Being a Farm Girl isn’t easy

Especially if you’re
me. I’m Mandy, and I’m from a big farm right smack dab
in the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas. You may have heard of
it. This life of mine isn’t easy because I am
responsible for a number of animals including: cows,
bulls, sheep, horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens,
and a Husky. I feed them, give them water, milk the
cows and goats, and clean their living areas. Not to
mention the fact that I’m only fifteen.**

My average day consists of my mother waking me up and
making me breakfast. Then after breakfast, my dad and
brother Josh leave to check the fields. After breakfast
I do my rounds while my mom sits inside and does
whatever. It occurred to me only after this story that
no one even cared if I did my jobs. They weren’t even
aware of my being outside.

Josh, my brother is a little uncomfortable at times.
Home schooling can cause that. The only girls he ever
sees are my mom and I. Though, he did always have all
the answers for me. My dad is somewhat oblivious to
everything going on around him, I doubt he could catch
a cold. My mother is basically an uptight bitch about
everything as you will soon see. A bit of an over-

You can ask anyone whose ever milked a cow, it’s almost
too easy after you do it for so long. Goats are NOT the
same, at least, these goats weren’t. Our goats were
high quality, and very rare (so says my dad, I never
got into the whole pedigree thing). They never stand
still, on top of that, most of the time you don’t want
to get close to them because the males like to hump
them whenever possible. The smell almost makes me throw

After I feed and milk, I get to the best part,
cleaning. Our eight horses are my first stop. Even if
they haven’t been in the stalls at all, it seems there
is always at least one pile of dung for me to shovel. I
love watching them run and graze. By the time I was
thirteen, yes thirteen, I could tell a stallion from a

Shortly after that I learned what a mating session
looked like. One day I looked toward the biggest
stallion we have and watched him for a long time. After
twenty minutes he jumped on top of a mare. I laughed a
little when I saw him jiggle his hips around. Then he
pulled out of her and I saw his penis for the first
time. Two feet long at least. Then I saw the stuff
drain from her, I never got close enough for a good
look but afterward my crotch was always wet. Even just
thinking about it made me feel that way, and thinking
about what it felt like to have something that big
inside me. That was before I even knew where babies
came from.


The event that set off my curiosity in the subject of
sex was at the goat pen, my last cleaning stop of the
day. I go there just before I unload my wheelbarrow in
the shit pile behind the barn. I walked into their
enclosed section of the barn and tried the gate. Locked
with a padlock. I hopped up on the fence and went to
jump down but I tripped on a shoelace and flipped over
before landing in goat crap Grand Central. I hit my
head pretty hard and was a little fuzzy for a while. I
tried to stand but only got to a knee. I looked to my
left to ensure I was alone on this side of the pen, but
all I saw was two blunt horns-BAM!!!-the lights went

When I came to I had a mouthful of goat dung. I spit it
out and tried to stand but I was pushed back down. Then
I felt him on top of me. The larger of the two goats
was mounted and humping me. I felt his thing poke my
butt harder and harder. His hooves tore at my overalls
as he have me a really hard pole and shoved me into the
crap again, giving me another helping.

I quickly jumped back over the fence before he got me
again. I emptied the load of crap into the pile in the
darkness. Then I ran to the house and walked inside. As
the door shut behind me I smelled the same putrid smell
of a goat mating. As soon as I did, so did my mom and

“What is that smell,” said my mom.

“Yeah, what is it,” said my dad without taking his eyes
off of the paper.

“I fell in the goat pen and…”

“You let a goat do that to you?” asked my mom.

“I didn’t let him, I…”

“I want you to promise me that you will never, ever,
let ANYTHING do that to you ever again!” with that she
walked over to me and looked at my butt.


She ripped off my overalls and threw them outside
leaving me in a bra and panties. Then she lectured me
for a half-hour after slapping me across the face. She
was in such a mood that I didn’t even bother telling
her how I had gotten into that position. I took the
lecture, then went to the bathroom to get the scent off
of me.

My brother was smiling as I walked through our room to
the bathroom. If I wasn’t so mad already I would have
kicked him or something but I was in enough trouble
already. My panties didn’t slide off like they usually
did, they peeled off. The smell doubled in intensity
as, whatever the liquid was, smeared all over my butt.

I got some on my finger and smelled it, bad idea.
Almost instantly I gagged and threw up in the toilet.
The shower felt very refreshing after that. Josh was
gone when I went in to go to bed. I thought about the
pearly liquid that must have been covering my whole
butt. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the
nasty juice came out of his penis. Hey, ‘the birds and
the bees’ was never explained to me. I settled into bed
after getting my nightgown on and tried to sleep, but
so many thoughts were in my head. Josh came in a little
later and got into his bed.

Then he did something strange, he pulled out what
looked like pictures and undid his pants. His penis
grew just like the horses’ and the goats. I realized
then what he was looking at. It was…me, me in the
shower. I was too tired to say anything but I don’t
think I would have if I could. He started rubbing it
and squeezing it as it grew. I rolled over to get away
from the sight but I could still hear the swish of skin
on skin.

