Bigtit Nikki gets fucked

Now open wide, and he gave her three heaped teaspoonfuls of product and sent her on her way. She got to the car and couldn’t stop herself sticking her fingers in her wet cunt, frigging herself to an orgasm. The next few days were a blur. She felt overwhelmed by feelings of lust, spent hours with her sex toys in her cunt without any realisation that she had already become an addicted to the product, and things were about to take a turn for the worse.

Nikki was a good looking woman. in her mid forties, a wife and mother she had a comfortable life, with a family who cared for her and a husband who still enjoyed fucking her on a regular basis. She had always been hot, with big DD tits with big nipples on a size 8 frame and had had more than her fair share of cocks over the years as someone who enjoyed being fucked.

Late one Sunday her sister called her and asked if they could meet up as she had managed to get herself into a situation and didn’t know . Her sister explained that she had borrowed some money from a local loan shark and wasn’t able to pay it back, and he was now threatening her. As the oldest sibling Nikki had always taken care of her family and agreed to speak to the guy in the morning.

The next morning she approached the unit on the outskirts of town and rang the bell. Yes, a voice said, it’s Nikki here, I have come to see Mike ‘Ok come in’ a voice said and she was buzzed in.

Mike was a short mean looking man sat behind a desk and as she looked around the room there were 2 other guys sat on a sofa and a tall black guy stood behind Mike

‘Mike I have come to speak about my sisters debt and want to agree a …..’ but before Nikki finished Mike interuppted..

‘You don’t remember me do you?’ he paused.. ‘We were at school together , where from what I remember you were a right cunt, but sorry please go on.’

Nikki, obviously flustered continues’ Um I wanted to see if we could work something out regarding my sisters debt?

Mike looked at the tall black guy.. ‘How much does she owe’, ’20 grand’ he said. Mike looked at Nikki..’You got 20 grand Nikki?

Nkki was stunned, she had considered maybe a thousand or two but 20,000 pounds… never. ‘Um no, but can we agree a plan to pay it back in instalments?

Mike jumped to his feet ‘Do I look like a fuckin bank?’ he shouted ‘Either she pays it back by noon today or I send the boys around to break off some of her fingers and take what they can from her house. Or your find some other way for you to pay off her debt’.

What do you mean some other way?

Mike thought carefully…. ‘Well I run a little business here and I need people to courier my product around town. You work for me 2 days a week for a month doing deliveries and the debt will be done’. You dont ask what, You dont ask why, You dont ask who. you just be here at 9am 2 days a week, get your list and make the deliveries.

‘But just be aware for me to trust my people everyone takes a little sample of my product each day. You agree to that, your sisters debt is dont and in one month we are done’

Nikki didn’t need much convincing. ‘Deal’ she said…. Mike knew her fate was sealed.

The next week Nikki turned up as instructed, Mike wasn’t there just the tall black guy who was called Wes. He gave her a box of 6 parcels with each parcel having an address label. On top was a handwritten sheet of instructions, which Nikki read carefully. The last line set her heart pounding, it read ‘Oh and by the way remove your underwear and give it to Wes, none of my female employees are allowed to wear underwear, they must always wear skirts and low cut tops, if you fail to comply then clothes will be provided.

I’m not doing that Nikki said to Wes at which point her looked at her and walked over to wear she was standing. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and twisted her head to drop her down to her knees. Do you not understand we own you bitch, or do you want me to go see your sister. We have a fucking deal, now either you take off your underwear or I do, and next time when your working for us, don’t wear any when you leave your house.

Tears filled Nikkis eyes as she removed her bra under her shirt and took off her knickers and handed them both to Wes. Next time I wont be so polite. Just one more thing and your good to go. He then took a teaspoon full of some white powder from a small pot and handed it to Nikki. Take your sample and then get to work. ‘What is it’ she asked and Wes gave her a look that was enough to send a shiver down her spine. She eat the sample and left.

The rest of the day was easy, drop the parcels and go home, she didn’t like the looks she received from the guys she dropped the parcels to as they stared at her big tits swaying under her tshirt, but her view was 1 day down one more tomorrow then 3 more weeks.

She followed her instructions on day 2 and went to collect the product, and this time Mike was there. Again there were 6 parcels, and Mike asked if she was wearing underwear. ‘No’ she replied sheepishly, and he then walked over to her and around her….

‘Next time the skirts higher and the top is either tighter or lower, got me?’ ‘Yes’ she said. She picked up the parcels and went to leave when Mike called her back. ‘You forgot to take a sample’ he said, ‘So as a punishment you take 2 spoons’. She duly obliged and went about her deliveries. What she didn’t realise was that her body was already ingesting the highest dose of Mikes product, a carefully developed combination of aphrodisiac, muscle relaxant and stimulant that was incredibly addictive.

