Betrayed Bride

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

For the past year I felt the world was mine. My world
exploded as if the end of time had come. Wham, I
experienced a tragedy ending all I had planned and
lived for from the time I met my husband in college.
Only three days short of my first anniversary the man I
married and my college sweetheart, Mr. Dudley Wilson,
tore my heart apart.

Now I’m setting in my kitchen, sipping my first cup of
coffee of the day. I’m attempting to read the morning
paper, but find I’m unable to concentrate in a
sufficient manner to follow the words on the pages. I
cringe as my mind reverts to what I learned yesterday
that caused my life to crumble into worthlessness.

Yesterday morning after having coffee with my friends I
stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up my husband’s
suits. The clerk at the counter, Mrs. Linda Charleston,
who with her husband George owns the cleaners, passed
an envelop to me with my change. Linda said to me in a
shy voice, “The items in the envelop were found in your
husband’s suit jackets. I feel bad having to give you
these and hoped Dudley would stop to pick up his

After leaving the cleaners and having known Mrs.
Charleston since I was a little girl, as my parents
used their dry cleaners. I sat behind the wheel of my
300 Hemi and opened the oversized envelop I’d been
given. Dumping the contents of the envelop on my lap
with a great deal of reluctance as I hadn’t forgotten
Mrs. Charleston’s comments or look of concern on her

Looking down at my lap I saw two condom packs, three
small pieces of paper that had been torn from other
papers. There was a diamond earring and the stone in
the pierced ring post I determined was a high quality
yellow diamond of at least three-quarter carat.

When I unfolded the first scrap of paper I read, “Oh
Duddy, you gave me such pleasure yesterday during
lunch. Why can’t we have more than an hour or two
together in a hotel room? Love you, Denise.”

The second folded note I opened in fear after reading
the contents of the first note. This time the fancy
hand writing indicated it was written by a young
female. The note was short and to the point, “Dudley, I
would love to be with you next Friday after work.
Needless to say I will be yours as you’re always
teasing me how you want to be my first. Okay, you may
be my first. You must be nice to me as I’m afraid of
what it will be like because of my being only
seventeen. Yours if you wish, BreeAnn.”

“Oh my God,” I said aloud as I realized the note was
assuredly penned by none other than the over cute and
extremely sexy, and even I had to admit, BreeAnn was
stacked beyond description. Yes, the note was without
doubt authored by none other than BreeAnn Shockenstein.

BreeAnn is the daughter of Dudley’s boss at the law
firm. My husband had spoken about the girl and told me
she was working for the law firm over the summer and
assigned to him to handle some of his administrative

During parties at the home of the firm’s senior
partner, I had observed the teenager in both swimming
attire and semi-formal dress. When this girl strolled
past men in her skimpy two piece bikini or the stunning
white one piece with red trim bathing suit she drew
attention. Instant attention whether she wished such or
not. This girl was pure unadulterated sex from her
toenails to the well groomed jet black hair crowning
her lovely face.

The third note wasn’t kind in its content to my
cheating husband, “Damn you Dudley, call me or else.
Here is my new number, 555-1769. If you don’t call me
by next Wednesday I will call your ‘charming shit’ of a
wife as you call her. Your affectionate bedmate,
Heather.” Who this note was from I didn’t know, but I
wanted to scream when considering my husband referred
to me as his ‘charming shit’ to some other woman.


Driving home from the cleaners I was stopped by a
policeman for speeding. His seeing I was crying, he
didn’t give me a ticket after inquiring what my problem
was that caused me to cry. At first I didn’t wish to
admit to a stranger what was bothering me, but when I
explained my problem to him said he wouldn’t ticket me.
However he told me that I must slow down because of my
emotional condition after discovering my husband’s

Now my mind recalled how I’d cried for over an hour
once I arrived home and read, and then re-read the
notes time after time until I had them memorized.
Attempting to determine who the expensive diamond
earring belonged to I wondered who this expensive half
of a set belonged to, plus how many other women my
husband of less than a year was involved with.

Even worse was the fear of the unknown and how long
Dudley had been unfaithful to me. My mind traveled in
every-which-way, and my brain now imprinted with images
of my spouse bedding women before Dudley and I married.

When Dudley arrived home from work, I was lying on the
guest room bed. Watching my cheating husband walk into
the room and ask, “What are you doing in bed here in
the guest room – is something wrong? Are you feeling
ill? What is it honey?”

Wanting to tell him to simply drop dead, I knew that
the better part of valor said I must plan my actions,
and then tear into him at another time when things were
such I could beat him at his own game. Replying to his
questions, I replied,” Guess it’s my monthly time…
could you fix yourself something for dinner?”

That night I didn’t sleep in our master suite bed as
the idea of Dudley wanting sex with me was something I
couldn’t fathom my cheating husband placing his manhood
in my body and depositing his semen in me was
reprehensible. The idea of sleeping with my cheating
ass husband was intolerable and the thought of his
touching me caused me to nearly vomit.

One thing was certain, I’d make Dudley stir in his
juices before announcing I was aware of his forgoing
his marriage vows. “You will pay and pay big time
Dudley,” I said to myself before falling to sleep that


When Dudley and I married I was a virgin at twenty-two.
During the time we dated I refused to engage in sex. On
two occasions I performed oral sex on him to satisfy
his pleading that I allow him make love to me. Many
times he would say, “Just once sweetie, just this one
time let me make love to you and I’ll never ask you

This I found childish and reminded me of guys in high
school using the same line in their attempt to have sex
with me. Only once did I consider letting a boy have
sex with me, and I guess my purity was saved in a
humorous way when Billy Anderson was attempting to
shove it in me and he shot his stuff all over me. That
night we were parked in a spot on the back of his
parents’ farm and I had refused to take my panties off.
I had told him, “Billy I won’t take my panties off and
if you want to do it, then you must figure out how to
do it with my clothes on.”

Billy had told me he was also a virgin and I would be
his first, as he was mine. While he lay over me and was
using his hand to hold my panties crotch open to one
side and put his thing in me, he couldn’t seen to get
it in me in his excitement. Suddenly he moaned and the
next thing both of us knew was he squirted off all over
me and my panties.

When he asked me about ten minutes later to let him try
again, I said okay and once more his excitement caused
him to flood my crotch with his male liquid again.
After I got home I decided to never date Billy again as
I knew he would attempt to do me every time we dated.
That night I had lost reason and agreed to have sex
with him, even though I really didn’t want sex.


Until last night I had forgotten Dudley’s comment to me
after I’d give him oral sex and he told me in what I
took at the time as a joke, “What the hell do I have to
do to have sex with you Justine? Marry you to get your
precious cherry? Okay, we’ll get married a month from
now, and then will I be able to slide between those
fantastic thighs and pop that sweet cherry you have
hidden deep inside your pretty tummy?”

Two months later Dudley and I were married and my
wedding night I found the delightful and pleasurable
experiences of sharing with the man I loved. Having
waited to give up my virginity to my husband who I
loved and dated the last two years of college and
during the past two years of my teaching science at the
high school.

At the same time I’d started working towards my
master’s degree, so our time together was limited. But
not when it came to sex. Sex was something I wanted
each and every day of the week, and more on weekends.

I will never forget the initial loss of my virginity as
Dudley worked into me slowly until he eased against my
hymen. I recall whispering to him, “Ugh… oh gee
darling that kind of hurt.”

Dudley asked me, “Did I strike you cherry sweetheart?
Are you ready to be my virgin bride and give yourself
to me?”

