Celest and Epic’s Exploration

Celest opened the door to her house and stepped aside
as Epic sauntered in. She turned around and the two
embraced, pressing their lips together and invading
each others mouths with their tongues. Celest could
feel Epic’s Barbells moving against her tongue and
began to imagine all the things she wanted done to her
with those pleasure providers.

Epic broke the kiss and nibbled on her lover’s earlobe.
“So you ready for this?” She asked.

Celest giggled, “Oh I’m sure I am.” Celest turned and
led Epic back to her room.

As Epic followed Celest to the bedroom she watched her
lover’s ass wiggle as she walked. “God I’m gonna have
so much fun with her today.” she thought to herself,
“And that ass is gonna be one tasty treat.”

They reached the room and stripped down, throwing their
clothes into a pile in the corner of the room. Epic
grabbed Celest and pulled them together, squeezing her
ass as their breasts met. Celest enveloped Epic in
another kiss as they ground and pressed their breasts
together, Celest’s nipple rings catching on Epic’s,
causing the two to moan as they pulled and twisted.

“I think it’s time to get you ready for Joey,” Epic
said. She guided Celest over to the bed and pushed her
down. Epic switched on her barbells, their humming
causing Celest to giggle in anticipation. She gasped
and began to squirm as she felt the buzzing pleasure
buttons trace her lower lips. Epic didn’t give her time
to rest, she dove into Celest’s now dripping love hole
and began eating her in a frenzy.

Celest grabbed the back of her head, pushing her in
farther, gasping as she felt her G-spot caressed and
worshipped by Epic’s exploring tongue. She moaned and
cursed freely as she felt her clit encircled, the twin
pleasure buzzers wrapping around it and causing her to
buck her hips uncontrollably as she felt her orgasm

Epic rode her bucking lover and moaned herself as she
began to taste Celest’s juices, now freely flowing from
her efforts. She moved a free hand to Celest’s ass and
inserted a finger, pumping it in and out. Celest
yelled, wanting even more, and Epic happily obliged.
Placing one barbell under Celest’s quivering clit she
worked the other one up inside to rest on the G-spot.
She didn’t stop pumping her fingers up into Celest’s
ass, she worked a second one in, then a third, egged on
by the moans of bliss she heard.

Celest clamped her hands on the back of Epic’s head,
pulling her in as far as was possible and screamed at
the top of her lungs. She came hard and Epic swallowed
all that she could, juice running freely down her face
and pooling on the bed.

Celest just lay on the bed trying to recover as Epic
licked her clean. She let out a small moan as Epic
finished and slowly stood up, “Come on love…we should
head outside, Joey’s waiting,” Epic remarked switching
off the barbells. Celest’s eyes widened, her heart
began beating faster at the thought of getting to
actually fuck her loves dog. She got up and clutched
onto Epic for support, her legs feeling like jelly.
Epic helped her outside and the two lay in the grass
for a few minuets, gently petting and kissing each
other. “Alright,” Epic said standing up, “You wait
here, Joey is over on the other side of the house.” She
walked off and Celest lay back, thinking about how much
she wanted to feel Epic’s tongue working her over

Epic came back around the house followed by Joey, he
sniffed the air as he got near Celest and trotted over
to her. Epic laughed as he lowered his head to her
pussy and took a long smell, Celest shivered as the
cold nose began probing her still wet snatch. Her eyes
shot open and she gasped as Joey began licking and
exploring her inner folds, his long tongue reaching
places that she could only dream of finding. Epic
walked over and kneeled down above Celest’s head,
positioning her pussy over the woman’s mouth and moaned
as she felt a mouth clamp over her wanting cunt.

Celest began eating her in a frenzy, Joey’s
explorations of her depths already causing her to
wiggle around and feel a climax building. She scooted
epic forward a bit and plunged her tongue deep into the
heavenly tasting ass of her lover. Epic moaned and
began squeezing and kneading her breasts as Celest
tongue fucked her ass, she pulled on her nipple
piercings and moaned. Celest spread her cheeks and
pushed her tongue up even farther, trying to fully
explore her lover.

Though it all Joey hadn’t quit, he kept lapping and
exploring Celest’s folds, finding her G-spot and
stroking it as it seemed to please his master’s friend.
He was rewarded as Celest ripped her tongue from Epic’s
ass and screamed as an orgasm stuck her. Joey licked up
the sweet liquid and then back up as Epic climbed off
of Celest’s face. She got down on all fours and began
to finger herself, she was incredibly horny and her
juices flowed like a faucet from her fingers motions.
She looked over her shoulder and saw Joey walking
towards her, his cock fully erect and hanging between
his legs.

He approached and sniffed at her pussy, satisfied that
she was ready he mounted her and slid the head of his
tool into her. She moaned and wiggled her ass as she
felt him begin to plunge himself as far in as he could
go, his cock embedding itself deeper than any toy
could. She called Celest over and had her roll onto her
stomach, placing her ass in Epic face. Epic licked her
lips and bit one of Celest’s cheeks, brining a moan to
her loves lips. She switcher her barbells back on,
pulled the cheeks apart and plunged her face in-between
them, her tongue worshiping the hole. Joey kept up the
tempo, forcing his cock into Epic’s dripping snatch,
licking his master’s neck as she moaned into Celest’s
wiggling ass.

