Big Sister

Jamie checked the mailbox, pulling the small bundle of
letters, magazines, and a couple large envelopes from
the box. He heard his sister yell from the upstairs
window, “Hey, squirt, get in here!”

Jamie sighed. His big sister, Suzie, had always been a
bit of a bully, but ever since his mother died last
year, she had been an unholy terror. Not that she ever
did anything in front of daddy. To him, she was his
little angel and could do no wrong. The one time he had
complained, his father had said, “Oh, it can’t be that
bad. Just be a man and stand up to her.”

Be a man? Easy for him to say. Dad was 6’3″ tall and
built like a brick wall. Jamie, at 14, was barely 5′
tall, and tended to take after his mother, small,
petite. To make matters worse, his sister took after
dad. At 16, she was almost 6′ and had more muscles than
any guy at the junior high Jamie went to school. The one
time he had tried to stand up to her, she had crossed
his left palm with his right shoulder blade just to
prove she could.

Jamie trudged back up the walk to the house. As he went
inside, he heard his sister yell, “What’s taking you so

Jamie faked a light-hearted tone and said, “Just sorting
the mail.”

“Well, hurry up!”

Jamie sorted through the mail, placing the bills in one
pile, the junk mail in the trash, and the personal
letters and magazines to dad in another pile. Then he
came to a strange manila envelope. It was addressed to
him with no return address or markings on it of any
kind. He quickly opened it. Inside was a strange
medallion on a necklace. No note, letter, or anything
with it. Just the medallion.

His sister yelled, “Aren’t you finished yet?!” Jamie
stuffed the medallion in his pocket and went upstairs to
his sister’s room.

He tentatively knocked on the door, and poked his head
in. “You called?”

“Of course I did. Get in here!” Jamie stepped into the
room. “I got a day job at the body builder & weight
lifters’ expo today.” Jamie felt a brief ray of hope
that maybe his day wouldn’t be a total wash. “But my
best friend, Amy, who was supposed to help me, got sick,
so you’re going to take her place.”

“Uhm… What do I have to do?”

“Just play gopher. Bring attendees their clothes, water
bottles, or whatever else they want.”

“Doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Good. Now strip!”

Jamie looked down his body. “What’s wrong with what I’ve
got on?”

“I told you. You’re going to take Amy’s place. You’re
going to be a gopher for the female participants. And
since there’s no way they’re going to let a boy into the
women’s dressing room, you need to look the proper sex.”
Jamie sighed and started getting undressed. There was no
way he was going to argue with Suzie. She’d hurt him
just for trying. After he was naked, she said, “Go in
the bathroom and shave your legs.”

Jamie trudged into the bathroom and regretfully shaved
his legs. When he came out, he saw the necklace he got
in the mail around Suzie’s neck. When she saw him
notice, she said, “I found this in your pocket. Are you
wearing jewelry now? Maybe I should keep you in dresses
full time.” Jamie said nothing, knowing that anything he
said would just get a nasty response.

He instead looked at the bed where a collection of
clothes were.

There was a dress (thankfully conservative), stockings,
and lingerie. But looking at it, Jamie grew suspicious.
NONE of this would fit Suzie. In fact, it was just small
enough to be his size. But when Suzie picked up the
gaffe, commenting on its use, he had to ask, “Exactly
when did Amy say she wasn’t going to make it?”

With an innocent tone, but a canary-swallowing cat’s
grin, she said, “Two days ago, why?”

Jamie sighed. Suzie had probably been planning this
since Amy had said something. But Jamie just grinned and
bore it. She completely dressed him up, and Jamie was
amazed at the result. He looked like a sweet, innocent,
fourteen year old girl. He only had a brief while to
admire himself before Suzie yanked him off to go.

The day actually went pretty well. Thankfully he got to
wear his sneakers, and once he got over the initial “Oh,
god, do they know I’m a boy?!” jitters it was actually
kind of fun. Suzie had her own stuff to do, so he didn’t
have to deal with her, and he got to watch the women as
they dressed in their outfits. It was strange.

The few times he had seen female weight lifters in
photos he hadn’t been impressed. Like most female
athletes, they tended to smaller breast sizes, and their
larger muscles underneath made the breasts seem
positively tiny. But in person, these women were erotic.
The way their muscles rippled and flowed was so sensual.
Jamie was glad for the gaffe after just a short while.

