Cheryl’s First Sexparty

The evening was not going well and Cheryl knew it.
Only 18, she had almost passed out when a college
junior had asked her here. Telling her mother and father
that she was going to a girlfriends house for the night,
she met her date, Billy, at a convenience store near her
home. Just getting in the car made her feel much older
than her years.

Now, several hours later, sitting on a couch in a
crowded fraternity house, she was feeling like fifteen
again. A bunch of guys had made a big fuss over her when
she first arrived but quickly turned their attentions to
girls who were much older than she. While she had danced
a couple dances, even her own date seemed to have
abandoned her. She hadn’t seen him in over 45 minutes.
And, after the several drinks she had been given and the
joint she had been offered, she was feeling a bit high
and drowsy. At this point, all she wanted to do was head
for home.

As the party droned on, Cheryl found it harder and
harder to concentrate on what was going on. All of the
conversations seemed to merge into one and the music
seemed to enter into a slow motion mode. She closed her
eyes and leaned back against the couch, quickly falling

She woke with a start to find that the blaring
music had been quieted down and that the crowd had
thinned considerably. Soft music was gently playing in
the background and the bright lights had been dimmed to
mild shadows. As her eyes adjusted, she realized that a
couple had joined her on the couch. Glancing to her
left, she saw the two locked in a deep kiss. Cheryl saw
that the girls hand was on the guys crotch and was
slowly rubbing it.

Looking away, Cheryl felt flushed and hoped that
the couple hadn’t noticed her staring. Across the room,
she saw a girl laying on the floor between two guys. The
girls sweater had been pushed up and one of the guys was
playing with and sucking on her bare breasts. The other
guy lay kissing the girl with his hand resting between
her legs.

In fact, everywhere she looked, there were people
making out. From the hallway she heard the sound of a
girl moaning softly and, though dark, she could make out
an outline of a couple making love.

Suddenly, out of no where, her date appeared. Billy
sat down hard next to her and the couple next to them on
the couch adjusted a bit to their left. Cheryl glanced
over and saw that the girls head had made its way down
and had replaced her hand at the guys crotch. She stared
as she realized that the girl had the guys cock in her
mouth and was slowly sucking up and down on it.

“So, what’s doin’,” Billy asked her quietly.

The sound of his voice made her jump.

“Nothing, I guess I fell asleep,” Cheryl replied.

“I’ll say, you were out for about an hour. You OK?”
he asked.

“I think so.”

Billy leaned over and kissed her softly on the
cheek. Cheryl felt herself flush and, in spite of

“What ya want ta do?” Billy asked.

“I don’t know,” Cheryl replied, answering honestly.
She had only ever kissed a boy once before and that boy
was as nervous as she was. She had heard girlfriends
talk about going all the way and about sex but had
figured most of them were lying about it. Anyway, Billy
was a nice guy and she figured he wouldn’t press her for
something she didn’t want to do. She felt Billy’s arm
wrap around her shoulder and pull her closer to him.

Cheryl again felt Billy reach to kiss her only this
time he pulled her closer to him. As she tried to relax,
she felt his tongue press against her lips.

“Relax,” he whispered softly, “Just relax and let
yourself go some.”

Cheryl let her lips part a bit and felt Billy’s
tongue enter her mouth. A combination of the pot, the
drinks, and being overly tired played against Cheryl’s
ability to resist. Besides, she was enjoying all of this
too much to stop.

As they sat there kissing, Cheryl felt Billy’s hand
slide up her blouse and cup a breast through the
material. No one had ever touched her like that before
and she felt a low, soft moan escape her lips. Billy
took that as permission to go on.

Billy slowly pulled away from her and leisurely
began to unbutton her blouse from the top. Cheryl leaned
forward and grabbed his hands, stopping him, but Billy
gently released himself from her grip and continued
until her blouse hung softly open.

Cheryl tensed as she felt Billy reach behind her
and fumble with the hooks of her bra. Again she leaned
forward and tried to stop him, this time by trying to
divert his attention with a kiss. Billy kissed her back,
again thrusting his tongue into her mouth, but continued
to work on the hooks.

