Black bodybuilder and bi sluts 2.

Grant and John each held one handle of the cooler as
they carried it down to the beach. “I got that,” yelled
Flex. The black man was already shirtless and wearing
long baggy shorts that nearly reached his knees. “I’ll
be drinking most of it anyway.” He grabbed the cooler
and tucked it under one muscular arm. “Wimps,” he said.

John was carrying a bag filled with snorkeling
equipment. He dropped it at a spot near the water.
Marisa came up beside him and placed the baby carrier in
the shade of a palm tree noticing some lizards scurry
off. She spread a blanket out on the sand and sat down
in it. Candace sat down beside her while Grant spread
out a blanket beside theirs.

Candace was already wearing her bikini and was perfectly
content to wear that and nothing else all day until they
went out at night. Grant had his shirt off and was
wearing a bathing suit with flip flops. He was a good
looking guy with sandy brown hair and a nice physique.
John was wearing his suit too, but kept his shirt on to
protect his fair skin. Candace poured some tanning
lotion in her hand and started coating her lovely skin
with it. Grant did the same as did John.

Marisa stood up and pulled her shapeless sundress over
her head. When it cleared her head, see saw there were
three pairs of male eyes on her body. John was smiling
proudly while Grant seemed to be taking in her entire
sexy body. Flex had just zoned in on her breasts and
true to form, her nipples were semi-erect and apparent
through the material. Worse, there was some leakage and
little wet dots were spreading out in the center of her
bikini top. They actually hardened more under all the
male gazes.

Candace noticed the attention on the other woman and
didn’t like it. “You guys want to hear about my latest
modeling gig?”

“Maybe later dear,” said her husband. “John and I want
to get some snorkeling in.”

Candace frowned as her attempt to become the center of
attention failed. “Well, I’ll tell Marisa then.”

Great, thought Marisa, boring stories about Candace
traveling around, modeling, meeting semi-famous
celebrities, and attending cocktail parties.

“I was in Bermuda last week at a cocktail party after
the beach photo shoot when and you won’t believe who I

“Any of you girls want to oil me up?” asked Flex.

Marisa looked at his black skin and hard bulging
muscles. She didn’t even like the big man’s hugging her
and she certainly didn’t want to run her hands all over
his body. She turned away from him and checked on Jack.
He was awake, so she took him out to let him crawl on
the blanket for awhile. “I’ll do it,” said Candace. The
thin blonde jumped up and Flex tossed her a bottle of

Marisa tried not to watch, but she found herself staring
as Candace ran her hands all over Flex’s chest. He held
his arms out, making those biceps that had graced a half
dozen magazine covers already. His biceps might nearly
be as big as Candace’s waist. How could she stand
touching a black guy? Candace didn’t seem to mind at
all. It wasn’t sexual either. Candace was just one
gorgeous model helping out another model.

The blonde was very white, though she tanned easily and
was already turning darker. She wasn’t as white as
Marisa’s pale skin, but still Marisa stared at the
contrast on Candace’s white body superimposed before the
hulking dark black skinned man. Other than for a few
strategically placed strips of cloth, Candace was all
but completely nude. Her bare ass was facing Marisa, now
the blonde was behind the giant black man, her perky
breasts pressing into his back as she ran her slick
hands up his back. Marisa’s eyes roamed down to the
black man’s baggy shorts.

A long tubular object caused the material to bulge out
as it swung between his legs. The end nearly reached the
black man’s knees and the bottom of his long beach
shorts. That outline certainly didn’t look like he
stuffed his pants with socks! It appeared to get bigger
under her gaze and Marisa quickly took her eyes off it.
She looked up to find Shane was staring at her even as
Candace finished coating his body with lotion. Marisa
looked away with embarrassment, hoping he didn’t think
she was trying to check out his junk.

Candace sat back down while the three men went into the
water. Grant and John waded far out and then started
swimming with their masks on, breathing through their
snorkels. Flex wasn’t much of a swimmer, but he liked
the water. He waded out up to his thighs and watched the
two white husbands swim around.

“So, I heard you having a little fun last night,” said

Candace rolled over on her stomach and untied her top.
“Damn! You heard all that? Not much privacy this
weekend. Hope we didn’t disturb you.”

“Didn’t last long enough to disturb me,” replied Marisa.

“Kiss my ass, Marisa,” replied Candace, sitting up. She
was facing the water where Marisa was laying on her back
facing the other direction. “I didn’t hear anything
coming from your cabin except for Jack crying.”

“Sorry. Sorry. I said that without thinking. Truth is a
few minutes is better than nothing at all.”

“I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to snap. Grant’s a horny
devil and we have sex almost every night, but dear god
does he lack stamina. Just as I’m starting to get into
it, he grunts, fills his condom, and rolls over with a
smile on his face.”

“Have you tried maybe doubling up on the condoms?”

“We’ve tried everything. Girlfriend, if it wasn’t for my
dildo, I’d go crazy. Why just the other night…”

“I’ve only had sex several times since Jack was born,”
interrupted Marisa, shutting Candace up. Clearly Candace
was getting something off her chest and she had a
tendency to make everything about herself.

“John’s never had a high sex drive even before I got
pregnant, but since the baby was born it’s fallen to
almost nothing and to make matters worse I took hormone
injections to help me get pregnant and they’ve made me
horny all the time.”

“Girl, I’m gonna get you a dildo. Trust me, the thing
works wonders for relieving stress. I tried everything,
praying, speaking with my pastor, and a marriage
councilor. The marriage councilor recommended some
marital aids and increasing the amount of foreplay we
do, but Grant has never been much for giving, though he
enjoys receiving.”

“Too much information.”

“Sorry, I’ve been wanting a friend to talk to about this
for a long time. I tried to talk to Lola, but apparently
Flex is some kind of horse hung superman of sex and she
couldn’t empathize.”

Bah! If he was so good, why’d she leave him? John told
me steroids made his dick small and he stuffs his pants
with socks.”

“Ha ha ha!” laughed Candace. “John’s insecure. Both our
husbands walked in on Flex having sex back in their frat
house. Grant told me how hung Flex was the day I met the
big black lug. Lola told me Flex’s penis was like a
black iron bar more than a foot long.”

