Dad’s Quiet Weekend

I’m sitting on my couch, watching some TV, and
thinking of the nice weekend I am about to have with
no-one to bother me.

The wife has left for the weekend to take care of some
matters in another state.

It is very cold winter time, so no one is about on the
road. All the other houses are shuttered for the
season, so things should be quiet for a couple of

I have the fridge stocked with juices, fruit, a new
box of cereal, plenty of coffee, near beer, white wine
in the fridge, red in the cupboard, popcorn, meat,
veggies, and bread for sandwiches. My pill supply is
good for a couple of weeks, and I am all set to stay
put, and enjoy some solitude.

The weather is cold, but the house is toasty, and the
fireplace is laid, just in case I feel the need for a
fire’s warmth.

I’m watching a program on TV about rebuilding a house
for some people that had been ripped off by a
contractor. It is not riveting TV, but it does wile
away the time without the complications of news,
politics, or social upheaval.

It is Friday night, about 9 PM and I am thinking about
switching to the computer to check email, and maybe
look at some Girl on Girl porn. Charlie Harper seems
to think that’s the best, and in my pathetic way, I
want to see how worthwhile it might be.

Suddenly, I hear a car door closing, and I get up,
cross to the door, and turn on the outdoor lights. Who
the hell could this be?

It is my daughter. Damn I think, she is here from
another state, and I guess she is here for the
weekend. Any consolation for interrupting my solitude
is that her significant other might be along. Two
beautiful women to look at all weekend won’t be all

She has two bags of food in her arms, and she clambers
up the stairs to the front door, which I hold open for
her. “Welcome, this is a nice surprise.”

“I’ve come alone this time to have some Dad time.” She
smiles and kisses my cheek.

“Can I get your bag from the car?” I ask.

“Sure. Did I park OK, I assumed Mom took your car, so
I parked in front of your garage door. Is that OK?”
She looked at me shyly.

“Oh yes I shouldn’t be going anywhere so you are fine
right there.” I quickly dash to the car and grab her
two bags, and bring them in.

“I’ll take these upstairs for you,” and climbed the
stairs, turning on lights as I go. I place the bags in
the guest bedroom with the full sized bed my daughter

I also raise the thermostat in the bedroom to 72, as I
know she wants warmth. My preference for 68 makes her
wear heavy sweat shirts or sweaters which never look
good on beautiful women.

She is putting the food away when I get downstairs,
and I raise the thermostat that controls the ground
floor to 72, so she is comfortable. She is too pretty
to be layered up to keep warm. I want her comfy,
because I love her and I want to see her beauty not
her clothes.

“Gee I guess the season for winter activities is over,
there are no lights in the houses for miles up here.”
She looks at me closely.

“You are right,” I remark, “you can go for days
without seeing anyone unless the mail guy has a
package, or the overnight delivery services have
something for your mother. It’s the weekend, so there
will be no traffic up here.”

“Good,” she looks into my eyes. “That is what I was
hoping for. I want time with just you.”

She takes my hand and leads me to the den. It is
really my room, full of memorabilia from a life time
of boats, motorcycles, sports, family pictures and the
like. I have a chair and a half recliner, which my
wife and I share when we are watching movies on the
TV. It is my afternoon nap bed as well.

She takes me to the chair, and sits me. Then she takes
off her coat, throws it on the couch, removes her
sweater, and tosses that away as well.

Now she stands in front of me, with her blouse tied
under her breasts, and a halter up over her neck. She
smiles and unties the blouse.

“What is going on?” I ask.

“Be quiet. This is my time with you, and I am finally
going to be with you as I have wanted to be since I
was 13.” She unbuttons her jeans, unzips the fly, and
pulls the pants off her beautiful body. She stands now
looking and me and smiling. She is only a blouse and
panties away from being nude.

She slithers down into my lap, and fills the extra
space in the chair with her legs.

“May I ask why no clothes?” I look askance.

“I want to make love to you,” she smiles pertly. “I
have wanted you since I was just old enough to know I
wanted to have sex. I never wanted any man except you,
and that is why I have never had serious sex with a
man, and only had intimacy with women. I wanted to
hold myself for this day.”

“When you came here and told us you were gay, you
didn’t mean it?” I quizzed.

“I told you I was in love with a beautiful person and
we were living together. You know how petty people can
be, and I didn’t want you to hear about it over the
grapevine. I love this woman, but my first man is
going to be you.”

“You are assuming a lot.” I answered.

“No I’m not.” She said as she took my chin in her hand
and kissed me on the mouth. “You love me, I love you,
and we are tonight going to celebrate that, even
though I am your daughter, and you are my father.”

