Chapel In The Forest

Margaret Wallace was your average, everyday housewife.
She was born and raised in Queens, NY. She got married
right out of high school at the age of 19 to her high
school sweetheart, David. They were perfect for each

They actually waited until their wedding night before
they had sex. They were two young kids who basically did
what they were told to do by their parents. Margaret was
a sweet, young woman who was always willing to help out a
person in need.

David worked for his father in the family business. His
father owned a Deli in Queens and was planning to retire
soon. He was going to hand over the Deli to David and
move to Florida. The Deli was in a good location and did
a lot of business. With a little help from David’s
father, they were able to purchase a small home in
Westchester County, NY.

David’s Father wanted them to stay in Queens, close to
the store. But the young couple decided that they wanted
get out of Queens. They wanted to move to upper
Westchester and start a family. They were tired of living
in the city. They were fed up with the noise, the crime,
and the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

They loved their new home. They lived on a 3-acre plot
that was surrounded by woods. Their closest neighbor was
about 300 yards away. They loved the peace and quiet that
living north of NYC afforded them. Even David’s father
who was against them moving to Westchester County loved
the house. He loved the peace and quiet.

He loved nighttime the most. It was unlike living in a
city where you heard cars going by honking, people
yelling at each other kids, playing loud music as they
drove by your house at all times of the night. The sound
of crickets rubbing their wings at night was the only
sound they ever heard.

Margaret worked three days a week at the Deli with her
husband and the rest of the week she went to Westchester
Community College in Valhalla. She wanted to become a
nurse because she loved helping people in need. In
Margaret’s eyes, she had a perfect life. She had a
husband who loved her and a nice home where she planned
to raise their children.

They ran into their neighbors one day while they were out
shopping in town. The talked for a while to the older
couple. It was close to noon so they all decided to have
lunch together. The Johnstons had lived in their house
for around 15 years.

The ladies were chatting about where to shop and stuff
and the men where talking about their commutes to work.
Mrs. Johnston abruptly stopped talking when she heard her
husband say,

“Have you guys been down to the lake yet?”

David looked confused, He hadn’t seen any lake and wasn’t
sure what Mr. Johnston was talking about.

“What lake?” David replied which got Margaret’s

“The one behind our houses…. It’s about a half a mile
through the woods…Its actually belongs to the people
who live on the other side of the lake. There’s a huge
mansion on the other side of the lake and the lake
belongs to them.”

Margaret was very interested in what Mr. Johnston was
saying. Mrs. Johnston had a terrified look on her face.
She sat in silence while her husband described the lake
to the young couple.

Mrs. Johnston finally couldn’t take it anymore and she
interrupted her husband,

“Honey you shouldn’t tell them about that evil place.”

Mr. Johnston started laughing and then looked over at the
young couple that looked confused.

“Don’t pay attention to my wife. She thinks the woods are
haunted.” He then continued, “About half way to the lake
there’s and old tiny broken down abandon Chapel. From the
looks of it…it’s probably 200 years old… it’s nothing
but a bunch of old rotting logs and rocks now.”

Mrs. Johnston felt a little embarrassed as her husband
spoke. Her husband then told the young couple how one day
he was in the house and heard his wife screaming. He ran
to the back of the house to see his wife come running out
of the woods with her dress torn and screaming that some
one was chasing her. When he looked into the woods all he
saw was a bunch of rabbits.

Mr. Johnston broke out into laughter and the young couple
laughed with him. But Mrs. Johnston remained silent.

“Ha…Ha…very funny…. You’ll stay away from that
lake! There is something evil in those woods and it isn’t
a bunch of rabbits.”

After lunch, the two couples split up and went their
separate ways. Margaret was excited; she couldn’t stop
thinking about the lake and the woods. She asked her
husband if he wanted to check it out when they got home.
He told her that they had a lot to do and by the time
they got home it would be dark. He told his pretty wife
that he would take her to the lake next Saturday.

Margaret was disappointed. She didn’t want to shop any
more. She wanted to go and explore what was behind her
home with her husband. All this time she thought there
was nothing but forest back there. Not only did she want
to see the lake, she also wanted to see the ruins of the
old chapel.

Her husband always left for work very early in the
morning. Even when she didn’t go to Queens with him, she
would get up with him at 4 am in the morning and have
coffee with him. Just before he walked out of the house
her husband turned to her and said,

“Hey you be a good girl and stay out of the woods… I
don’t want that gang of killer rabbits to hurt you.”

“Ha, ha… very funny,” Margaret said back to her

After her husband left for work Margaret tried to go back
to sleep but she couldn’t. She was still thinking about
the conversation from the previous day with the older
couple from down the road. She couldn’t understand why
Mrs. Johnston was so scared of the woods. She started
laughing thinking about Mrs. Johnston running out of the
woods while being chased by a bunch of little rabbits.

Margaret got out of bed around 8 am and did some chores
around the house. By 9:30 she was done. She kept looking
out of her kitchen window toward the thick forest. The
curiosity of what laid on the other side of the woods was
killing her.

That’s when she made up her mind that she was going to
check it out for herself. The thought of going into the
woods alone excited her. She had never done anything like
this before. She thought to herself how she’d actually
never done anything on her own. Her entire life she had
always been surrounded by people. She thought this would
be a great time for her to try something out on her own.
She soon felt silly talking to herself about what she
should or shouldn’t do. She was 25 years old and had
never really done anything that excited her this much.

