Daddy-in-law and the Improper Woman

What would any ‘proper’ woman do if her father-in-law
made a play for her? Maybe she’d be flattered and flirt
back, just a little. After all, her father-in-law is a
lot like her husband; there are mutual characteristics,
about father and son, which she’s attracted to. But a
proper woman, would know when enough is enough, she’d nip
it in the bud if the flirting got, too heavy and went,
too far.

Well, I’m not a proper woman…

By some terms, I’m a sensuous and sexual creature, “all
woman,” but, what some might consider sexual depravity, I
view it simply as, naughty and exciting. So, when my
father-in-law read my stories, right here in Kristen’s
Archives, and sent me a mildly flirtatious e-mail, I took
the cue and gently flirted back. I fully knew where it
would lead, but I was cautious enough not to lose this
golden opportunity.

My dad-in-law, Tom, knew I’d been dabbling in erotica. I
told him I’d written a few, short stories that were
posted in pay-sites, and he asked if I would send him a
story or two. I considered it, said “yes” originally, but
decided against it after heavier deliberation.

Next time I saw him, he told me about this site and again
asked if I would send him a story or two, again I said
yes, but knew I dare not.

You see, I know the type of woman I am. My pussy tingles
and creams at the mere thought of ‘cock’ or ‘pussy’ or
‘sex’ and the possibility of a wanton experience and
opportunity, sends my little clit off to spasm-land.

I also know my dad-in-law.

Early on, in my relationship with my husband, his mom and
dad went to Mexico for a little vacation. Darryl
(boyfriend then – husband now) and I, had full run of the
house for the two weeks his parents were away. Being the
teens we were, we snooped through closets and drawers,
hoping to find that kinky material, ALL dads hide.

Well, we did.

A treasure trove of dildos, magazines, videos, vibrators,
massagers, erotica! … Ok, back to the videos and

Hardcore – men with women – group orgies – women with
women – men with men! Men flying solo!! And, OH MY GOD,
She-Males!!! Waterworks!!!! (I dislike that term, prefer
to call it what it is, pissing). Big, wet, sticky,
creamy, juicy, black pussies!!!!! And finally!… women
with dogs. (God, I’m spent, just remembering all those
naughty goodies.)

Though I’ve been promiscuous my entire life, and had been
in several, sexual relationships, this kind of explicit,
graphic sex, was new to me. The most I’d seen, film wise,
was the late-night R rated movies on HBO. (Hey, don’t
knock Lady Chatterley. She brought this impish, little
girl through puberty just fine, thank you.)

Back to our newly, discovered naughties.

Oh my god! I wanted to look at it all! I wanted to know
what this hard vibrator would feel like, up my soppy
pussy! I wanted to try this painfully – erotic – anal –
s-sex – th-thing! I wanted to be pissed on! To piss on
someone! I wanted… I wanted… I wanted to fuck like
mad… and naturally, Tom’s image came to mind. I mean,
we were going through ‘his’ things.

Suddenly, the father of my future husband, the quiet,
friendly, smile at you casually ‘cuz, you’re just a
silly, teen girl,’ older man, became the man who was
experienced. The man who knows how to make wet dreams a
reality. The man who could fuck upside down – underwater
– with sharks circling above! The man who could penetrate
my tingly pussy through steel doors – with a single
thrust! The man who! – I wanted to share my wildest
dreams with.

Oh yeah, I fantasized… over and over and over again.

Tom’s a sun-seeker, the type to pour Tahitian, coconut
oil over his tanned body and lie under the pounding,
noon, Hawaiian sun, for hours.

I’m a sun worshiper myself, so suggested to Darryl that
we sunbathe, out on the back patio, with his dad. I
didn’t have a bikini, and though Darryl’s sister was not
nearly as curvaceous as me, I borrowed her pink swimsuit.
It was thin, and very see-through, made me a bit bashful
to come out of the bathroom, but I was a determined,
little minx. Needed Tom’s attention, and had resolved to
get it.

