Ashley’s warm pee

I just got my discharge paper and go on the plane to go home. I loved the guard with all my heart, and didn’t want to go. But it was that go do life.
I was walking the last two blocks to my house when I saw her. Long black her, C cups, long thin legs, and an ass to die for. I put the key in the door and walked to my room and sat my stuff down and went to bed.
The next day I got up at seven and went for five mile run. When I got back I saw her again. She was walking down the street in a short black dress and her hair was blowing in the wind.
I went back home and worked out for three more hours and ate lunch. I went out for another run trying to stay in shape because I was going to try to become a cop for ward 8.
I saw her again. I ran past her and heard her talking to some man. I found out her name was Ashley. She was so beautiful her long hair blowing in the wind.
Later that day I went to the store and saw her once more. She walked past me and said your new around here aren’t you? I seen you running lately.
Where from you?
I just got out the army and I want to start back where I was when I was I c***d.
How long where you in the army?
Three years. They kicked my out cuz I beat my captain’s ass and went a.w.o.l.
Oh to bad. I never got your name?
Will john I live on 5th and Kennedy. Let me know if you need anything.
She turned around and started to saunter away.
I looked down and saw her rump. Making it go up and down.

Two days later she invited me over. I went over her house at about 1900 hours or 7pm.
She told me to come in and it down, she wanted to cook me a welcome dinner. She sat me down. And went up stair and aforementioned that she would be right back. When Ashley came back down, she had on a short black dress that didn’t even come to her knee.
She said plz lets eat. She sat down right in front of me and I got an eye full of her tits, I looked down and noticed how hard her nipples were. I just looked and couldn’t say anything to Ashley.
John you like what you see
She walked closer and gave me a better look.
She said go ahead feel. I reached out I grabbed her left tit.
John go ahead do it like you mean it. I want you to man handle them.
Out of nowhere I pulled Ashley dress down and started to suck on her right nipple. In minuets her nipple got hard right I my mouth. I moved over to her right one.
She started to moan. I pulled me pull and lead me up to her room. Ashley pushed me on her bed. She on top of me and unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out.
She started playing with my balls. Then she lowered her head and to my dick in her mouth, all it once. I can’t even describe the feeling as her hot little mouth closed over the head of my dick. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for very long now. She slowly started to move her head up and down my cock while running her tongue along the bottom.
“I’m going to cum” she kept sucking going up and down. Playing with my balls.
I came all in her mouth. I could feel her swallowing as fast as she could, but she still couldn’t keep up with the amount coming out and some leaked out the side of her mouth. When I finally stopped Cumming and started to get soft, she licked the remaining cum from my cock and looked up at me and smiled.
I pulled her to me and pushed her on the bed, I reaped her dress off.
All she had on was some lace panties. I got on my knees and pit my face right in her pussy. I pulled her panties off and put my face right in her pussy and started to eat her out.
I started playing with her cunt sucking on it fingering her. I could see how wet her pussy was getting. She was moaning calling my name. Faster harder faster. She came right on my face.
She pulled me up to her and sucked her cum off my face and said “fuck me. I want you in me now.”
My dick had got hard again.
I put it at the edge of her uterus. I moved my dick up and down.
“Stop playing fucks me now” I pushed my dick into the edge of her pussy. I started moving it in slowly. She just pushed her body up and took all my cock in her.
Moving it in and out. First slow then faster and faster going deeper in her pussy.
It was so tight. “Oh john your so big fuck meeeeeeeee” I started fucking her even harder. I could feel her pussy get tight and her cum come rushing down all over my 8 inch cock. I kept fucking her pussy in and out over and over again. It was so good. Her tits flying all over the place. I put my hand on her left tit, and start to fuck her tight pussy harder then I ever fucked any body prior to this mount.
She had another orgasm and I came. Her pussy started to milk me of everything.
I fell right on top of her and lied there and let my dick get soft.
I pulled out, then had her suck the come off. My dick got hard in the mouth.
She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said plz fuck my ass baby.
Ashley got on her hands and knees I rammed my cock in her ass. Hitting it. Her ass shacking hitting my dick. We got a rhythm she pushed my dick in farther. It was tighter then her pussy. I was in heaven. I pulled out and bust a big nut all over her ass.
I laid next to her then she started jerking me off.
John can you do something for me?
Sure babe what is it?
I want to pee on you then rub my tits all over it. Plz ill let you fuck me any time you what.
I closed my eyes as she got on top of me. I opened my eyes to see her pussy over my face. She reached down and opened her pussy up.
She started to pee all over my face. I got hard out of nowhere and opened my mouth to catch some of her warm pee. I let it hit me all over my face.
The last few drops it my face and I pulled her right on top of my face and rammed
My tongue in her pussy and ran it all over. Getting every drop of sweet pee pee I could find and then went all the way to her but hole.
She jumped and came down right in my face.
I put my stuff back on and left. As I was walking out the room I looked back and she told me she want me to meet her sister next week.
ITS WAS SO GOOD (part 2)