Finally he stopped and I could sleep. My head was
pounding the next day from the hard hit I took. My butt
hurt a little too. I ignored Josh who looked like he
had just won the lottery. After my mother’s reaction to
the goat incident, I got the urge to learn more about
mating. Sparky, my purebred Husky, walked by me as if I
had called him. I watched as he sat down and started
licking his fuzzy sheath.

As I watched, it grew bigger, then I saw his pink penis
start to emerge. It shined in the sunlight from a clear
liquid covering it. Small veins ran through its length
and pulsed. I felt my crotch get wet again and decided
that was enough before my mom caught me. Next I took a
closer look at the horses.

I followed a very “active” stallion until he led me to
a mare. He mounted her and let his organ swell up to
its incredible length. I got in closer just as he
jolted his hips and shoved himself into her. He pumped
his backside for about forty seconds, then he jumped
off and ran away. She stayed and grazed as her hole
emptied a thick white liquid. The goat’s was a
transparent white but this was opaque and very thick.

I got closer and could smell it in the breeze. It
smelled good, in fact great compared to the goats. I
got even closer until the puddle was up to my face and
smelled deeply. It was indeed good enough to eat. I
looked around to check my privacy, clear. Then I
scooped up about a cups worth between my cupped hands
and stuck the tip of my tongue to it. I got a small
salty taste but not much. I again checked my privacy
and tipped my head back and let the warm slop pour into
my mouth.

The salty taste engulfed my taste buds and I could now
taste a new taste. Indescribable but incredibly good. I
sucked up the rest of the puddle before leaving. The
idea of eating something that came out of a horse made
my crotch wet. I still didn’t know what that meant. As
if he was answering my call, Josh was visible on the
hill overlooking the pasture with my dad.

It took me the rest of the night to work up the nerve
to ask him about sex. When I did though, he was happy
to tell me anything. He told me about my clitoris and
what it does, why my crotch was getting wet, and even
where and what the g-spot was. After I ran out of
questions, he said that I had to pay for it. I had to
stand nude in the middle of the room and let him take
any pictures of me he wanted for five minutes. That
five turned to six, then seven. Finally I agreed to
twenty minutes as long as I could ask anything I
wanted. Then he explained why my nipples were hard.

That night and after everyone was asleep, I led Sparky
into the bathroom and locked the door. He stuck his
nose to my crotch like he always did and sniffed like
crazy. My curiosity caused me to lift my nightgown up.
He sniffed my butt, then my vagina. It felt weird
having a dog brush up against my crotch. Then he
started licking me down there. I started whimpering as
he sent pleasure through my body. I stopped him before
I woke up Josh. Then I rolled him over and rubbed his
sheath until I saw his member extend. I touched the
slippery surface and was surprised at how hot it was. I
then mimicked what Josh did the night before. He didn’t
seem to mind.

He grew bigger in my hand and I noted a lump at the
base that was also growing bigger. I felt him tense up
and the lump stayed at about the size of a grapefruit.
All at once he spasmed and sprayed cum-Josh’s term-all
over my arms and the floor. I licked my arms and
slurped at the floor to get the taste. The fluid wasn’t
nearly as thick as the horse’s but it tasted about the
same. Not as strong of course.

Before I could stop myself, I closed my lips around his
cock and sucked the slick covering and the excess cum
off of him. To my surprise he started growing in my
mouth. I got excited as he started humping into my
throat. I played with it with my tongue until he
spasmed again and filled my mouth with more hot cum. I
swallowed all I could then let the excess drain down my
chin and drip down my body. He stood up and licked the
juice from my face and I gave him a huge hug.

After that he started following me around everywhere I
went. Even to the bathroom, which was where he got to
lick my cunt while I went. That was an intense feeling
too. I sucked him and he licked me twice every night
for a while. The growing curiosity in my mind was
nagging at me now though. I needed to have sex. I
studied on how big each animal was and formed a plan. I
also had to make sure no one could see me. I even
considered inviting Josh along just in case I needed
advise. I decided against it.

In the end I chose a sheep for my first time. I picked
out an old and slow sheep so he wouldn’t hurt me as he
took my virginity. Luckily we had just sheared the wool
off so I had no problems seeing where his dick would
come out.

One day after feeding the animals and cleaning, I led
my sheep to the tool shed and barred the door. I felt
my cunt get wet as I stripped off my clothes and put
them into a pile. Josh said that my first time would
hurt, so I was ready for the pain. I got onto my hands
and knees and faced away from him and waited. Nothing
happened. I looked behind me and he wasn’t even facing
me. I turned him toward me and exposed myself again,
this time I got a reaction.

He stuck his nose to my butt and cunt then with
incredible speed he pounced on my back. His weight
arched my back down and raised my butt. I felt his
sheath against my opening. He grabbed a hold of my hips
and locked me into position. He squeezed me and held me
even closer until his hind legs were pressed against me

Then he squeezed his legs together around my butt and
held me so tightly that I could feel his heart beat.
His sheath stiffened against my cunt and I felt the tip
of it start to go in. It went slowly at first but then
it started to gain speed. I gasped as it pushed through
my hymen and kept going. The pain made me cry a little
but the pleasure soon took over. I looked behind me and
saw small lines of b***d trickle down my legs.

I felt him rock back and forth on top of me and it made
me moan as his cock slid in and out of me again slowly
at first but then he gained speed. Faster and faster he
went and his dick swelled inside me, stretching my
pussy a little. Then with a lunge he shoved in all he
could and locked us together again. I was short of
breath as his whole back end twitched.

