Black bodybuilder and bi sluts 3.

“Damn! Isa, I still can’t get over how good you look,”
said Flex, lifting a beer to his lips and taking a swig.

Marisa blushed as she exited the trailer carrying jack.
The black man’s attention made her nipples harden and
she’d forgone wearing a bra. Grant’s eyes also fell on
the swollen protuberances beneath the sundress she’d
pulled on. The sundress was pretty and green, looking
good on her with her pale skin and red hair. It also
hugged her form showing off her sexy body where most of
her clothes tended to make her look chubby.

John ogled her too, a smirk on his face showing that he
was pleased his wife was the center of his male friends’

John finished setting up a portable play area and Marisa
strolled over and put Jack down in it. Their baby
immediately began crawling around and exploring. Grant
was sitting back in the courtyard enjoying his beer.
Candace was preparing their dinner, opening a bag of
chips, getting buns ready, etc. She was wearing her
bikini top and had a wrap around skirt on. The giant
black man was working two of the hibachi grills, cooking
hot dogs and hamburgers. He was shirtless, wearing only
shorts and flip-flops. The group had decided to lay off
the bars that night. Marisa felt a little guilty as she
worried it was because they didn’t want her to feel left
out watching the baby.

It turned out to be a fun evening. Dinner was good.
Marisa slowly nursed one beer while the others quickly
went through the case, empty cans forming an ever
growing pyramid. Flex whipped out a deck of cards and
the men began playing poker while Candace cleaned up and
Marisa went inside to put down the baby. She stepped
inside the trailer and lowered the straps on her dress.
She breathed a sigh of relief when the material cleared
her sensitive nipples. Jack latched on to one hungrily
and began sucking greedily. She sighed with contentment
as the pressure began to abate from her milk-laden

Marisa strolled over to the window and stared out at the
group playing cards. The window was high enough they
couldn’t see her bare breasts. Candace had joined in and
the foursome was laughing and drinking happily. Her eyes
rested on the big black man and stayed there. She
pictured it was Flex sucking her nipple instead of her
infant. Flex’s cock was in her hand as she stroked it.

Flex’s big cock was filling her mouth with his hot seed
as she leaned over it. Flex’s big black cock was pushing
inside, fucking her hard, making her cum, giving her the
best sex of her life as she kneeled before him, his big
black cock fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, his thumb
pushing past her rectum as his big black cock spurted
his hot fertile seed into her hungry womb.

Marisa’s eyes grew wide as she snapped out of her
daydream. Their time earlier that day on the beach
blanket would be the subject of many of her dreams for
the rest of her life. Her thighs were damp. Just
thinking of him had made her wet again. She wondered how
much of her wetness was the black man’s seed. His semen
had been leaking from her womb in drips and drabs all
afternoon. Her nipple sprang free and she looked down to
see that Jack had fallen asleep as he always dead while
nursing. She kissed his forehead and put him down to
sleep in the portable crib. Marisa pulled her top back
on and then went out to join the others.

“Wanna play?” asked John.

“Deal me in,” she replied. Marisa retrieved another can
of beer, impressed by how much the others had already
drunk. She popped the tab and took a sip.

Flex reached into his pocket and pulled out a big fat
joint. “It’s HIGH time we got this party started,” he
said, receiving only a few chuckles at his pun. He lit
the joint and passed it to Grant. Grant took a big drag
and handed it to Candace. John looked at his wife for
permission. He was already showing the signs of being
quite drunk and certainly didn’t need to get stoned on
top of the beer, but Marisa nodded for him to go ahead.

He happily accepted the joint from Candace and took a
long drag. He swayed in his seat as he held it in, eyes
closed. Her husband’s lower lip was sucked inside his
mouth. As his lips became wet from drinking, John would
start sucking it inside his mouth without realizing it.
He also had a weird habit of holding his head down when
he was drunk and he was looking down as he passed the
joint back to Flex.

Marisa squeezed in between Candace and her husband. She
didn’t want to sit beside Flex, but instead found
herself sitting across from him and his eyes went right
to the cleavage the tight dress displayed. Her already
hard nipples popped out like to erasers under his
scrutiny, she felt them start to leak.

The joint passed under her nose several times. She was
never one for d**g use so it wasn’t a great sacrifice to
pass on taking a hit because she was a nursing mother.
Still, it wasn’t long before she started feeling really
good and giggling a little as she began to get a contact

Everyone was drunk and stoned. Marisa watched as Grant
leaned over and kissed Candace. They began to make out.
His hand came up and squeezed her breast through the
bikini top. She reached out and pushed it away, but
stood up and took his hand. She led him towards their
trailer. Marisa watched them go.

“Quarters?” asked Flex, producing a shot glass and
bouncing a quarter into it.

“Soundsh like fun,” said John, drunkenly.

“Where do you two think you are, back in college?” asked

Flex laughed as John missed the shot glass by six
inches, his quarter rolling off the table and falling
into the sand. Flex scored two consecutive shots into
the glass and John did the two shots. John missed again.
The trio paused when the sounds of love making started
coming through the open windows on Grant and Candace’s
trailer. They listened and broke out laughing.

“I thinks we should head inshide,” slurred John. He
pushed off from the table and nearly fell. When he
stood, his crotch was tented out. Listening to his
friend’s fucking had made him horny.

