Banged in Athen

A few years ago my job took me to Athens, Greece. It
was a short trip-only six days-but the month was May
and since all my recent excursions had been in the dead
of winter I was really looking forward to this.

When I got out of the airport that Tuesday afternoon I
was greeted by a brilliant blue sky and a hot gust of
wind off the azure Mediterranean-ideal material to get
my juices flowing. But that was not all. By the time
the taxi had dropped me at my little hotel in a crowded
back street I had discovered to my delight that the
fashion there was for nearly all the young girls to
wear low-cut, tight hip-hugging jeans and little cut-
off t-shirts that came to just under the breasts and
then stopped. Bare midriffs and bellybuttons were just

When I got up to my third-floor room I dumped my
luggage by the bed and looked around. The room had a
big picture window along one side. The glass extended
floor to ceiling, but only the top part could slide
open. I switched on the central airconditioner and left
the window shut. Then I glanced out the window. Wow!
The streets were all narrow and we had buildings right
across the street, maybe four or five meters (yards)
away. All the curtains looked closed over there and it
was still light out so I couldn’t tell what the “view”
would be like. “Anyhow, the view on the street’s not
half bad,” I thought to myself and headed out.

After wandering the streets to get my bearings, I
decided that, to take in the sights, I should eat
supper that evening at a roadside cafe. That was a
stroke of outstanding luck because, right when I was
ready for dessert, an evening school let out just up
the street. Crowds of girls, I’d say 16 to 18 years old
passed by for the next twenty minutes-slim, bare waists
and features like Greek goddesses on most every one of
them. Some even wore shorts!

Feeling pretty good already, I bought a bottle of wine
and headed back to my room to go over some papers I’d
need for the next day’s interviews. The heat made me
c***e as I opened the door. A call to the front desk
revealed that since it was still May, not yet
officially summer, the airconditioning was not yet
turned on in the building. I pulled back the heavy
curtains and unlocked and slid open the big picture
window. The window in the building across the street
was was still dark although other rooms revealed it to
be some family’s apartment.

I felt a slight breeze but my room was stiffling and
the street outside was still full of city noises. I
stripped to my underwear, poured myself a glass of wine
and plopped down in a chair by the window to study my

Around midnight I happened to look out the window. A
light was now on in that opposite window and since it
was just slightly below the level of my floor, I had an
ideal view of the interior. There sat a slim brown-
haired girl dressed in a short lace nightgown and robe.

She was seated at her dressing table brushing her hair.
Her long, tan, shapely legs gleamed in the half light
by the dresser. She was in her late teens or early
twenties and she had an outstanding figure.

She was obviously suffering from the heat too because
her window was open and she occasionally fanned herself
with a bit of paper. I watched as she got up walked to
the window and looked out. Pretending to concentrate on
my work, I watched her lean out the window and examine
the sights on our side of the street. I know I was
among them and I wished then that I had just got naked
rather than kept my boxers on. Still I got some sort of

Eventually she turned back to her dresser. She pulled
off her robe, revealing outrageoulsy sexy shoulders and
a low cut lace nightgown that betrayed more than a hint
of what treasures lay underneath.

There were to be no treasures for me that night though.
Still dressed in her nightgown, she slipped into her
bed just behind the window, reached over and turned off
her light.

Ok, I hadn’t seem much, but I was hot and my penis was
straining at my boxers. With no look out the window
and still pretending to be engrossed in my work papers,
I pulled off my shorts, crossed the room, retrieved my
wine bottle and poured myself another glass. Then I
went back to my papers, making sure that my nudity
would be visible across the street. But, in the
darkness there, was she watching?

The next day I was busy. I still enjoyed the Athenian
“sights” as I walked and rode here and there. I can’t
say I had forgot the girl across the street, but I
wasn’t really expecting anything different tonight so I
didn’t think about her much during the day.

I had supper in the same restaurant, and caught the
same “show” as the night before as the girls got out of
class and paraded past us.

Back in the room, though, it was a long time before the
light in the window across the street came on. It was
still hot so I stripped nude and sat in my usual spot
by the window. Finally, about half-past-eleven the
light flashed on revealing the brown-haired girl
dressed in a towel drying her hair at her dresser. Her
towel opened on the side and revealed a lot more of her
than I had seen the night before-her side all the way
down from under her breasts.

Next she walked over to her wardrobe, further back in
the room, and opened the door. The open wardrobe door
covered her but I knew she was changing as her towel
flew up over the open door of the wardrobe. She emerged
wearing the same short, lace nightgown as the night
before. Again she jumped into bed but this time,
instead of turning out the light, she picked up a
telephone next to the light and began talking happily
to someone. Her nightgown was pretty low cut and it was
of some light material. Whenever she laughed or giggled
her breasts jiggled through the cloth. She seemed to be
getting hotter and hotter as she talked, pulling
meanwhile at her clothes, now revealing this, now that
little bit of exquisitely tanned skin.

