Blackmailing My Sister

I was quite a bit older than my baby sister. Mom
split up with my dad when I was three, then a few years
later she remarried. Six months after that (if that
tells you anything) she had my half sister Cindy. She
was a cute little k*d, all blonde pigtails and big blue
eyes and freckles. By the time she got to be ten years
old I was going on sixteen — more than old enough to
start noticing girls.

Cindy was very body-shy, especially in front of me,
but every once in a while I’d catch a glimpse of her in
the nude. She might be coming out of the shower when I
just “happened” to be walking by, or running downstairs
to get a clean pair of panties out of the dryer. I was
all hormones at that age and curious as hell about
girls. Up to then all I’d seen were pictures in nudie
magazines. I was dying to get a good close-up peek be-
tween a real live girl’s legs, even if it was just my
k*d sister’s. I had no idea I was on the verge of
succeeding beyond my wildest dreams.

The summer that Cindy turned ten we moved into a
big old house on the outskirts of town. It had a huge
cellar. We turned half of it into a spare bedroom. The
other half was curtained off and used for storage. I had
a spot fixed up on the storage side with an old mattress
and a couple of blankets. That’s where I went to read my
stash of nudie magazines and jerk off. I was down there
yanking away one afternoon when suddenly I heard the
cellar door opening up above me. My step-dad was at work
and Mom had gone to town to do some shopping, so I knew
it couldn’t be either of them. The last time I’d seen
Cindy she was out in the back yard playing dolls with
her little friend Julie. She probably needed something
and had come looking for me. “Shit!” I muttered under my
breath as I quickly stuffed my cock back into my jeans.
“What the hell does that k*d want now?” I resolved to
lay quiet and hope she couldn’t find me.

The door creaked slowly open. I heard two distinct
girlish giggles followed by whispers. Julie was still
with her. The first voice I could make out was Cindy’s.

“See, there’s nobody down here. C’mon.”

“W…… what about your brother?” Julie stammered

“Aw, he’s probably upstairs in his room playing
with his weenie,” Cindy sniggered. “He does it all the
time now. Don’t worry about him!” They both giggled.
Downstairs in the dark I could feel my face flushing
furiously. “I’ll get you later for that one you little
cunt,” I thought angrily. I could hear footsteps on the

Up to this point the only light in the room was the
little bit that streamed in through a single high,
narrow cellar window. Cindy had to stand on tiptoe to
reach the pullcord for the overhead bulb. She pulled,
and the bedroom half of the room was suddenly flooded
with light, in the process throwing my half into even
deeper shadow. Perfect for a little spying. I hunkered
down and pressed my eye to the gap in the curtains,
eager to see what the two little girls were up to.

Cindy waved her arm at the bed. “See, nice and
cozy just like I said. Now we can play “doctor” without
anybody seeing us.”

The words sent a sudden thrill racing through me.
“Hot damn!” I thought excitedly. “I’m finally going to
get to see some real live pussy.” Julie, however, wasn’t
so sure.

“I… I don’t know…”

Cindy pouted. “Oh come on. Nobody’s gonn’a know
but us. Besides, you promised. I won the jacks game
fair and square, so now you have to do whatever I say.”


“Go for it k*d!” I willed feverishly from behind
the curtain.

“If you do I’ll show you a really neat trick,”
Cindy coaxed.

Julie wavered. “Well…. ok. But just down to my

“Nooooo….” I wailed in silent anguish. “Take it
ALL off! Let’s see that little cunt of yours.”

Cindy, cooperating for once in her life (although
unwittingly), gave her head a firm shake. “No, you have
to get all the way naked. If you don’t I won’t show you
the trick.” I could have kissed her.

Julie took a quick, nervous look around the room.
“Well, OK. But you promise not to tell anybody.”

“I promise.”

The two little girls undressed quickly. Shoes and
socks. Shorts and tops. And then finally the moment
I’d been waiting for. Cindy went first. She placed both
hands on her childishly straight hips and pushed her
white cotton panties down her legs. The thin material
slid down along the outsides of her trim little thighs
and fell in a puddle around her ankles. She stepped back
and kicked them aside. Finally I had an unobstructed
view of my k*d sister’s sleek little nude body.