Darryl and I took our towels out to the patio. I slowly
walked past his dad and casually smiled; he smiled back
up at me from his lounge chair, closed his eyes and
settled to his tanning business again.

That was it. No twinkle in his eye, no “Heh-heh-heh, come
here and sit on my lap little girl.” – nothing.

Well, I couldn’t exactly go back inside. I’d already
begged my paler boyfriend (who fried under a full moon)
to sunbathe with me, went through the extremes of
borrowing his k*d sister’s pink bathing suit, f****d my
36 C, 24, 34 body into the nylon trap, and stretched the
crotch, to stop it from riding, too, deeply between my
pussy lips.

So, I unrolled my towel and did the only thing I could
do. Laid back, closed my eyes, and fantasized about Tom.

Yes, I got wet. Yes, my nipples got hard. Yes, I went
insane with this half naked man, who knows all the
mysteries of female orgasms, just feet away from me!
Well, on the other side of my boyfriend, his son…

About fifteen minutes into, me soaking the crotch of his
sister’s bathing suit, and tanning, Darryl whispered, “I
have to go inside, I’m burning.”

I screamed, ‘YES!’ – silently.

“Oh, ok. Mind if I stay out a bit longer?” I whispered

He looked uncomfortable, after all, he knew his father,

He glanced at his dad, then back at me, and mumbled,
“I’ll be back then, I’ll just go inside for a little

“Oh, ok. I’ll prolly come in soon, anyway.” I nodded
quickly, wrinkled my nose, and pretended that I was just
about done, myself.

Darryl got up, his white legs nearly blinded me, and
blocked my view of his dad, but I wasted no time. I
flipped over on my tummy, wiggled around a bit, spread my
legs, turned my head to face Tom, and dreamily closed my
eyes halfway.

My eyes traveled over his profile… Thin man, very
French, European looking. Light, almost blonde hair, not
the kind of man I’ve ever been attracted to. He looked to
be about 5’10” to me, though his wife (oh yeah, my future
mother-in-law) claimed he was 6 feet. Didn’t matter, Tom
was good-looking alright, just, not my type, but that’s
not why I wanted him.

I wanted… needed… an equal to my naughty. Wanted to
be dirty, to open my legs for him, to lift my breasts to
him and have him ‘do what thou will’ to me.

I wanted what guys my age weren’t willing to do, talk
dirty, act dirty, and be dirty. To tell me how he wants
me, and three other chicks, to suck his massive balls and
throbbing cock, while his puckered ass got a mean, tongue
fucking by a macho fag. How he wants his lips and tongue
wrapped around a beautiful, she-male’s cock. How he’ll
shoot ten, eleven, twelve gobs of chunky, white cum all
over my pussy and ass, and then piss on the entire orgy!
– all while the dog watched and licked his own balls.

I came. Bit my lower lip, closed my eyes tight and…
came. I didn’t realize how hard I’d been grinding my
pussy into the towel beneath me.

In the midst of my orgasm, something hit the back of my
head – a thought.

‘Fuck, I hope I didn’t move, too much! Did I moan?!’

My wiggling must have caught Tom’s eye, because when my
eyelids snapped open, Tom was staring down at me from his
chair. His cock, which had been soft and flaccid before
my orgasmic journey, was rising, not fully engorged, but
definitely on the rise. Tom, noticed me, he may have
before, but now, I had proof.

Enticingly, I swayed my butt, but acted as though, I’d
been trying to get comfortable. I grinned sneakily to
myself, and languidly closed my eyelids again.

About a minute passed. Demurely, I opened my eyes,
confident that Tom would be fully erect, standing above
me, stroking his bloated cock, ready to pounce my
youthful body! – but instead… I watched him walk
through the screen-door, at the back of the house.

‘UH! PFT! UH! – Helloooo! Tom?! Where are you goooing?!
I’m right here! The girl to make your dreams come true!’

That was it, no more Tom for the afternoon! No more wild
teenage fantasies! No more… Ach, forget it.

I got up, gathered my towel, and went in the house
through the family room where, Derrick, Darryl’s brother,
was sitting. His boyish grin tattled, he had, evidently,
been watching me tan.