“I’ll be right in,” said Marisa. “Let me finish my

“I’ll be waiting.” He leaned over and kissed her on top
her hair. He rarely showed public affection unless he
was drunk and horny.

Just as John disappeared, Marisa felt a big strong hand
on her knee under the table. She yanked her leg away
from Flex’s grip and quickly stood up. Letting John
leave her alone with his black friend hadn’t been a good
idea. Through the window, Candace’s cries grew louder.
“AH AH AH ARGGHHH!” The last had been a groan of

“The minute man strikes again,” said Flex. “Sounds like
Candy could use a little of what you got earlier.”

“Sssh,” said Marisa in alarm while holding her finger
over her lips. She turned and quickly entered her
trailer. Marisa gave a quick glance at Jack to make sure
he was still sleeping soundly and then turned her
attention to the bed. John was completely passed out and
snoring softly. He was naked lying on top the bed, his
legs hanging over the edge as if he’d just collapsed
asleep after pulling his underwear down. He still had
socks on his feet.

Listening to Grant and Candace having sex, her contact
high, and thinking about the big black man had her horny
and ready for sex. Plus, the guilt she felt over
cheating on John had her wanting to make it up to her
husband in some way. John’s penis if anything looked
smaller than normal. His earlier erection was completely
gone and his penis had shriveled up, shrinking into his
scrotum. Marisa reached out and fondled it, but neither
John nor his penis stirred at all.

Compared to Flex, John’s penis looked like it belonged
on a little boy and as horny as she was, there was no
desire in her whatsoever for his penis. It wouldn’t have
satisfied her if it had been fully erect, not when there
was a real man’s penis just a few feet from her. Why
would she want this small shriveled white thing when
there was a big steel hard black shaft more than willing
to fuck her again? Flex had cum three times earlier that
afternoon, yet somehow she knew that he wouldn’t have
any trouble getting it hard for her again. Marisa
stepped away from John and headed outside to his waiting
black friend.

Flex had spun around on the picnic bench so that her was
facing away from the table. He was leaning back into the
table, elbows on it and a beer bottle in one hand. He
looked over at her, but Marisa held her finger up to her
lips so that he would stay silent. The lovely married
redheaded mom walked over to her husband’s black friend.
He stared at her, wondering what she was up to, but
there was a knowing grin on his face. His eyes locked
with hers as she reached out and lowered the straps of
her dress off her shoulders.

The summer dress fell down, exposing her bare breasts,
ribs, and belly, but catching on her hips. Flex leaned
forwards, his massive black hands grabbing the
undersides of her DD breasts, squeezing and kneading
them. Marisa sucked her lower lip into her mouth to
stifle a loud moan of desire. Her already hard nipples
swelled up even more under his pinches, milk forming at
the tips. He grabbed her waist, pulling her closer,
burying his head in her tits.

Her pussy started leaking profusely. She could feel the
wetness soaking her thighs. Flex sucked one nipple
between his big lips and pulled back, stretching her tit
out as her milk squirted across his tongue. Flex
switched breasts and sucked more of her mother’s milk
into his mouth. Marisa couldn’t help herself and let out
a loud squeal of relief. Any reprieve in the pressure
inside her milk full breasts was an immense relief to
the young mom. However, her nipples were so sensitive,
she couldn’t take any more of his lips, tongue, and
sucking. She pulled back from his grasp.

Marisa looked down and wasn’t surprised at all to see
the large tent in his shorts. Flex leaned back as she
fell to her knees and he opened his legs for her. His
shorts were grey cotton with a stretchy band. It was
easy to pull them out and down. His swollen cock head
came into view and then inch after inch of shaft. He
assisted her by lifting his hips so that she could pull
his shorts down his entire shaft and down to his knees.
His outsized balls hung down over the edge of the bench.

Marisa reached out and grabbed his hard shaft pulling
the mighty black cock off his abdomen. She looked up at
him as she leaned forward and licked around the tip of
his swollen cock head. She started sucking the end,
still looking at him. His stare was intense, both
possessive and dominating. She wanted to taste his seed
again. Her first taste had only wetted her appetite for

Marisa broke eye contact as she sucked his shaft deeper,
his cock head pushing past her tonsils. She stared
cross-eyed down his shaft watching his pubes growing
closer to her nose with each bob of her head, but then
her eyes wandered up his stomach to his hard muscles and
she couldn’t resist touching him again. Her free hand
slid up his thigh to his hard stomach and the ridges of
his six pack abs. Marisa shuddered as she stared at her
white arm and hand on his dark black body. Her desire to
taste him again was superseded by her need to have his
cock in her pussy again. Marisa released his shaft and
placed her hands on her knees pushing herself up.

“I knew you’d want some more of this,” said Flex, his
eyes watching her lift the hem of her dress up and slide
her panties down her legs.

“You knew more than me then.” She straddled his legs.
“What made you so sure?

“Well ya know what they say about black men.”

“What’s that?” She reached down and grabbed his shaft,
lining it up with her pussy.

“Once you go black you never go back.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” Marisa lowered herself
over the head, feeling it push against her labia. She
didn’t need any more lubrication, but it still was a
tight fit. Her pussy lips pushed inside her and began to
spread apart around his big golf ball sized cock head.
“But I do know one thing. Once you go Flex, you’ll
always want sex.” She let gravity take over and his cock
pushed deep inside her.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” growled the
delighted black man. He loved having his ego stroked.
“My pussy came around begin for more.”

