Christa and her wolf

As the last remaining echoes of the kids’ excited shouts
and chatter faded away up the trail, I breathed a sigh
of relief. The other leaders were taking them into
Brockenhurst village for the afternoon, and I was free
to enjoy my time off at last.

I was 20 that summer, about to start my second year at
UCL, and working over the holidays at a c******n’s
activity camp in the New Forest. I’d taken the job
primarily because I needed the money, but also because I
had been anxious to get out into the country, after so
much time spent in London over the past year. I had been
here two weeks so far, and was enjoying the work, but
God were some of those kids a handful. T

here was one group whose favourite nightly activity
seemed to involve seeing who could stay up the latest
(and invariably, make the most noise) without getting
tired, and it felt as if none of us adults had managed
to get a proper night’s sleep in days. Still, the pay
was good, and bar one or two days the weather so far had
been perfect. Much better to be out here, I thought,
than to be sweating in the city.

Now I was free for the afternoon, and suddenly aching to
get out of the camp for a while. There were a couple of
places I had spied the other day when we took the kids
along the trail through the forest, but had not had time
to explore, and now my adventurous spirit was urging me
to discover them. Being a girl who liked her own space,
I was also anxious to find somewhere I could be by
myself, and no sooner had the others left than I hurried
straight to my tent to change into my expedition
clothes: a blue striped shirt knotted above the midriff,
dark denim shorts, and sturdy brown boots. I combed my
long, curly auburn hair into a ponytail, and tied a
bandana around my head to shield it from the sun.

On my way out, I met Tom Scott, the only other leader
who hadn’t gone on the excursion, busily clearing away
some of the sports equipment. He looked up to
acknowledge me with a friendly smile as I went by.
“Going out, Christa?”

I stopped to adjust the knot at the front of my shirt.
“Yep,” I answered, “I’m going for a walk in the forest.”

“On your own?” He raised his eyebrows. “You’d better be

I glanced at him. “Why?”

He smiled again, and rolled the tennis ball he was
holding from one hand to the other. “Haven’t you heard
about the legend?”

I hesitated. I didn’t really want to become involved in
a conversation with him, but I had to admit he’d piqued
my curiosity. Eventually, I gave in. “What legend?”

He grinned. “Just a story they tell round here. They say
there’s a wolf that lives in the forest, you know.”

“Oh, like in the fairy tales?” I couldn’t help smiling.
I was known at home for my courage and fiercely
independent character, and it had been a long time since
I’d had someone try to scare me.

He shrugged. “It’s just what I’ve heard. There’ve been
attacks over the years, that’s all. Some say there’s a
whole group of them. Oh, and maybe I should warn you…”
His voice dropped a tone. “It seems they’re particularly
partial to women.”

That did it. “Oh, I see.” I rolled my eyes. Some boys
will do anything for a chat with a girl, I thought.
“Well, thanks for the warning, but I’m afraid I’ll be
going anyway.” I was careful to keep smiling as I turned
to leave. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I’ll let
you know if I run into any wolves.”

“Don’t get bitten!” I heard him call after me as I left.

I made my way out of the camp, still smiling wryly. One
of the other girls, Laura, had warned me beforehand
about Tom. He had a bit of a reputation, but was all
right if you knew how to handle him. No doubt someone
had told him that my boyfriend, Alex, was in Turkey for
the summer with his family. I wished I hadn’t let that
fact be known.

I set off into the forest. The hot afternoon sun beat
down, and I was grateful for the shade of the trees. The
papers were saying this was shaping up to be the warmest
August on record, and apparently the whole of western
Europe was sweltering. I didn’t mind the heat. I had
always loved the summer, and today it only meant I was
less likely to run into anyone who might disturb me on
my walk.

Sure enough, I met hardly anybody as I ventured into the
woods. I kept to the trail at first, but I’d come here
looking for somewhere I could be completely alone, and I
soon turned off the path in search of a quiet place to
sit. After winding my way through the closely knit trees
for a while, avoiding low branches and protruding roots,
I came to an opening in the greenery where a bank of
rocks and pebbles led down to a shallow brook. The
clearing was large but deserted, surrounded on all sides
by trees, and shielded from the pathway by a dense
network of overhanging branches. I smiled to myself. I
had found my retreat. I stepped carefully down to the
clear, babbling water, and sat down on the bank beside a
large boulder.

I rested my head against the cool smoothness of the
rock, and drew up my knees. After such a busy few days
it felt wonderful to be here on my own, and with a happy
smile I let my eyes drift closed. I breathed deeply,
feeling the dappled sunlight on my face, listening to
the soothing sounds of the forest all around me. Then I
thought again of Alex, and felt that familiar soreness
in my chest. I missed him. He was the first boyfriend to
have made love to me, and this separation was proving
harder to endure than I had anticipated. I didn’t just
miss his company. My body continued to demand his touch,
the feel of his soft kisses, and this was not turning
out to be easy to manage while at camp. I had been
unable even to pleasure myself at night since I had got
here, seeing as we leaders slept in communal tents, and
my need for release had grown strong.

