Her eyes were bleary, she was so pissed

I saw her for the second time at a party. I knew who she was because she’d gone out for a while with a friend of mine; she didn’t know me. She didn’t know anybody at the party, actually – she was so smashed she could hardly stand up. Her eyes were bleary, she was

Old south sexual abuse of a slave by his master

Just sittin’ in my rockin’ chair thinkin’ back ’bout those young bucks I used to oversee on the plantation. This was before the war, of course. Then the Goddam Yankees came and screwed everything up really good My Daddy owned a large cotton plantation. I was born in the big house, a mid-wife helped pop

Joe, My Faggot Slut-Slave

I woke up Sunday morning with a hand full of hard wet cock. It was frustrating because it was only my cock. I was tired of the women who thought their shit didn’t stink. I had been out the night before with my construction worker friends pissing and moaning about needing more excitement at our

Jane’s Lesbian Slavery

Jane Sullivan was forty-nine, and in what she would describe as okay shape. Her long, brown hair brushed a pair of slim, tanned shoulders, her breasts were not that large and sagged just a little, but only a little she reminded herself. She also had a slim waist, and shapely legs. But then she had