Brother-in-law 2.

Twenty-four hours did a lot to ease the agony of that
long hour in Bondman’s seedy office, and Ginny Dennison
was far better equipped to deal with the memories
rationally than when she had come home alone, her face
reddened and streaked with tears, the afternoon before.

Ginny sat up in bed, ashamed of having slept so late;
but she excused herself this time — there were plenty
of reasons to let her off the hook just this once.
Reluctantly, she climbed out from under the blanket,
pulling down her nightgown as she stepped painfully on
the floor, grimacing as a searing charge of pain shot
from between her bruised, tender thighs.

She stepped gingerly to the bathroom, and turned on the
faucets for a nice, long hot soak, and sat back to wait
for the tub to fill. But the steaming water was so
inviting, she decided not to wait, and hastily yanked
the nightgown over her head, pulled down her bikini
panties, and stepped into the still-shallow bath. She
splashed a little on the cold ceramic tub so she could
stretch out without touching the chilling surface.

The deepening water seemed to engulf her like an ocean
wave, rising higher and higher, easing away her aches
and soreness like gallons of liniment. In a few
seconds, she caught herself falling asleep, sprawled in
the whirling water, really relaxed for the first time
since those horrible minutes in Marty Bondman’s office.

Also for the first time, she was able to clearly think
about what had happened, and more important, what to do
about it.

She’d thought about calling the police — about putting
that disgusting animal behind bars where he belonged,
but it hadn’t taken long to get that notion shoved out
of her mind. Just a few brief thoughts about
detectives, newspaper accounts, courtroom appearances,
and most of all, about how she could explain what she
was doing in this man’s office alone, stripped down to
her bare skin — that was all it took to convince her
she’d have to forget going to the authorities.

And for another few short moments, right after she’d
come in from her nightmare at Marty Bondman’s, she’d
thought of calling Fred, of the sweet relief that a few
minutes of hearing his voice, even from so far away,
would offer. But she knew he’d know something was
wrong, that he would spot her anguish no matter how
well she tried to conceal it. And Ginny knew he mustn’t
find out, not now at least; not when he was helpless to
come to her side. She couldn’t allow him to suffer like
that — this was something she had to come to grips
with alone, without anyone’s help.

It wasn’t easy, going it alone. All her life she’d had
someone else to rely on, someone to lean on whenever
problems stood in her way. But this time it was
different — there was no one there with a friendly
shoulder to cry on.

Daddy had always been around when she lived at home
back in Indiana, and with three brothers, she had
always been his special favorite. She’d always gone to
him when Mother said no, and he’d never been able to
turn her down. And even though they had never really
been well off, she’d managed to have all the dresses
and sweaters and new shoes she could use.

Thinking about Daddy like that always made her sad, and
she tried to put those remembrances out of her mind.
That cold night in 1967 ended all those warm, sunny
days with her father — that dark night she’d spent
with her mother and brothers huddled around his
hospital bed while he choked through his last few
moments on earth, one hand tightly gripped in his
wife’s, the other in Ginny’s.

Fred had come into her life only a few months later,
right after she’d graduated from high school. He had
been working for the summer at the service station
where her family always took their business, and she’d
taken a liking to him right from the start.

She remembered it like it was yesterday; the way he
looked at her when she took the family car in that
sunny June day. He had seemed quite bold, she recalled,
not like the boys she’d dated in high school, and a
whole lot better looking. So brazen was he, in fact, he
asked her for a date before she even knew his name.

And that was the beginning — two years later they were
married, after Fred had dropped out of Sumter College
and enlisted in the Army. Now he was halfway around the
world, but he might as well have been in outer space,
since the only letters she got were weeks apart
sometimes. Fred had explained about that before he
left. About how he hated to put his feelings into
words, how it nearly killed him to have to write a
letter. Ginny understood about that, and the
interminable waits between letters were getting a
little easier to swallow, now that she had been alone
so long.

She knew she could have gone back to Indiana and stayed
with her mother while Fred was overseas, or even with
Fred’s folks in Chicago. But she’d followed him half
across the country to California before they were even
married, and going home again seemed the furthest thing
from her mind now. Even being alone, California was a
lot better than Hammond, Indiana.

Ginny reluctantly brushed aside all her fond memories,
and decided it was time to get out of the tub before
she wrinkled like a prune.

She stepped dripping onto the cold tile floor and
reached across her clean clothes for the towel she’d
forgotten to place by the tub, sloshing a trail of
water over her clean bra and panties.

Damn it, she muttered to herself, I’ll have to go get
some more or run around naked till these dry.

Tossing a towel around her shoulders, she marched into
the bedroom and rummaged through the top drawer of her
dresser, looking for a pair of panties that might have
gotten shoved to the back.

Behind the slips and pantyhose, way against the back of
the drawer, she found a stack of letters from Arnold
and Florence, Fred’s brother and his wife, bound
together with a rubber band. The corners of the
envelopes were all torn off, a habit she’d developed
for her k*d brother Mickey. He was a nut about foreign
stamps, and they were living in northern Canada, so she
always clipped the stamps off for him and mailed them
to him.

It had been quite a while since she’d writ-ten Arnie
and Flo, and Ginny made a point of putting the letters
out where she’d remember them, right in the middle of
the bed, and she made a promise to herself to write
them that very night. She’d never known them very well,
but she knew Fred was crazy about Arnie, who was ten
years older than he, and that was enough recommendation
for her.

Fred had talked often about going up to the Northwest
Territories where Arnie operated a supply outfit for
oil exploration companies and geologists headed up into
the Arctic tundra along the Mackenzie River. Arnie had
said many times that there was a standing invita-tion
open to Fred to come to work for him, any time he was

Ginny found her panties, then had a second thought
about her letter writing, and sat down then and there
to write Arnie and Flo a long letter. After all, they
were sort of kin, and she knew Fred would never find
the time to write them.

Surprisingly, the words came fast and easy, and it felt
nice to have someone to tell her troubles to, even if
she couldn’t tell them about what happened the day
before, and soon one page became two, then three, then
four, as she emptied her mind of everything that had
been weighing on her so heavily over the last long
weeks I hope they don’t think I’ve lost my head, she
thought, writing such a long, personal letter, but I’ve
got to tell my troubles to some-body, and they’re about
the only ones left.

Chapter 4


Like the steady fire of a million cannons, the ear-
splitting roar of the river ice cracking up
reverberated off the distant Mackenzie Mountains, still
shrouded with their winter mantle of snow and ice.
Locals knew better than to be caught out on the river
this time of year, when the thick winter shell begins
to split and break into huge, house-sized chunks,
sometimes rising from the frigid waters like giant
freshwater glaciers, slowly beginning the long journey
downriver to the Arctic.

This was a time of year when you traveled by land, or
by air, or you didn’t travel at all. During this short
transition from winter to summer, without the luxuries
of spring, there could be no travel on the Mackenzie at
all, and travelers found themselves stranded in the
north country’s few settlements until the river was
clear enough for boat traffic to resume. Once in a
while, some foolhardy soul would venture out onto the
ice with his dogsled or modern snowmobile, and if he
was lucky, he might make it back with only a wet chill
and soaked clothing, but if his luck ran out, they’d
never find his sled or his body as the surging
Mackenzie carried him to the frozen Arctic.

Arnie Dennison was no fool, there could be no question
about that. Maybe he paced his cabin like a caged polar
bear waiting for the river to clear so his barges could
resume hauling gear and supplies for the mineral
exploration sites downriver, but he knew better than to
tangle with the elements. Up here in the Arctic, a man
develops a healthy respect for the fickleness of
Nature, in a land where wandering out for a breath of
fresh air in the perpetual darkness of midwinter can
mean quick death, a land where temperatures sometimes
soar from fifty below to eighty above in less than a
day, and can swing the opposite way just as quickly.

He’d been up here in the forgotten part of Canada too
long to make the kind of mistakes newcomers sometimes
died from, and he planned to leave this frozen land one
day a hell of a lot richer than when he’d made his way
North in 1956. He was hardly more than a k*d then, and
single, searching for that overnight million he knew
was just waiting for him somewhere up here. Gold,
maybe, or oil, or that new mineral everybody was
talking about then, uranium.

But he’d learned the hard way that there was no quick
and easy way to get rich, here or anywhere else, and by
1960, after four years of working on riverboats, rough-
necking on oil rigs, and finally, flying geologists
into the Arctic tundra for a charter-plane operator
he’d met in Alaska, he began to see the pieces falling
into place.

He must have watched a thousand men straggle into this
desolate country at one time or another; some of them
found what they were looking for, most didn’t. But
through it all, through rich strikes and crushing near-
misses, the ones who stayed on, year after year, were
not the miners, not the geologists from the big oil
companies back in the States not the crackpots with
their homemade Geiger counters, but the merchants —
the men who sold them the food, the wolf-skin parkas,
the rifles and ammunition, the men who carried them in
with stars in their eyes, and ferried them out, often
broke and disgusted. No matter how well or how poorly
the fortune-hunters fared, the suppliers came out on
top. And that was where Arnold L. Dennison wanted to be
— right on the very top.

Four years later, when he met Flo in Vancouver, he was
more in a position to seriously think about getting
married than in those rugged, leaner years scrounging
for every cent. Business was surprisingly good right
from the start, despite all the fatalistic warnings
from the old-timers along the river. He shrugged off
their admonitions as just what they were: fearful,
empty predictions from frightened old men, afraid of
new b***d, new competition.

He’d tried his best to get along with the longtime
residents, but he knew only too well that some of them
resented his success, though he gave it little thought
how they cared.

Florence was working in a British Columbia beer bar
when they first met, through a girlfriend of hers who
just happened to have a date the night Arnie arrived in
town and gave her a call. Her loss was Flo’s gain,
Arnie always told himself, and he made sure she
remembered it. Flo never complained about the harshness
of life in the sub-Arctic, and Arnie liked that — a
woman’s place is at her man’s side, no matter how rough
the going gets, he often said.

* * *

Flo was still in bed when Arnie stomped in with the
mail, shaking the matted snow from his parka and boots
in the narrow hall before entering the living room.
This cozy cabin was his most important accomplishment,
he felt, and it gave him great pleasure to know he’d
built it with his own two hands, the materials either
hauled in from his own forest holdings or paid for with
his struggled-for earnings.

It had started as a two-room cottage, just after Flo
came up from Vancouver, and half a year before they
were married. They lived in it for nearly two years
before Arnie was able to save enough to really finish
it like he’d dreamed of on those long winter nights. It
had cost him about fifteen thousand dollars, in all,
but he had a home that couldn’t be duplicated back in
the States for twice that amount, and twenty-five acres
of land surrounding it besides.

The new kitchen had been the first addition to the old
structure, furnished with all new appliances that had
taken nearly four months to make the long journey from
Whitehorse, down in the Yukon Territory. Then came the
three bedrooms, and Arnie’s pride, his paneled office.
That was when he knew he’d really made it, the day that
plush retreat was finished. In the snowed-in winter
months, he ran all the operations of Dennison Suppliers
& Outfitters from that office, and he spent most of
every single day behind that door, poring over his
books, wracking his head for a better or cheaper way to
run his business, or a new angle to try, a new dollar
to earn.

“Flo, get your ass out of bed!” he shouted this day.
“It’s not your birthday.” He hung his heavy jacket by
the door, over the heater vent so it could dry out, and
tugged off his leather boots. Placing them close, but
not close enough to crack, to the heat source, he
plopped down in his favorite chair in the living room,
directly in front of the smoldering ruins of the fire
he’d started before he left for the post office two
hours earlier.

Flo entered, her hair uncombed and her eyes still half-
closed with sleep.

“Hey, how come you let the fire go out,” he asked,
ripping open a large manila envelope with new orders
from the American Petroleum base camp far downriver. “I
told you to keep an eye on it when I left.”

She wiped the sleep from her eyes. “Oh, stop belly-
aching. I got up twice, but I must have fallen asleep
again. I’ll light another one, don’t get all worked up
about it.”

Arnie had forgotten all about the fire by this time,
and was engrossed in the increased orders the mail had
brought. He shoved the purchase orders back in the
envelope and quickly thumbed through the rest of the
mail before heading for his study. “Here,” he said, not
looking up, “I think this one’s from that little pussy,
Ginny. You read it… I’ve got too much work to do.” He
waved it in Flo’s direction, and she left the fire long
enough to take it from his hand.

Ripping it open, it didn’t take her long to read it
over, and it was obvious the girl’s spirits were
somewhat less than high.

“Arnie, you should take a look at this letter,” said
Flo, still thumbing through the last pages. “The poor
k*d sounds miserable. She can’t find a job, and Fred
never writes, and she’s so lonely all by herself

Arnie didn’t look up. “By herself? What’ya mean, she’s
got millions of neighbors in Los Angeles. I don’t call
that being alone.”

“Don’t be so heartless,” snapped Flo. “Have you
forgotten what it means to be down on your luck, and
not to have anyone to fall back on?”

Arnie put down his papers. “I never had anybody to help
me, and I made it all right. What’s the k*d complaining
about? She’s getting those monthly checks from the
Army, ain’t she?”

“And how much is that? Do you really think that’s
enough to live on in Los Angeles? Maybe in Norman
Wells, but not in California. Everything costs a
fortune down there, and you know it. Or have you been
stuck up here in the snow so long you’ve forgotten what
it’s like?”

Arnie was getting annoyed; he didn’t like this kind of
talk from anyone, especially his wife. “Stop riding me,
woman. If you don’t like it here, you know how to get
out, don’t you?”

Flo’s scowling face suddenly softened. “Oh, Arnie, you
big bear, stop being so mean. Of course I like it here.
I’m with you, aren’t I?” She walked over to his chair,
and gave him a big hug, throwing both arms tightly
around his chest from behind. “You’re the only man for
me, honey. And if the Northwest Territories are home
for you, then they’re home for me too.”

“Well, don’t say things you don’t mean,” he growled,
“It’s too early in the day for fighting. What else has
Ginny got to say?”

Arnie reminisced about his last — and only — trip to
California, right after his brother Fred and Ginny were
married. He and Flo had flown down for the ceremony; it
was the only decent thing to do, especially since
there’d be no other relatives there for the occasion.
Mom and Pop were too sickly to make the flight, though
Mom wouldn’t have been dragged bodily on an airplane,
regardless of her health. And Ginny’s mother bowed out
rather gracelessly, offering some lame excuse about the
change in climate being so bad for her arthritis.