She kissed me again. “Come on open your mouth and kiss
me.” She whispered, “You’ll like it.”

She moved one inch from my lips, and looked into my
eyes. I could see a burning fire behind those pretty
eyes, and I took her head in my hand and kissed her.

We kissed for ten minutes. We hugged, we rubbed our
backs, and we stroked each other’s necks.

All the while, there is something going on here I
don’t understand. Do I want this girl, should I want
her? She is my daughter and convention says I
shouldn’t want her ever. I am 25 years older than her.
I have been faithful to my wife all these years, and
here I am making out with my own daughter. I am even
growing a hard penis despite my doubts. That damn
thing has a mind of its own.

“Daddy, don’t think about it.” She says reading me
like a book. “I’ve been bottling this up for so many
years, and decided – enough, I have to act. I love
you. I have wanted you since I first saw you naked
with your cock swinging and your balls hanging as you
walked to the laundry room one day. I was 13. I had an
orgasm just watching you. I kept my position up the
stairs to see you as you walked back to the bedroom.
Unfortunately you had laundry in your arms, so I
couldn’t see you again swaying in rhythm to your walk

“Were we alone in the house?” I asked.

“No Mom was somewhere, so I couldn’t swoop down and
kiss your cock and suck it as I wanted. I just
climaxed into my panties, which I had to change five
minutes later. I kept them in my sock drawer for a
week. I took them out at night and slept with them. I
could smell my cum and it brought back that image, or
video of you walking by. I came and came to that

“Oh sweetheart,” I said, kissing her cheek. “You and I
should have talked about it. We might have reached
some perspective and perhaps things would be different

She moved slightly and unbuttoned the top four buttons
of my shirt. She put her hands inside and softly
stroked my chest, concentrating on my nipples. She
kissed me again and we continued for a few minutes.

She kisses in the sexiest manner. She turns her head
and looks at me, then she takes my upper or lower lip
in her lips and she puts her tongue deep into my
mouth. She will then meet my tongue and suck it into
her lips and pretend it is a cock and slide it in her
lips in and out. It is an amazing feeling.

Then she releases my tongue, and puts her tongue in my
mouth and I do the same to her. She is pressing her
breasts against me while stroking my neck. I am going
crazy. The breasts are taut, yet plump. Well taken
care of by her girlfriend. I can’t feel the nipples
yet, but I shouldn’t even be thinking about them
right? Having intimate father � daughter relations
shouldn’t be on my or her agenda, right?

Anna smiles, “You see I love men. I know how to ignite
men. I know how to climax men. I can do the same with
women too.” She looks away, “but this weekend I am
going to love you in every way two people can, and I
am going to sleep with you in the same bed so I can
kiss you, or suck you or put your cock inside me
whenever I want, and you can ravish me whenever you

We lay there for a minute or two. Then she unbuttoned
her blouse, and opened it spilling her perfect
rounded, pink tipped teardrops into view. They are
beautiful beyond description. The nipples a rose tone
about a half inch long. The areolas are large and
bumpy and a perfect delicate pink against her white
flesh. The flesh is plump in just the right places. As
those treasures fall out of the blouse, swinging
slightly, I reach for them, squeezing softly and
marveling at the sexual pleasure they bring to me.

I am hypnotized by what I thought was behind her
clothes all these years, and now that I now see the
reality, it is so sexy. I am actually playing with
them, not imagining them, and my cock rises further.

“Do you want to kiss them?” She inquires.

“What does your girlfriend call them?” I laugh.

“‘My Lovelies'” she smiles.

I touch the right nipple at its end, so softly she
barely feels it. The end is dimpled as though it was
ready to open and pour milk into my mouth. I touch it
again giving it a push to the side. Anna takes a short
steep breath. I kiss it and finish with a quick swipe
of my tongue.

“Are you teasing me?” She pleads.

“No I’m teasing me.” I say. “I am thinking how to get
past the social stigmas attached to me sucking your
nipple and feeling the softness of your breast in my
hand. I’m not supposed to think about sucking my
daughter’s breasts. I’m not supposed to think of
feeling your softness and hoping that I will see the
rest of you. I am supposed to repress those feelings.”

“Let me simplify it for you,” She says while stroking
my cheek and pressing both my hands on her breasts.
“The prohibition on fathers and mothers copulating
with their c******n stems from the fear of inbreeding.
Dads and daughters or sons and mothers making babies
can end up with underachieving kids or worst, severely
mentally challenged c******n. It is genetics and makes

“Religion uses this as a way to keep parishioners in
fear of God’s wrath. Parent sin if they have sex with
their c******n. It is one of many guilt weapons of all
religiosity. The legal system picked it up as one way
to forestall c***d a***e.