With deep love in my soul I replied, “Yes, darling I’m
ready for you to make me your wife fully – and
wonderfully. Once more my darling was slowly striving
to enter me all the way. With three short strokes,
Dudley worked his thick and hard manhood back and forth
within my yearning body. For the prior several minutes
he had made easy and short strokes in my willing vagina
and my body responded to his love making. His actions
caused my hips to wiggle under him.

Never will I forget Dudley asking me, “You want me to
take you all the way don’t you Justine? You ready for
me to get your cherry… if so tell me you want me to
pop your cherry?”

“Yes darling I’m ready… I… want… you… to pop…
my… cherry.” Saying that had been difficult, but I
loved him for waiting to make me his on our wedding

My breath caught in my throat and I cried out from the
pain as Dudley split my virginity as he made three fast
and brutal jabs of his manhood into my sex. The shock
of Dudley driving his penis into my body so suddenly
and hard that it didn’t dawn on me he intended to make
me feel pain for refusing him sex before we married.

“You just took my cock Justine so your sweet cherry
went bye-bye,” Dudley said as he drove into me with a
slamming drive on the first, second and third stroke of
his lust educed needs.

The sudden striking deep and hard into me, while
feeling his erection strike against my virginity and
tear it apart was hurtful and the pain so unexpected
that I cried out, “Aiyeeeeeeee, oh Dudley it hurts…
stop for a moment.”

“Take me little wife, take my cock,” Dudley said as he
repeatedly pounded me with his cock.

Even though I wasn’t experienced sexually, I knew what
I was suffering wasn’t part of having sex, especially
for a woman’s first time. “No, not that way, augh my
gawd,” I cried out as he pulled back and f****d himself
into and it seemed he again tore my virginity from my

Instead of stopping or being gentle, my husband slammed
his body back and forth against my own. Dudley worked
his penis into and back out of me as fast as he could
move his firm member within my sexual opening. The pain
of his jabbing against my inner sexual parts was
troubling and I sobbed out my request he be gentle and
love me slowly and without so much pain.

Instead Dudley grunted and rutted like a wild animal
with the stroking of his erection in and out of my
body. Finally it was over and he rolled off me. I
recall curling up in a ball and facing away from my
husband. There was no doubt Dudley had just made me a
woman, though I cried from both the pain and the manner
in which I had been taken.

After a few minutes Dudley moved against my back and
hugged me and told me how much he loved me. Within a
few moments I could feel his penis growing larger until
his erection was probing between my buttocks. Finally
he asked me to roll over so we could make love again.
When he moved over my body I could see the b***d on him
and knew it was from my virginity.

This time Dudley made love to me slow and gentle
strokes. For the next few minutes his strokes built me
to an orgasm. I whispered, “Darling Dudley, oh you’re
making me get off. Yes darling… yes… I’m ready. Oh
Dud… Dudley I’m coming sweetheart, oh yes…”

After our wedding night we engaged in sex every night
and there were times when neither Dudley nor I would be
satisfied until he had taken me twice or three times.
Some weekends we spent in bed and it seemed he couldn’t
get enough of me. I’ll always remember the first time
he performed oral sex on me and the intense pleasure
caused me to tell him over and over how much I loved

We had been married three months when Dudley wanted me
to have anal sex. At first I refused and told him I
couldn’t believe couples engaged in such sexual
practices. Although a couple of my girlfriends in
college said it was better than straight intercourse.

The first time was difficult accepting him in my anus,
but Dudley worked his manhood slowly and eventually
entered me fully. After he was deep inside my anus, he
held himself still in my rear opening. Dudley moved
slowly while he was building to his climax and he
reached under me and played with my clit.

This brought me off as he unleashed his male juices
deep in my bowels. The sensations were unbelievable and
I understood what my girlfriends meant when they
described anal sex amongst us in our dorm room.

The day after Mrs. Charleston had discovered the notes
and gave them to me, I remained at home instead of
meeting my friends for coffee. During the summer
months when school is out we would meet each morning
for friendship and enjoy discussing what was going on
in our lives.

My life as I told my friends consisted of lovingly
describing limited details of some of the sexual
exploits Dudley and I enjoyed together. Needless to say
two of the other women and me were amazed when Connie
Higgins informed us she and her husband were sexually
involved with other couples.

Three other women were like me and Dee Martin bluntly
asked, “Connie, are you telling us your swingers? How
can you undress and let someone see you naked as the
day you were born. Is Jeff in the room with you… good
grief girl that is sinful? You’re having sex with
strangers. God almighty!” and looked like she would

“Certainly and sometimes it’s just Jeff and another man
and little old me. Heck Dee, until you have two guys
doing you, you haven’t lived. Once there were four guys
and me. What a night. How about all of you coming to my
house for the party next month?” and her face reflected
what she assuredly enjoyed being a swinger and having
multiply partners.

My mind reverted back to the current time and I walked
tepidly to my bedroom. I opened the walk-in closet and
looked at my husband’s suits hanging in the closet.
Moving slowly to the first coat, I slipped my hand
inside all of the pockets of the suit, but found
nothing. Then I repeated the same on the second coat
and found a folded piece of paper.

Repeating this with each of Dudley’s coats, I
thoroughly checked the inside pockets and found several
more items providing evidence of his cheating. Taking
the items to the kitchen, I lay them on the table. Then
remember his asking I take two of his other suits to
the cleaners.

Moving to the hallway leading from the kitchen to the
laundry room and into the garage, I saw he’d placed the
two suits to be cleaned on the table in the laundry

Picking up the first coat I found nothing in the
pockets. Taking the second coat in my hands I searched
the inside pockets and found nothing. Easing my hand in
the left pocket of the coat I felt something smooth and
silky. I knew what I was feeling without easing the
item from the suit coat pocket.

Pulling the item from the coat, I saw a satin and lace
white thong panty. Across the front, written with a red
marker, “For my darling, who if he takes these off me
will have gotten my seventeen year old virginity. All
my love, and willing, BreeAnn.”

There was no doubt what the note on the thong panty
meant and I recalled Dudley had worn this suit on
Monday and hadn’t gotten home until after ten that
evening. Dudley had called and informed me a group of
the attorneys were doing a mock case for a major client
the next day, so he would be late getting home.

My hand searched the pocket on the right side of the
suit and found a piece of paper. Pulling it from the
pocket I found a crumpled up hotel receipt for last
Monday. Looking at the receipt I saw a guest receipt
for room 1717. There was no doubt the room had been
reserved to match BreeAnn’s age of seventeen. “You
bastard Dudley. Damn you Dudley, I hope you go to

Picking up the phone on the kitchen counter, and after
getting a fresh cup of coffee, I dialed Dudley’s office
number. Hearing the sweet voice of the receptionist
say, “Shockenstein – Martin – Herstize and
Shockenstein, may I help you?”

I replied, “BreeAnn Shockenstein, please.”

When the call was transferred and rang twice, I
listened to the sweet young voice answer, “This is Ms
Shockenstein, how may I help you?” the sultry voice

Wanting to s******e the young bitch on the other end of
the phone I replied, “Yes. Are you the BreeAnn that
works for Mr. Dudley Wilson?”

“Yes I am, but why are you asking? What case may I help
with Miss?”

“It’s not Miss and my title is Mrs. BreeAnn I’m calling
because I wish you to know that only a few minutes ago
I read a handwritten note on a pair of lace trimmed
white throng panty. Guess what BreeAnn; the sentiment
on the frilly and evidently sexually stained panty
reads, “For my darling, who if he takes these off will
get my seventeen year old virginity…”

BreeAnn’s voice sound anxious and fraught with concern
as she asked, “What – how did you get them? No, you’re
surely mistaken. Who is this?” and there could be no
doubt her teen pitched voice sounded concerned.