She remembered Mr. Johnston saying that half way between
their homes was a path that she could follow into the
woods. She threw on an old short dress that she would
wear around the house. She figured she would make a day
of it. She went into her garage and got an old book bag
that she had. She made herself a sandwich and packed a
few bottles of water in her bag. Her husband would not be
home until around 7pm. She knew she would be back long
before he got home so there was no reason to leave a note
or anything like that. Plus he never called home while he
was working because he was just too busy.

That morning Margaret left her home for the first time in
her life not knowing where she was actually going. This
also excited her because she had always felt that her
entire life has been on a schedule. She’d never gone some
place that she didn’t know where it was exactly. She
grabbed her bag and set forth on her little adventure.
Back in Queens, she wouldn’t dare go any place alone. But
she felt safe and comfortable in her new environment. The
plush soft grass of Northern Westchester County replaced
the concrete she had walked on all her life.

She walked about a hundred yards past her home until she
came upon the path that was leading to the forest. As she
walked into the forest, she felt confident. She felt good
that she was finally doing something on her own, even
though it was just a little hike through a forest. After
walking about 200 feet the path slowly started to
disappear. But the forest wasn’t that dense and she could
see clearly. The only sounds she heard were her footsteps
crushing small branches. Occasionally she would hear the
sounds of small little animal scurrying about.

Margaret walked through the woods. She heard a branch
break and it startled her. She quickly turned around and
saw a small little kitten. She wasn’t sure what to make
of it. She started to wonder how the little kitten got
into the woods. She put her bag down and started walking
toward the kitten. When she stepped on a branch the
kitten got spooked and hid under a log.

“Don’t be afraid little kitty… I’m not going to hurt

Margaret loved cats, but her husband was allergic to them
so when she moved she had to give her cat to her cousin.
She bent over the log to try and see if she could
retrieve the poor little animal, who she was sure was
lost and hungry. She was so focused on helping out the
kitten that she didn’t pay any attention to the sounds of
branches breaking behind her.

Out of nowhere she felt a hard tug on her hair and her
head was yanked straight up. Out of the corner of her
eye, she saw what had grabbed her. It was a big white man
with a beard. Immediately she was terrified. She was
about to scream, but the man quickly pulled out a
switchblade and pressed the cold steal blade against her

“Don’t make a fucking sound, you make one sound and I’ll
kill you and bury your fucking body in these woods.”

The man spoke slowly in a low throaty voice. The man’s
words sent chills through Margaret’s bones. It happened
so fast. One minute she was trying to rescue a little
kitten, and the next minute she had a knife under her
throat. She tried to make sense of what was going on. But
she couldn’t. The only thing that was making sense to her
was the blade that was on her chin.

“Who are you and what the fuck are you doing in my

Margaret didn’t know what to do or what to say.

“I’m talking to you lady, who are you and what the fuck
are you doing in my fucking woods?” repeated the strange

“I’m…. I’m Margaret I…I…I…live over there… I…
didn’t know these were your woods…please let me go…
please don’t hurt me,” she begged the strange man holding
the knife under her throat.

The man started laughing, Margaret was confused and
scared she could feel her knees getting weak. Thoughts of
this man slicing her throat and burying her body in the
woods filled her mind. Then he spoke to her, “Hi
Margaret, my name is Chapel and this is my fucking
forest… and I don’t like or appreciate cunts like you
trespassing on my fucking property.”

“Please Mister…I’m sorry…I didn’t know this was your
property… I’m sorry sir…please let me go!” She said,
as the tears began to well up in her eyes.

Chapel was looking over and admiring Margaret’s body.
Margaret was a well-built woman. She wasn’t thin but she
definitely wasn’t fat. Margaret felt like she was going
to pass out. She bent down slightly and placed her hand
on the log to keep from falling down, almost forgetting
about the knife that was pressed firmly against her neck.
When she bent over, Chapel immediately noticed what a
nice thick ass she had. Immediately his cock started to
get hard.

He placed his free hand just under the hem of her dress
against her soft fleshy thighs. Her skin felt soft and
her thighs felt warm against his cold hand. He started
working his hands up her warm quivering thighs enjoying
the feel of her soft skin. Margaret was in such a state
of confusion that she didn’t even realize that the man
was working his hand up under her skirt.

“No…Stop. Please…. NO!! Don’t!” She screamed.

“Hey, SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’m not going to tell you again

Margaret was shaking. The only man that had ever touched
any part of her body was her husband. New thoughts
entered Margaret’s mind. Thoughts of being raped started
to grip her mind. She’s never even kissed another man.
Even though she was married, sex was never a big part of
the relationship that she shared with her husband.

Margaret didn’t know what to do she was confused and
consumed with fear. Chapel was enjoying the control he
had over Margaret. He told her to stand still while he
slowly lifted Margaret’s dress above her hips.

“Agggghhhhh,” he exhaled when he saw Margaret’s thick
pale white ass cheeks. What he loved most was the black
thong that she was wearing. Chapel was in the zone now
and there was no turning back for him. Her soft sexy ass
cheek was just begging to be fucked in his eyes.

Margaret, on the other hand, was still terrified and
started wondering if she would live to see her husband
and her family again. She could feel the cool fall air on
her ass cheeks. Then she felt a cold clammy hand start to
gently stroke her ass cheeks.

Margaret knew she had a thick ass. She had tried all
kinds of diets and all kinds of exercise to make her hips
and ass smaller. But no matter how much weight she lost,
her ass and hips remained the same. She could hear
Chapel’s breathing increase as he massaged her ass
cheeks. He palmed each ass cheek while he held the knife
at her throat.

“Your ass is beautiful Margaret. It’s so soft and meaty.
Have you ever been fucked in your ass?” He asked softly
as he pressed his finger against the tiny piece of
material that separated him from her pussy. He used his
middle finger and lightly stroked her pussy mound. He
could feel the temperature rising between Margaret’s
thick white thighs.