“So planting your semen in your daughter is wrong.
That is what we learned, and you and I kept our

“That reasoning has a fallacy built into it that is
forgotten in the embarrassment most feel when talking
about all this. A man and woman can express their love
today, without having c******n by using contraception.

“We all can screw whomever we want, keep our mouths
shut about it, and not make babies. It would upset our
wives, or husbands, or partners, of course, because
society also says one man one woman, not many
partners. But really, that in and of itself is also
silly and is apparently ignored by half of all
marriages, just look at the divorce rate, 50%.

“Having sex with small c******n or those kids not
schooled in the meaning of intercourse between a man
and a woman, is of course wrong on the face of it. It
is a***e. But adults having sex is natural, and with
the modern protections against disease and
pregnancies, we should be able to follow our desires

“We know that the most popular porn in the world is
girl on girl, and the second is the complete gamut of
threesomes. What does that tell you? Behind the veil
of privacy, I think humans want to express their love
for each other outside of the monogamy of marriage,
because it is possible to do so today without
consequences if the act is faced with physiological

“Questions?” She asks kissing me and putting her
tongue deep into my mouth.

I kiss her back, and hold her closer.

“Do you have more?” I ask.

“Yes. You and I are beyond the innocence of childhood,
and I am beyond the age of c***d bearing. So I find
all the reasons for not putting the make on my father
or you on me are past. Only the physiological remains
and that is for each of us to measure. I have made my
decision, and I believe it is not rationalization, it
is thoughtful.

“I want your penis deep into my vagina and pumping in
there as many times as I can get it. I want you to
lick me and make me cum, anytime you want. And I
intend to suck you with my lips and my pussy until you
cum so I can swallow your juices and delight in your
semen inside my womb. I want us to nakedly copulate
thereby showing the other how much we do love each
other and at the same time, respect the sanctity of
our bodies.

“It will give us a bond of love much like you and Mom
have for each other, and what a treasure it will be
for us.”

She sits up raising her body so her breasts are right
at my mouth. Her rosy nipples are hard, and very

“Come on Dad, take a nipple in your mouth, I can’t
wait to feel you love me and I may just orgasm the
minute you lick it.” She pulls my nose toward her
right nipple.

I open my mouth and reach out with my tongue to touch
the nipple and lift it slightly. I waggle my tongue
around the shaft, and then using my hand I cup the
breast compressing the flesh, and pushing the nipple
and areola into my mouth. I close my mouth over the
delicious appendage and lick and suck it with vigor.

She shutters, and throws her head back. “Oh my God,”
she gasps.

I use my right hand to heft her left breast and I
pinch and roll that nipple with my thumb and

I continue to lick and suck the right breast, nibbling
on her nipple with my lips and licking it to drive her
mad. She is in heaven and so am I.

I pull away, and she dips to kiss me deeply.

She sits up and begins to put her blouse back together
much to my disappointment.

“Where is your computer?” She says.

I reach for it on the table and she turns it on. She
looks cold so I pull the afghan from the back of the
chair and cover her legs. I want her warm and ready.

“Is this automatically on the internet?” she asks.

“Yup” I say.

She keys in a web site, and soon there is a porn site
on the screen. She types something in the search box,
and a Video pops up. She starts it, and clicks on the
box to make it play full screen.

“I want you to see what Sue and I do. And I want to
watch your reaction.” She turns the screen so we can
both watch.

A girl is reading in bed, and another comes in to
talk. They both are wearing see through slips, and
panties. Nipples are visible, as are the cute panties
in the crotch of each girl. Soon they are kissing,
fondling, and undressing. The blond gets her boobs
kissed and sucked, and eventually after some serious
kissing, the brunette is in the blonde’s crotch
licking pussy and fingering the clit. It is very sexy
and my cock is at full attention.

“Are you excited?” Anna asks as she exits the video
and closes down the computer.

“It is really stimulating.” I answer.

Anna reaches to my crotch and feels my erection.

“Now”, she says “you know what we girls do to each
other. We love it. We love our bodies, and we love to
make the other climax as often as we can. It is

“Girl on girl, boy on boy, boy boy girl, or girl girl
boy it is all the same – beautiful. And it has nothing
to do with morals or religion. It is humanity
expressing itself sexually to convey to one another,
something uniquely human � love.”

I look at her, and smile. Then I laugh. “Will you be
gentle with me?” I ask.

She throws her hands around my neck, and looks into my
eyes. We don’t speak, we kiss, hug, and snuggle. I
wrap the afghan around us both, and then take her
blouse off, and my shirt off. I play with her boobs,
and she undoes my belt and unbuttons my jeans. I hunch
my hips up and slip the pants off. Now we are even,
underpants for all.

