our friend now, she comes very often to see us more often when my girl friend is not at home and we do the same as in the hotel.

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