“No…No sir…I’m a married woman. Please stop…please
let me go… I promise I won’t say anything to anyone!”
As Margaret spoke, she could feel Chapel’s finger slowly
stroke her pussy mound. She could feel her pussy starting
to get moist. She was embarrassed, and confused. “How
could my pussy be responding to this?” she thought to

Chapel told her not to move. Then he used his left leg to
kick her left leg to the side, spreading her legs.
Margaret instinctively closed her legs.

“Bitch …I’m not fucking playing with you…spread your
fucking legs!” Chapel kicked her leg over and this time
Margaret didn’t move. Chapel had full access to her
panty-covered pussy. He loved how the material felt
against her meaty pussy mound.

Margaret stood still while Chapel massaged her pussy.
Chapel moaned and breathed heavily while he pressed his
finger against her moistened pussy lips. Margaret started
to pray silently to herself. She asked God, why was he
letting this happen to her? She begged God to make the
man go away.

Her prayers were not answered. Her God couldn’t see her
in the middle of the forest. She knew that her God had
abandoned her when she felt a finger slide into her

“NO!” she screamed as she felt a finger, which didn’t
belong to her husband slide deep into her body.

Chapel pushed the blade of the knife against her throat
really hard as Margaret started to squirm around trying
to get his finger out of her cunt. “Go ahead Bitch keep
fucking moving! You’re gonna cut your own self! Go ahead
I don’t give a fuck if you cut yourself. It would be a
shame if you just bled to death right hear. Trust me, I’m
not going to call 911… and nobody is going to come to
your rescue.”

Margaret knew that he was telling the truth. She
immediately stopped moving.

“Good. That’s a good girl. Just relax, Margaret, I’ll
only hurt you if you make me mad… Now stop fucking

Margaret started sobbing. She could feel Chapel twisting
and turning his finger around in her cunt. His thick
finger explored parts of her pussy that no man has ever
touched. She felt so violated and helpless. But what
really made her sick was what she started feeling deep
within her cunt. Margaret had always had trouble getting

When she first started having sex with her husband she
used to cry out in pain. It wasn’t that her husband had a
large cock. Her pussy just didn’t produce enough fluid.
While Chapel rammed his finger in and out of her cunt she
realized that her pussy juices were flowing. She was
embarrassed and ashamed that her body was responding to a
man that was raping her pussy with just his fingers.

Margaret gasped when the strange man found her clit. He
placed his finger firmly on her little bud. Her body
shuddered and her knees collapsed when she felt a rumble
from deep within her pussy. Chapel used his strength and
her pussy mound to lift her back up to her feet. It
excited him to make his intruders cum. He laughed out
load, his voice echoed through the forest, while he
gently rubbed her wet clit.

“You like that…huh? I knew I could find your spot.”

Margaret tried to catch her breath but she couldn’t. Each
time he brushed his finger over her clit, her breath just
expelled from her body.

“You’re a nasty little bitch. Your pussy is dripping…
your husband must be a pathetic man. I’ll bet he never
made you cum before.”

Chapel loved every minute of this. He humped and twisted
his finger deep into her cunt. He paid careful attention
to her clit. He noticed that he got the best response
from her when he firmly stroked the left side of her

Margaret was about to explode and she didn’t even know
it. She screamed, her ass and hips swung from side to
side as she was hit with a powerful orgasm. She screamed
as waves of pure pleasure took over her body as though
she was possessed. Chapel continued his assault on her

“Cum Bitch! Cum you nasty fucking whore, that’s it… let
it out!”

Chapel loved watching Margaret cum…He was amazed by her
reaction to his finger. Her pussy walls collapsed around
his finger. Her juices had ran down his finger and
started to form a little puddle in his palm. Margaret
couldn’t take it anymore.

“Stop…please stop! Don’t do this to me…I…I…
can’t…do this…I’m a married woman…no more… please
no more!”

She could barely get the words out of her mouth. She
didn’t even know what was happening to her body. She
could feel her own fluids running down her inner thighs.

“It’s my turn baby…lets see if you can suck cock.”
Chapel pulled Margaret to her feet by her hair, awakening
her up out of her orgasmic bliss. He kept the knife to
her throat as he spun her around. Chapel was wearing an
old Adidas sweat suit. He quickly pulled his pant down
with one hand.

Margaret thought about making a run for it but was
quickly pushed down to her knees.

Chapel sat down on the log with his sweat pants around
his ankles. Margaret stared at the strange cock. Margaret
had never sucked a man’s cock before. She thought that
sucking on a man’s cock was disgusting and swore she
would never do it. The man’s cock looked different then
her husband’s. It was shorter then her husband’s cock but
it was a lot thicker.

Chapel grabbed Margaret by the back of her head and
pulled her toward his cock. Immediately Margaret could
smell the stench that was coming from between Chapel’s
legs. She looked at Chapel’s flaccid cock and hairy balls
with disgust and hatred.

As she stared at the strange smelly cock she thought
about her husband. She asked herself why she didn’t she
just listen to him? She wished she could have been
patient. She wished she was with her husband. She wished
this was just a bad dream and she would soon wake up.

“Let’s go Margie…I don’t have all fucking day, come get
my cock nice and hard baby.”

Margaret started crying. Only her husband called her
Margie. He would call her by that name when they made

“Please mister…I’m begging please don’t make me do
this…Please! Sir…I’ve never done that before!” she
said, sobbing like a little girl.

“What? You mean to tell me that you don’t even suck your
husbands cock?”

“No sir, we don’t do that.” She replied.