“BULL! But, speaking of Lola,” said Marisa sitting up.
“I should send her a quick message.” Marisa reached out
for her bag and cell phone. She flipped open the phone
and briefly glanced up. Their husbands were still
swimming, but Flex was standing watching the women. “No
man has a foot long p…” Marisa couldn’t help noticing
the large tubular bulge pressing against his swimsuit. A
foot must be an exaggeration, but it was definitely big.
“The big guy’s eyeballing us.”

“I know. I’ve been watching him through my sunglasses.”
Candace arched her back, her breasts lifting off the

“CANDACE! You just flashed him.”

“No harm teasing him a little.”

“Is that the way a good church going girl should

Candace chuckled, pretending to adjust herself and then
settled down on her stomach again. “Tie my top for me.”

Candace leaned over and tied Candace’s bikini top.
Candace then rolled over. “When you do what I do, you
get used to showing skin. I’d be nude if it were legal.
Besides, you’re one to talk, you aren’t covering up much
in that skimpy thing.”

Marisa blushed which tended to turn everything from her
chest up red. “I kind of outgrew my bikini.”
She peeked at the big black man standing down by the
river. He was still staring, but it wasn’t Candace he
was looking at and Marisa couldn’t tell if he’d even
noticed her little show. He was staring at Marisa.
Marisa glanced down at her bottoms.

She was sitting up with her knees bent and legs spread.
She could see the entire outline of her labia through
the tight bikini bottom. She quickly closed her legs in
horror. Marisa turned around, not wanting to look at
him, but presenting her ass to the black man and giving
him another good beaver shot. She lowered herself down
to the blanket, front first, her ass the last to slide
down. She sent a quick message off to Lola: Sorry to
hear about you and Shane. Wish you were here.

It wasn’t long thereafter, Jack woke up hungry. Marisa
sat up and picked her son up, covering her breasts with
a towel as he started feeding. “Damn it!” she

Candace glanced down and saw Marisa remove her hand from
under the towel. It was covered with milk.
“Jack got bad aim or something?”

“No, he’s happily sucking. It’s my condition. Sometimes
when he starts sucking the other nipple shoots out

“What exactly is hyper-lactation?”

“My body produces more milk then my baby needs. It
sometimes leaks or sprays a lot,” explained Marisa.
Candace nodded her head in understanding. “Sometimes
Jack can’t keep up with it and other times he gets so
much, he’s gassy all the time.”

“How did you get it?”

“Every woman has milk producing glands called Alveoli.
Each breast has around 100,000 to 300,000 glands. Larger
breasts have more glands. Apparently I have 400,000 to
500,000.” Candace whistled. “I know,” said Marisa. “I
took hormone injections to get pregnant and they appear
to have my breasts working overtime producing milk in
addition to making me horny all the time.”

“I guess that can get pretty messy, huh?”

“Messy and embarrassing. They leak and squirt all the
time. It started before Jack was born and I had to go
out on maternity leave from the law firm early. The men
there had a pool going on how long it would take my
breasts to start leaking after I got to work. They soak
through everything, pads, bras, sweaters. It doesn’t
matter. It’s horrible.”

“I’m sorry honey,” said Candace, putting her arm around
the breast feeding mom.

“And to top it all off, John’s the one with the low
sperm count and I’m the one that had to take the hormone
injections. Now my nipples are ultra sensitive, I’m
horny all the time and John’s been acting weird since
the baby was born. I never should have let him watch me
give birth.”

“There there honey. Everything will work out fine.”
Candace looked up. Here come the boys.”

Grant and John came back up to dry off and eat a snack.
Grant looked uncomfortable and turned his back on the
breast feeding woman even though he couldn’t see
anything. “Where’s Flex?” asked Candace.

“He saw some girls in bikinis down the beach and walked
down to meet them. Looked like jailbait to me,”
responded Grant.

Jack was soon full and happily asleep. Marisa laid him
down and then fixed her bikini top. She took the towel
off and then adjusted the bikini cups to cover her
nipples a little better. She stood up and started
applying liberal doses of sunscreen to her fair skin
again. Soon her body was slick and glistening in the
sunlight. “Well Jack should be out for awhile. Candace,
if you can keep an eye on him, I think I’ll take a walk
down the beach. John want to come with me?”

“Aww, sorry honey. We saw a baby manta ray by a group of
coral and I wanted to take the underwater camera out to
see if I could get a picture.”

“Fine. I’ll go alone then.” Marisa walked down to the
water and set off down the beach. She wished John had
come along with her, they didn’t get much time alone
since Jack was born. A smile slowly spread across her
face. She didn’t get much time alone period. This was
nice. It was quiet, mostly private, sunny and warm with
a lovely view. The beach wasn’t crowded, but she did
pass an RV pulled over with a pair of married seniors.
The husband glanced at her, then did a double take,
pausing to stare at her body.

The wife didn’t notice and Marisa gave him a friendly
wave. Suddenly, her private little walk was ruined when
a humongous black figure stood up from where he was
sitting under some palm trees. “Flex?” she asked,
curious. “What are you doing out here?” She noticed the
straining bulge under his swimwear and tried not to
stare, but it was hard not to look at something so
obvious. Though to be fair, he was staring full on at
her breasts and she knew the exercise probably had made
her nipples leak.

“Just had to get away,” he said, shaking his head while
holding his face down.

“Oh Shane,” said Marisa. She fought her distaste and
reached out to touch the black man on his bicep. It was
hard and smooth. “Are you missing Lola?”

“Yes,” he sobbed. Flex then surprised her. Her quickly
wrapped his huge arms around her and pulled her body
hard against his. It was like hitting a brick wall. Her
soft supple body pressing against him. Her heavy breasts
mashed against his hard abdominals. Marisa turned her
face with distaste away from his body. Her cheek pressed
against the chest of the much taller black man. She
could feel her oily body slippery against his sweaty
skin. His hard bulge pressed into her stomach. “It’s
hard watching you with John and Grant with Candy and not
think of my time with Lola. I miss her so much.”

“I’m sorry, Shane,” said Marisa, trying to extricate
herself from the black man’s strong embrace. His bulge
was pressing into her and appeared to be growing. She
began to wonder if it might be true about his penis
being more than a foot long. It was a monster. The head
was pushing into her belly button and it felt as big as
a golf ball. It was flexing as if it wanted release from
his swim trunks. She was able to back her bottom half
away from it a little.