I bring her to me and our skin is touching and
tingling. I stroke her back and sides with my open
hands, and she is driving me nuts with her finger
nails gently scratching my back and sides.

“Can I have a glass of wine and offer the same to
you?” She nods, and I quickly scamper to the cupboard
and open the red wine. Two glasses are partially
filled, and in my undershorts, I scamper back to the

She has moved to the couch and is covered by the
afghan. I see her panties on the chair, so she is
naked. She pulls the afghan tight over her breasts,
and I see nipples sticking out of the loose weave

“Come here naked, and join me.” She purrs.

I slip off my boxer-briefs, and quickly put the wine
on the floor by the couch. She lifts the afghan and I
slide in next to her. She covers me, and says, “No
wine until you slide into me.”

She grabs my cock, and places it at her vagina
entrance. She slides it up and down from her clit to
her warm tunnel, and then moves her hips to capture
the head of my cock inside her.

I can’t stop my body from slowly pushing all the way
into her, and she takes several deep breaths as I go.
Suddenly her pussy is pulling on me with a tug that is
so strong, I couldn’t pull out if I wanted. Then she
nurses my cock with her muscles, and I begin to heave
my hips sliding in and out. I put my right hand on her
clit, and rub it until she is moaning loudly.

I am ready to go, but she is yet to reach the top of
the hill, so I increase my rhythm, and she takes in a
deep breath, looks into my eyes with astonishment, and
she goes over the edge into a wild wriggling
undulating orgasm.

I can’t stop, and shoot deeply inside her, then again,
then again, and finally a last spray of my warm milk.
I am over the cliff and floating in orgasmic nirvana.
I keep pushing in and out and just as my cock begins
to deflate, Anna is able to help with the hugging and

She begins to say something, and I put my finger over
her mouth, and shake my head.

“Not now,” I say. And she smiles and closes her eyes
putting her head on my shoulder.

About five minutes later, I say, “Wine?”

She nods yes, and I give her the glass. She takes a
sip as do I, and we just look at each other.

The wine warms me, and I feel such love for Anna, my
daughter, that I trace her jaw with my finger, and
kiss her mouth and then chin, and then neck.

She wriggles her body closer to mine, and I feel her
hips, her breasts, and her legs all touching me.

“Are you warm enough?” I ask.

She nods yes. “I want to clean you up down there. Move
back a bit.”

I do, and she slides down to my hips and looking into
my eyes, she opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue
and begins to lick my cock. It is shiny with our
fluids and she is cleaning it slowly, but completely.

Now she come back up, covers us with the afghan, and
says, “I have left some on my lips for you to enjoy.
It is mostly my cream, but there is some of you there
too. Enjoy.”

I lick her chin and her lips, and taste our juices
which are delicious. I kiss her, and say, “Your

We rest and drink wine, kissing every once in a while.
Finally, she says, “I have to pee.”

She gets up, gathers her clothes and leaves me alone
on the couch.

I get up. Get dressed, and fold the afghan. I take the
wine glasses to the kitchen, and begin to turn out

I hear Anna talking, and she comes around the corner
talking on the phone.

“It’s Sue, I promised to call when I got in.” Anna

“Say hi from me,” I add.

Anna says, “I love you, bye.” And she turns off the
phone. “I’m out of range for the rest of the weekend.

“Not my range I hope,” I chuckle.

“I’m putting my car in your garage space. I don’t want
anyone to know I’m here.” And she ducked out of the
house to the car. I went around and opened the
overhead door for her, and closed it after she was

She came in and threw her arms around me. “Will you
sleep with me upstairs? I think Mom’s bed might be
somewhat heavy baggage on our minds.”

“Oh road trip, what fun.” I kissed her.

Chapter Two

I keep working on the kitchen, straightening things
up, and getting the dishwasher working. Anna is
watching me. My daughter is spending the weekend alone
with me, so we can express our love for each other as
intimately as we have wanted despite all the silly
reasons we shouldn’t be doing this.

She comes over to the counter next to the fridge, and
pulls her pants down. She scoots herself onto the
counter, and pulls her legs apart. Then she licks her
finger, and looking at me, reaches between her legs
and pulls her panties aside, so I can see her shiny
pussy which I had so recently filled with my cock.

“Come here will you, I need help.” She says quietly.

“What can I do” I say as I come over to her.

“Put two fingers in my pussy and scoop out some of our
juices. I cleaned myself out in the bathroom, but
there is more there.” She smiles devilishly.

I put two fingers in her as deep as I could, and feel
juices inside her. God it is warm in there. I gathered
what I could, and pulled my dripping fingers out. She
quickly brought my fingers to her mouth.

