Barb’s Seduction To Perversion

Barb and I met a little over eleven years ago. I was
thirty-one years old. Barb was an incoming freshman at a
local private university and I owned the college hangout.
I still remember the first time I laid eyes on her.

A beautiful girl, tall and thin, five-five, with long
athletic legs. Barb’s breasts were more than a handful
with prominent nipples poking out through her t-shirt.
Barb’s brown hair was long and her brown eyes sparkled,
almost black. Completely captivated, I fell for her the
moment we spoke. I guess owning the bar was a big plus,
Barb was impressionable and we hit it off immediately.
Still, it would be another two months before we make

While inexperienced, Barb to my good fortune was
enthusiastic about sex. Barb had had two lovers before
me. One was Barb’s high school sweetheart, which was
straight sex, nothing oral. Barb’s second lover was a
fraternity guy she dated when she first started at the
college. The frat boy got Barb drunk on their first date
and fucked her. Needless to say that relationship lasted
the one night.

Barb was raised in central Texas, the Bible belt there.
Barb’s father was a retired high school Principal and her
mother a teacher. Barb was the youngest of six children.
Barb’s parents had been a little more lacks with
discipline on Barb. Barb was given a little more freedom
than her two older sisters.

Still her parents were not pleased when they learned of
my background. They didn’t like the idea of their
daughter seeing a man my age. who for that matter owned a
bar. When I asked Mr. Rosen for Barb’s hand in marriage,
he agreed, but only with the understanding that it would
be unfitting for Barb to be married to a bar owner. I
promised Mr. Rosen that would change.

I sold the business when Barb graduated and went back to
school. Barb and I married shortly there after. After my
undergraduate degree, I went for my masters and then a
PHD. in economics. Barb put me through school while she
worked as an assistant hospital administrator.

Of course during this time, we put are plans to start a
family on hold. About a year ago, after landing a new
job, Barb and I decided that now was the time for the
family. Unfortunately, that was the same time that she
met Dr. Brad Greenburg.

Brad had just moved into town, and was given the job as
chief administrator. About five-five and two hundred
pounds, Brad wore glasses, and had a Truman Copote look
to him. Barb said he was quite nice though and since they
worked closely together became good friends.

Brad was a workaholic and shortly after his arrival it
seemed that Barb was working late every night. Again our
plans to start a family were put on hold.

During these late nights Brad and Barb shared many a take
out dinner. Confiding in Barb, Brad told Barb that he was
separated from his wife Ann and that they were
contemplating a divorce.

“I didn’t know you were married Brad, when did you two

“We’ve been separated for six months, ever since I found
out she was having an affair.”

“God that’s horrible. I don’t mean to pry, but is she
still seeing him.”

“I don’t mind, in fact I need to talk about this with
someone and yes she is. He’s a brute of a man and he
won’t leave her alone.”

“Brad how did you find out, and how do you know he’s
still seeing Ann.”

“Actually I found out, before Ann told me. I never let on
how I found out. You see, it happened by chance. I
noticed that Ann was using her computer a lot. So one day
I started playing around and tried to guess her password.

Ann was a cheerleader in high school and college so I
tried the pass word Rah Rah and sure enough it worked.”
Then in front of Barb, Brad typed in Ann’s E-mail address
and password, displaying her inbox.

“Ann doesn’t know?”

“No and she’s saved every piece of mail and even pictures
that they traded.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, look.” Then clicking one of the e-mails and then an
attachment, a picture of a handsome and elegantly dressed
black man appeared on the monitor. “That’s him.”

Barb didn’t know what to say. Barb’s first impression was
that Brad was in deep trouble. The man in the photo
looked like a male model, about thirty or thirty-five.
“What’s his name,” Barb asked staring at the picture.

“Drew, he’s a pharmaceutical rep, we met him at a party
about eight months ago. I remember the night well. Drew
and Ann danced several time. Little did I know they would
be sleeping together in less than a week. I know what
your thinking. I don’t stand a chance of winning my wife
back, but I love her and haven’t given up hope.”

“I wasn’t thinking that Brad, and I agree, couples have
gone through more and stayed together. How old is Ann,”
Barb’s curiosity was peeking.

“Twenty-nine. I’m sorry to burden you with this stuff,
it’s just been hard. I’m alone here and confused.”

Barb’s heart went out to Brad. The man was clearly
troubled but Barb didn’t have any answers. “be patient
brad things always work out for the best.”

“Thanks for the support Barb it means a lot to me.”

That night Barb had thought about what she had learned,
she wished she knew more. The next morning Barb mentioned
to me what transpired the night before.

“Twenty-nine huh, sounds like old Brad had himself a
trophy wife. What does she look like?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen a picture of her.”

“Well good looking or bad, I don’t like his chances of
winning her back. I understand once a gal goes black,
well you know what they say.”

“I don’t believe you Steve, here is a friend going
through a horrible time and your making jokes. I’ve got
to get to work, I love you bye.”

Later that morning Brad walked into Barb’s office. “Type
this in I want you to see something. and you remember the password,
rahrah. Good now go to sent messages and open the last

Barb did as instructed, opening an e-mail that had been
sent this morning. It read:

Drew why won’t you return my calls. I miss you so much
and it’s been so long. Please tell me you changed your
mind. I promise you won’t regret it. Attached is a
picture of me to remind you of what you’ll be missing if
you move permanently. Remember when you took the picture?

Love Ann

Barb wanted to open the attachment but decided not to
until asked to do so by Brad.

“I wanted you to see this e-mail. Drew I think is moving
from Dallas. If he does maybe Ann and I can get back
together. What do you think?”

Barb didn’t want to say what she really thought. The e-
mail clearly came from a woman in love and this woman
wasn’t in love with her husband. All she could do was try
to console the man and provide him some hope however
slim. “Yes Brad it might work out if he moves, that’s the
best thing that could happen for you.”

“Yes, I feel better already you think I should call her

“Not so soon, see what happens and give her a call in a
couple of days.”

Walking out the door, Brad turned and said “Of course
your right, it’s good to have a friend. Lunch later?”