“That’s your fault you know,” he said, finally releasing

Marisa stepped back. Rubbing against him had messed up
her bikini cup and dislodged part of her areola. Her
nipples were engorged and leaking. One had nearly sprung
free of her bikini top. She adjusted her cups trying to
hide her embarrassment. “What’s my fault?’

“That,” said Flex, pointing down at his crotch. Her eyes
followed his fingers down to the straining material.
“You made my cock hard, teasing me back there on the

“I did that?” Marisa couldn’t take her eyes off it.

The way you were teasing me Marisa. I haven’t had sex in
a month. I miss my wife and then you have to go teasing
me with that hot body of yours. I never thought you
could be so cruel.”

“I- I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. I’d never do
anything like that.”

“My big black cock is so swollen it hurts. What am I
going to do about it?”

“I don’t know. Go take care of it. That’s what men do,
right?” Not only were her nipples rock hard, but Marisa
began to realize her crotch was getting a little moist.
She didn’t like Flex, nor did she find his over muscled
torso attractive, but it had been so long for her, that
his attention was making her aroused.

“I haven’t done that since I was a teen. Now you done
gone and made my cock all big and hard. It hurts Marisa.
My balls are so swollen with sperm they’re fucking
killing me. Now I ask again, what am I going to do about

Marissa shrugged unable to take her eyes off his bulge.
“I don’t know, go ride into Key West and look for a
woman. Why are you asking me? I can’t help.”

“I need relief now and I am asking you, since this is
your fault. What are you going to do about it?”

He wasn’t asking what she thought he was asking, was he?
“Ah… what can I do?”

“Go back into the mangroves with me and take care of it
for me.”

“Shane! How dare you even ask such a thing. I’m married
to one of your best friends.” Just the thought was wrong
on so many levels. She was married, a new mom, he was
John’s friend, he was black. “I’m going back.” In a
huff, she turned to leave.

“Wait!” he called, anxiously and Marissa stopped,
looking at him over her shoulder. “If you won’t fuck me,
then how about a blow job?”

“No!” she exclaimed. God, he was so crude.

“Come on Marisa, a blow job ain’t cheating. Everyone
knows that.”

“I said no, now leave me alone.”

“A hand job then.”

Marisa stopped again. “What does that mean? You want me
to jerk you off?” She didn’t even like touching his
black skin and he was asking her to stroke off his

“Yes. That’s it. That’s all I want. Just give me a hand
job and I’ll leave you alone. Please Marisa, my cock
needs to get off so bad it hurts.” He waited until she
turned to stare at him, her eyes going to his swim
trunks. He grabbed his bulge and he could see her eyes
widen in disbelief at his size. “Please.”

In a strange way, she felt connected to Flex at that
moment. Her breasts were swollen and they’d start to
ache if they didn’t get relief. Maybe, Shane’s penis was
the same way? “If I do this, you’ll shut up.”

“I promise.”

Marisa stared down at his bulge, looking even more
swollen where he was squeezing the base through his
shorts. Why was she even considering this? It had been
so long since John had begged her for sex or since she’d
even seen his penis get hard with desire for her. John
loved her, but between work and the baby, he was just
too tired. God, she didn’t even like this man. But, she
couldn’t take her eyes off his bulge and the truth hit
her. She wanted to see his penis. Or, more specifically,
she wanted to see his big black cock. She wanted to see
it truly were a huge steel rod more than a foot long.
“Alright, I’ll do it,” she heard a voice that sounded
like hers say.

“Great. Come on let’s get off the beach.” Flex reached
for her hand.

“No, not here and only this one time and don’t you dare
tell anyone about this.”

“I promise, baby. Now where? Wanna meet me at the

“No, too dangerous we’ll get caught. Meet me on the
trail to the cabins from the beach. Tell the others you
saw me and I’m enjoying my walk. I’ll cut across the
island and meet you there.”

“Alright,” said the big black man. “And Marissa?”


“Hurry up.” He turned and started jogging up the beach.

“Fuck! What did I just agree to,” she said to herself.
Marisa cut across the island like she said she would.
She didn’t even like touching Shane’s black skin and
she’d just promised to jerk his cock off. She had a
solution to that problem. He wouldn’t like it, but she
wasn’t about to give him any choice. Her entire walk
back to her cabin, Marisa pictured herself holding a
foot long black cock in her hand. The last time, she’d
held John’s penis, it had been all floppy as she
furiously tried to get him excited enough to get hard.

She arrived at her cabin and entered it. Marisa moved
over to her cleaning supplies and retrieved her solution
to the skin on skin problem she found so distasteful.
She had an entire box of blue rubber gloves, she used
for cleaning. She withdrew a pair, as well as a bottle
of baby oil and then she thought a blanket might be a
good idea. As she exited her cabin, she saw Flex
approaching, a broad grin across his face. “I was
worried you might chicken out,” he said.

“I considered it, but I said I would do it and I will.
Consider this your lucky day. There are some rules
though. Where to?”

“Follow me. There’s a private sandy area just off the
main trail and we can keep an eye on any others in our
group walking past.”

“What did you tell them?” she asked, following him.

“I said that I saw you walking and you were going to be
a while. Then I told them, that I had to go take a

“Classy.” Marisa followed the large black man down the
trail almost to the point where she could make out
Candace laying on the beach. Flex then slipped between
two bushes and disappeared. She followed him into a
sandy area that was so perfect for a little private
fling, she wasn’t surprised when she saw an old used
condom laying off to the side half buried in the pebbly

Marisa tossed the blanket out on the sand. Flex noticed
the blue latex gloves. “What are those for?” he asked.

“I don’t want to touch your thingy or get any of your
semen on my hand, so I’m going to wear gloves.”


“I wear gloves and give you a hand job or no gloves and
the deal’s off,” she told him. Flex just held up his
hands in mock surrender. “Glad you agree. This is also a
onetime deal. It won’t happen again. It’s not happening
now. It never happened in the first place and we won’t
ever speak of it. Agreed?” She waited for him to nod
before continuing. “And if you ever tell anyone about
this, I’ll k**l you. Understand?”

“Just get on with it,” said Flex, reaching down to the
waistband of his swimsuit and yanking them down.