“Well today is your lucky day, Margie, Not only am I
going to teach you how to suck cock but I’m going to make
you an expert cock sucker…Don’t worry Margie…you’ll
learn how to suck cock, or YOU WILL DIE!”

Margaret started crying hysterically.

Chapel was starting to get annoyed. He grabbed a clump of
her hair and screamed, “STOP FUCKING CRYING!” Then he
said, “Open your fucking mouth and suck my dick…and you
better not even think about biting it. If I feel any
fucking teeth on my cock…I’ll put this fucking knife
through your temple.”

Chapel was deadly serious; He felt that he was being nice
to Margaret, even though he was about to rape her mouth.
He pulled Margaret by the back of the head closer to his
cock. Margaret remembered his words. Fearing for her
life, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

Chapel took hold of his cock and put the head of his cock
in Margaret’s mouth. Margaret felt horrible. She felt
nauseous when the taste hit her. She felt dirty licking
the head of this evil man’s cock.

“That’s a good girl…Come on suck it Margie…get me
nice and hard, baby.”

Margaret opened her mouth and Chapel pushed her head into
his crotch. He didn’t stop until his cock hit that back
of her throat. Chapel loved forcing women to suck his
cock. He loved the warm wet feeling of a frightened mouth
wrapped around his cock. Margaret sobbed to herself when
she felt Chapel’s hairy balls scratch her chin. He was
going to show her exactly how he wanted his cock sucked.

He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her
head back and forth on his cock, establishing the rhythm
that he wanted. Margaret followed his lead. Margaret felt
like a whore. She felt humiliated and disgusted, and she
also felt the cock growing in her mouth. Chapel had let
go of her head. Margaret stopped immediately.

“I didn’t tell you to stop! Keep sucking,” he moaned to
her, as he put the knife under her throat.

Feeling the cold steel blade against her throat, Margaret
started moving her head back and forth by herself. Chapel
was enjoying this amateur blowjob. He looked down and
laughed at Margaret each time his cock slithered into her
warm wet mouth.

“That’s it Margie, use your tongue baby. You’re doing a
good job.”

Margaret simply complied with the man that was raping her
mouth. She started swirling her tongue around the head of
his cock when she pulled back. When he slid his cock into
her mouth, she used her tongue on his shaft. Chapel was
moaning softly as his breathing started to increase
again. He couldn’t believe how well she was sucking his
cock. He put his hand behind her head and told her to go

Margaret sucked and sucked. Chapel’s cock was rock hard.
Margaret hated what she was doing. She hated the smell.
She hated how his balls felt slapping against her chin.
And she hated the sucking sound coming from her mouth.
The sound of her own saliva echoing through the forest
while she sucked her first cock rang through her ears.

Chapel could feel his balls twitching. He knew if she
continued sucking his cock, he would come soon. He pulled
Margaret off his cock by the hair.

“Mmmmmmm…that’s good Margie. Now suck my balls.”

He pulled her back into his cock and pressed her mouth
firmly against his sweaty balls. Margaret had no choice.
She stuck out her tongue and started licking his hairy
cum filled balls. She tried her best to fight back the
tears. But she couldn’t. She started sobbing while she
sucked on Chapel’s balls. Deep down inside, Margaret
wished the man would cum. Hoping and praying that after
he came, he would let her go.

Although Chapel loved the way Margaret was licking his
nut sack, he wanted more. He could feel her heavy breast
pressing against his knee. He pushed Margaret back onto
her heels until she was squatting in front of him.
Margaret got scared. She thought she had done something
wrong. She thought that she might have scrapped his balls
with her teeth. He had warned her. She saw the knife
heading for her throat. She turned her head and screamed!
Her whole life flashed before her eyes in a tenth of a

Chapel grabbed her dress around the neckline. “Hey, shut
the fuck up!” he growled at the terrified young woman. He
pulled on her dress with his hand and started slicing the
fabric down the middle. “Yeah baby, lets see those tits.”

Margaret was relived that she wasn’t dead, but the knife
slicing away at her clothes only brought on more fear.
Slowly, she watched her dress being sliced open. She knew
that she had no bra on and she knew this would excite

“Oh Shit! No bra Margie…and here I’m thinking you were
a good girl…only sluts and whores leave the house
without a bra.”

His mouth started watering when he saw her d-sized breast
leap out of the top of her dress. Margaret had beautiful
breasts. They were magnificent; at least that’s what her
husband used to say to her. It was the only part of her
body that she thought was perfect. Chapel was never big
into breasts. His true love, and what he desired the most
rested between a woman’s legs and not on her chest. But
he did stop slicing at her dress for a moment to admire
the two soft mounds on her chest.

After he sliced her dress down the middle, his eyes
locked in on its target. He could feel his blood rushing
to the top of his head as he stared at her panty-covered
pussy. Margaret could see what he was looking at. It was
like he was entering her pussy with his eyes. Chapel then
reached out and tugged on her panties, and brought the
knife, ever so close to Margaret’s pussy.

“You’re not going to be needing these,” he said as he
brought the knife up to the material.

Margaret cried out to him, “Please! Don’t! I’m begging
you! Please don’t do this!”

Before Margaret could say another word, Chapel let go of
her panties and slapped the shit out of Margaret…POW!

“Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up? You just don’t
listen, do you?”

The blow rocked Margaret. She had never been hit by
anyone in her life. The poor woman had never even been in
a fight before, not even when she was a small child. The
side of her face stung from the heavy-handed blow. Tears
came down her face while she tried to recover from the
vicious slap to the face.

