Chatting With Family

I’m 41 years old, in good shape, and have a beautiful
wife, Kelly, who is 36. She’s still got her long, dark
hair and perfect lips, great eyes, and the ass of a 20
year old. Her tits are a small C cup, just perfect on
her 5’6″ frame.

I love our sex life, but every once in a while I like
to crank one off to some of my favorite porn. I’ll surf
through some of the hot group sex sites, or lesbians,
or whatever, and chat with a few online friends about
gangbangs and such. Usually the chat ges pretty dirty,
depending on who I’m talking with.

The most fun I have is when everyone is gone – my wife,
my 20-year old son, and I can go downstairs to the
theater room and surf for porn on my theater-sized
screen, that I have hooked up to the home theater PC. A
whole wall-size screen with the hottest porn, while I
jack off.

This one afternoon, my wife was out for the day with
her mom shopping, and Junior was playing basketball. I
knew I had at least a few hours, so I went downstairs
and fired up the theater. I grabbed the wireless
keyboard and for the next hour, was surfing, jacking,
and chatting on Yahoo with various people I had met. I
was getting close to cumming, and our chat went from
dirty to obscene, and I had a huge

picture of two guys double-fucking this hot girl’s
cunt, with the chat screen to the side, where I was
chatting about me and this other guy doing the same
thing to my wife.

In the yahoo chat window I was sharing a picture of my
wife sucking my cock, her tits showing, so my buddy
could see it. We were explicitly chatting about our
cocks both spurting in her cunt when I lost it – my cum
shot straight up into the air, I was groaning, and
that’s when my son rounded the corner of the room and
stopped dead in his tracks.

It took me at least 10 seconds to finish and get to the
point where I could cover up. It didn’t matter – his
eyes were on the big screen, both pictures of the slut
getting two cocks, and my wife, his mother, topless and
sucking my dick. I realized he had plenty of time to
read the chat that was still up, too.

I finally managed to close the chat window and the
porn, but I was so busted. “Jesus Christ, Dad” he said.
“I know, I’m sorry, I thought you’d be gone awhile” I
stammered out. I had grabbed the towel I brought with
me and tried to wipe myself up. I went upstairs
quickly, hoping he’d just let it go and forget it. I
cleaned up, then went back downstairs where my son was
sitting and surfing the net (much more innocently than

“um…Junior… I… uh…” I started, when he

“Dad, I get it. Guys jerk off, hell, I like porn too,
Dad, I just didn’t realize that older people had that
drive still” he grinned. “Very funny” I said.

“That was mom in the picture, wasn’t it” he asked more
seriously. I nodded, slowly, not knowing what to say.
“I never thought of you guys…doing that” he said. “I
just figured, you know, that if you guys did have sex,
it was… basic.”

“Sometimes it is, a lot of times…” I said. “But other
times, I mean, we do get the same desires that anyone
gets, we’re just older.”

“That screen name you had, Dad – what was it,
doublemywife41? Is that it?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s it” I admitted. “Shit, I really don’t
want your mom to know, it’s harmless, and she’d just
take it wrong, you know?” I said.

“I guess so. Who were you talking to, anyway?” he
asked. “Someone you know?”

“No, just some yahoo chat group guy I talked to before”
I said. “We had a good chat the first time, so I saved
his name and we chat once in a while.”

“What, you just start sex talk with anyone?” he
laughed. “No, I was the ‘Wife Sharing’ room,” I said,
surprising myself with my honesty. “Kind of.. dirty
minds think alike.”

“Oh” he said simply. “Well, I’m sure as hell not going
to say anything, Dad. Um, next time can you close the
door or something?”

“Sure” I said, relieved. He went back upstairs, and for
a week or two it was all normal.

My next opportunity for the theater room happened two
weeks later. My wife was gone to her mom’s for the
night, and my son was at his friends playing video
games. I made sure no one would be back, and closed the
doors. I fired up the computer and logged into Yahoo,
but no one was on, so I hit the “Wife Sharing” room.

I chatted around for awhile, hit and miss, nothing
great, surfing hardcore porn in the background, when I
was IM’d by a “teen4olderF”, who I figured was also in
the chatroom. After the normal “what’s up?” He asked if
I was married, and how old we were, so I told him.

“I love older women,” he said. “How old are you?” I
asked him. “19, I just graduated high school, looking
for some hot wife types, you know?” “LOL” I replied.

“Is ur wife hot?” he asked. “Yeah, I think so,” I
replied. “Great body, very cute.”

“Cool” he messaged back. “Can I see her?”

“Just a regular pic, k?” I wrote. “Sure, no problem” he

I went to a hidden, password-protected folder on the
theater PC and pulled up some pics that I share, and
put up a photo of Kelly from a year back in a tight top
and tons of cleavage.

“Damn, she’s fine,” he said immediately. “Great tits!”

“Thanks!” I wrote back. “I’m glad you like her.”

“Does she like younger guys?” he asked. “LOL probably”
I replied. “She ever been with one?” was his next chat.
“Well, yeah, she’s played around,” I admitted.