Fred had written that she really refused to come
because he and Ginny had been living together before
they were married, and she considered that an
unforgivable sin. He remembered what a pretty little
number Ginny was, almost too pretty for the likes of
Fred, with that gorgeous, just-blossoming figure of
hers, and that silky auburn hair that splashed over her
shoulders. Ah yes, that was one little piece he
wouldn’t mind giving a tumble…

“…Arnie? Arnie, were you listening to me?”

He snapped back to his chair in his living room in
Norman Wells, and forgot, for the moment, about that
tasty morsel stranded without her man five thousand
miles away in warm, sunny California.

“…I said, why don’t we invite Ginny up here? She
could find something to do in the village for the
summer, and maybe she’d feel more like making a go of
it in Los Angeles by the time winter sets back in.
Well, how about it?”

Arnie only looked at her, a slow widening grin
spreading across his face.

“Now you cut that out, Arnie Dennison,” teased Flo.
“That’s your sister-in-law, in case you don’t remember.
And you can just get those thoughts out of your dirty
little mind right now.”

“Sister-in-law, hell,” answered Arnie. “She’s a cunt,
ain’t she? That’s all I need to know.”

Flo tossed herself into his lap, her arms around his
neck. “I can’t fool you, can I honey? I guess you and
me are just two beans in a pod. To tell you the truth,
I was kinda making plans for you in that direction
myself. That way I won’t feel so bad when I spread my
legs for that good-looking Swede foreman of yours,
knowing you’ve got some on the side for yourself.”

Arnie gave her a playful slap on her bottom, stinging
her flesh through the thin robe. “Okay, slut, you’ve
got yourself a deal… You get me into that sweet
little bitch, and Gus is all yours. I’ll make a present
of him to ya.”

“You mean I should invite Ginny? Do you really want me
to?” asked Flo.

“Of course. Unless you plan for me to go down there.”

Flo leaped up and began to scrounge for a pen and her
box of writing stationery. “It’s a deal, baby. I’ll
write her right now, and you can take it down to the
postal drop this afternoon.” She closed her eyes and
ran her hands down between her thighs. “Mmmmmmm… I
can just feel that big Swede’s dick in me right now.
You can start dropping a few hints… like you did with
Benny Alexander… ’cause that gorgeous hunk of man is
as good as mine.”

Arnie laughed to himself — he liked Flo even more when
she got like this. It was a part of her that made her
that much more a real woman in his eyes — she felt no
shame about her sex desires, never kept them bottled up
inside like most women. And he didn’t mind at all, as
long as there was always plenty of that sweet pussy
left for him, why should he mind if she spread it
around a little. After all, he was quick to do the same
thing, every chance he got.

But this was going to be one time when it really
mattered… one time he really wanted to get into that
little honey’s pants… and he didn’t aim to lose out,
no matter what it took!

Chapter 5

Three weeks can be an awfully long time in the North
country, where the nights are six months long, and the
only television comes in over the government channel,
and listening to the radio is something reserved for
those late-night hours, provided the antenna is up and
there’s no interference from the Northern Lights. But
these particular three weeks crept by unusually slowly,
as if they would never end, and Arnie grew restless and
jumpy like a pent-up animal. Flo did her best to stay
away from him, dodging his razor-edged temper as it
grew sharper and sharper.

“Arnie, I sometimes wonder if you’ve got all the sense
you’re supposed to have,” said Flo finally. “You’ve
been grumbling and muttering around here for days, and
I’m about to lose my mind putting up with you… I
don’t know what you’re more worked up about, Ginny
coming or that damn dog of yours Gus’s bringing back
from Old Crow.”

“Don’t call Novlik any of your names,” snapped Arnie.
“You know his name… Use it! He’s goddamn important to
me, Flo, and you know why.”

Flo had been through this argument too many times to
hold out any hope for winning. “Okay, okay. You don’t
have to tell me that whole story again. About how
Novlik chewed through his harness and swam fifty yards
in Telegraph Creek to pull you ashore when you and him
went through the ice. I’ve heard it so many times I
could recite it for you backwards if you’d like!”

Arnie stopped his restless pacing, the first time in
nearly an hour. “Maybe you’d have liked it better if
he’d just left me out there in that cold water, half-
unconscious and all! Maybe you’d have liked that,

Flo shook her head disgustedly. “Honestly, Arnie,
sometimes you’re just a little k*d. You know I didn’t
even know you then. I was back in Montana when that
happened. So how could it have made any difference to
me one way or the other?”

“You know what I meant,” grumbled Arnie. “And… and
who else would have risked their life to save mine?
Nobody, that’s who! Novlik and I have been buddies a
long time, and may be he’s just a dog to you, but he’s
like a brother to me. And don’t you forget it!”

Flo smiled and gave her husband a friendly peck on the
cheek. “I’m sorry, honey. I guess you’ve got me a
little worked up with all your worrying and pacing like
a bitch in heat. Anyway, he’s due back today, and you
know Gus’ll take good care of him coming from Old Crow.
He’ll feel a lot better after his trip to the vet, and
so will you. Then maybe we can start making plans for
Ginny’s arrival… she’s due in another week. You
haven’t forgotten, have you?”

Arnie looked her straight in the eye, grinning like a
Cheshire cat. “Don’t be ridiculous, woman,” he laughed,
“I’m thinking about that sweet little pussy almost as
much as I am about Novlik… I’m going down to the
airstrip and wait for Gus. He oughta be here soon. I’ll
give him your best.”

Flo gave him a playful squeeze, tugging affectionately
at his cock through his heavy work pants. “Don’t worry
about that… I’ll give him my best… My very best!”

* * *

It was dark again, and the temperature had plummeted
twenty degrees since Arnie left for the slow trudge
through a half mile of melting ice and snow to the
airstrip on the edge of the village, and she could hear
them coming before they passed the general store and
post office. Novlik had a distinctive bark that she
could pick out over that of any of the dozens of dogs
in town. And it carried for miles through the still
sub-Arctic night, booming from his huge hairy chest
like a cannon’s report as he bounced along happily,
sliding here and there on the freshly frozen ice while
Arnie ran wearily along behind.

In a few minutes, they were pounding on the front door,
then bursting in like a couple of carefree kids,
slinging slush and snow all over the floor as Novlik
shook his heavy fur clean.

“No! Not here! Outside, Novlik, outside!” she shrieked.

Arnie only laughed, but at least stepped back onto the
front steps to kick the ice from his boots. “Don’t
scold him, Flo. It’ll melt… He’s just happy to see
you, that’s all. Tell him you missed him, and give him
a little pat on the head.”

Flo obliged, knowing that to snub Arnie’s dog would be
a terrible mistake. Sometimes she wondered how she
ranked in this household — whether she was around for
Novlik’s convenience, or him for hers.

“As soon as you get your wet things off, come on in the
kitchen. I’ve got some steaks on the broiler right

“I hope you saved one for Novlik. He’s probably awfully
hungry after his adventure. Gus told me he hadn’t eaten
a thing since they picked him up last night at the
Mountie Station.”

“Mountie Station?” questioned Flo, “I thought he was at
the vet’s.”

Arnie dropped his boots by the heater grill, and closed
the hall door. “He was. But the vet had to leave rather
unexpectedly, so he dropped him with the RCMP outfit in
Old Crow, so he wouldn’t have to leave him alone out at
the kennel. Good old Gus, he had enough sense to ask
around when he got there and the Doc’s place was all
closed up. One of the vet’s neighbors told him where to
find Novlik, and he went back into the village and
picked him up. He said the Mounties hated to see him
go… They don’t have any dogs there since they
switched to snowmobiles. Some of the old-timers said it
was like the old days, having a malamute around again.”

Florence was tempted to say the Mounties could have
kept the beast, as far as she was concerned, but she
thought better of it, and pulled another steak from the
refrigerator for him.

Novlik immediately caught the scent of raw meat, and
bounded into the kitchen like a charging lion, his
thick furry tail wagging excitedly. Flo tossed it to
him quickly, before he could jump up on her with his
huge paws. She was still carrying a bruise on her side
from the last time she’d fed him. It was no use
complaining to Arnie about his dog’s over enthusiastic
friskiness; that dog could do no wrong in Arnie’s eyes.

Novlik pranced into the back bedroom, the one he
usually had all to himself, and contentedly began
working on his two pound steak, pulling it apart with
his sharp teeth, the bone crunching easily in his
powerful jaws.

Arnie and Flo finished their dinner without another
interruption, and settled in the living room afterward,
the supper dishes still on the table.

“I told Gus to come right over,” said Arnie, “I told
him that hot cunt of yours needed some attention, and
you’d picked him to do the job.”

Flo nearly dropped her gin-and-tonic. “You what!? You
didn’t really say that did you? Well, did you?”

Arnie was nearly doubled with laughter. “Oh, baby, you
should have seen the look on your face. I’d have given
a hundred bucks to have a picture of that. You really
fell for it, didn’t you?”

“Well, it sounded like the kind of thing that twisted
mind of yours would dream up,” exclaimed Flo, “and
besides, with you I never know when you’re putting me

Arnie downed the last of his bourbon, and helped
himself to another healthy slug from the bottle on the
counter separating the living room from the kitchen. “I
should have told him. It would be a whole lot simpler.”

“Oh, no you don’t, Arnie Dennison,” threatened Flo,
waving her fist in a gesture of mock defiance. “You
stay out of it. All you have to do is lay the
groundwork — the rest is up to me. It wouldn’t be any
fun your way. Getting there is half the fun.”

Arnie looked at his wife, wondering how most men would
feel about a woman like her; a woman who needs more
than one man to keep her satisfied. Sometimes he
wondered how many men Flo would have if they lived
somewhere else, Los Angeles maybe. Just how many one-
nighters would she give herself if there were hundreds
of men around for the taking? It didn’t really bother
him, and that was what puzzled him most sometimes.

He was supposed to be jealous and possessive about his
woman, at least that was what he’d always been told.
But with Flo, it was something different, something
exciting, and most of all, completely open and honest.
There wasn’t any sneaking around in their marriage;
everything was done right out in the daylight, with no
lies, no excuses.

Of course, he’d never been the ideal devoted husband,
either. When the opportunities were there, he’d never
been one to turn down a little on the side. And he’d
have done a lot more of it if running his company
hadn’t always taken so damn much of his time.

Flo was getting drunk now, he could always tell. He
listened as her words began to blur a little around the
edges, and her sentences occasionally took on extra
verbs and adjectives. It never took much — Flo’d never
been one to hold her liquor; two or three drinks, and
she was under the table.

“You really think that good-looking Swede wants to get
in your pants, huh?” he teased, ready for a little fun
to keep the evening interesting. “What makes you think
you’ve got anything he wants? You’re not quite the
little dish you used to be, ya know. Why should he mess
around with an old woman like you.”

“Old woman!” Arnie sensed he’d struck a tender nerve.
“Who the hell’s an old woman!? Why, I’ve got a better
body than most girls ten years older than me…”

“You mean ten years younger, don’t you, Baby?”

Flo thought it over a second. “Yeah… that’s what I
meant to say… Anyway, you know what I mean. Here,
take a look at this… Is this the body of an old

She yanked her housedress over her head, and she was
wearing nothing underneath, not even panties.

“Goddamn, woman. Is that the way you run around all
day? No wonder you’re always so horny, galavantin’
around with no drawers on. Where’s your pants, cunt?
Ain’t you got any?”

Flo left the dress where it fell, right in front of her
on the floor. “Of course I’ve got some. For your
information, Mr. Wise-ass, I was getting ready to take
a bath when you and that furry brother of yours came
in. That’s why I don’t have any underwear on, all

“Furry brother, huh? You calling me a son-of-a-bitch?”
asked Arnie, staring her right in the face as though he
meant it.

“Baby, if the shoe fits, wear it,” laughed Flo, lifting
her large, firm tits with both hands and aiming them
tauntingly in Arnie’s direction. “Hey, here comes your
brother now. Here, boy! Come see the other SOB! Here,

Novlik took his cue like a veteran, and bounded into
the living room at full speed, barking loudly as he
cleared the length of the room in three huge leaps.

“No, Novlik! Don’t jump! Don’t…” but it was too late.
Flo had forgotten her hard-learned lesson; that was,
never to call the enormous animal unless she was
prepared to be knocked for a spin. He slammed into her
chest with his tremendous furry paws and sent her
sprawling onto the bearskin in front of the fire, arms
and legs flying in every direction, and Novlik — all
one-hundred-and-fifty pounds of him — right on top of

“That’s what you get, stupid,” roared Arnie, tears of
laughter running down his cheeks. “That’ll teach you to
lay off the booze for a while?”

Flo was futilely struggling to shove the heavy mass of
still damp fur off her, cursing the animal at the top
of her lungs, “Get off me, you goddamn hippopotamus!
Get the hell off!”

“Now, now, Florence,” said Arnie with a trace of
derision, “you know you shouldn’t talk like that around
Novlik. He’s not used to foul-mouthed broads. Talk nice
to him, and he’ll do what you tell him.”

“Talk nice, my ass!” bellowed Flo, still pinned under
the hairy behemoth. “I’ll k**l him if he doesn’t get
off me!”

“Here, Novlik… Sit! Over here, fella.” Novlik
instantly obeyed, stepping right in the middle of Flo’s
chest as he trotted over to his master’s side.

“Shit! That damn beast of yours will be the death of me
yet,” muttered Flo, brushing the mud off her skin and
looking for any broken bones. “How come you don’t teach
him no manners if he’s gonna live in the house like

“He just likes you, sweetheart, that’s all… Isn’t
that right, Novlik?” The huge dog barked twice —
loudly — and the echoing roar seemed to fill the whole
house. “See, cunt, what’d I tell you? He’s just a man,
like all the rest. He knows a bitch in heat when he
sees one.”

Novlik left his post and sauntered over to Flo,
nuzzling her bare leg affectionately with his cold, wet

Flo grudgingly gave the animal a quick pat, and the
enormous dog promptly rolled over on his back, his
fluffy tail swishing wildly, and his long, pink tongue
trailing from his panting mouth.

