Danielle joined the Navy to make money for college

The problem with females in the military isn’t
necessarily that they’re all sluts; it’s just that they
get thrust into being sex objects the moment that they
show up. Everyone knows that women are just as horny as
men are, and with all of the swinging dicks around,
they tend to explore a little of the variety that is
available to them. The only thing is, some of them
explore it a little more than the rest, and tend to
build quite the reputation for themselves.

Danielle was one of these females in the military. She,
however, was determined not to be placed in that “Navy
Slut” category. In the beginning everything went
according to plan. She attended her training and made
it to her ship with reputation still intact. The past
few hours, however, have changed her life forever.

Let me start at the beginning. Danielle came from a
lower middle class family, in the lower middle part of
Texas. At 18 years old, she saw the military as a
perfect opportunity to get some life experience, and
money to pay for a college degree when she finished up
with 4 short years in.

The Navy was the obvious branch for her, as it would
allow her to travel the world and actually get paid for
it. So, on one fateful day she signed on that dotted
line and left her family to serve her country. After
finishing boot camp and making it through her basic
training, she got orders to a ship out in California.

Everything started out great. She had met a boy in her
training school that got stationed on the same ship.
Brian was a boy that said all the right things at all
the right times, and treated her right. She had been
saving herself for someone special, and it looked like
Brian was going to be that lucky man. He knew that she
was a virgin, but he most looked forward to seeing the
big breasts that she kept hidden under her uniform.

Brian was a boy that came from a very troubled past. He
fell in with the wrong crowd more often than not, and
ended up paying the price for it. He had joined the
Navy in hopes of turning his life in the right
direction, but it was apparently easier said than done.
Some day Brian would piss off the wrong person, and
would have to be taught a lesson.

One day as Brian and Danielle sat on the ship talking,
one of the guys from Brian’s work center walked up to
them. Nick told them that a piece of equipment wasn’t
working correctly, but he just couldn’t seem to find
the problem, and that a couple pairs of fresh eyes
might help out. Danielle had no idea how she would be
able to help, but she had nothing better to do and
agreed to come along.

Once they got there, Nick told Danielle that she could
have a seat, and that he and Brian would be right back.
She welcomed the break, and decided to kick back and
turn on the TV. She dozed off in the chair, and was
awoken by the door opening. She smiled, as she expected
to see Brian, but she was surprised to see a group of
guys walked in.

Most of the guys in the group didn’t even work in this
department, so she couldn’t imagine what they would all
be doing here. Brian came through the door being
escorted by one of the larger men in the group. Brian
was looking pretty rough, and Danielle ran from her
seat over to him. “Are you ok baby? What happened?” she
asked. “Yeah honey, I’m fine, I just had a little
accident” Brian replied.

“Why don’t you tell her what really happened, Brian”
retorted the large man with his hand on Brian’s collar,
“Tell her why we’re here.” Danielle looked back to
Brian as he fought through emotion to tell her all of
the bad things that he had been up to, all of the rules
he had broken, and all of the money he had stolen. She
was shocked to hear all of these things that she never
thought possible from this man that she had fallen in
love with. “I did it for us baby,” he explained.

Danielle was far too hurt and angry to accept that
excuse. “I can’t believe I thought you were ‘the one,’
I can’t believe I was going to give my virginity to
you.” “You’re a sorry excuse for a man Brian” she said
as she fought back the tears. She just wanted to be
alone. She attempted to leave the room, when one of the
men stopped her.

“Hold on just a minute honey, where do you think you’re
going?” the man asked her.

“I just want to go, let me go!” Danielle cried.

“It’s not that simple babe.” the man said. “Your
boyfriend owes us money that he can’t pay, and we
always get what we’re owed, one way or another.”

“How much does he owe you?” she asked.

“With interest and fees, I’d say somewhere are $10,000”
he replied.

“Where the hell do you expect me to come up with that
kind of money?” Danielle asked.

“Actually, we had an alternate payment plan in mind
honey” another man said.

“Like what?” Danielle asked.

“We’re all going to fuck that virgin cunt of yours, and
your boy-toy Brian here is going to sit here and watch
his dream fade away” the man said.

“Like hell you are,” screamed Brian.

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it little
man?” one of the men said laughingly.

“Please… you have to be kidding,” sobbed Danielle.

The next move, however, convinced her that they weren’t
kidding at all. One of the men grabbed her and threw
her back up against the wall. She knew from the layout
of the ship that no one would be able to hear her from
all the way back here. She cried and pled with the man,
but all to no avail. “Shut up, you sniveling cunt, you
should have thought about it before you started dating
a no-good thief.”