I was setting at home when the phone rang. I put it up and it was Ashley.
She said she want me to come over and meet her sister tomorrow.
She told me how raven couldn’t wait to see me and get me in bed.
The next I went down to the police station to take the written test. All I could think about was what was going to happen that night.
I don’t know how I did and really didn’t care I was hard the whole test and needed to bust a nut.
I ran the four miles to my house and jerked off for an hour and a half. It was about six o’clock when Ashley called me and said come over and get ready for the time of your life.
I ran down the street to her house.
She opened the door told me to come up. Her sister was sitting at a table.
Raven has long black hair that went past her shoulders. Two DD’s and a slim body with a fat ass. Long beautiful legs and big green eyes that I could look into forever.
They lead me to the bed room the pulled all everything I had on off. Ashley put it all the away in her mouth and Raven took her dress off and got on top of my face and I started eating it. Her cunt got so hard and I sucked the shit out of it and reached up and grabbed her double D’s. Then started playing with them. Rubbing her nipple. She started moaning then they switched place.
Raven took both balls in her mouth and jerked me off. Ashley had her pussy right over my face. Then had me finger her. Her tight cunt. It was so wet. They both got off and Raven start eating Ashley’s pussy. Raven had her ass right in the air.
I walked behind her and started eating her ass. I smacked it then shoved my cock in it. Raven looked up and said I never had sex before. She told me to me just push it all the way in fast. I pulled out and the rammed it in fast and hard. Raven cried out in pain. I started to smash her ass faster and harder. Ashley moaning as she reached an orgasm. She came all over Ravens face.
I kept fucking that ass, she cried out I pain, as Ashley got up and watch me butt fuck her sister. She starts playing with her own hard cunt. Cumming again all over her silk sheets. I pulled out and let her suck my dick. I got Ashley to over and she kissed me, and then Raven. Ashley opened her legs and I put it in and start fucking her pussy going all the way in. faster then I ever fucked her before. Grabbing her tits. Her pussy got tight around my dick. She wrapped her leg around me. Raven came over and sat on Ashley’s face. Ashley started playing with Raven but hole.
Fingering her tight pussy. Raven came on Ashley’s hand and I such her cum off and kiss them both. I kept on fucking Ashley while sucking Raven’s nipple
They both go so hard right I my mouth. I start to bit them at the same time Ashley had another orgasm. Then I came she pussy milked me for every last drop of cum.
Then they both pushed me on the bed. Raven put her pussy right over my face and opened her pussy lips and started to pee, and then Ashley joined in started right in my hair. There pee mixed together all over my face. I let it go all in my mouth.
I couldn’t hold back any more, I pull raven right on top of my mouth and let in go right in and started fingering Ashley’s pussy. I was eating the shit out of her pussy. And Ashley went down and start given me head. She took it all the way in and played with my balls. I was in haven I pussy on my face and her sister given me head.
I grabbed raven’s ass and start playing with her but hole. She came all over my face. Then she got off and Ashley goy on all four and said take me daddy.
I got behind her and fucked her ass. Making her tits so all over the place. Her but got so tight and her body started to shack with an orgasm. I pulled out and I could se her cum all over her pussy, falling on the bed.
I layed in between raven and Ashley. Playing with the wet pussies when Ashley said she have to pee pee. My and raven just layed there with your mouth open.
Ashley got over use and opened her pussy lips and let the warm pee come all over our faces. Watching the warm yellow water come out her sweet tight pussy. When her pussy was done, me and raven started kissing covered in Ashley warm pee.