Brother and Sisterly Taboo

Well it had been some time since we had talked about it
much, but with just a few words from me about it would
embarrass her. But at the same time I could see the
excitement she was getting from thinking about it. I
could see her squirming and squeezing her legs together.
I saw this as my chance so I challenge her to a game of

Whenever we played, the winner got the night of his or
her wants. And to date there was not a single thing I
told her she had to do that she refused. A few that she
whined about doing, but she always kept her word and did
as she was told. And I would later find out tonight
would be no different.

She had previously admitted to me about watching her
brother and helping him to jack off. And she had also
told me about her fantasy of having a dog lick and fuck
her. And that when her brother and sister in-law were
away on vacation and she was going out daily to tend to
his two large labs that she brought them in and groped
and stroked them.

So on nights like this when she was partying I knew I
had to win so I would stack the deck because I knew she
wouldn’t catch it as long as I didn’t over do it. So we
told each other what they had to do if they lost and for
when she lost because she was going to lose, she would
have to go out to her brothers and find a way to entice
him into watching her do a masturbation show for him.

Well I won and told her to get ready to go out to her
brothers. Normally we would try and schedule something
like this and plan it out, but her sister in-law was out
of town for only a few more days so we needed to do it
now. So when we get there I had instructed her to have
him get some pot out of his room while she use the
restroom right across the hall but to leave the door
ajar to see if he might try and peek.

He noticed the door but didn’t try to peek so I started
talking to him straight out no pussy footing around
about how he got her to watch and help him. And told him
that she now wanted him to watch her put on a show for
him. And to my surprise he said OK and that he had
thought about watching her. So when she came out of the
bathroom I told her what was said and to proceed.

She puts a chair in front of him got herself undressed
sat down threw one leg up on the table and proceeded to
play and finger her pussy. After a bit of that she had
got herself stretched out a bit and started pushing her
fist into herself slowly at first then faster as she
went on. She asked him if he liked watching and he said
yes but you can tell he was embarrassed by it all. She
told him to open his robe so she could see if he was
getting hard or not.

He hesitated then opened his robe to show his small hard
penis. Then out of nowhere Teddi reached over to him and
grabbed his cock and started jerking it wildly. He and I
were both shocked by this because it was never

Well after he pulled out of her grasp she got herself
off and got dressed and shortly thereafter we left. I
was in a hurry to ask her what the fuck was that. And
she said she didn’t know and asked if I were mad. I told
her hell no. I asked her if she remembered him being
that small and she said no.

Well the next night I challenged her again and cheated
and won. Same bet except this time I told her to dress
down like a slut. Short shorts, knee high leather boots,
garters and fishnets and corset. Which I made her wear
there so she would have to be seen by whoever might be
out when we got there.

Luckily it was dark no neighbors were out so I told her
to go to the door and she did I could see her fear of
someone catching her as she walked up to the door and
rang the bell. Gene peeked out saw her opened the door
and she went in. I then grabbed her bag of toys and went
in as well. She went right to fucking herself in the
front room with huge dildos as he looked over the half
wall that separated the dining room from the front room.

She asked him to sit and watch her and as he approached
the love seat she asked if he was hard and he opened his
robe and said a little. And at that point she pushed him
into the seat and grabbed his cock and shoved it in her
mouth and sucked like never before.

As I sat across from them taking pictures of the action
they went through the bag of toys at times having 3 huge
toys in her pussy at one time. He ended up-coming in her
mouth and she then came over t me and started sucking

I passed the camera to Gene and he snapped more pictures
mostly of her pussy while I fucked her mouth then pussy
then pulled her to me and shoved my fist in her? She got
up on the countertop on all fours as I fist fucked her
as he stood there watching when suddenly teddy told him
to fist her and he did. She ended up squirting her pussy
juices all over the kitchen.

Well, now we are getting divorced and all those pictures
of her and him and others of her and the dogs are
keeping the negotiations mellow and the cost of divorce

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