Finally I felt hot cum splash into me. He twitched for
a good minute and a half before he let me go to lick
him clean. The cum spilled out onto the floor and I got
all I could of it.

I stood up and put my clothes back on. Then I opened
the door only to see my mother walking towards the
barn. She was looking for me. I ran around to the back
of the barn to the back door. The sheep followed me in
as I opened the door to the sheep area. My mom opened
the door to the sheep section just as I got the gate
closed behind me. She looked as if she was going to say
something, then the b***d on my legs caught her eye.

“What happened?” she asked.

“A goat rammed me,” I lied, I couldn’t tell her that a
sheep just had its way with me.

“Well make sure you get it cleaned and bandaged.”


“I’m going over to one of my friends’ house, I’ll be
back around nine.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.”

After she was gone I fed the other animals, then I came
back to the sheep. This time I wanted a bigger and
younger partner. I took my choice back to the shed and
disrobed. He watched me from a corner as I got into
position for him. As soon as I exposed myself he clung
to my hips with more power than the first. There was no
chance of his letting go either.

His sheath hit me as his hips thrust back and forth. I
felt the tip of his cock poke into me after a few
seconds. Then he stuck it in as hard as he could. My
hips started to hurt as he hung onto me. His cock moved
in with ease and pretty steadily until he thrust
forward, burying a seven inch rod into my tender cunt.
He started swelling up inside me as soon as he started
to hump me.

Loud moans came from me as he pushed into me deeper and
deeper with each thrust. About halfway through he
started pulling me back to meet each thrust. My mouth
was gaping open as my pleasure raged on. His strength
overwhelmed me when he began dragging me back onto his
dick. All of the sudden I started shaking and I moaned
even louder as I felt even more pleasure shoot through

I felt my cunt contract around his massive erection. He
planted me with all he had as I finished the feeling
and flooded my cunt with his brand of cum. I panted as
I felt the steady jet of it hit my tunnel’s end. I then
realized how hard he was holding onto me. The pain in
my hips was intense, and his hooves had dug into my
sides drawing b***d.

I took him back to the sheep pen feeling very satisfied
with my new found hobby. After barring the gate and
walking out of the barn, I went inside to shower and
get something to eat. It turned out I was too tired to
do either of them. I plopped down on my bed and fell
asleep instantly. The next morning my cunt stung along
with my hips. I asked Josh the next day what it was
that I experienced when the wave of pleasure hit me.

He said that I had an orgasm, or the way a girl cums.
Then he asked what I was doing when that happened but I
just ignored him. I was looking forward to a long line
of sheep but my mom caught me as I walked out the door.
We were going shopping for new clothes for me. Normally
I would have been happy but I had my heart set on
having sex.

We got halfway to town when I realized I still hadn’t
showered. I was itching at little sheep hairs all over
me and I smelled like cum. We had the car windows down
so my mom didn’t notice. She noticed at the stores
though. She believed it was the store and shrugged it
off and I breathed a sigh of relief. The people in the
stores covered their noses and didn’t stay too long. I
thought I was home free as we walked out of the last
store, but I was so wrong.

I felt warm gooey cum start to seep out of me just as
we got to the car. The smell had doubled in intensity
but my underwear was catching it so far. My fears
diminished on the hour drive back home, but they came
back as our farm appeared at the horizon as we drove
the last leg of our day down the dirt road to our
house. I got out of the car and rushed to the trunk to
get my bags out.

As soon as I got the bags in my hands my saturated
underwear gave way to the growing pressure. My shorts
didn’t catch much and before long, three thick streams
of cum ran down my inner thighs. My mom was walking
behind me and would easily see it if I didn’t act. I
rubbed my legs together to make it less noticeable but
the cum didn’t stop flowing. I had about a cup of it
making a squishing sound as I walked.

Out of nowhere, Sparky ran to me and slurped it all up
with two quick moves with his tongue. I nudged him away
before he got too into it. His fast tongue saved me
from feeling the wrath of my mom. I decided after I got
a shower that I would give Sparky a personalized ‘thank

The next day, my mom planned another visit with her
friend, therefore I had the place to myself. All the
better. As soon as I was sure I was alone, I called
Sparky into where I was sitting in the bathroom. He
trotted in and darted to my open crotch and sniffed me.

He had long anticipated this because he was always
sniffing my butt and crotch. He licked a little too.
His wet nose sent chills up my spine. I got into
position in front of him and waited. He continued to
sniff my now fully exposed pussy. Then he shoved his
rough tongue in which made me scream in delight. He
bathed my hole with slobber until I moaned with my
second orgasm. He stopped and there was a few seconds
where I didn’t think he was going to do it.

I turned to look back at him just as he mounted me and
started poking my butt with his dick. He held onto my
sides a little looser than the sheep but I still wasn’t
going anywhere. At last he shoved his eight inch cock
in until it hit my end. Little sparks of pain shot
through me as he started pumping his cock in and out
with incredible speed. I felt it expand to an amazing
size. It felt hot and I could feel veins pulse at its
surface. I barely noticed that it was stretching my
opening even more. He humped harder and harder, making
my back arch so he could plant me with even more.

