Baby-Sitter’s Slave

My parents worked, so we had a female college
student living with us. In exchange for a place to
stay, Lori did housework and “babysat” me. Lori was
a pretty girl with large breasts.

During my summer vacation, just after high
school graduation, I started hiding in the closet of
her bedroom while she was in the shower. When Lori
would come out, I’d watch her get dressed.

One day I must have made some noise, because she
caught me in the closet with my dick in my hand. Was
she mad! She threatened to tell my parents when they
got home, and I was so scared and embarrassed, I
started begging her not to tell.

After she cooled off a little, Lori got me to
agree that I deserved to be punished.

She ordered me to get undressed and lie across
her knees so she could give me a spanking. She spanked
my ass until it was red, then laughed at me because my
dick was rock-hard.

That was only the beginning.

Over the next few months Lori proceeded to make
me her “little slave boy.” I had to put on her silk
panties and do all the housework. To make sure I
didn’t tell my parents, she took pictures of me wearing
her panties and pushing the vacuum. She swore she’d
give copies of the pictures to all my friends if I
spoke a word to anybody.

The rest of the summer, while my friends were
partying at the beach, I spent most of my time serving
my new mistress.

On Saturday nights, when my parents went out to
dinner, Lori would make me model her lingerie for her
friends. By the end of the evening, I would have eaten
at least one of her friends out, been spanked at least
once, and led to the bedroom, where the girls would tie
me up and take turns sticking dildos up my rear end.

When Lori finally graduated from college, she
fucked me once, burned the pictures and said it had
been fun. I haven’t seen her since, but I actually
miss being her slave.

I’ve dated a lot of women since then, but have
never been in a relationship that was as satisfying. I
will continue to look for the right woman to be my next

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