Chapel quickly yanked on her panties and with one quick
swipe cut the material. He took Margaret’s thong and
brought the triangle part that was covering her pussy
mound to his nose. He inhaled deeply trying to fill his
nostrils with the scent of her pussy. He loved her aroma.
He loved the moisture that was still on her panties. He
loved the scent of the liquid he had forced out of her
body just a few moments ago.

Margaret looked at Chapel. She saw the look on his face
while he inhaled her scent. It was then she thought that
this man was truly the devil. She swore she could see
fire in his eyes while he held her thong to his nose like
a fresh picked flower. Chapel quickly lifted her to her
feet and spun her around. He sat her down on the log and
squatted down in front of her. He roughly forced her legs
open. Margaret was scared; she was scared because she
never knew what he was going to do next.

Chapel wanted to get a look at the pussy that he knew he
was going to be fucking soon. He placed his hands on her
thighs and slowly brought his hands up her body until his
fingers reached her pussy. Margaret couldn’t pay
attention to what Chapel was doing with his hands. Her
eyes were focused on the knife that was traveling close
to her pussy.

“That’s a nice fucking pussy you got there Margie. Mmmmm,
did anyone every tell you how pretty it was?”

“N-N-N-Na No!” Margaret stuttered, as the tears rolled
down her face.

Chapel spread Margaret’s pussy lips, while still holding
the knife. He gently spread her pussy lips searching for
her clit. He spread her slippery pussy lips as far as
they could go. Margaret never took her eyes off the
knife. She could feel his warm heavy breath on her clit
when he pushed back the hood that protected it.

He immediately placed his finger on the left side of her
clit knowing the reaction he would get. Margaret trembled
when she felt his finger gliding against the left side of
her bud. Chapel started laughing; He knew that he had
found her spot once again. Margaret was doing her best to
remain detached, but she felt that something building
from deep within her body.

“Aggghhh… Aghhhhh… Aggghhh… NO!” Margaret moaned.

Chapel loved this part. He looked up at her closed eyes.
He watched her face while he could feel her body tensing
up. Then she exploded. “Noooo! God Help me!” she
screamed, as she was forced to cum for the second time in
her life.

Chapel jammed two fingers deep into her cunt. And again
she screamed, bucking wildly and out of control. Chapel
had to ease up because he was now worried that she might
impale herself on the knife. Her fluids gushed out of her
body. She started to fall backwards. Chapel caught her
just in time before she fell completely back.

He lunged forward catching her under her thighs with his
face just inches away from leaking pussy. Chapel wrapped
his arms around her waist then buried his face into her
cunt. He clamped down and drove his tongue deep into
Margaret’s body.

Margaret was dangling upside down convulsing while she
was getting eaten out for the first time in her life. She
felt like she was on some kind of demonic, upside-down,
merry- go-round. Her head was spinning and her cunt was
burning with a fire that she had never felt before. She
could feel the evil tongue twisting and churning around
in her pussy.

Chapel devoured her cunt, sucking and biting hard on
Margaret’s tender clit. He loved the way she tasted. He
loved the fresh smell of her cunt. He loved the syrupy
sweet liquid that was flowing upwards like a broken
little water fountain. He wanted to suck her soul out
through her cunt. He wanted to punish her clit for
entering his forest. He wanted her to remember this

After he got his fill of cunt juice he let her limp
defeated body slide down to the ground. Margaret was
exhausted. When she hit the ground she just laid there
dazed and confused. It took her a second to regain her
focus. She didn’t know which way was up. Chapel just
stared at her while he licked the remnants of her pussy
juice from his lips.

“Hey, hey bitch! This ain’t break time…get your lazy
ass up here and suck my fucking dick!” He said,

He grabbed her by the hair and sat her back on the log
again. He could see the defeated look in her eyes. She
looked exhausted, which was what he wanted. He didn’t
want her to have any fight left in her when he fucked
her. He loved the power he felt. He loved the fact that
he could do with her as he saw fit. No one ever came into
his woods. The forest was his kingdom. And before him sat
his overwhelmed conquered Queen.

Margaret sat on the old log with her head down. Unable to
look at the man who had been torturing her for what
seemed like forever.

“How old are you Margie?” he asked in almost a sweet
voice, completely changing his tone.

“I’m twenty five,” Margaret mumbled with her head down.

“Damn girl, twenty five! You must have never cum
before…I think I just sucked down a good 10 years worth
of pussy juice…And let me tell yeah something
honey…It was delicious.”

Margaret couldn’t even respond to him. Deep down, she
knew he was telling the truth.

He walked over to her still sitting with her head down.
Margaret looked up and saw his limp cock staring at her
just inches from her lips. Then she looked up at him. He
didn’t have to saw a word. She knew what he wanted. She
bent forward and took his limp cock into her mouth and
started sucking on it like she did before.

Margaret was trying to convince herself that this would
soon be over. She knew that the cock, which was in her
mouth, would soon be in her pussy. She sucked and licked
on Chapel’s cock knowing that her mouth was preparing the
evil weapon.

Forced to suck Chapel’s cock before he raped her,
Margaret felt like she was committing suicide. Chapels
limp cock was like an empty gun, harmless when soft.
Feeling his cock harden in her mouth she knew that her
mouth and tongue were supplying the bullets he needed.

He pulled his hard cock out of her mouth and stared at
her. “You ready baby? I’m going to fuck your pussy now
honey…Are you ready?” he teased.

“No,” she replied sheepishly.

“Come on Margie you know you want me to fuck your nasty
little pussy…Think about it baby…after I fuck your
pussy I’ll let you go home…Alive.”

This was the first time Chapel had ever mentioned letting
Margaret go home. It gave her hope. It gave her a chance
at survival.