Derrick leered, like a mad-gnome, at my skimpy suit and
what it tried to cover.

I thought, ‘Well at least I got someone’s attention!’ and
sat with him.

About five minutes of Derrick’s grinning, blushing and
building of courage to ask, “Isn’t that my sister’s
suit?” passed, when Tom walked through.

He smiled at me, with a definite twinkle in his eye. I
leaned into my chair, draped my arm over the back and
nonchalantly looked about the room, and finally glanced
back at Tom. His eyes swept over my breasts, locked, for
a moment, on my stiff nipples; they were bursting through
the thin fabric.

He looked back into my eyes and challenged, “You had
enough of the sun?”

I cheerfully replied, “Just taking a break… like you.”
and pushed myself up and out of the chair.

I blushed wildly, knowing that Tom’s eyes were still on
me. Through the suit, my areola and nipples, my
bellybutton, the little, trimmed, heart-shaped patch of
hair above my pussy, and, that juicy wet spot – were all
clearly visible.

I stood there, looking down at my own body, tugging at
‘this’, pretending to hide ‘that’, then peeked up at Tom
again. He smiled, he twinkled, he liked what he saw. He
noticed, he wanted, he lusted, he… he…

‘Hmm… his cock’s soft, and there’s a wet spot there on
his trunks. Did he…?’

My eyes darted to his face. Tom grinned – I blushed – he
went back outside – I went to the bathroom and
masturbated – furiously – on the toilet seat –
fantasizing about my future father-in-law, who was just
beyond the bathroom window.

Well, Darryl and I eloped, didn’t spend many days or
nights at his parents house, after that incident. Though,
Tom’s always been “crush material” for me, we never,
really exchanged flirts, and he kind of fell into that
distant, father-in-law mode. We engaged in pleasant,
small talk, but nothing intense or, too deep.

There were a few times I’d see him smile approvingly at
me. Could have been a beam of the, ‘good daughter-in-law’
pride, could have been ‘Yep, my boy’s lucky. She’s got
nice tits!’ Or, it just may have been, the way he smiles
at most women who were, deserving, of an approving smile.

I’d shimmer with a glint of hope. But, the prospect of a
daughter and father-in-law fuck fest, quickly died when
he’d shy off to his room; avoiding the loud family
gatherings, that usually brought us to the house.

Tom was basically the, “What do we get your Dad for
Christmas this year?” father, and was out of sight, out
of mind, to me, for a number of years. The crush was
still there, but the teenage fantasy of being seduced by
this astounding, wild-man lover – petered.

Until, that meekly, flirtatious e-mail… the calling
card that subliminally read, ‘I wanna fuck your brains
out, Bunny, but don’t know if you’ll respond. So, I’m
gonna tread carefully and see where it leads me. And if
you get mad, please remember, I’m just a dirty old man,
and don’t mean anything by this e-mail.’

But I digress.

“Darryl! Darryl!” his sister ran screeching into our
apartment, “I caught Dad with his girlfriend!”

“Huh? What?” was Darryl’s lengthy reply.

“Yup!” Deena nodded.

I saw blackmail written all over her face, dollar signs
literally flashed, like green, neon signs in her eyes. I
also saw her suppress a green-eyed monster. (Often
wondered if she didn’t have more than the typical
‘Daddy’s little girl’ crush on her father.)

But I felt it too, twinge of jealousy, “Damn him! You
mean he’s messing around on (me?!) Mom?!”

Deena’s head bounced up and down so furiously, I thought
it might fall off.

‘How dare he! I mean, if he’s gonna fuck around, why
doesn’t he fuck around with ME?!’

No, I didn’t blurt that out in front of Darryl and his
sister, but I listened intently, to all the sticky
details she could summon up.

Dad told Deena, “We’ll talk about it at home.”

She replied, “Oh, yeah we will…! Heh! Heh! Heh!”