“Sure.” After Brad left, Barb looked at her monitor,
curiosity building, Barb double clicked the attachment.
The photo, which opened up, caught Barb by surprise for
two reasons. Ann was lying on the a bed, topless and
obscenely pulling her panties aside revealing a shaved
pussy. Ann’s protruding lips and clitoris were puffy and
red. Ann’s nipples hardly protruded at all and were quite
small compared to Barb’s.

Barb wondered if Ann had just had sex. Barb was also
surprised that Ann was very attractive. Barb had pictured
Brad’s wife as frumpy and matronly, even nerdy, but not

Some one walked by Barb’s office and she freaked. Barb
quickly closed the window and resumed working. Barb’s
heart was beating a mile a minute, it was some time
before she could concentrate on work.

Nothing was said over lunch. Brad and Barb spoke mostly
about work, though Barb’s mind kept retuning to Ann’s
picture and the e-mails. What kind of women would have an
affair, an affair with a black man. A black man who took
pictures of her. Barb had found other men besides her
husband attractive, even black men, but she had never
considered, even remotely, the idea of an affair.

Returning from lunch, Barb entered her office and closed
the door behind her. Sitting at her computer Barb typed
in Ann’s e-mail address and password. Barb wanted to know
what made Ann tick. Going to sent messages, Barb double
clicked the earliest message and began reading.

I enjoyed meeting you the other day. I’ve though over
your invitation for lunch. I guess it wouldn’t hurt. I’ll
meet you at P.F. Changs at noon.


Reading the next entry, Barb became more intrigued.

I want to thank you again for lunch, but like I told you
dinner is probably not a good idea, after all I’m
married. Thanks again


Now Barb read Drew’s reply.

Ann lunch was my pleasure. I found the conversation
fantastic and you exotic. Now you mentioned Brad would be
away on business next week. Don’t eat alone, I know this
great Thai restaurant on the corner of 6th and Congress.
Maybe you know it. You won’t regret it. Meet me at 8 next
Tuesday, casual. I won’t take no for an answer.


Then Ann: Okay just dinner, 8 it is.

Barb couldn’t stop reading the messages. The next series
of letters dealt with the aftermath of dinner. Evidently,
Ann ended up in Drew’s that very night. Ann’s description
of events left little to the imagination.

Drew everything I’ve ever heard about black men being
wonderful lovers is true. Sex with Brad or for that
matter, any man, will never be the same. I had so many
orgasms I lost count. I can’t wait to see you again
tonight. Oh, I shaved for you and I’m wet just thinking
about you.

Barb continued reading long into the afternoon, even
neglecting her work. The messages recounted numerous
encounters between the lovers. By the second week it was
clear Ann had fallen in love with Drew. Shortly after the
third week of their affair Drew started taking picture.

At first the pictures were harmless shots. The two of
them lying in bed, sheets covering most of their bodies,
but then that changed too. In the fourth week Drew sent
an e-mail with a rather large attachment.

Sweetness now when I’m out of town on business, you can
enjoy an X-rated video while your wimp dick husband is at
work. Don’t cum to hard and remember that pussy of yours
belongs to me.

Barb opened the attachment and could hardly believe her
eyes. Drew had made a movie of the last meeting. The two
lovers fully dressed started kissing as they sat on
Drew’s bed. Slowly the kiss became more passionate as
Drew began rubbing Ann’s back. With each stroke Drew
began pushing Ann’s sweater up until his black hand
cupped Ann’s breast. Barb had to lower the volume on her
computer when Drew took Ann’s nipple between his fingers
causing Ann to moan. Ann was very aroused and was soon
working on Drew’s belt.

Shifting in her chair, Barb felt herself become flushed
with heat. Barb’s pussy started tingling with what seemed
like an itch, causing her to slip her skirt back and
place her hand between her legs. Rubbing herself through
her panties Barb watched with anticipation as Ann
unzipped Drew’s pants. Then the two lovers stood and
began removing their cloths. Barb’s eyes were riveted on

First he removed his shirt. Drew’s skin was a dark brown,
slender, but well muscled. Pushing her forefinger hard
against the material of her panties, Barb watched as Drew
let his pants fall to the floor. Drew was wearing boxers
which were tenting dramatically. Barb bit her lip as Drew
slowly slid his boxers down. Barb did a double take.
Drew’s cock was standing straight out from his washboard
abs. Clearly Drew hadn’t reach full erection, yet his
cock must of been a good eight to nine inches long.

“I love sucking your cock,” Ann paused as she looked
lovingly up at Drew, then swirling her tongue over his
cock again.

“Funny, how black cock does that to a girl,” said Drew
smiling down at Ann, who had resumed sucking.

Ann had removed her cloths with the exception of a tiny
red thong. Pulling Drew to her their bodies melted
together as they kissed. Ann’s small body and pale white
skin contrasted sharply with Drew’s size and black skin.
Ann broke the kiss and standing before Drew, began
sucking on his nipple while caressing his balls. Slowly
Ann worked her mouth down Drew’s torso until she was
kneeling before his massive cock.

Barb had subconscious slid the material of her panties
aside and was now vigorously rubbing her clit. Barb for
the first time had a clear understanding of just how big
Drew’s cock was when Ann took the base of Drew’s cock in
her hand. Ann’s was unable to close her hand around
Drew’s cock.

Holding on to the ridged black pole Ann licked the giant
head as if it were a popsicle. The camera was so close
Barb could see strands of pre-cum and saliva stringing
off Drew’s cock with each pass of Ann’s tongue.

Barb could hold back no longer and convulsed into an
orgasm. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Barb
panicked as she closed the window and tried to make
herself presentable. “Come in,” she called out weakly.

“Hi, is every thing all right? I noticed your door has
been closed all afternoon. You look flushed are you
okay.” This was Brad.

“I’m fine just, just trying to get some work out.” Barb
was red faced, and she hoped the moisture between her
legs didn’t stain her dress. Barb squirmed in her seat as
Brad shrugged his shoulders and left.

Barb worked late that night, trying to catch up on the
work she put off earlier. On the way home all she could
think about were the e-mails. Barb swore to herself that
she would refrain from going to Ann’s site again. When
Barb got home I was asleep. I woke to her soft kisses on
my dick.