“You promise you’ll let me go sir? Please sir! I just
want to go home to my husband,” she said softly to the
stranger that was about to rape her.

“Yeah…you’ve been a good girl, don’t fight it… just
shut your mouth and you’ll be on your way home real

Chapel reached out his hand and held it there. He wanted
her to willingly take his hand. Margaret looked up at
him. Could she trust him? Was he going to keep his word?
Was he going to fuck and then kill her? Negative thoughts
raced through her mind. Her final thought was plain and
simple. Chapel was going to fuck her, no matter what. As
she reached up and accepted his hand, she knew there was
no choice.

Chapel smiled when he saw her hand reach for his. He held
her hand and walked her over toward two trees. Chapel
stood behind Margaret and held her close to his body. She
could feel his hard cock pressing against her soft ass
cheeks. He reached up and started massaging her heavy
breasts, pulling her upper torso to her to him. He softly
pinched her nipples as he whispered in her ear.

“Want me to fuck you Margie?” he whispered.

Margaret didn’t say a word. Then he brought one of his
hands down her body. His finger slid easily between her
wet pussy lips to her clit. He slowly moved is finger
between the soft moistened folds of flesh. He placed his
finger on her clit and rubbed it gently. Again he asked,

“Margie… Margie, tell me that you want me to fuck your

Margaret remained silent. With the same hand he split her
pussy lips apart and pulled back the soft delicate flesh
exposing her clit from its hood. Chapel moved his finger
slightly over to the left side of her clit and pressed
firmly. Instantly her body jumped. He held her tightly
against his body. He could feel her body tensing up

“Agggghh… Aggghh… NO! Not again! Pleeeeeeease!” She

“Then say it… Say it… I want to hear it…tell me you
want my cock.”

“I…I …want your cock!” she moaned out, while trying
to fight off the bomb that was about to explode between
her legs.

Chapel jammed his finger deep into Margaret’s cunt. “Say
it like you mean it, you fucking pig. Say it like you
mean it if you ever want to see that faggot you call your
husband again. Say it or I’ll stab you and fuck your dead
body while it’s still warm!”

“NO! Please… no… please don’t hurt me!” she cried
then she said what he wanted to hear.

“I…I… I want your cock…please fuck me… fuck me
please…please fuck my pussy…Please mister!”

Tears rolled down her face as she was forced to beg. The
words coming out of her mouth were vulgar. Chapel was
delighted with her words. He pushed her forward and took
her torn dress and flipped it up her back. He took her
hands and placed each one against to trees. Margaret
braced herself using the two wooden columns. She could
feel her ass cheeks being spread apart by her rapist. She
was expecting Chapel to ram his cock into her body and
fuck her hard and fast.

Chapel was a pro, and he loved pussy. He put his cock at
the entrance of her warm gooey cunt, and held it there.
He held his cock there for a second while he reflected
back on the sequence of events that got him to this

“Aggggghhhh!” he moaned softly as he slowly entered her
warm cunt.

Chapel’s cock just melted into Margaret’s wet pussy. His
rock hard cock sunk into her flesh like a hot knife
sinking into soft butter. Margaret felt every inch of his
cock slowly slither into her cunt. When his hairy balls
mashed up against her pussy lips, she knew that her life
would never be the same.

Chapel started fucking her nice and slow. He slowly
sliced his cock in and out of Margaret’s dripping pussy.
With each thrust into her body he moaned softly. Margaret
was numb. She just stared into the wilderness while the
evil man fucked her from behind.

Chapel grabbed her by her wide hips and held onto her
tightly while he grinded his cock deep into her body.

“Oh…. God…. Your pussy feels so fucking good
Margie…you’re a good fuck baby!”

Margaret didn’t know what was more disgusting, the sound
of his voice or the cock that was sliding into her cunt.
Margaret started getting angry. She could feel her anger
building. Each him his hairy balls slapped against her
pussy lips, anger started to fill her veins. Chapel was
in his glory. He was enjoying the sweet, tender, moist
hole he had found in his forest.

Margaret grew angrier and angrier while Chapel fucked
her. Her thoughts had started to become clearer. She
didn’t think he was going to let her go after he fucked
her. She turned around and saw that Chapel had his eyes
closed while he humped her. He looked like he was in pure
paradise. Then she looked down at her hips and saw that
Chapel wasn’t holding the switchblade.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw the knife
resting about ten feet away on the log. Chapel had no
idea that Margaret was going to try and escape. He still
had his eyes closed while Margaret’s scrumptious pussy
consumed him. He just lost himself somewhere deep in her
moist cunt. Just like the lost kitten that had taken
Margaret’s focus away earlier, he was now the one that
was lost. He had completely lost himself in the folds of
her warm delicious pussy

All of a sudden…POW! Chapel was on his heels falling

Margaret used all the strength she had left in her raped
body. She used the two trees to push her body back into
Chapel as hard as she could. Chapel fell backwards,
landing hard on his bare ass. He was in total disbelief.
Margaret didn’t even wait for him to hit the ground She
took off running.

“Come back hear you fucking cunt!” Chapel shouted.

Margaret could taste her freedom. Margaret saw light at
the end of the tunnel. Margaret could see the path that
she had taken when she entered the forest. Margaret saw
so many things. She saw everything clearly, except for a
thick branch that was under a pile of leaves.

She had only taken about six or seven steps when her foot
hit the branch causing her to trip and fall flat on her
face. All her hopes of escaping vanished. The light she
once saw was now gone. Then she heard a branch snap by
her feet.

“You stupid fucking bitch! Is this how you repay me? Is
this how you treat me after all I’ve done for you? Get
your sorry ass up! I should fucking kill you!”