“See, I told you he likes you. He wants you to rub his

Flo stroked the downy flesh of his underbelly, and as
if on signal, his huge, bright red penis began to swell
and poke from its furry sheath.

“You’ve sure got the knack, all right,” laughed Arnie,
finishing his third bourbon. “Even the dogs know about
that gaping, hot cunt of yours. Give him a little hand
job there, sweetie, that’s all he wants. Why, he ain’t
been around no girl dogs in weeks.”

Flo pulled her hand away from his belly. “You shut up,
Arnie! I don’t need to sit here and listen to that kind
of talk from you!”

Arnie’s smile suddenly melted away, and his eyes seemed
almost to grow a shade darker — and twice as cold.
“You’ll take any kind of talk I want to give to you,
bitch, and don’t you forget it! And you’ll do what I
say… unless you know somebody else who’d put up with
your crap! I was only kidding you, cunt, but now I mean
it. You’re always bragging about how good you are with
men. Let’s see what you can do with Novlik!”

“You’re crazy! You’re completely off your nut, you know
that!?” answered Flo. “I’m not about to satisfy no
dog… for you or anybody else!”

Arnie slowly stood up, put his drink down, and quietly
pulled his three-inch leather belt from his belt loops,
then doubled it and dragged it lingeringly across the
palm of his left hand. Flo felt her skin break out in a
million goose bumps as she remembered the last time
that hot strap had left bloody blisters across her
backside — the time she’d stayed overnight with that
geologist from Chicago without telling Arnie where she
was. She knew he meant business, that he’d use that
frightening thing on her again if she riled him.

“Okay, Arnie… You win, I’ll do it.” She dropped to
her knees and placed her hand gently on the big dog’s
heaving belly.

Arnie chuckled as the soft full cheeks of her buttocks
faced him and he could make out the narrow hairline
slit of her pink open pussy nestled between the ivory
columns of her smooth thighs, her fleshy lips pouting
as if they were angry.

“You’re always one step ahead of me, aren’t you bitch?”
he said, stepping out of his pants and settling to his
knees right behind her. His prick snapped up instantly,
already hard and eager. He laughed menacingly, then,
“All right, boy! Get ready for a real treat! Tonight
you’re getting a real human bitch!”

The pink furry skin of the dog’s belly lay exposed to
her, and with it, the long shaft of his prick. And at
the base of his sex, his huge nearly-black testicles
like furry golf balls. She took it all in, slowly
realizing what her husband had dreamed up for her.

She started to turn around and confront him, but he
came over her naked buttocks from behind and grabbed
her securely around the waist. “You don’t want to be
making any sudden moves now, cunt. He might get mad and
take a hunk out of you. And we wouldn’t want that,
would we,” he sneered. “You just give him a good blow
job, and don’t make any quick moves unless…”

“My god, Arnie! Have you lost your mind completely!? I
can’t do that! Not to a dog! Dear god no… I can’t
Arnie… I can’t do that!”

He only laughed. She was in utter torment, and he
wallowed in it. “You fuckin’ slut! What makes you think
you’re too good to suck my friend there? He’s more of a
man than some of those fruits you run around with! Why,
you’re not even worthy to suck him… You should feel
honored that he’ll even let you put those lips of yours
on his prick. You’d better reconsider, slut, or I’ll
change your mind for you!”

He reached for his leather belt, and Flo’s mind spun
crazily at the prospect of this awful thing he was
demanding of her. She knew she had no choice — he’d
use that belt on her without a moment’s hesitation. But
to do that to a dog! Could she make herself do it…?

“Make up your mind, bitch! What’s it gonna be?” he

Her hand shaking like a falling leaf, she slowly
reached down and took the forbidding length of his
animal prick in her hand.

Novlik squirmed impatiently under her gentle touch.

“Turn your head so I can see you,” ordered Arnie. “I
wanna see it going in and out of that dog-sucking mouth
of yours. Suck it good, now… Suck it!”

Vainly, she tried to blot out all thoughts of what she
was doing from her mind, and to hold back the c*****g
wad of nausea filling her stomach. She placed the side
of her face on the big animal’s warm belly while she
fondled his long, fur-encased member with her hand.
Slowly, ever so slowly, she stroked it, while Arnie
looked on wide-eyed, and suddenly… it appeared… the
pointed, red glistening tip of his long prick oozing
out of its protective sheath, slowly moving forward.
She took long, deep breaths to fight back the nausea…

“Now! Suck it, slut! Suck it!” Arnie yelled.

Holding her breath now, she did it. Pushing it all from
her mind, Flo opened her lips and allowed the slender
forepart to slide into her mouth… far inside until it
touched the back of her throat, then bringing her rough
tongue into action. The taste surprised her, amazingly
it was almost sweet, and very tangy, even better than
some men she’d tasted. The animal responded almost
immediately, hunching his rear flanks forward as she
sucked and twirled his organ in her mouth. As she moved
her hand to his balls, caressing them lightly with her
fingertips, a long, low whine came from his throat, and
his left rear leg began to quiver convulsively.

Three double shots of booze had dulled her palate, but
the taste was surprisingly delicate, not like she’d
have imagined, if she’d ever given it any thought. She
hollowed her cheeks slightly as the long, tapered shaft
shot into her mouth in a steady, pumping rhythm. She
closed her teeth, but not enough to hurt the animal,
swirling her tongue around his pink member as the
excitement of this incredible thing she was doing began
to kindle inside her. Somehow, it didn’t seem nearly so
awful as she anticipated; rather, almost enjoyable in a
terribly wicked, forbidden sort of way.

“Suck it, bitch! Suck it good!” Arnie shouted at her,
maneuvering his wife’s wide-spread buttocks back toward
him and gaping greedily at the tight, puckered little
entrance to her brown, hairless anus.

His cock jutted forward again, as if it had a mind of
its own, and he reached down and pulled the thick
foreskin back, then crawled in closer to her backside,
dragging his thick penis through the wet juices of her
moist pussy to get it well lubricated. Again he did
that, delighting in the visible shiver that raced along
her spine as his cock brushed the sensitive lips of her
ever hungry pussy.

“Put it in!” he barked, gripping her hips tightly like
handles. “Hurry up! Stick it in you, slut!”

Obediently, her hand came back around her hips and he
watched eagerly as she grasped it tightly and f****d
its swollen tip into the deliciously tight,
constricting ring of her anus. He couldn’t hold back a
loud gasp as his prick slipped into the taut sheath,
the muscular rings clasping it agonizingly tight as his
throbbing shaft wormed its way into her asshole. He
gave a sharp, deliberate lunge and heard her moan as he
inched his hardened cock into the warm, velvet folds of
her tender passage.

Florence felt the sudden surge of his hot, throbbing
shaft ramming upward into her tight passage and she had
to cry out, but the fantastic, lascivious delight of
the animal cock fucking into her ovaled lips was beyond
anything she’d imagined. It was beginning to taste even
sweeter, and the way it plunged taperedly into her
mouth was driving her wild with pure animal lust. Sex
at home had grown dull and lifeless for her, but the
perverted thrill of this incredible experience was
almost too much to bear. Arnie was screwing into her
puckered anus, something she’d grown accustomed to and
she could take it or leave it, but Novlik was thrusting
his hard animal cock into her mouth and would soon
squirt his own life-giving sperm into her in a seething
flood… and suddenly she wanted it… she wanted it

She thirsted for his animal cum in her mouth… rushing
down her throat… c*****g her as it spurted in a hot,
sticky torrent! Maybe she’d finally cracked up, but
that was what she wanted, and she sucked and tongued
his glistening pink spear ravenously while Arnie
burrowed his stiffened rod into the tender depths of
her back passage. She could feel his heavy, sperm-laden
balls slapping with a loud thump against the sensitive
folds of her cunt, and she closed her eyes, savoring
every second of this abandoned, wicked ecstasy she had
suddenly found.

“Aaaaagghhh! You’re hurting me!” She opened her lips
around Novlik’s prick pumping into her mouth enough to
speak as her husband rammed his cock into the rubbery,
yielding depths of her rectum, shoving the soft, tender
flesh aside before it until his loins finally collided
roughly with her widespread buttocks, flattening them
beneath his weight. Every inch of his long, thick prick
was buried in her warm, tightly constricting rectum.

Gasping for a quick breath, Flo was unable to move even
a little to ease the agonizing pain as her husband’s
sadistic cock impaled her helplessly, rammed to the
hilt in her anus, her thighs split horribly apart. He
was showing her no mercy, and she wouldn’t satisfy him
by begging for any. She fought back the tears as wave
after wave of sharp pain shot upward from her obscenely
stretching rectal passage. The t*****e was incredible!

Arnie cursed under his breath with delight, reveling
with lewd excitement at the feel of his wife’s ass
pressing tightly against his hairy pelvis, while he
watched Novlik’s long, crimson prick sliding wet and
glistening between her pursed lips, his strong, sinewy
flanks jerking spasmodically while she scratched
delicately at his furry animal balls with the nails of
one hand. Goddamn, he didn’t know if he could take it!

He shoved his loins forward into her tightly puckered
tunnel and his eyes focused intently on the stiffened
rod that disappeared completely in the stretched, brown
hole between the jutting fleshy mounds of her buttocks.
He grunted with pleasure and drew the hard, b***d-
filled shaft out slightly, watching with cruel passion-
dazed eyes as the tender pink flanges of tender flesh
were pulled out with it; then his cock disappeared once
more in the forbidden aperture with his inward thrust
that sank his cock again up to the hilt in her rectum.
His breathing became faster and suddenly he began
rocking rhythmically in and out of her warm clasping
channel, deep down into her belly with each and every

“Oooooh… oooohh… oooohh,” Florence moaned around
Novlik’s ever swelling organ buried in her mouth, as
she knelt like a wretched slave before him, committed
to his cruel satisfaction. Arnie delighted in watching
her lose control like this — it gave him great
amusement to watch her grinding back onto his wet,
glistening shaft as it cruelly sodomized her again and
again. She seemed to be enjoying the vicious thrusts
that spread her tender rectum walls so painfully…
enjoying this savage ravishment of her asshole.

Damn, she was incredible! What an unbelievable slut she
had become! The pain seemed to be gone, for she was
sucking the animal’s prick with obvious wild-eyed
delight, even reaching down between her spread thighs
with her free hand and fingering her own clitoris,
rubbing it fiercely in an insane effort to bring on her
delicious, all-consuming climax.

Christ, he’d never in his whole life witnessed anything
like this! Not even in those wild Alaskan whorehouses
he used to visit when he was working freighters. He
gaped with amazement at his vicious white cock
disappearing and reappearing as he rammed it all the
way into her savagely grinding buttocks with each
powerful, sadistic thrust. She was taking everything he
could throw to her, and was hungry for more. Not even
the tiniest bit of his prick could be seen as he buried
it relentlessly into the tightly clasping passage, its
b***d-swollen head straining far up into her tender,
hungrily clutching depths.

On and on she sucked at Novlik’s pistoning, scarlet
prick, her fingers warmly caressing his downy black
balls, while her other hand fondled the wet, puckered
lips of her own wide-spread slit. He felt her buttocks
tighten as she squirmed to suck him up even further
into her ravenous belly, filling her taut rectum with
his stiffened manhood as she came nearer and nearer to
her own fulfillment. He couldn’t stand any more, and he
began pounding into the hungry furrow furiously,
slamming his pelvis against her exposed buttocks so
hard he thought he’d split her in half.

Nothing else in the world mattered to Flo except the
burning desire ravaging her knotted belly, and where
the shame and humiliation should have been, there was
only an uncontrollable hunger for more… more! Her
ravenous needs grew maddening as Arnie stepped up the
pace of his powerful assault on her rearward passage,
and her wildly quivering belly and loins screamed
desperately for precious relief.

She ground back against his impaling shaft like the
insatiable bitch she was, all the while sucking and
tonguing the sweet, honey-tasting animal prick fucking
deliciously into her throat. She could feel the
telltale moans of passion slipping from her lungs. She
was nearly there…!

Novlik’s massive, sinewy body began to quiver
convulsively, and suddenly without warning, Florence’s
mouth was filled with a great undamming of thick warm
liquid which gagged her and slithered and oozed down
her hungrily gulping throat. Like a starving animal,
she sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed while
the huge beast whined with ecstatic delight, and her
whole body shivered with the pleasurable raptures of
unrestrained masochism…

Just as quickly as it came, it was all over, and the
huge dog’s prick began to deflate and withdraw from her
eagerly clasping lips, until finally, the animal rolled
from beneath her and got to its feet.

“Oh, yes, yes! Oh… Oooooohhhh…” she moaned
pathetically at her panting husband as he pistoned
savagely into her wildly stretched rectal passage,
streams of sweat running from his body and mingling
with her own as they coursed along her thighs and legs.
“I-I’m going to cum! I’m going to… Now! Oh, god,

As his fiercely battering cock worked itself again and
again into her rectum, her hips f****d themselves back
on the painfully impaling shaft, and she groaned
incessantly as the pleasure grew greater… greater…
and then — burst in a dizzying whirl of color. Never
had she dreamed Arnie could bring her such incredible
blissfulness… never had she known such total and
devouring wantonness.

She was spinning out of control in a frenzied rippling
orgasm that filled her whole being. She was gone!
Nothing else mattered, nothing but those delicious,
satisfying chills of pure pleasure coursing through her
ravished body.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh…” she screamed, as the blessed,
fulfilling relief spread over her naked form, her
senses dazed to everything around her in the
magnificence of this special moment.

Arnie cursed aloud, still sawing into her savagely with
the last of his stored-up strength, thrusting into her
so hard she thought his enormous, throbbing prick would
rip all the way through her, and burst out her mouth;
she moaned pitifully from the pain, but offered no
resistance. She felt his strong pelvis snap
convulsively against the flattened mounds of her
buttocks and then a great, flooding surge of thick, hot
semen burst up into her rectum, filling her trembling
belly to the brim, and oozing out in a thin, hot
rivulet down the inside of her quivering thigh.

She heard him gasp one last satisfied groan of relief
and withdraw, his rubbery cock now deflated. Her
tightly clasping passage released its grip on his limp
organ reluctantly, and he slithered out of her with a
wet sucking sound. In its place came a quick, welcome
chilling rush of air in her unplugged hole; then, she
too fell forward and sprawled exhausted on the carpet,
her breasts heaving beneath her.

