Bea has some unusual experiences

I had an opportunity to visit my sister last fall when
an oddball assignment took me to Texas. I don’t usually
like to leave New York in the fall. To my way of
thinking it’s the nicest time of the year to be in the
city, but I accepted anyway, as I had not seen Helen
for some time.

My work as a senior editor on the staff of Pet World
normally confined me to the office, but occasionally,
just to get out and around, I would take a story,
especially if it was of an unusual nature.

My sister lived in Irving, a suburb of Dallas on the
Forth Worth side, and I had never visited her there
before. Helen had lived in New Jersey before her
husband was transferred, when we used to visit each
other quite regularly. I would spend weekends in
Pompton Lakes, and during the week Helen would come
into the city and stay at my place overnight.

We had always been close, Helen and I, as close as any
two sisters could be, even though Helen was several
years older than I, and for a time after she moved to
Texas I felt her absence keenly.

At twenty-eight I was still unmarried. Helen had
married a year or two out of high school but had never
had any c******n. Her husband, Jack, had been working
for years with the same company, one of the big tire
concerns, as a salesman.

When I knew I was going to be visiting them, I tried to
visualize Jack. He was rather a nondescript type and
hard to remember in your mind’s eye after you hadn’t
seen him for a while. He was a pleasant enough person,
however, and I was certain that Helen had made a happy
marriage in many respects.

Helen was at the airport to meet me when I arrived in
Dallas. I first saw her waving madly from behind the
little fence separating the visitors from the departure
area. She was wearing dark glasses, and had on a light
blue cotton dress. She seemed overjoyed that I had come
to see her.

“Oh, Bea, I’m so happy you’ve come. You look grand,”
she said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Never thought I’d make it to Texas, did you?” I said

We stood there just looking at each other for a full
thirty seconds, people milling past us. She had gotten
a little chubby, I thought, and I wondered how I
appeared to her.

Finally, my arm around her waist, I walked her over to
the luggage area.

“How’s Jack?” I asked.

“Same old Jack,” she replied. “He’s out of town for a
few days. Houston and Galveston. I hope he comes back
before you have to leave. How long do you have? You
didn’t say.”

“A couple of days or so,” I said. “I have to visit
Denton, as you know.”

“It isn’t far, Bea,” she said quickly, “and you can use
my car. Maybe I could go with you,” she added
hopefully, and then rather guardedly, “unless it’s some
big deal.”

“I promise to tell you all,” I said, reassuring her
with a smile. Close as we were, Helen and I understood
I had always been the more reticent one when it came to
my private life. Helen, on the other hand, had always
confided in me her innermost thoughts and secrets.

My suitcase arrived finally and we walked out through
the terminal. Helen drove very fast on the way home.
The freeway system looked quite efficiently designed.
The city of Dallas, too, had a shiny compactness to it
as I observed its skyline.

“Didn’t know you had so many tall buildings,” I

“Why, Ma’am,” she drawled in imitation of a Texas
cowpoke, “didn’t you all know everything’s big in

We laughed at that, and she told me a slightly dirty
joke having to do with big Texans. It put me in mind of
what I knew had been a personal problem of hers.

“You still have that thing about Jack?” I asked her
after we had been quiet for a few moments. I could see
her blush and turn to look out the window to her left.
She did not answer, and I dropped it.

It was a sore point, but occasionally she had wanted to
talk about it, had even for a while visited a
psychiatrist in an effort to overcome her feelings.

It seems that at the time she married she had built up
in her mind a mental image of what a man’s erect penis
should look like. She had visions on her wedding
night, I guess of some enormous thing stuffing itself
into her, and was fully, in fact, eagerly awaiting to
receive such an organ.

As luck would have it, Jack turned out to be a man with
a very small one. “No bigger than your index finger,”
she had told me the first time, scarcely concealing the
disappointment in her voice.

She had told me more than once of the times they had
had intercourse when she had felt so empty, so
“unfilled” as she would describe it. She had loved
Jack, and had realized it was silly to let it bother
her, and had tried to overlook it.