Marisa involuntarily flinched expecting some big black
snake to rear out and strike at her, but she quickly
recovered. Flex wasn’t even naked under his swimsuit. He
was wearing the tight crotch hugging Speedo that he wore
when posing for weight lifting magazines. His enormous
cock was straining to break free of the tight material.
“Well what are you waiting for?” she asked. “Take it

“You take it out.”

“Fine.” Marisa shook her head in exasperation. She
kneeled on the blanket and reached down for the gloves.
She was pulling one on while Flex moved in front of her,
his bulging crotch right before her face.

When both gloves were securely on her hands, Marisa
reached up and tentatively moved her hands to the
waistband of his Speedo just like a nurse would when
about to examine a patient. She gingerly pinched the
waistband and pulled it out.

Flex’s cock seemed to uncoil a little and his huge cock
head slowly rose up and grew until nearly four inches of
cock was sticking out from the waistband reaching all
the way up to the belly button centered in his hard
muscular stomach. “Wow,” she muttered, pulling the
waistband out and down. His cock fell down like a felled
ebon colored redwood tree nearly smacking her on the
nose. Marisa reared her head back and stared at the
monster. “WOW!” she said again, more loudly.

“Like it?” asked Flex.

“No, I don’t like it, but it sure is huge!” she gasped,
feeling her heart racing. Flex’s cock was magnificent.
It was indeed longer than a foot long and thick too,
probably as big around as her wrist. Not only was his
size impressive, but the whole thing was simply
beautiful. His cock looked like it had been sculpted
from black granite. If it were even possible for a penis
to have muscles, Flex’s penis had muscles and as great
and gigantic as it was, it looked almost normal sticking
out from his sculpted body. The head was serpentine and
long, between two and three inches.

The flare was great, probably sticking out another half
inch above the shaft. Shane was a black man’s black man,
but his cock was even darker then his skin. It was so
swollen with b***d, that his entire cock was nearly
blue-black and even purplish around the large veins
crisscrossing the shaft. Marisa felt her own fluids
begin dripping down her thighs as she stared at it. Her
body responding to some primal instinct. Maybe she did
like it.

“Well, it’s not going to jerk itself off,” said Flex

“No, I guess it isn’t,” she muttered. Marisa bent her
head looking for the bottle of baby oil and his cock
head smacked her in the forehead. She reared back from
it, reaching out for the baby oil. The lovely red-headed
wife and new mom flipped the nozzle on the bottle and
poured some into the latex covering her palm.

“You’re going to need more than that.”

Marisa looked at the big black cock again and nodded in
agreement. She lifted the bottle above the long shaft
and turned it upside down, letting oil fall along his
thick cock like she was squeezing mustard out over a
burnt foot long hot dog. When she felt it was good and
coated with oil, she dropped the bottle and reached out
for the big cock.

Her fingertips brushed his cock head and it leaped,
eager for her touch. Marisa finally wrapped her fingers
around it and began twisting her gloved hand along his
rod, coating every square inch with oil. The thin layer
of latex did little to hide how hard and powerful
Shane’s cock was. She could feel every bump, ridge, and
vein along his shaft. She could even feel the heat his
cock was giving off.

Marisa had run her hand along the entire thing and
figured she was ready to get this over with. She was
bringing her other hand up to steady his penis and for
the first time noticed how big his balls were. Her hand
slid down his shaft as she stared at his testicles. They
were sized for both Flex and Flex’s cock which is to say
they were huge.

Her hand stopped heading for the base of his shaft and
instead went over to cup his balls. Just one of Flex’s
testicles barely fit in her gloved hand. She could cup
John’s entire scrotum in one hand. She released it and
went back to stroking the giant black shaft with one
hand while steadying the base with her other hand.

“It’s not fair that you get to see me naked and you’re
still in that bikini.” Flex stepped into his Speedo with
one foot and pushed it down to the sand.

“Bikini stays on, Flex,” said Marisa, staring intently
at his cock as her hand slid up and down the long shaft.
It was so perfect, so masculine. Much to her shame, her
arousal grew. Her pussy continued leaking to the point,
her bikini bottoms were soaked and her juices were
leaking through it. Her nipples had been hard for
awhile, but now they began leaking and little wet spots
spread out around her nipples on her bikini top. They
even jetted once, doubling the size of the circles of
wetness on her cups. Marisa had told Flex just a few
minutes ago that this was his lucky day. Now she wasn’t
so sure. She was the lucky one. He was doing her the
favor by letting her touch him. It was her privilege.

Marisa’s arm began to tire, so she switched and began
stroking him with her left hand. Her knees were digging
into the sand through the blanket and hurting. She
fidgeted trying to get more comfortable. Her left arm
was tiring rapidly. Flex had some amazing stamina. Doubt
started creeping in that she might not be able to get
him off. He was enjoying it at least. Flex would grunt
from time to time and a few times, he’d let out an “Oh
yeah baby, jerk off that big black cock”.

She looked up his amazingly defined chest and to his
head. He’d thrown his head back and was looking up at
the sky. He brought his head back down and looked down
at her. Their eyes met and locked. She couldn’t look
away. Right then, her only desire was to make sure that
Flex got off. She started using both hands, jerking his
shaft faster and faster using every bit of her strength.
His lips curled up in a wry grin. “Try sucking on it,
that should work.”

Marisa broke eye contact and stared at the huge head of
his cock. Her lips parted and she leaned slightly
forwards, but then she came to her senses. “No way,
Flex. I’m your friend’s wife, remember?”

“Let me see them titties then. That should help me get

Marisa frowned. His hand was already in her long red
hair, not waiting for permission, he pulled the string
around the back of her neck. Then his hand slid down her
back, touching her skin until it found the string around
her back. He pulled that loose and her top fell to the

“Damn Isa, dems some big white titties.”

Marisa flushed so much she thought her skin might turn
as red as her hair. Her nipples were as hard as she’d
ever seen them, so big and pointy, her entire areola had
puffed up with them. Her areola had always been a faint
rose color that blended in with her skin, but since her
pregnancy, the nipple itself had turned a darker angry
red. Worse, the sunlight made her red nipples glisten
where her mother’s milk was leaking from them. Little
jets of milk shut out suddenly as he gazed on them. She
turned her attention back to his cock and her rapidly
tiring arms.

“Let’s lay down.”