She opened her lips, and licked and sucked the fingers
to transfer the cream and semen into her mouth. She
swallowed, and said, “Again please.”

I obeyed and found more cream and juice deep inside
her warm vagina. Every time I reached further in,
looking to every nook and cranny to find our cum, she
wriggles and shutters a little.

This time I kiss her vagina lips as I bring out the
liquid. My fingers are wrapped by more of the elixir
she desired. Additionally coital milk was oozing from
her deep pink pussy. I lapped that up with my tongue.
She shivered and moaned.

She took my hand and brought it to me. I opened my
mouth and sucked our juices into my mouth and
swallowed the delicious fluids.

“Now we are bound by our love juices. We have taken
each other into our bodies, and it will be there
forever.” She kissed me and we tongue dueled for a few

I reached between her legs and slowly stroked her open
pussy. I pushed my thumb against her clit opening, and
she wriggled as I kissed her. I put two fingers inside
her and found her G-Spot. She took a very deep breath
in response.

I waggled my fingers against that sensitive spot, and
she began to moan. I pumped my fingers in and out,
like a mock penis, and she began to shutter into a
mild orgasm. She reached for me to keep from falling,
and I pulled my wet fingers out and gave them to her
mouth to suckle, while I covered her pussy with my
mouth and sucked and licked and sucked again until she

“Holy crap,” She whispered. “That was a surprise, and
wonderful. Thank you.”

“Anytime I think I can bring you off, I will, so
beware.” I giggled.

She hopped down and adjusted her panties and bent over
to pick up her pants.

We finished straightening up the kitchen, and headed

“Do I need my pajamas?” I asked.

“Since when have you worn pajamas?” She cooed. “I want
you nude, wet, and in me as much as possible all
weekend. So no pajamas and no nightgowns for us. OK?”

“Yes mistress.” I responded.

I took her hand and followed that beautiful ass and
long legs up the stairs.

As she started into the bathroom, she said, “I need to
freshen up a little, so start without me.”

“I need to pee too,” I laughed. “So how about a mutual

“Great idea, but in the tub with hot water if you
don’t mind,” She smiled. She reached for her toilet
kit in one of her bags and pulled out a bulb like
device, similar to what you’d use to baste a Turkey,
but smaller. Then she went into the bathroom.

I went into the bedroom also, and quickly put the temp
up to 75. I don’t want many covers on us, so a warm
bedroom is a must for successful nudity and no male
shrinkage, a malady that George Cassandra used to

I shed my clothes, and returned to the bathroom. Anna
is sexy and naked and in the shower. I join her and
find the water warm and perfect for cuddling. She is
just putting the bulb thingy on the side of the tub.
It perhaps has already served its purpose.

I reach around her and cup her breasts from behind.
The water is cascading down her front, and she turns
her head to kiss me.

At that moment, nature calls and my built in sprinkler
system begins to pump fluid onto to Anna’s back and
down between her ass cheeks. She draws a breath with a
hiss, and she begins to relieve herself, turning
around so I am now watering her front and she is
sprinkling on my legs and feet.

We giggle and kiss. I pick some of my pee in my hands
and rub it into her breasts. “Now I will have to spend
some time on those to be sure they are sanitary.” I
say quietly.

She takes the hint stops draining, and places my cock
between her legs, and then quickly begins to release
the rest of her warm liquids. “I’ll have to soap you
up too, to sterilize your cock, so it is clean as a
whistle when it goes into me again.” She squeezes my
cock and it sprays my last stream onto her pussy. She
shivers at the sensation.

We gather soap and lather each other, kissing
everything we clean and rubbing everywhere we can. I
suck her nipples extensively, and say, “I just want to
be sure there is no latent milk left from when you
were breast feeding.”

She laughed out loud.

She had once, 20 years ago, surrogated for an invalid
friend, and had fed the baby with those magnificent
breasts for six months while living in the couple’s
house. I often wondered if the husband had pollenated
Anna personally or whether it was done by artificial
insemination as they claimed. Living with Anna in the
house for six months must have been a temptation.

I suds her bottom’s cheeks, the crease between, and
all of her exciting treasures there. She does the same
to me. It is so pleasurable to be slip sliding in
those places.

Finally it is time to exit the shower before we become
puckered skin rags. So I hug her, she does the same to
me, and we kiss several times deeply.

I reach for the shutoff valve, and leave the water on
cold for 5 seconds, until she shrieks and wiggles out
of the tub. “You devil!” She hollers.

We wrap ourselves in towels, and head for the bed. I
close the bedroom door behind us. We are now in an
almost soundproof vault, free to do as we wish,
unfettered for many hours.