He finally held tight and pushed in what felt like a
slippery tennis ball. I wiggled around and felt it
start to grow. He stopped humping and expanded his
shaft even more. The lump sealed my hole up as it grew
to the size of a softball. I screamed in pain and
pleasure as his cock exploded inside me and stuffed me
with cum. The lump made sure nothing came out but it
felt like someone had turned on a fire hose in there.
My body spasmed as I felt the hot cum flood my system
and finally stop flowing.

He hopped of me and tugged at me but his dick didn’t
budge. His huge rod was wedged in by the lump and my
cunt wasn’t allowing him to pull out. We ended up butt
to butt while we waited for him to shrink. I was still
ecstatic from the experience so I turned myself so he
could lick my face. I sucked on his tongue a little as
he lapped away at my face.

I didn’t see anything wrong with kissing a dog since I
was connected to one through the loins. That and I had
his seed floating around inside me. It took him twenty
or so minutes to shrink enough to release me. When he
did, the pressure inside made the cum spurt out of my
cunt and cover the blue tile in the bathroom. I got
what I could from his cock, then I drank from the
floor, then I squeezed my midsection and swallowed what
leaked out. I let him outside and cleaned the bathroom
floor to get the smell out.

I then went out and fed the animals, cleaned their
areas, and milked. After I was done, I went to the
horse pasture and found a good looking stallion. I had
no problems finding his sheath as I got under him. I
rubbed it until his two footer started coming out. For
the next hour I played with his rod. Every now and then
he would cum and I would get a white shower of massive

After he shot me with it for the fifth time I saw my
dad and brother coming my way. I took off for the house
but my mom had just pulled up in the car. I frantically
looked for a place to hide but the only place I
wouldn’t be seen would be in the shit pile. I ran and
jumped behind it with my nose plugged, at the last
moment. I had to stay there for a while because it
wouldn’t have been good for my mom to have caught me
with horse cum literally covering me.

So I waited, and waited, and waited until the lights
were off in the house and I was sure my parents were
asleep. I went to stand and felt the dry cum crack and
break off. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face
due to the clouds so I couldn’t find my footing.

As soon as I stood up I got a sharp pain in my leg from
sitting for so long. I stumbled into the pile but
caught myself before I fell in. I was ankle deep in
feces and didn’t realize it though. I took one step and
slipped on the crap and splattered face first into the
fresh peak of the pile.

I laid there for a while with my face in the most
disgusting assortment of crap you can think of, hoping
it didn’t happen. I went to stand and my arms pushed
into the mushy shit and I knew. The sad part was, I
could identify what animal’s shit I had in my mouth
from the smell and texture of it. How sad and
disgusting is that? I went into the house and showered
immediately. I put my clothes in the barn because of
how they smelled. Nevertheless, my smell had not come

No matter how hard I tried to get it out, I still
smelled like shit and cum. I got into bed and fell
asleep quickly. I dreamed of Sparky licking my cunt, I
moaned as it darted in and out. My back arched up and
he started licking my butt. I moaned even loader as I
climaxed into his mouth. I opened my eyes to see that
Josh had his head between my legs and was slurping at
my cunt.

I went to scream at him but he clapped his hand over my
mouth and said, “Don’t scream, don’t make a sound
unless you want them to hear about the sheep, and
Sparky.” My eyes widened and he let my mouth go.

“How did you know?”

“It doesn’t take me and dad all day to look at the
fields stupid.”

“I never see you come back.”

“Do you ever look?”

“Well no.”

“There you go. I have pictures of you with the dog and
with the sheep, I really want to tell mom about it but
I’m willing to cut a deal with you.”

“What kind of deal?”

“The kind that favors me and puts you on thin ice. In
other words, blackmail.”

“What do I have to do?”

“For now just suck me off every night, but I think that
after a while I can change that around.”

“That’s disgusting-”

“Don’t give me that! You’ve sucked Sparky’s dick and
you had horse cum all over you tonight but you won’t
give me head? It doesn’t matter though, you’re doing it
or face mom. My offer stands,” he looked me in the eyes
as he said the last part then he took off his pants to
reveal his member.

I got to my knees and took him into my mouth. I tried
not to taste but it was no use. I rubbed it with my
tongue as he grabbed my head and rubbed his fingers
through my hair. I felt him tense and shoot cum into
the back of my throat at last and he made me swallow it
all. Not that there was a lot but compared to horse
cum, it was awful. He pulled his pants back on and made
me stand.

“Thanks slut,” he said. Then he kissed me on my lips
and licked the inside of my mouth for a while. He
finished and got back into bed.

I cried myself to sleep, knowing it wasn’t over. Our
nightly “chats” became a regular thing just as he
promised. Every night I found myself swallowing what
little cum he had to offer, and every night he kissed
me and felt up my boobs. Two weeks went by and I didn’t
breed with anything with the fear that Josh may be
watching with his camera snapping away.

