Caught by the Parents

It was late at night, mum and dad were fast asleep and
I crept downstairs, mobile phone in hand. I had turned
the sounds off so no chance it would make a noise and
wake anyone up. I got to the foot of the stairs,
listened for a few moments then texted Sean “come to
the door now”

I crept to the front door, watching for his shadow from
the streetlights outside. My heart thumped, I felt on a
high as I saw movement in the frosted glass. As quietly
as I could, I turned the latch and opened the door just
enough for him to slide in, shutting it silently behind

Without a work his arms went around me, holding me
tight. I felt my breasts crushed against him as our
lips found each other in the dark. For a few moments we
kissed lightly, hardly daring to breathe, then I broke
the contact and led him into the lounge. It was dark,
but not pitch dark. The lights outside meant we could
see each other. He grinned at me, and I put my finger
on my lips, as I went to close the lounge door.

I went to him, holding him close again.

“It’s OK, if we hear the floorboards squeak upstairs
I’ve undone the patio doors, you can be out in seconds
and I’ve got a drink here as my excuse for being down,
I can’t sleep you know.”

I tried not to giggle, as Sean held my face in his
hands, his eyes reflecting the light a little

“And if your dad catches his 16yr old daughter with a
boy in here?”

“He won’t, I’ve told you. We’re safe as houses” I put
my hands on his shoulders, stretching up a little to
kiss him again, feeling my breasts push out as they did
and touch him, my nipples already on fire

Sean ran his hands down my side, feeling my clothes, or
rather lack of them. I only had my nightie on, the one
with straps over the shoulders and it’s only mid thigh
in length, but nice and soft on my skin. He kissed my

Nothing on under, slutty bitch” I kissed him back

“Ready for you, horny bastard” I pushed my tongue
between his lips.

I was more ready than he knew. We usually got together
during the day skipping school and stuff, but then I
had found one of dad’s porn dvds, sneaked it to my room
and watched on my laptop with the sound off and I got
so fucking horny I had to see Sean, and the texts had
flown between us. Now he was here, and I was determined
to get what I wanted.

I slid my hand down his chest, finding his belt, but
going down further. I felt what I was looking for
“You’re fucking hard, you’re ready for me aren’t you?”

He took a deep breath as my hand touched him, and his
hand roughly lifted my hem and groped between my legs
“As hard as you’re fucking wet…”

His finger found the entrance to me and pushed, and
slipped in and I gasped a bit too loud, and we both
froze. No sound from upstairs, we were safe. He took
the hem of my nightie in both hands, pulling it up and
over my head, leaving me naked in the dim light. I
stood there letting him look at me. Fuck I love being
naked, since the first time we did it naked I can’t
wait to get my things off and fuck.

I whispered, “Strip horny boy…” And I watched as he
pulled his shirt off over his head, then quickly undid
his jeans and pushed jeans and boxers off at the same
time, kicking trainers out of the way as he did. His
cock stood up for, shit did I want it. He grinned that
evil smile of his.

“Get it ready bitch if you want fucking.”

I knew what he wanted, dropping to my knees in front of
him and taking hold of his hard rod. I looked up at
him, my eyes teasing as he looked down at me, and I
opened my mouth taking him in. He tasted salty, but
then there was the nice smell of shower gel, he had
been in the shower when my first text had reached him.
Sometimes (although I have never told him” he’s not as
fresh as he might be, but then I guess 17yr old boys
aren’t always. I pursed my lips around him, bobbing my
head up and down just enough to let it hit the roof of
my mouth and hear him start to breath harder.

I stopped and looked up “Do i had to do this long or
are you going to fuck me before someone wakes up and we
don’t do it?” He grinned and lifted me under the arms,
laying me back on the sofa and kneeling between my
legs. I put my legs in the air, resting them on his
shoulders, spread open ready to fuck. He ran his hand
up and down the inside of my legs, his cock brushing my
pussy a few times as he did so.

I pulled his face down to me and opened my mouth, his
tongue invading me as I reached down and grabbed that
hard cock, putting it in the right place, then gasping
into his mouth as he pushed into me hard, filling my
aching burning pussy up. I crossed my feet behind him,
holding him there as I dug my fingers into his

The sudden orgasm ripped through me, my pussy gripping
and releasing him in rapid succession as my body shook
and my legs went all trembly. He stayed still, then our
mouths parted and he put his mouth close to my ear.

“Fucking horny bitch, you couldn’t wait.”

“Don’t stop, just fuck me now!”