Florence lay very still for what seemed like a long
time, then gathered enough strength to climb shakily to
her feet, wiping the thin trail of semen from her
thighs, retrieving her dress from the floor. She could
feel Arnie’s eyes on the naked flesh of her back even
before she turned and faced him. When she finally did,
there was no mistaking the mask of contempt twisting
his face, but she’d expected nothing less. There could
be no mercy, no understanding about something like
this. Subjecting her to every unspeakable indecency he
could dream up was not enough; only by rubbing her face
in it could he really be satisfied.

“You really are a slut, you know that,” he sneered.
“You’re even worse than I thought.”

Flo knew better than to argue with him when he was like
this. “I’m going to take a bath now, and go to bed.
I’ll see you.” She turned slowly and made her way to
the bedroom, her equilibrium off from the dizzying spin
her mind had suffered.

Arnie reached down beside his favorite chair, his hand
touching Novlik’s furry head. “You liked that all
right, didn’t you pal?”

Novlik answered with a quick swish of his thick tail.

“Well, if all goes well, old buddy,” grinned Arnie,
rubbing the mammoth dog’s forehead, “maybe in a few
days you’ll have another playmate… A nice young one
for you this time!”

Chapter 6

Winter was making one last dying effort as Ginny
stepped down from the commercial prop-jet at
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. The falling snow was so
thick she couldn’t see the hangar as she made her way
toward the charter line headquarters, falling in huge
wet snowflakes that stuck to her like glue. She was
soaked to the skin when she finally reached the shelter
of the hangar, and the tiny office of Northern Lines
Charter Service.

“I’m Mrs. Dennison,” she said hopefully, “I think my
brother-in-law made arrangements for a flight with your
company. Have I got the right place?”

A young-looking man wearing a ski jacket looked up from
the pile of charts on the large table, “Yes, ma’am…
you’ve come to the right place, all right. I’m Rick
Scovill, your pilot.”

Ginny’s first thought was that he looked much too young
to be flying a plane. “Oh… Well, I guess I’m ready
anytime you are,” she smiled.

“That might be quite a while, ma’am,” replied the
pilot, “I guess you didn’t notice all that snow coming
down out there.”

Ginny looked out the window, as if she was seeing the
near-blizzard for the first time. “Gee I guess I wasn’t
thinking,” she said, a little embarrassed. “I just
never thought about it, I suppose. But don’t the planes
take off in rain and snow and such?… I thought I
remembered flying in the snow one time, coming home to
California from Indiana.”

The young pilot laughed, “Wait till you see the plane
we’ll be using. It’s not much like those big jets
you’re used to.”

“Oh, I flew up here in one… A small one, I mean. It
only seated about twenty-five or thirty people.”

Rick stepped back and opened a narrow door to the
hangar behind the office; a cold gust swept through
like a winter storm. “That plane over there… that’s
what I meant when I said small.” He pointed his index
finger toward a well-maintained L-16, a World War II
spotter plane.

“That thing?” shrieked Ginny. “You must be kidding! It
looks like a toy!”

Rick motioned her through the doorway into the hangar,
and Ginny followed close behind, shivering in the
unheated immenseness of the old building. They passed a
dozen or more larger planes; she’d seen photographs of
similar ones in magazines. Even those looked small
after the commercial liner she’d flown to Whitehorse
on, but this tiny thing was too much!

“Well, here she is,” said Rick proudly, opening the
flimsy door on the pilot’s side. Inside were two seats,
one in front, one in back. “What’ya think of her? Quite
a cute little number isn’t she?”

Ginny shook her head incredulously. “Cute, yes… but
can it fly?”

“Sh-h-h-h,” whispered Rick, “don’t let Nancy hear you
talk like that.”

“Nancy?” Ginny looked around for another face, but they
were apparently alone in the huge hangar.

“Yeah… That’s her name. Nancy, meet Mrs. Dennison
from California.”

Ginny felt rather awkward, never having been introduced
to an airplane before, and she didn’t know quite what
to reply. “Uh… could we go back inside your office,
Mr. Scovill? I’m freezing to death.”

“Sure,” answered Rick. “This was terribly inconsiderate
of me. I forgot you aren’t used to our Canadian weather
yet. But you will be if you stay up on the Mackenzie
very long.”

Ginny had to think for a moment before her memory told
her that was the name of the big river Arnie and
Florence lived on. It flowed north, to the Arctic
Ocean, she remembered from one of Arnie’s old letters.

“I don’t think I’ll be up there too long,” said Ginny.

“Maybe just for the summer.”

Rick smiled, “If that’s the case, you might not see any
real North country weather at all. It’ll be more like
California in the summer… maybe even a little

“Hotter? I thought it was up close to the North Pole or

“You haven’t done your homework, ma’am,” said Rick,
stifling a laugh. “Norman Wells is one helluva way from
the North Pole… if you’ll pardon my language, ma’am.”

Ginny could tell already she had a lot to learn about
this strange part of the world. Strange at least to a
small-town girl from Indiana. Cold weather and snow
she’d come prepared for, but not for a California
climate. “Just how warm is it up there in the summer?”

Rick thought for a moment. “Well, it depends on what
part of the summer, such as it is. There’s really only
about two months of what you’d call summer. But
sometimes it gets up in the nineties in the middle of
the day… though it might drop below freezing that
same night.”

“Ninety? I brought all my winter clothes!”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it,” laughed Rick.
“Remember — it drops down awfully low sometimes at
night. And you never know when a real cold wave is
going to come through. Once in a while they get some
awfully cold storms off the Arctic ice whistling up the

Ginny was beginning to wonder if she’d made the right
move in coming up here at all. But that had never
crossed her mind back in Los Angeles; just the chance
to get away from all her troubles and spend some time
with relatives, even if they were in-laws, was all the
incentive she needed to make up her mind. She hoped
Fred wouldn’t be too terribly angry when he got her
letter. She hadn’t had time to write him for his
permission and wait for an answer. With the way he
wrote letters, she might have been standing around for
months waiting for Fred to say yes.

* * *

It was mid-afternoon when the freak snowstorm blew
over, leaving in its wake a beautiful, cloudless blue
sky that stretched from horizon to horizon. Ginny could
make out the hazy shapes of distant mountains, far off
to the north, ringed with cloud-like fog and squatting
like watchdogs of the untamed Northwest Territories
beyond, blocking out the influx of civilization from
the warmer, less awesome south.

“Is that where we’re going?” asked Ginny, peering out
the misty window of Scovill’s office. “It looks awfully
rugged. Is there any chance… I mean, is it

Rick was pulling on his insulated heavy jacket. “No,
not terribly… But it will be cold. Is that the only
coat you have?”

Ginny was wearing the heaviest jacket she owned, one
she never got a chance to wear in Los Angeles. “Yeah,
but I’ve got a sweater in my suitcase. I could put that
on under my coat, if you think I’ll need it.”

“Don’t bother,” answered Rick, opening a locker behind
the desk. “I think I can find something in here you can
wear. Your brother-in-law should be able to get a real
coat for you when you get to Norman Wells.”

Rick picked up her suitcase from the combination
baggage agent-ticket clerk in the tiny terminal
building across the wide landing apron from the charter
hangar and strapped it down in the back of the L-16 and
Ginny climbed in, feeling more than a little
embarrassed as she bent far over to maneuver into the
back seat, revealing her thighs way up past the bottom
of her white panties. No time for modesty, she told
herself, and strapped the broad safety belt around her
waist. Her elbow bumped the inside of the fuselage
wall, and to her amazement, it gave like cloth!

“Rick! What’s this plane made of?” she asked, almost
hoping it had been her imagination.

“Oh, if you mean the fuselage covering, it’s fabric…
a lot cheaper than metal, and a helluva lot lighter.”

“Fabric! You mean like cloth… cotton or something
like that?” she asked.

“Yeah, something like that. But don’t worry,” he
assured her. “It’s airworthy. This little baby’s been
flying since 1943, and I don’t think she’s gonna quit
on us now.”

Ginny shook her head, unable to believe what she was
about to do. Halfway across the Northwest Territories
in a cloth-covered plane! I must be out of my mind!

* * *

The tiny L-16 leaped into the air almost before Ginny
realized they were even moving down the runway, and
before she could catch her breath, they were high over
the Whitehorse airport, banking steeply as they left
the pattern. The scurrying airport workers grew smaller
and smaller, and soon they were just a dozen or so ants
zipping back and forth between the six-inch airplanes
scattered around the terminal.

“How high are we, Rick?” she shouted over the high-
pitched whine of the single engine, leaning as far
forward as her safety strap would allow.

“Not very high yet! About twenty-eight hundred feet!
We’ll climb to four thousand for the rest of the trip!”

The tree cover grew denser as they left the paved
streets and houses of Whitehorse far behind, and the
only break in the thick forest was an occasional
logging road winding through the trees to a logged-over
section. Animal life seemed everywhere; white-tailed
deer leaped and bounded along beneath them, as if
chasing the tiny shadow of their plane. She thought she
spotted a huge brown bear, but she couldn’t be sure,
and Rick was using the radio, trying to reach the
airstrip at Norman Wells.

They flew on for hours, seemingly in a straight line,
and the excitement of flying soon became a monotonous
bore, as they passed over miles of identical terrain,
each mile no different from the dozens of others they’d
left behind.

Rick started to spiral down, and Ginny readied herself
for her reunion with Arnie and Flo, only to be
disappointed when Rick leaned over the seat to let her
know this stop was only for gas, and that she wouldn’t
even leave the plane. He cut the throttle and coasted
in to a muddy landing strip — without a name, and only
a couple of Quonset huts to identify it.

They taxied over to an enormous red-painted tank, and a
young boy, not more than twelve or thirteen obligingly
filled their tank and wiped the dirt and grime from the
plane’s windscreen. Ginny stayed in her seat while Rick
checked over all the fittings and the landing gear, and
in a few minutes, they were back in the air, continuing
their persistent northward course.

The constant whine of the airplane’s engine soon lulled
Ginny to sleep, and she dozed for over an hour, her
head against the plastic window at her side. She might
have slept all the way to Norman Wells, had the plane’s
course not suddenly shifted.

She blinked her eyes open groggily as the plane banked
gently and began to head in a slightly altered

“Are we almost there?” she asked. “I thought I felt the
plane change course.”

“Not quite!” shouted Rick. “But we’re following one of
the Mackenzie’s tributaries. You’ll be able to see the
Mackenzie River pretty soon!”

Ginny anxiously searched the forest below, but could
only catch an occasional flash of silver from the tiny
stream beneath them. Tributary, indeed, she thought,
why it looks more like a drainage ditch!

She looked away long enough to adjust her seat belt,
and to maneuver her legs around a bit to ease the
muscle cramps, and when she gazed out the window again,
there was a long, widening giant of a river across
their path, disappearing in the distance in the flat,
treeless plain of the Arctic.

“There it is! You’ll be in Norman Wells in about
fifteen minutes!”

Ginny felt her stomach suddenly tighten, and for the
first time, she was afraid of what she might find in
Norman Wells — after all, she hadn’t ever really
gotten to know either of these people, even though they
were Fred’s relatives.

Oh, I hope they’ll like me… I hope everything works
out all right…

Chapter 7

“Ginny darling!” came a loud shrill voice from across
the taxi ramp, almost before Ginny could climb from the
plane. It was Florence, but she didn’t recognize the
man with her, unless Arnie had changed quite a bit
since the last time she saw him. This man was taller,
and very blond, like maybe he was a Scandinavian.

“How are you, honey?!” Florence threw her arms around
her as she stepped on the wheel cover, and then,
shakily, onto the asphalt. “How was your trip? Was the
weather okay?”

“Everything was fine, Flo… I was in good hands.” Rick
came around after chocking the wheels. “This is Rick
Scovill, Rick, this is Florence Dennison, my sister-in-
law and…”

“And this is Gus,” injected Flo. “He’s my husband’s
foreman. Arnie’s out on the river checking some
landings that got broken during the winter, but he said
he’d be back by tonight.”

Flo signed the pad Rick was holding in his hand, and
Gus grabbed Ginny’s bag. “Thanks Rick, I had a
wonderful time!” shouted Ginny as they walked toward
the jeep parked by the landing strip. Rick waved good-
bye, and headed for the hangar for a rest before the
long lonely trip back to Whitehorse.

“Well, what’ya think of our little town?” asked Flo as
they drove down the muddy street to the Dennison place
on the northern edge of the settlement, past a
surprising number of frame houses, some of the newer
ones built on short stilts, like terribly fat birds
perched in the melting slush of springtime.

“That’s certainly a strange way to build a house, isn’t
it? Is your house built like that, Flo?” Ginny asked.

“No, no… Ours is just a plain house. Those stilts are
kind of a new idea. It’s supposed to keep the
permafrost from doing any damage or something… maybe
Arnie could explain it a little better.”

Gus steered the bucking jeep off the main street and up
a little hill, through a dense thicket of green trees.
Ginny could feel the temperature drop several degrees
as they left the warm sunshine behind.

The house soon came into view, and Ginny was surprised
to find it so large. From their letters, she would have
guessed it as half this size. It looked like an
overblown log cabin, and in fact, most of the exterior
was made of large, rough-cut logs; it looked quite
comfortable and cozy nestled among the thick trees.

“Well, Ginny, here we are. Home sweet home,” said Flo
as they stepped from the jeep. “I hope you like it, but
if you don’t, keep your mouth shut around Arnie. He’s
crazy about this place. Next to Novlik, it’s his
favorite, I guess I come in about third or fourth.” She
winked at Gus as she spoke, but he didn’t reply, just
carried the suitcase to the front door and returned to
the jeep, the motor still running.

“I don’t want to seem stupid so soon,” said Ginny as
they entered the house, “but who’s Novlik?”

“You mean I haven’t written about Novlik? I should have
devoted a whole letter to that animal.”

“Animal?” Ginny looked puzzled.

“Animal is right, sweetie,” exclaimed Flo.

“You see, Novlik is Arnie’s dog… mostly Malamute and
Husky… and the two of them are inseparable. Wherever
Arnie is right now, you can be sure that dog is within
ten feet. I swear, he’d let him sleep with us if I
hadn’t put my foot down. I guess you’ll be the lucky
one, since you’ll be sleeping in his room.”