The doctors had told her it was all in her mind, that
the size of the penis had nothing to do with it. Her
psychiatrist had once tried hypnosis. For a time Jack
had even used a rubber extender while they were having
intercourse to fatten and lengthen out his tool, but
the extender was a flop, too.

“It doesn’t have any b***d in it,” Helen had told me
after it had been tried out a few times. “I know it
just isn’t alive.” After a few drinks she had been able
to stand the thing, however, and on those occasions had
consented to letting him use it in her.

During our discussions I had always been at a loss as
to how to console her. It would have been easy just to
agree with the doctors, but in my own heart I knew I
would have been lying to my sister. I had been and
still am single and had been reluctant to pour out to
her what I had known from my own experience.

Also, I had not wanted in any way to have appeared to
be criticizing her husband. Sometimes those chickens
come home to roost, and I had not wanted to risk
alienating my sister then or now.

It was true, though, that the size of a man’s penis
makes a difference. The medical books and sex manuals
were all written by men. Men would naturally pooh-pooh
the idea as it had too great a potential for pointing
the finger of inadequacy at many of them.

My own experience told me that there can be nothing
like the feeling of depth and contentment, of total
repletion, on being filled with a healthy-sized organ.
And what more marvelous things happen when it moves
inside you!

The city of Irving turned out to be a residential
community, rather flat like much of Texas, with neat
houses and trim yards, and none of the homes looking
too terribly old. We pulled up into the driveway of
one, and I could hear a dog barking.

“You still have Clyde!” I exclaimed, remembering the
tricolored collie they had owned in New Jersey.

For some reason my sister blushed a florid red as she
got out her side of the car. “Yes,” she said. “Why

“Why, I’ll be glad to see him,” I said, hopping out.
“Good old Clyde!” I ran to the front door and could
hear him jumping up against it alternately barking and
whining and scratching at the wood.

Helen opened the door, and he bounded out rushing
between us. He got to the sidewalk, wheeled around,
and came back. He was panting madly, and jumped up,
first at Helen, and then at me, sniffing curiously.

“Get down, Clyde!” Helen was shouting.

Sniffing at me, he suddenly froze when it appeared he
was in the area of my crotch. He brought his nose
closer to my dress, and I backed away instinctively.

“Clyde!” Helen screamed, grabbing him by the fur.
“That’s enough.” It took all her strength to pull him
back toward the door, but she seemed determined to get
him back inside.

“It’s all right, Helen,” I said, feeling a little
guilty for having backed off. “He’s just happy.” I
followed them inside the house.

She had taken him to the basement door and had shut him
inside. She was huffing, out of breath. “He can be so
exuberant, Bea. You’ll have to pay no attention to
him,” she said. Flushing, she dropped her shoulder bag
on the sofa and flopped down herself.

I sat down in a chair. It was a warm day, but cool in
the house. Evidently the central air conditioning was
still connected. I stood up again to remove the coat I
was wearing.

“He may do some strange things,” Helen was saying,
still flushing. Her eyes were curiously avoiding mine.
“Just make him mind. He’ll stop.” She looked about the
living room. “Well,” she said, changing the subject,
“let’s get you settled. I’ll get your bag.” She got up
from the sofa, and walked over to a doorway off the
living room. “First, I’ll show you your room. ”

I rose and followed her into a short halfway that led
first to a small sewing room on the right. The second
door on the right was a bedroom. Across the hall from
it was a half bath.

“You’ll have to bathe upstairs, Sis, but there’s a john
here and a sink,” she said, turning on the light in the

“Okay by me,” I said. The small bedroom looked quite
cozy. It held a double bed, a night table beside it,
and a small chest of drawers. There was a full length
mirror on the inside of the closet door. I flopped on
the bed while Helen got my bag.

I lay there thinking how nice it was to be waited on
for a change, and it was true. I had always allowed my
older sister to wait on me ever since I could remember.
I had missed the attention since she had moved to
Texas, and it came to me lying there just how much.