The situation was surreal. To me, the entire scenario was
right out of one of those erotic novels, Tom had stuffed
away in an old suitcase.
Only, the spoiled daughter goes home, threatens dad that
she’s gonna tell mom about his immoral, sinful, dirty,
little, sex fling, tries to blackmail him into having sex
with her. He refuses, she stomps off to “go tell mom,”
When suddenly, the lustful, forty-something, year old
father, roughly grabs her shoulder, tosses the impetuous
girl down on the sofa, whips out his ten inch cock (the
biggest dick her “innocent” eyes have EVER seen!), and
impales his little girl on his incestuous man-tool!
Making her squeal in ecstasy, taming her shrewish
nature… blah, blah, blah… or something of that

Well, Tom married his “fling” and she turned out to be
great. Considering she’s the – same – age – as – me!
Nearly thirty years his younger.

Oh yeah, don’t think I didn’t have internal fits about
that! I mean, Tammy, Tom’s ‘new’ wife, is like me in so
many ways, that we get along like sisters! Well, at least

I love her to death, she’s got this certain sensuality
that makes being in her company very relaxing, and
comfortable. Family-girl, always greets you with a huge
smile and tight hug. Ooo… which I love! She’s got to
have the softest, biggest, dive your face between them,
shake ’em up and go “Bbbbbbwuaaaaah!” boobs I have ever
had the pleasure of rubbing titties with!

She’s a yummy, dark chocolate, Polynesian lady. I’ve
often wondered, what secrets lay hidden between her
velvety thighs. I imagine she’s always moist, probably
has a nice patch of dark, curly hair that completely
hides her juicy, suckable, full padded, outer, pussy
lips. Must make that incredible, sticky, wet sound when
her lips part, revealing dark, passion-purple, inner
lips, and a hard, little clit that turns dark-pink when
anticipating a hot mouth to suck it!

UHN! Yes!

Tom’s a lucky man, to plant his mouth on her pussy, look
up between her soft thighs and watch her huge tits,
jiggle and bounce, when giving her an earth shattering,
clit throbbing, white, creamy, cum dripping, eating out.

OK. So, Tom’s happily married. I sooorta got over the
jealousy, Tammy’s personality made it easy. But, Tom is
still Tom, and still very promiscuous. He read my stories
in Kristen’s and wrote me that e-mail.

Ready for the e-mail? Here goes it…

“Dear Tia,

I just read your story and all I can say is that I loved
it. It was great!! You have a definite talent for
writing. And if that story was based on fact, what a
youth you must have had! Your story was great… I even
got excited reading it (but don’t tell Darryl, he might
think that his Dad is a dirty old man… actually I am,
but he doesn’t need to know it….ha ha). I’m looking
forward to reading more of Bunny Girl’s writings… Hope
I don’t have to wait too long!


That was… it? THAT’S considered… flirting?

It sure is!

The ol’ man told me he “got excited” bringing my
attention to his… nether expansion – then remarked,
“don’t let the son know” walking on egg-shells, not
knowing if I would freak at his mild attempt at seducing
me, his daughter-in-law – and then threw in the “dirty
old man” as an excuse for his behavior.

Yup, old Tom was flirting.

Made me giggle, laugh, blush and scream, ‘Finally Tom!
After – all – these years, you’ve – finally – made a

Tom, was doomed from that moment on. Don’t know if he
knew it, don’t care if he didn’t. I – the improper woman
– was given the key to unlock Pandora’s Box. What would a
woman, like me, do with this golden key?

I, of course, replied with an innocent, ‘Oh, Dad couldn’t
have meant… that! So, I’ll just play along.’ e-mail.

“Dear Dad,
I’m really happy you liked my story, and yes, I was
awfully promiscuous growing up. Still am! =P And if you
were any other fan of my erotic stories, I’d be very
flirtatious right about now, but since you’ve been my dad
for nearly 20 years, I better be on my best behavior!

trying SO hard not to giggle

Thank you again, Dad. Oh, and what happens in the…
nether regions… giggles is the true meter of how
scrumptious a story really is! It’ll be our, little
secret. wink =P



I’ll break it down.