“I’m not so sure about that either,” said Marisa, a
smile on her face.

“What do you mean? This is my pussy ain’t it? You’re my
slut.” Flex grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way
down his shaft until she was sitting in his lap.

Marisa closed her eyes and stifled a moan as she
trembled in orgasm. Yes, yes, screamed her mind. This is
your pussy Flex, but she wanted to tease him. “No Flex.
You’re my slut. I own that big cock of yours.” Marisa
started riding him, bouncing in his lap. “When my pussy
gets hungry, you’re gonna feed it some cock. You hear
me, slut?”

“I hears ya. My cock’s done turned you into a cock crazy
whore.” He buried his face in her breasts and started
licking and sucking her nipples. Being a professional
weight lifter and model, Flex had never lacked for women
to fuck. Fucking was probably his number one skill. He’d
had hundreds of women at this point, but out of all of
them, Marisa had the most magnificent breasts. She was
in the top ten for tight wet hot pussies too. He loved
her pale skin and her flame red hair too, but it was her
breasts that he couldn’t get enough of.

The last dozen or so women he’d been with had all had
smaller breasts with Lola being down right flat-chested.
It had been a couple years since he’d a woman with such
a great pair of breasts and she had been a stripper with
implants. Marisa’s large pale white mounds were just too
good to be true and her nipples were amazing too. They
hardened easily and were ultra sensitive clearly helping
her have bigger orgasms when he teased them with his
cock buried in her. She wasn’t his first lactating mom
either, but he’d never fucked a woman who produced so
much milk so quickly.

“Feed my pussy, baby,” she whispered, grabbing his hair
and pulling his head off her breasts. Give me my cock,
slut,” she said, looking into his eyes. Marisa leaned
down and they kissed again, deeply and passionately.
Marisa’s pussy spasmed all over his cock as she came
again. She kept her licks locked with his, but her lips
quivered as she came. She had a lifetimes worth of
orgasms after only a day with Flex, but as satisfying as
each and every orgasm was, her body was insatiable
demanding more, wanting his cock to fuck her forever.

“Gonna cum,” he grunted.

She knew he was close. She could feel his cock growing,
swelling, and the two fingers pinching her right nipple
were squeezing even harder as he fought to keep from
cumming. Her pussy wanted one last orgasm and she knew
from earlier that the big ones came from having his cock
go off in her womb. “In me,” she whispered, breaking
their kiss. “Cum inside me. Give me your seed.” The
damage had already been done and she figured having him
cum inside her once more wouldn’t hurt anything.

His cock exploded as she slowly rode him. The second she
felt his cum flooding her womb, she let her pussy slam
down in his lap while his spurting cock triggered one
last big orgasm. Marisa collapsed in his arms, panting
heavily. “Your cock is so good, Flex,” she gasped.

“Don’t you mean your cock,” he whispered back, laughing.

She giggled too. “I don’t know what came over me. I
think I’m a little high.”

“Well we need to get you stoned more often. Come into
the trailer with me. I think I got one or two more in

“You’re amazing, but I can’t leave Jack.” Marisa
dismounted, feeling every inch of his still swollen cock
leave her pussy and missing every inch of it. She slid
off his lap when it plopped out and immediately felt his
semen began pouring out of her pussy. “We can’t keep
doing this Flex.”

“Come on, baby?”

“Not that I don’t want too. I’ve never wanted anything
more, but it’s too risky. All John has to do is wake up
and look out the window to see the mother of his c***d
fucking his friend. I can’t do that to him. I can’t do
that to Jack. I can’t risk you knocking me up. If I was
100% sure it was safe, I’d fuck you again, but it’s just
too dangerous. This is the last time. Goodbye Shane.”

“Goodnight Isa,” said Flex, refusing to say goodbye.
“I’ll leave my door unlocked.” She turned to look at him
and they grinned at each other before she disappeared in
her trailer.

Fifteen minutes later, Marisa broke her promise to the
black man. She checked on Jack and found him happily
sleeping. John was still passed out naked on the bed.
His penis was still shriveled and shrunken into his
scrotum. It pained her to think it, but the word
“pathetic” sprang to mind as she looked at it. But it
was pathetic compared to the black man’s cock. Flex’s
soft penis was bigger than John’s when he had a full
erection. She used the toilet, attempting to urinate her
pussy free of the voluminous seed of the black man. She
tried to squeeze out the rest, but there was still
plenty trapped behind her cervix. She probably was still
leaking some of his sperm from their afternoon encounter
and she’d be leaking the latest deposit for another day
or two.

She cleaned herself up as best she could. She heard Jack
cough, but the cough wasn’t coming from her baby. It was
coming from the baby monitor. She checked on Jack, but
he was still sleeping as was John, her contentedly
snoring husband. A grin spread across her face as she
grabbed the baby monitor and snuck out of her trailer.

Flex was laying nude on the bed in his cabin/trailer.
The arrogant prick didn’t seem shocked to see her open
his door. He nodded knowingly when he saw her put the
baby monitor down on the table. Marisa pulled the dress
off over her head and shook her head in amazement at the
sight of Flex’s cock already rising to attention just at
the sight of her nude body. The man was certainly gifted
in the sex department. Flex possessed not just size, but
stamina, recovery, and the volume of his cum hadn’t
lessoned one bit regardless of how many times he

“I want you again,” she told him.

