Correcting My Stepdaughter

I became sexually aware at a young age and
enjoyed sex with girls first and by the time I was a
teenager I was dating boys and was willing to give
blowjobs and as long as the guys wore rubbers I
would allow them to fuck me. This sex story is totally FICTION!

When I entered collage and got on campus there
was a girl at the orientation meeting that I was
attracted to. She was an attractive brunette with
gray eyes and a knockout figure. I approached her
and stuck out my hand, “Hi my name is Connie! I’m
looking for a roommate and I have the feeling that
you and I are on the same wave length.”

She took my hand and said, “Hi my name is Iris!
Would you like to join me for coffee after this crap?”

I locked arms with her and as soon as the boring
lecture finished and we headed for the student union
lounge and I bought us a couple of large cups of latte
mocha cappuccinos. We chose to sit outdoors where
we could enjoy the sun and talk without having to
listen to the noise of other’s talking. We instantly
were drawn to each other and it was the start of a
lasting friendship.

After our freshman year we opted to rent an
apartment off campus where were we didn’t have to
worry about our reputation being spoiled because we
slept with each other.

Upon graduation I was sought out by a head
hunter for a job within a large international banking
company. I quickly proved my capabilities and was
doing well. I was noticed by the Division Chief, named
John Harington. He started inviting me to social
functions. It was obvious he was sexually attracted
to me.

I was flattered that he was interested to me, and
I did my homework. He was fifty-six years-old. He
was tall, slender with dark hair graying at the
temples. His wife had died in an automobile accident
a couple of years before. He had a teenaged
daughter, named Julie. The fact that he was thirty-
two years-older than me didn’t bother me. I figured
that I could satisfy his sexual needs and still enjoy
my relationship with Iris.

Iris and I had even discussed it before he
proposed to me. I knew he was serious about me
when he invited me to join him and his daughter for a
week at his beach home at San Clemente, California.

John’s daughter was a stunning blonde with blue
eyes, but she acted like a ‘BITCH’ towards me when
John as not around. I chalked it up to her resenting
that her father was dating a girl less than ten-years
older than her. I tried not to take it personally. I
hoped I could win her friendship should he propose to

John did propose and there was a big wedding to
follow. Iris was my maid of honor of course. John
was well aware that Julie was disrespectful towards
me. He didn’t know how to handle it. He tried to
insure her that he still loved her and there was no
change in their relationship, but she was still a pain in
the ass towards me. He even suggested sending her
off to boarding school.

I told him that sending her way would only
increase the rift between the three of us. I pleaded
with him to let me try and bring her around.

John agreed with me and told me that he would
have to go on a business trip to Switzerland for at
least a couple of weeks. I will leave it in your hands.

With his absence Julie became openly hostile
towards me. I put up with it for a couple of days. I
talked it over with Iris and she came for a visit.
Julie was a rude little bitch at the breakfast table,
so I sent her to her room.

Iris and I gave her a few minutes before we
followed her upstairs and opened her bedroom door.

Julie was sitting on her bed and fuming. She

I responded instantly by rushing across her room
to attack her. I grabbed her by the upper arm and
flung her onto her back, as I informed her in no
uncertain terms, “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR

The look on her face was one of shock and
surprise. She was about to say something when I
clamped my hand over her mouth.

Iris joined us, and while I was pulling Julie’s
blouse over her head, Iris was pulling her shots down
her legs. Julie tried to protest and I slapped her
face hard enough to turn her cheek bright red. I
pulled her nylon bra up and over her breasts, while
Iris roughly pulled down her little panties.

Julie made one more attempt to protest. I
planted my mouth over her mouth and grasped her
left breast and squeezed it hard.

Iris slapped her hand on Julie’s vulva and started
rubbing it briskly. She took two fingers and stated
jamming them into Julie vagina. With every thrust
Julie let out a muffled grunt.

I took hold of Julie’s nipple and started twisting
it and pulling on it. I watched Julie’s eyes as tears
welled up in them. I stuck my tongue into her mouth
and fought with her tongue. When I removed my
mouth from hers, I sat up and quickly removed my
blouse and bra before positioning my body over hers
and dangling my right tit over Julie’s mouth.

Julie lifted her head to capture my nipple with
her mouth and started sucking on it like a baby.

Iris was continuing to masturbate Julie with a
vigorous pumping of her hand. She even managed to
stick her fist into Julie’s cunt up to the wrist. Julie
was making guttural sounds while she continued
sucking my tit.

When I sat up depriving Julie of my nipple she
whined in disappointment. I quickly removed all of my
clothes without regard where they landed. Then I
pulled Julie upright and reached behind her back to
unhook her bra and discard it. Iris was continuing to
masturbate her vigorously.

I pushed her back down on her back and kissed
her again before I abruptly mounted the bed and
straddled her head and lowered my crotch down to
her mouth.

Julie started licking my cunt as I rocked back and
forth rubbing my pussy against her face from chin to
nose. I deliberately made sure my asshole wiped her
mouth also. While I was doing that Iris removed her
clothes and got back on the bed and moved her body
so that her legs were scissored with Julie’s legs. She
started humping Julies pussy until of their pussies
were moist. Iris and I were facing each other so we
hugged and tongue kissed each other. Julie was being
smothered while she was having an orgasm under us.
When we released her, she was all over us!

She grabbed Iris and started kissing her. She
massaged Iris’s beasts, while I got behind Iris and
when she got on her knees I started kissing her butt.
I even got down so that I could tongue fuck her
asshole. Julie went down on Iris and she buried her
nose in Iris’s pubic hair. She sucked on her clit like a
professional. I moved round the bed to get behind
Julie and laid on my back under her and set about
sucking my stepdaughter’s sweet little pussy. After
Iris and Julie had orgasms the two of them turned
their attention on me.

Julie sucked my clit, licked my cunt and rimmed
my asshole, while Iris sucked my tits and kissed me.
I really enjoyed kissing Iris with her face covered
with the smell and taste of pussy all over her face.
After we had all had orgasms Julie kissed me and her
face was also covered wit the smell and taste of
pussy all over her face.

The three of us spent the two weeks enjoying the
pleasures of lesbian sex with each other. By the time
John returned he was pleased at who much Julie’s
behavior had changed towards me.

John accepted Iris as my close friend without
question. The three od us would enjoy a very close
relationship while John flew all over the world on
business. We received the tragic news that John had
a stroke on a light from New York to Dallas and was
pronounced dead shortly after being transported to
the nearest emergency hospital in Dallas.

Between his retirement plan and health insurance
Julie and I were well cared for. The three of us
moved permanently to southern California. The San
Clemente home over looked the Pacific Ocean. We
hired a sexy young Mexican woman was our maid and
cook. Of course, we made sure she was amenable to
joining our little female family to take part in our
sexual activities.

We had a wooden staircase down the adobe bluff
to the beach. Our nearest neighbors were a retreat
for an order of Carmelite nuns and what had been the
home of the ex-president Richard Millhouse Nixon.

The best thing about the location was that
because of the bluff our stretch of the beach was
almost private. The four of us would have the beach
to ourselves most of the time.

The nuns that might make their way down to the
beach might be a little embarrassed finding us naked
on the beach, but a few of them enjoyed our
company. They would shed their habit and join us for
wine and cheese. Of course, the good nuns didn’t
shave so we got to smell and taste the natural odor
and texture of mature women.

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