Cheryl felt a sudden relaxation of material as the
bra hooks snapped open. Pulling away from her slightly,
Billy lifted the bra cups above Cheryl’s breasts. Cheryl
felt a shiver as Billy leaned forward and took a small
nipple into his mouth. She looked around the room, sure
that everyone there was staring at her. To her surprise,
no one seemed to noticed. In fact, everyone seemed to
have progressed much further than they had when she last
noticed them.

The threesome on the floor in front of her had
stripped completely and the girl was straddling one of
the guys while the other guy knelt in front of her. In
the shadows, Cheryl could see the outline of the guy’s
cock sliding in and out of the girl’s body at two

Next to her, she saw that the girl was continuing
to work on the guy’s cock with her mouth as the guy
slowly stroked her hair. She could see the faint, shadowy
outline of his cock slowly slide in and out of the girls

Quickly, Cheryl’s attention was turned back to
Billy. As She felt herself being pushed sideways towards
the other couple on the couch as Billy lowered his head
to her chest. She could feel the warmth of the boy’s body
beside her and felt the girl’s hair tickle her bare neck
as the girl’s head bobbed up and down. Billy was gently
sucking a nipple shooting feelings through Cheryl’s body
that she had never known before. As she tried to relax
she felt the other boy’s hand slowly slide over her
shoulder and come to rest on her bare breast, lightly
fingering her nipple.

If Billy noticed the other boy’s hand, he didn’t
react. Instead, Cheryl felt his hand high on her leg,
slowly moving up her thigh until it came to rest between
her legs. There she felt Billy slowly start to caress her
through the course jeans material.

Cheryl’s mind began to race. She wasn’t sure she was
ready for all of this but she really didn’t know how to
go about stopping it. The idea of having sex was both
exciting and frightening, the idea of doing what the
other girls she had seen doing, sucking on guy’s cocks
with their mouths, was terrifying. Her thoughts were
interrupted when she felt Billy grab her hand and urge
her to the floor below. As she slid from the couch, the
other guy who had been feeling her breast gave it one
last firm squeeze, sending a chill of almost pleasant
pain through Cheryl’s body.

Cheryl began to lay down on the floor but Billy
stopped her and began to undo her belt. Cheryl thought to
herself that this was going to be it, if she let him do
this, she would have let go of all control. She allowed
him to loosen her belt and unhook her jeans. Lifting
herself a bit, she felt Billy’s hands work the tight
pants down her hips and off of her legs.

Now laying there clad only in her panties and
loosened bra and shirt, Cheryl felt herself wanting to
cry and run out of the house. But things had gone much to
far for that, and she didn’t want anyone there to think
of her as only a c***d. She wanted Billy to like her and,
because she was terribly afraid that he wouldn’t if she
didn’t go along, she let him proceed.

Billy lay almost on top of her and began to kiss
her, thrusting his tongue deep inside of her mouth. She
felt his hands roving over her body, cupping and lightly
squeezing her breasts, running across her stomach and
laying gently between her legs. Slowly she felt his head
leaving her face and, gingerly licking her neck, move
down and again take a nipple into his mouth. She felt her
breasts grow sensitive under his touch, again sending new
and exciting feelings throughout her body. But, this
time, he didn’t stop there.

Pausing only for a few moments, he continued down-
ward, letting his tongue flow easily across her stomach.
She felt every muscle in her body tense as his tongue
caressed her skin. As he reached her naval, she felt his
hand slide under the elastic of her cotton panties and
touch the crease of her leg, sending shivers through her
entire body. Again lifting up slightly she allowed him to
push the thin material over her hips and down her legs.
He pushed them off her legs with one of his own.

Again sliding slowly down, Cheryl felt Billy’s warm
breath now against her thighs. Closing her eyes she
focused on the boy between her legs and his soft kissing
of her skin. Slowly she felt him move his tongue up
towards her pubic area and, in a move that almost caused
her to cry out, felt him touch her gently there with his
tongue. She lay her hands over his head and gently
combed her fingers through his hair.