“Darling BreeAnn… this is Mrs. Dudley Wilson. You
should be aware of who I am, we’ve met various times.
Oh and by the way, I have a Hyatt Hotel receipt for
Room 1717 for this past Monday. Gee whiz, it was booked
in your name – with your own credit card. How romantic
for you to pay for the room my husband bedded you in –
the room in which you gave him not only your cherry,
but your panties.”

Then my anger truly kicked in and shouted in the phone,
“You fucking little slut of a teen whore… what should
I do with your thong and receipt? Miss BreeAnn the no
longer virgin slut? Should I have hand delivered them
to your daddy?” and I loved hearing her reply and there
could be not doubt she was definitely at a loss for
words to reply to my dishonorable name calling.

“Uhhhh… Mrs. Wilson… I… you…”

“Shut the fuck up you little whore and give a message
from me to your boss, “Tell him not to come home except
to pick up his things, which will be in trash bags
outside the door. You got that? And don’t forget what I
just told you, and you inform my ex what I said

Next I asked, “BreeAnn should I call your father and
uncle at the firm, or will you deliver my message to
Dudley?” and I loved hearing her response.

“Please Mrs. Wilson… don’t call my father or uncle…
I’ll… yes, I’ll tell Dudley… I mean Mr. Wilson.”

Getting one more zinger in for good measure, I asked,
“Did you like those eight inches of hard cock splitting
your whoring cherry? My soon to be ex does have a good
size cock… I’m curious; did he jam it in you after
teasing your little cheating cunt and make you beg him
to be gentle?”

My ears caught the fear in her young voice and it was
obvious she didn’t think before replying, “Yeah he
did… I mean…”

“Oh… by the way, did he butt fuck you also? I asked
with sarcasm in my voice.

Once more I listened as the teen voice responded
without taking time to consider what she was saying
until having confirmed my inquiry.

“Oh my God… yeah… twice he did that! Not only that,
he had me suck him after he did my backside,” the
crying and pleading teen replied. With what could be
nothing but tears chocking her voice as she informed
me, “That seemed so gross for him to ask of me, but I
love him… I mean…”

Hearing the young teen girl sucked my husband after
he’d twice taken her butt, I remarked, “Damn, you got
something I didn’t experience with him. Then again I
wouldn’t wish to taste my own feces… did you enjoy
tasting your own shit?”

“No, it was gross. Dudley said if I loved him I’d do it
for him. Please, Mrs. Wilson let me explain! May we
meet someplace and discuss this? I don’t want my father
or anyone else to know I’ve had sex… especially with
an older married man?” I’m Jewish and this would k**l
my father and mother… please don’t tell anyone what
I’ve done.”

Smiling as I replied, and said with glee in my voice,
“So the little teen bitch of a Ho doesn’t want anyone
to know she gave up all three of her cherries… you’re
pitiful, yes, you’re pitiful BreeAnn. Maybe I’ll call
your daddy now that I’ve finished speaking with you.”

“No, oh no don’t call my daddy… he’d k**l me. Mrs.
Wilson… please, won’t you understand – I’m still sore
and tender from what Dudley did to me,” and her voice
reflected the pleading sounds the teen was suffering.
There was no doubt she was definitely concerned being
caught in what was an adulterous situation with the
wife of the man she had sex with, but her fear of
“daddy” finding out she had sex was even more

Yes, she smiled while thinking, “You were caught with
your panties down so to speak, huh BreeAnn?” Justine
could tell from listening to the teenage voice pleading
her cause.

Telling the teenager, “BreeAnn, I hope he got your
cherry ass hard and deep; and now I say to you goodbye
whore. I won’t call your father, at least yet. I hope
you used protection as Dudley is full of potent sperm
in his thick white semen,” and hung up the phone.

No more than five minutes had past and as Justine
expected, Dudley called. There wasn’t only pleading in
his voice, but fear reverberated in every word he spoke
while begging she give him another chance. With glee in
her mind, she listened to her husband’s piteous and
doleful imploring voice attempting to forget his
pandering ways.

“Look honey, I’ll be home in a half hour and we can
discuss this…” Dudley commenced saying to his wife
before she cut him off in a curt voice.

Justine was not only pissed off, but as a woman who
valued her marriage vows, she stopped the suppliant
comments her cheating husband was unquestionably
wishing to say to her. She determined whatever Dudley
might say would be lies. Speaking in a harsh voice,
“You come home now and before you cheating ass arrives,
I will call your no longer virgin teen lover’s father.
What do you think daddy will do if he find out you
fucked his virgin daughter and got her virginity?”

“Please darling… let’s talk this over and I promise
to never cheat on you again. Honey it was a one time
thing and…”

“Shut your lying mouth Dudley! I know there were more
women than little BreeAnn with her big tits. Shit if
you were smart you would admit to all the others. You
shouldn’t leave things in your suit pockets. Damn you
Dudley Wilson… I loved you and gave you all my love.
For what? To have you kick it back at me?” and Justine
knew she was shouting loud enough she almost need the
phone for her ass of a husband to hear her even if he
was about ten miles away.

Still using his persuasive manners as an attorney,
Dudley’s calm voice said, “Darling, I’ll be there in a

Knowing she mustn’t believe him, Justine replied, “You
come here before this evening and I can assure you that
BreeAnn’s daddy will know you had sex with his virgin
daughter and she is still a minor. I’m certain you’re
smart enough to understand that’s more than enough for
you to be jailed? Let me tell you once more, you arrive
home at your normal time and your stuff will be outside
the back door. If you come before then or try to get in
the house, I’ll call the police and tell them what has
happened. Trust me on this Dudley you’re nothing but a
cheating bastard. So if you know what’s good for you,
stay away?” Then Justine hung up the phone.

Calling a locksmith, Justine discovered there was a two
hour wait, even as emergency service call to replace
all the locks. While speaking with the locksmith, she
walked to each of the outer doors as he asked and
conveyed what locks were required. Agreeing to his
schedule, Justine contacted the home security company
and asked they come as quickly as permissible to update
the security system.

Next she called the phone company and asked for a new
unlisted number. She was informed it would be two days
before this could be completed. Obtaining black outdoor
plastic trash bags from the garage, Justine packed
Dudley’s clothes and personal items in them in with no
specific order, nor did she fold his clothing to keep
them from becoming winkled.

By the time the locksmith left, Dudley’s things were in
the trash bags and sit outside. By two in the afternoon
she had completed all she could do to keep Dudley from
her home. Moving to the master bedroom saw their
wedding photo on the chest of drawers and carried it
outside and placed it on top of Dudley’s bagged things.

Walking back inside Justine turned on the heater in the
hot tub by the pool and after undressing stepped into
the still cool water. After ten minutes or so the hot
swirling water splashed against her and she begin to
relax. Lying back against the tub and enjoying the
warming water, she found it allowed her mind to drift
back in time of when she was a preteen and teenage

During her younger years she had the normal dream
crushes on local boys, recording and Hollywood stars,
and Justine smiled thinking of some of the crazy rock
stars she “loved” and now thought how ridiculous they
looked now she was older.

Her favorite uncle occupied her dreamy fantasizes when
she was younger. In fact her fantasy became reality and
not just imaginary romantic encounters. Justine
recalled Uncle Drew informing her mom, his sister, he
was going to visit Niagara Falls during a two week trip
the summer I was twelve years old. I’d viewed lots of
videos and postcards about Niagara Falls when
completing a school project during the two month before
school ended during my sixth grade.