She was on the petite side, even for a ten year
old. Her upper body was firm and straight without the
prominent swayback some little girls have. She had no
hips at all, and a flat tummy with a dainty “innie”
bellybutton. At that age her breasts were just tiny
pink dots on a flat chest, but her nipples were sur-
prisingly long and erect. She was obviously sexually
excited by what she was doing.

Of course the main object of my attention was a bit
lower down. My eyes were drawn to the hairless swell of
her pre-pubescent sex like a magnet. I stared eagerly,
trying to memorize every detail for use in future mas-
turbation fantasies, while at the same time my hands
moved down to free my suddenly bone hard cock from my

She was as smooth and sleek as one of her dolls
between the legs. Her tiny slit was a neat keyhole
pressed into the pale, firm skin of her pubis. She was
standing facing me with her feet about six inches apart
and her hands on her hips, waiting for Julie to follow
her lead. Even with her legs barely spread she pouted
open enough for me to see just a touch of pink up inside
her cleft. Like her nipples, her clit was unusually
long and erect. It could be seen sticking out like a
tiny thumb from the top of her slit.

Julie hesitated until finally Cindy said, “Well?
Come on. Nobody’s gonn’a see. Take your panties off.”

Steeling her nerve, Julie grabbed the waistband of
her panties and pushed them to the floor in a single
smooth motion. She immediately stood back up and covered
her pussy with her hands.


Cindy giggled, causing Julie to blush furiously.
“Oh come on. Don’t be such a sissy. I’ve got one too
y’know. Take your hands away so I can see.”

I silently seconded the motion from behind the cur-
tain. Julie just shook her head.

Realizing she’d reached an impasse, Cindy decided
to change tactics. She started to skip around the spot
where Julie stood rooted to the floor, chanting, “Sissy
….sissy…. sissy. Ju…. lee’s a bay…. bee. Won’t
show her puss….see. Sissy….sissy….sissy.” In the
process I got my first good look at my sister’s pert
little bare ass as it bounced and wiggled around in a
circle. Her little buns were smooth and round and pale,
and so small that I could have easily covered them both
with the palm of my hand. Which gave me another idea for
later. I would have to find some way to spank her cute
little butt for her, just for the fun of watching it
turn red.

Meanwhile Julie was getting madder and madder.
Finally she couldn’t stand the taunting any longer. Her
eyes flashing in anger, she jerked her hands back onto
her hips and kicked her feet a good eighteen inches

“There! I am NOT a sissy. SEE!”

Cindy stopped skipping and moved around in front of
Julie for a better look. For a moment I was afraid she
was going to stand in my way, but she moved just far
enough to one side to let me see everything. We examined
Julie’s cunt together.

Julie was a few months older than Cindy, as well as
a little bigger than she was, but not by much. She was
maybe a half inch taller and not quite as slim. Like
Cindy she was board straight with no breasts or hips at
all. She had long, wavy dark hair where Cindy’s was
cornsilk blonde and in pigtails, and like many dark
haired girls her skin was almost milk white. Two tiny
pink nipples and a bit of corral red between the legs
were the only touches of color that showed below her

Her pubis was slightly plumper than Cindy’s, but
still smooth and flat. Her cleft was a tiny, deep gash
that gaped open nicely between her spread legs. Even
from across the room I could see the delicate folds of
her inner labia and the tiny bud of her clit. My cock
throbbed at the thought of how unbelievably tight and
shallow she must be. At her age she probably couldn’t
take more than half of what I already had, and I was
only sixteen. As I stared at her pussy and stroked my
cock I imagined what it would be like to fuck her.

Cindy, meanwhile, was staring at her friend with
open curiosity and delight. Julie blushed under the
examination but held her pose. It wasn’t until Cindy
cooed, “Oooooh….. what a pretty little pee-pee. Can I
touch it?” that Julie covered herself back up with her

“No! Don’t be silly.”