“I know,” said Flex, sitting up on the bed, his mighty
cock rising up between his legs like a hard missile.
“Get on the bed.” He got off and watched Marisa crawl
onto the bed. “Stay like that. All fours. I’m gonna take
that pussy doggy style, slut.”

Marisa shuddered and her pussy started gushing at his
words. As much as she enjoyed playing with him and
taking control earlier, this was the natural order of
things. The alpha male was taking the dominant role
again. “Fuck me, Flex. Fuck your pussy.” Strong black
hands, grabbed her hips and pulled her towards the edge.
Standing, his cock was perfectly lined up to penetrate
her. She felt the big tip of his cock poking at her
pussy lips once again. “Soooo gooood,” she moaned as his
cock entered her again.

Flex grabbed her hips and pulled her into his cock each
time he thrust forwards. Soon he was fucking her hard
and she was creaming all over his thrusting shaft. “You
like this cock, slut?”

“OH GOD YES!” she cried. “I love your big cock.”

“Better then John’s?”

Marisa hesitated. She loved her husband and didn’t want
to disrespect him, but Flex’s cock was already bringing
her to the brink of another orgasm. She told him what he
wanted to hear. She told him the truth. “I love your big
black cock better then John’s.” And she came. She came
hard. Her fluids soaked his still thrusting shaft,
dripping from her clit to his bed. Her pussy quivered
and vibrated around his cock, her muscles squeezing the
thick black shaft in an effort to make him cum inside
her. Marisa’s front arms collapsed and her head fell to
the bed, her ass staying up as Flex continued fucking
her hard.

“Will you do anything for this big black cock?”

“Anything,” she moaned. “Anything you want, Flex. Just
as long as you keep fucking me.” He jerked his cock out
making her feel empty inside, but there was also some
relief. She was starting to get a little sore from being
so stuffed with cock multiple times that day. Her
orgasms were starting to exhaust her too. But when she
felt Flex’s cock head pressing against her anus, she
immediately wanted it back in her pussy. “Wait! Not
there. Flex, it’s too big. I’ve never been…


Candace slipped out of her cabin/trailer and walked over
to the picnic table. She was completely nude except for
one of Grant’s long tee shirts and if she’d reached
upwards, the hem would have flashed her beaver, but she
wasn’t expecting anyone in their group to still be
awake. She was carrying her little purse and she reached
in for a cigarette and lighter as she walked over to the
picnic table. Just as she reached the bench, her dainty
bare foot, stepped in something wet and sticky. She
wrinkled her nose, not knowing what it was, but knowing
that it wouldn’t be pleasant and wiped her foot in the

She sat on the bench and lit her cigarette. Grant didn’t
know she still smoked or at least pretended he didn’t
know after she promised to give them up several years
ago. She now only smoked when she felt stressed out or
frustrated. Grant had left her hanging again. Just when
she started to get into it, he groaned and filled the
condom with cum. She kept humping him, feeling an orgasm
starting to grow, but Grant’s penis had grown too
sensitive and he’d had to pull it out.

Candace was left unsatisfied once again. She wished
she’d had him go down on her fist, she’d sometimes cum
when he tongued her pussy, but he didn’t enjoy it and
even though it felt good, she found it dirty also and
only returned the favor on Grant on special occasions.

She sighed, feeling horny and wishing she’d brought her
dildo along. She started hearing grunts and moans.
Candace looked around. All was quiet in Marisa and
John’s trailer, but then according to Marisa the only
noise that ever came from their house at night was Jack
crying. The noises were coming from Flex’s cabin.
Candace shook her head. How the hell had he found a
woman to fuck so quickly? She got off the bench and
walked closer to Flex’s cabin.

“Too big!” cried the woman. “It hurts… it hurts sooo

“Like that black cock, slut,” growled Flex. “Take some
more then.”

“Oh god! I love it,” screamed the woman. “Shove it up my
ass. Fuck my ass.”

Candace stepped back in shock. The woman inside was
getting sodomized! What a disgusting slut!

“Let’s see how much of this big black cock you can

Candace took a drag as she listened. The light was on,
but the only window was around the front and she didn’t
want to risk getting caught. She kept listening, wincing
when she felt her fingers burning as the cigarette had
burned down. She dropped it in the sand. Flex continued
sodomizing the woman for another fifteen minutes, but
they quit talking and the only noises coming from the
trailer were moans and grunts and Candace swore she
actually heard the slut inside have an orgasm from
having Flex’s penis shoved in her ass.

“Here it cums, slut.”

“Seed my ass, you big black stud.”

Candace backed away from the cabin. She turned and
hurried into her own cabin. She slipped inside and
peered through the window expecting the woman would be
leaving soon. She didn’t how the hell Flex would have
found a slut willing to let him fuck her ass so quickly
after they’d all gone to bed that night. She wouldn’t
have put it past Flex to have called a prostitute. Lola
had told her that Flex seemed to actually need to get
off several times a day.

Candace waited by the window, but the slut with her
husband’s black friend never emerged from the cabin. She
gave up and returned to her bed, pulling off Grant’s tee
shirt. When she did, she was surprised to see her
nipples were completely hard. Her thighs were damp too.
She slipped into bed beside her husband, hornier and
more frustrated than ever.