Finally Uncle Drew agreed of my traveling with him on
his trip. I knew he relented because of my mother
explaining how much effort I’d put in on my school
project about the falls. The first day on the road we
joked and had a great time together. That afternoon we
stopped around five at a motel with a large pool.

The pool had a slide that gave me terrific splashes in
the three foot drop into the pool water. How many times
I climbed the ladder to the top of the slide I don’t
remember, but by the time we stopped swimming and went
back to our room I was tired and sore.

Uncle Drew told me to bathe first and while I dried my
hair he would shower and then we would dressed and go
out to eat dinner. My legs hurt like crazy from
climbing the ladder and as I finished my shower, I
wrapped a towel around my head to start it drying. My
hair was long and reached nearly to my waist so it
would take a while to dry it with the motel hair dryer.

Using another towel to wrap around my body, I walked
out of the bathroom to where Uncle Drew was waiting his
turn to shower. “Okay Uncle Drew, your turn, but could
you look at my legs, they hurt like all get out from
climbing the slide ladder?”

My uncle told me to hope up on the table where he was
seated and reading the motel books of places to eat in
the surrounding area. Without thinking I got up on the
table and Uncle Drew took my right leg in his hand,
then he moved it so my foot rested against his chest.

Even though I was only twelve, I understood this was
exposing me. I knew Uncle Drew was getting an
unobstructed view of my preteen sexual parts that
wasn’t concealed beneath the towel. Unquestionably my
uncle must have been enjoying the view of my sex as he
smiled and said in a hap-hazardous way, “You’re growing
up I can see,” and he laughed as he patted the side of
my leg.

Instead of being embarrassed because of what I knew was
exposed to my uncle, I actually hoped he liked seeing
me so personally. There was a silly thing in me that
said I was on a date with a man, although I didn’t
consider it sexual, but a fun time being ornery in

For a few minutes, Uncle Drew massaged my calf and part
way up my thigh. After some time he pulled my left leg
up and massaged that calf. I giggled as his fingers
tickled the back of my knee. The moment of reality of
what was happening to me came fast when I felt Uncle
Drew’s hand move further up my leg until it reached
where my hips were resting on the table top.

Although his fingers didn’t at first directly touch my
sex, eventually I felt his fingers brushing along the
sides of my thing. The reality of things changed
suddenly when I felt him move my legs wider apart.
Looking at his face I saw his eyes studying my private
parts displayed beneath the towel.

The moment of truth came even more personal in a few
moments as his fingers found the mark of my femininity.
At first I was going to close my legs and hop down from
the desk top. For the first time ever I was feeling
what it meant to be sexually stimulated. My breath
caught in my throat as Uncle Drew’s fingers were
pressing against my sex opening and strumming the small
spot I’d recently discovered at the top of my female

Wiggling my hips slightly was automatic as there was no
way I could continue feeling his fingers touching me
intimately without arousing me. Uncle Drew was creating
a physical response and excitement that seemed to
spread through my body by his touching my sex. Feeling
his hands and fingers softly and warmly gripping the
top of my legs caused me to pay attention to what his
hands were doing under the towel wrapped around me.

After a few more minutes of wiggling around and at
times laughing and joking with Uncle Drew, it caused
the towel to fall open and it no longer concealed my
body from my uncle’s view. The towel had fallen away
and exposed the entire front of my body to my uncle’s
eyes. Not only was I exposed, but my legs were parted
more than sufficient enough to give him a view I hadn’t
expected. I should have been embarrassed, but instead
something made me feel good that my nudity was
available for my favorite uncle to view. Although I
turned red from my face down onto my chest in a man
seeing me naked for the first time.

“Whoa there,” my uncle exclaimed as he stopped
massaging my leg, yet his finger tips were in the outer
entrance of my sex. For a little while his fingers
stroked up and down between the lips of my sex and I
liked the sensations the gentle touching was giving me.
Uncle Drew looked at me setting nude before him, moved
his hands from my leg and caught me around my waist.

Uncle Drew eased me forward until my legs were on each
side of his body. This caused my legs to spread wider
and although I couldn’t see my see, I knew it had to be
spread apart and it seemed strange that a man could
look up inside me, or that was how I conceived how I
must appear to my uncle.

My body had recently started to develop and I was aware
of sexual things from what mom had told me or I’d had
been taught in fifth grade health class. The small
bumps on my chest weren’t yet breast, but small pointed
swollen lumps with nickel size pink caps and the
centers were pencil eraser size nipples.

No hair had yet had grown over my sex. Although a
smattering of light colored fuzz had appeared on my
fatty mons. Uncertain what to say or do, I joking
remarked, “Guess you seen everything I’ve got to offer
a man… you interested big boy?” and kept my legs

Uncle Drew face showed his pleasure in viewing my body
and his soft and gentle voice said, “Yes… Justine.
God if you weren’t so young I wouldn’t hesitate to show
you how interested I could be… Honeygirl, I can go to
jail for having simply touched you as I did while you
were seated on the desk. You know that don’t you? Hell
it’s worth going to jail just seeing you.”

After a short time when nothing was said by either of
us, my uncle told me, “Justine I must tell you that
just touching the beauty spot between your legs is the
most fantastic thing I’ve ever done. I won’t touch you
again, but I hope we can keep this between us,

Sliding down from the table, I left the towel where it
had fallen onto the desk and settled on my uncle’s lap.
Hugging my Uncle I wiggled my sex against him, and
laying my face alongside his, whispered, “It is our
secret and I loved your touching me… can we do it

For the briefest of time my uncle hugged me to him and
felt what I knew was his hard thing against my
buttocks. I kissed his cheek while he told me, “Guess I
better take my bath,”

He watched me walk nude to the vanity and begin drying
my hair. Standing in front of the mirror while drying
my hair, I loved knowing my being nude allowed my
uncle’s eyes to explore my naked body from behind and
also view my frontal image in the mirror.

I’ll never forget believing that my naked appearance
appeared sexy to my handsome uncle. While I stood
naked, Uncle Drew walked past me to the shower. I was
disappointed he shut the bathroom door, but before
entering the bathroom he gently spanked my naked butt
as he walked past me. Uncle Drew remarked, “Honeygirl,
you need to put something on before I forget you’re my

Having always considered my Uncle Drew as the most
gorgeous man I knew, I had wanted to impress him, and
when he came out of the bathroom he found me dressed in
my favorite mini skirt and belly blouse.

Upon seeing I was dressed, my uncle remarked, “My
goodness… you’re a very attractive date I’ve got this
evening. Where shall we go tonight and enjoy some great
food, Honeygirl?”

After eating and returning to the motel room, I sat on
the bed next to Uncle Drew as we watched a military
shootem’ up movie. After the movie my uncle said we
needed to get to sleep, because we’d be getting an
early start in the morning. I undressed and slipped on
a tee-shirt to sleep in, I watched my uncle checking me
out as I got completely nude before slipping the tee
over my head.

Jumping into my bed for the night I rolled around under
the covers for a few minutes, while making sniffling
sounds. I hoped my actions would make my uncle think I
was upset or afraid.

Uncle Drew asked, “Something wrong Honey girl?” which
is what he called me for as long as I could remember.

“Kind off… I’m scarred being alone in this strange
bed and…” as I spoke got out of bed. I walked to my
uncle’s bed and got in with him. He said I couldn’t
sleep with him, but could snuggle with him for a while.