Chapter Three

My adult daughter and I are exploring our repressed
feelings for one another for the first time. We each
have wanted to be intimate with the other, but social
mores have kept us apart. We are alone tonight, and
are about to spend our first time in bed together.

Anna drops the towel, and puts it on a chair. She is
so beautiful from behind. Her back is straight and
true, with shoulder blades defining her upper torso.
She has the cutest behind, with firm perfect globe
cheeks, and small indents in the middle, a place to
put your fingers when you clasp her cheeks.

My daughter’s legs are long and shapely, and where
they meet at her hips, and in between the upper
thighs, is a gap that is topped by her outer labia
that are pink and smooth. In between, her clitoris
sheath is distended slightly with the opening or eye
peaking back at me. Her inner lips are just showing
where her flower is ready to burst from its protective

She climbs onto the bed and her breasts swing softly
topped with those perfect nipples as she rolls onto
the blanket and sheets. She has spread her hair out on
the pillow, and placed her hands on her stomach as her
fingers played with her tummy button.

She smiles as I look at her. “Are you a righty or
lefty in the bed,” she asks?

I laugh, “That is the last thing I would have thought
of at this moment. You are so beautiful I can’t get my
mind to switch to anything but feasting on your body
and being.”

I drop my towel on top of hers and turn to the bed,
with my now hard cock leading the way. I climb up on
the four poster bed, and nestle right next to her on
her left side. My cock is on her stomach and it is
drooling at the prospect of being so close to the
Promised Land.

She shudders as we touch, and I kiss her delicately on
the lips and chin. I lift and look down her body, over
her breasts and nipples to her hips and Mons, and down
her legs. What a perfect sculpture.

She reached out and pulls my head back to her lips.
“I’m here and I need a lot of kissing and hugging.”

We do just that as I snuggle as close to her as I can
get. She turns puts her body against my chest and
hips, and she circles my torso with her free arm.

We both slide our hands up and down the skin we find,
looking for nooks and crannies to stroke and feel. I
want to get her as hot as I can, and I use my fingers
on her back right down her spine to her bottom crack,
slowly and with a little fingernail, to ignite the

On the way back up to her neck, I barely touch her as
I slowly move up the side of her body, to her rib cage
and up under her arm and then out the arm on the
underside until I interlace my fingers with hers. She
shudders as I pull her hand to me to kiss it. Then I
stroke her cheek and neck, as we stare into each
other’s eyes filling the other with love.

She rolls slightly to get closer, and reaches down
between us, to feel my warm hard cock. She collects
the pre-cum she finds and rubs it onto the shaft. She
says, “I must taste this. I must lick this. I must
suck and devour this.”

“Please do sweetheart, I want to watch and play with
you as you swallow my cock.” I moan almost. She
smiles, and licks her lips. I kiss her and suck on her
tongue which I know will soon be pushing me over the
cliff to orgasm.

“I’ll bring you a taste,” she teases. And she moves
away from me and slides down my body, kissing with wet
lips and her tongue licking as she went.

She grasps my shaft, and spreads more of my juice down
the shaft and all over the head. “Careful,” I chide,
“It might go off.”

“Please, please make it go off, I want to drink you so
bad.” She whispers.

“I’ll hold it as long as I can.” I groan.

She opens her lips and touches the tip of my shaft
with her tongue. She pulls some clear juice into her
mouth and swirls it onto her taste buds, and moans,

Now she opens her mouth licks her lips, and she lays
the head of my cock on her tongue pulling it into her
mouth slowly as it oozes more pre-cum onto that pink

I began thinking about Red Sox and Yankee games, to
hold myself from spurting into her open mouth, and it
did a little good. She closed her lips over my cock,
wiped the underside of the head several times with her
tongue, and slowly took the whole shaft to the base
into her throat.

Her tongue appeared licking my shaft as her warm wet
mouth slid up and down. I could barely contain myself.
So I looked away.

The sensations of her licking and swallowing and
sucking on my cock were so overpowering, I reached to
her head with my hands, and said, “I’m very, very

She sort of smiled as best she could with a mouth full
of hot cock, and began to pull back up the shaft. This
time there was no licking, just slurping and sucking.
And eventually my cock was free from her mouth. It was
shiny with her juices and mine mixed on the shaft, and
she swallowed whatever I had deposited in her mouth
and smiled.

“I am going to make you come now. In my mouth, so I
can keep every drop you eject and swallow it all.” She
blew me a kiss, and with her eyes telling me she loved
me, she began to lick my cock head and suck on the
very end.

“Ummmm,” she moaned. I could see her wet and pink
tongue now swiping across the sensitive area below the
head of my cock.