‘I’m excited as hell you got a boner reading my story,
but I’m pretending to be naive, but really, I’m, oh SO
naughty, wanna fuck? – OK, don’t worry, I’ll be good,
since you’re my… daddy. But you’re the one who told me
you got a hard-on, so, tell me more, and I promise to
keep a secret.’

“Dear Tia,

Don’t know why you feel that you must be on your best
behavior… after all, we have known each other for a
long time. And at my age, I welcome all the flirting I
can get!! And besides that, flirting with you on the net
would have a certain incestuous feel to it, and that
might make it even more fun.



Ooo… he said that… that… dirty, sinful, wicked –
squeeze my nipples, grind my pussy into the chair –
word… incest.

‘MmmHmm, Daddy! Do me, do me, do me! – He’s gonna fuck my
pussy doggie-style, slap my ass and make me call him…

“Dear Dad,

Oh my god, Dad! If you could see, how you’ve just made me
You’re BAD! giggles (runs in the male genes of this
family, I guess.) wink

bites bottom lip and grins
The thought is naughty and exciting though, don’chya

body blushes all over!!

And at ‘your’ age you look better than most the men, ‘my’
age, and younger! Don’t sell yourself short, Dad. You’re
still as handsome, playful and charming as ever, you just
don’t notice the female attention you get.

(Little secret now… You’ve been my ‘crush’ material for
a long, long time.)

OK! regains composure

I better go now, you’ve got me giggling and blushing SO
hard, I’ve gotta take a cold shower just to calm down!

tight hug

Love always,
walks to the shower giggling”

The following e-mail spouted the subject heading, “First
Attempt at Flirting” – like he hadn’t been flirting up to
this point. Tom still protected himself, made sure to
advertise his next, grand move.

That’s a wonderful trait of the older man though, they
don’t rush, they take their time and build anticipation.
It also allows the woman time to, kindly, decline his
proposal… which of course, she’d be insane to turn down
such a gentleman. I might be nuts, but I ain’t insane!

“Dear Tia,

Yes, I am BAD! But people don’t notice it any more. In
fact, I used to tell people that I was the world’s
youngest, dirty old man.

It is really flattering to learn that I have been your
“crush” material for a long time. Since we are telling
each other secrets, let me share one with you… my
favorite flavor is cinnamon. I guess that means we are

On Christmas day, we’ll have brunch at about 10 AM. I’ll
call Derrick tonight.

I think it would be neat if I called you Bunny… that
could be our secret name for you.

tight hug

Now I have to take a cold shower.



Two things in this e-mail. Firstly, his favorite flavor,
was an allusion to one of my stories where I boldly
announced to the world, that my cum has a slight cinnamon

‘Mmm… Tom wants to taste my pussy.’

Secondly… Christmas.

I slumped in my chair. Too suddenly, I was being put to
the ultimate test, of this slow building, incestuous
affair. With the entire family present, I would have to
do my best acting job ever, and pretend there was
absolutely nothing secretive, going on between Tom and
me. Had to keep my cool around him, act as if I didn’t
want to rip his clothes off right at the front door,
straddle his waist and grind my dripping pussy on his
steel-solid cock. AND do all this, without letting those
teenage fantasies, that swelled up again, consume me.

‘Oh, I’m not gonna back down! Ima grown woman now!
Multitudes of sexual experiences and affairs under my
belt! This man is NO match for MY knowledge! Yeah! I can
do it! I am a – Sex Goddess!’


Do you think we should? I mean… the way I’m blushing,
the hot, creamy feelings between my thighs, my nipples so
tight and pointing hard, all say ‘yes’ – but, somewhere,
in this dreamy fantasy, I hear a voice saying ‘no’ – It
could get dangerous… couldn’t it? It’s not right… is

Then again, me brushing my fingertips over my nipples,
while imagining you reading my stories, and your…
cock… getting rock, hard… isn’t right… either.

Is it, Dad?

When you told me your little secret, that cinnamon’s your
favorite flavor, my mouth went dry, I blushed hard all
over and … my pussy throbbed. I had to close my e-mail,
walk away and take a breather.