Barb had pealed back my boxers and had taken my dick into
her hand. Swirling her tongue around my cock head, she
sucked the entire head into her mouth. Barb was never
this aggressive, but I was too far gone to care. In
moments my cock began to swell and I began to spurt. Barb
moved her mouth off my dick and watched as several jets
of sperm spurted on to my abdomen.

“That was nice sugar, what did I do to deserve that?” I

“We’ve been working so much I thought we could use a
change,” Barb said rolling over and turning out the

“You’re going to sleep?” Surprised at the sudden turn of

“Yeah I’m really tired, you owe me one,” Barb said.

What I didn’t know was Barb had sucked my dick out of
curiosity. Ann had used two hand on Drew and there was
more than enough to fill her mouth. It wasn’t much of a
test, but Barb had decided that Drew cock was easily
twice as big as my dick. Unable to clear her mind of
images of Drew’s cock, Barb tossed and turned all night.
Barb left for work early the next morning.

Barb lit her computer that morning after closing her
door. The office was quiet, no one would be at work for
at least another thirty minutes. Breaking the promise to
herself, Barb signed on to Ann’s mailbox and continued
watching the home movie. By the time she got to the part
were Ann was sucking Drew’s cock Barb was wet again.

Drew’s cock was fully erect now and Ann could barely fit
her mouth around the huge head. At one point Ann was
using two hands to stroke Drew, and still could not fit
the remainder in her mouth.

“That enough baby now let me have some of that sweet

Climbing on to the bed Ann spread her legs wide and
started rubbing her clit in anticipation. The camera
seemed to capture every thing, even the wet sounds coming
from Ann’s pussy.

“See how wet I am Drew, how do you do this to me every
time. God I love you.”

Taking Ann’s thighs in his powerful hands, Drew easily
slid Ann to the edge of the bed. Then releasing her thigh
he took his mighty cock in hand and began rubbing the
head against Ann’s wet pussy lips. Drew’s cock slid
between Ann’s lips slowly. Even Barb wanted Drew to stick
it in Ann faster. For Barb it was like she too was
getting fucked.

Vicarious fucking, thought Barb, now that was a novel
idea. I want him to fuck her good, then Barb realized she
didn’t want Drew to fuck Ann, she wanted Drew to fuck
her. Once again Barb’s fingers found their way to her
inflamed cunt. The man was incredible, his cock had to be
at least ten inches long. Drew’s cock was so thick that
Ann’s pussy could hardly accommodate it.

Imagining that Drew was fucking her, Barb worked two then
three fingers into her sopping pussy. Barb was so hot,
she was unaware when she slid all four fingers into her

Drew was pumping furiously, each stroke was long and
powerful. Ann’s body was visibly shaking with each
orgasm. Ann was also squeezing her own tits very hard, an
action that Barb could identify with. Barb too like to
squeeze her tits and pinch her own nipples, when she was
really hot. Unfortunately for Barb she could think of
only two occasions when that had happened and that was a
very long time ago.

Drew’s body seemed to stiffen and he bellowed “Fuck baby
I’m going to cum, I’m going to fill that pussy up.”

“Oh yeah fuck my cunt, I want you to cum. I want you to
fuck my pussy hard and cum in my pussy. I love you so
much Drew. Fuck your pussy, fuck it deep,” whimpered Ann.

Drew sent copious amounts of sperm into Ann’s hungry
cunt. Cum started squeezing between the Drew’s cock and
Ann’s cunt lips. The amount of sperm escaping sperm was
easily twice that produced by her husband. Barb was
suddenly and overwhelmingly envious of Ann.

At the same time Barb was close to orgasm and watching
Drew cum set her off. With four fingers working her
sopping pussy, Barb’s other hand began furiously working
her clit. Barb came hard, her body began erupting in
waves of pleasure. Barb came so hard that she cried out,
loud, so loud, she startled herself.

Closing the window, Barb promised herself she wouldn’t
indulge in this strange perversion. For the next five
hours she honored her promise, but by three P.M. she was
reading e-mails again. Drew had sent Ann an e-mail
detailing an internet porn account and password. Barb had
seen pop-ups before, but always dismissed them as an
annoyance. Clicking her way to the new sight Barb began
to explore.

Barb started paging through photos, stunned at how well
hung the black men were. Barb started watching movies.
All of the action was between white women and well hung
black men. Several of the clips featured blow jobs were
the black stud would cum in the girl’s mouth. Barb had
never really tasted cum, certainly not in the amounts she
was seeing. Before long two hours had passed and Barb had
masturbated two more times.

Late that afternoon Brad came by the office and was a
little put off that Barb was falling behind in her work.

“Barb what is a matter? Lately your mind seem to be some
place else and your work output is poor. Is something
wrong at home?”

“No everything’s alright, I’ll work late and finish up.”

“Okay, as long as you finish tonight. I need the report
by morning. Oh by the way, I just intercepted an e-mail.
Guess what, that guy that’s seeing my wife, his company
transferred him permanently. Maybe now Ann and I can get
back together.”

“That’s wonderful,” Barb said, thinking how even if Brad
and Ann got back together things would never be the same.
Wouldn’t making love with a man like Drew change you
forever. Brad could never compete with drew no matter how
artful a lover he was. In fact, Barb was starting to
wonder if even her own husband could.

When Brad left the room, Barb checked Ann’s inbox. There
she found the message From Drew.

I wish I could bring you with me, but I really need to
focus on work. Ann it was fun while it lasted and I will
always care for you. Please respect my position and lets
remain friends. Perhaps you will meet someone else. In
any case take care.



So it really was over. Well it was for the best, thought
Barb, perhaps she could concentrate on work now. That
night before going home Barb opened the interracial cite
and watched a movie were a beautiful blond was ravaged by
a Nubian warrior. When the blond had an orgasm, she
didn’t appear to be acting.

Barb continued the pattern of looking at interracial porn
and working late the remainder of the week. The effect of
coming home late every night was chilling to are sex

So that Saturday Barb and I decided that we would go out
for dinner and drinks. Barb wore a black dress that came
several inches above her knee. the dress had a squared
plunge, which was very flattering to Barb’s c-cup
breasts. To complement the dress Barb wore high heels,
which was totally out of character.