“Alright,” she said, releasing his cock. She sat back on
her ass as Flex sat down on the blanket and laid on his
back. It was a large blanket, but Flex was so tall, most
of his legs were in the sand. She reached over for his
cock without being told to and started stroking him
again. They were positioned in a way that had her
kneeling by his head with her right hip near his head.

Now she was leaning over his stomach, her large
pendulous breasts swinging like udders underneath her.
Her nipples scraped across his hard stomach. Suddenly a
jolt of pleasure shot up from her nipple and coursed
through her entire body. “What are you doing?” she

Flex had slid his hand up and cupped her breast,
pinching a nipple. “Gotta let me play with these. It’ll
get me off faster.”

“Oh god!” she muttered, trying not to moan. She couldn’t
bring herself to tell him to stop, it felt too good. His
hand was kneading the tip of her breast. Damn! He was
milking her. She could feel her milk laden breast squirt
some fluid into the palm of his hand. His hand
disappeared and she heard a sucking sound. He was
tasting her mother’s milk! She didn’t even let John do

Flex leaned on his side a little so that he was facing
her body. The hand returned only this time, it found the
back of her thigh. Marisa summoned her strength and
started jerking him off faster, desperate to get him
off. His strong black hand slid up her nearly bare ass
cheek. It found the string across her hips and she felt
him pinch the knot. “Panties stay on!” she gasped,
moving her hands faster. She glanced back. His dark
black hand moved from her panties to her sides, down her
ass and thigh. The contrast against her white skin was
exciting. She felt stupid for putting the latex gloves
on, but at least she wasn’t actually touching his giant

His hand worked around the back of her leg to her
interior thigh. He could feel her wetness now and she
flushed again with embarrassment. Cum dammit! She
thought, trying to will his cock to explode. She
trembled in lustful shock when his finger pushed against
her bikini bottom. The tip teased her, slowly working
its way up and down her wet slit. Marisa couldn’t help
herself. Her mind tried to pull away from that teasing
finger, but her body pushed back into it and the tip of
his finger pushed her bikini bottom inside her needy
pussy about half an inch. She was so horny. This time
Marisa moaned and sucked her lower lip into her mouth in
an attempt to stifle it. She switched hands again. Was
it her imagination or was his cock swelling larger?

Marisa started humping the black man’s finger much to
her shame. He pulled it back and for a brief moment, she
felt he might be showing her some sympathy, but he was
only working his finger into edge of her panty bottom.
His free hand squeezed her breast again, pinching her
nipple just as the finger in her crotch slid past her
bikini bottom and pushed deep in her wet pussy. It slid
up to the knuckle with a loud squishing sound. “Damn,
Marisa, your pussy is like a furnace.” She had the bare
fingers of a black man in her pussy and a a bare black
hand squeezing her breast. It was too much for Marisa.
She gasped and came all over his finger.

He pulled it back, but immediately replaced it with two
fingers. He started finger fucking her. Her orgasm had
been the first in months. Marisa’s mouth opened wide as
she moaned in absolute pleasure. His finger fucking
f****d her head down, right over his hard cock head. She
tried to pull back, but he pinched her nipple hard again
and she kept her mouth open as he started bucking his
hips. The big round head of his cock kept working its
way in and out of her mouth, pushing against the back of
her throat. Marisa pushed her head down over it
willingly now, thanking him for the orgasm. The huge
cock felt like it might explode at any moment and it
did. Flex bellowed and his hot cum started pouring down
this married mom’s throat.

Marisa didn’t even like physically touching him and now
his penis was ejaculating sperm down her throat. She
pulled back, her mouth swelling with semen until her
cheeks bulged. She swallowed a load, surprised that his
protein rich sperm didn’t taste all that bad. As her
cheeks bulged out a second time and sperm began to
dribble down her chin, his cock head sprang free of her
mouth and she got a blast of hot semen in her face.

She pushed herself up off the blanket, his wildly
spurting cock covering her breasts and chest with yet
more sperm. Cum had coated one of her eyes and she
opened the other. Flex was holding his cock up and it
looked like a long black volcano. Sperm was still
shooting up from it about an inch only to fall back onto
the head to drip down the shaft like hot lava. She could
even fancy that she could see his heavy scrotum jerking
at it pumped out more semen this one time then her
husband had probably cum in his entire life.

Flex had kept his fingers in her pussy and when she had
pulled back, it only served to push them deeper.
She moaned as he worked them in and out. “That was
fantastic Isa. You need to let me repay the favor. Lie
down on the blanket.” He pulled his fingers out and slid
off to the side of the blanket.

“W-what are you going to do?” she asked. Marisa moved to
kneel on the blanket.

“I’m gonna eat that white pussy until you cum as hard as
I did.” He grabbed one thigh and pushed her back.
“You think my fingers felt good. Wait until my tongue
gets in there. I’ll need to take those bottoms off.”

Marisa’s good eye was wide open. She wanted this. Needed
this. “Alright, go ahead.” She rationalized that it
would be safe without her panty as he’d just cum and it
would be a long time before that big cock of his got
hard again.

He grinned at her and used both hands to untie the
strings of her bikini bottoms. “Look at that red haired
pussy,” he said as her crotch was revealed. She shaved
it in a long strip, shaving the sides to fit in the

Her pussy tended to be quite bushy and the strip from
her clit up to her lower stomach was a healthy patch of
red hair. He positioned her ass on the edge of the
blanket as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs
open. She lay back in the sand. Flex was squatting
between her legs on the rest of the blanket.

He didn’t want his wet cock in the sand. Marisa could
see his mighty phallus sticking straight out, dripping
his seed. She was surprised at how large it remained
after cumming. John’s tended to shrink pretty fast. Then
Flex’s cock disappeared as he lowered it to the blanket,
his head approaching her hairy crotch.

Marisa had never found Flex attractive. She didn’t like
African features and Flex looked very African. She
didn’t like his dark skin and though she liked fit men,
Flex’s bodybuilder’s frame looked unnatural to her going
beyond fit. Still, as his ugly face drew closer to her
pussy until she felt his hot breath on her genitals, she
couldn’t look away. When the first flick of his tongue
hit her labia, she shuddered and spread her legs wider
for him. The tip of his tongue touched her anus and then
pushed hard against her crotch as he licked up, wiggling
his tongue between the folds of her labia and then
flicking it over her clit.

