Christmas morning

Like Santa, I was exhausted Christmas morning. It was
going to be the first of three richly deserved days
off. Over the past two weeks it seemed I had worked
endlessly. Sleeping in till just after nine was a
treat. I got up, showered, and drove to the Mickey D’s
around the corner for breakfast. Over breakfast I
considered going sparrow watching at the local mall,
but just then they did a feature on the news about how
busy the malls were, so I cancelled that idea.

After breakfast I took my latest Clive Cussler
adventure book and drove to the local wildlife
sanctuary. The beauty of living in the county is that
I’m five miles from the city, close to a strip mall,
but less than a mile from cow pastures, farm fields,
and only several miles from a wildlife refuge. It’s the
best of all worlds and I needed to be in a place away
from noise and people.

The book was excellent escapism and two hours of
listening only to the birds and wind was suddenly
overwhelming. I closed the book and headed back to the
car. As I reached the car I saw a couple of kids on
bikes cross the parking lot and head into the refuge. I
pulled the car around to the corner of the lot from
which they departed. From this position, I could watch

The kids rode around in circles for several minutes
before they dismounted the bikes and started to chase
each other around. When one caught the other, they
tumbled to the ground and it appeared they were making
out. One was laying on top of the other and the one on
top appeared to be groping the other. When they rode in
I couldn’t tell the sex of the kids so I didn’t know if
it was a boy groping a boy, boy groping a girl, or a
girl groping a girl. I wished I had a pair of
binoculars and cursed myself for not having them as all
kinds of thoughts shot through my mind. Finally, the
one on the bottom spotted me and the show stopped.

The kids got back on the bikes and headed back toward
the lot. They went out of their way to cross the lot on
the side opposite me while they shot me dirty looks. I
could now see it was a boy and short haired girl. I let
them leave the area before I put the car in gear and
pulled around to the exit.

On the way back I decided to take a road I didn’t
usually take. I was driving leisurely, going ten miles
per hour below the limit to take in the sights. Had
this been a regular weekday, I’m sure I would’ve been
honked at and shown the bird, but the roads were
virtually empty.

I had moved to this area because I enjoyed the scenery.
Sometimes the scenery was broken up by a group of
buildings. Being the county, most of these buildings
were over thirty years old and housed businesses on the
fringe-a used tire store, a convenience store, and a
fast food joint that had been an A & W joint thirty
years ago. One place caught my attention.

The sign out front read “Lookers” and there was a hand
painted figure of a naked headless woman next to the
name. There were about fifteen cars in the lot and a
sign out front read: “Open 12/25 at 1 p.m.” I had
nothing to do, so I pulled in.

One look inside and it was obvious that this was a mom
and pop operation. Cheap paneling was everywhere, an
aged blue curtain was pulled back on the door to the
main floor, and the floor was very aged stained tile.
There was no receptionist at the front door, but a
bartender behind the bar was keeping busy. I took a
seat and looked around.

There was an empty main stage and music played at a
medium volume. Six or seven women talked to a same
amount of guys around the floor. With no waitress on
the floor I got up and ordered a coke. I was happy that
the price was only two bucks, not the five bucks of a
classier joint, and the drink was bigger than a
classier joint. I decided that even if no dancer went
on stage I’d stay a half hour or so.

After twenty minutes I had seen a dancer and her
customer head for the VIP area, but I noticed a pair of
females go to the bar. One of the dancers was heavyset,
but the gal with her was skinny. They had walked up to
the bar and sat down with their back to me. They talked
to the bartender for a couple of minutes, then the
heavyset one looked around and spotted me sitting alone
and she nudged the other one. Both got up and headed in
my direction.

The heavyset one looked to be about forty and she was
wearing some cheap lingerie. The skinny one was wearing
a yellow string bikini. She was obviously a teenager,
but because her short hair had been glued down and over
her forehead with mousse, and she had a lot of makeup
on, I couldn’t tell if she was on the low or high end
of being a teenager.