“Wow why don’t we just stay home. I love the look,
sophisticated with a touch of slut.”

“Shut up, and lets get going if you want to get lucky

“Okay, okay, I can take a hint, You really do look good,
Honey,” I said. Barb always dressed conservatively and I
was glad for the change. I liked it when Barb wears sexy
cloths and have always encouraged her to do so. That
night she looked fantastic.

Dinner was great. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Barb and
neither could the waiter. After dinner Barb and I stopped
at a little piano bar. Taking a seat near the piano I
noticed the admiring stare of several men. I was
flattered and actually found it exciting.

We were on are second drink when I caught Barb exchanging
looks with a black man at the bar. During the entire
length of are marriage I had never seen Barb react like
this to another man. Barb wasn’t openly staring, it was
more the occasional look. Surprised and curious I decided
to see what would happen if I left Barb alone.

I excused myself to the restroom and waited from a
darkened vantage point. Sure enough the man immediately
walked to our table and began talking with Barb. even
from were I stood it was obvious Barb was intrigued by
the man. Barb was smiling and very animated as they

Then I saw the man indicating towards the dance floor.
Barb looked in my direction and I ducked back into the
hall. Waiting a short time when I looked out again Barb’s
new friend was heading out toward the dance floor, with
Barb in tow.

The piano man was playing a slow song and there were only
two other couples dancing. Taking my seat I watched as
the two of them danced. The guy wasn’t holding Barb
particularly close, but he was definitely pressing his
package up against Barb. When the song ended ,they
exchanged a few words and Barb returned to the table.

“Who was that, honey.”

“That was Gregory.”

“Do you know him,” I asked, surprised she would dance
with a stranger like that.

“No, just met him, why all the questions, jealous,” Barb
said coyly.

“No not at all, it’s just that you usually turn down guys
that ask you to dance.”

I received my third shock of the evening when Barb placed
her hand in my lap and squeezed my semi hard dick.

“Lets see, you’re not jealous, then did it turn you on
watching me dance with him.”

“What?” My mind reeled what was my wife was asking.
Almost reading my mind, Barb said.

“You know, did it turn you on when that black man rubbed
his big cock up against me.

I knew Barb was drinking and attributed her behavior to
the drink. Playing around I said, “Yes, was it big.”

Barb had read a number of stories were husbands had
gotten off watching their wives. Normally she would never
have brought up the subject but she was high from the
liquor. Embolden with my hardening dick, she squeezed it
again and said, “Very.” Which wasn’t a lie.

“Did he make you wet?”

“Take me home and find out.”

I needed no further encouragement. I paid the bill and on
my way out I said thanks to the black man, who was
confused by my salutation.

Barb had been all over me on the way home making for some
close calls. Once home all discussion about Gregory ended
as we quickly stripped. Going down on Barb, I noticed
that she had trimmed her bush down considerably.

Barb noticed and asked, “you like it?”

“Baby I love it,” I said as I started devouring her
pussy. Barb’s pussy was very wet and my fingers slid
easily into her pussy. My dick had been hard for the last
twenty minutes and my balls actually ached. ”

“That’s it baby lick it, lick my pussy. Rub my clit with
your finger, good that’s it. Now suck on my clit,” Barb

I didn’t know were this was coming from. My straight
laced wife talking like a whore. This was more than
liquor, but at the moment I didn’t care. Barb seemed
distant, her eyes closed as I looked up between her legs.
Barb held my head in place, even as I tried to move up to
mount her. Licking even more furiously, I felt Barb’s
body tense as she cried out that she was cumming.

“Oh baby that’s so good I’m cumming don’t stop, more,
keep kissing me.”

How could I stop. When her orgasm subsided, I moved up to
mount her. Maybe tonight I thought, we could start a
family. Barb quickly took my dick in her hand and placed
it at the opening of her wet pussy. Thrusting forward I
buried my dick to the hilt. I was so excited that I came
almost immediately. I shot several jets of sperm into my
wife’s cunt, before rolling off the top of her on to my

“You came?”

“Duh yeah, couldn’t you tell. I mean, I just came pretty
darn hard,” I said taken back more by the way Barb said
it, as opposed to the content.

“I didn’t mean it in a bad way honey, it’s just that I
did feel you shooting off.”

“I don’t know what to tell you babe, I don’t think I can
cum any harder than that. Maybe I should change my diet,”
I said getting a little testy. Barb didn’t say another
word, rolling over she was fast asleep in minutes. I on
the other hand was troubled, something was going on and
I aimed to get to the bottom of it.

Over the next two weeks, Barb maintained the same
schedule of arriving at work early and leaving late. Brad
saw to it that Barb was covered up with work. Of course
Barb’s internet surfing wasn’t helping. Rare was the day
she spent less than two hours at the site provided by
Drew. Barb would also check Ann’s e-mails from time to
time, it was towards the end of the two weeks she read a
message from Drew.

Ann, I’ve settled in now and am working all the time. I
don’t know how to put this, but we are finished. Please
don’t try to see me or call Drew.

Barb was actually sad the couple was finished. Barb had
really enjoyed reading about the affair, not to mention
the photos, links and movies. Yes it had been
enlightening to say the least, but perhaps her life could
now return to normal.

Over the course of the next month it seemed as if Barb’s
work had doubled. I too was working long hours and we
rarely crossed path except to sleep. needless to say sex
was nonexistent.

On weekends we were so tired that we didn’t go out and it
seemed like Brad always had a special project for Barb.
One of the projects that Barb was recently placed in
charge of was organizing some staffing changes in a
nearby hospital. Seventy five mile away, Barb would be
able to commute but it would make for long days.

Brad tried to make things easier, by securing an
apartment for Barb during the month the project was
expected to last. The idea was Barb could stay when ever
she was too tired to drive or had an early meeting.

The first few days Barb made the drive, but late that
week Barb had a meeting late in the afternoon and one
scheduled early the next morning. Brad suggested she stay
over and Barb exhausted agreed.

Still working at seven that evening, Barb received a call
from Brad.

“Still working, look get out of there. you need some time
for Barb. I know this little bistro not two blocks from
the apartment. I want you to go there and give them your
name. I’m calling them as soon as I hang up. Dinner is on
me. Now leave, that’s an order.