“Oh god, my ass is squishing,” said Marisa, standing
nude in Flex’s cabin. She clenched her butt cheeks to
keep his cum from pouring out.

Flex laughed. “One more thing before you go. Lie down on
the bed.”

Marisa moaned. “God, you’re insatiable. I love your
cock, but quite honestly Shane, I’m exhausted.”

“Get on the bed, slut.”

“Yes, sir.”

The over muscled black man climbed on the bed and
straddled her thighs. Marisa was surprised that for once
his cock was fully erect. It was a thick soft black
banana somewhere between nine and ten inches long.
It fell out from his bushy black pubic hairs to lay like
a sinuous black snake across her belly. “Grab my cock,”
he ordered.

Marisa obeyed. On her back, her breasts tended to fall
over her sides they were so large and full. She snaked
one hand down her chest between her breasts and grabbed
the coiled coal black shaft. It stiffened at her touch.
She slowly caressed it and stroked the thickening shaft
until she was once again holding his full revived 12-13
inch steel hard cock. He surprised her again.

This time by not sliding back between her legs and
guiding his cock to her pussy, but by sliding forwards
until he was over her crotch. She winced when he spit in
his hand and started coating his cock, masturbating it
as he looked down at her breasts. He released his
glistening cock and reached down to heft the sides of
her breasts, squeezing them together. “What are you
doing?” she asked.

“I’m gonna titty-fuck these big bitches.” His cock was
rampant, proudly thrust upwards. “Pull my cock down
between dem titties.”

Marisa reached out for his cock and bent it down between
the huge canyon of her breasts. He immediately squeezed
the soft flesh tighter around his shaft, holding his
cock in place. Once it was secure, he started pumping
his cock between her tits. The head banged against her
chin and then it was sliding up over her lips. She
licked the underside each time it passed her lips.

“Prop your head up with a pillow.”

Marisa grabbed a pillow and moved it underneath her
head. Now the tip of his cock could actually slide past
her lips and into her mouth. She sucked the tip while he
shoved his giant cock between her breasts. Marisa looked
up at him. His huge torso with every muscle perfectly
defined. The giant black cock sticking out between his
legs now nested between her pale white breasts. How
could she have ever found this man unattractive?

His skin was dark black and he had negroid features and
too many muscles, but he was the sexiest manliest
looking male she’d ever seen. Marisa moaned and writhed
beneath him. She quickly had a small, but satisfying
orgasm as she looked up him. But it wasn’t just from
staring at him, her breasts were tingling sending spasms
of pleasure through her body, pleasure that was quickly
turning to lust as she wished he’d put his big beautiful
cock back in her horny white pussy.

The spasms were coming from her nipples. He’d adjusted
his hands so that he could pinch and squeeze her
sensitive erect nipples. He was squeezing both breasts
while pinching and rolling her nipple between his thumbs
and forefingers. Milk began shooting out from her
nipples. He was milking her breasts! He quickly pointed
her nipples towards each other, her mother’s milk
shooting out to fall between her cavernous breasts
coating his cock with her white fluid. His cock began
thrusting faster with the extra coating of lubricant.

Marisa writhed with lust trying to wriggle free of the
black man’s substantial weight. He held her down firmly.
She stared in awe at his cock. Milk was shooting about
an inch from the tips of her nipples to fall on his
shaft. The opaque white fluid nearly covered his cock
from the crowned black head to the base of his shaft.

The plump curved head of his cock head was retreating
into the cave of her breasts, then shooting forwards,
directly into her open mouth where she tried to run her
tongue all over it before it disappeared again. The head
was dribbling pre-cum, mixing with her milk each time it
disappeared into her breasts. His cock was almost
hypnotic and she couldn’t take her eyes off it. The head
even appeared to be growing, hardening, pumping up, and
swelling. His long urethra opened.

Marisa shut her eyes just as his hot seed sprayed out
over her face. The head entered her mouth, filling it
with cum, then exited, more sperm shooting across her
nose to her forehead. She swallowed, quickly opening her
mouth so the head could enter her again and fill her
mouth with another load of his seed.

He released her breasts and sat up a little. His semen
splattered on her pale breasts before he guided the tip
of his cock back into her mouth. She gulped contently,
while he stroked his shaft, draining it of every last
drop of cum.

“Wow,” she purred, licking her lips as Flex climbed off
her. That was just what I needed.”

“What do ya mean?”

“This is the best my breasts have felt in nine months.
They normally feel like they’re about to pop from the
pressure.” Marisa wiped the sperm off her eye lids until
she could open them. She slid off the bed and walked to
the bathroom, using a towel to clean her face off. Her
pale skin showed red marks easily and her breasts had
red hand prints across him, not to mention her lower
belly to her thighs were red from where he had sat on

She spun around. Her hips and ass had marks too from
where he had fucked her ass. She spread her cheeks and
could see a rivulet of white semen still flowing from
her ass hole to drip onto the floor of his bathroom.
It’s his mess, I’ll let him clean it up, she thought.
“Quite a day, huh?” she asked, feeling foolish when she
left his bathroom.

Flex laughed. “Looks like you done wore Flex junior
out,” he said, pointing to his cock.

She looked at the soft black banana dangling between his
legs. She snorted. “It’s still bigger then John’s”. Flex
laughed again. “I’m a bit of a mess. Can I use your

“Of course. Maybe, I’ll join you.”