“Oh yeah, when was the last time?” he asked. “About a
year ago, actually,” I said.

“So you like when she plays, right?” he said. “Yeah,
turns me on” I wrote back.

“What do you do when she plays?” he asked. “Well, once
in a while I watch, or she just goes out alone” I said.

“Damn, you could watch her ride me,” he wrote. “Do you
want to see her ride my big hard cock, I bet I could go
all night with that hot wife of yours” he added.

I was getting hard, and whipped out my cock as I
chatted. “Yeah, do you want to fuck my slut wife now?”
I said.

“mmmm fuck yeah,” he wrote. “I’m hard as shit already
just with that regular picture, I’d die to see those
tits uncovered.”

I quickly put up a picture of Kelly topless, cropped so
you could only see her mouth down to her navel.

“Oh shit yeah” he wrote immediately upon seeing it. “I
want to slide my hard cock between those tits while you

“Fuck yeah, pump my wife’s tits,” I wrote.

“What’s her name?” he asked. “Amber” I lied – I never
give out her real name, just too odd for me.

“How many times have you seen Amber get fucked?” he
asked. “Four,” I said. “I wish it was more often.”

“Hell, you can watch her 4 times a week with me, man”
he wrote. “ROFL” I wrote back.

“PLEASE tell me you have a picture of her with a dick
in those lips,” he wrote. “I’d cum so hard for that.”

I eagerly put up the picture I had of her on her knees,
topless, sucking my cock.

“Oh fuck yeah I’m cumming” he wrote. A long pause
followed. “damn, thanks man” he wrote next. “I came so

“Good” I wrote back.

“Hey, add me,” he said, and I did. “We need to talk
more about this slutty wife of yours.”

“Ok,” I wrote. He signed off, and I spanked some more
until I got off, too.

Three days later, it happened. I had left my cellphone
at work, so I grabbed my son’s phone off the counter
and texted my wife that I was home and I needed her to
grab some coke on her way home. Just as I sent it, an
incoming text msg came in, and I accidentally pressed
the “read” button on his phone.

“Dude, that shit is crazy” read the message. I assumed
it was in response to something my son had texted, so I
went into his text messages and checked his “sent”
messages. The only one I saw to that same number was a
photo message, and I opened it.

I was greeted with a cropped picture of Kelly sucking
my cock, it cut her face out of the picture, but her
tits, and lips, and my bedspread in the pic was
obvious. “Oh shit!” I said out loud. I cycled through
his messages, and found the others, sent to various
kids he knew, of her tits and her sucking cock, all
cropped so you couldn’t see her face.

I was staring at his phone when Junior walked back in.
“What’s up, Dad” he said, and I threw him the cell,
with Kelly’s cock-sucking picture still displayed. “Oh,
shit” he said quietly.

“Yeah, oh shit,” I repeated. “Where the hell did you
get that?” I asked.

“You, um… sent it to me,” he said, looking down.
“What?” I asked.

He sat down and explained. “I couldn’t get that picture
out of my head, Dad, you know, that day you… well,
you know. And I couldn’t find it anywhere on the PC, I
just wanted to see it, I mean, nothing dirty, just to
see it. When I couldn’t find it, I went over to my
friend Chuck’s house and got online that one night, I
knew you’d be chatting since mom was out of town, and I
remembered your screen name…” he trailed off.

“And you chatted with me to get her pictures?” I asked.
“Um, yeah,” he admitted. “I’m sorry, Dad, it’s just…
I don’t know…”

“No way, Junior, that couldn’t have been you chatting,”
I said. “That had to be Chuck’s older brother or dad or

“No, it was just me,” he said.

“Prove it” I said. I got my laptop out and handed it to
him. “You go to your room, sign on, and I’ll go
downstairs, and we’ll see if it was really you.” He
nodded and went to his room.

I went downstairs and turned the Pc on and fired up
Yahoo. He messaged me immediately from my Friends list.
“Hi Dad, see?” he said.

“Yeah, but that guy I talked to got off to your mom’s
pics, no way that part was you,” I wrote back.

“You mean ‘Amber’, Dad? He got off to the pics of
‘Amber’?” he wrote.

“shit,” I typed. “shit, shit, shit.”

“Dad, it’s no biggie, really, I was just curious,” he
texted. “I didn’t save the pics or anything, I sent
them to my buddy, we always send pictures like that to
each other, just porn stuff, they don’t know it’s mom.”

“Yeah, but you do,” I said.

“that stuff about mom with other guys – that was just
dirty talk, right? I mean, she doesn’t really do stuff
like that…” he wrote next.

“Oh, god no,” I lied. “Never.”

“But you must like the thought? Of her with another
dude?” he typed.

“I guess I do” I confessed. It was weird, chatting
through yahoo with him, was almost like it wasn’t him,
just another guy online. I suddenly pulled up the
hidden folder of Kelly’s pics, bringing up a few of my
favorites, mostly her topless, sucking my cock, or my
cock between her tits.

I guess it took me a minute, because my son wrote, “you
there? what’s going on?”

“Just looking at some pics,” I wrote back.

“Pics of Amber?” he asked. “lol yeah, Amber” I said.