Then one night at supper, my mom announced that Josh
would be leaving in two days for summer camp. I had a
celebration in my head and felt relieved that he would
be gone for six weeks and out of my mouth. Two days
though, he could do a lot in the two days we had
remaining with each other. My happiness drained away at
the though of that. My fears were reinforced when Josh
glanced at me from across the table and gave me an evil

At around midnight that night he came into our room. I
got off of my bed and took all of my clothes off for
him and waited for his instructions. He told me to get
on my hands and knees, I did. He got his clothes off
and got behind me. He pulled my legs apart so my butt
cheeks were apart from each other. He laid on top of my
back and squeezed my tits as I felt his dick grow to
his six inches under me. He rubbed my slit with the
head and poked my butthole for a while. Then finally he
started pushing forward into my butt. My muscles tensed
and squeezed his cock as it pushed into me deep. I felt
it rub the bottom of the intestine as he pushed in

“Did that feel good? ‘Cause I hope this hurts.” All of
the sudden he grabbed my hips and started humping me
with full force. I started to scream in pain but he
grabbed his nearby sock and gagged me with it. I could
only cry as he made my hole b***d from his erratic
thrusting. It wouldn’t have hurt so much if he would
have let me suck it first but he was humping me dry.
The b***d ran down my legs and I cried more and more.
Finally he pushed my front side to the floor, plugged
my hole, and shot cum into my butt. I felt the warm
fluid flow inside me as I was yanked from the floor as
he pulled out. He spun me around and said

“Suck it slut.” I looked at him in disgust. It had cum,
b***d, and a little crap smeared on it. I pulled out
the sock and looked at him again with a pleading look.
He got tired of waiting and thrust into my mouth making
me gag on my own b***d and feces. Luckily I couldn’t
taste it, mostly because I couldn’t breathe. He pulled
out when he had shrunken.

“See you tomorrow night slut.” I cried myself to sleep
with a maxi pad on my butthole. I woke the next day and
complained of a bad headache which got me out of
working for the day. The bleeding had stopped overnight
but the hole was swollen and it hurt like some had
pushed a rusty knife into it all night.

After supper and after our parents went to sleep, Josh
took me out to the sheep pen and pulled my clothes off.
The sheep kept to themselves as we got in with them.
Josh took his clothes off and laid on the ground with
his cock growing. “Go get Sparky and bring him in.” I
did as I was told and led Sparky to Josh.

“Here’s what’s going to happen: You are going to sit on
my cock facing away from me, then I’m going to hump
your ass while you lay back on top of me and get Sparky
to fuck your cunt. After that, I’ll figure something

I rubbed Sparky’s sheath to get him started, then I
slowly lowered my butt onto Josh’s waiting cock. It
breached my hole and I screamed in pain. I got off,
quickly sucked Josh, and sat back down before he got
angry. It slid in easier this time but it still hurt. I
rested on top of him and laid back bending his dick up.
Sparky sniffed my pussy and started licking me. Josh
humped my butt slowly and rubbed my nipples as Sparky
lapped away at me.

“Hey! I told you to get him to fuck you, not eat you
out!” I said okay and got him to stop licking and walk
forward. I told him to lay down and he did, and just as
he did his cock slid into my cunt a little. With a
small yelp he grabbed my sides and started fucking me
with full force.

I widened my legs to get all I could of both of them.
Josh started speeding up to go at the same rate Sparky
was and I soon found myself bobbing back and forth
getting filled in both holes at the same time! It felt
incredible even if it was my brother. Josh sprayed me
with cum long before Sparky did so I stopped Sparky to
receive further commands.

“While I get ready for another run with you, get into
position so he plugs you with his knot. I want to see
that again.” I got onto my hands and knees and let
Sparky mount me and pump his huge cock in and out. Josh
watched and pulled out his camera from the other side
of the fence and started snapping off pictures. Sparky
jammed in his knot and it grew and grew to the size of
a grapefruit this time. My cunt was at the breaking
point as he twitched and filled me with his cum.

Josh said he still wasn’t ready yet so after Sparky
could pull out I crawled into the herd of sheep and let
a big one mount me. I loved the feeling of being held
so tight again. As he sprayed my hole with more cum
Josh took me to the hose next to the goat pen and stuck
it up my pussy. The cold water sent chills up my spine.
The cum all ran out and he stopped the hose.

Before I could say or do anything the bent me over the
fence of the goat pen and shoved his dick into my cunt
and grabbed my hips. “This is how you like it isn’t it?
Pushed down and pulled around like a bitch in heat?”

I screamed as he tore into my already sore vagina. He
humped me for a good fifteen minutes, bumping my legs
against the fence. He came inside me and bent me over
the fence to let it soak into me. The goats inside
started ramming the fence around me. I tried to
straighten up but he held me down for another five

“With any luck you’re pregnant with my k*d now. Have a
nice six weeks slut,” he whispered this in my ear then
he picked up my legs and flipped me into the goat pen.
The biggest goat was on me in seconds. I knew what I
smelled like, and I knew what he was going to do. Then
I remembered what my pants were like after they had me.
My whole back half was covered with a thick layer of
cum! Now with any luck, their cum would wash out
Josh’s! I could only hope they didn’t k**l me in the

I straightened up in a flash and he mounted me with
lightning quick reflexes. I grunted as he pulled me
back and impaled me on his huge rod. He put Sparky to
shame with his size. He was only about eight inches
long but he was so wide! As he humped me I felt my cunt
walls being stretched. I moaned as he spasmed and
drenched my hole with cum.