Celest was lost in the pleasure radiating from her ass.
The vibrations from Epic’s barbells were driving her
wild, but it increased ten fold when she felt two
fingers being pushed into her quivering snatch. She
moaned and begged for more and Epic was more than happy
to oblige, she pushed a third, then a fourth finger
into Celest. Epic nearly screamed at the top of her
lungs when she felt Joey begin to tense up and hump
into her as fast as he could, his knot toying with her
G-spot and clit pushing her over the edge.

Her cunt spasmed as she gushed around the knot wedged
inside of her. She reamed Celest out, jamming her
tongue as far in as it would go, and pushed her thumb
up along with her other fingers. Between the fist being
pumped quickly into her snatch and the vibrating
pleasure tool of a tongue squirming around in her ass,
Celest came. She arched her back, yelled out her
lover’s name, and exploded around Epic’s fist.

Epic couldn’t stop shaking, Joey was close to cumming
and his frantic thrusts were giving her orgasms with
every few pushes of his knot. She pulled her fist and
tongue from Celest, and began to pant, her tongue
hanging from her mouth and her breath coming raggedly
as she felt yet another orgasm building. She felt Joey
tense up, his cock pulsing, as he shot his cum deep
inside of her. She fell forward a bit and rested her
head on her arms as she felt her stomach swell as his
cum filled her. Celest watched Epic and began to get
wet again, wanting to be filled and fucked, wanting to
be filled with so much cum. She cradled Epic’s head in
her lap and stroked her hair. Epic sighed and lay there
as Joey rested on top of her, his knot slowly

After a bit Joey’s knot had shrunk enough and he popped
out of Epic. She let out a tiny sigh as she felt his
sperm leak slowly out of her. Celest laid Epic’s head
in the grass and moved down to where Joey was sitting.
His cock hung flaccid between his legs and she reached
down and began to stroke it, he woofed inquisitively
and she smiled. “Don’t you want to have another pussy
to fuck?” He seemed to perk up at this and wagged his
tail, his cock beginning to stand up as she stroked it
a bit faster. She was getting wet again and the thought
of his huge cock being forced into her pussy made her
stroke him faster, wanting him inside of her. He stood
up and began wagging his tail, ready to make her his
next bitch.

Celest got on all fours and positioned herself between
Epics legs. She wiggled her ass a bit and hopped that
Joey would respond like he did with Epic. She smiled
when he did, he walked over to her and sniffed at her
cunt, lapping at the wetness a bit before mounting her.
She reached back and guided his cock to her dripping
pussy lips, pressing it in and relishing the feel of it
stretching her. Joey began humping into her, his cock
stretching her cunt, filling her in a way she never
thought possible. She moaned and felt him licking her
neck, trying to re-assure her.

She smiled and looked down at Epic. She was looking up
at Celest and smirked when she saw how much Celest was
enjoying the feel of Joey’s meat slamming into her.
Epic gently took Celest’s head and lowered it to her
cum filled pussy. Celest opened her eyes wide and
licked her lips at the thought of getting to taste all
that creamy dog cum. She lowered her head and took a
lick, the taste surprised her, so much better than she
imagined. She began eating Epic with full gusto,
wanting as much of the precious cum as she could get.
Epic began massaging her breasts and watched her dog
fucking Celest, the whole scene turning her on even

Celest was in heaven, from her completely filled pussy
to the delicious cream she was enjoying from her lovers
cunt. Her tongue explored all over the inside of Epic,
trying to get as much out as possible, while her cunny
clenched and creamed freely to the wild fucking it was
receiving. Some of the delicious doggy cum had trickled
down and entered Epic’s ass, so Celest lowered her head
and began licking at the hole. She gently probed it
with her tongue, bringing a moan from Epic’s lips.

Celest jammed her whole tongue inside as she felt
Joey’s knot begin to swell and grow inside, filling her
even further. She moaned and began to eat Epic’s ass
out, enjoying the taste of her lover. The cum mixing
with Epic’s natural flavor making Celest giddy from the
taste. Celest moved back to Epic’s cunt, trying to get
her love off, wanting to taste what the cum’s tasted
like together.

Joey began humping faster, he wasn’t able to last as
long and he began humping into Celest at speeds faster
than any she had ever felt. Her pussy clenched and
massaged his cock, the speed of his humping and
movement of his knot massaging her clit and g-spot
pushing her over the edge. She felt him press into her
as her orgasm exploded outward, she screamed as she
felt him release his glorious cream inside of her.

She had never felt so full, the knot holding the cum
inside of her. He didn’t stop cumming for what seemed
like an eternity, he kept filling her until she felt
she would explode. This fullness made her cum again,
and she moaned as Epic pressed their lips together,
tasting the mix of dog and her own cum and enjoying its

Celest’s stomach was bowed outward and she felt a
wondrous sense of contentment from being stuffed to the
brim. Epic moved down to lay under Celest’s cream
filled pussy, she flicked Celest’s full clit and
giggled at the yelp that was heard. After a few minuets
Epic was rewarded as Joey’s knot began to shrink and
cum began to pour out of Celest.

Epic drank down as much as she could, letting the rest
splatter on her face as she savored the taste of their
cum mixed together. Joey finally slipped free and
tottered over to the side and collapsed, spent from
fucking them both. Epic ate Celest’s pussy until there
wasn’t a trace of cum left. Celest pulled her into a
hug and began licking Epic’s face clean of the dried
spunk. After they had toughly cleaned each others
holes, multiple times, they curled up together in the
grass and drifted off to sleep.

Joey sauntered over and lay down at their feet. All
three had pleasant dreams of wild fucking and the
drinking of delicious cum…