Ginny was more confused than ever. “His room? What…”

“But don’t worry about it,” interrupted Flo. “Novlik
doesn’t use the bed. He sleeps on an old sheepskin
right by the door. You’ll hardly notice he’s around.
You aren’t allergic to dogs, are you?”

Ginny shook her head. “No, not that I know of. When do
I get to meet this fantastic dog. I’m kinda curious to
see what he can do.”

Flo nearly burst out laughing at that last comment, but
managed to keep a straight face. “Oh, you’ll be
surprised, honey… You’ll be most surprised.”

Chapter 8

Ginny was sleeping soundly when Arnie finally got home
from a long day on the river, and he thought it best
not to wake her. He thought for a moment he might have
to, since Novlik had never seen her before and might
get spooked by a strange person in the house, but he
was as tired as his master, and was dreaming dog-dreams
by the time Arnie could get out of his wet clothes,
curled up peacefully on his sheepskin.

“I’ll introduce them in the morning,” said Arnie.
“Novlik wouldn’t hurt her anyway, even if they ran into
each other in the night.” With that, he crept quietly
off to bed, dying to get rid of a hard-on he’d carried
around all after-noon.

“Spread those legs, bitch,” he whispered, so as not to
wake up Ginny. “I’m coming in.”

Flo had learned years ago not to argue with him when he
was in one of his moods, and — half asleep — she
obediently spread her bare thighs for Arnie’s
satisfaction, muttering something about being cold and
not to wake up their guest.

“Don’t worry about her,” grumbled Arnie, poking his
stiffened prick up between his wife’s thighs without
even a hint of foreplay. “She’s probably heard people
fucking before. Just put it in, I’ll take care of the

Flo obligingly worked the swollen head of his cock
between the fleshy lips of her pussy, rubbing it back
and forth a little on her clitoris to get her slit
moist enough to keep from hurting her. Arnie felt the
bulbous head slip into her tight passage, and rammed it
home with a quick, brutal slap of his loins against her
upturned pelvis.

“Ooowwww! Goddamn, take it easy,” she blurted,
forgetting in her sharp pain that Ginny was only a few
feet away. Arnie didn’t ease off for a second, but kept
on pounding his thick cock into her tender channel
until the warm juices made it less painful, and the
soft, pink walls began to loosen a little.

* * *

Ginny was wide awake she had been since Arnie brought
the dog into the house and began to undress for bed.
With no real reason, she’d just kept quiet, and now she
lay quietly, almost afraid to breathe, lest they hear
her and somehow know she’d been listening to their most
private lovemaking all along. She fought the urge to
eavesdrop… she even put a pillow over her head, but
it was no use.

The sounds coming from their open bedroom door were
drawing her like a moth to a flame, and she couldn’t
stop herself. Somehow, it was suddenly wickedly
exciting to hear two people making love, and Flo was
certainly making no effort to stifle her groans. In a
steady, sure rhythm, Flo moaned again and again, and
Ginny could hear the bed squeak as it went up and
down… up and down.

She could stand it no longer; as evil and wrong as it
might be, she had to have a look. She could crouch
beside the foot of her own bed and see easily into
their bedroom. And their room was partially illuminated
by the dim glow of the night-light in the hall, so
their figures were outlined clearly. Moving slowly,
careful not to make the bed squeak, Ginny lowered
herself to the floor beside her bed, and crawled the
couple of feet to the end.

She nearly gave herself away when she got her first
real glimpse of the two of them, Arnie hunched over
Flo’s tiny body like some sort of savage monster, his
haunches rising and falling as Flo moaned softly her
soulful gasps punctuated with an occasional sharp,
muffled cry as Arnie pounded into her. Ginny nearly
gasped herself from the wicked excitement of watching
them like this, but she succeeded in covering her mouth
before it was too late.

She could even see Arnie’s cock when he rocked back, as
it slithered wetly from Flo’s wide-spread slit, pulling
little ridges of pink, ragged flesh with it as it
withdrew from her wet, clasping vaginal sheath. Ginny
felt the wickedness fan the dormant coals of desire in
her belly — never in her life had she watched anyone
else make love. It wasn’t something she would have
guessed would be exciting, but how wrong she would have
been. Already she could feel the dampness spreading
between her tightly clenched thighs, and she struggled
to fight the growing temptation to reach down between
her legs and quell the rising flames of lustful desire
as best she could. But she knew that was wrong, and she
promised herself she wouldn’t do it…

Her eyes wide with amazement, she watched as Arnie’s
buttocks raised again and again, his long, thick prick
burrowing into Flo’s wide-open vagina with deep,
powerful thrusts. Flo’s moans grew louder, and Arnie’s
strong rhythm increased.

Ginny fought it as long as she could, and when she
could stand it not a second longer, she ran her hand
down over the mound of her pelvis and between her legs,
hesitating there a moment before she did an awful
thing… something she’d steadfastly denied herself all
the long, lonely months while Fred was gone. But she
had to… she had to before this agonizing flame in her
belly consumed her alive!

Gingerly, she touched the moist, fleshy crevice down
between her legs with the fingers of her right hand,
then explored for the sensitive, pleasure-giving bud of
her clitoris. A shiver of ecstasy raced over her body
as her fingers made warm, wet contact, and she
hesitated again.

Oh, God, I can’t… I just can’t do this awful thing!

But her desire proved stronger than her willpower, and
slowly, lightly at first, her fingers began to caress
the throbbing nipple of her clitoris, sending wave
after wave of delicious pleasure coursing through her

Oh, it feels so good… so good!

So great was her enjoyment, she failed to notice as a
shadowy, massive shape crept toward her from the corner
opposite her bed. Her eyes were half-closed, as she
opened them only for another forbidden glimpse of
Arnie’s thick shaft pistoning in and out of his wife’s
hungrily clasping pussy-lips. Suddenly she snapped like
a whip, leaping forward almost half a foot, still on
her knees beside the bed.

My God, what is that cold nuzzling between my legs?
What is it?!

She looked back over her shoulder, almost afraid of
what she might find. It was Arnie’s dog, Novlik! His
cold, wet nose was sniffing back between the cleft
cheeks of her buttocks, rooting as if searching for
something in the nakedness of her exposed thighs.

What can I do? Oh, dear God, what can I do?

She tried to shoo the beast away, afraid to touch him
for fear the mammoth animal might take off half her
arm, but the huge dog seemed determined, and Ginny had
no choice but to remain motionless, quivering with
fear, as the savage animal nuzzled her crotch like she
was no more than a bitch standing before him!

Her teeth gritted, she did her best to remain still,
but every touch of the dog’s nose sent fresh shivers of
fright racing along her spine. She couldn’t cry out…
how could she explain this to Arnie and Flo? She’d
never be able to look them in the face again if they
knew she had been watching them like a common voyeur,
spying on them in their own house.

She shivered anew as the dog’s long, pink tongue
suddenly lashed out from his lips, licking the
sensitive folds of her vagina. Her whole body tensed,
and again she tried to brush the huge animal away, but
he wouldn’t budge. She even summoned enough courage to
try shoving him, but he growled softly but menacingly
when she pushed his muscular haunches aside.

She was hopelessly trapped! There was nothing to do but
remain still and wait for the frightening beast to go

Again his tongue licked over her puckered anal crevice,
coursing down over the fleshy ridges of her quivering
pussy, along the deep crevice of her buttocks, and up
again past the taut, brown-ringed hole of her rectum.
She trembled in abject terror as the animal licked her
crotch from one end to the other… and he showed no
signs of quitting.

Like the lashing tongue of a lizard, Novlik’s rough
tongue licked again and again at the moist, warm
juiciness of her vaginal cleft, and she found herself
quivering from his savage contact — not from fear, but
from something she suddenly couldn’t control, a strange
sort of primitive excitement that emanated from deep
within her naked vaginal crevice.

What’s happening to me!? What’s going on inside my

What is it!?

Novlik’s bristly tongue raced over her clitoris faster
and faster as the big dog lapped up the tangy, tasty
wetness from her narrow slit, gulping it down eagerly.
Ginny’s belly was knotted to its breaking point, and
she strained to hold back a tortured, relief-giving

I can’t stand anymore! I can’t stand it!

Novlik’s hungrily lapping tongue snaked deep between
the soft, pliable lips of her moist pussy, licking out
every drop of her precious juices. The rough tip
brushed over her pulsing clitoris again and again, each
time sending a convulsive shiver racing along her
tightly-clenched furrow and along her naked spine.

His long, probing tongue wormed into the warm, moist
entrance to the very mouth of her cuntal channel,
lapping out the warm wetness deep inside her fleshy
tunnel. Her body trembled out of control… she didn’t
know how much more she could take before he licked her
to orgasm and then suddenly she knew… none…

“Oh, no! Oh, no!… Ooooohhhh…”

She clamped her hands over her lips to muffle her deep,
throaty moan and fell forward, her weak, wobbly knees
unable to support her weight a second longer. She lay
there, heaving convulsively in the dying throes of her
sudden climax, afraid to look up for fear that Arnie
and Flo had heard her gasping moan and would be
towering over her.

She opened her eyes slowly — cautiously — but Arnie
and Flo were still on the bed, Arnie’s hips bucking
savagely as he neared his climax. Still fascinated, she
watched a second longer, and saw Arnie’s buttocks
quiver visibly, then an oozing cascade of white
stickiness spurted from his swollen, throbbing prick as
he pulled it from his wife’s clasping, hungrily
nibbling passage just in time, drenching her belly and
pelvis with a hot white spray of semen.

The huge dog left her alone, and calmly trotted back to
his sheepskin bed, as if nothing had happened. Ginny
pulled herself back onto the bed with her last bit of
strength, still gasping for breath, unable to
comprehend what had happened to her.

She yanked the blankets over her trembling nakedness
and cried herself, finally, to sleep.

Chapter 9

It wasn’t easy, but the next two days, Wednesday and
Thursday, were enough to help Ginny forget the
unforgettable — those horrifying minutes at the mercy
of Arnie’s vicious dog, the incredible depths of
degradation she sank to, even worse than her
experiences with Marty Bondman back in California.
Ginny had awoke the next morning feeling worse,
perhaps, than on any day of her life, but by
midmorning, she’d nearly forgotten the depravity of the
night before.

Flo rushed her out of the house almost before it was
light, and Gus was waiting for them when they made
their way through the mud and slush to the post office.
Ginny posted the letter to Fred she’d written on the
plane coming up, and they sped away for a long day of
sightseeing, beginning with the rugged drive east of
town to the foothills of the Mackenzie Mountains. Those
towering, rocky peaks were even more beautiful than
she’d pictured them from Arnie’s letters, remote and
forbidding, almost untouched by human despoilation,
they rose silently on the far horizon, like the Great
Wall of China, running as far north as she could see.

Gus drove them up into the hilly meadows for an even
closer look, and parked the jeep nearly ten miles from
town, on a treeless bluff that afforded a picture-book
view both of the river behind them and the majestic
Mackenzies ahead.

“Can you drive all the way to the mountains?” asked

Gus shook his head. “No… but there are horse and foot
trails. Some of them date back to the eighteen-
hundreds. You can cross them even, if you are very
brave. The hunting up there is fabulous… better than
any place in the Territories.”

“Wow, I’d sure like to ride up there… I’ll bet the
scenery’s fantastic!” exclaimed Ginny, standing on the
jeep’s fender for a better look. “I sure wish I’d
brought my camera. I left in such a hurry this morning,
I forgot all about it.”

“Don’t worry about getting pictures,” said Flo. “We’ll
be up here plenty of times. It’s one of the most
beautiful picnic spots around. Sometimes on week-ends,
half the village is up here.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’d like that,” Ginny decided. “Too
many people would just spoil it. I like it like this.”

Florence unpacked the sandwiches she’d thoughtfully
brought along, and the three of them enjoyed a
leisurely lunch high on the top of the world, a million
miles from the nearest freeway or traffic jam, and
completely free of pollution and noise. Ginny couldn’t
recall when she’d spent a more pleasant morning. Once
in a while, when she’d look at Flo, she’d remember last
night, and Flo’s naked genitals right before her
curious eyes. And more important, she’d remember
everything that happened… including those horrible
few minutes with Novlik. But the sun and the cobalt-
blue sky were the perfect cure, and by afternoon, she’d
nearly put those frightful memories out of her mind.

They wound their way back through the forest, back down
the hills, and arrived back in Norman Wells in time to
watch the season’s first cargo barge heading north,
bound for Inuvik, and the gas fields of Alaska’s North
Slope. It wasn’t much to look at, just a squared-off
rust-colored hulk being towed by a chunky, smoke-
spitting little tug, but it seemed that everyone in
town was lining the banks for a peek.

“Why all the excitement?” asked Ginny when they left
the jeep near the center of town. “Haven’t they ever
seen a barge before.”

“That’s a special barge, Ginny,” explained Flo, “the
first one heading for the Arctic this season. Those
barges and tugs are the lifeblood of this town, and the
people don’t forget it. That tug-pilot will probably
get a hero’s welcome when he reaches Inuvik, all the
way north on the Mackenzie.”

“Is that an Eskimo town? I mean, with igloos and all
that sort of thing?” Ginny asked.

Flo laughed, “I’m sorry, honey, I shouldn’t make fun. I
guess everyone back in the states think the Eskimos
still live in igloos. The truth is, Inuvik has a lot of
Eskimos, but they live in wooden houses just like we
do. Nothing very romantic and exciting about that, I

“Gee, I guess there’s a lot about the North country
that isn’t like the storybooks, huh?” Ginny surmised.

“Right… even the famous Mountie dog sleds are gone.
They’ve replaced the last ones with gasoline-powered
snowmobiles now.”

“The next thing you know, you’ll have skyscrapers and
crowded freeways right here in Norman Wells,” sighed

“Well, not any time soon, I hope… C’mon, I told Gus
to meet us down at the docks. He’s taking us for a ride
on the company boat.”

“Great! That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you do this
all the time?”

“No, no,” laughed Flo, “only when we have guests. The
rest of the time I just sit around the house and wait
for Arnie to come home; he likes me around when he
comes in.”

Ginny remembered last night and blushed, then quickly
asked, “how about friends? Do you know most of the
people in town?” she asked.