I though we were done so I went to stand but he hit me
hard with his horns and I fell to the ground. He
mounted my raised butt and I screamed in delight as he
pumped his cock in and out with quick thrusts but hard
as hell. He came again inside me and I could get back
to all fours for him.

He mounted again and again, filling me with his hot,
musty cum. The pressure got to be too much for my hole
so it drained out of me and covered my legs. I gagged
and held back my vomit as the smell engulfed my senses.
I could taste it in my mouth and feel it in the air.
Like he was answering me, he came again and moved to my
front side and stuck his cock to my face. This time I
did throw up.

The smell was horrendous. It made me feel dizzy until
he mounted me in reverse and fucked my mouth. I coughed
and sputtered and he just fucked me harder. His
underside rammed my nose as he shoved in deep to cum.
Luckily he shot it down my throat so I couldn’t taste
it. He jumped off and walked back to my butt and
mounted yet again! He ripped my cunt to shreds for
another hour and finally hopped off to rest and eat.

I was relieved as he hit me into the dung to dismiss
me, but I quickly sprung to my feet to avoid the
smaller male. He was erect and trotting toward me. I
jumped out of the pen and sighed in relief. The goat
stared at me and rammed the fence.

“Oooooh, Nooooo. Get back in there and finish them
off,” Josh appeared from behind the water trough with
his camera, “I don’t have enough pictures yet. Get back
in and get fucked again.”

“But he might k**l me if I get back in!”

“I don’t give a shit! Get in or I’ll throw you in
again, or better yet, let me go get a chain and a
padlock and I’ll put you on a short leash for them to
r**e you all night. I’ll be right back.”

“Wait! I’ll do it.”

“Are you sure? It could be cool to have a goat fuck you
all the time. We could call you goat girl and take you
to the goat farm on the other side of the state to get

“I’m positive.”

“Okay, but be careful, you may already be knocked up
with Sparky’s puppies. I don’t know if you can get
pregnant or not with animal cum.”

I knew he was messing with me, the whole “goat girl”
thing was enough to show his bullshit. I hopped the
fence and got into position for the goat and waited. He
circled me for a while then charged straight at me and
rammed my head and knocked me out. I woke up and had a
mouthful of shit again. I felt his cock sliding in and
out of me. I heard Josh snapping photos off and the
sound echoed in my head. The goat filled my hole with
cum and hopped off of me.

I opened my eyes just as he pissed on my legs and back.
I spit out the shit and got back into position for him.
He mounted me and planted his seed another ten times
before I was dismissed. The big goat was back though. I
frantically looked at Josh but he was gone. I looked at
the window and saw how light it was outside. I jumped
over the fence and sprinted to the house. I looked in
the window and saw my parents in the kitchen so I ran
around to my bedroom window and climbed in.

Josh was waiting for me. “One last suck for the road.
Quick!” I looked at him then I took in his cock. He
held my head as I tried to get him off as quickly as
possible. He pulled my head up against him and smashed
my nose as he shot cum in. “Thanks slut.” I got into
the shower and washed the goat smell out as best as I
could. It still lingered though. Josh wasn’t helping,
he got into the shower with me and kept rubbing my cunt
and squeezing my boobs. By the end of the shower, I had
more cum in my butt from him.

Needless to say, I was very sad to see him go
(sarcasm). As my parents left to take him to the bus
station, I was left to watch the farm. Then I caught
sight of Bob, our big hog. He, the horses, and the
donkey were the only animals kept outside. Before I
changed my mind, and after my parents were out of
sight, I stripped to nothing and got into his mud pool
with him. The murky water was cold on my body and I
sank into the soft mud at the bottom. Bob was laying
with his back half in the pool and his front in the
sun. I slid over to him and got him to stand long
enough for me to get under him. I saw his huge balls
just before he rested his two-hundred pound frame on
top of me. I felt my body sink into the soft material
under me. I reached down to his flabby sheath and
stroked it until his dick was long enough to push on my

I opened my legs and he jerked himself in all the way.
I whimpered a little but then he started slowly humping
my abused hole. After the night’s raping, Bob was,
soothing. The cold water ran into my loose cunt and
made me cum from the sensation. Bob grew and grew until
he filled the hole. He sped his thrusts a little, then
he jerked again and started spewing cum from his
gigantic balls into my womb.

I orgasmed again from the hot cum hitting my inner
points and felt him finally stop filling me. The only
problem was I couldn’t move. I had sunk into what I
hoped was mud so far that I couldn’t slide in or out.
My legs were stuck too! I looked at my shoulders and
saw that the jerking Bob did had buried them! Then Bob
got up and laid in his pool to cool off. My legs were
covered and my crotch was also covered, it only had a
hole leading into my pussy and a trench leading to it
where his sheath was laying. I stood up and looked at a
perfect mold of my body, right down to my crack. I
stomped around on it to avoid any suspicion.

His cum had all drained into the pool so I couldn’t get
any. I opened my pussy lips to check but all that came
out was the muddy water. I got a shower and laid on the
floor in my bedroom completely nude. I got a call from
my parents saying that they would be a few more hours.
I didn’t care. Sparky came in to see what was up so I
open my legs and let him slurp at my cunt for a while.
During my second orgasm I felt a sudden lurch and my
cunt started spraying jets of a clear liquid out and
onto Sparky.