“Here we are,” she said, coming in with my grip. She
set it down and came over to the bed, seating herself
on the edge. “I’m so glad to see you, Bea.” She leaned
over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Her breath
smelled so clean. Her eyes were misty, and I wanted to
reach up and embrace her.

“I keep hoping you’ll move back to New York,” I said

The thought struck her as a remote one. “Perhaps,” she
said after a moment. She patted me on the thigh. “I’ll
let you relax now. Take a nap, sweetie. I’ll get some
dinner going, and we’ll have a long chat when you wake
up.” She rose, adjusting the belt on her dress.

Feeling the belt at both sides of her waist, she took
in a deep breath, and I was given visual reminder of
the amplitude of her breasts. Helen’s development there
had always been a source of envy while we were growing

I remembered back when I was only just beginning to
show there myself, watching her take baths, and later
begging my mother to tell me if mine were going to be
that big when I was in high school.

My own breasts had never quite made it, not to the
extent of Helen’s anyway, and I felt a twinge as some
of the original feeling of disappointment came over me.

She left, closing the door behind her, and I sat up to
take off my shoes. My feet and legs were tired. I
reached up under my skirt and pulled the panty hose
down over my legs. The cooled air in the room felt good
on my bare legs, and I walked around the room letting
it play over them.

I took off the dress and hung it in the closet, looking
at myself in the mirror. A full length mirror was
something of a treat as I did not have one at home, and
I gazed at the full figure before me as if for the
first time.

Reaching behind me with both hands I unclasped the bra
and allowed my breasts their full freedom. They were
big enough, I supposed. Some slight amount of curve on
both sides did protrude beyond the line of my rib cage
when they were viewed from the front, which was more
than some girls could say.

I still had a waistline, too. At twenty-eight I didn’t
need to wear a girdle yet. I turned sideways at the
mirror and ran my flattened palm down my tummy.
Perfect, I thought.

Running my hand down inside my panties, I scratched at
the matted hair. Farther down it felt a little sweaty,
so I removed the panties and went back to the bed. I
lay down on my back with legs spread and my knees up in
the air, letting it all air out.

It itched down there, and absently I ran a finger down
along the lips slightly parting them. I must have dozed
off because the next thing I knew I was dreaming.

Something was happening to me down there. It felt warm
and wet. I was conscious of the strangest movements as
if a dozen fragile fingertips were playing upon it with
just the right amount of pressure. At the same time it
was throbbing wildly, and I knew I was going to have an

I guess I began to gasp in my sleep for I was conscious
of making sounds. The feeling was building in intensity
to the point where I had to wake up, which I did
suddenly with a start, and before I had reached a

It took me a few seconds to realize what had been
happening. I noticed Clyde right away, his feet up on
the foot of the bed, his tongue hanging out, but I
could not associate the dog immediately with what had
brought me almost to the point of coming. My vulva was
aflame and tingling madly.

Clyde cocked his head to one side, closed his mouth
briefly, and stretched his head forward into my crotch.
Instantly I knew what he had been doing and got up
quickly onto my knees.

“Clyde, you old rascal,” I said, grabbing him by the
scruff around his ears with both hands. “You devil,
you. What do you think you’re doing?”

He licked forward at my face greedily. I noticed his
pink thing had begun to come out of its sheath, and he
was humping slightly at the end of the bed.

Good heavens, I thought. He means to do me as if I were
some bitch in heat. Is it possible? The thought of the
big furry Collie doing it to me raced through my brain.
I was already hot. Dare I get down on the floor on all
fours and see if he would?

The thought just about drove me wild. I had to fight
the feeling off. What if Helen should walk in? What on
earth would I say to her?

I tried hard to think of the utter preposterousness of
the whole idea in order to bring me back to my senses.
It occurred to me that if I got my clothes back on, it
might help me recover my sanity.

I jumped off the bed. My panties were lying on the
floor. Clyde was already up on his hind feet pawing at
my thighs as I kept turning to keep him in front of me,
but I had to kneel down slightly in order to reach for
the panties. He was on top of me in an instant, humping
away instinctively. I was up in a second.

