Friday night poker game and a teen slut

It’s the usual Friday night poker game between four
guys who grew up together.

They are all married and family men .
Firstly there is Tom he is tall and good-looking with
a muscular body that appeals to the girls next is Adam
who is athletic and funny with a smile to die for.

Wayne is third oldest and is of a stocky build and
very strong and finally there is Michael the joker in
the pack with an inquisitive mind he also has his
boxer dog called ACE. They are aged between twenty
eight and thirty years and have played poker every
weekend for years.

It’s a summer’s evening and it’s been record
temperatures all week and Tom calls the guys to
suggest that they come early so they can take a swim
and cool off prior to the poker. On arrival they
decide to drink a bit before they swim and before too
long they are all in high spirits Tom sets the table
for the game and Michael puts ACE in the yard with his
water and toys.

After a couple of hands a few more beers the doorbell
rings, it is the neighbors daughter Carly a pretty
seventeen year old with blonde hair and a good figure
she tells them that ACE has escaped and is now in her
garden and could one of the guys go get him before he
does any damage. Michael thanks her and asks if she
would play his cards whilst he gets ACE, Carly says
that she will but doesn’t want to lose his money so
the guys agree to IOU’s on his behalf.

Firsthand the bets are down Carly wins second third
and fourth hands Carly wins the guys are getting beat
and running short of cash. Tom, Adam and Wayne decide
to change the game if Carly will agree they want to
play for forfeits seeing she had all the money. Carly
is not really street smart and doesn’t see what’s
coming and after five more hands she owes five
forfeits at this moment Michael returns with ACE.

All the guys decide to take a break and drink more
beer Carly who is not used to drinking wants to join
in as she is enjoying the attention from the guys, Tom
shouts lets swim and the guys all pile in the pool
leaving Carly to have another drink.

When Carly sees the guys having so much fun she makes
her way to the pool strips to her panties and top and
dives in, the guys love it and begin to frolic with
her, she is aware that the attention she is getting is
making her feel very sexy and brazen.

Once they all leave the pool and begin to dry off talk
goes back to the game and Carly’s five forfeits. They
decide that Carly should in turn kiss each one of them
as her forfeit if she agrees then four forfeits were
paid off. On hearing what had been decided Carly
readily agreed to a single kiss for each and beginning
with Tom, Adam, Wayne and Michael she duly paid her
forfeits but there were five to pay so how could she
pay the last one and repay her debt.

The guys could not decide until Michael suggested he
kisses ACE as he is one of the guys. When they told
Carly what they had come up with she looked confused
because she had never before been asked to kiss a dog
and would look silly in front of them, Tom poured more
beer for everyone and after a while Carly began to get
tipsy, When she suddenly said OK I will kiss ACE
someone go get him as he had been put into the kitchen
since Michael had brought him back.

When ACE entered the room he was so pleased to see
everyone that he wagged his stumpy tail and got very
excitable running one to another until Michael got his
collar and brought him to Carly, Carly looked down to
be confronted by a very happy dog with a semi erect
penis sticking out of his sheath and explained to all
that she had never seen one like it before.

The guy’s mood was now changing as the room became
sexually charged. Michael took charge as ACE was his
dog and told Carly that if she touched it then she
would see how big ACE really was when fully erect,
Carly by this time was more drunk than she had ever
been and mesmerized by the size of the cock now before
her she could not look away and was starting to feel
herself getting wet down in her loins.