I screamed as my body shook and my back arched. The
smell was incredible! Sparky was lashing out with his
tongue in a frenzy to eat my pussy until his tongue
fell out. I quickly got into position for him and let
him hump my brains out. He grew and grew inside me. My
walls stretched even more as his knot went in and grew
even larger than before.

I pushed back against him to grind in all I could
before his big finish. I threw back my head and let
loose a high pitched moan as he sprayed my insides with
fiery hot cum. I felt it push through my plumbing and
start to fill me up. I was panting and sweating gallons
as my orgasm ceased.

He tugged at his knot and soon gave up. It wasn’t
moving for a while. His cock was still pulsing with his
heartbeat. Both of our hearts were beating at an
incredible speed. After a while we separated and he we
to lay down. I got into bed and slept for until my
parents got home. I threw on some clothes quickly and
went to meet them so they wouldn’t come looking for me.

They informed me that they would be gone for the
weekend to go to the goat farm Josh was talking about.
They would be gone Saturday and Sunday so I would have
to maintain everything at the farm. They made it sound
like it was brain surgery but I had done it before, it
basically was what I already did.

I slept well that night, probably because I didn’t have
Josh’s unique aftertaste in my mouth. The next day went
pretty much routinely to show that I was capable of
running the farm. My parents told me they would be
leaving at around seven in the morning. I said goodbye
before I went to bed that night. Through the night I
had dreams of having sex with Cappie the donkey and
then the horses. The dreams themselves felt so good but
I wanted the real thing so badly it made my cunt ache.

I woke up in a pool of my own sweat and pussy juice. My
parents were long gone and I only had to feed, milk,
and clean before I could get filled with Cappie’s giant
cock. I skipped milking the goats because they weren’t
very happy with me after my escape. I finished the
cleaning and dumped at the pile at around noon. I
undressed and walked into Cappie’s pasture. I had
always felt sorry for him because he didn’t have a mate
for company.

I felt the same about Bob, but I think I filled that
position well enough. Cappie was grazing in the middle
of the pasture until he saw me. He was a very social
creature and was always very nice to me when I visited
him. He walked over to me and nuzzled my chest with his

“That’s right, you get a mate today. And you’re just
the right height so I won’t need a table.”

I got under him and squeezed his sheath. It was huge!
My hand could barely wrap around it halfway! I
continued to rub and massage it until his dark brown
rod extended. It was almost a foot and a half long and
as big around as a Pringles can! I bent down so my
hands were on the ground. Then I stretched my butt up
to meet his cock. The head touched my opening just as a
clear liquid started oozing out of it.

Josh had had something like this only, he only had a
few drops. Cappie was letting it dump out. I t lubed my
hole enough to where I took a step backward and the tip
of his cock slipped in. He moved forward slowly and
filled my hole with the lubricant as he went. His cock
pushed in and stretched me to the breaking point. His
cock pushed on my cervix and tried to keep going. The
lubricant from the tip of his member started going in
and filling my uterus with the slimy liquid.

With a quick jab of force, his dick ripped my cervix
open and pushed into my uterus. This whole time I was
ecstatic with lust. I wanted it deeper and deeper. I
wanted him to fuck me like he would another donkey.
When he tore into my cervix I screamed in pain worse
than when Josh dry fucked my butt, worse than when the
sheep popped my cherry.

Feeling him hit the ending of my uterus somehow made me
forget the pain. His cock was almost all the way in! He
stopped the lubrication and started rocking his hips,
making his giant cock slide in and out of my uterus. I
felt him grow even more and rip my cervix more and more
until the pain became unbearable. Mixed with the
intense pleasure I was feeling, I was crying and
cumming at the same time. My legs were covered with
lube as his swelling cock f****d it out of me. At last
he tensed and stopped swelling.

I closed my eyes and prepared. With one fast move he
spasmed and engorged my shredded reproductive system
with cock and shot gallons of cum into my body. It
filled my uterus and made my belly grow. Then it ran
out of room and shot out of my hole with a sucking
noise. He pulled out and let loose a tidal wave of cum
still spurting from his massive organ. I fell to the
ground in a heap making the cum in my womb gush out.

I sprawled out under him and caught the last of his
rich cum on my chest. I was laying in the center of a
giant puddle of hot, sticky, white donkey cum and I was
happy. My entire body was covered with it from my long
brown hair to my pink toenails, I was white. I sucked
up enough to fill me and there was still more.

My cunt was still emptying into the puddle as I stood
up and went to Cappie’s face to give him one of my
signature kisses. He licked my face and I sucked on his
tongue and lips until I was satisfied. I suddenly got
an idea and ran to the barn and got my dads shop vac. I
cleaned it out and took it out to the pasture via an
extension cord. I turned it on and sucked up the puddle
of cum.

The vacuum got full before I got done though so I
emptied it into a sanitary bucket and continued
collecting the cum until I had it all. I went inside
and washed out my cunt and the rest of me. My body was
still tingling but I was exhausted. Then I noticed the
edge of something under Josh’s bed.

