A Peeper’s Vacation

Hello, I am writing this at the encouragement of my dear husband. He feels that other people may enjoy and get turned on reading about my experience into “peeping”. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. First off let me say, I am not an experienced writer. I am not one to

A knight errant helps a damsel in distress

“Help! Help!” Sir Bedevier heard the distant call as his palfrey clopped over the rocky soil. “Who could be alive in this seer wilderness?” he thought to himself as he swung toward the sound, his travel armor clashing as he moved. He came over a rise and his eyes widened with amazement. There, on a

Wife catches her husband in a compromising position in his office

“I don’t understand,” said Lori. “You get excited by thinking about watching me have sex with someone else, but you would be devastated if it ever happened.” “I didn’t say it made sense,” said Edwin. They were covered with sweat and lying next to each other after one of their athletic lovemaking sessions. Even though

Condom Karl

Radvany Carl graduated high school top of her class at age 17 and was picked by the state university on a cheerleading scholarship. The campus was two hours from home so her folks found her a dorm room. Her 18th birthday would come two days before Halloween which meant that her first 6 weeks as