That night started our sleeping together each night on
the trip. Two nights later we had a hotel room on the
Canadian side of the Niagara Falls and watch the water
flow over the precipice.

The first night I wore my cutoff tee and my nearly
uncovered youthful body allowed my sex to be seen as
the shirt reached to just above my belly button. On the
second night I slept nude and I snuggled against my
uncle with one leg up over his thigh so I could rub my
sex against his leg.

After a short time I moved on top of uncle with my
tingling sex pressing against the hard thing in his
shorts. Nothing was said till I reached down and took
the lump inside his under wear in my hand and pulled it
out through the opening.

“Gezz Honey girl, you better get in the other bed…
you’re tempting…”

Making no reply I used my hand to guide his hard thing
so it was under me and my sex was directly on top of
the interesting male thing. In those next few moments
my hand was holding the first penis in my life. Then I
held it so I was able to rub my thing against his.
Suddenly my uncle sobbed out, “Honey girl, oh hell
you’re making me come… I can’t stop it and… ohhhh
yeah I’m getting off!”

Nothing could have prepared me for the frame of mind I
felt as my uncle’s sex liquid splashing against my sex;
I understood my uncle was ejaculating his semen against
me. Pressing my little thing tight against my uncle’s
body I’ve always believed gave me my first ever climax,
especially feeling his slick stuff against me.

“Golly Uncle Drew… oh I feel so funny and good all at
the same time,” I told him. Then I said, “I sure love
you, especially now – do you love me?” I recall saying
these things because of how my uncle’s thing felt. My
memory still recalls how rubbing my thing against my
uncle’s made me tingle inside and out.

Uncle Drew commented in what I recall as a question and
a comment all in one statement, “You got off for your
first time… did you Honey girl; and you never felt
anything like that before in your little pussy, huh
baby? Haven’t you ever touched yourself, you know,
masturbated before”” and as I never had I told my
uncle, “Nope, that was my first.”

During the remainder of the trip I and my uncle enjoyed
our little game each night and morning during the two
weeks. The next night in the bed I asked my uncle,
“Would you get on top of me and work it like for
real… I’m not certain exactly how it is suppose to be
done… but would you like to do me?” and Uncle Drew
moved up over me and did as I asked.

Uncle Drew only placed the head of his thing in me, as
he called the tip of his cock. Feeling my uncle place
his thing between the smooth sides of my opening and
gently worked the end of his thing in me a short way.
Uncle Drew continuously asked that I tell him if it
hurt me, as my sex was very small and he didn’t wish to
injury me.

Promising Uncle Drew that if it hurt inside me I would
say so to him. He told me about a woman’s body and
especially my pussy, as he called my sex and how a man
could hurt a girl my age if he went all the way up me.

Feeling my uncle slowly moving his “cock” between the
lips on each side of my sex, and he said they were my
labia majora. He explained that the small lips on the
inside of my pussy, which he believed were still
forming, were called the labia minora.

For the next couple of nights my uncle didn’t get the
complete end of his cock inside my pussy. Each time he
entered any distance at all, I felt like he was tearing
me open, and he would stop pressing into me. Finally on
the third night he asked if he could make me feel good
and at the same time might make it possible and likely
allow him to get the head inside my pussy.

Not knowing what he was speaking about, one thing was
certain from my point and that was my wishing to feel
him inside me. Or at least the head of his cock pushing
up into me and each time we did these things he would
squirt his cream inside my pussy. Somehow I’d
determined if he got the head in me then I could coax
him to do it all the way and make me his girlfriend

We were lying on the outside of the covers and my uncle
asked if I was ready for something special and I told
him, “Yes, do whatever you wish and you can do me all
the way tonight if you want.”

“Honey girl, you’re too little for me to go all the
way. But now I will give you a special treat,” and he
moved down and lay between my legs.

My uncle placed his face over my tummy and lightly
kissed my belly button and then kissed his way down to
my pussy. Immediately upon feeling his lips on my pussy
caused me to tell my uncle, “Oh you shouldn’t do that
to me, should you?” then I recalled hearing and reading
about oral sex. Now the information was actual and real
and my pussy felt as if it might explode within moments
of Uncle Drew kissing and his tongue licking my pussy
and especially at the very top of my slit.

After a moment, my uncle asked, “You enjoy what I’m
doing Honey girl?” and once more he was kissing and
licking my pussy.

“Gee yes, oh Uncle Drew it feels so delightful and
makes me tingle all over. Is this the thing that will
allow you to put your cock in my pussy and we can go
all the way?” and felt my hips moving slightly up and
down as he teased the tiny little spot at the top of my

There was no doubt that after five minutes of my uncle
licking my sex, I knew that my body was going to climax
from the way I was tingling and my hips begin the age
old movement of pleasure from sexual stimulation. My
response was to utter sounds of approval, “Ummmmm, oh

I understood my dear uncle had made me climax from
kissing my little sex. Before long my Uncle Drew moved
his body up over me as he would when playing his thing
in the edge of my pussy. I wanted him to put his thing
in the edge of my sex and shot his stuff off in me.
During the past few days I had gotten to the point that
I love it when he filled my little hole with the thick
stuff. It would cause me to sob out how wonderful it
felt. Uncle Drew would always tell me how he loved
squirting his stuff in me.

This time it was different and after a few times of
Uncle Drew working his penis between the small smooth
lips of my sex. One thing I understood, his having done
oral sex on me had made my pussy open wider and I
eventually felt the thick end of his cock, his cock
head sank between my lips. Gee whiz, he is fucking me,
I mistakenly believed. Although I guess he truly was,
but just not buried all the way inside my body.

I asked him to put it in deeper. “Push it deeper, I
want to feel more of you… its like your not giving me
everything Uncle Drew… oh yeah deeper,” I begged him
as he moved it just a little deeper inside my pussy.

“Honey girl, I can’t go deeper or I’ll take your
virginity, even as much as I want to shove all the way
inside you, I can’t,” you understand about being a
virgin don’t you baby?”

While he was explaining his reason for not going all
the way inside me with his penis, I was working my hips
up and down in an attempt to get him all the way up me.
“Uncle Drew I want it all… oh you make my thing
tingle when you work it back and forth in me like… oh
gee… uh… oh Uncle Dave I’m getting off again.
You’re making me go off,” I recall telling my uncle.

During the remainder of the trip my uncle worked his
cock head in me all the way and at one point arranged a
mirror so I could see what my pussy looked like with
his cock inside me.

No matter how much I asked or how I moved my body to
try and have him puncture me completely, I never got
more than a slight pain as he would strike against my
cherry and I would cry out, “Ho boy that kind of hurt.”
Each time I would express he was striking my virginity
he would ease out from me somewhat.

During the drive home on our last day of the trip, my
uncle informed me he was going to London for Christmas.
“Perhaps your mother will allow you to travel with me.”

I was excited and asked, “Does this mean we can have
love with each other all the way?”

My uncle told me, “That would be wonderful, but you
mustn’t tell anyone what we’ve done on this trip or
what we plan to do in London. Honey girl, you
understand about the need for secrecy, don’t you?” and
he reached over and slipped his hand between my legs.

Laughing I told him what happened was nothing was what
occurred. Then I told my uncle, “Do you know that I
really liked it when you kissed my little breasts and
feeling you suck them made me want to wiggle like a

When we got home I was excited telling mom about my
trip. “Mom, I got to see Niagara Falls, even at night
with the lights shinning on it. And our trip to
Washington, D. C. and seeing Monticello where President
Jefferson lived was terrific. Mom, we also went to John
Adams house. Wait until you see the video of my
standing in the Lincoln Memorial. There was so much to
see in the Washington.”