Ever so slowly, Billy let his tongue probe through
the light hair that covered her mound. A slight dampness
there and almost continuous involuntary twitching on her
part told him where to touch, lick and kiss. The taste
was more fresh than he had ever had before and, slowly
inserting a finger into her, he came to the realization
that she was a virgin.

More excited than ever, Billy left his place and quickly
moved up to again kiss her deeply on the lips. Cheryl
tasted herself for the first time.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” Billy
softly whispered in her ear.

Cheryl shook her head, almost imperceptibly.

“I’m going to make it nice for you k*d. I’m going to
show you things you’ve never dreamed of.”

Cheryl smiled at him, not sure he even saw her face
in this darkness, then hugged him tightly against her.

“Isn’t there someplace we can go, someplace alone?”
Cheryl asked softly.

“This is OK. You’re among friends. It’s all OK.”

“But,” the words were cut off in mid-sentence as
Billy again was kissing her.

Cheryl lay there holding him in her arms wondering
if this was what love felt like. She thought to herself
that he must really like her to be doing all of this and
the idea that here was a college junior making all of
this fuss over her was more of a turn on than anything he
had actually done.

Cheryl felt Billy again pull away from her slightly
and expected him to again let his mouth find her breasts.
This time though, he knelt up a bit and undid his belt.
She lay back and watched as he pulled his jeans down to
his knees in one motion, then lay back and kicked them
completely off. She realized that his underwear had come
off as well. Taking Cheryl’s hand, Billy placed in on
his stiff cock.

“That’s it, yeah, that’s it. Soft, yeah, that’s it,”
Billy whispered.

Cheryl felt the hard member under her hand pulse as
she held it softly. She began to instinctively rub it
slowly up and down in her hand.

“Oh, baby, that’s it, yeah,” Cheryl heard Billy

Billy let his right arm slide under her neck and he
urged her to rest her head on his chest. Through the
darkness she gazed down at the thing she had in her hand.
She had, of course, seen erect cocks on animals before
but had never seen one on a man.

Billy began caressing her hair, placing light down-
ward pressure on the back of her head. Cheryl knew from
watching the other girls in the room what he wanted her
to do. Suddenly it didn’t seem quite so bad. He had done
that to her and it had felt great. Besides, she was now
positive that he really liked her and she certainly
didn’t want to risk losing him. She attempted to act like
she had been in this position before.

Slowly, kissing Billy’s chest and then stomach,
Cheryl let her head slowly slide down towards his crotch.
When she reached what she considered to be an adequate
distance from it, she lay her head back down on his lower
stomach and continued to caress his cock with her hand
and lightly blow a cool stream of air across the head of

“Oh baby, yeah. That’s it, that’s it,” Billy half
said and half moaned. “Yeah, that’s it.”

Cheryl realized that he had spoken loud enough for
everyone in the room to hear but by now she really didn’t
care. She slowly moved her head forward and lightly
kissed the tip of Billy’s cock. As she moved back away
from it, she licked her lips and tasted something salty
on them.

Billy now was pushing on the back of her head and
she again moved forward, again kissing the head of it,
all the while stroking it with her hand.

“God, baby, yes. Oh, God,” escaped Billy’s lips.

“This isn’t bad,” Cheryl thought to herself. In
fact, she was enjoying it, it made her feel much older
than her fifteen years to have a man responding so
readily to her touch.

“Take it in your mouth,” Billy whispered. “Suck on

Cheryl let the head of it slowly slide between her
lips and sucked in lightly. The salty taste was stronger
now but Cheryl found it somehow pleasant. She felt Billy
strain his hips upward and let him move his cock into her
mouth. As he relaxed downward, she went with him,
letting her tongue slide against the side. She felt
involuntary spasms in it.

The two adopted a slow, steady rhythm as Billy moved
his hips up and then down, letting his cock slide slowly
in and out of the teenager’s mouth. After several minutes
Cheryl felt him gently pull her head back towards him,
carefully easing her onto her back.

Billy rolled on top of her and Cheryl came to a full
realization what was about to occur. Billy kissed her
hard on the lips and positioned his body between her
legs. She felt the hard head of his cock against her
blocked opening and felt Billy slowly begin to exert
pressure against her. As the head slowly entered her, she
felt a twinge of pain. As she jerked a little, Billy
stopped and pulled out.