“All of ’em,” replied Flo, “every single one. You can’t
belch in this town without everybody knowing about it
ten minutes later… You’ll meet some of them yourself,
Friday night. Arnie has invited some friends over for a
little party. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? No, why should I mind?” asked Ginny. “I think it
will be lots of fun to meet your friends.”

“Well, maybe,” grinned Flo, “I guess it’s only fair to
warn you that some of our friends go in for really wild
parties… you know what I mean? Not much else to do up
here, I guess.”

Ginny was getting a little concerned. “Wild? Just how
wild do you mean?”

Florence smiled, “I wouldn’t go worrying about it. It
won’t be anything to write home to Mother about, but
it’ll be fun… you can count on that!”

Chapter 10

Ginny couldn’t remember a party where the guest list
was more diverse than this one. She’d forgotten most of
the names already, but she’d never forget this party.
Arnie’s friends ranged from Cleveland Bartlett, the
town’s banker and local financier, to “Moose Jaw”
Diker, the first friend Arnie had found back in those
bleak, lonely years before he’d made his fortune. Moose
Jaw was eighty-five if he was a year, and as tough as a
keg of ten-penny nails.

Ginny was glad he could come, for he came as close to
being the grizzled prospector from the westerns she’d
read as a c***d as anyone could be. He even smelled
like a rough-and-ready outdoorsman, maybe even a
pioneer. Mr. Bartlett was a whole lot less interesting,
but Ginny noticed Arnie spent more time with him than
with Moose Jaw or some of his other colorful
acquaintances. Flo introduced her to every single one,
but the names all ran together. She figured there was
plenty of time for learning names later.

Arnie spent most of his time around the liquor,
seemingly mixing one drink before he finished the
other. But Arnie could never be called selfish with his
booze; he was passing out drinks like crazy, though
most everyone had long ago drunk their fill.

They’d long since exhausted every conceivable topic of
discussion by eleven-thirty, and the guests began to
thin out, pausing a moment to pay their respects to the
host and hostess and to wish Ginny a pleasant,
enjoyable visit. She was glad to see them go, frankly,
for she’d tired of talking about the California
weather, smog and hippies hours earlier.

Only Arnie was left in the living room by midnight, and
he insisted Ginny have one last drink. She tried to
refuse, but he was terribly persistent, and she finally
relented. It was her fourth or fifth — she couldn’t
remember — and went down like water. It had hardly
reached her belly before she began to regret it.

She started to get up, but the floor spun around
beneath her feet, so she plopped back into the big

“Looks like you’re feeling no pain, huh sweetheart?”
asked Arnie. Ginny could only see a messy blur where
his face should have been.

“What… oh, yeah, I guess so,” she said thickly.
“Where’s Flo?” She seemed to add that last question as
an afterthought when she slowly realized she was alone
with Arnie.

“She’s occupied with Gus at the moment,” smiled Arnie.

Ginny tried to wait for all the words to sink in. “With
Gus? You mean…”

Arnie cut her off. “Yeah, with Gus. She has these
little flings once in a while. She’ll have forgotten
all about it by morning.”

Ginny heard it all right, but she couldn’t believe her
ears. “I don’t understand, Arnie. Is she in there?” She
motioned toward the closed bedroom door.

Arnie nodded affirmatively. “Come on, we’ll have a
little fun.” He got up, grabbing Ginny by the arm.

“Wait a minute,” she insisted, “where are we going? I
don’t want to go in there.”

But Arnie was his usual persistent self. “Oh, c’mon,
live a little. You won’t see anything you haven’t seen
already this week.”

Ginny’s cheeks suddenly were bright crimson. He knows!
He knows I was watching!

“You didn’t think you fooled me, did you? I saw you
hiding down there beside your bed.”

“But… but why… why didn’t you say something,”
stammered Ginny, too embarrassed to look up.

“Why should I? I’d have spoiled all your fun… and
besides, I don’t mind an audience when I fuck. I’ve got
nothing to hide,” he laughed.

Ginny’s head was spinning like a top, and she wanted
nothing more than to go to bed and sleep off this
topsy-turvy state her mind was in.

But Arnie was in the best position; he was less dulled
by the alcohol, being still way below his capacity, and
soon Ginny found herself being led into the darkened
bedroom, by way of her room.

“Please, Arnie… I don’t want to,” she whispered, but
Arnie pulled her behind him, and they settled quietly
on the thick animal skin against the far wall. The
bedroom fireplace still bore the smoldering remnants of
the night’s fire, and the glowing-red coals cast an
eerie light over the couple intertwined on the bed
fifteen away. The fire’s glow was the only light in the
room, and at the far end where Ginny and Arnie sat on
the fur rug, it was pitch black.

“Are you cold,” whispered Arnie, and put his arm around
Ginny’s shoulders before she could reply. She started
to push it away, but it didn’t seem to make any
difference so she left it.

“Let’s get out of here, Arnie,” said Ginny softly,
leaning nearly to his left ear. “I don’t like this.”

“Relax… they won’t mind as long as it looks like
we’re here for the same reason.” He squeezed his arm
around her shoulders, gently caressing the soft flesh
of her bare arm with his open palm.

“What do you mean?” Ginny whispered loudly.

“Sh-h-h-h… just follow my lead, and I’ll guarantee
you the show of your life.”

Ginny thought of running from the room, of simply
jumping up and racing back into the living room. But
somehow, something kept her there, something almost
like magic seemed to hold her securely to this spot.
Just like the other night, when she’d spied on Arnie
and Flo, some strange kind of wicked attraction seemed
to draw her like a magnet.

The shadowy figures on the bed were practically still,
with only an occasional movement to indicate they were
even awake. Suddenly a head rose above the covers, and
Ginny could feel someone looking her way.

“Cooperate, Ginny… Gus is looking at us,” whispered

She gave in, it seemed the only answer and Arnie seemed
so sure it would solve everything. The last thing she
wanted was a scene…

She allowed herself to drift freely in the dizziness
brought on by the alcohol, and Arnie had pulled her so
close she could hardly move. Catching her by surprise,
his hand slipped down the collar of her dress,
unbuttoning the top button, and fastened firmly on her
naked breast. She could feel sharp pin pricks of
delicious feeling racing through the tips of them as he
rolled the tiny hardening nipple between his thumb and
forefinger maddeningly. She could feel the warmth of
his breath against her ear as he turned his head toward
her, nibbling tantalizingly at the skin of her bare

This is wrong… I know it is! I’ve got to do
something! I’ve got to get out of here!

She started to squirm away, struggling to get to her
feet, but Arnie snapped her head back toward his and
planted his lips firmly on hers. She tried still to get
away, but the pressure was too great for her to escape.
Maybe if she’d been sober, but in her present state she
was no match for him.

His tongue thrust strongly between her clenched teeth,
and wetly probed the inside of her mouth, its roughness
rubbing the surface of her tongue. She found herself
thrusting her own tongue back at him, and he sucked it
deep into the wetness of his mouth. There was no
question about it, he really knew how to kiss.

Something was wrong, she told herself. She should be
sick to her stomach, revulsed at the touch of another
man, especially this one, Fred’s own brother! But she
didn’t feel that way, and no matter how hard she denied
it to herself, she was really enjoying this man’s
kisses… this man’s caressing touch. He was a real
man, maybe even more of a man than her own Fred and the
first man she’d been this close to in months. That
disgusting swine in Los Angeles didn’t count, she
thought, and something about Arnie’s forcefulness was
awfully hard to resist.

His probing kiss continued, while his fingers deftly
fondled the throbbing tip of her breast, squeezing her
pink nipple affectionately between his fingers.

There was a groan from the bed, but Ginny was afraid to

“Take a look… Flo’s going down on him,” Arnie
whispered with heavy breath.

She blinked to focus in the dim light, and got a sudden
clear view of Flo’s head working up and down on the big
Swede’s loins, her lips clasped tightly in an oval
around the shaft of his immense organ, standing firm
and erect like a tree stump rising from the bed. It
stood hard and rigid through the fly of his pants, with
wispy tufts of blonde-brown pubic hair around the thick

“Oh, God,” gasped Ginny, turning her head to Arnie’s
shoulder, “I can’t look! That’s awful… just awful.”

Somehow, she hadn’t expected this, though she really
wasn’t sure what she had expected. Kissing maybe. And
there had really been no doubt what Gus and Flo might
be doing on that bed, but until this moment she hadn’t
come face to face with the frightful truth. She had
thought a moment ago she had everything firmly under
control, but now she wasn’t so sure.

The awful sight of that man’s penis disappearing into
her sister-in-law’s hungry, sucking mouth had been just
too much for her. And the wet sucking noises,
punctuated with mewls of pleasure from both Gus and
Flo, hadn’t made things any better. She burrowed her
head against Arnie’s shoulder, desperately trying to
shut out the obscene sounds, but they were everywhere,
it seemed, and nothing helped.

She wanted more than anything to run, but she doubted
her legs would even support her if she were to attempt
it. She was helpless to do anything except lie here in
her husband’s brother’s arms and listen in torment
while those two on the bed made love in the most
disgusting way possible.

She looked away as long as she could, but another
shrill, mournful cry drew her attention back to the

Florence had lifted her skirt to her waist and crawled
up over the big man’s body. She’d already pulled off
her panties, or maybe she wasn’t even wearing any, and
was straddling Gus, the round whiteness of her naked
well-shaped buttocks poised directly over the hardness
of his huge, rigidly-erect cock. As Ginny looked up,
Flo was reaching in back and guiding the enormous head
of his prick into her.

Ginny didn’t breathe as she saw the b***d-red tip of
Gus’s prick make contact with the moist, hungry lips of
Flo’s cunt. She moved it back and forth in the wet slit
for a few moments, wetting it and parting the soft
pubic hairs at the same time, and then, with a loud
sucking noise, her buttocks slithered down the long
shaft until they smacked hard down against his loins.

Ginny’s eyes were wide in mesmerized disbelief as she
watched Flo pump her soft, naked buttocks up and down
on the thick, rock-hard cock. She watched hypnotized as
the throbbing penis slid slowly up into the wet
clasping flanges of Flo’s pussy, making a juicy
sluicing noise as it entered. She ground her buttocks
all the way down until all Ginny could see were a few
tiny hairs around the hidden base of his immense organ
protruding from the tight moist lips around it.

She knew she should scream and put an end to this
filthy, perverted madness, but she couldn’t… her eyes
were glued to the incredible spectacle unfolding right
in front of her. She sat frozen as Flo began a slow
grinding up and down movement with her ass rising in
the chill air above the big Swede until the tip of his
swollen prick was all that remained between her
hungrily nibbling pussy-lips. Then, with a deep,
throaty moan, she dropped heavily back down on him,
impaling herself completely with each long smooth

She turned away again, embarrassed at the growing
sensation between her own tightly closed thighs,
humiliated that something like this could affect her
this way. Arnie’s hand slowly inched along her leg,
pushing her skirt up in its path, and she was powerless
to resist. Her mind cried out, No! No! Stop!, but her
body seemed unable to answer.

Arnie’s creeping fingers reached the leg band of her
white panties, and she felt a shiver of fright… or
maybe of excitement rush over her like a cold breeze.

“No, Arnie, please,” she whispered, afraid Flo and Gus
would hear. But Arnie had come too close to be turned
away now. He could feel the soft resilient pubic hairs
curling out and was within inches of that sweet young
pussy of hers and nothing would stop him now!

She gasped aloud as his fingers slipped under the taut
elastic leg band and made electric contact with the
tender softness of her warm, inviting slit. He wasted
no time, and his rigid index finger quickly parted the
pubic curls and sought out its mark and plunged
abruptly into the taut, fleshy sheath of her vagina.
She tried clamping her bare thighs together, but the
time for such action had long passed.

“No, please…” she murmured, but her legs opened
without another moment’s hesitation, and Arnie began to
pull and yank her tight panties down over her thighs.
When they were free of her long legs, his hand quickly
rammed back up between her legs, opening them, like a
steel wedge. This time there was nothing in his way,
and his whole hand suddenly fastened over the moist
tenderness of her soft, fleshy folds, his middle finger
probing the tight confines of her moist warm tunnel.
Her hips squirmed and ground frantically, vainly trying
to escape this sudden invasion of her genitals, but it
was no use, she was hopelessly impaled on his finger
like an insect skewered on a pin.

With one quick, strong movement, Arnie pushed her back
onto the furry rug beneath them, and his lips suddenly
lowered to her naked, vulnerable thighs. Again she was
caught totally by surprise, and that had been just what
Arnie was counting on.

Spreading the ivory smoothness of her thighs, Arnie
began to kiss his way to the soft, hairy triangle at
the base of her smooth, white belly, nibbling tenderly
at the sensitive flesh of her upper leg, each gentle
bite sending a fresh chill through her confused,
tormented body.

She opened her eyes just enough to catch a fleeting
glimpse of Flo and Gus, Flo’s naked buttocks still
pistoning savagely up and down on the impaling log
shoved between her fleshy, hair-covered vaginal lips.

Ginny heard a metallic sound, and glanced up to see
Arnie squirm quickly out of his pants and undershorts,
pushing them down below his knees and kicking them

An electrifying shock rippled along the flesh of her
legs as Arnie’s hand slid back between her legs and
opened her thighs wide to his cruel, hungry gaze.

He crawled up over her until he towered over her
quivering body like a giant, holding the menacing shaft
of his thick, hard prick between his two hands. He
looked down at her, and with an evil grin, pulled back
the uncircumcised foreskin until the swollen, bulbous
head was exposed.

He leaned nearer, “You like that, honey? I’ll bet that
squirt brother of mine never had anything like that to
cream in you,” he continued to torment the horrified
young girl, relishing the contorted mask of fear that
crossed over her face as her eyes focused on his
immense cock just over her head.

Ginny tried to speak, but couldn’t. The words seemed to
catch in her throat, and she couldn’t take her eyes
away from his hard, fleshy instrument for a second. It
pained her to admit it, even to herself, but Arnie was
right, Fred’s penis was large, but nothing like this.

My God, it’s so thick! How could any woman take that
thing inside her!?

It looked much bigger than the night she’d watched him
make love to Flo, but that had been from a distance,
and most of the time it had been buried deep between
Flo’s widespread legs.

“Please, don’t… Arnie, please,” she whispered as the
moans and grunts from across the room grew louder and
more frantic.