I felt my insides ready to explode, and I groaned as I
lifted my hips and climaxed. She opened her mouth and
I could see spurt after spurt of my seed shoot onto
her tongue and down her throat. I kept coming for the
longest time, and finally she closed her mouth and
took the entire head inside and sucked gently and

She pulled back and smiled then she made a big deal of
swallowing my deposit.

“I saved you some,” she said and came up to kiss me.
She hesitated and opened her mouth to show me some
milky liquid she wanted me to suck from her. I kissed
her and opened my mouth and, with my tongue, I
collected her gift, and pulled it into my mouth.

I have tasted my semen before, so this wasn’t new to
me, but it was sexy. So I made a big deal of
swallowing and enjoying the experience.

Anna smiled, “I knew you’d love that. A gift from you
to me and a gift from me to you, both Lover’s gifts
that only they know about.”

“Tasty too,” I joked.

She snuggled into my body and said, “I love you so
much and it is surreal to actually be here now. I have
let you enter me, and I have sucked you and you have
twice filled me with your milky liquor. I have waited
so long for this.”

I reached my hand down to her tummy and tantalizingly
slowly slipped my fingers to her outer labia. She is
really warm and wet. I dip my finger to her vagina and
circle its outer lips gently.

She gasps and kisses me with vigor. She puts her hand
on my cheek and licks my lips before plunging her
tongue into my mouth.

“Wow, I can taste your semen and it is sweet and salty
at the same time.” She is sucking my mouth now and
kissing me non-stop.

I am enjoying this moment. She has made me so happy by
sharing her love this way.

I kiss her again and move slowly down her chest taking
each nipple into my mouth to moisten it and bring the
nubbin to full attention. “Did you know that the best
liquid to moisturize your nipple areoles is men’s
saliva? It is a fact.” And I continued to slick and
salve her pink circles.

She hissed, “You are so full of it. A girl’s spit is
better.” She is really chuckling now.

I pinch each nipple and move to her tummy kissing all
of it with my wet tongue licking at the same time. I
reach her Mons, and I am in awe of the beauty before

I decided at this moment to share some of my latent
feelings. I have always enjoyed looking at Anna. She
is a girl and girls make men horny no matter who they
are or what their relationship family wise might be. I
had an Aunt that was a knockout. I fantasized about
her in my pre-teen years.

I saw Anna as a c***d and marveled at how beautiful
she was. In the beginning it was fatherly pride. But
when she grew to womanhood, it was repressed lust. I
never acted on it, and wouldn’t have, but it was lust

I sheepishly spoke, “This is a moment I have desired
since I saw you at about age 15 and you were drying
yourself in the bathroom. I envied that towel as it
dried your pussy. I wanted to rush in and do it with
my tongue instead. You never knew that, but I did, and
just put the feeling away.”

She smiled, “See, I was right. You did want me, and
social stigmas kept us from expressing what we felt.
Perhaps it was just as well, but not anymore.”

I moved slowly licking and kissing to her crease and
puffed her outer lips by pinching them with my hand
and kissing the flesh. Her clitoris sheath was just
peeking out and I sucked and licked every inch of
those soft lips. I touched her clit with my tongue but
kept my attention on puffing up those outer lips.

Then I opened her labia with my fingers and tongue,
and licked and kissed that pink softness from the top
to her puckered hole. I plunged my tongue inside
everywhere, and I sucked the openings and nibbled her
pink inner lips with my lips.

Anna is watching me and squeezing her breasts as I
look up at her. She is in sensory overload and she is
breathing irregularly as the sexual tension rises in
her body.

She brings her hand down to pull up on the skin at the
top of her Mons, to help me open her crease and gain
full control of her clitoris. I am now tracing the
sheath and its warm skin with my fingers, pinching it
slightly almost masturbating the clit within.

I move closer to her with one hand under her bottom
and up over her hip to run my hand over her tummy and
abdomen as I prepare to orally bring her to a
walloping orgasm.

My tongue has a mind of its own and finds nooks and
crannies that drive Anna wild. She is grunting and
moaning as my wet digit slides over under around and
into her clitoris areas. When I feel her little nubbin
appear at the entrance of its garage, I carefully and
delicately lick it, sending Anna into a wonderful
series of spasms and wiggles that are involuntary as
she clenches her body into a wide orgasm that took her
over the cliff. She stops breathing and lifts her chin
high, she clamps down on my head pulling it away from
her now extremely sensitive clitoris.

I blow warm air on her clit and kiss it repeatedly,
until she has settled and is smiling at me.

I move up her body, kissing everything thing and
sucking all protrusions as I move. Then I kiss her
chin and lips and nose and forehead until I have her
wrapped in my arms and all her frontal skin is
attached to mine.