At one point, most of the weight lifters were out of the
dressing room, and Jamie looked around for his sister.
He saw her at the stage door, gazing longingly at the
female hard bodies. He was about to say something when
he noticed something about her gaze. It was the same
look his friends (and he assumed he himself) had when
watching the cheerleaders work out. He put his hand on
her shoulder and she nearly jumped out of her shoes.
“Don’t do that!”

“Sorry.” Suzie’s gaze went right back to the stage.
After a few seconds, he asked, “Suzie, are you a

She grabbed him one handed by the throat and slammed him
against the wall. “You even think about telling dad and
I’ll pound you.”

Struggling through her iron grip, he wheezed, “I’d
never.” After she dropped him, he rubbed his throat and
said, “You know I really wasn’t going to say anything. I
was just curious.”

“Yeah, well, whatever.” It was the closest thing to an
apology she was going to give him.

They watched a bit of the show together. After another
minute or so, he looked up at her and said, “This does
give us something in common.”

She looked down at him and asked, “What’s that?”

“Our taste in women. Or are you going to tell me you
don’t find these women totally hot?”

Suzie smiled. She actually smiled! She wrapped her arm
around him and gave him a small hug. “Little… sister,
you’re okay.”

They watched for a few minutes before she suddenly
yanked him towards the back. “Come on!” she yelled.

“What? Where are we going?”

She said nothing until they got to a small gym. “This is
the women’s workout area. A place to stretch, lift small
weights, and otherwise get ready before doing the
impressive stuff in front of the paying customers. Maybe
if we’re lucky we can find a souvenir or two. A sweaty
towel or a water bottle. If we’re really lucky, maybe a
workout suit or some… unmentionables.” She shoved him
into the room. “We’ll split the findings fifty-fifty.”

As Jamie searched the room, he was briefly struck by the
weirdness of it all. Here he was in a dress with his
sister, searching a weight room for sweaty leftovers of
weight lifting super-women. Problem was, whoever cleaned
up last did a good job. There was nary a towel to be
found, much less any “unmentionables”.

While he was searching, he whistled in amazement. Suzie
came over and asked, “What is it? You find something?”

“Not exactly. Just looking at these free weights. You
said this was just light workout stuff? Well, there’s
almost 300 pounds on this one bar.”

Suzie whistled. “I wish I could see the person who could
actually USE that sucker!” When she turned to Jamie, he
froze up. With real concern in her voice, she asked,
“What’s wrong?”

Jamie couldn’t speak. His clothes felt very tight on
him, but that wasn’t why he was frozen. As soon as
Suzie’s gaze had fallen on him, something froze him in
place. Now it felt as if his clothes were shrinking
around him. It wasn’t painful, but very uncomfortable.
The dress gave way first, ripping loudly. He felt his
own chest fill out the bra before it’s hooks popped
free. He felt his shoes stretch, and heard them rip
open. His panties were the last thing to go, tearing and
falling to the floor. He looked over to Suzie, finding
that he actually was looking down on her.

She looked up at him, saying, “Ja… Jamie?”

“Suzie, what happened?”

She couldn’t say anything, but just pointed to the
mirror. He looked over and saw in the mirror one of
those super-women. She was 6’6″ tall, and had more
muscles than dad and Suzie combined. Despite the fact
that the woman was wearing the tattered remains of the
clothes he was wearing, it took him a few seconds to
realize… THAT WAS HIM! He stripped off the dress. The
only thing still in good shape was the slip. He was
still wearing stockings, but they had been hopelessly
stretched out of shape by the huge muscles in his legs.
He stripped off all his clothes, and took a look at
himself. There wasn’t a single undeveloped muscle on

Suzie finally said “How?”

Jamie thought about it. “I think I know.” He walked over
and picked up the weights they had been looking at. It
wasn’t effortless, but it was easy. His body was as
powerful as it looked. “Apparently your wish was

“But how?” Jamie shrugged. Suzie pulled the amulet out
from under her blouse. “Maybe this?”

“Makes as much sense as anything.”

Suzie grasped the amulet tightly, closed her eyes, and
said, “I wish… I wish that Jamie,” then almost
reluctantly she said, “was back to normal.” She slowly
opened her eyes, but nothing more had changed. “Didn’t

“That means either it isn’t the source or it only grants
one wish.” Suzie shrugged. After a few seconds Jamie
asked, “Suzie, what were you going to wish for

A look of guilt passed her face. “Nothing.” Jamie
grabbed her upper arms and lifted her up. “Jamie, put me

“Not until you tell me what you originally wanted.”