“Your cunts dripping” he started to fuck me, hard but

I loosened my grip on, putting my feet back on his
shoulders as his hands went under my bum lifting me so
he could shaft me better. Out eyes met, it was pure
animal we were fucking like dogs on heat. In and out,
right up me, burying himself in my wetness.

Sean started to work hard, his breath coming in pants,
and I pulled his face into my shoulder to smother the
sounds. He was speeding up, I knew the signs we have
been fucking long enough. any moment now his spunk was
going to flood my cunt and I was going to cum again,
shit did I want it, fuck me Sean baby, don’t stop, do
it, o fuck that’s it right in…”

My eyes opened and I saw movement. It couldn’t be, no-
one had come downstairs, they couldn’t get in the
kitchen anyway, and I was sure something moved just
through it there. We have a sort of breakfast bar with
a blind that divides the kitchen and living area most
of the time. It must be the light playing tricks
through the slits in the blind I told myself, and
pushed myself up to Sean. We were going to finish this,
one way or another.

For a brief moment I imagined mum and dad watching us,
eyes fixed on me, and my second orgasm hit me like a
wave, flooding through me, making me shake from the
hips down. I grabbed Sean so hard he couldn’t move as I
ground my hips, making him hold himself deep inside me.
For a few seconds neither of us moved as I felt the
rush coursing through me.

I collapsed back on the sofa, my legs flopping to the
ground. Sean gave a couple of thrusts, a wicked look on
his face “That’s two bitch, and you haven’t got me off
yet.” He pulled his cock out, swiftly moving so he was
straddling my body, his cock pushing between my lips
his bum crushing my breasts. I opened my mouth as he
held my hair in one hand, his other hand around his
cock as he pumped it into my face. panting and gasping.
I opened wide, I’m a good bitch, and heard the ” o
shit” which meant I was about to get it.

The spurts hit my tongue then the back of my throat as
he f****d his cock further in. I gagged a bit as I
always do, then swallowed, my hands gripping his hips
as he finished unloading. Shit there was loads of it.
He leaned back a bit as he pulled his cock out,
grinning at me.

A crash of broken crockery came from the kitchen, and
Sean leaped like he had been stung. Grabbing his
clothes he ran for the patio door, managing to slide it
open, then I heard him swear as he fell over a bush in
the garden. I giggled, then stifled it. What the fuck
was I laughing for? I sat up, looking at the kitchen
blind, my hand searching on the floor for my nightie.
The drink excuse was OK, but being nude wasn’t going to
look too convincing.

I found the nightie, and started to turn it right way
out. I wasn’t busted anyway, someone would have come
charging in by now and given me what for.

The door opened, and the light came on dimly as whoever
was there turned the dimmer switch up. I blinked, as my
dad stood there looking me up and down, mum just
slightly behind him.

“Err I… I think I spilled some drink on my
nightie…” my mind was working overtime, so far so
good I though.

Mum shook her head “That is not orange juice around
your cheeks darling.”

I lifted my finger to feel. Why does spunk have to be
body temperature? There was thick cream on my cheek
where Sean’s last drips had landed and I hadn’t felt
it. I felt my face go bright red.

Dad took a step into the room, he was wearing Tee shirt
and boxers, and mum was in a very sexy shiny nightie,
which did not cover much up. I tell you that because
it’s what I saw, but at the time I didn’t take in quite
why they might be dressed like they were. Mum came
close and put a hand on my shoulder. “It’s Ok darling,
you can have fun, we did at your age.”

I felt the fear drain out of me, but the embarrassment
remained” But mum, you saw me… well… how long were
you there!?” I saw dad still looking me up and down,
not very much like a father should either.

“I think we saw enough, more than enough to…” Mum
stopped talking, looking at dad.

“Enough to what?” I waited for the answer.

Mum sat down next to me, her knee touching my bare leg
and I instinctively pulled away a few inches.

Mum took a deep breath. “What made you smuggle Sean in

I blushed, and mum turned my face to her “Truth young
lady, truth>”

“I sort of got in the mood over something I guess” I
said lamely.

“Over what, be honest, you aren’t in trouble, believe
me.” She winked at dad for some reason.

I took a deep breath “something I saw in TV”

“Something sexy?” Mum smiled and I melted.


“Something borrowed from our bedroom?”

I blushed red and nodded. Mum smiled “And not the first
time, and I bet you’ve left this one either in your
laptop or DVD player too, you aren’t very careful at
being underhand Lizzie!”

I thought I was going to melt away with embarrassment
as mum patted my knee “It’s OK, seeing sex on DVD gets
me and your dad going too, and its even better seeing
the real thing…” Her voice dropped a little, and I
turned to look at dad, for the first time seeing the
bulge in his boxers.