I don’t say anything. I don’t move. My cock is hard
and pressing into her Mons, but I don’t move it.

She squeaks, “Thank you, oh my god, thank you.”

I stroke her back and begin to separate myself from
her, unwrapping myself, if you will. I move to my
knees and bring her with me. We kiss and hug, and
softly caress each other’s skin.

My right hand sneaks down to her tummy and I put my
hand between her legs making room for my next attack
on her. I put my two middle fingers at her vagina
opening, it is wet and drooling her love lubrication.
I put my index and pinky fingers on either side of her
rosebud, and insert the middle fingers inside her warm
tunnel. My thumb is on her clit, but without pressure.

My fingers reach inside and up deep behind her clit. I
am looking for her G Spot. She suddenly takes a breath
and I know I have found my landing strip.

I am holding her upright and kissing her as this
happens. I break the kiss, and she is surprised by
what I am doing. “No kissing now,” I say. “Everything
that happens now is inside your pussy, it starts and
finishes there, trust me it is OK.”

“I want to keep kissing you,” she pleads.

I shake my head “No” and begin to slowly move my
fingers in and out, up and down, and softly across her
most sensitive internal surfaces. She takes a breath
and moans. She looks into my eyes, and I silently tell
her I love her, and she sighs, “Yes.”

She throws her head back and cries out, “Daddy, I’m
going to explode.”

“I’ll catch you,” I reassure her.

She lifts her body, stiffens her back, her vagina
grips my fingers with incredible strength, and she
climbs into a huge orgasm that shakes her whole body
and steals her breath away.

It was her second orgasm in three minutes, and I keep
the fingers moving adding my thumb stroking her clit,
until a third climax takes her completely away. She
collapses into my arms, and struggles to breathe. It
is the deepest orgasm I have ever seen, and I hold her
up even though she feels limp as a rag doll.

I don’t move. I just hold her. She begins to recover
and reaches out to drape herself on my frame. She is
out of breath and she is still feeling her adrenaline
streaking to the ends of her body with that amazing
power to give such pleasure.

I am smiling, a little bit like the cat that swallowed
the canary. I knew this would be good for her;
memorable for her. I want that for her.

I kiss her cheek and she crushes her lips on mine. She
doesn’t stop kissing nor do I even as I begin to
withdraw my fingers from her now soaking wet pussy. As
I reach the outside of her vagina I circle the opening
with my fingers, and unexpectedly, Anna has her fourth
climax, a little one, and she says, “Holy Shit! Does
it ever stop?”

“Not if I can help it,” I whisper to her. I pull her
to me, and present my two middle fingers to her lips.
She snakes her tongue out and says, “Join me”. I do
and we clean her cream and juices from my hand

We are now kissing and hugging. I am playing with her
breasts thinking of spending the next hour sucking
each nipple, when she says, “One thing before we
sleep. OK?”

“Sure, two things were what I was thinking about.” I

She slithers up the bed pulling me to the pillows, and
then she reaches over and turns out the lights. We
both reach for the light covers and we snuggle on our
sides wrapped by arms and legs.

She lifts one leg over my hip, and places my cock at
her Mons. She slides the head into her crevasse, and
it leaves a trail of pre-cum as my cock head is moving
slowly down to her vagina.

Anna takes her hand away, and my cock slips into her
love tunnel, which is moist and creamy giving my cock
an easy ride to her cervix.

“Don’t you move, let me do the work.” She whispers,
and she kisses me.

She begins to massage my cock with her internal
muscles and I feel as though a thousand fingers were
pulling me into her and then letting go. Then she
would contract the walls of her vagina again and pull
me in deeper.

I could last about two minutes of this, including the
incessant kissing which is sexy in and of itself, and
I am ready to pump my seminal fluids, mixed with milky
sperm, deep into her motherly recesses.

“Fill me, wash me, splash me, hose me, with your
delicious cum” she says. Then she puts a finger at my
anus, and slowly pushes inside until she finds my
prostate. She massages it softly, and like turning on
a water spigot my balls churned and spit out a pint of
cum into her womb in five shots that were unbelievably

I couldn’t get my cock in deep enough but Lord knows I

We are on our sides, and as I came down from this
amazing climax, she convulsed into another climax of
her own as my cock began its slow migration out of her

We kissed and kissed. She turns over onto her back to
keep my juices inside, and I threw a leg over her
hips, as I put my hand on her breast with the nipple
caught between my index and middle finger.

“Sleep tight” I said.

“Wake me later for some more if you want. I am juicy
and ready anytime,” she whispered.

I closed my eyes, and rolled her nipple as I caressed
her breast flesh until I went to sleep.

And so it began…

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