The first man ripped off her uniform blouse to reveal
her overflowing bra underneath. “God damn, check out
the tits on this bitch,” he said to his buddies. “Hey
Brian, why didn’t you tell us that your girlfriend had
such nice tits, maybe we could have avoided this
problem a long time ago.”

“Fuck you!” Brian screams.

“Oh… so sensitive” the man chuckles.

The man pulls out his knife and cuts away Danielle’s
bra strap to reveal her ample breasts. The quickness of
the bra being cut away forces Danielle’s 36D breasts to
jiggle around as they fall out of their supportive

“Wow, nice and floppy too, this is going to be fun,”
one man remarks.

Danielle’s tears had all but stopped flowing as she had
cried them all out. She knew that at 5’5″, 120 lbs. she
was not going to stand a chance against the 20 or so
men in the room. This was going to happen, and that
there was nothing she could do about it. She figured
the only this to do now was to just try to imagine
herself someplace else, someplace where her virginity
was safe.

Two of the men picked her up and laid her on the work
bench. A couple of the men held her down, as another
removed her pants and underwear. She had planned on
giving in to Brian soon, and had shaved her entire area
in preparation. For as long as she could remember she
had wanted this to be a special moment. She wanted it
to be a man that loved her, and that would treat her
body as a temple. She could only imagine though, that
every man in the room must be staring at her puffy
little pussy lips as though they were a piece of meat.
Their salivary glands in overdrive as they hungered for
her delectable cherry.

The men argued back and forth about who should get the
first stab. They finally decided that they should go in
order of who Brian owed the most to. As Danielle’s luck
would have it, the first man up was a black man. She
had heard stories, as most people have, that black men
tend to have bigger dicks than most and she could only
hope that it was just an urban legend started by black
men to boost their self esteem.

A couple of guys strapped Brian to a chair near the
action, as the rest of the guys started stripping down
in anticipation of their turn. The first man up, Andre,
decided that since the pussy was clean, he may as well
give it a little taste.

Danielle nearly came up off the table at the intensity
of this new sensation. She had mixed emotions as his
rough black tongue explored her virgin pussy. She
wanted to hate it, but she couldn’t deny the
pleasurable sensations being sent to her brain. Andre
finished up his tongue session by dropping a big wad of
spit on her cunt lips. She hadn’t thought about the
fact that a dry pussy would make things very painful,
so she was at least grateful that Andre had remembered

Cries of “Come on man,” “I’m ready for my turn,” and
“Just fuck that bitch already” came from the crowd. The
moment of truth was upon them, and Danielle braced
herself for the moment. The men that strapped Brian
down were now taping his eyelids open, to ensure that
he didn’t miss a second of what was about to occur.

Andre used his dick to spread the saliva around, and
then not-so-gently entered her virgin cunt. She let out
a scream as her hymen was ripped apart and her canal
stretched like never before. Danielle continued to
whimper as Andre thrust his big black dick into her
once virgin pussy. The combination of her crying, her
huge tits bouncing, and the tightest pussy he had ever
encountered, Andre neared the point-of-no-return. His
body began to convulse, and then Danielle suddenly had
another scare. Her mind had never thought this far into
her r**e. Where were they going to cum? She had never
had sex, so she wasn’t on any kind of birth control.
All of the possibilities ran through her mind, but she
got her answer soon enough when she felt Andre’s hot
cum plaster her cervix. Her worse fears had come true.
Not only was she going to be raped by 20 men, she was
going to have 20 loads of sperm dumped inside of her.

Andre pulled out his dick, covered in virgin b***d and
his own spunk. He decided that since she was the reason
that it got dirty, she should have to clean it. Nick
quickly replaced Andre in her pussy and began to fuck
her hard. It was somewhat unsettling to have another
man’s cum in there, but the lubrication that it
provided was undeniable. Just as Danielle was trying to
block the “gang-bang” experience out of her mind, Andre
shoved his dick down her throat. The thought of biting
it ran through her head, but she knew that it could
only make her suffering worse. So Danielle did exactly
what Andre wanted her to do, and sucked all of the cum
off of his dick. She had never tasted cum before,
especially cum that was mixed with her own b***d.

“Wow, this bitch is pretty good at this,” Andre

As Danielle turned her head to spit, Andre gave her a
firm slap across the face.

“I don’t think so, bitch,” he said. “You’re going to
swallow it, and you’re going to like it.

“Great,” Danielle thought. “Not only am I going to end
up with a pussy full of cum, I’m going to have a
stomach full of it too.”

She remembered that she was not really in any place to
argue, and did as she was told. About the time that she
swallowed Andre’s cum, her pussy was once again
showered by a hot load. This rotation continued for a
couple of hours until all 20 of the men had taken their
turns of fucking her pussy and making her clean the
excess off of their dicks.