Chapel was furious. He growled at Margaret in a new tone.
Margaret didn’t move. She was lying on the ground. She
was waiting for Chapel to plunge the knife into her body.
Chapel grabbed her by the head and viciously yanked her
to her feet. Margaret was scared to death.

Chapel grabbed her around the waste and dragged her back
kicking and screaming toward the two pillars. He placed
her in the same position he had her in before. He bent
down and grabbed some rope he had brought with him.

“Go ahead Margie, scream… I don’t give a fuck!”

Chapel grabbed Margaret’s right hand and started tying it
up to the tree.

“Please mister I’m sorry! I… I… don’t know why I did
that. Please don’t tie me up, I swear I won’t try
anything else!”

“You’re Goddamned right about that, bitch!” Chapel was
beyond furious at this point. He was so close to filling
her cunt up with cum. He then moved over and started
tying up her left hand. Margaret trembled knowing she had
made her second bad decision of the day.

Chapel tied the roped extra tight around Margaret’s
wrist, which caused her to scream. Chapel had heard
enough fucking screaming. He took his right hand and
WHAM! He smacked Margaret in the back of the head.

“How many fucking times am I going to have to tell you to

Margaret’s head lunged forward. The only thing that kept
her standing was her rope that was wrapped around both
her wrists. Margaret started weeping and crying again.
Chapel had had it with her crying and carrying on.

“You like crying and screaming…huh? I’ve been really
nice to you…do you know how fucking lucky you are to
still be alive and breathing… huh… bitch. DO YOU?” he
screamed at the top of his lungs.

“I’m so sorry mister, please… I’m so sorry.” She
repeated over and over again.

“You’re not fucking sorry. You’re a fucking cunt that
can’t follow rules.”

Chapel completed the final knot on the rope and
positioned himself behind Margaret. Margaret prepared
herself to get fucked some more.

“Lets see how loud you can scream Margie!”

Chapel latched onto Margaret’s hips, he used his strength
to spread her ass cheeks apart. Margaret was ready; she
braced herself to be raped once more. With her back
turned she never saw it or suspected what was going to
happen next.

Chapel aimed his cock and lunged forward, driving his
cock deep into Margaret’s ass. The sound of Margaret’s
screams when he entered her asshole ripped through the
forest, even the birds and small animals nearby ran for

Chapel pulled back, and then drove right back into her
ass. Margaret’s asshole was on fire. His cock felt like a
giant battering ram being driven into her ass. The pain
was like nothing she ever felt before in her life.

“Yeah baby scream! Scream for me! You like screaming! I
told you I’d give you something to scream about…take
that bitch!” he shouted, as he drove his cock deep into
her ass.

Margaret screamed and cried out loud while Chapel raped
her ass. She felt like she was being torn to shreds. She
had heard about anal sex. She thought it was a deviant
and disgusting act. She tried desperately to free her
hands while Chapel continued his assault on her asshole.
But Chapel had her. She was trapped like a captured
animal. The fire in her ass was unbearable. Her wrist
started to turn red, the tight rope around her wrist
burned and dug into her skin.

Chapel enjoyed watching Margaret’s futile attempts to
escape. He now enjoyed the sound of her voice. He enjoyed
her sound of her screams echoing out through the forest.
Chapel could feel his balls tensing up. Margaret’s virgin
ass was nice and tight. The more she tried to fight, the
tighter the ring got.

Chapel felt like he was going to explode. He stared
pounding her ass with everything he had. He wanted to
brutally punish Margaret for entering his domain. And
most all, he wanted to punish her for not obeying him.

Margaret was barely hanging on. She was barely conscious
at this point. Every part of her body ached. Her arms,
her wrist, her back, her legs, her pussy, all ached. But
the fire in her ass continued to burn.

“Yeah baby… I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum hard
baby…I’m gonna cum!” Chapel shouted.

He pulled his cock out of Margaret’s ass and ran round in
front of her. Margaret didn’t know what was going on.
Chapel grabbed Margaret by the back of the head and
viciously rammed his cock in her mouth. He held her by
the head and humped her face driving his cock deep into

“Here it cums baby… Agggggghh! Aggggghhh! Aggghhhyeah!”

He screamed as he started unloading his long awaited
release. He drove his cock hard and deep into Margaret’s
throat. He didn’t stop pushing forward until he felt his
balls land flush against her chin. Margaret felt his cock
twitch and then exploded in her mouth instantly filling
her mouth with cum. Thick hot blasts of cum flowed right
down her throat.

“Yeah… Awe, FUCK YEAH! Drink that shit. Drink my
fucking cum bitch!” He moaned.

Chapel pulled his cum spitting cock out of Margaret’s
sore cum filled mouth. He grabbed his cock. He grabbed
Margaret by the hair and demanded that she open her
mouth. She opened her mouth just in time to receive a
fresh batch of cum.

Chapel painted Margaret’s lips and tongue with his seed.
Margaret could now taste the evil liquid. Chapel just
laughed at Margaret. To him, she looked pitiful. Her face
and mouth was covered with cum. Chapel thought she looked
absolutely beautiful. Satisfied with the job he did to
her face and mouth, he walked behind her.

He gently spread her tender physically abused ass cheeks
apart to survey the damage. Margaret didn’t even flinch.
Her asshole was still burning from being raped. Chapel
stuck his finger in her ass and was pleased to find that
some of his load was nicely secured in her ass.

” Damn Margie you have the tightest ass I ever fucked!
Shit, girl, your ass didn’t spill a drop…Consider it a
little gift from me baby…”

Chapel walked over to the log and picked up the knife.
Margaret was afraid to turn her head, out of the corner
of her eye she could see clearly, that the knife was not
on the log.