“Jamie, I’m still your big sister. Now put me down!”

“And what are you going to do if I don’t?” Suzie
thrashed uselessly in “her” iron grip. “Come on. What
did you want?”

Finally she settled down, got a really guilty look, and
said, “I was going to wish…. that you’d want to have
sex with me.”

“But you still wished for me to be normal first?”

“You are my little brother. Or… were, I guess.”

“Yeah, well, you hardly ever made me feel like it.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just… Ever since mom died I’ve just
felt so alone. Dad only wants to see me as his ‘perfect
little princess’. I couldn’t talk to him about normal
woman things like really bad periods. And I think he’d
freak if I told him I wanted to be in bed with anyone,
much less another woman. I guess I just took it out on
you.” She looked at Jamie, noticing that she was staring
at her new cunt with a look of fear. “What is it?”

“Am I going to have periods now? And what are we going
to tell dad?!”

“We’ll think of something.”

The door opened and the lead coordinator stuck her head
in. “Jamie, what are you doing? The power lifting
competition starts in 15 minutes. Play with your sister

After she left, Jamie and Suzie gave each other a “What
the…?” look. They went back to the dressing room,
where Jamie saw his workout bag underneath one of the
tables. He opened it and found a small bathing suit in
the style he had seen other weight lifters wearing and
put it on.

When they called for the female power lifters, Suzie
gave him a quick kiss “For luck” and Jamie took the
stage. He found that if he didn’t think about it, he
knew exactly what to do. What poses to take. How to
properly lift, and so on. He took third place and even
got a small trophy and a small check out of it.
As the two walked back to the car, Jamie said, “It’s
lucky you didn’t wish for me to want sex with you

“Why’s that?”

Jamie pulled Suzie to him and gave her a deep kiss.
“Because all it would’ve done is given you what already
is.” Suzie had been too stunned to respond at first, but
threw her arms around Jamie and kissed her deeply. Jamie
then slung her bag over Suzie’s shoulder and swept her
off her feet, carrying her back to the car.

At home, they saw dad’s car. Jamie took a deep breath
and said, “Well, let’s go see what dad has to say about
his new k*d.”

Inside, their dad simply said, “How’d my little princess
do at the competition today?”

“Uh… third place, dad.”

“Good for you. Go up and get showered and changed and
we’ll go out to celebrate.” Then to Suzie he said, “And
how did my little angel like the event? Not too bored I

“Uh, no, dad.”

“Sorry I had to stick you with driving your baby sister
around, but I just couldn’t get out of that business

“It was no problem, dad.”

Jamie, picking up on things, said, “Actually, dad, it
was a real big plus to have my big sis there in the
dressing room with me.”

“And since your dear old dad can’t do that you want her
to come along more often?” Jamie nodded. “Well, that’s
up to her. Suzie is old enough to have a social life of
her own.”

Suzie said, “Actually, dad, I think I’ll be making more
of Jamie’s competitions from now on. I really had fun.”

“Great. So go on upstairs and get ready.”

Jamie and Suzie walked to the stairs. Jamie said,
“Apparently, no one but you and me remembers me as
anything other than Jamie, the 14 yr old, female,
competition power lifter.”


Suzie went into her room, but when Jamie went into her
room, everything was gone. The bed, clothes, everything
was gone. In their place was a small collection of
weight lifting machines and free weights. The entire
room had become a small gym. She heard Suzie whisper,
“Jamie.” Jamie looked down the hall and saw Suzie waving
her new sis back to her room.

Jamie came back and went in. Inside his bed (with more
feminine sheets), dresser, and other stuff now took up
half the room. Suzie said, “Apparently I got more than
just a little sister today. I also got a roomie.”

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“Naw.” Suzie pulled Jamie’s face down to hers and kissed
her, not sister to sister, but lover to lover. “It’ll
make sneaking into your bed in the middle of the night

After Jamie’s shower, when Suzie was zipping her into a
dress, Suzie said, “Y’know, when I planned on going to
the event originally, I only thought I’d get to ogle a
bunch of hard bodies. I never dreamed I’d get to come
home with a hard bodied sister-slash-lover of my own. I
hope you don’t think too badly of me, but I’m not sorry
I put you in a dress and dragged you along.”

Jamie turned and gave her a sisterly kiss. “Suzie,
this’ll probably shock you, but neither am I.”

“This is reality, not T.V. Can’t you tell the

“Sure. I just like T.V. better.”

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