“No way,” she said, staring at his cock. She swore it
had just extended an inch. “I need to get cleaned up.”

Just then the sounds of a baby complaining came through
the monitor.

“Shit!,” said Marisa. Jack was going to wake John up.
She grabbed the monitor and the dress and fled Flex’s
trailer, running nude past the picnic table. She snuck
into her trailer just as Jack’s complaining turned to a
full-fledged crying to be fed.

John groaned from the bed. “Isa! The baby.”

“I got him,” she reassured her husband. Marisa picked up
Jack which instantly helped calm him. She took him over
to the chair, grabbing some wet wipes from her bag and
cleaning the area around her nipples of any old milk or
remains of Flex’s semen which felt like it was covering
her entire upper torso, not to mention soaking her
thighs, and leaking out of her ass.

When she felt it was clean, she let Jack nurse. Her
milk-laden breasts did their job, satisfying the hungry
baby and soon putting him back to sleep. She replaced
him in the crib and stepped into the small shower in
their trailer. She spent the next twenty minutes trying
to remove every trace of her lovemaking with her
husband’s black friend from her body.

“God Isa, It’s 5:00am, what the fuck were you taking a
shower for?”

“Your son spit up on me,” she lied, slipping into bed
beside her husband.

“Oh god, my head hurts.” John finally shifted and joined
her under the covers. He snuggled up next to her. “I’m
so tired. What say we sleep in tomorrow?”

“No argument from me,” she replied.


John and Marisa didn’t get moving until late. Candace
and Grant knocked on the door asking if they wanted to
join them for breakfast, but John just groaned and
replied, “You’ll be lucky to see me by lunch.” They left
to go eat and judging by the loud roar of a motorcycle,
Flex must have gone to join them or gone for a bike ride
along the overseas highway. They returned an hour or so
later and announced they would be heading for the beach.

Jack was playful and active that morning so Marisa
didn’t get as much rest as she would have liked, but
then no new mother ever did. Marisa carried the baby
over to the bed and sat him down beside John while she
went to take another shower. She examined her nude body
in the bathroom. The red marks were gone, but she still
had some flaky semen on her thighs and in the crack of
her ass. She’d thought she’d gotten it all in her early
morning shower, but then this was probably leftovers
that had leaked out of her all night.

She showered and cleaned herself, brushed her hair and
teeth. She was a natural beauty and didn’t need makeup.
Marisa pulled the small bikini back on. It took her
twenty minutes to dress in her bikini and she wished
again that she’d thought to get a new one before this
trip. She had to stretch and adjust every inch of fabric
to cover her areola and pubes. It was so skimpy that if
they were on a more public beach, she might have been
arrested. She slipped her feet into flip-flops and took
Jack from her husband while John took a shower to wake

John came out of the bathroom nude. He grinned
sheepishly at her. John still looked exhausted and
tired. He hadn’t drunk like that for a long time maybe
even since their last get together with his frat
buddies. He was a good looking fit guy and she’d enjoyed
seeing him naked in the past, but now he looked rather
plain and the small two inch or so penis shrunken
between his legs looked rather sad and inadequate. John
opened his arms and hugged his wife. “Happy
anniversary,” he told her.

“Happy anniversary,” she replied. “I love you.”

“And I love you,” said John. He kissed her and she
kissed him back. She felt her husband reaching behind
her while they kissed and when he finally broke the
loving kiss, he pulled back and he had a box in his
hand. “Happy anniversary,” he said, holding it out for

Marisa smiled and took the gift. She opened the box and
gasped in delight. Inside was a gold necklace. The
pendant was shaped to resemble two adults, a bigger one
for the man and a smaller one for the woman. The woman
was holding a figure in her arms to represent a baby and
the baby had a small diamond where the heart would be.
“Oh John! I love it.”

“Let me put it on.” John took out the necklace as Marisa
spun around and held up her long red hair. He leaned
down and kissed the nape of her neck just above the
bikini string. Then he put the necklace on her.

“It’s wonderful,” said Marisa, looking at herself in the

“Let’s go show it off to the others.” John took their
beach bag and a chair and the crib, loading himself down
as all fathers do. Marisa slung the diaper bag over her
shoulder and collected Jack who promptly tried to put
the pendant in his mouth. “Looks like he’s hungry,” said

“He’s always hungry.” Marisa tugged on one bikini cup
and her nipple popped right out. Jack immediately
clamped his lips over it and started sucking
contentedly. Well, that was easy, she thought. The
skimpy bikini did have one advantage.

John put his things down and went to his bag, taking out
and swallowing a couple aspirins. Her nipple plopped
from Jack’s lips, the baby smacking his lips happily.
She fixed her top and they left the trailer.
Marisa looked at the picnic table and remembered
mounting and riding Flex’s huge black cock in that spot.
She looked over at his trailer. He’d taken her anal
cherry there last night and fucked her breasts, cumming
all over her face. She hurried on to the trail, but soon
passed the place where she and Flex had ducked of where
she’d first seen his cock. She hadn’t meant to do
anything more than jerk him off. She hadn’t meant to
fuck him. His cock had just sort of slipped in her. It
must have been her hormone induced horniness combined
with the lack of attention from her husband. She briefly
felt guilty thinking about John and then she remembered
the orgasms.