It was a picture! The stupid prick didn’t take them
with him! I lifted his mattress and found nearly thirty
of me with the sheep, Sparky, and the goats. As I
picked up one of me and Sparky, I saw the difference in
Sparky’s cock from when I suck it to when it’s inside

Just the sight of it made my cunt really wet and hot.
My lips swelled and glistened and I felt my cunt
loosen. Sparky trotted in and smelled the air. He
looked at me and started humping my leg. I pushed him
off but he wasn’t stopping. Then I smelled what he did,
my heat. His cock was already huge, bigger than it had
ever been.

My exhaustion faded and I dropped into position and he
locked his body to mine. His cock ran in deep. I
started meeting each of his thrusts but then he started
pulling me back and doing it for me. He had complete
control of me. For the first time I felt like I was a
bitch and he was going to breed me. I yelped as his
knot grew to the size of a grapefruit again, but then
it kept going.

It swelled bigger and bigger until finally he blasted
searing hot cum down my elongated cunt and out. Wait,
out? His knot had stretched me to where it could slip
in and out. He hopped off and tugged it loose with a
sucking sound and a rush of the hot cum. I drank it
all, then I kissed him for five minutes straight.

I finished off the donkey cum in the bucket and got
into bed. Sparky jumped in with me and I got an idea. I
laid on my back and put him on top of me. I slid his
cock in and wrapped my arms around him as he started
slowly humping. He laid his head on my shoulder and we
fell asleep. However, I woke up throughout the night
when he pumped what cum he had left into me. We woke
the next day and he jumped off of me to get some water
from the toilet. I sat up in bed and felt my cunt
opening. It felt all right but I knew the damage had
been done deeper inside.

I reached in as far as I could and felt around my
cervix. Every time I brushed my hand on it I winced in
pain. However, for being torn open like that, there
wasn’t much b***d. And it did seem to be healing. My
injury made me think twice about my planned mating with
the horses. I then thought about how often parents were
out of town.

I decided too first to my chores, then get filled. I
avoided the goats entirely. I knew that I would have to
go in there again, but I didn’t want to at all. I
dumped the waste on the pile and returned the
wheelbarrow to the tool shed, then I went to the
pasture. I left my clothes in a pile at the door of the
barn so I wouldn’t have to delay.

Sparky had done a good job of preparing my opening by
loosening it all night with his enormous knot, but I
was still weary as to whether this was possible. I
honed in on the smallest stallion and climbed to his
back. His short hair brushed my clit as I bounced on
his back.

My pussy swelled and spurted my juice out in response.
We reached the barn and I slid off of his back, leaving
some of my juice on top of him. I opened the gate to
the stalls and led him in. I put him into a stall and
closed the gate. Then I grabbed a wooden table we used
to wash them. It reached up just enough for me to lay
on it and still be able to slide under him. We need a
table this tall to wash them because the smallest
stallion we had was five and a half feet tall at the
shoulder. That isn’t very easy to wash without a little

I opened the stall and pushed the table in so it went
right between his front legs. I closed the gate behind
me as I walked in with him. My cunt was radiating heat
and dripping in anticipation. I no longer felt the
sting in my cervix, only the severe wanting. I
positioned the table so his belly would rest on top of
me. I calculated how far to scoot my body down so he
could fully extend and not hurt me.

Finally I rubbed his sheath and watched it slowly come
out. Then it increased speed. I quickly jumped onto the
table and lay on my back. I closed my legs and felt his
cock sliding on the table toward me like a huge snake.
It touched my crotch and sent a shock wave through my
body. I spread my legs wide to welcome the visitor and
he pushed into my loose opening with ease.

The ease turned to struggle, then force, then I
screamed as his rock hard cock started hitting me with
full force, trying to embed itself. I had about a foot
of it in so I wiggled around as best as I could to try
and deepen it, or at least get some lube in there to
make it easier for him. He moved in another three
inches and I moaned, finally feeling his girth.

The only unstretched part of my hole was being
penetrated and it felt incredible! I grabbed the sides
of the table as he pushed in deeper and deeper, my cunt
helping him along by almost spraying lubrication out.
My body twitched as an orgasm washed over me. His cock
finally stopped growing but sadly, he still had about
six or seven inches left outside. He didn’t seem to
mind it as he started bucking.

I was suddenly taken back to the days I watched a horse
to horse mating session and thought to myself what it
felt like. The kinkiness made my cunt issue a raging
orgasm as my stallion punched the head of his cock to
my uterus’ walls. It swelled bigger and bigger, tearing
my cervix even more but I didn’t care. I started
screaming in ecstasy as his entire back end shot
forward and shot me with his one of a kind cum deep in
my womb.

I exploded again in orgasm as his cock spewed cum into
me for another ten or twenty seconds but who’s
counting? I sagged to the table in pure exhaustion from
the extreme fucking I just endured. His cock spewed
what was left and tugged out of me with a popping
sound. The cum/b***d mixture poured out of me like I
was just another mare of his. I squeezed my stomach and
felt the liquid splash out. I smiled and rolled off of
the table and slurped all I could from his shrinking

It still looked gigantic even though it was receding,
which made me marvel at how big it was when it was
inside me. I let him out to the pasture and moved the
table back to the washing area. Even though it was only
like three o’clock I went inside and collapsed on my
bed, spilling another pint or two of cum on my white
sheets as I drifted to sleep.