“Get that dress off you,” ordered Arnie in a hoarse

“Let’s see what you’ve been giving that baby brother of

Ginny didn’t move, paralyzed with fear as she realized
what he intended to do. He was going to ravish her —
his own brother’s wife, and there was nothing she could
do to stop him.

“I wasn’t kidding,” he said, louder and more menacing
this time. “Get that dress off now!”

Ginny was only dimly aware of Arnie’s hands reaching
behind her body to the zipper at the back of her dress.
With a swift downward jerk, he opened it all the way to
the tops of her buttocks. She felt the cold rush of air
against her skin as he pulled it from her shoulders and
yanked it along her body, lifting her as he pulled the
garment off her. The snaps of her brassiere were next,
and she surprised even herself by offering no
resistance, and she heard him gasp as it came off and
he tossed it to the floor beside them. His eyes quickly
fastened on the soft white globes of her perfectly-
formed breasts as they came into his view.

There was nothing left; she lay naked before him like a
young excited Venus as he dropped again to his knees,
panting like a starved animal before her. She shivered
as his wet lips kissed the flat plane of her belly,
then nibbled their way downward toward the warmth
between her naked thighs.

He knelt before her like the savage he was, licking his
moist lips in anticipation of the feast about to come.
The soft pink folds of her vagina were presented up to
him like a gourmet dinner. Ginny lay frozen to the
thick, furry skin as she watched him drooling at the
sight of her helpless young nakedness.

With his hands flat against the insides of her
quivering thighs, Arnie spread the soft fleshy flanges
of her vaginal cleft with his thumbs. Then, with a slow
torturing movement, he drew the warm, ragged lips
apart, exposing the moist pink slit to the cruelness of
his wanton gaze. He watched it greedily for a moment,
and then, with a groan like an animal, buried his head
between her thighs, probing with his long slippery
tongue the warm throbbing walls of her pussy.

She snapped viciously, a long, low soulful moan
escaping from her lips. Her buttocks ground down
against the thick, furry skin under her in a hopeless
attempt to escape the maddening assault on her most
secret genitals.

“Oh, God… Nooooo… Nooooooo!” she whimpered before
his lust-crazed attack, watching down between her
breasts in terrified disbelief as this nightmare grew
more and more incredible.

Frantically, he licked at her tender moist slit, his
tongue finding the hidden bud of her clitoris, and his
lips fastening tightly around the throbbing knob. She
squirmed helplessly, but he didn’t ease his savage
assault on her loins for an instant. He sucked and
nibbled on the tiny, pulsing nipple, rolling her
sensitive clitoris between his teeth, feeling her whole
body quiver beneath his touch.

She tried desperately to fight it, but the aching need
in her belly screamed for fulfillment, and soon she
felt the tiny shivering wisps of pleasure begin to
ripple through her body. Arnie stepped up the pace, his
long tongue coursing over the pink, fleshy folds of her
pussy, then snaking between the soft lips into the warm
depths of her moist, throbbing sheath, licking hungrily
at the walls of her young tender pussy.

Oh, God, why did I ever come here… why didn’t I stay
home where I belonged and wait for Fred! Why did I come
up here with these awful, filthy people!?

Arnie could see that she was nearly his, a few seconds
more and he’d be able to do anything he wanted to this
stuck-up little bitch… she’d be his slave, and would
do anything to satisfy him. And, oh, how he wanted to
burrow his aching rod between those sweet, innocent
pussy-lips of hers, how he would shove his thick, hot
cock right up into her sweet belly! She’d be begging
him for it any minute now… and by God, he was going
to give it to her like she’d never had it before!

He pushed her legs up and back and wormed his tongue
down the narrow crevice of her buttocks until he found
the tightly-puckered ring of her anus, and poked his
tongue against the taut opening with a lizard-like
movement, flicking the tip against the tight forbidden
hole nestled just below her cunt.

The unexpected burning contact brought a moan of
tortured anguish from her half-parted lips. She
clenched her eyes tightly shut, her teeth bared
slightly from the agonizing sensations rippling out of
control through her quivering body.

“Oooooh, God, no… please, not there…” She squirmed
desperately to escape the hot flicking tongue probing
without mercy at her anus. Arnie’s reply was a coarse,
evil chuckle and another searing stab into the tight
fleshy ring.

Ginny sobbed helplessly before this new attack, and now
it didn’t matter who heard her. But suddenly, in spite
of gnawing revulsion and humiliation she felt her body
begin to desert her, to lose control. Her buttocks
began to jerk back against Arnie’s probing tongue
involuntarily, sending spasms of helpless ecstasy
rippling through her raw nerves.

She knew she could stand it no longer, but she fought
it with every ounce of her very being. It was no use;
after a long tortured struggle in her twisted and
confused mind — there was nothing left… she was
totally his!

Her shamelessly aroused body suddenly jerked
spasmodically and began a slow abandoned grinding up
against his thrusting tongue.

She reached down and gripped his hair with her fingers
and with a low soul-stirring moan from deep in her
chest, pulled his lips tight against her naked loins.
Forgotten were all thoughts of Flo and Gus still caught
in their own lovemaking just a few feet away, forgotten
were all thoughts of Fred halfway around the world in a
foreign land, forgotten was all the humiliation… all
the degradation. All that mattered now were the
incredibly delicious waves of pleasure coursing over
her in a million prickling points, like needles of fire
piercing her tortured flesh.

Arnie sensed her sudden, unconditional surrender and
with a vicious smirk, thrust his thick wet tongue deep
into the quivering warm sheath of her vagina. He could
feel the soft silky pubic hairs brushing against his
face as he burrowed between her smooth yielding thighs,
her buttocks grinding in a slow, erotic rhythm up
against his face.

She was his now, there was no question about it, and he
watched excitedly as she squirmed before him, her eyes
tightly clenched, her lips baring back over the
whiteness of her teeth.

It wouldn’t be long now, he sensed with anticipation,
before he rammed his aching, hard cock home into that
little belly of hers and emptied his burning eager
sperm all the way up into her tight, hungry pussy. By
God, she wasn’t too good to fuck him anymore. Now she
was just another hot little cunt begging to be fucked
by any man with a cock… begging for anybody to fill
her eager young pussy with a stiff cock.

Well, he grinned, this is one time she’ll get her
wish… and oh, how she’ll get it!

Chapter 11

Ginny squirmed and bucked under the maddening t*****e
of Arnie’s flicking tongue until the pounding of her
heart seemed about to burst through her chest. Her head
was raised up from the animal skin looking down between
her raised thighs and watching his contorted face, her
hands locked tightly behind his head pulling the
pleasure-giving lash of his tongue deeper and deeper
into her. It seemed as though this delicious sucking of
her quivering vagina would go on endlessly, when
suddenly Arnie pulled his head from her tight
restraining grip and rose to his knees between her
opened thighs.

She closed her eyes tight to shut out the humiliation
of having him stare down at her stripped naked under
his gaze, totally defenseless at his feet.

“Now, we’re gonna do the real thing, baby. But better
than you’ve ever had it before.”

Ginny didn’t move, her thighs open wide, her breasts
heaving as she fought for breath. Her belly quivered as
though his hard cock were already deep inside her.

“Spread those legs wide, honey… I’m coming in!”

Quivering with a strange mixture of fear and
anticipation, Ginny opened her thighs as wide as they
could go. She looked to the bed for Flo and Gus, but
she couldn’t see them. But that didn’t matter to her
any longer… this was all that counted. Her fleshy
vaginal lips seemed to be nibbling with insatiable
hunger, puckered eagerly, awaiting his thick cock to
spread them wide with delicious pain.

Arnie leaned over her, resting his hand on the floor
behind her head, and with his other hand, brought his
hard, throbbing cock up between her parted thighs to
the warm, hungrily clasping lips of her cunt. Using the
swelling, b***d-filled head to part the fleshy folds,
he inched his loins forward until the throbbing tip was
pressed against the moist opening. Ginny turned her
head to one side, closing her eyes with a shuddering
chill as she felt the immense organ make warm, wet
contact with the ragged, sensitive edges of her moist
pussy. She held her breath for an eternity, lying
perfectly still, waiting for the agonizing pain of his
cock driving home in her burning belly.

“Oooooooh,” she gasped as she felt the pressure against
the tight fleshy sheath increase, slowly parting the
pubic curls and spreading the taut elastic lips.

“Oh, God… Aaaaaaggghhh,” she choked as the tip
slipped through, painfully stretching the tight rubbery
opening until Ginny felt as though her thighs were
splitting apart from the relentless pressure.

Arnie held back as long as he could, an evil leering
grin across his face as he looked down at the helpless,
innocent young wife of his brother sprawled beneath
him, while the throbbing head of his cock disappeared
into the dark curly hair of her pussy.

God, it was more than he could stand. He had to fuck
her… he had to fuck her now!

He fell forward with a slap as their naked bodies
smacked together, her soft breasts smashed beneath his
weight. He thrust his hips forward as he fell, and his
long, thick cock slammed into her cunt like a loaded
truck, pushing the soft, pliable walls in rippling
waves before it. There was no stopping it until his
balls slapped heavily into the upturned crevice of her
buttocks, and his pelvis ground tight against her
naked, vulnerable loins.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” she screamed beneath him.
Never before had she been so completely filled, and his
cock felt as if it would rip her in half at any second.

He lay still for a moment, his face over hers.

Neither made a sound for a long while and then Ginny
felt the unmistakable throb of his swelling cock,
buried deep in her belly.

It jerked up another half inch as Arnie flexed it
inside her.

“Oooooowwww… you’re hurting me,” she grunted
breathlessly, her face contorting from the deeper,
sharper pain.

“I told ya I’d stretch that tight little pussy of yours
wide, honey,” he sneered above her, flexing again.

“Aaaagggghhhh,” she groaned deeper this time, the b***d
vessels in her neck standing out from the agonizing
pressure of her resistance.

“Like it, baby?” he grinned.

She didn’t answer.

“I said… Like it baby?” He gave a quick lunge with
his hips, burying his swollen organ a little further in
her tightly clasping sheath.

“Ooooooo, yes… yes,” she cried, terrified to say
anything to offend him.

“Beg me, then,” he hissed between clenched teeth.

Ginny squirmed from the searing pain. “No… No, I

She knew she must escape this final humiliation, if she
didn’t, there was nothing left, no self-respect, no
pride, no fidelity left to her darling Fred. She
couldn’t let him have the lewd satisfaction of hearing
her beg for it like some slut off the streets.

He throbbed deeper, and she gritted her teeth to stifle
the pain.

“Beg me, bitch! Beg me!”

“Ooooooh, yes,” she sobbed, her resistance broken by
the burning pain and the helplessness of her plight.
“Do it to me… do it to me.”

“Not like that,” he growled. “Say fuck me!”

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed. Her humiliation
and degradation were now complete. She would never be
the same again. She had allowed herself to lose
control, to surrender all the things she thought were
right, and with this man, of all the men on earth…
her husband’s brother!

Ginny’s body began to react involuntarily. There was no
longer any reason to hold back, to fight the lewd
ravages of passion coursing through her veins. She had
lost the battle and nothing could save her now.

She felt the burning flames of desire grow hotter and
hotter as Arnie began to mercilessly skewer into her,
slithering his thick, heavy cock into her hungrily
nibbling vagina in a slow erotic rhythm that soon
caught her up.

Arnie remembered the first time he’d seen her, how he
wanted even then to get in her tight little pants!
Well, now he’d show her! Now was his chance!

Her legs suddenly snaked out and locked around him as
he stepped up the deep, plundering thrusts, burrowing
to the hilt in her innocent young vaginal passage.

Arnie slaved over her, moving suddenly into longer
smooth strokes that brought his cock almost all the way
out of her tautly clasping sheath on the backstroke and
then thrusting forward up into her uplifted buttocks
until he could hear the loud, wet slap of his balls
against the unprotected crevice of her anus.

He reached down around the smooth, undulating cheeks of
her ass and fondled and played with the soft,
contracting lips of her pussy where he entered her,
bringing softer moans of abandoned passion and at the
same time he could feel the ever-widening passage of
her vagina flowering in its greedy desire to suck in
all of his hard, throbbing prick.

He quickened his thrusts, hot and pulsating and deep,
as she squirmed and thrashed beneath him. Her sharp
nails dug painfully into his back as a soft, soul-
stirring moan began to come from her half-parted lips.

He knew she was almost there, and he clenched his
buttocks together tightly in an effort to hold back the
seething flood of sperm boiling in his loins. Her
gasping moan became a continuous cry, a long, mournful
pleading for fulfillment coming straight from her

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum… I’m going to cum!” She
began to thrash wildly, her legs flailing in every
direction out beside their entwined bodies, her hips
grinding savagely up to meet his deep plunges halfway.
“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Her hands reached under him, grabbing frantically for
his balls, and the dam suddenly burst. Arnie could hold
back the scorching flood no longer, his cock bucked and
snapped as the hot, white load of semen raced along the
shaft of his organ and spurted in rapid-fire bursts
from the throbbing tip deep into the aching depths of
her belly.

“Oh, no… not now… Don’t stop now, please! Just a
little more! I’m almost there! Please!”

But it was no use, Arnie’s cock slipped uselessly, limp
and deflated, from her still-hungry sheath, leaving her
writhing helplessly on the furry rug. “Oh, God,
please… help me somebody… please!”

Ginny opened her eyes for the first time since Arnie
had entered her, and found the towering Swede standing
over her with Florence at his side. In her state, not
even her nakedness mattered, only the insatiable thirst
between her thighs.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” said Gus, picking her up
like she was a bag of flour and dropping her on the bed
before she realized what was happening.

She opened her mouth to protest, but Gus’s long, hard
cock answered her every request, rippling down deep
into her agonizingly hot belly, quenching the flames
that had ravaged her.

“Oh God, yes… yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she
begged, her body a writhing, teem-ing mass of quivering

Flo and Arnie had knelt on the edge of the bed, eagerly
watching as the big Swede an-swered her burning needs.
“That’s it, Gus! Fuck her! Split her tight little ass
open!” shouted Flo. “Fuck the snooty little number real
good for me, baby!”

Chapter 12

The door to the bedroom was tightly closed, and Arnie,
Gus and Flo had helped themselves to another round of
doubles, still wound-up from the excitement of what had
taken place in the bedroom.