She moaned loudly when he suddenly sucked her entire
clit between his lips. Flex then attacked her needy
pussy with gusto. Marisa had never felt anything so good
before. He licked and sucked her pussy, sometimes using
his tongue as a cock fucking her with it. Before she
knew it, her belly began undulating downwards as her
hips lifted slightly off the blanket into his thrusting
tongue. An orgasm was growing, getting bigger, her world
exploded as she came all over his mouth.

Flex had kept his promise, but he wasn’t done with her
yet. Marisa hadn’t completely recovered from her orgasm
when she felt his fingers entering her again. Flex’s two
fingers were as big as John’s penis, but they felt
better, more flexible and he was moving the tips around
deep in her pussy. His mouth hadn’t slackened off
either. He was still teasing her clit, tongue twirling
around it, flickering up and down over it. “Oh god!
Flex, I’m going to cum again!”

Pressure was growing inside her pussy. Marisa was
tensing up, lifting her hips up into his fingers and
mouth. Her hands were on the blanket, squeezing handfuls
of sand through the cloth. Flex let the pressure build
until finally he sucked the entire nub of her clit
between his lips and sucked hard.

“Aaaahhhhh!” screamed Marisa as she came. She was so
loud, passersby on the beach path might have heard her,
but she was beyond caring at that point. She’d never cum
so hard or so powerfully before. Her eyes rolled up in
her head and the pleasure left her dizzy. Her nipples
ached with need as they’d both leaked milk as she came.

Marisa smiled with satisfaction as she recovered. Flex
was still teasing her pussy with his fingers, but now it
was just the tips. His tongue had moved up the side of
her bush, then the top of her bush and over the slight
mound beneath her belly button. His tongue pushed into
her navel just as his fingers left her pussy, his hand
moving through her bush, over her hip and up over her
ribs to grab her left breast and pinch her nipples.

He quit tonguing her belly button, kissed it, and then
proceeded to kiss up the line above her stomach, over
her rib cage and then up her right breast. He planted a
kiss right on her nipple, flickering it with his tongue
before sucking it between his lips just as he had done
with her clitoris. She felt some relief from the
pressure in her breasts as milk emptied through her
nipple into his mouth.

Despite recently having an orgasm, well two actually…
wait, she had three since they’d laid down on the towel.
Marisa came so rarely, that she estimated she’d only had
three orgasms over the last two years and now she’d had
three in less than an hour. The last one had been the
biggest of her life.

Well, despite all that, laying beneath the strong man
with his fingers teasing one nipple and her other nipple
in his mouth had her body getting aroused again. It was
too much for the neglected wife. Marisa caught herself
writhing beneath him, lifting her hips up into him in
the natural act of the female to receive the dominant

Flex’s mouth left her nipple and he kissed up her
pendulous breast to her shoulder. Marisa moaned slightly
as his mouth reached her neck. She knew his ugly face
was approaching her mouth to kiss her, but instead of
turning away, she closed her eyes and parted her lips as
his mouth met hers. She tried to pretend it was John
kissing her so passionately, but the only image her mind
could produce was of black muscles, black skin, and
giant spurting black cock.

She didn’t resist as his tongue entered her mouth and
her own tongue began dueling with it. Flex arched his
back, his fingers pinching her nipple. His fingers
returned to her pussy, the tips teasing her slit,
growing wet with her arousal, pushing into her, a big
round knob the size of a golf ball parting her labia and
pushing her pussy lips inside, stretching her out like
her insides had never been stretched out before.

Marisa opened her eyes in alarm, then closed them again
when she saw the black man’s ugly flat nose before her
face. She kept kissing him even as his cock worked in
and out of her pussy, using her own arousal to lubricate
it before pushing deeper. Any anxiety that she’d felt
knowing they were now fucking disappeared after a few
seconds to be replaced with awe at this man’s stamina.
In her limited experience, no man had ever gotten erect
again on the same day let alone within an hour of
cumming once before. She’d never even considered it a

She knew that she should push him off, but instead her
legs opened wider for him making it easier for his cock
to go deeper. Her unease had disappeared and now her awe
was fading as her lust grew. There would be no more
thinking, there would only be fucking and she told him
so. “Fug meh,” she moaned into his lips.

Flex moved his mouth off hers. “What was that?” he

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

“You want me to fuck you with my big black cock,” he
said, his lips close to her ear.

“Yes!” she gasped, raising her hips rapidly into his
cock as he held it still.

“As you wish,” he replied, adjusting his body directly
over her. He hovered over her, his back bent, strong
hands grabbing the sides of her head. He kissed her
forehead and then began to pump his cock in and out of
her. She’d taken about a third of the long thick shaft
at this point. It wasn’t quite as deep in her as John
could go, but the additional thickness made it feel
deeper. Soon it was deeper as each thrust of his cock
sent the head further into her pussy. Soon it was as
deep as her husband had ever been on those days when
John had a good erection. Soon after that, it was in
virgin territory. Marisa wrapped her arms around his
back. Her blue gloved hand’s squeezing his back as she
also wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Aarghhh!!” she gasped in pain-pleasure as his cock head
knocked on her cervix. The entrance to her womb was a
weak barrier to the mighty battering ram that was his
black cock. The pain grew as his huge cock head f****d
its way into her womb, then disappeared as she orgasmed
for a fourth time that day. From here on out, there was
only pleasure. She leaned up and kissed his hard black
chest, submissively.

Flex bucked his hips hard, slamming his cock rapidly
into her pussy at a pace that would have had most men
cumming within a minute. There was a loud constant
squishing sound each time he buried his cock in her
pussy. Marisa fucked him back as best she could,
clinging to his body and bringing her hips up into each
thrust of his cock. He pounded her to a fifth orgasm and
then a sixth that was as big as the one he’d given her
while going down on her. This was exactly what she had
been needing for over a year now. Finally, her sexual
needs were getting satisfied.

Flex finally slowed, but he was just changing positions.
He pushed himself off her and sat back on his knees. He
cupped his arms under her knees. Marisa looked up at
him, then glanced away.

“Look at me,” he ordered.

She turned to look at him. His dark African features
weren’t as ugly to her anymore. They were still brutish,
but they were masculine too. He slowly moved his hips
back, his long twelve inch plus cock, slowly slipping
out of her. With a wet, plop, the head sprang free of
her pussy. He pushed his hips forwards and his cock
moved up her crotch and stomach, the head passed her
belly button.