“It’s OK, baby, it’s all OK,” he whispered. “Just
relax and go with it, it’ll be OK.”

“I’m OK,” Cheryl whispered up at him.

Again, Cheryl felt Billy pressing himself against
her again she felt a twinge of pain as the head entered
her. When she tensed up this time, Billy did not stop,
instead continuing to push harder into her. Suddenly,
there was an intense pain that made her gasp out loud and
Billy lay against her, half way in her.

Laying still until he felt her relax a little, Billy
slowly began moving in and out of her, gently at first
and not pressing any further into her. She was not the
first virgin he had broken in but she was certainly the
most exciting. He leaned down and gently kissed into her
ear. Cheryl felt chills run through her body.

Cautiously, Billy let each downward thrust move
further and further into Cheryl’s body. After only a few
more strokes, he could feel the base of his cock pressing
against her pelvis. There he stayed, grinding slowly
against her. He could feel the young girl’s sweat pour
off of her as she lay there moaning under him.

The pain had long since gone for Cheryl and she
accustomed herself to the organ that had violated her.
All thoughts other than of the boy on top of her and her
own feelings were blocked out as she lay there with her
eyes closed. She felt Billy start to move in and out of
her more easily now and sensed something of an urgency in
his movements. She found herself aware of the sounds that
were coming from her own body, the low moans of pleasure
as Billy picked up his pace of movement.

Suddenly and, without warning to Cheryl, Billy
pulled out from inside of her and came to his knees. With
that, Cheryl opened her eyes to see several faces gazing
down at her from above. Someone had turned a hall light
on and the illumination danced across her bare chest.

Billy had maneuvered his way around to Cheryl’s head
and was positioned with his cock only inches from her
face. Cheryl gazed at it, seeing it glisten with her own
wetness. A sickening feeling came over her as Billy
rubbed the damp member across her face, letting it come
to rest on her lips. Cheryl glared around above her,
there were four sets of eyes looking down, but to her it
seemed like the world was watching.

“Take it in your mouth,” Billy almost whispered. “Go
ahead, it’s good for you.”

With that he gently slapped it against her lips.

“Go ahead hon, it tastes good,” Cheryl heard from a
female voice above her.

“Hey Billy, you mind?” one of the male voices

“Nah, go ahead,” Billy replied.

With that, Cheryl felt a new body lay down between
her legs and, before she could react, she felt a new
erect cock pressing against, and into her. With that, she
found Billy pushing himself between her lips.

“Come on, open up.” There was a certain urgency in
Billy’s voice.

Stunned, Cheryl parted her lips and allowed Billy to
enter her mouth.

“Fuck, suck, fuck, suck, fuck, suck, fuck, suck”….
softly, starting with one voice then progressing until
all those standing above her had joined in. Cheryl lay on
her back staring up at the unknown faces gazing down at
her, Billy’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth with
some other guy fucking her roughly at the same time.

“Come, come, come, come, come”…. the chant changed
to. And with it, Cheryl felt the man begin to screw her
even harder. Each move again became painful as he plunged
faster and faster into her. The same was happening with
Billy, she continually had to move her head to the side
to accommodate him.

Finally Billy tensed and grabbed her head, slamming
his cock into her throat. Gagging, Cheryl suddenly found
her mouth full of a hot, gooey, liquid, very salty and
bitter. She felt herself starting to c***e violently but
Billy held her head in place and continued to drive him-
self into her.

Almost at the same time, the guy fucking her quickly
pulled himself from her and began jerking his hand up and
down his cock. Glancing down towards him, Cheryl looked
just in time to see his cock spurt it’s juices out
towards her. She felt the warm fluid spray up across her
chest and stomach.

After only a few seconds, it was over. Cheryl lay
there sobbing softly as Billy pulled away from her and
stood up. he guy who had been screwing her a few moments
before stood up and took the hand of another girl and was
walking away.

“My turn now…” was all Cheryl heard before closing
her eyes tightly and wishing it all away.

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