“You sure threw the meat to her, Gus,” said Flo, a
drink in her hand. “I thought you’d come out her

“Yeah,” he laughed. “She was quite a little number. I
hope she’s planning to stay a long time. I could get
used to having her around.”

Flo slugged him playfully on the shoulder. “Let’s not
have any more talk like that. You’ve got more than you
can handle right here… and so do you, Arnie.” He
didn’t answer, but sat staring into space. “What’s up,
Arnie honey? You’ve got something on that evil mind of
yours. I can always tell.”

Still no sign of recognition from Arnie.

“What is it, Arnie? Come on, you can tell us,” she

Slowly, Arnie looked up from his drink, a smile of
anticipation easing across his face. “I think I’ve got
an idea,” he said, “One that’ll teach little Miss Ginny
a real lesson or two. We’ll have no more problems with
her if this works.”

Flo and Gus were all ears. “Well, come on and tell us
before we burst from curiosity,” implored Flo.

Arnie shook his head inscrutably. “Just wait and see…
wait and see.”

* * *

Ginny was just beginning to stir when the door opened,
her mind still bruised from the tremendous psychic
beating she had endured, and her tender passage
throbbing with pain from the two men. She staggered
uneasily to her feet as Arnie entered the room.

She opened her mouth to speak, but his hand rammed
roughly between her thighs quieted her instantly.

Oh, my God, what more could he want of me? What more?

Arnie pushed her back onto the fur skins without a word
of explanation.

“What is it… what do you want now?” she asked

He handed her the stiff drink he’d carried in his other
hand, “Here… you’ll feel a lot better.”

Ginny gulped it down like it was lemonade, oblivious of
the burning flow as it coursed down her throat, mindful
only of the soothing, mind-blotting escape it would
bring. It didn’t take long, coupled with the others
she’d consumed already tonight, and within minutes,
Ginny’s head was pleasantly spinning, taking her miles
and miles away from the frightening reality confronting

This time she offered no objections at all as Arnie’s
lips met hers, his hand caressing the softness of her
inner thigh. Her legs parted obediently, and she felt
his manhood stiffen and slip between the stretched
fleshy lips of her quivering pussy. Strangely, the
smoldering coals of desire were quickly fanned, and as
his thick, rutting cock burrowed deep in her moist,
clasping sheath, she found herself grinding back at his
loins with slowly increasing rhythm.

“Ummmmmm,” she moaned as his hips began to rock back
and forth, sawing his huge cock in and out of her
tender, soft tunnel.

Had her eyes been open, she might have seen two pairs
of eyes peering down at her nakedness from the loft
above. Quietly, Flo and Gus had taken their positions
perched like birds high over the delightfully enticing
spectacle below. Both of them were still nude, and it
didn’t take long for Gus’s stiffening rod to catch
Flo’s ever-eager eye.

She was on it in a flash, caressing the long, hard
spear delicately, her fingers fondling his leathery
testicles as they dangled between his open legs. They
were sitting on a pile of deerskin and empty luggage
Arnie had long ago stored in the tiny loft that
extended over both the bedrooms. It had proven to be
the ideal place for storing odds and ends, and now, the
perfect vantage point for anything going on in the
bedroom below.

Arnie’s throbbing, lust-inflated cock was slithering
wetly in and out of Ginny’s clasping, fleshy sheath
faster and faster, every deep thrust taking him right
up to the hilt.

“Ooooooh… yes, yes… oooooooohhhh,” she moaned,
grinding her naked crotch up to meet his deep,
satisfying thrusts, her buttocks grinding slowly in
tight, concentric circles.

Suddenly, Arnie gripped her tightly around the small of
her bare back, and flipped her over on top of him,
rolling over so that he was on the bottom with her
naked thighs straddling his hips. It surprised her for
a moment, but she quickly regained the delicious,
lustful tempo from her new position, his cock now
ramming straight up into her belly as she squatted over

Her buttocks ground upward, squirming unguardedly in
the chill air, when Arnie made a whistling sound with
his pursed lips, and Ginny heard the door creak open
behind her. She turned over one shoulder to see if Flo
or Gus had come to watch her final debasement…

Oh, my God, no! No!

The shattering realization of what Arnie had planned
for her tore into her like a hundred pounds of
dynamite, and she screamed helplessly, pounding Arnie’s
face and chest with her tiny clenched fists. “Let me
go! Let me go you animal! I’ll scream!”

“Go ahead and scream, bitch,” he sneered, “see what it
gets you. Novlik has his sights on something he wants,
and if I were you, I wouldn’t make any sudden moves.”

She was trembling with fear, beads of cold sweat
streaming down her back.

Oh, no, this can’t be happening… This can’t be real!

Her trembling buttocks were completely exposed and
vulnerable, waving like a red flag before a bull as she
squirmed to get away from Arnie’s tight grip on her

The huge dog walked over to his prey, and sniffed her
upturned buttocks knowingly, licking the familiar
crevice he’d already lapped to orgasm once already.

“See, he likes you. Why don’t you be a nice girl and
give the dog what he wants.” Arnie punctuated his
request with a sharp upward thrust of his pelvis,
pounding his stiff, thick cock into her belly brutally.
She grimaced from the sudden pain.

“No! I won’t! I won’t!” she screamed as Flo and Gus
peered down in wide-eyed and excited disbelief from
their perch above.

Suddenly, Novlik growled viciously, his cold, wet nose
touched lewdly to Ginny’s quivering buttocks. She froze
instantly, petrified at the prospect of what the
enormous dog could do to her if he wanted to.

“Looks like Novlik just wants a taste of that tight
little pussy of yours,” said Arnie with a sinister

He pulled the hapless young girl forward, crushing her
breasts against his bare chest, shoving her naked
buttocks up even higher, more vulnerable, more exposed
to the vicious animal’s nose and tongue.

His own cock hardened painfully inside her tight
elastic vaginal sheath as he watched the animal
mounting the spread half-moons of Ginny’s soft
buttocks, paws strongly around her waist as if she were
just another dog. He could see the glistening, crimson
penis slipping from its furry sheath, dripping wetly
while the tapered point snapped and jerked in the warm
moist slit of her buttocks. The massive beast quivered
and adjusted his hindquarters, positioning himself to
bury the pink, lean tip and the thickened shaft in her
trembling body.

Ginny looked back, eyes wide with fear, as Arnie
resumed the pistoning in-and-out movements of his
loins, pushing the bulbous tip of his aching-hard cock
right up to her belly with every heaving plunge.

To Flo and Gus, watching eagerly from above, she was
like a bitch in heat as her buttocks seemed to reach
out for the animal’s stiffening maleness. Suddenly the
huge dog lurched forward, and no one breathed as the
tapered, coral-hued organ shot right into the exposed
little anal hole with a vicious stab, disappearing
right up her unprotected rectum almost to his black
dangling balls.

“Oh, God… Aaaaaaaaggggghhhhh!” Ginny screamed in
pain, and with a twisting, squirming snap tried to
dislodge the impaling animal prick out of her invaded
rectum, but it was hopeless; she was sandwiched
helplessly between the two of them, impaled on two
painfully throbbing male organs at once!

Arnie’s cock felt as if it would explode, so great was
his lust as he felt the animal’s cock just a few
fractions of an inch from his own. He could actually
feel it pumping in and out of her rectum, just on the
other side of the thin, fleshy membrane that separated

God, it was unbelievable!

Novlik’s furry forepaws clutched her hips savagely as
he began to rock back and forth, burying his scarlet,
tapered prick every time deep in her bowels.

“Goddamn!” gasped Flo to her fellow spectator, “It’s
going right up her ass!” They nearly fell from the loft
as they scrambled for better vantage points, not
wanting to miss the chance of a lifetime. This show was
too good to miss!

“That’s it, Novlik… fuck her good,” ordered Arnie,
bucking his hard, thick rod viciously up into her from

Ginny was whirling in an unbelievable spin of
unbearable pain, and indescribable pleasure at once. At
first, the savage invasion had nearly killed her with
the excruciating agony of the pointed shaft bursting
into her rectum, coupled with the relentless pounding
of her brother-in-law’s hard, thick penis from below.
It felt as if her whole insides were filled to
overflowing with the two massive organs.

Novlik’s tapered shaft bored all the way up into her
rectum, pushing inside the rubbery, resistant flesh of
her anal passage until he had ground it as far as it
would go into the warm, constricting depths of her
anus. As he continued his savage pistoning, she could
feel his furry animal balls swing hard down against the
fleshy ridges of her tightly stretched vagina. Arnie,
too, could feel the massive animal’s testicles slapping
against his own as they jointly ravaged the hapless
girl, pinned helplessly between them as they sawed into

She was impaled to the hilt on his sodomizing animal
cock, yet she was suddenly reveling in this incredibly
lascivious assault on both her treasured orifices.

She gasped a quick moan from her half-opened lips and
began to rock backwards as best she could to meet
Novlik’s strong, muscular thrusts. Every inch she moved
brought new chills of pleasure-pain from her stretched
vaginal passage, as Arnie heaved his heavy thick cock
into her with renewed vigor.

Novlik’s forelegs clung to her hips like powerful furry
arms, and she began to slowly undulate her quivering
body, rotating her jutting buttocks in lewd, grinding
circles, abandoning herself to the incredible ecstasy
of being fucked by this mammoth animal and by her
brother-in-law both at once! She wished she could see
this spectacle, wished there was some way she could
step out of her own body and watch as the two of them
buried their cocks deep in her belly, sawing into her
in the most primitive of unions.

Her breasts swung freely beneath her as she hunched far
forward over Arnie stretched beneath her… swung in
perfect cadence with the two ravishing, plundering
pricks that were growing… ever growing inside her.
She could visualize the two pricks rubbing together
somewhere deep in her belly, joining together to slide
deeper and deeper into the very depths of her insides,
spurting their hot, sticky loads together in one mutual
stream, animal and man mingled as one in her quivering

Suddenly, the raging inferno in her loins seemed to
burst free, out of control.

“Oh, yes… YES! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh, god,
both of you fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Ginny ground her
ass savagely against the two pricks stretching both her
ravaged back passages. “Oooohh… yes… Yes! That’s
it! Fill my belly with your sweet cum! Fill me! Fill

With wild passion, Ginny was more animal than human, a
writhing, sweating mass of deranged lust-crazed flesh
that wanted to be abused… to be subjugated
ruthlessly. She was reveling in the humiliation of
being sodomized by this savage brute, while Arnie
pounded his man-cock into her hungry pussy from below,
and she ground her buttocks alternately against the two
of them, her body bucking like the bitch in heat she’d

She shivered as chilling little rivulets of sweat
poured down the wide-spread crevice of her ass and
dripped from the trembling insides of her thighs. The
fast-rising pressure welling in her belly signaled that
her orgasm was close to bursting inside her.

Flo and Gus were nearly insane with the vicarious
wantonness of watching this helpless girl go mad with
lust, her head tossing wildly from side to side, her
hair flailing the air behind her. They could see she
was in the first throes of her orgasm, and they gaped
with amazement as she screwed her buttocks back
lasciviously against the dog like a rutting bitch.

The mammoth animal’s long tongue dangled wetly from his
mouth as he fucked into the wildly waving ass from
behind. Arnie fought to hold back the agonizing flood
of hot sperm in his balls, eager to hold out till the
last precious second, lingering on every single moment
of this incredible female debasement. Ginny screamed,
loudly, and rammed back against the animal madly, just
as he jerked forward and his scarlet cock began
spurting its sperm in hard jet-like squirts deep in her
clasping rectum.

The sight of the thumping animal emptying its hot,
scalding sperm in the girl’s rectum, spurting past his
own cock somewhere deep inside her, was all it took for
Arnie. With a deep groan of pleasure, he pumped his
load into her from underneath, spurting it into her
belly in hot sticky blasts that trickled back down the
shaft of his long cock and oozed down the crevice
between his legs, over his emptying balls.

Suddenly, Ginny’s white rounded ass-cheeks began
contracting and quivering uncontrollably, indicating
the delicious orgiastic explosion deep in her own
quivering belly, and thick white liquid oozed from her
cunt, mingling with Arnie’s spent load in an obscene
trickling down his rapidly deflating rod, while her
well-plundered little anus squeezed and milked the
dog’s prick, thin rivulets of the viscous liquid
running down the ivory columns of her smooth inner
thighs. Her backside was soaked, and it glistened in
the dim light, displaying matted pubic hair and open
pink flesh as she pitched forward on top of Arnie,
exhausted, and the limp cock of the huge dog slipped
with a wet, sluicing noise from her ravaged back

Novlik stepped over her legs and stood proudly over
her, like a buck over its mate, while Arnie and Ginny,
lying smashed together like two halves of a sandwich,
gasped to regain their breath.

* * *

Two weeks had passed since that night, and a lot of
changes were beginning to make themselves known around
the Dennison household. Scarcely a night had passed
without Flo and Arnie and Gus and Ginny recreating some
of the incredible diversions that decisive night had
offered. Gus had practically moved in now, taking most
of the meals with the rest of them, and he and Arnie
shared the two girls, alternating between one bedroom
and the other.

Ginny had started to write this letter a dozen times,
and this time she knew she had to finish it.

Dear Fred,

Things are absolutely wonderful here with Arnie and
Flo. A couple of better relatives you couldn’t ask for.
We’ve had some great times together, and they’ve asked
me to stay on here permanently. That is, if it’s okay
with you. You can join us here when your tour is over.
I’ll write more when we’ve worked
out the details,


There, that’s over, and it wasn’t so bad after all.
Anyway, why should I try to explain the way things are
here in a letter. There’ll be plenty of time for that
when he comes. And if I can’t make him see the light, I
know Flo has a few tricks that should do the job

Ginny stamped the envelope and sealed it and opened the
door to walk to the post office. As was normal now, her
ever-constant companion was by her side before she
could leave the porch.

He rubbed his big, furry head against her bare leg as
she walked in the summer heat, nuzzling her as a low
whine slipped from his mouth.

“Good boy, Novlik! Good boy! We’ve got quite a night
planned for you, big fella! Gus is bringing a young
Eskimo girl from Yellowknife over… and who knows,
maybe if you’re real good, there just might be a big
surprise for you!”