A story about transformation, cross-dressing and bondage

There she was. “Come in Brenda!” Glen Simmons absently shouted. Brenda Porter, the freshman girl who had freaked out at her bus stop shyly entered the room. Glen wondered why he didn’t remember her from the junior high school, then remembered this was the transfer student who had just started at Bentson High. He pointed

A Night of Introduction and Passion

Author’s Note: This story contains detailed descriptions of male gangbang, male reluctance, male/male dog, oral, anal, bondage, and forced orgasm. If any of these offend you, please stop reading now. Otherwise, please read, enjoy, and I welcome any comments and email you would like to send. This story is a fiction, but is based on

16th Birthday CUM Party

Though I will be 16 years old am still little in body type, but then again big in other areas for being a boy, my jelly Bubble Butt, (BB), evil smile, just the way I like it, am such a sissy bitch, hehehe, on the day of my 16th. Birthday something strange happen that I