“Here they are,” yelled Grant when they appeared on the
trail. “Glad you could make it.” He started clapping.

“Happy anniversary,” said Candace running over to Marisa
and hugging her. Flex whistled at the sight of the two
bikini clad beauties embracing. “What’s this?” asked
Candace as Marisa stepped back and held up the pendant.
“It’s lovely.”

“It sure is,” said Flex, looking over Candace’s
shoulder, but he wasn’t staring at the necklace. He was
staring at her breasts.

The outline of her nipples were already visible, but
much to Marisa’s shame, the black man’s gaze had them
hardening and popping out to full erection. Her thighs
quickly turned damp too. God, the man had some kind of
magic power over her. She was standing by her husband,
on her anniversary, holding her baby, with a beautiful
gift around her neck and she wished she were naked and
alone with Flex so that they could fuck again.

“I got some sandwiches,” said Grant. “Let’s do lunch.”

The five of them sat around in the sand and ate. Jack
crawled around a little. Marisa and Candace waded out
into the water and Marisa lowered Jack into the water,
lifting him and lowering him again, much to his delight.
Grant had some fishing rods with him and the three men
cast their lines out, hoping for a bite. Fishing wasn’t
too great and after an hour or so, Grant suggested they
go snorkeling again.

“John,” said Marisa, “The sun’s awfully hot. I’m going
to take Jack back to the trailer and get both me and him
out of it.”

“Probably a good idea,” replied her husband. “I won’t
stay out there too long.”

“Nonsense, take as long as you want. We’ll be fine.”
Marisa kissed her husband and John reached down and
tickled Jack who made a delighted cooing sound. She
grabbed the diaper bag and made her way to the beach

“Wait up Isa,” called Flex. “I’ll walk with ya.” He
turned to John. “I gotta take a dump. Might take the
bike out for a spin afterwards if I don’t come back.”

“Getting antsy,” said Grant.

“What do ya mean?” asked the big black man.

“You need some pussy,” whispered Grant so that Candace
wouldn’t hear and disapprove of his crassness.

“Man, I always need some pussy. If you two ladies were
real men, you’d need pussy all the time too.” He turned
and jogged over to Marisa.

Grant watched the giant black man catch up with John’s
wife. His eyes fell on Marisa’s ass as she walked along
the beach trail. “Dude, your wife is smoking hot.”

“Yeah bro. I got lucky unwrapping that package.”

“Don’t tell Candace I said that. She’d k**l me. You know
how she likes being the center of attention. Still, I’d
pay money to see Candace with tits like Marisa’s.”

“G-man,” said John with a serious expression on his
face. “I can honestly say that they are magnificent.”

Marisa and Flex were halfway to their cabins. “Wanna
duck back behind the bushes?” asked Flex as they passed
their secret rendezvous spot.

“You’re insatiable,” said Marisa, nervously laughing.

“That’s all your fault, baby.” Flex wrapped one mighty
arm around her back. “Every time I look at you, my cock
starts growing. Look down.”

Marisa glanced down at his crotch and sure enough that
monster black cock of his was barely contained by his
swim trunks. She wanted to reach down into his trunks,
pull his cock out and then fall to her knees so that she
could suck him before guiding that big cock right where
it belonged, stuffing her white pussy. She broke her
gaze away instead staring at the baby in her arms.

The power the black man had over her was frightening.
She needed her son to ground her back into her mundane
reality. “Anyway, I can’t. We can’t do this anymore
Shane. It’s been amazing and you’re the best lover I
ever had, but I can’t risk my marriage or you cumming in
me again.”

“Aw, come on. You can swallow it, if you don’t want it
in your pussy.”

Marisa’s belly growled at the thought of swallowing his
cum again. Look girl, she thought, If you can’t resist
him, don’t be alone with him. “No Flex. It’s over, we
had our fun. I’m gonna feed Jack and then put him down
for a nap and maybe take a nap myself. Someone kept me
up last night.”

“Yeah, someone kept me up several times.” Flex followed
Marisa over to her trailer. “Where you going? Stay and
talk to me.”

“I’m going to feed Jack. He’s getting fussy.”

“Feed him out here.”

“Out here in the open?”

The black man grinned. “Sure why not? There’s no one
here and I’ve seen your tits. I’d like to see them one
last time.” He saw her hesitate and added. “Come on,

“What if John or the others comes back?”

Flex winked at her. He climbed onto the picnic table
bench and then stepped onto the table, looking out
towards the beach. “John and Grant are just putting on
their snorkels and Candace is watching them.” He jumped
down. “It’s safe so whip the girls out.”

Marisa untied the back of her bikini. The strings slid
off her shoulders, followed by the cups. Her hard,
elongated nipples sprang free. Jack smacked his lips
loudly, causing both Flex and Marisa to laugh. “Hungry
are you?” she said to her baby. She set Jack down in his
swaddling blanket on the picnic table. She bent leaned
over the table and lowered her nipple into his mouth.
She gasped when his lips latched over her nipple and he
started sucking. “This is called the dangling position.
It helps-AH-drain my breasts and AH-void blockages.”

Flex looked at the sexy redhead leaning over the table
with her legs spread and her ass thrust upwards. Her
perfect breasts pendulously hanging down almost to the
table top. The baby was the only thing ruining the
picture and that was only because it was a white baby. A
black baby would have been fine. “You sure we’re over?”
asked Flex. “I could come up behind you now and shove my
cock right up that pussy.”