I still pretended that I had never noticed her window
and only looked at her furtively or over the top of my
papers. She didn’t make any overt sign that she had
seen me, either, although I thought I noticed her cast
sidelong glances my way, every now and then.

After about half an hour she hung up the phone, got up
out of bed, walked over to her dresser, reached down
and pulled her nightgown off over her head, revealing
an exquisite body, beautifully erect breasts and slim
but shapely thighs. Wearing only some thong panties she
neatly draped the nightgown over the back of her chair
and then rushed, covering her wobbling breasts with her
arms, back to the safety of the bed. Then the light
went out.

That was too much. I was nude and I couldn’t resist
grabbing my swollen, throbbing dick and massaging it
almost to climax. Before I came, however, I got up and
flicked off the light switch. I didn’t want to shock
the girl and at the same time wanted to give her a
little of her own medicine.

The next day, Thursday, I could hardly think of
anything but the evening show across the street. The
street sights, even the evening school girls paled into
insignificance as I looked forward to that night. Back
in my room I turned on the light, pulled off my
clothes, opened my briefcase, took out some papers,
poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to wait for
the show.

Nothing happened. Midnight passed, then one am. No
light in the window, no girl by the dresser. Frustrated
and disappointed, I wondered if I had gone “too far.”

Friday night was the same-darkness and no girl. I was
leaving Sunday morning, so I pretty much gave up on the
evening show. “Well, it was nice while it lasted,” I
tried to be philosophical.

Saturday night I packed up my stuff to get ready for
the next day’s flight out. To cool off I took a shower.
Just for “old time’s sake” and because there wasn’t
much else to do, I stayed naked, sat down by the window
and poured myself a drink.

Then it happened! The light in her apartment flashed on
and in walked “my” brown-haired girl together with
three of her friends, one blonde and skinny, a girl
with shoulder-length black hair, and a chick with wavy
brown hair so long it came to her butt. They were all
wearing tight jeans and cut-off shirts and all carrying
backpacks. “So they’ve been off camping or something,”
I thought. “I bet they’re fun around a campfire!”

They obviously had a lot of fun together because the
brown-haired girl had to keep indicating to them to
quiet down. They produced three bottles of wine and
began drinking pretty fast, obviously “losing it” as
they increasinly spilled on the tile floor of the room.

They were enjoying themselves and paid no attention to
the window, even when the hostess went over and opened
it. I was pretty sure I caught her glancing up at naked
me (still pretending not to notice) and giving a slight

It was late but they weren’t exactly settling down.
Finally, they all gathered in a circle on the floor and
began playing cards. At first I thought they were all
just tired and hot from their trekking as, one by one,
they took off their boots and socks. But soon those
were followed by their little t-shirts. It began to
dawn on me that the brown-haired girl was treating me
to a game of voyeur strip poker!

After losing their jeans, we were getting down to the
real thing and my hand just could not keep off my male
member. The blonde girl’s bra came off first, revealing
petite, springy breasts with pale pink nipples and tan
lines that showed she favoured string-type bikinis. The
girl with the long hair lost her bra next, but it was a
while before I could see much of her breasts since they
had to emerge through her curley locks. When they did
reveal themselves I saw two beautifully shaped tanned
tits with large nipples. “My” girl was the next to go
topless. She did it with flair, though, standing up and
doing a little dance after which she flung her bra
across the room and jiggled her pert breasts in the
direction of her friends (and, unknown to them) at me
(where I was sitting nude, with the light on and
stroking away at my dick!)

The girl with the black hair dropped her bra next with
no particular flair but no apparent embarrassment
either. “She’s probably done this before,” I thought,
noticing that her deep tan was absolutely even all over
her breasts.

Amid great commotion, the same girl with black hair
next slipped out of her panties, (revealing that her
tan was even all over). Then the other girls, with lots
of suppressed laughter, pulled off their panties too,
gathered them together, ran over to the window and
tossed them out.

I froze in “mid-pump” knowing that it would be almost
impossible for them not to see me across the way with
the light on, naked and masturbating at them.

Just to make sure they did notice, I saw the brown-
haired girl nudge her friends and point in my
direction. At first they were mad at their friend,
lightly slapping at her, but pretty quickly the
slapping turned into a show for me as they shook
themselves, and blew kisses in my direction. One of
them yelled something, only to be shushed by the
hostess whose family was in the next room, after all.

Pretty soon the girls dressed (without panties) picked
up their back packs and left. After seeing her friends
to the door, the brown-haired girl came back to her
room and immediately slipped out of all her clothes,
now with no sign of the modesty that she’d shown a
couple of nights before. With the light still on and
her eyes focussed on my cock, she sat on the edge of
her bed, spread her bronzed legs and began massaging
her clean-shaven cunt. Before long she was groaning and
arching her back in pleasure as my trobbing penis
neared climax in my hot hand. As I watched, she
shuddered and let loose some quiet cries of pleasure as
she came repeatedly. Flopping backwards onto her bed
she could still watch as my own wave of pleasure washed
over me and I shot my pent-up seed through the open
window and down into the empty street below.