The first time I saw Min Young-ju was the day she came in
for a job interview. She was from Korea and new to our

My wife and I have a small business in Phoenix and we’re
always trying to find front office people, so it wasn’t
unusual to give interviews at anytime during the week.

The only thing I remember about her was that she never
said a word to anyone, only to my wife during the
interview, and that she was sort of cute.

I was surprised when Cheryl told me that she’d hired her.
But according to her resume she had an MBA in accounting
and was willing to work for peanuts, so I guess we were
lucky. At the time I didn’t know just how lucky.

My wife Cheryl is an exceptional woman. She helped me
build our business from the first, and the fact that she
has pretty Scandinavian features and a sex drive like a
man hasn’t hurt our relationship either.

It’s nice to have a pretty wife, but kinky and pretty is
one hell of a combination. I know how lucky I am. I’ve
talked to plenty of my buddies to know just how special
Cheryl is.

As an example of my wife’s kinky nature I’ll tell you
what she did last weekend. I was standing out in our
front yard watching some kids playing in the street.
Cheryl came up behind me and pressed against my back.
Then I felt her hand massaging my crotch though my jeans.

The kids could see what she was doing to me, and for that
matter anyone else who happened by. I just stood there
and enjoyed my wife’s perverse nature, as I got painfully
hard as she continued to massage me. It was a turn on to
see the kids watching us, and I knew that our neighbors
were probably watching too.

The most wonderful and kinkiest thing Cheryl ever did
though was at work. And it involved our accounts clerk
Min Young-ju.

She worked for us for about 2 months before I realized
that Min was her family name and Young-ju was her given
name. But even though I didn’t know her name I did notice
that she was a sexy little thing. Apparently she was an
immigrant to the US and although she could speak English
pretty well, she didn’t know much about our country.

Anyway, I guess she made a rather substantial mistake at
the bank one day and Cheryl balled her out. Young-ju
cried and things got pretty messy. I tried to step in and
defend her because she was new, but Cheryl told me to
butt out in no uncertain terms.

After Cheryl left for the bank to straighten out Young-
ju’s error the pretty little Korean came into my office
and mumbled that she was sorry and that she would do
anything she could to make it up to me.

The way she talked and her body language made me think
that she was coming on to me. Believe me when I say that
I would never act on any impulse, not with sexual
harassment cases being prosecuted all the time. But she
seemed all flushed and maintained eye contact as she
said, “I’m sorry, and I will do ANYTHING to make it
better for you, anything at all.”

I mean, how would you take that?

I assured her that everything would be okay, and thought
nothing more about it. That is not until I got home that
night. Then I told Cheryl about Young-ju’s flirting.

All my wife said was, “Well that little whore, I knew she
had the hots for you.”

I started to protest, but she shut me up with her next

“Honey, I think I’m going to give her to you. She’s sexy
looking and I think I’d like to see you fuck her.”

A lump the size of Texas was lodged in my throat. I
couldn’t swallow, hell I couldn’t breathe. What was my
pretty little wife saying? Was she going to fix things up
for me to screw this Korean babe?

When I tried to get a more definitive idea of what Cheryl
meant she just smiled and told me to wait and see.


The next morning Cheryl told me to hang around the house
and come in to work late; about 10 am. I didn’t say
anything I just looked at her and knew that she was
planning something. I was instantly hard at the thought
that my kinky little wife was planning sex for me with
Young-ju. YES!

I came into the office at exactly 10am and was ushered
into my office by Cheryl. Immediately she told me that
after work she was going to make my day. Of course
nothing I said would drag any more information out of

All day long I surreptitiously glanced at Young-ju. More
than once I caught a speculative look from her. Had my
wife talked her into screwing me? Did the poor girl think
by fucking the boss she’d get a head or something? Well,
I didn’t care why she was doing it; I just wanted to fuck
her. And to have my wife arranging things only made it

Just after 5pm I heard Cheryl ushering the office people
out. I got up from my desk and went into the outer
office. There was Young-ju, sitting at her desk all
demure with eyes downcast.

Then my wife came in and said, “Young-ju, do you want my
husband to have sex with you?”