The duo walked over to my chair and took a half seat on
the chair arms. The duo was definitely coming on to me,
but the older one could tell I was checking out the

“You like my girl?” the older one asked. “She’s pretty

“She’s beautiful,” I replied.

“You want a dance?” the young one asked.

“No offense,” I said, “but I don’t like two females at
once, it’s only one or nothing.”

The older one exchanged looks with the teen then walked
off. The teen started to take her top off, and then
asked me to come with her. She then led me to a seating
area off the main floor. She directed me to sit with my
back to the main floor, and then took her top off,
exposing tiny white mounds of flesh topped with tiny
brown nipples.

It was about thirty seconds into the song when she
began her “lapdance”. I’d never had a dance like this.
She would start from a standing position, lean in, then
slide her body down mine. She then would turn her back
to me, and then slide her back down my body. She would
then turn her body sideways and rub up against me,
before standing and repeating what she had done before.

When the first song ended, she asked if I wanted
another dance. I had groped her tiny tits a couple of
times, and I considered if things might get better, so
I consented to a second dance. She then began repeating
what she had done before, but the second time she back
slid; she paused for about ten seconds while I held her
tits in my hands. On her third pause, I used one hand
to slide down and into her bottoms. I found her clit
and started to caress it when she said, “You’re
naughty,” and slid out of my grasp.

When she turned to face me, I put my hand between her
legs and caressed her slit through her bottoms. To my
surprise, she held still for almost thirty seconds
before asking, “You like that?” When I nodded and
smiled. She moved forward, straddling my lap so that
her knees were next to my hips.

She had her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. I
saw her look towards the main floor, and then close her
eyes as she was enjoying what I was doing. Her
breathing had become deeper and she rocked her hips a
couple of times to meet what I was doing with my
fingers. I moved the fabric of her bottoms aside and
saw her bare pubic mound for the first time. She looked
down as I placed her clit between a couple of fingers
and began making a circular motion.

“Can I lick it?” I asked her.

I saw her look behind me again, and then she backed off
for a second before pulling a chair to face mine. She
sat down, laid back, and spread her legs. I knelt in
front of her and placed my mouth on her perfect little
kitty. She gasped and jumped, then exhaled noisily as
she relaxed.

I began licking her pussy with gusto. I don’t think she
was even paying attention as I untied her bikini bottom
and moved it out of my way. I looked up and saw that
she had cupped her tits in her hands. Her head was
laying to the side and she had her eyes closed. I
entered first one, then two, fingers in her.

She was panting and I heard her moan a couple of times,
then she suddenly tensed. She pushed my head back. She
spasmed a couple of times. She was smiling.

“I like that,” she loudly whispered.

About twenty seconds later she let me go back to
licking her honeypot. When I resumed licking her, I
worked my zipper down and took Mister Happy out. I
looked up and saw that she had resumed her head to the
side-eyes closed position. I positioned myself and
entered her. She was extraordinarily tight and it was
painful to be in her.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“No” I answered, considering for the first time that
she might have something (I have regular checkups and I
check out well every time).

“It’s alright, keep going,” she said.

I began humping her and found a comfort zone that
wasn’t so painful. We both became sweaty as the humping
grew intense. She started caressing my arms. I saw her
look over my shoulder a couple of times. She was
smiling and I felt her feet on the back of my thighs.
My excitement suddenly started boiling up and I shot my
load in her.

We both paused a moment. I pulled out of her and
rezipped. She started to sit up and realized her bottom
was undone. As she resecured it and tied off, I asked
how much I owed her.

“I don’t know,” she answered, “I lost track. What do you

I suddenly knew I was with a first timer, “How about a
hundred and twenty?”

“Sounds good,” she said.

I paid her and beat feet out of there before she could
tell the woman-perhaps her mother, what we had just
done, and for how much. In the city, most strippers who
do the deed charge between two and three hundred.

My b***d tests came back yesterday, still clean.

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