One month later my dear uncle was killed. He left his
home and estate to me. The only sad part of my uncle
passing was not having him all the way, which I had
told him would happen during our trip to London.

No other man came close to sharing what I did with
Uncle Drew until I met Dudley, and now I was alone once
more, and it was worse than when I lost my uncle.
Getting out of the hot tub, I walked into the kitchen
and took a bottle of wine from the wine cooler and
poured myself a glass of white chardonnay. Slowly I
walked back to the hot tub and eased back into the
liquid warmth of water while enjoying the relaxing the
hot tub and sipping the refreshing wine.

My mind didn’t function properly when I first
discovered Dudley’s cheating and suddenly I recalled
that the note from Denise might well be from none other
than Denise Wingate.

No it can’t be true… not my best friend and who I had
bared my soul when needing a shoulder to cry on.
Thinking of the many times I had observed my best
friend hugging my husband when entering a room or a
place where the two of them had been alone.

Good grief… Denise’s husband Rodney will aptly beat
the crap out of Dudley if this is true. Reaching to the
phone extension on the wall next to the tub, I called
Dudley’s office and telling the receptionist Denise
Wingate was calling for Mr. Wilson

When my unfaithful husband answered my call, it was for
certain I was correct with the greeting, “Denise I
can’t talk with you now. I have problems and the last
thing I need is for Justine to find out about the two
of us… I’ll call you back later.”

“You are a bigger ass than I thought… how could you
cheat on me with my best friend? Dudley, you will have
one hell of a time explaining this to Rodney. You’re
dead meat from my life.” Hanging up the phone, I dialed
Rodney’s office and when he took my call I explained my
problems to him as gentle as possible, and spoke about
Dudley and Denise being involved.

“You’re joking… aren’t you Justine. My God, you’re
not. How many times have you and I joked about our
spouses getting it on together? I’m so sorry Justine.
Let me call you back tomorrow. Right now I want to go
find Denise and see what she has to say.” Before
getting off the phone, Rodney said to me, “Tell Mr.
Stud I will take care of his pandering ass when I find

“Rodney, he isn’t worth getting yourself into
trouble… remember you’re a police officer, and being
a lieutenant you know what can happen if you hit
Dudley… he isn’t worth your career,” then we ended
our conversation.

Once more my world was upside down as a half hour
latter the phone rang and the caller ID indicated it
was Denise. I didn’t answer the phone and listened as
she left a message.

Hearing the message was more than I though I could
accept as my best friend said, “Justine darling…
please forgive me,” her crying voice said. Then she
added, “Please don’t call or tell Rodney. Oh Justine,
please forgive me for my being so stupid and seeing
your husband. I know it was wrong to have sex with
him… call me please. Bye darling.”

Rising from the water and stepping onto a large bath
mat, I walked to the shower next to the hot tub.
Washing off the chlorine based water and then drying
off, I walked nude to my bedroom. Sitting down on my
bed, I cupped my chin in my hands. I commenced to cry
and realized I must bring order to my mind and willed
myself not to shed tears over the loss of my marriage
and best friend.

Slipping on a skirt and blouse and a pair of sandals
with inch high heels, I walked to the bathroom and
applied makeup. The strain of the day showed on my
face. After sometime the makeup improved my appearance
and I ran a brush through my hair.

For three hours I moved around the house and found
things of Dudley’s I wanted out of my home, including
his damn golf clubs. I took each club from the bag and
slapped them in the middle of the haft and bent then so
they became useless. Then I put them back in the bag. I
found that titanium clubs do have a weakness, and I
considered that the same as my ass of a husbands
weakness with our marriage and other women.

Walking to the living room I sat in my favorite chair
and curled up with my legs under me. In less than an
hour I heard a call pull into the drive and saw Dudley
had arrived.

His arrival meant he’d left work early and I watched as
he saw the bags with his items inside them. He walked
over and attempted to unlock the door, but his key
wouldn’t work because of the new locks. He rang the
doorbell and I walked to the door and speaking though
the heavy wooden double doors told him, “Leave now
Dudley or I will call the police.”

“Damn you Justine open the door or I’ll break it down,”
Dudley said loudly.

Replying to his comment, I replied, “I’m calling the
police, so you best pack your stuff in you car and

At that moment he called me a “Fucking whore,” turned
and commenced to pack his things in his car. At least
it wasn’t necessary to give the neighbors any more
excitement than necessary as I noted him placing his
things in his car and eliminated my need to call the

As Dudley placed the last bag in his car a police
cruiser pulled in our drive. Rodney and another officer
get out and approached my husband. What was said I
couldn’t hear, but I watched as the uniformed officer
asked Dudley something and I noticed my husband took
his wallet from his inside coat pocket? The officer
studied his driver’s license and then spoke into the
communication unit affixed to his lapel. I watched as
the officer had Dudley walk to his car and back it out
onto the street and park it.

After he parked his car, Dudley walked back to where
the officer stood and in moments he was placed in
handcuffs. Uncertain what was occurring, I watched
Rodney walked to the door and ring the bell. Answering
the door, I listened as Rodney and the officer advised
why husband was placed in handcuffs.

The uniformed officer advised, “Mrs. Wilson, it is only
a minor situation, but your husband has an outstanding
warrant for failure to pay two traffic citations. There
is a no-bail warrant out for his arrest on both
citations by the court, so until he appears in court
tomorrow morning, he will be held in custody.”

Smiling as he spoke, Rodney remarked, “Hope this helps
some,” as the uniformed officer led Dudley to the
police cruiser and placed him in the back seat.

I didn’t go out and my friends who I had met each day
for coffee during the school summer break said I must
at least get out with them. I laughed the morning of
the second week after Dudley left when Jenny Baccus
made it simple for me to get out by saying, “Look
girlfriend, you aren’t divorcing us, just your hubby.
So get your purse and go have coffee with the rest of
us, and your friends are waiting at our favorite
Starbucks. ”

A month passed after my friends gave me the strength
and mental courage necessary to get over the breakup of
my marriage. One morning when I returned from coffee
with my friends, I saw a female seated on the porch
bench, and the porch ran across the front of the house
and around where the garage was attached to the house.
The garage was set back from the front of the house by
five feet and made for a lovely curb appeal.

No I thought, “It can’t be… hell no it can’t be
BreeAnn,” I told myself. W hen I got out of my car, the
first thing I heard was the girl’s greeting.

“Hi Mrs. Wilson… I’m BreeAnn Shockenstein. Please let
me speak with you… I won’t create or cause problems
for you, but I need someone to talk with and I can’t
speak with my mom… oh please help me.”

Looking at the girl, I punched in the security code and
unlocked the door. Once more I studied the girl’s face
and relenting to her wishing to speak with me, told the
teen, “Come in… why I’m allowing you in my home I
haven’t the faintest idea.”

Watching the girl I could see why my husband found her
attractive and a challenge. This girl’s glossy black
hair was so lustrous it seemed to shine and move so
easily it appeared I could see each strand sway. Her
rounded buttocks rolled in perfect sexual alignment, if
such a thing is possible. I had noticed before how her
breasts were full and assuredly were 36-C and perhaps a
D-cup. Her trim figure and good looks would undoubtedly
tempt any man, but why in the hell did my husband
succumb to this girl?

Reaching the counter of the kitchen, I said, “Sit at
the breakfast bar. I’ll fix some coffee… don’t speak
about Dudley until I tell you to do so, or you will be
told to leave immediately. Do you understand and hear
me, BreeAnn?”