“It was great and I guess I’ve no regrets, but we can’t
keep risking getting caught and I’m not on the pill or
anything. Shoot, for all I know, you might already have
knocked me up.”

“Is that so bad? We’d make a beautiful baby together.”

“Flex, I love John. Of course it would be bad. It would
destroy my marriage and leave me to raise two babies on
me own.”

“You could move in with me. I’d fuck you every night.”

Marisa felt a tingle in her pussy. Wow! Sex like that on
a daily basis. “That part might not be so bad,” she
replied. “But I do love John.”

“Whose cock do you love more?”

“You know you’re the better lover, Shane.” Marisa felt a
cool breeze on her wet nipple. She looked down, Jack had
true to form fallen contentedly asleep.

“Whose cock?” he asked again.

“Your cock, Shane.”

“Who owns your white pussy?”

“You Sha… my husband. I’m sorry, but I’m a married
woman.” Marisa stood. “I’m going to go put Jack down for
his nap. If you want, we can talk later.” Marisa walked
to the door of her trailer and opened it. She turned to
close it, but Flex was standing in the doorway. The red
headed wife walked over to the crib and gently sat Jack
down in it. When she turned back to the black man, Shane
had entered her rental trailer and was towering over
her. “Shane?” she asked, starting to tremble.

“Just one last kiss, Isa,” he said, placing his hands on
her hips and pulling her into his hard body.

Marisa didn’t respond. She just turned her head up to
the black man towering over her and he bent down, his
broad flat lips pressing against her soft pink ones. His
tongue pushed against her lips and she opened her mouth
letting it inside, her own tongue pushing back. Her
nipples pressed into his hard abdominals as he kissed
her. His hands left her hips and slid up her waist. She
could feel her panties fall to her feet. He’d untied
them while they kissed.

The hands slid up to cover and squeeze her large chest,
pinching and teasing her nipples. She felt them squirt
milk into his hands, one hungry baby was never enough to
drain them. He stepped back a little, but kept kissing
her while one hand left her breast and traveled down her
flat stomach to her bushy red pubes. The tip of his
finger pressed against her opening, feeling her heat and
her wetness. Marisa gasped as his finger pushed into
her. He moved it in and out slowly and before she knew
it, she had cum all over his big digit, her juices
soaking his hand.

That was all it took. Marisa melted into his arms. Her
own hands reaching into his shorts to feel and caress
his growing cock. She pulled it free and pushed his
shorts down.

Marisa broke their kiss first, falling to her knees and
taking the head of his cock in her mouth. Flex gasped as
she started sucking him with abandon, her lust for his
cock growing, turning into desperation for his seed. He
gently ran his hands through her red hair while she
sucked him deeper and deeper into her mouth. He let her
suck his cock for several minutes before pushing her
back and pulling her to her feet.

Flex backed her over to the bed. She fell on her back
and he climbed on top of her. She reached down between
his legs to stroke his cock, still amazed at its size
and power. “Put it in you,” he ordered.

Marisa guided it over to the entrance to her pussy and
gasped as the head pushed her pussy lips inward until
she opened enough to take him inside her. He worked his
cock around. Loosening her up before pushing it deeper.
Marisa had yet to let go, she felt his shaft sliding
back and forth through her hand. She felt it’s heat. She
felt it throb with every beat of his pulse along the big
blue vein that crisscrossed it. She felt it’s wetness as
her pussy continued soaking it.

Each time he pushed forwards, her pussy opened more and
inch after inch of his cock slid through her hand to
enter her pussy until her fist was trapped between her
pussy and his crotch. She released it and he buried his
cock home. “Aaahhh!” she moaned contentedly. “So full.
So big. Fuck me Flex. Fuck me with that big black cock,”
she muttered.

“No Isa,” he told her leaning over her. “Not today.” He
kissed her. His fingers teased one hard nipple. “Today
I’m going to treat you like the beautiful amazing
creature you are.” He started slowly working his cock in
and out of her.

“Faster! Harder! Fuck me harder.”

“No,” he said again. He kissed down her neck to her
shoulders, chest, and hunching over her so that he could
suck on one nipple. Marisa trembled and shook beneath
him. Her sensitive nipples sending spasms of pleasure
through her body even after it filled his mouth with her
mother’s milk. He swallowed it and said, “Today I’m
going to make love to you like a real man makes love to
a woman.”

“No,” she cried even as her pussy squeezed down over
every inch of his pleasure giving shaft and erupted in
another orgasm that had her legs wrapping around his as
she humped up into his cock. She was crying with sadness
as she came down from her orgasm.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“No, I love it,” she told him feeling as though she had
just truly betrayed John for the first time. Marisa kept
sobbing as he big cock kept working its way in and out
of her horny pussy. “I love it. I love it. I love having
your big cock in me Flex. I love your big cock.” She
quit crying. Marisa was now raising her hips into each
thrust of his cock as she felt another orgasm growing.
“I love you,” she cried, the orgasm breaking, her nails
digging into his back as she grabbed his head and
brought her lips up to his, kissing the man she loved
with more passion then she’d ever shown for her husband.

When Marisa finally broke the kiss. She fell to her back
on the bed and smiled up at the man that had broken her.

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