“Down, Clyde!” I commanded. “Down!”

Somehow I managed to put my panties on and was
struggling with the bra when Helen walked into the

“Clyde!” she screamed. “Out of this room, out of this
room, right now.” She pointed to the door while
literally glaring at him. Clyde left the room
obediently. She must have noticed then the pink streaks
his claws had made. “Oh, Bea,” she said. “It’s all my
fault. I should have kept him in the basement.”

She came up to me and carefully stroked the thin
markings with her gentle fingers, and we both sat down
on the edge of the bed.

“I had better tell you about Clyde,” she began.

“What’s happened to him?” I asked, still bewildered.
“Do you know, I think he wanted to have intercourse
with me.”

She held my left hand in her lap. “Bea, dear,” she went
on, “I have always told you most everything about my
private life.” She blushed. “I suppose this is really
no-different than a lot of things, but it may seem,”
She hesitated. “It may seem, well, unnatural to you
when I tell you.”

“Go on, Sis,” I urged her.

“It all started after we moved here from New Jersey.
Jack was home that whole month while we were getting
settled, and Clyde, well, I was a little worried about
him at first. He moped around for weeks, didn’t seem to
have an appetite. I just assumed he was going through a
period of adjustment.

“Well, Jack finally was sent out of town, and I was
left here alone for the first time, with Clyde of
course. Clyde seemed to change immediately followed me
around the house, everywhere, even upstairs which he
never did before.

“It got to be he was making me a nervous wreck. When I
would turn suddenly in the middle of the room, I would
almost trip over him, he was hugging that close behind

“I had been having my period, was just over it as a
matter of fact, and had gone to the bathroom to pee.
Clyde followed me inside and stood, his head just about
touching my knees. He was panting and had a glazed look
in his eyes.

“Naturally I pushed him away, told him to get out of
there, but he came right back. I tried patting him on
the head and calling him nice names. This seemed to
merely encourage him. He stopped panting, licked his
lips, and began snaking his head forward as if to get
it between my legs.

“At first I thought maybe he was thirsty. You know how
he likes to drink water from the toilet bowl. I love
the pooch so much, I thought, well, go ahead. Let him
have a drink while I was sitting there. I hadn’t gone
yet, so I spread my legs.

“Well, Bea, he didn’t want a drink. He went straight
for my pussy. Just dove right in, started licking and
slurping like it was dripping with honey. I thought I
was going to go out of my head.

“I closed my legs on his head almost automatically, but
then, as the feeling swept over me, I gradually opened
them again. Bea, he was making me come, right there on
the toilet seat. I could feel it coming over me in
waves. I could do nothing, I tell you, nothing.

“I gave in to it. He kept licking and licking, his
tongue going in and around everything. Finally I felt
that first big jolt, you know, when you go up over and
you know you’ve come. I guess I gave out a little cry.
It scared him and he backed off.

“I must have lain back on the seat for what seemed an
eternity. It took me awhile to come down. Yes, Bea, it
was a real long one, several minutes anyway.

“Clyde was sitting in the doorway just looking at me
and panting merrily. I could see his pink penis poking
its way out. I remember wondering how long it would be
when it came all the way out, and I wondered next if he
would – would, you know, do it to me.

“Don’t look shocked, Bea. I was so hot, I didn’t know
if I was coming or going. I had just had the biggest
climax of my life and wanted more. You know what my
life has been with Jack.

“I took my underpants the rest of the way off, and got
down on the floor on my hands and knees. I crawled like
that to the doorway and when I got there gave Clyde the
biggest hug I think I had ever given him, the big furry
pooch. He licked at my ear as I embraced him. I was
deliriously happy.

“My knees were really shaking though, Bea. I knew what
Clyde was likely to do. I wanted it badly but I was
afraid at the same time, afraid he might hurt me

“I crept past him down the hall and stopped. I crossed
my arms on the floor and lay my head on them, looking
back to see what Clyde would do. My fanny was poked way
out in back. He came trotting right after me, of

“At first he started licking me, which I don’t have to
tell you set me wild all over again. He stopped that
and started to whine, then he placed a paw on my back.
I knew by that he was going to try to mount me.