The girl’s face reflected how deeply troubled she must
be and the need to speak with someone. But why with me
I didn’t understand. Taking my time and saying nothing
to the teenager, I made coffee and once it was finished
brewing, took Danish from the refrigerator. Setting
cups on saucers on the counter top, and then dessert
plates and knives, forks and spoons by each plate so my
unexpected guest and I could enjoy the coffee and
Danish. Then I took a seat at the coroner of the
counter and said, “Enjoy the Danish and coffee… I
assume you adult enough to drink coffee.”

“Yes, thank you, Mrs. Dudley.”

“Look, call me Justine and I hope your problem is
small. Now tell me, do you enjoy French roast blend of

“It’s very favorable, and love the taste, but I don’t
recognize the blend. And the Danish is very nice. Mrs.,
I mean Justine I’m so pleased that you would speak with
me. You’re so pleasant and very attractive,” the cute
teen stated.

“Thank you BreeAnn. Now tell me what’s troubling you…
I assume you’ve been seeing Dudley since we last
spoke?” and my question and comment was intended to be
pointed and to catch the girl off guard. Which I saw
from the look on her face that it rocked her to think I
might suggest she see my estranged husband.

“Yes – no – uh a couple of times. He kind of made me
meet with him. Dudley told me if I didn’t see him he
would tell my friends what we’d done. Now he only
speaks and see me at work… he refuses to help me with
our problem. He…”

I watched as tears welled up in her eyes and she
stopped speaking. There was no doubt in my mind what
the girl’s problem was. I asked, “You’re pregnant
aren’t you? Dudley won’t help you will he?” and I took
another sip of my coffee.

“Oh I feel so stupid and embarrassed,” the pretty girl
said as she continued crying.

A woman’s intuition came from deep in my soul and the
need to help the girl came to the forefront and I felt
deep despair in the knowledge my husband had gotten the
girl pregnant. My God, I recalled my comments to
BreeAnn about Dudley’s sperm the day I discovered he
had enjoyed sex with the teenage.

“Oh Mrs., uh Justine… yes, I’m pregnant with his
c***d… I’m only a month, but I’m pregnant. Yesterday
and the day before I purchased EPT kits at the
drugstore and the test confirmed I’m pregnant. What
should I do?”

Looking at the teen girl, and the knowledge of being
pregnant showed in her youthful face and the concern
was genuine Justine could see. Thinking to her self,
“Why should I be concerned about the little bitch who
had sex with my husband… yet she was no more guilty
than Dudley and most likely less?”

Asking with a hint of feeling in my voice, I asked,
“BreeAnn, have you asked the married man who just
happens to be my cheating husband for help; after all
isn’t he the one who got you pregnant? Not to be overly
personal, but have you been with other guys?”

The shock of hearing the woman ask about the married
man and cheating husband included in the retort to let
her know she had been involved with her husband caused
BreeAnn concern. She wondered if coming to the woman
for help was a good idea. Finally the troubled teenager
remarked, “Dudley won’t help me get an abortion. I
can’t speak to my mom about it… can you help me? I
don’t know who else to turn too for help.”

Across the teen girl’s face was the horrified
expression of having to explain she was pregnant to the
woman whose husband she’d not only cheated with, but
whose c***d she was carrying. Picking up the flavored
cup of coffee, BreeAnn sipped slowly and could feel
tears again forming in her eyes. “I’m so sorry to have
brought grief to you and ruined your marriage. I’ve
thought about what it must be like to be a woman who
discovers her husband broke their marriage vows.”

“You’re telling me you have a guilty conscience
BreeAnn?” my voice asked in a shocking manner.

“Oh Justine please forgive me… please, I’ll do
anything to make it up to you.”

“Honesty is sufficient BreeAnn. How may I assist you
with your problem… actually I should say yours and
Dudley’s growing problem. If I sound somewhat cynical,
I assume you can understand why. But ignore that and
simply tell me what or how I may help you,” she said
and again looked at the youthful breasts of the teen
and wondered if they were a C or D-cup.

A look of relief appeared on the pretty teen face and
her words were soft as she replied, “Could you take me
for an abortion… I need an adult to go with me. It
will take most of the day, and Saturday morning I can
go to the clinic at 9:00 and I should be finished and
able to go home by three or four in the afternoon.
Also, I’d like to stay with you that night… I’ve
asked my mother about staying with a friend and she
agreed… help me…”

Immediately Justine wondered if she would be legally
held accountable if something went wrong during the
abortion. Justine, as a distant part of the girl’s
pregnancy problem, realized this was a problem
requiring a quick resolution. Actually as a matter of
fact; a termination. Justine believed the girl acted
and reflected she was truly sorry for having an affair
with Dudley.

As a female, Justine understood how the lovely Jewish
girl was suffering from having given her purity to a
man she believed loved her. For the next half hour she
listened to the girl tell how Dudley had initiated the
intimacy between them. The teen spoke of Dudley’s
sexually teasing comments from the day she commenced
working for him. BreeAnn said she found him cute and he
got her to fall in love with him within a few days.
Dudley was an extremely handsome man, and many times
Justine had thought she didn’t belong with the man, but
he wanted her for his wife.

Justine knew a fact BreeAnn didn’t have knowledge
about. There was a rumor Dudley had done something
similar with a neighbor girl, but her parents wouldn’t
take action against Dudley. This was because they
wished to keep their daughter’s name and reputation in

Instead they moved from next door and the fourteen year
old girl let it slip she had had an abortion in a
conversation with a couple of her girlfriends, who
spoke of the medical procedure with their parents. The
rumor floated around the country club and eventually
made it back to Justine, but at the time she didn’t
believe that Dudley was the other half of fourteen year
old Madison Lang’s problem.

Now another young girl realized she had given up her
most precious gift when it came to love, her virginity.
For her, the knowledge that Dudley was most certainly a
pedophile caused Justine to decide and assist BreeAnn
with her problem. Rightly or wrongly of the teen girl
having engaged in sex with her husband, the girl was
pregnant and needed someone to help her.

Looking across the counter and with a smile on her
face, Justine spoke in a gentle voice, saying, “Of
course I will help you – if I can. I must ask, are you
certain an abortion is the way out for you? Will you
later wish you hadn’t had an abortion? BreeAnn this is
a serious decision and I’m certain you’ve thought it
out, but you need to tell me your thoughts on this.”

With suddenness she didn’t expect, the troubled teen
get off the stool and moved to where Justine was
seated. Had she been a man, Justine had no doubt her
hands would have been all over the sobbing girl as her
body was exquisite and her breasts pressed against her
own in such a way that for the first time ever, Justine
wondered about having an intimate relationship with
another female. “Oh my, does this make me bi-sexual
with these crazy thoughts?” the lovely woman asked

Holding the girl in her arms, she listened for the next
fifteen or twenty minutes as the girl retold the
complete story of her problem and eventually how she
could find no way out for her but an abortion. Justine
didn’t say a word nor make a sound of any kind that
would interfere with the girl stating her feelings and
what had led up to her being with the man who got her

Her comment, “I wanted sex since I was about fourteen,
but was fearful because of my father. I never
considered my mother’s concerns about having sex. My
father had told he would ship me to Israel to a place
where young girls who are pregnant are f****d to live.
I don’t know if such a place exists, but I’m so afraid
of my dad… he can be very strict.”