Might have been your first attempt at flirting, and you
might have thought you were mild and gentle, but, Dad,
you knocked me out of my seat. You can imagine the
naughty thoughts I had… the very naughty thoughts I’m
having right now.

You’re my inspiration to write another story. It’s
completely based on you, but don’t worry, when I submit
it, I’ll make it anonymous. I’ll let you know if they
post it, but you’ll have to search for it yourself. It’ll
be “our secret” that hopefully others, like us, will

I’m alone at the moment, I should take another cold
shower and calm down, but, I’m very wet, past that
delicious, sexual point, of no return.

You won’t mind that I touch myself, while fantasizing
about you reading my stories, and getting a hard-on,
would you? Or even that I’m imagining you, pulling your
beautiful cock out from your shorts, right there at your
comp, stroking it, whispering naughty things to yourself
like, “Yeah Bunny, your Dad’s stroking off his big cock
for you!” and cuming all over yourself… would you?

bites my bottom lip and whimpers internally

Oooh, Dad! See what you’ve done now? I’m so turned on, it

Dad, if you tell me to stop, I will, like the good
daughter-in-law I’ve always been. But, please, Dad…
please don’t tell me to stop. You’re wild, and sexy, and
hot… and this is sooooo naughty, isn’t it?

licking my lips, touching myself

Love Always,

Your Bunny~


Oh yes, this “old man” was in for it now! I’ve been
waiting forever to make him my looove slave! He’s gotta
be shaking in his boots! His newly discovered, wild-
woman, is gonna make her entrance on Christmas morning
and change his life forever!

I planned on seducing him with my eyes, my lips, my grace
and charm. I even tied cinnamon sticks, in a bow, around
a bottle of wine, with a little recipe for “Cinnamon
Passion Wine” – oh, Tom was about to have all his deep,
dark, secret desires, fulfilled!

Christmas morning, I donned my cutest, denim skirt and
tight little sweater. Slipped on my blue, satin and lace
thongs. (Blue is Tom’s favorite color.) Made up my face
with ‘daytime’ glow, painted my lips to a perfect pout,
doused myself with new, expensive, Christmas-stocking-
stuffer perfume, looked in the mirror and admired my own
handy work.

Also, on Christmas morning… I tripped over my own, six-
inch, high-heeled shoes, walking down the sidewalk in
front of the family house – Tom’s house. I stumbled
through the front door, with Tom standing there, sparkle
in his eye like I’d seen so, many years ago. I fumbled
with gifts and packages when Tom made his way through the
sea of family faces and chattering. And I snorted a
nervous laugh when he stepped directly in front of me.

‘What’s wrong with me?! UGH!’

Tom held my face in his hands and kissed me… softly…
gently, and wished me a Merry Christmas. Timidly, I
mumbled something like, “Oh… heh… snort… yeah…
Merry Christmas Dad.” Body shaking, I slipped by and made
my way, far, from him.

The entire morning was a blur. Blur of Christmas brunch,
gobbled. Blur of Christmas wrapping, torn and tossed in
the air by a frenzied cast of gift mongers. Blur of
sparkling Christmas-morning faces, and a blur of
glittering, Christmas lights.

Finally, Christmas was over. ‘I wanna go home, Darryl,
pleeeeeease let me go home, pleeeeeeese take me home. I
wanna go home.’

I tried not to think about the fool I made of myself. All
self-esteem, out the window, along with my teenage dreams
of coupling with Tom, the most experienced lover, this
side of Venus.

But, the morning after, I awoke to the nicest, most
uplifting letter, from my wonderful father-in-law.

“Wow Bunny,

You were SO sexy yesterday… wearing that mini skirt
with the laces up the sides. I’ll bet I could undo them
with my teeth. You must be trying to give me a heart
attack or something… You were SO hot! And you have such
fetching knees! Just made for kissing behind them…

Tonight I am going to have some wine with cinnamon and
dream dreams of you all night…

So until I see you in my dreams, I will be thinking of


Love always,


‘He said, “fetching” – how adorable and sweet! He still
loves me! He didn’t notice when I toppled scrambled egg
onto my sweater! He didn’t see when my hand got caught in
the swinging, trashcan lid! He didn’t hear me slurp my
coffee because my hands were shaking so bad from nerves!
And if he DID hear and see all that… HE didn’t care!’