“You wanna keep fucking?” he asked, staring hard at her.

Marisa nodded in reply.

“Then you put it in.”

Marisa leaned up, her gloved hand sliding between their
bodies to grab the head. She caressed the knob and then
slid down the shaft. She leaned up further as Flex
pulled his cock back and she could bend it down so that
the head was at the entrance to her pussy.

“Put that black cock where it belongs, Isa.” he ordered.

Marisa put the cock head right on her pussy and pulled
on the shaft. “YESSS!” she moaned as the head pushed
back into her.

Inch after inch slid through her hand as his cock pushed
deeper. “YESSS!!!” she moaned again, releasing his shaft
and falling back down on the blanket.

“John ever fuck you this good, Isa?” he asked, leaning

“Never,” she muttered. Flex’s cock head pushed right
through into her womb, easily this time. He held it
still, flexing the muscles and making his cock jerk, but
holding it buried in her.

“This is how a real man fucks,” he told her, finally
starting to work his cock a little. “Whose cock do you
like better?”

“Your cock, Flex,” she told him truthfully. Minutes ago,
she hadn’t wanted to look at him. Now she couldn’t take
her eyes off him. His sexy muscles glistened with sweat.

“What kind of cock is it, Isa?”

His eyes bored into hers. Her body shuddered. “Black
cock,” she told him. “I love your black cock.” Her pussy
suddenly spasmed and her nipples ached as milk leaked
from her swollen nipples. For a moment, she felt she’d
just cum again, but her pussy had only sent a fresh wave
of juices over the mighty black cock sliding in and out
of her pussy.

“Glad you like it,” said Flex, lifting her knees higher
until her ass lifted slightly off the blanket. “Your
body’s built for big black cock.” He started slamming
his cock into her faster.

Marisa felt another orgasm growing. She’d never been
fucked this hard or fast before. John would have cum a
long time ago. She felt a strong urge to touch his
chest. Marisa moved her hands up to his chest, feeling
his hard pectorals beneath her gloves. How ridiculous,
she thought looking at the blue latex. She pulled her
hands back and pulled off the gloves as fast as she
could, tossing them to the side.

She brought her hands back to his chest, the second her
bared flesh touched his chest, the orgasm broke. “Aaagh!
Your black cock’s making me cum,” she cried.

Marisa slid her hands all over his chest and muscular
arms, through his sweat. How had she ever thought that
this was unattractive. Flex’s muscles had muscles,
muscles she’d never heard of. She shuddered with desire
as she stared at her pale white hands against his dark
black skin. There was only one sight she’d ever seen
sexier than her hands running over his chest and upper
arms and that sight was further down his body. Marisa
sat up so that she could stare at the glistening shaft
coming up out of her pussy only to piston back in.

She fancied she could see his large cock head bulging
out her skin as it worked its way deep into her womb.
She stared with fascination at the thrusting black cock
until she felt Flex’s hot breath on her face. She turned
her head up to look upon his handsome face before their
lips met and they kissed again as the black man slowly
kept fucking the married white mom. He broke the kiss.
“Who owns this pussy?” he asked.

“You do Flex,” she replied, kissing his again. Marisa
gasped and sucked his large lower lip into her mouth as
she came all over his cock. She had lost count of all
the orgasms he’d given her.

Flex broke the kiss and sat back on his legs. His mighty
thews lifted her knees raising her ass even higher. He
began bucking his hips hard. His cock sliding rapidly in
and out of her pussy. “You on the pill?”

“Aaah aah aah! No!” Marisa gasped each time his cock
bottomed out in her pussy. “Aaah! Need to pull out.”

“Good,” he growled, picking up speed.

Jesus! She was going to cum again and it was going to be
a big one. Marisa’s toes curled as the pressure grew.
White drops of milk formed on her nipples, until
rivulets started flowing down onto her breasts. Flex
suddenly buried his cock, the first powerful jet of his
fertile sperm striking the back of her womb.

“NO!” she screamed, realizing that he was cumming in
her. “Pull out!”

His cock spurted a second time and the damn broke. Her
pussy contracted all over the still spurting cock,
pulling his semen deeper inside her. He finally realized
his mistake and began to withdraw his cock with her
pussy muscles milking every inch of the thick shaft for
more of his sperm as he withdrew it.

Marisa missed his cock the moment the fat head cleared
the opening of her pussy. She looked at that dark black
knobby head even as his long urethra opened and spit
another long strand of his seed that struck her chin and
left a trail all the way down to her bushy red pubes. He
thrust his cock up over her belly, ribbons of cum
hitting her face, chest, breasts, and ribs.

Finally, it quit shooting, but sperm continued to pour
from the tip in a white stream that splattered on her
belly and began to form a pool in her navel. She
wondered if there was such a thing as hyper-ejaculation.
If so, Flex suffered from it. “Damn that was great,
Isa,” said Flex, rising to his feet. “I’ve been wanting
to do that since the first time I set eyes on that milky
white skin of yours.” He held his hand out. She took it
and he pulled her to her feet.

Yech, she thought looking down at her sperm covered
body. There was so much semen, she prayed that he had
only cum a little in her pussy, but she knew that wasn’t
the truth. Even as she wished it so, a stream of his
seed was leaking from her pussy and dripping of her
clit. What wasn’t leaking felt like it was trapped in
her womb behind her cervix. “Ass! Why’d you cum in me?”

“What?” he looked hurt. “You told me there was no need
to pull out?”

“I told you, No, you need to pull out.”

“Sorry babe, but what’s done is done. When can we fuck

Marisa looked down at his cock, still swollen and huge.
It wasn’t proudly sticking up any more, but it was still
hard and sticking a good twelve inches straight out from
his curly black pubic hairs. A large pearl of white
semen had formed around the urethra. In a day of
uncharacteristic behavior, Marisa did one more
uncharacteristic thing. She squatted down and planted
her parted lips right over his cock head, gripping the
base with one hand and squeezing her hand up along the

She milked it of the last bit of sperm still stuck in
his shaft and was rewarded with a small squirt of his
seed across her tongue. She opened her mouth wide and
took the head in her mouth, letting her tongue twirl all
around it before pulling back and planting a long kiss
right on the tip. “That was the best ever,” she said
looking up at him. “And your cock’s amazing.”

