Klan’s Woman

Tammi Buckner sighed and gazed at her reflection in the full-length mirror in the bedroom of her double- wide mobile home. The pretty blond 23-year-old turned this way and that, trying to look sexy in the long white robe and the pointed white hat. At length she puffed her cheeks and gave a snort of

Stone the Crows

Pffffftttt. Nothing. Pfffffffffffft. Susan, in the bed next to his, reached down to the floor. He heard a click. The lamp went out. Oh. So, electricity, then! The lamp had looked too ancient for that. Oil, surely. Well, maybe Scatterbrook Farm wasn’t quite so ancient. Still, no WiFi….. John lay down in the darkness, nestling

My Dog, My Lover

It was a hot and humid late summer night. The window was down in the Uber that was taking me home from a long night at the local bars. I have always loved the feeling of warm summer air in my face. The driver took an apparent interest in me and would not stop asking