Barb smiled at the last comment. “Okay you win and brad
thanks. That’s so sweet.

“What our friends for, now go and relax.”

Barb found the restaurant with no problem. Italian, the
restaurant was small and very charming. there were only
several tables, each with checkered table cloths and
candles dripping down old Chianti bottles. The owner and
mat id�e, a nice man, showed her a table in the corner.

Barb had barely taken her seat when the nice man returned
with a glass of wine and the menu. The wine was good and
Barb finished the glass in short order. With out asking
the waiter returned with another glass of wine and took
Barb’s order.

Barb was really enjoying the chance to relax. The
atmosphere was nice and the wine soothing. No sooner had
she finished the second glass than the waiter brought her

“Oh I didn’t order another.”

“Mr. Greenburg left instructions Ms, he told me to keep
the glass full.”

Barb smiled at Brad’s thoughtfulness. “Okay but please
hold off on the next one I’m already feeling the last

The restaurant had filled with a number of couples. some
no doubt here for a romantic evening , she thought. A
tall well dressed Blackman entered the restaurant and was
greeted by the nice man. Leading the tall man to a table
next to hers the matridee provided him a menu.

Glancing over the top of her wine glass, Barb could not
help but think he looked familiar. Suddenly their eyes
met and Barb looked away. Jesus, Barb thought, this guy
is going to think, I’m after him or something.

“I’ve never eaten here. What would you recommend,” asked
the stranger.

His voice sounded familiar. “This is my first time too,
the wine’s nice,” Barb added with a smile. God now she
was flirting, what in the world had come over her, Barb

“I’m new in town how about you.”

“Business, just for the night,” Barb responded, finally
getting herself composed again. Just then the waiter
brought her a third glass of wine. Barb hadn’t noticed
but she had already finished her second glass. Not
wanting to make a scene she accepted the wine with a

“I think I’ll try one of those waiter,” The man asked. On
second thought please bring us a bottle.”

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Barb said a little giddy
with wine.

“No I insist and if it’s not presumptuous of me, may I
join you?”

Barb didn’t know how to respond as he stood and walked

“You are alone, right.”

“Yes, but,” Barb was going to say she was married but
decided that sounded foolish. Impulsively, she extended
her hand. “My name is Barb, what’s yours?”

“Drew, a pleasure to meet you.”

Barb watched Drew take a seat across from her. Barb
couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think, she couldn’t breath.
Was this coincidence, did he know? This was not possible.
Barb realized Drew was talking to her but she hadn’t
heard a word he said.

“I’m sorry what did you say?”

“Only that I hate to eat alone. I’m so happy to meet you
what line of work are you in?”

“I work at a local hospital,” Barb answered, noting he
was even better looking in person.

“How interesting I’m in pharmaceuticals. I recently
transferred down from Dallas. I noticed your married, the
ring, any children?”

“No, no kids yet, but my husband and I want to start a
family.” He obviously didn’t know, or he wouldn’t be
making small talk. No it just had to be coincidence,
thought Barb.

The entire evening the two chatted like old friends.
During the evening Barb caught herself on several
occasions staring at Drew. He was much more handsome in
person. Drew’s voice was deep and smooth. His eyes were
large, black and penetrating and his smile took her
breath away. The food was fantastic and before Barb knew
it, it was ten o’clock.

“Gee, I didn’t realize what time it is. I really need to
get going.”

“Can I give you a lift,” asked Drew.

“No I’m just a couple of blocks away, but thanks anyway.”

“Will I see you again?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”

“It’s just that I had such a nice time speaking with you.
I just thought we could do this again sometime. Look I’m
sorry, your married, I don’t know what I was thinking.
Good night, I really enjoyed your company. With out
another word, Drew took Barb’s hand and kissed it
tenderly and walked away.

Barb was breathless. The whole evening was like a dream.
That night she could hardly sleep. What were the chances
they would meet like this. Over and over Barb went
through the sequence of events. The e-mails, the
pictures, the movie. No way he could know, yet every
fiber of her being told her to beware.

Barb spent a miserable day at work. Barb could not
concentrate on work and found herself daydreaming about
Drew constantly. Just before lunch time Barb received a
dozen white roses, her favorites and a note.

You’re a remarkable women and your husband an incredibly
lucky man. Thank you for an evening I’ll never forget.
Perhaps we shall meet again.


“My, my, someone sure has an admirer. I wish someone
would send me roses like that.”

“Rosie, it’s not what you think. Besides don’t you have
something to do.” Rosie, Barb’s assistant left the
office, clearly upset that Barb hadn’t imparted more
information about the stranger who had sent her flowers.
Barb knew better, just the fact she received flowers
would circulate like wild fire once Rosie left the

Barb looked at the flowers. They certainly were
beautiful. Her favorites, how did he guess. She wondered
if they would meet again and then reminded herself she
was married. Barb was totally useless the rest of the

That Friday evening when Barb got home I could sense
something was different. Barb seemed distant,
preoccupied, but when I asked she claimed it was merely
work. Going to bed, Barb once again was the aggressor.
Rolling over on to her side Barb let her hand drift down
between my legs. Then sliding her hand under the waste
band of my boxers she grasped my dick in her hand and
stroked it hard.

“I see some one is happy to see me. I’m super honey and
could sure use some good sex. you think you can satisfy
me mister.”

“I sure would like to give it a try,” I said in my finest
southern draw.

Barb slid my boxers down and went down on me with a
vengeance. Clutching my dick in her right hand, she would
nibble and lick my dick head. Pausing, Barb pulled away
and then as if measuring me said, “why do black men have
bigger cocks then white men?”

The question took me completely off guard. This was the
second time my wife had brought up black cock in the last
month. “What?”

“A girlfriend at work has gone to bed with several black
men and she claims they’re not only better they’re
bigger.” Barb continued stroking my cock which stiffened
considerably with the conversation.

“Sounds to me like some one is a little curious.”

“Well, a little I guess. I mean aren’t all white women.
Aren’t you a little curious about what it would be like
to make love to black women. What makes you think a woman
is any different?”