“He got both front paws on my back, and I could see him
start to hump at the air. At the same time I could see
it begin to come out. He moved in closer, and I shut my
eyes waiting for whatever would happen. I remember
thinking it was going to poke and jab terribly.

“Instead I felt the softest nudging all over my vulva.
It was as if someone with very soft lips were kissing
me repeatedly without any particular target in mind.
But I knew what the thing was nudging at me like that
and strained upward at it, spreading my lips as much as
I was able.

“The instant it nudged into the right spot, it never
once lost sight of it again, and I had this incredible
sensation of something very warm and firm plunging into
me. It seemed to go in and in and in. I don’t think
anything that long had ever gone in there before.

“Finally I felt all his fur up against me there. He
seemed to dig in then, pushing hard on me. His front
paws clung tightly to me as he pressed his head against
my ribs.

“I found myself responding, too, rocking back against
him as he pushed into me. I was about to come again and
lost control as the feeling became more intense. I
think I must have fallen forward when I came. Clyde had
stopped humping and had placed both feet on the floor
beside me.

“He was licking my arms and face. I could feel his
organ still plugged up into me even though it must have
been twisted for him to have been standing in that
position. I remember wondering why he didn’t take it

“Not that I wanted him to, mind you. It didn’t seem to
go all soft like Jack’s does after. It was still
swollen, and I felt myself closed around it in a kind
of heavenly seal. We stayed like that for what seemed
like forever.

“Clyde started whining and pulling on it after awhile.
It didn’t seem to budge, and it occurred to me it was
my fault he couldn’t extract it. I started taking long,
deep breaths in an effort to relax, and all at once it
slipped out.

“He took a few steps and sat down, reaching around with
his snout to carefully lick his exhausted thing. I
crawled over to him and gave him another hug.

“Well, that was it,” Helen said. “Ever since, Clyde and
I have been lovers. When Jack is home I keep Clyde in
the basement as much as possible.” Something struck her
as amusing. “Jack suspects I have a human lover. He
sees the change in me.” She giggled at the thought.

I looked at my sister in near disbelief. It was an
amazing story, and one that though it had to do with a
pet could never appear in Pet World. I wondered at my
own feelings about Clyde.

“Like all males, he has a roving eye, your Clyde,” I
said remembering my own predicament a few moments ago.

“If you want to,” Helen said, blushing again. “I mean,
I wouldn’t mind if you wanted him to-”

“Do it to me?” I asked. “No thanks,” I said. “I prefer
the two-legged kind.” A tug at my throat at the
suggestion, however, indicated to me I was probably
lying. I had been affected, by both the incident and
Helen’s story. If I could just try it without anyone
finding out about it, I thought.

“Well then,” she announced, kissing me on the shoulder.
“Let’s have some dinner.” She left me then to finish

Clyde soon reappeared at the door. He seemed almost
human now that I had heard Helen’s story. I called to
him and he came over to where I was dressing. I patted
him softly the head. “Nice Clyde. You is a nice
doggie,” I said, speaking a kind of baby talk to him.
He wagged his tail in appreciation.

After that he began following me everywhere in the
house. It was as if he had transferred his affections
from my sister to me.

I kept expecting her to make some resentful comment
about it, but she seemed not to notice.

Later, in the kitchen, she was telling me about some
French ticklers Jack had brought home from Mexico. It
sounded like something Jack would do, trying his best
always to make up for the dirty trick nature had played
on him.

Clyde was lying on the floor between our chairs looking
up at me.

“Tell me about Denton,” she asked enthusiastically.

“There’s a man there who has developed a breed of pony
about the size of a large dog,” I told her.

“Pony as a horse?” she wondered.

“Right. What’s more, he claims they can be

She looked at me as if I had been weaving some fairy
tale. “Keep a pony in the house.” She said the words
slowly and individually as if to make sure she was
hearing me right.