She started praying as Chapel walked toward her. She
silently preyed for her soul. She asked her God, the same
God that had abandoned her in the woods. The same God
that allowed her to be brutally raped in the woods. The
same God that allowed a minion of the Devil to rape
torture and humiliate her in the woods for forgiveness.

Chapel walked slowly toward Margaret for the final time.
She could hear his foots steps ruffling through the
broken branches and leaves. When the footstep stopped
directly behind her Margaret sensed it. She felt that
this was going to be the final moment in her life. She
closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Chapel had the knife in his hand and raised the tiny
little sword that gave him his strength. He took the
instrument that he used to strike fear into the hearts of
those who dared to enter his world. With two quick
slashes, he cut the ropes around Margaret’s hands.

Margaret turned and looked into the eyes of the man whom
she thought was about to kill. Chapel looked into
Margaret’s face and said, “You may go.”

Margaret didn’t move she thought it was another one of
his tricks. “I can leave… you’re letting me go?” she

“Yes. Now get the fuck out of here before I change my

Margaret turned around and started walking back, from
which she came, constantly looking behind. With each step
she moved a little faster. Chapel found her distrust in
him quit humorous. Margaret turned around and looked at
Chapel one last time. Chapel raised his hands and
screamed, “RUN!”

Margaret took off like a bat out of hell. Chapel started
laughing as the poor woman ran out of the woods. Chapel
picked up his pants and started walking back from where
he came.

Margaret ran as fast as she could. She ran and ran until
she had to stop and catch her breath. She heard a branch
break behind her and she took off running again. For a
second she thought she was lost. Then she saw a clearing
up ahead. Her entire body was in excruciating pain. All
she wanted to do was make it home.

Mrs. Johnston was standing by kitchen window drinking a
cup of coffee. She saw something emerge for the woods
behind her home. Her cup of coffee fell and crashed down
on her floor when she realized that it was her knew
neighbor running out of the woods half naked.

“Oh my God!” she screamed and ran out of her house.

Margaret collapsed into Mrs. Johnston’s arms. She helped
Margaret in to her home and sat her down on the couch.
She held Margaret in her arms like mother holding a
crying daughter. Not a word was spoken. Mrs. Johnston
went to her bedroom and retrieved some clothes for
Margaret. After Margaret calmed down, Mrs. Johnston got
up and walked over to her kitchen window. With her back
to Margaret, she said, “Why Margaret? Why didn’t you
listen to me? I told you not to go into the forest.”

Mrs. Johnston just stared out her window as the tears
slowly began flow. She wasn’t crying for Margaret. She
cried for herself. She cried because she knew what
happened to Margaret might have been avoided. She cried
because 5 years ago she didn’t have the courage to tell
the truth

“Was it him Margaret? Was it Chapel?” She asked, trying
to fight back her tears.

“Yes! Yes! How… How… did you know?” Margaret replied.

Margaret struggled to her feet and walked over to where
Mrs. Johnston was standing. She could see the tears
running down Mrs. Johnston face. The two women stood
there in complete silence. Mrs. Johnston’s wiped the
tears from her face and said,

“Do you really think that I was running away from rabbits
five years ago? That’s the story I told my husband. I was
frightened. I couldn’t tell the only man that I have ever
loved and the only man that I have ever been with that I
was raped. How could I tell him that I was raped
Margaret? How could I tell him I was raped over and over
again? How could I tell him that I did things with this
evil man, things that I’ve never done with him to this
day? I was raped over and over again by a man who called
himself Chapel.”

“I was a bored housewife. After my kids moved out, I had
nothing to do. I wanted to go exploring. I wanted some
adventure. I was bored one morning and decided to take a
trip into the forest to see if I could find the ruins of
the old Chapel. One minute I was having a wonderful time
exploring nature. And then the next minute I was being
forced to perform unspeakable sexual acts with a strange
man in the woods. He raped me for hours. I thought he was
going to kill me. I did everything he told me to do. And
finally after he raped my behind, he let me go.”

Margaret was speechless. Mrs. Johnston then described in
detail what happen to her in the forest 5 years ago.
After she told Margaret her story the two women just
stared out the window into the forest.

“Margaret you have to be strong! You can never tell your
husband what happened to you in that forest. I know your
husband loves you. I can tell by the way he looks at you.
They way he smiled when he looked into your eyes at the
restaurant. He is a man Margaret, and he’ll tell you he
loves you, and he’ll tell you that he will support you
and all that stuff. But he’ll never look into your eyes
the same way. He will never be able to get the images of
you being raped out of his mind.”

Margaret knew the old woman was telling the truth. She
loved her husband so much. She loved the way he would
look in to her eyes. And she knew that if she told him,
he would never look at her in the same manner.

The two women, who were decades apart in age came
together and embraced each other. They shared a quiet
moment together staring out the kitchen window into the
dark forest. They also shared something else. They shared
the same pain, the shared the same humiliation, and most
of all, they shared the everlasting shame from being

As they both looked out the window, they wondered
silently to themselves. They wondered how many other
women in the area knew about The Chapel In The Forest.

The End.


This story was inspired from a song that I have loved for
years. Below is a quote from the song that inspired this

“You will hear a footstep
Coming up on you.
Moving like a snake
He’s in complete control.
This killer knows his business
He is your predator.
You are his only target- his only goal.

What will you say? What will you do?
Your wildest nightmares are coming true.

There is nothing you can say.
No way to change, he won’t delay
This king will have his feast.
It’s the nature of the beast.”

“The Beast” by Twister Sister (from the album “Stay

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