“I can’t argue with that, sure I have fantasized about
having sex with a black woman, but that’s all it is
fantasy. Now it’s your turn are you saying you have
fantasized about taking a black lover?”

“Yes, does that upset you?”

“No, but it does surprise me. I would have never guessed.
Now to get back to your original question, which was why
are black men bigger. First, I’ve never read anything to
that effect, although there is the myth. Now I hope
you’re not planning to undertake hands on study are you?”

“No silly, just wondering that’s all.” Then Barb returned
to sucking my dick. With one hand stroking my dick she
enveloped the head of my dick with her mouth. Sucking and
moving her mouth up and down my shaft I rapidly became
excited. Barb rarely went down on me and certainly never
swallowed, so when I started getting close I warned her.

“Babe, you better slow down I’m getting ready to cum.”
Barb neither slowed down or stopped instead she sucked
harder. Her grip on my dick became more forceful and I
could feel her teeth teasing the head of my dick. I felt
my dick began to expand, still fully expecting Barb to

“Oh baby, I’m cumming right now, that feels so good, oh
yes. Don’t stop now.” Barb didn’t stop swallowing every
drop of cum as my dick shriveled in her mouth. My body
convulsed as Barb continued licking the remaining cum off
my dick.

Looking up at me, Barb stopped licking me and smiled.”
Did you like that?”

“Honey that was fantastic, I mean you’ve never done that
before. I tried to warn you.”

“I’ve always wanted to do that are you okay with it?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good because I really liked doing that for you.”

Looking back on the evening I really didn’t think
anything was going on with my wife. Sure she had been
acting differently, but if anything I was happy with the
changes. Later that evening I went down on Barb and we
made love. I remember both of us hoping that maybe that
night we had conceived are first child.

The following Monday Barb called from work and indicated
she would have to spend the night. The hospital was
having a fund raiser and Brad couldn’t make it. Barb
would have to attend. Barb left work early and went to a
local mall to look for a dress and shoes.

Barb’s business suit wouldn’t do and she didn’t have time
to go home. Barb purchased a simple dress at Ann Tailors.
The dress, black, was conservative, yet accented her tan
legs and arms in a very flattering way. Heels and the
pearls she had worn to work was all that was needed to
finish off her look.

Barb arrived fashionably late, around seven o’clock and
started making the rounds. Barb was speaking with the
head of cardiology when she first caught sight of Drew.
Drew was wearing black trousers, with a black turtle neck
and a dark green Armani jacket. Barb’s heart began to

All weekend she had tried to put their meeting out of her
mind and now he was here. Then a different feeling came
over her as she noticed he was speaking with an
attractive redhead. Barb tried not to stare, but found
herself staring at the other couple on several occasions.

“I don’t believe you’ve heard a word I said Barb, is
something wrong?”

Turning her attention back to Dr. Freedman the
cardiologist, she tried to resume their conversation.
Gulping her wine, Barb strained to pay attention to the
doctor’s monotone. Barb accepted a second glass of wine
from the waiter and glanced in Drew’s direction. The
redhead had now placed her hand on top of Drew’s and Barb
felt a pang of jealously.

Finally Barb could stand it no longer and fainting a
powder room break, excused herself from the boring
doctors conversation. Coming out of the ladies room Barb
made her way towards Drew who was still engrossed in
conversation with the redhead. Embolden by a couple of
glasses of wine, Barb walked over to Drew.

“Good evening.”

“Well hello, what a pleasant surprise to see you Barb. I
was truly hoping we would meet again. I’m sorry this is,”
Drew said directing his comment to the redhead. “I’m
terribly sorry, I seem to have forgotten your name.”


“Barb this is Karen she works at the MRI clinic.”

“Nice to meet you Karen.” Barb was suddenly elated. The
redhead wasn’t Drew’s date and she was glad he was there.

“Karen would you excuse us for a moment,” Drew said as he
took Barb’s hand and whisked her out to the porch
overlooking the pool.

“Barb I have a confession to make. I haven’t been able to
get you out of my mind all weekend. I know your married,
and believe me, I had a bad experience in the past with a
married woman and swore them off, yet ever since our
dinner, I just can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I don’t know what to say Drew, this is very unexpected.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t feel the electricity between us
Barb, you know as well as I that there is a chemistry

“Drew really, I mean yes I felt it too but.” Barb was at
a loss for words. things were moving very fast. Drew was
standing very close and she could smell his cologne.

Drew sensed Barb’s hesitation and quickly scoped her up
in his arms and kissed her. Barb’s mouth remained closed
and uncooperative only briefly. Drew’s soft lips mashed
against her’s as their tongues intertwined. Barb’s arms
wrapped around Drew’s back as she pulled him tight
against her. Drew feeling her response let his hand drop
to her ass and pulled her against his hardening cock.

Barb was caught by surprise by Drew’s kiss. His mouth was
soft but he was an aggressive kisser. There was an
urgency to the kiss as he sucked on her tongue and gently
bit her lips. This ignited a fire between Barb’s legs.
This was the first man she had kissed other than her
husband since their marriage and Drew was a much better

Suddenly Barb realized were they were and that someone
might see them. Drew’s fingers had found their way up her
dress and he was pinching and pulling on her enlarged
nipple through the thin material of her dress.

Breaking the kiss, Barb tried to stop Drew. “We can’t
Drew someone might see.”

Instead of stopping Drew pressed his advantage by sliding
the top of Barb’s dress aside and began rolling her thick
nipple between his fingers. “Look how excited you are, do
you really want me to stop?”

Barb looked down at the erotic sight of her own nipple
responding to the black mans touch. Barb’s nipple grew as
Drew pinched and pulled her swollen nipple.

“No one can see,” said Drew and once again he resumed his
kiss. Drew smiled to himself as Barb’s hand found its way
to his crouch. Soon Barb was franticly massaging his
cock. For a moment Drew actually thought of taking her
right there, but at the last minute broke their embrace.

“Let’s go to my place.”

“Drew, I don’t know about this, I’ve never done anything
like this before.” Barb wanted to go. Having felt Drew’s
cock she was more curious than ever. Barb’s panties were
absolutely soaked with her lust and she was having a very
difficult time thinking.