“No doubt about it,” I said, having to laugh myself.
“He has been advertising in Pet World, and we decided
it was time to do a feature on it.” I knew she had
wanted to come with me and reminded her.

“Sounds screwy,” she commented. “I won’t get in your
way, will I?” she wanted to know.

“Not at all,” I said. “Wear something breezy tomorrow
and you can pose with the ponies. It’s always better to
have people in the pictures.” I could see the
excitement building in her eyes.

She began suggesting some things to wear. The weather
was still warm, she noted. We finally agreed on
hotpants and a very sheer jersey pullover.

We sat and talked about old times for several hours,
did the dishes together and talked some more. Helen
mixed highballs for us afterward. We had a second round
and began to get a little giddy.

“Why don’t you come upstairs and sleep with me, Bea?”
she asked. “There’s no reason to stay downstairs with
Jack gone.”

It sounded like a good idea. Helen had slept with me
often, even after we had grown and left home. It had
been some time since I had enjoyed the comfort of a
warm body next to me in bed. I looked down at Clyde.
“What about your pooch?” I asked. “Isn’t he expecting
any tonight?”

We both began to giggle uncontrollably. Clyde raised
his head as if somehow knowing our mirth was because of
him. He appeared perplexed, looking first at one of us
and then at the other. His actions only made us laugh

Helen suddenly lifted her dress and dug her finger down
inside her panties. “Here, Clyde,” she cooed at him,
extending the moist finger at his snout.

Cocking his head at the finger, he raised himself up,
all the time sniffing carefully. Barking twice, he
placed his front paws on her dress, wagging his tail
and licking at her nervously. He became extremely
agitated as he had been earlier in my bedroom.

“Aw, Sis,” I pleaded. “That’s cruel, teasing him.”

“Who’s teasing,” she winked, getting down on all fours
with her behind aimed at him.

“You’re not-?” I screamed and got up from the chair.
“Helen, no! Not in front of me.” I began blushing
furiously and ran from the kitchen.

“Come back, come back!” she cried, laughing. “I’m only
kidding. Come on back!”

I poked my head back into the kitchen. She had gotten
on her feet and was smoothing her dress. Clyde, still
agitated, kept trying to place one paw on her thigh.
Helen I had to conclude was still full of the devil.

“You’re always doing things like that,” I said, coming
back in.

“It’s because you’re such a prude.” She crinkled her
nose. “Sometimes,” she added.

She shut Clyde in the basement and we walked upstairs,
our arms around each other.

I got undressed first and got into bed, watching Helen
take her clothes off. The extra weight she was carrying
since last we met seemed to be on her hips and thighs.
The fat was not rumpled, though. The skin was still
smooth in texture.

When she removed her bra and those lovely globes
spilled outward, my heart skipped a beat. They had only
developed the tiniest amount of sag over the years.

“Sweets,” I said. “Why don’t you go braless tomorrow?
It will look good under a jersey.”

You really think so?” she asked, pushing her breasts in
toward each other with the heels of her palms. They
formed a massive cleavage at the center. Slowly she
released the pressure against them and allowed her
hands to move across them until the fingers meshed. She
dropped her clasped hands.

“They’re still just as lovely as ever,” I said, just as
envious as ever.

She cupped a hand under one as if estimating its
weight. “Pound for pound, you can’t find a better
buy,” she said, looking down at it, her lower lip

I laughed. “Give me one of those puppies with the brown
nose, too.” I watched her as she removed her panties.
Her round little tummy pouted just the right amount.
She had less hair on her than I did. Mine tended to
grow wide to the sides and down on the insides of my
thighs, necessitating shaving.

Helen, on the other hand, was blessed with a perfectly
shaped thatch. It seemed better coordinated with the
figure somehow.

She came over to the bed and got under the covers.
After all these years we were still sleeping in the
nude. I snuggled up to her, drinking in the warm smell
of her. She reached over to turn out the light and put
her arm around me, her breasts pressed against mine.

“Goodnight, Bea,” she said.

“Night,” I answered, slowly fading.