The head had risen a little and was now angles upwards.
Marisa rose to her feet and looked deep into his brown
eyes. “But this can never happen again. I can’t risk
John finding out. It has to be a one shot deal.”

“No way,” said Flex, smirking at her. “I own this pussy
and I’m gonna have it any time I want.”

“Flex, I only said that because you seem to get off on
the dirty talk. This never happened.”

Flex suddenly looked over her shoulder at something.
“Isa, turn around.”

Marisa turned around. “What?” she asked, not seeing
anything. Flex strong hands came to rest on her
shoulder. Instead of turning her to look at whatever it
was he was seeing, they started applying pressure.
“Flex?’ she asked, as her legs gave way and he pushed
her down to her knees. He moved a hand to her back and
pushed her forwards. She caught herself with her hands.
He then grabbed her hips and pulled up until she got on
all fours.

Before Marisa, knew what was happening, his cock was
slipping back in between the folds of her pussy lips.
She moaned, her pussy and his previous deposit of sperm
quickly lubricating his reinvigorated cock. Flex fucked
her hard, pulling her hips back into each thrust of his
cock. “How ’bout this Isa? Is this happening? You glad
I’m fucking you again?”

“Oh god! YES! Keep fucking me Flex. I love your cock.”

SMACK! His palm fell hard on one ass cheek, causing her
body to jump and leaving a red mark. “This is what it
means to own a pussy, bitch. I’m gonna fuck this pussy
whenever I want.”

Marisa sobbed as she came all over his cock as the
stinging of her ass cheek slowly faded. “Yes Flex, you
can fuck me whenever you want.”

SMACK! His palm hit her other ass cheek, but not quite
as hard. “I wasn’t asking. I was telling.”

Marisa came again after her second spanking. She began
to feel there was something wrong with her. Surely, it
wasn’t natural for a woman’s body to respond like this?
But then she had never encountered a male with such a
dominant personality before. Flex was certainly popular
with the ladies so others must get off on this just as
much as she was.

Marisa felt one hand leave her hip and she feared he
might be about to correct her again. The hand returned
to her but cheek, but it didn’t come down hard to spank
her. It just squeezed a handful of her ass flesh.
Something flickered across her anus. It quickly
returned, pushing down against her rosebud. “Flex?”

“Shut up!” he told her, pushing his thumb against her
anus until it opened and his thumb pushed inside.

Just as her mind registered what was happening and she
thought that this wasn’t normal or natural, her body
began to respond to his thrusting cock and the thumb in
her ass. She came again as he pushed his thumb inside
her up to the knuckle. Flex just held his thumb inside
her, pulling her hips into his thrusting cock.

Marisa’s strength gave out and her head fell on the
blanket. Her ass staying up and presenting itself to the
male taking her. There was no kissing or foreplay this
time. It was simply a dominant male taking a female for
his pleasure so that he could get off. Luckily, for her
abused pussy, the rapid speed of his thrusting cock had
him cumming quicker than the last time.

He stabbed forward with his cock and once again filled
her womb with a large load of semen. He shot several
more jets of sperm into her womb before pulling his cock
out and letting fly on her back. When he was nearly
done, Flex leaned over her and stroked out a few more
wads into her ass crack.

Marisa moaned with satisfaction. She’d had another
powerful orgasm when he shot his second load inside her.
She’d just cum a lifetimes worth of orgasms in a little
over an hour. She mumbled something.

“What was that?” asked Flex.

“Please fuck me again,” she said, pushing herself back
up on all fours.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Flex pulled his
swim trunks back on. “You’re a mess. Better get back to
the cabin and wash yourself off nice and good. I’ll go
keep the rest of the gang at the beach for a bit.”

He disappeared into the bushes and quickly jogged off.

Marisa weakly rose to her feet. He was right. She was a
mess. He’d marked her well with his seed. She had semen
on her face, chest, breasts, belly, it matted her pubic
hair, covered her thighs and now she had a fresh deposit
sliding down her back. The first load had liquefied and
was runnier. She looked down at the blanket, but it
wouldn’t be of any use. Sperm had dripped all over it
and the motions from their fucking had gotten sand all
over it. She didn’t have much choice other than to high
tail it back to the shower.

Marisa quickly put her skimpy bikini back on, tying the
strings as fast as she could. She retrieved the bottle
of baby oil and shoved it over her ass cheek between her
bikini bottom. The blanket was a disgusting mess so she
decided to abandon it there leaving it with her latex
gloves and the old condom.

Marisa snuck out down the path to the beach trail. She
looked down to the beach. Candace was lying on her back
on a blanket. Flex was standing over her. He was holding
Jack, rocking her baby in his arms. John and Grant were
still out snorkeling. Marisa hurried up the path to
their trailers and froze when she saw two young men
making their way towards her. She was covered in sperm
and some of it was even starting to dry and flake. She
did the first thing that came to mind as they

That morning Marisa had found it distasteful to even hug
the strong black man. She had insisted on wearing latex
gloves to jerk him off Now she found herself rubbing his
sperm into her body. She started with the tops of her
breasts and then moved on to the remains of the pool
that had been in her belly. The men froze when they saw
her. Their eyes bulging as they took in the sight of her
hot body in the skimpy bikini. “Hi,” she said, trying
not to look guilty. Her hand running up and down her arm
covering her skin with liquefied semen.

“Need any help with that?” asked one of the men, a cocky
grin on his face.

“No thanks,” she replied. “I got it covered.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, a woman as fair skinned as you really needs to
make sure she’s well protected,” added the other man.

“I could get your back for you?”

Marisa felt a wad of semen slide down her cheek. She
quickly brought her hand up and began rubbing it into
her face. “Mighty nice of you to offer guys, but my
husband’s right up on the beach there.” She hoped they’d
take the hint. They did.

“Alright then, if you’re sure. See ya.” said the cocky
one. The two men left.

Marisa turned and practically ran back to their
trailers. She decided to just hop into the outside beach
shower. The hot water hit her body and she began to soap
all the sperm off her. As she lathered up her body, she
wondered what the rest of this weekend might bring. She
closed her eyes, holding her head under the water, her
mind filled with pictures of black muscles and big black
cocks. Her hand slid the soap down between her thighs to
her crotch as she thought of Flex.

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