“Oh please….” Cindy begged. “I’ll let you touch
mine back.”

Julie looked shocked. “Yuck! That’s nasty. Mommy
told me to never touch myself down there. She said
that’s how girls get diseases.”

Cindy giggled. “Oh pooh! She just told you that
to keep you from playing with it. I play with mine all
the time. It’s fun. C’mon, I’ll show you.”

Again Julie hesitated. “I don’t know….”

Tired of waiting, Cindy grabbed her by the arm and
started pulling her toward the bed. “Don’t be such a
little baby. I’ll show you how to do yourself first,
then we can do each other. It’ll be lots of fun.”

The bed was up against the far wall of the cellar,
about fifteen feet from where I was hiding. Cindy sat
down on the edge facing me with her feet dangling over
the side. Julie sat down next to her. Julie was on
Cindy’s right, so Cindy lifted her right leg up and put
her foot on the bed next to Julie’s ass. With her legs
spread wide like they were her little slit popped open
like a hot pink mouth. For the first time in my life I
could actually see right up inside a real live girl’s
cunt. At that moment I would have given anything to be
holding my zoom binoculars, or better still, my 35mm
camera with the telephoto lens. I filed that thought
away for later.

Cindy held the pose for a long, heart-stopping
moment, then slowly reached down between her legs with
her right hand to caress the fleshy knob of her clit.
She moaned at the touch, her small body shuddering with
pleasure. She gave herself two or three strokes, then
stopped and looked at Julie who was by now watching with
rapt attention.

“Here, lift your leg up like mine,” she instructed.
Julie started to lift her right leg. Cindy shook her
head. “No silly, your other leg. Put it up here next to
mine so we that we can watch each other.”

By this time curiosity had overcome Julie’s reluc-
tance to show herself. She eagerly lifted her leg up
onto the bed, placing it right beside Cindy’s. Now I
had two wide open little cunts to look at. Cindy con-
tinued her lesson, demonstrating as she went.

“Now reach down and touch inside until you find
your “feel good” spot. That’s it. Try a little higher
up.” Julie obediently moved her finger around until
suddenly she gasped and shuddered like Cindy had done,
her eyes opening wide with delighted surprise. She’d
obviously found what she was looking for.

“See! I told you it’d be fun,” Cindy giggled. “Now
stroke it up and down and watch what happens. You can
use your other hand to hold the lips open like this.”

Following Cindy’s example, Julie reached between
her legs and peeled her little cunt open even further.
Now I could see everything both little girls had. Frilly
pink inner labia. Hot, swollen little clits. Unbeliev-
ably tight and tiny cuntholes, both covered with almost
identical maidenheads. Both girls glistened wetly in
the light from the bare overhead bulb. They were
obviously getting as horny as hell. Almost in unison
their fingers dove back in to start stroking their

Being the more experienced, Cindy was the first to
move her left hand up and start caressing her long,
pointy nipples while the middle finger of her right
continued to work feverishly back and forth over her
clit. She was also the first to start hunching her hips
forward in time with the strokes. But Julie was a quick
learner. It didn’t take her long to follow both leads.
Nor did she hesitate to return the favor when Cindy
reached over to begin stroking her nipples.

Judging from the way the two girls were moaning and
humping their fingers I figured they were both getting
pretty close. I was on the edge myself, my hand flying
in a blur up and down the length of my rigid cock. My
balls were so bloated they felt like they were going to
explode. Suddenly Julie cried out in surprise, her
little body stiffening as the first spasm hit. Her head
fell back, her eyes rolled up, and she fell slowly back-
ward onto the bed while the spasms started to come in
waves. A moment later Cindy and I followed suit, cum-
ming simultaneously. Cindy rolled over onto her back
and pulled both knees up into her chest while continuing
to stroke herself madly. She knew from long practice
how to milk an orgasm for everything it was worth. Mean-
while I was blasting gobs of hot sticky cum across the
back of the room in a high arc. My last thought before
my mind went completely blank was, “Damn, she’s got a
cute little asshole too.”