That night she slept restlessly, her mind filled with images of herself being a cock slut, on her knees, on her back, her mouth and cunt buried in big cocks, she awoke to a crushing orgasm, with her fingers soaked from her own pussy, her nipples sore from the a***e she had unconciously given them Confused, but saciated, she fell back into a deep sleep.

The next week soon came around, although as each day passed she was feeling herself day by day getting frustrated with an emptiness she couldn’t understand. She dressed in a tight blue V neck top that gave a good view of her cleavage and a tight black lycra miniskirt with black heels. and as she left the house she caught a glimpse of herself, and she knew she looked good. When she arrived at the building Mike and Wes weren’t there, it was the other two guys. One was tall and muscular and in a different situation Nikki would find him very shaggable, the other was short, with a beer belly and looked generally unclean.

‘The parcels are over there’ said Neil the short guy, ‘Oh and Mike said you have to show us that youre not wearing underwear’ Nikki looked at the fat guy and her answer was short…’fuck off’ she said. As she walked over to collect the product he called Mike on his cell, and explained what she had said. ‘tell her she eats three spoons for her disrespect and tell her I will see her tomorrow’ Nikki heard the voice, so she took her medicine and went about her day, feeling incredibly relaxed, happy and horny as fuck. When she got home she couldn’t stop herself sneaking upstairs for a session with her rampant rabbit where after about 2 minutes she came hard and loud, which took her totally by surprise. She felt like a 20 year old, horny all the time, and needing cock…

The next morning she arrived and all four guys were waiting for her. ‘Stand here Mike told her and clasp your hands behind your head’, Nikki did as she was told feeling a little scared at his tone and her situation. Did you tell Neil to fuck off yesterday when he was following an instruction I gave him? ‘Yes’ Nikki said sheepishly. ‘I won’t tolerate disrespect to my core team so before you leave today I am going to give you a choice on how to make it up to him. You can remove your top and walk up to each of us to show us your tits or you can bend over the desk and take a spanking from Neil… You choose. Nikkis head was a whirl, she couldn’t believe she was in this situation and worse of all her pussy was soaking wet at this verbal assault.

She didn’t want Neil’s hands anywhere near her so she opened her blouse and walked up to wes, he stared at her big tits with wide dark areoles and bullet size nipples that were rigid and hard. She then walked over to Neil who was rubbing his crotch.

‘Ask him if he likes your tits Nikki and get him to tell you what he would like to do to them’ Mike said, obviously enjoying her embarrasment..

Her head bowed, ‘do you like my tits Neil?’ ‘Fuck yeah’ he said. ‘What would you like to do to them?’

I would start by fucking them with you squeezing those big tits together around my cock. I would then pull your nipples up, out and across each other to fuck them harder. I would then get you to stand up, put your hands behind your head and I would spank your tits while you counted. After a good spanking I would then tie a rope around the base of one of your tits and wrap it around until it turned purple and put a nipple pump on your other tit and pump it till your nipple was 2 inches long. Then I would fuck them again and dump a load over them and when finished I would take a picture and post it.

Nikki was horrified, both at what Neil was saying he would do th her lucious tits but more at the reaction in her pussy which was soaking wet and it took all of her willpower to keep her fingers out of her wet cunt.

She then walked over to James, the muscular guy and cupped them both in her hands, ‘Do you like my tits’ she said… ‘Oh yes’ he said looking her straight in the eyes, her nipples hard from both the situation and the thought that james liked her tits. Finally she approached Mike and said do you like my tits… ‘Yeah babe, not bad at all. Can’t wait to hear you begging me to go to work on them….’

Now open wide, and he gave her three heaped teaspoonfuls of product and sent her on her way. She got to the car and couldn’t stop herself sticking her fingers in her wet cunt, frigging herself to an orgasm.

The next few days were a blur. She felt overwhelmed by feelings of lust, spent hours with her sex toys in her cunt without any realisation that she had already become an addicted to the product, and things were about to take a turn for the worse.

As week three came around she needed her fix, she arrived early on day 1 to collect the parcels, and only James was there. She stared at the bulge in his trousers hungrily and couldn’t help herself brushing her tits up against him. He gave her a teaspoon of product and the powerful drugs rushed through her body.

‘Would u like another one? he said, ‘Yes please’ she said. ‘Then let’s make it interesting’.

‘Take off your top and suck your own nipple to get it nice and wet. Then dip it in the pot and suck the product off your tit’. Her pussy nearly exploded, and the last bit of her self respect dissapaered as he said arms up and she obeyed so that he could lift her tshirt over her head.

‘If you like I am more than happy to get it wet for you’ he said and unable to control her lust she said ‘ Um… Ok’ and he went to work on her left tit, licking and sucking, teasing her nipple, using his tongue to get it nice and wet. She resisted the urge to slide a finger into her cunt and when he was done she then dipped it in the product, tucked in her chin, and lifted her tit to her own mouth, licking off the product and sucking her wet nipple greedily. ‘Good girl’ he said and she was happy to have pleased him.