“Ok, you’ve all had your turn, now let her go,”
screamed Brian.

“I don’t know,” Andre said, “I hate to see this good
pussy go to waste.”

Andre went over to a phone, spoke with someone very
briefly, and then returned. Danielle was startled from
her daze by the announcement being passed over the
intercom. They had just told everyone onboard the ship
to report to the room that she was in. She was still
fairly new to the ship, but she knew that even after
working hours there would still be over 1000 men still
onboard. Her little pussy was already swollen and sore.
There’s no way that she could take that many people,
could she?

The men started rolling in steadily as the original
group gave them a rundown of what was going on. A few
of the guys wanted nothing to do with it, but most
began stripping down and getting in line. They were
told that she had volunteered to do this, and that
anything goes. The line started moving as the first few
men took their turns at her pussy. She could feel the
puddle under her ass of all of the cum that was f****d
out of her hole as the dicks thrust in and out.

The next guy, with his smaller than average penis,
stuck in her pussy. He decided that since she was
already stretched out a little too much for his liking
that he was going to try out her other hole. The
foreign cum and pussy juice already on his dick
provided enough lube to break the seal of her virgin
ass. Danielle, once again screamed as the immense pain
ran through her body. She tried to get him out by
flexing her ass muscles, but all it did was make it
hurt worse. The flexing motion, however, put Stan over
the edge as he filled her virgin ass with his cum.
Danielle could only cry as her last virgin orifice was
no more.

A few more guys in line took their turns, but they were
starting to get impatient. Pretty soon, a couple of the
guys lifted her off of the table onto the floor. She
began to think that maybe they thought that she had had
enough, and were letting her go. She found out very
soon, however, that that was not the plan at all. One
of the men lay on the floor and lowered her tight
little anus onto his dick. The other man entered her
pussy from the front as they filled both of her holes.
Her brain didn’t even have time to process her feelings
of the current situation, however, before it had
changed once again. The next man in line had become so
impatient that he now stuck his dick in her mouth. Some
of the other men began to surround this scene stolen
straight from a porno. Pretty soon, there were men
playing and sucking on her large breasts as well.

Danielle soon began to feel a strange sensation in her
pubic region. She tried to explain it away, but there
was only one possible conclusion; she was going to have
an orgasm. She fought the feeling away for as long as
possible, but she wasn’t sure how much longer she was
going to be able to hold out. She looked over at Brian,
and thought about how it was all his fault that she got
in this mess, but he wasn’t being punished at all. She
thought about how she could turn this around on him,
and then it came to her. She would have to pretend to
enjoy this. He had no choice but to watch, and why not
make him think that he was responsible for turning his
virgin girlfriend into a gangbang slut.

With her mind wandering, she lost control over holding
out on her orgasm. All of the probing and licking and
sucking had finally taken it’s toll. Danielle could no
longer hold on and completely lost control. She moaned
loudly as her body buckled and all of her holes
contracted. This move put the men over the edge and
Danielle came even harder as each of her holes were
filled with hot cum.

“See there, I knew she’d come around,” Andre chuckled
as he said to Brian.

Brian looked on in disbelief as he had just seen
Danielle’s transformation from his innocent virgin
girlfriend into a common fucking whore.

The men swarmed around Danielle as the sight of her
orgasm had been too much for most of them to stand.
Most had now resorted to jacking off onto her face and
huge tits. A few of the men were still brave enough to
fuck her, and were rewarded with her orgasming multiple
times per session. What had started as a ploy to hurt
Brian had now blurred. Was she actually enjoying this?
Was she actually turned on by the gallons of cum that
had been deposited in and all over her body? Surely

The fuckfest went on through the night, no one is
really sure how long. Some men would come and go, as
Danielle had long since passed out. Her slumber didn’t
stop any of the men from making her their sex toy. When
Danielle was finally jostled awake early the next
morning, she could feel one guy still railing away at
her pussy. Andre came over and told Danielle that as
soon the last guy finished, that she was free to go.
The man soon filled her pussy, and helped her to her

The jizz poured from her now gaping pussy and ass. More
ran down her the sides of her leg. She felt a mess. Her
hair was filled with dried clumps of cum. Her face,
tits, and pretty much everywhere else on her body was
covered with a pale white film.

Danielle turned to Andre and asked “So, how do I look?”

Andre said “Well, I guess you just gave a whole new
meaning to the uniform ‘Dress Whites.'”

Danielle looked at her worn-out body and gave him a
grin. “Yeah, I guess I did.”

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