Nicole’s Beautiful Stallion

Nicole and her horse were galloping up to a large, modern ranch house. She rode through the wide gate and directly into the large barn, jumping off the horse and walking him into his stLesh. There were several other horses in the barn but this was her favorite.She stroked his wide flank, rubbing the sweat

Celest and Epic’s Exploration

Celest opened the door to her house and stepped aside as Epic sauntered in. She turned around and the two embraced, pressing their lips together and invading each others mouths with their tongues. Celest could feel Epic’s Barbells moving against her tongue and began to imagine all the things she wanted done to her with

My k9 lover

My dreams were interrupted by a loud bark. I groggily rub my eyes awake and smile at the behemoth of the dog that has invaded my bed. “God damnit Brutus, go away” I laugh playfully at him. He is an Alaskan Malamute – a breed known for their loyalty, strength, and size. And in none