I looked intently at the small Korean woman as she
mumbled, “Yes please.”

Cheryl looked at me and smiled, then she said, “Why do
you want my husband to make love to you?”

I watched the pretty Asian as my wife walked over to her
and taking her chin in her hand she raised her face to
look at me. Then she asked the question again.

Young-ju’s smooth round face turned the prettiest shade
of dusky pink, then she said, “Because I want a round-
eyed baby.”

What! I had no idea what she was talking about, but my
wife soon told me what she meant.

“Yes Carl, Young-ju wants an American baby so she can
stay in the states. She wants you to make her pregnant. I
told her that you’d help her out. She also likes you. She
thinks you’re a sexy man.”

Young-ju just sat there looking at the floor again and
nodded her head.

Then my wife was unzipping the fly to my pants and at the
same time pulling me toward the young Asian woman. I
couldn’t believe that she had fed this young woman so
full of untruths just to get her to fuck me. Did Young-ju
really think that she would be able to stay in the
country if I got her pregnant?

Well, at that moment I didn’t really care what she
thought, all I wanted was some Korean pussy wrapped
around my cock.

I watched in amazement as Cheryl unbuttoned the young
woman’s skirt and pulled it off. I watched as Cheryl
stood behind Young-ju and slipped her black silk panties
down her smooth thighs and whispered into her ear to step
out of them.

I was totally fascinated by the sight of my first naked
Asian female. She was different that Cheryl’s body.
Flatter somehow, and her pussy hair was more delicate,
wispier looking than Cheryl’s wiry blonde pubs.

Young-ju had a really nice body, and the texture of her
golden skin was perfect to behold. Then my reverie was
broken by Cheryl’s fingers gripping my prick. I hadn’t
realized until that moment that I was hard as a rock. I
looked into Young-ju’s flushed face and watched as she
stared at my naked flesh pole.

Cheryl pulled me by my prick toward her. Then she pushed
Young-ju down onto her desk, all the while continuing her
tugging on my stiff and more than ready dick. I was in a
daze, letting my wife orchestrate things. Why not, this
WAS like a dream, only it was better than a dream.

I almost jumped when I felt Young-ju’s flesh against the
head of my dick. That got me going. Suddenly I didn’t
need any more guidance from Cheryl, I knew what to do
next. I moved in closer and let Cheryl positioned me at
Young-ju’s moist pussy and I laterally stepped into her.

I was amazed how easily I slipped into her. She was
obviously very excited. But when I hit an obstruction
inside her I stopped and looked questioningly at Cheryl.
I mouthed silently, “She’s a virgin,” but Cheryl motioned
for me to shove.

I did as I was told and thrust deeply into my little
Asian playmate. Young-ju let out a cry of surprise and
pain. Cheryl leaned down, her head next to Young-ju’s and
whispered encouragements into her ear. I watched as my
wife patted Young-ju on her shoulder, and continued to
speak soothingly into her ear.

I started to thrust and very quickly became carried away.
How could I not? There was a pretty exotic Asian woman
wrapped around my thrusting prick, and my pretty blonde
wife with hooded lust filled eyes encouraging me on.

My body tensed and I filled Young-ju with my baby-makers.
As it happens she got an extra big load that evening
because Cheryl and I hadn’t had sex that week. We’d been
so busy during the week we just hadn’t taken the time.

But you can imagine what we did that evening after Cheryl
cleaned up Young-ju and sent her home. Yes, we fucked
like rabbits. Cheryl wouldn’t even let me bathe that
night, and what made things even kinkier was that she
gave me a rip-roaring blowjob first. I was slightly
grossed out that he was sucking me when I’d just fucked a
strange woman. But I soon got into the whole thing and we
both got off several more times that night.

As it turned out Young-ju ended up getting pregnant by
me. And Cheryl ended up liking her so much that she
invited her to move in with us. Later I found them having
sex with each other and realized that Cheryl had been
thinking about that all along.

Well at any rate I now have a beautiful little Eurasian
baby girl, and she has 2 mothers who dote upon her every
whim. I also have my 2 lovely women living with me, and
the sex has never been better. Our king sized bed is just
the right size for three.

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