I sat up suddenly, and looked around. I was entirely
alone in this part of the forest. There was not a soul
to be seen. My pulse quickened and I felt my pussy
moisten at the prospect of an orgasm. It had been weeks
since I’d had any satisfaction. My clitoris tingled, all
at once aching to be touched.

I couldn’t pass up this chance. Quickly I stood and
stripped my shorts and panties down to my ankles. I
settled back against the rock and opened my legs,
feeling the cool air on my naked, shaven sex. With a
sigh, I slid a hand down between my legs and began
rubbing my clit. At last…The sensation was delicious,
and I moaned softly. Thinking of Alex, I ran a finger
between the lips of my cunt and pushed into my tight
hole, already slick. I could feel the warm, healthy grip
of my young muscles as I stroked my finger gently in and

All the tension that had been building up inside me over
the past two weeks began to dissolve as I groaned with
the pleasure of at last being able to indulge like this
again, knowing that my climax was going to be explosive.
I tried to remind myself that I must be quiet, in case
someone happened to come by here after all, but I had
gone so long without this that I didn’t want to hold

I was never to make it that far, in the end. A deep,
guttural growling, loud and very close by, awoke me from
my trance. I looked up, and felt the b***d in my veins
turn to ice. About six feet away, staring at me
hungrily, stood a large grey wolf.

I screamed. Scrabbling madly, I backed up against the
rocks behind me. I knew at once that I was trapped, that
there was nowhere for me to run. The wolf began to slink
toward me, white teeth bared, and I felt a slackening of
my pelvic muscles. A hot trickle of piss slid down the
my thigh. I watched, rigid with terror, my heart
thumping uncontrollably, as the wolf edged right up
close to me. He pushed his nose into my slippery crotch,
and rubbed. Instinctively I raised a hand to swat him
away. He was faster, seizing my shirt in his teeth,
jerking me forward. I tumbled to the ground, into the
dry dirt and pebbles.

I made to scramble to my feet, and slipped. Half-blind
with panic I tried to claw my way up the rocks on my
hands and knees. I screamed again, hoping that by some
miracle I just might be heard, but no-one answered. No-
one was near. Then I froze, as I felt that cold nose
again, nudging at my exposed pussy and bum-hole from
behind, sniffing my scent. I shut my eyes as the long
rasp of the wolf’s tongue licked over me.

Half-faint with fear, I started to cry. I half-crouched,
half-lay there trembling, terrified to move as the wolf
lapped at my sex, licking it up and down; his long
tongue folding inside me, slurping and probing. It felt
like sandpaper. He growled every now and then and all I
could think was, he’s going to k**l me.

I sank down on my front, sobbing, both hands covering my
face. I was certain that I was about to die, that this
was the end. Then I squealed, as the wolf’s teeth nipped
at the flesh of my thigh, breaking the skin. I felt
b***d dribble down the back of my leg. The wolf nudged
and prodded at me, urging me back onto my knees; dizzy
with terror as I was, I obliged, not understanding.

He pawed at my bum and next moment I felt a heavy weight
slither up onto my back, felt sharp claws dig into my
sides as this beast mounted me. By the time I realized
what was happening and began to try, shrieking, to
struggle free it was too late. I felt something hot and
pointy jabbing at my sex. I tried to fight, but the
wolf’s front legs gripped me hard around the waist and
as he pushed and shoved, I felt his warm cock penetrate
me, sliding up into my body.

I screamed in anguish and disgust as this massive canine
brute fucked me. He pinned me down in the dirt, humping
furiously, pounding his cock into his new-found bitch
for all he was worth. His member felt so huge I feared
he might split me in half, yet as my r**e went on I
could feel him growing even thicker and longer inside my
cunt, stretching me until the pain became unbearable.

Then, I felt something truly horrible: the mating knot
at the base of his cock, expanding, swelling like a ball
inside me. It grew and grew, tying me to him, fusing our
bodies together. Making me his. Mercifully, I fainted.
The last thing I felt before I slid into blackness was
the first powerful jet of hot cum being shot into my
womb, as long spurts of the wolf’s foul seed began to
flood my insides.

When I awoke a number of hours later, I was alone. The
sky was turning a soft, dusky lilac colour as night
fell, and the forest was quiet save for the chirping of
the birds high up in the trees. Grimacing, I rolled my
aching, battered body over and sat up. My shorts and
panties were nowhere to be seen. My shirt hung in
tatters, my back and sides stinging from dozens of
scratches, some of them still bleeding. A gooey mixture
of b***d and wolf spunk seeped steadily from my ravaged

I pushed myself shakily to my feet, my legs still
trembling. As I began to walk, taking small wobbly
steps, in the vague direction of camp I realized that I
would never really know if I had been raped by just one
wolf, or if a whole pack had come along to have its way
with me.

After all, I thought dimly, I had heard about the

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