She took her parcels and got into her car, she opened the glove box and pulled out a big dildo, which slid easily into her wet cunt, she closed her eyes put her head back and dream of James fucking her, his bick cock in her mouth, her pussy and even her ass and again it wasnt long before she came hard. She opened here eyes to see james stood by her window looking in. Embarrassed she pulled out the dildo and put it back in the glove box, then wound down the window. ‘You forgot one’ said James, smirking….

The next morning Nikki arrived on time and avoided eye contact with James when Mike walked in. ‘Morning Nikki’ he said ‘someone was busy yesterday’ he smirked. ‘One of the benefits of my trade is having cameras everywhere… And look what we picked up on film yesterday’… Nikki looked at the screen and saw James sucking her tit, then what was obviously Nikki frigging herself in the car park… I always knew you were a horny cunt, but now i have it on tape….

‘Now what to do’ said Mike…. ‘ How about this, Each of the boys will give you an option. You can then choose to accept one of the options or decline, but if you do decline them the forfeit is that I will post your video on a porn site for 48 hours entitled Nikki is a slut, where u can hope that noone who knows you sees it… Sound fair?’

Nikki knew she was fucked, but despite her situation her body was already betraying her… To help your decision making you can have some product. She opened her mouth, and Mike gave her 4 teaspoons, the rush hit her hard and her knees felt weak. The product was quickly becoming the only thing in her life, other than her well used dildos.

Each of the guys then spoke up in turn. Wes told her that she was to drop to her knees take his cock out of his pants and suck as much as she could take. Neil wanted to fuck her doggie style , James thought carefully then said. ‘Nikki I want you to climb onto my cock and grind for 1 minute without coming. if you dont come you can walk away, but if you do then Neil gets 5 minutes to play with your tits.

The thought of grinding James made her cunt frizz with excitement, but there is no way she would last a minute, she hated Neil, and the other option was suck on a big black cock. After a few seconds she took the easiest option, and walked over to Wes and dropped to her knees, she undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and pants and was smacked in the chin by a huge cock that was rapidly hardening.

She put both hands around the shaft and slipped the end into her mouth, she did her best to service the 9 inch monster, but her cock sucking skills were limited and the cock was the biggest she had ever seen after 5 minutes of slurping and licking Wes stepped back and looked down at her. That was garbage bitch, but don’t worry… We will work on those skills. Mike spoke up, well as you failed that one Nikki, you have to serve a forfeit. As you like toys so much Wes will get you a toy to fuck yourself with later today so we can watch you fuck yourself properly. Once your deliveries are done get your ass back here.

Nikki did her deliveries and kept wondering how it had all come to this? A respectable wife, who had become a cock hungry slut at the mercy of 4 assholes. She got back to the office and they were there waiting for her. On the desk were 3 massive dildos of different shapes and sizes and Mike invited her in. Ok slut, pick a cock get comfy on the sofa get your kit off and put on a show. She picked a thick pink rabbit, removed her skirt and sat on the sofa with her legs up on the coffee table.. The guys were all sat around her drinking beer when Wes walked over and gave her a large spoon of product, her eyes rolled back in her head and her hands went to her wet pussy. She buried 2 fingers in her cunt then slid the dildo deep into her cunt and switched the head on, it swirled inside her cunt with the vibrator pushed onto her clit, while her hands moved to play with her erect nipples, her moaning started to get louder and she pushed her head back squeezed her tit as the big dildo was crushed into her hot wet cunt. She came hard with her head swimming in a range of emotions. ‘Wow, how fast was that’ Mike said ‘ I feel a bit short changed, ah well, off you go cunt’

It was her final week, then the debt will be paid and Nikki’s life could return to some kind of normal, only her life was anything but normal. She was an addict. Addicted to Mikes product and as each day slipped by she needed her fix more and more. She even considered going in a day or 2 early to get some product, but managed to restrain herself but it was getting harder and harder to control her urges. Every spare minute she was playing with her body, she never wore underwear anywhere anymore as it got in the way of her playing with herself, and she was going thru a lot of batteries…

As the final week arrived she got to the office early, and they were all there. Morning cock slut said Mike ready for your final week? ‘Yes’ said Nikki defiant that she would retain some dignity. ‘The parcels are over there but first things first… Open wide’ and Mike poured in a vial of milky coloured liquid. ‘It’s a new product I’ve been working on, what do you think?’ Nikki could bearly hear him. Her nipples were rock hard, her pussy was buzzing like it had been electrically charged. ‘Oh god’ she gasped… ‘Good isn’t it’ he said…. ‘Tell me what you want?

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