Dad’s Night Out

First off I’d like to say my wife Ellen is basically my
sex slave. She is 5″7″ 36-26-24 and She does whatever I
ask, no questions asked. I like to play a game I call
Mystery night. On this night I tie my wife blindfolded
to the bed and then I have someone come in and fuck
her. She never knows who it is, this is way she is being
fooled; never knowing who is fucking her and the one
fucking her is fooled because he thinks that she thinks
it’s me.

On this night I had decided to let my Dad fuck her. He
is in his mid 70’s and kept telling me how he hasn’t
had sex in 6 years. One day I explained to him that
Ellen and I play this game where I tie her up and
blindfold her and then I have sex with her. I told him,
why don’t you come over and I would let him fuck her
but he must be quiet and pretend to be me. (I even let
him wear my cologne). He asked if this would work and I
said I thought so. He of course did not know I’ve done
this before with others.

That night I had Ellen tied with her arms to the
bedposts with her blindfold on and told her tonight
would be special. I had my Dad come over and I told him
anything he wants to do is all right with me. When my
Dad saw her lying there, (thanks to Viagra) he showed a
nice hard on. I announced I need you to suck my cock
now Bitch and make it wet so I can fuck you good. With
this my dad placed his cock in her mouth and she went
to town on it licking and sucking.

From the look on my Dad’s face I thought he’d blow it
right there. Once she worked on it for a few minutes he
pulled out and went down to her legs. He licked her
clit and Ellen moaned “Oh Larry” (that’s my name) and
I said when he stopped, “you like that don’t you?’ and
she just moaned again. Now my Dad placed his cock at
the lips of her cunt and pushed in slowly.

He was really enjoying this. Once in, though he started
fucking her in frenzy-like a man possessed. I guess
that comes from not having sex for years. My wife was
moaning “yes, yes, faster, faster, more!”

After a little more of this my dad suddenly stopped, I
thought something was wrong and I leaned close to him
and he whispered anything? I immediately knew and
handed him the K-Y. His face lit up and he applied some
to his cock and then lubed his finger and put it in her

After working her ass a little he slowly put his cock
in. You’d have thought he won the lottery by the grin
on his face and he slowly started pumping her ass. He
fucked her ass for a good 15 minutes before he came in
her, all the while my wife moaning my name.

When he pulled out I said to Ellen “I’m not done yet, I
need to clean up.” With that My Dad left and then as
his cum leaked out of her ass, I came back in her,
fucked her pussy until she had an orgasm and I shot my
load. I then scooped up the mixed cum in my hand and
let her lick it off. To this day I have had six
different guys fuck her and she never knows that it has
happened. I could tell her in advance but I like it
better this way. This way when she meets them again
later she never realizes and that again makes it better
for me.

She still cannot figure out why my Dad treats her so
well lately!

Next time I am thinking about having two buddies take