Begging On All

I pick you up at the airport. As I usher you into my
car, I’ve order you to open your leather trench coat so
that I can observe if you have followed my specific
instructions on what you were to wear to meet me.

Unfastening the belt of your coat, you reveal to me the
clothing you were to wear… what little you had been
allowed to that is – nipple chain, forest green lace
crotchless panties with matching garter belt and

I slowly reach over and tug on the chain, your back
arches from the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure. My
hand slides down across your flat stomach down to wet
pussy lips. I slide two fingers deep inside you, as if
checking if there was something there.

I gave you my command that it is all right for you to
release the contents to me… and slowly you release
your pussy muscles to expel the Benwa balls that you
were to put deep side your pink soaking wet pussy before
the flight.

The constant stimulation of them during the flight has
made you have several orgasms and are now dripping with
your juices. I drag them up along your stomach, up over
your nipples, and up to your mouth. Again I tug on your
nipple chain and order you to taste yourself, as you
willingly comply… sucking them deep savoring the taste
of yourself.

We arrive back at my house after I have teased you the
whole ride by intermittently reaching over at lights and
sucking on your nipples, pinching them, tugging on the
chain… all of which has driven you mad, and begging to
be fucked. You need to have a stiff cock in you so bad,
thrust so deep into you. I make you wait for it though.
You have no choice but to obey.

As you enter into my house, I lead you directly to the
bedroom. I know that you are so horny you can barely
control yourself. But I have told you that you are to
obey everything I say or you will be denied the pleasure
of being fucked by me.

You are told to lie down on the bed flat on your back
and place the blindfold over your eyes, so that you can
concentrate on the feelings that you will soon be able
to experience. This you do eagerly and await your

You can feel your hands being placed in
restraints…heightening your anticipation of what will

Pressure on your stomach… then you realize that it is
me straddling your chest. YOU smell my pre-cum, you want
to taste cock inside your mouth. You need to suck that
rock hard shaft! Somehow I sense your desire for this
and press my cock to your lips. They part quickly…
eager to milk my bone dry of all the cum I have.

I thrust deep into your throat so much that I think you
might gag, yet you quickly adjust and deep throat
me…constricting your throat muscles around my shaft. A
way that you have learned please a man greatly. I see
you smile between thrusts of my cock, your juices
beginning to flow from satisfying me…the smell of YOUR
sex permeating the room.

Just as I’m about to cum, I pull out and shoot my hot
cum all over your breasts. You desperately try to lick
up my delicious creamy deposit on your hard nipples and
tits. I tenderly swirl my finger along your breasts,
scooping up my hot cum and wiggle my finger in front of
your lips.

I tell you that you’ve made such a mess and should lick
it all up like a good bitch as I slide my cum soaked
finger in your mouth. YOUR sucking of my finger dry
keeps me excited.

You can feel me lie down beside you as I whisper into
your ear that if you feel too afraid to follow through
with any of this to just say so and we can spend the
rest of the week fucking each other. But there’s no way
you are backing out of anything! You are my bitch slave
at my command to do with what I want.

I can see your full intentions of doing whatever I want
clearly and walk out of the room. You know what’s coming
next, as you can feel your whole body tense with

Your body convulses with the first stroke of Rusty’s
tongue against your swollen slit, and you cry out, “Oh
yes! Lick my cunt Rusty… treat me like your bitch!!”

I stand in the doorway watching Rusty work his
magnificent tongue along your soaking wet pussy. With
each lick of his tongue…your juices flow with more and
more intensity. You cum several times before I finally
call him off. Your body lying there… quivering in the
wake of such powerful orgasms, unable to do much more
than just moan contentedly, as I smile pleased to see
you this way.

“Your pussy now belong to both of us.” I say as you grin
broadly, happy to comply with anything I wanted. And
right now what you want and need is to feel a stiff cock
inside your dripping wet hole.

“Fuck me please! Someone… anyone! I need a cock inside
me! Please! I need to be fucked!” An evil grin graces my
lips as I know that I’ve got you just where I want you.
With that I loosen the restraints on your wrists so that
you are now positioned at the edge of the bed, allowing
Rusty ample access to your aching fuck-hole. His paws
wrap around your hips as you can feel me help him slide
into position.

Oh the great feeling of his hot throbbing shaft entering
you!! A feeling to wonderful for words!! He thrusts deep
and hard… feeling as though he is splitting you in
two…as he thrusts become faster and faster… softly
he whimpers as you can feel yourself being stretched
from inside. His knot is slowly sliding through the
opening of your pussy. You cry out in pain… but
there’s no way you want him to stop! It feels far too
GREAT to stop!

Suddenly there’s a torrent of hot liquid splashing
against the walls of your vagina. You shudder and moan
as you cum for the second time since he began fucking
you. Your hands pull against the restraints in ecstasy,
a glazed expression on your face. You can barely whisper
to ask if he is tied with you. In response you hear me
coo in your ear to lie still… and things will be all
right, as I gently caress your cheeks.

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