“Show me,” he wrote boldly. “Show me a pic of Amber I
haven’t seen yet” he added.

Without knowing why, I dragged the photo of Kelly with
my cock pressed between her perfect tits, her lips
opening to take my cockhead in, over to the Yahoo chat
screen and dropped it into our chat. It opened up on
the chat dialogue.

“Where the hell are those pictures?” he asked
immediately. “I searched the whole computer!”

“LOL I hid them well,” I said back. “Password protected
and everything.”

“lol,” he replied. “My friends would love that one,
they’d prob jerk to it all night,” he said.

“Crop her face out and send it,” I said, suddenly
turned on by his friends seeing my wife’s tits.

“Really?” he asked. “Yeah, do it,” I said. The chat
paused for a minute as he transferred the pic to his

“K, sent it” he said. “wait, got a text back” he wrote.
“chuck says DAMN lol” my son wrote. “And he asked if I
get to fuck that cock sucking slut” he added.

I couldn’t hold out any longer, and I let my hard cock
out of my pants. “That’s funny” i texted him. “I bet
Chuck wouldn’t mind seeing this picture folder, would
he?” I asked.

“LOL any guy my age would” he wrote. “yeah, except you”
I texted back. There was a long pause. “no, me too” he

I went to the folder and dragged another picture onto
the chat, this one of his mother on all fours on a
hotel bed, with a guy behind her, fucking her,
obviously not me.

“oh holy shit,” he texted back after a minute. “I
really shouldn’t get hard to this, should I?” he asked.

“I am,” I said truthfully. Another long pause.

“More?” he asked.

“Come down,” I said, “and I’ll show you the folder.”

I heard his footsteps cross the floor upstairs, and
come down. He walked into the room with my laptop in
his hand, and handed it to me, as I gave him the
keyboard. He slowly looked through the couple hundred
pictures I had of his mom in various circumstances,
ranging from simple tight shirts to sucking cock and
getting fucked. He gasped at a few of her lesbian pics
that came up, ones I took during a few hot 3ways we

I could tell he was aroused because he kept shifting in
his seat. “The password is ‘fuckdoll'” I said to him as
I got up to leave. I grabbed my laptop. “And you can
view them whenever you want.” I went upstairs, leaving
him to look through the pics.

I sat on the couch upstairs and logged myself into the
yahoo chat. He logged in a minute later, but no one
started up a text for a long time.

After a while, he wrote “this one pic… of her… with
this other guy,” and he sent me a pic with Kelly
straddling a friend of ours, her tits in his face as
she rode his cock.

“Yeah, what about it?” I wrote.

“Seeing that, her with him… I liked it… a lot,” he
wrote. I got the meaning. He had cum to that picture of
his mother riding a different cock than she was
supposed to.

“and?” I asked, sensing more. “Do you… I mean, will
there be more?” he asked.

“Maybe, depending on her, and if we play more” I wrote.
“Why, do you want to see more?”

“Yes” came the quick reply. “What do you want to see?”
I asked.

“Her… you know… like that pic” he wrote, almost

“No, I asked what do you want to see?” I repeated,

“I want to see… Amber… ride another guys cock, fuck
him” he wrote.

“close” I said back to him. “Try one more time.”

“I want to see my mom suck and fuck another guy” he
finally wrote. “I want to see her suck his cock and get
fucked hard,” he admitted.

“There’s one more folder” I typed, and told him where
to find it. It was an older folder, of only one time,
when Kelly and I were dating, and we went to a “Hooker”
themed party, where the women were dressed as
prostitutes and the men were pimps. Towards the end of
the party, though, Kelly took on 4 cocks to suck, and I
had pictures of 4 men cumming on her face and tits.

I swear I heard him groan out loud through the

Every few weeks I added pictures to the folder, mostly
of Kelly and me, but every once in a while, of Kelly
and someone else. We didn’t chat again, but I could
tell from the timestamps that my son had checked the
folder regularly.

About 8 months later I was adding a few pictures of
some cumshots I had sprayed on Kelly’s tits when a new
subfolder caught my eye. It was labeled “Chuck and me”
and when I clicked it, there were 8 pictures inside. I
opened them as a slideshow and the first 4 were of
Kelly undressing, the 5th was her on my own bed, with
my son’s friend Chuck with his dick buried in her
mouth, the 6th was her on all fours with Chuck behind
her, obviously penetrating her, the 7th was a closeup
of her tits with Chuck’s dick cumming on her. The
photographer wasn’t Chuck or Kelly holding up a camera
or a tripod, because the angles changed.

The final picture was a wider angle shot, Chuck was
just visible behind my wife, holding her hips as he
fucked her from behind, and Kelly was looking up at the
camera, her big eyes opened wide and her mouth

full of the photographer’s hard cock. I could barely
breathe seeing that shot, and it took me about 30
seconds to pull out my cock and get one off.

After that, I checked the folder daily, and was more
often than not rewarded with new pictures, some I can’t
even believe myself. I’ve never said a word to anyone,
not even Kelly. I’m afraid I’ll screw it up for

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