Before ending her story of being with Dudley the
troubled teenager stated, “Do you know that the first
time we did it, he told me that he wanted to knock me
up and see my belly get big with his baby. Now he can’t
wait to see me with a belly, as he calls it… oh
Justine, I feel so stupid.”

“Dudley will not get the opportunity to see you like
that, and you must find some way to no longer work with
him. Ask your father to give you a promotion and a new
assignment. I’m certain he will. What is the scuttle-
butt around the office about Dudley’s and my divorce?
But one thing is as certain as the day is long, we’ll
go together for your abortion on Saturday.”

“Oh thank you Justine! You’re so kind. I’ll do whatever
I must… anything you want in return for helping me…
anything you want of me I’ll do to pay you back. Honest
I will,” BreeAnn said as she hugged the woman tightly
in her arms and intentionally pressed her firm large
breasts against the woman she was soliciting help from.

The troubled young girl was aware of what she was
saying and currently doing as she snuggled against
another female. BreeAnn wondered if Justine realized
what she was saying to her, and if so, did she ruin any
chance the woman would help with her problem.

Never had BreeAnn considered sex with another girl,
although this was so common among girls today. BreeAnn
found it difficult resisting being in a relationship
with another girl. Sonja, her best friend once asked
her to share a girl-girl intimacy with her when they
were spending the night together in a sleep over. Sonja
cupped BreeAnn’s left breast in her hand and asked they
share each other sexually. Was she asking the woman who
agreed to help her with her pregnancy to have sex with
her? Only moments before it seemed to the teen she had
indeed made an adamant quest to engage the older woman
in a sexual tryst.

BreeAnn recalled how her best friend’s hand had given
her warm pleasant feelings. For a minute perhaps,
BreeAnn permitted her breast to be fondled, before
Sonja was taking her nipple in her mouth. Having her
breast suckled created sensations that ran from her
breast to her pussy and knew if the intimate act wasn’t
stopped immediately; BreeAnn understood she would be
engaging in a bi-sex act that she didn’t feel
comfortable in doing.

BreeAnn moved her hands and pulled Sonja’s mouth from
her breast and stopped the foreplay. Telling her
friend, “Gee Sonja, that felt so nice, but I’m not
ready for bi, but one thing is certain if and when I
want sex with a girl, I hope you are around.”

Now the troubled teen wanted a bi-relationship and it
was with an older female. BreeAnn knew one thing,
somehow I will allow this woman to have me if she
wishes, and if necessary I will become aggressive to
bring closeness between this attractive female and

The two of them spoke about BreeAnn’s abortion and
ensuring this was the solution to her problem, Justine
called her own physician, Doctor Brian DeAngelo and
discussed the situation with him. The doctor agreed to
perform the abortion and it was scheduled for the
following Friday. Then she explained that this would be
more private and better than using the clinic that the
other teens utilized to rid themselves of their

This worked out for BreeAnn’s plan of spending the
weekend with Justine as a cover to keep the teen’s
parents from knowing about her condition. For the next
hour they spoke of various things and BreeAnn left for

After three months life moved as if nothing had
occurred to shape Justine’s life after her divorce. The
abortion had gone as easily as possible and no
complications developed for BreeAnn. This was great for
Justine and she knew from speaking with the girl during
the weekend of the abortion, learned all of her
innermost secrets.

The story of her seduction by Dudley was somewhat as
Justine had thought and the teenager was as much to
blame for the matter as Dudley. Yet for Justine she
placed the majority of blame on her ex-husband as he
was older and more importantly, a married man.

During that weekend the teenage girl related her
experience of a limited bi situation with her best
friend. When BreeAnn spoke of her feelings toward her,
Justine admitted to some curiosity of being with the
teen when she hugged her when they were discussing her
having an abortion and asking the older woman for her

Now Justine sat nude on her sofa and looked down at the
lovely girl who had recently turned eighteen, and the
beauty of BreeAnn’s nudity gave her untold desires.
Neither of the two could initiate the final act of a
bi-sexual relationship after they had each removed
their clothing, and were now simply looking at each

“Will you think I’m crazy if I do what I wish Justine?”
and as she spoke, BreeAnn moved her lips and commenced
kissing her companion’s shoulder and neck. Her lips
brushed down Justine’s arm and then back up after
having kissed and sucked each of the manicured and
polished nails on Justine’s hand.

The moment of truth came to the teen and her lips moved
to kiss completely over Justine’s breasts. When her
mouth settled on her Justine’s left nipple, she sucked
and flipped her tongue across the hard protrusion.
Slowly her head moved down and her lips and tongue
kissed and licked their way to the thatch of maiden
hair growing on Justine’s fatty mons.

As if in a dream, Justine lay back on her sofa as the
teenager’s lips made their way over the hair covering
the top of her sex. Then a female tongue was licking
its way through female sexual channel and opening her
sex so her tongue could tease as deep up into the
female core as the oral digit could reach.

The act was thrilling and it being another female
performing oral sex on her, Justine felt an orgasm
building and ready to burst the moment the eighteen
year old tongue flipped across her clitoris.

Justine’s breath was labored as the young girl closed
her lips around the clitoral hood and her tongue licked
the round end that was her clit, her body heaved upward
from the sofa. Justine sobbed out, “My God BreeAnn, I’m
going off… umh, oh yes! God yes, oh BreeAnn I’m
coming so strong.”

Moving to her bedroom and hold the hand of the young
girl, Justine wanted to make the girl feel as wonderful
as she had when experiencing female oral sex. She
helped BreeAnn lay back on the bed and she loved seeing
what she had found were D-Cup breasts on the girl. Her
maiden hair was dark, very dark black and grew
profusely on the girl’s mons pubis and down the lips of
her sex.

Slowly as in a dream her lips sampled the taunt dark
nipples of the young female and then her mouth closed
over her vulva. Her tongue licked up and down the hair
lined labium of the eighteen year old girl and finally
settled on the round ball of her clit. Her teeth
nibbled and chewed gently on the hood guarding the
sexual orb, and she applied tremendous pressure as she
sucked and licked the young sex organs all at the same

Slipping her finger up the damp sex of the teen, she
curled her finger up so it raked against her G-spot.
This was something Dudley had shown her the second time
he went down on her and Justine knew it would likely
please the young female she was turning on with each
lick of her tongue up through her slit.

Her ears took in the sounds she had waited for and
BreeAnn cried out her release, “My gawd Justine… oh
yessss, I’m coming so hard and it is so wonderful…
make me come! Push your finger in my pussy… yes, oh
yes,” and the older woman’s finger was causing the
eighteen year old girl to express her sexual feelings,
fully and in a vocal way that let her partner know she
was doing it right, even if it was her first time to
lick a girl’s sex.

BreeAnn continued to cry out her pleasure and finally
moaned out with no control over her quivering body,
“I’m getting it so hard! Justine, if you don’t stop…
I feel like I’m going to… oh you must stop or I’ll p-
pee! I must, oh I can’t help it… it’s making me
pee… aughhhhh so strong….”

Never could either of the two females decide what to
say after what they had shared. With her face drenched
and her hair soaked with the young girl’s urine,
Justine lay with her face between the large breasts of
BreeAnn and said simply, “How truly delightful I loved
making you feel… you wet me so wonderful and I never
knew such a thing was possible to experience.”

Her body was still in a flux as she lay in her own
dampness, and she moved her hands down and felt the
urine soaked hair of the lovely older woman. “Gosh
Justine… how did you make me do that… did… did
you taste me…?”

“Oh yes, and I tried to drink all of your sweet
nectar… you can feel I didn’t succeed this time…”

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