I tippy-toed and danced around the house and twirled like
a little, sugarplum fairy on the wings of a butterfly.

No, OK, of course I didn’t, Darryl was home, but my heart
did leap and skip for joy.

“Dearest Dad,

Thank you for the sweetest compliments, but I’m SO not
used to them! (Neither are my knees. chuckles) Take it
easy on me… remember, I’m an old married woman.
giggles You looked good yourself, Sexy. I’ve always
liked you in jeans…

DAD! I was nervous from the moment we drove into the
neighborhood, all the way until we got home! still
laughing nervously Did it show?

My knees almost buckled, with our first, hello kiss… I
shook SO hard when I handed you the bottle of wine, I
nearly dropped it… and the good-bye kiss was enough to
make me throw my hands up in the air and yell, “OK! My
heart can’t TAKE this anymore!” giggles

At one point, I wanted to sit on the floor, at your feet,
lay my head on your lap and beg you to make all my
nervousness, go away. sigh But, I handled… somewhat.

YOU, on the other-hand, were cool, calm and collected,
JUST as I predicted! =P

By the way, I know your favorite color is blue, so, I
wore blue panties under my skirt… was a nice little
secret that made me feel incredibly naughty all
afternoon. SO naughty in fact, that I had to toss them in
the laundry when I got home. Couldn’t walk around with
that huge, slippery, wet spot any longer.

I love you to pieces, Dad!


Your Bunny


I was very appreciative of his compliments, and wrote a
tame response; after all, I’d been knocked off of my high

Then… the phone rang, “Hey Darryl, it’s Dad! Tammy and
I want you guys to come over for New Year’s Eve,

“Sure, Dad!” Darryl accepted.

“Oh no…” I muttered to myself.

My body crumpled, “Again…? I have to do all this, all
over, and all so… soon?”

Second verse, same as the first, except, it was worse.

I was so tense all night that I got a stiff neck, which
gradually made it’s way down my shoulders and entire
back. Billowing smoke from massive, firework displays,
set off my childhood asthma. And my ‘monthly visitor’
decided to make an early appearance and naturally, I was
ill prepared for the event. I was distant, uncomfortable,
still nervous like a teenage girl, tried to get drunk,
but nerves kept me sober.

Tom caught me on the side, asked if I was ok. I snorted
that stupid, nervous laugh, that just comes out of
nowhere when he talks to me! and spewed a list of
‘ailments’ affecting me.

He hasn’t written yet, two days have slipped away since
our New Year’s (ugh) celebration. I suppose it’s for the
best though… the whole incestuous, situation was much,
too dangerous, even for this – improper, sensuous, sex

Besides, Tom couldn’t handle this woman’s sexual
expertise if he wanted to.

Now, could you Dad? wink




A sweet, little update:
I sent this story to my dad-in-law for permission to use
his e-mail and for approval on the story, also to let him
know I’m still a, ready and willing partner to do…
whatever he can dream up. As expected, I got a reply, but
unexpectedly, it wasn’t from Tom… it was from Tom’s
wife, Tammy.

“Hi ‘Tia,’ wicked smile

I enjoyed reading your fantasy of my husband so much I
started to get turned on. In fact, when reading about the
tanning session, my nipples started to get hard.

You really express what a woman wants when she wants to
get FUCKED! In fact, I was aroused reading the whole
story. Maybe because I knew it was about my husband and
nothing turns me on more than him.

I’ve got to say you are SOOOO BAD! I’m putting my ‘Tom’
on a short leash.

Oh, by the way, you can multiply your fantasy by ten and
you still wouldn’t come close to the real thing. =P
Though, I must say you do have a way with words.

huge smile and tight hug


Put Tom on a short leash?

Since receiving this e-mail from Tammy last night, my
fantasies about Tom have included his sexy wife. Now,
what do you think, an improper woman, like me, should do?

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