Drew didn’t hesitate. Leading Barb down the stairs and
around to the parking lot Drew sought to allay her
fears.” Barb don’t worry, no one has to know, besides you
can’t tell me you don’t want to go, can you?”

“No I want to go it’s just things are happening so fast.”

Pausing as he opened the door to his car, Drew pulled
Barb to him again. “Shhhh, now stop it, your a big girl
and you know what you want, now give in to your desire.”
Drew kissed her again and all resistance faded as Barb
returned his kiss.

Drew’s home was close and Drew was glad Barb didn’t have
much time to reflect on her decision. When Barb raised
some doubts, Drew was forceful. “Listen Barb, I know your
married, but that doesn’t change what you want. Your
coming home with me, are we clear?” Then taking Barb’s
hand he placed it on his semi hard cock. “See what I have
for you, now no more nonsense about being married. Once
you get a taste of this back cock you’ll forget all about
that husband of yours.”

Barb had been ready to mention the protection issue. Barb
wasn’t certain if she was still in her viable time. The
wine and passion was clouding her judgment and she
obviously didn’t want to upset Drew. Barb rationalized
that if something happened, she was safe. The
ramifications of a black baby never entered the equation.

Barb’s hand felt Drew’s growing cock through the material
of his pants. Drew’s cock felt so large and firm. Visions
of Drew fucking Ann raced through her mind. Part of her
was stunned by Drew’s rebuff. No one had ever spoken to
Barb like that before. On the other hand she wanted Drew,
and feeling his cock only increased her need to have him.
Barb confused felt it was relatively safe to have sex
with Drew, so she said nothing.

Once in the house Drew led Barb to his bed room and
quickly took her in his arms again. Kissing her, he
unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Then
with Barb’s assistance he took off his shirt, pants and
the rest of his clothing.

The room was well lit and for the first time he had an
opportunity to drink in Barb’s body. Drew’s cock grew
even harder as he gazed upon Barb’s beautiful breasts and
dark nipples. Barb’s body was perfectly proportioned with
a small waist, accentuated by tan lines and athletic

Drew knew he was going to enjoy fucking this married
white girl. Yes sir, spoil her for black cock he would
and enjoy every minute of it.

Barb trembled with anticipation as she stood before Drew.
Drew’s body was even nicer in person. Drew was thin but
extremely well muscled. Pulling down his boxers he
exposed the biggest cock Barb had ever seen. At nine or
ten inches it was twice as thick as her husbands. His
balls were incredibly large and his entire body was
shaved, even his genitals, just like a body builders.

Still something was different. Drew had changed upon
coming into the house. Drew had become more forceful,
demanding, controlling. Barb felt like prey being
observed by a hunter. Barb’s instincts told her something
was wrong, but she was powerless to move as he pulled her
into bed with him. Barb had to have this man now and
nothing would stop her.

Rolling together on the bed, Barb could not believe how
smooth Drew’s black skin was. Drew’s body was hot against
hers as she felt his hand slip between her legs. Drew’s
kisses had ignited a fire in Barb and she spread her legs
wide to accommodate his touch.

Drew was gratified to find Barb’s pussy awash in her cum.
Lying on his side he stopped kissing her and looked at
her body. Barb’s nipples were hard and protruding a full
inch from her dark areolas. Her clit too was hard from
his manipulation.

“Baby your pussy is so so wet. I think you want this
nigger to fuck you. Am I right?”

“Drew please don’t talk like that.”

“Like what baby? Do you want me to fuck you or not. Cause
if you do, I want you to say it. Drew I want you to fuck
me. Now go ahead, say it baby, it won’t hurt.”

Drew had worked two fingers into Barb’s gushing pussy and
she came at that very moment. Barb’s body convulsed with
the orgasm as she found herself saying, “Drew please fuck
me, fuck me with your big cock.”

“That’s all you had to say baby,” Drew reveled, as he
moved between Barb’s legs in order to mount her. Drew
took his throbbing cock and began rubbing the blood
engorged head up and down Barb’s wet pussy lips. The
moisture from her sopping cunt and his pre cum quickly
covered the dark purple head of Drew’s cock.

Barb watched as Drew moved his massive cock up and down
her velvet slit. Biting her lip Barb tried to hurry the
process by eagerly pushing down on the black cock between
her legs. Drew continued teasing Barb allowing just the
tip to penetrate the folds of her pussy.

“Stop teasing me Drew put it in now please.”

“Put what in, say it.”

Put your cock in me please.”

Drew began forcing his huge cock head into Barb’s wet
pussy. Once the head was in he withdrew half way then
pushing slowly, slipped another inch of black cock into
her. All the while Drew maintained his arms in a locked
position so that he could look between Barb’s legs and
witness his penetration of this white pussy.

“Like that baby.”

“Oh yes it feels so so good.”

Drew now had half his cock in Barb and with each slow
methodical thrust Barb came closer to cumming. Never in
Barb’s life had she felt anything like this. Her pussy
was stretched to its limits. Barb felt as if she could
feel every vein on the magnificent cock.

Barb too looked between her legs mesmerized by the
contrast of their skins, and then she came. Not like
before, different, like a wave of pleasure enveloping
her. Barb’s body began to tingle, then Drew forced the
remaining three inches of his cock into her cunt.

“Oh my god, yes, fuck me with your big cock. I want to
feel all of you, fuck my cunt, baby fuck me and cum. I
want you to cum in me. Please don’t stop, just cum, cum
hard.” Barb felt as if she were having some kind of out
of body experience. She could hardly believe she was
saying things like this, yet that was the way she felt.

Drew could feel the head of his cock bumping into Barb’s
cervix, which provided him with additional stimulus. Drew
started to pump more furiously. Now that he had Barb
vocalizing her desires, he was even more turned on. Drew
loved establishing control over a woman, especially
married ones.

Drew was giving this married woman the fucking of her
life, it was obvious. Drew wasn’t sure if it was his cock
his color or his expertise as a lover, all that mattered
is that she succumb to his every wish. That’s what made
Drew tic, that what made Drew cum.