I looked from one to the other. “You mean you were
getting horny watching me and Sean?”

Mum nodded “Very, we were just going to err… you know
when your dad knocked the teapot off the top.”

“When you knocked it off’ Dad interrupted her.

“Well you lifted me onto the worktop without looking..”
Mum grinned and dad shrugged. I suddenly had a vision
of mum in that shortie night dress being lifted onto
the worktop with dad standing in front of her and the
first twinge of new arousal crept through me.

Mum turned to look at me, and stroked her hand down my
arm “You are young, easily aroused aren’t you?”

I nodded, not knowing what else to do!

“Your nipples re getting hard, just like mine do and
always used to at the slightest hint at your age.” Mum
sighed, rather sadly in a way I though. I felt suddenly
warm towards her, but I knew there was a turn on here

Mum turned to me and looked into my eyes” You really
are a very sexy young lady, your dad was so turned on
seeing you in action, and he is now just looking at
you, we are really going to have to do something…”
She reached for dad’s hand pulling him towards her so
he was standing facing her, but only a few feet from me
as I sat next to mum on the sofa. Mum kept hold of his
hand, but turned to me “darling, we have been watching
you, maybe you would like…” she stopped, and I

Mum hooked her fingers in dad’s waistband, sliding his
boxers off. I just had to look, it was hard, and bigger
than Sean’s too, but more angry and red looking. Mum
put her hands on dad’s shoulders and leaned forward. I
took a deep breath. Shit, mum was going to blow him, my
parents did that.

Dad put his hands on mums head as she opened her mouth,
taking his cock in but using no hands just keeping her
hand on his hips as he gently slid it in and out of her
lips. I watched her drop one of her hands to between
her legs. Dad shuffled a bit so he stood between her
knees. She gripped him with her knees as one hand was
on his hip and the other between her legs. Dad was
moaning softly, his eyes going from mum to me. He
patted her on the head “Don’t keep doing that too long
or I’ll cum.”

Mum looked up at him, her lips shiny and swollen, and
got up of the sofa, getting down on all fours facing me
on the floor “Your dad loves this position” she said.
Dad started to move behind her, kneeling on the floor
his cock pointing over her bum.

“And we can both see our sexy daughter this way too,”
Mum said as dad pushed himself into her. I stared, so
horny, wanting to touch myself, wishing they would
finish so I could go upstairs and relieve the pressure
I felt.

Mum must have read my mind “You want to touch yourself
don’t you, get yourself off like we did watching you?”

I nodded.

“Do it” mum hissed through her teeth as dad started to
pick the pace up “finger your pussy darling, cum for
mummy and daddy”

My legs opened wide and both my hands went down. I did
it the way i do when I’m alone, and no-one can hear me.
One hand spreading my cunt open, and rubbing my clit,
the other using 2 or 3 fingers to fuck myself. Usually
I did it eyes closed, with Sean or some other hunk in
my mind, but this time I kept them wide open.

Dada and mum were staring at me, mouths open as they
panted and moaned in front of me. My parents were
fucking, right there on the living room floor in front
me. My fingers pushed hard up me, I was biting my lip,
feeling it build again. Mum was getting closer to me as
dad fucked her hard, his hands on her hips squeezing
and kneading her bum cheeks. His eyes were wild,
staring between my legs. Mum was staring there too,
then she lifted herself up, putting her hands on my
knees out faces inches apart.

“Your dad is fucking good, shit I’m going to cum on his
fucking cock.” Mum came out with the language me and
Sean used, and then I saw her eyes glaze over. her arms
folded on my knees and she buried her face in them as
her body spasmed and shook. Dad was grunting hard with
every thrust, and I felt myself starting to cum. I had
to tell them.

“Shit mum I’m cumming again! Oh fuck yes!” I tensed
inside, that moment just before it releases, and then
it flooded over me. Mum looked up, and our eyes met as
she finished her cum and mine racked my body.

Dad stared, then pulled out of mum, his hand flashing
up and down his cock as he faced me over mums backs.
His head went back, and he roared as cum shot out,
spurting up mums back, some in her hair, some coming
over her head and landing on my tummy. His hand stopped
moving as the last little spurt dribbled out, dropping
onto mums cheeks as she put her had down again on my
knees, panting for breath like me and dad were.

We stayed like that for a minute or two, and then dad
pulled out and turned, going upstairs. The toilet door
closed and locked, and there was the sound of him
“using the facilities” Mum laughed. “He always has to
go after sex these days, I tell him its old age.” She
got up and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“This has to be our secret darling, but at least we can
be open together from now on.”

I nodded.

I wonder what ‘open’ will mean…

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