Barb’s eyes glassed over and she was in the throws of
another powerful orgasm when she felt Drew’s cock began
to expand. Barb’s body was wet with sweat at the effort
she was putting into sex. Drew was bringing out a passion
in Barb that until this moment she had never thought

Barb’s eyes widened when she felt Drew’s cock twitch and
grow. She had never felt a man really cum in her, but
with Drew there was no mistaking that first gush of hot

Drew pushed as hard as he could when he felt the first
gush of his cum explode in Barb’s pussy. Drew never asked
if Barb was on any type of birth control and he didn’t
care. Drew was working off primal instinct now, for that
matter so was the woman below him, who continued coaxing
him to cum.

“Oh baby that feels so incredible, I can feel you
cumming, I’m cumming tooooo. Don’t stop please don’t
stop, fill me up,” Barb exclaimed convulsing in orgasm.

Drew needed no further encouragement as he plunged his
cock to the hilt. Drew’s immense cock head pressed firmly
against the opening of Barb’s cervix and jet after
massive jet of his fertile cum forced its way into her

Barb almost passed out she came so hard. Plus the feeling
of this man cumming was beyond belief. Never in the
eleven years of our marriage had Barb experienced sex
like this. Barb instinctively rapped her legs around Drew
pulling his cock even deeper. Straining with all of her
might she dug her nails into his back urging him deeper.
Commanding Drew to fuck her harder.

Drew too became caught up in Barb’s orgasm. Sure he had
made other women cum, many times. some of those women
were even more vocal, more forceful. Barb was different,
a combination of all things, beauty, brains, and a cunt
that fit just right. Drew collapsed on top of Barb as the
last of his cum pulsed its way into Barb’s fertile womb.
Barb made no effort to move, to the contrary she held him
firmly to her bosom.

“Baby your one hot white girl, was I your first?”

Out of breath Barb could hardly talk. “Yes.”

“I thought so. You know sex ain’t never going to be the
same right.”

“I know.”

“Good, be sweet and get me a towel from the bathroom,
there cum every were.” Drew then rolled off of Barb so
she could get up.

Walking to the bathroom Barb couldn’t believe how much
cum was leaking out of her vagina. Cleaning herself, Barb
marveled at the amount of sperm flowing from her pussy.
Barb for the first time truly wondered if having
unprotected sex with Drew had been wise. Drew in one
session had deposited more cum in her pussy than I would
have in three or four sessions. Wetting a towel Barb
quickly returned to the room, were she found Drew sitting
on the edge of the bed.

“Come stand in front of me.”

Barb stood before Drew with nothing but the damp towel in
her hand.

“Turn around, I want to check your fine ass out.” Drew
had a big grin on his face as he indicated with his hand
for Barb to turn around.

Smiling Barb turned around slowly, for the first time
noticing the full length mirror on the wall.

“Stop right there. Now back up and spread your legs a

Barb stopped with her back turned to Drew and facing the
Mirror. Backing up she now straddled Drew’s legs. She
watched in the mirror as Drew reached between her legs
with his black hand and inserted two fingers in to her
wet slit.

“Baby your pussy is real wet. I think you could use some
more of this black cock. Am I right?” With his free hand
Drew was playing with his hard cock.

Barb moaned as she saw Drew’s pole angled up between her
legs. How could this man make her so hot so fast. Barb’s
eyes were riveted to the mirror. Without being asked Barb
lowered herself on to Drew’s shaft.

Drew removed his cum soaked fingers as the head of his
cock entered Barb’s cunt. The massive head slipped into
her slit much easier this time, as a wave of pleasure
coursed through Barb’s body. Squatting up and down on
Drew’s cock, Barb finally worked the entire cock into her

Staring at the mirror Barb impaled herself on Drew’s
black cock. Drew then reached around and placed his cum
soaked fingers in Barb’s mouth. Barb watched herself
licking and sucking hungrily on Drew’s fingers.

“Now I want you to start playing with yourself.”

Barb was willing to do anything now and quickly obeyed.
Placing her finger on her swollen clit, Barb immediately
started cumming. ” Oh god I’m cumming sooooo hard.” Barb
cried out with the intensity of the orgasm as she drove
herself down on to Drew’s cock.

“Some one sure likes looking in the mirror.”

Barb was now rubbing her clit hard with one hand and
squeezing and pulling on her tit with the other. Barb
stared into the mirror. The woman before her no longer
looked like her. Barb found it strange, it was as if she
had been transformed into some one else. The woman in the
mirror was wild with lust as she slid up and down on the
wet black cock. “Oh Drew you feel so fucking good. I want
you to cum. I want to make you feel good, now cum, cum
,cum, ” Barb repeated.

Drew’s cock started to swell with his potent sperm as he
pumped Barb up and down by the waist. Drew marveled at
how perfectly Barb’s pussy accommodated his cock. Between
his previous load of cum and Barb’s continual orgasms his
cock slid easily in and out of her cunt. The pleasure
Drew was experiencing was too much and he could hold back
no longer.

Drew cock erupted with a torrent of cum. “Oh fuck baby,
you feel so fucking good, that’s it fuck me with that
tight little cunt of yours.”

“Oh yeah, that’s it cum Drew cum.” Barb felt the
explosion and immediately experienced a mind numbing
orgasm. Drew’s fertile sperm now covered the sides of her
pussy as she pumped herself up and down even harder in an
effort to squeeze the last drops of Drew’s cum into her

Spent, Drew pulled Barb back on to his chest. Then
rolling Barb off of him he nudged her head down towards
his semi-hard cock. Barb knew instinctively what Drew
wanted and without further coaxing took his swollen cock
in her hand and began licking him clean. As she tasted
the mixture of Drew’s cum and hers she found herself
becoming aroused.

Drew propped himself up on his elbows and stared into the
mirror as Barb licked and sucked his cock. A faint red
dot could be seen in the mirror. Drew made a mental note
that he would have to cover the camera on light with a
piece of tape. Fortunately, Barb had been too preoccupied
to notice. Drew’s mind quickly reverted to the matter at
hand. Barb was sucking more vigorously now, the woman was
a natural.

“Don’t tell me you ant me to fuck you again.”

Barb looked up at Drew, then swirling her tongue around
his cock head, she nodded affirmatively.

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