Dear Mum

My tale starts way back when I was just 18,(my mum was 43) and
beginning to take an interest in this curious thing called the female

I had never really taken much notice of girls/women before
this, preferring to be out with the lads playing football etc. However
we were having our bathroom replumbed which meant using a hand held
tap attachment for the shower for hair washing.

I came in one evening to find my mum washing her hair while
wearing just a slip – no bra or patnies. I guess she didn’t expect me
to come in. I could see her pussy through the thin material of the
slip and also the dark nipples on her 36B bust.

This was the first time I had seen such things so I stopped
to chat while she washed her hair. Obviously she could not see me
because of shampoo making her keep her eyes shut.

I just stood and stared at her body, all the time my penis
was getting harder and harder. I guess the situation must have excited
her a bit, because her nipples went rock hard and stood out, or at
least I thought so.

After I went upstairs to my room, I got my weenie out and had
a wank while thinking about what I had seen. I cam much ‘stronger’
than ever before with thick jets of come spurting everywhere.

I thought about this over the next few days and decided to see
if I could get to see any more….my dad was always up and out of the
house at 5am so I set my alarm for 5.30…

I got up and put on a pair of pants, then went through to my
parents bedroom. We all only slept with duvets. I walked in very
quietly and knelt at the side of the bed.

Very carefully I lifted up the corner of the duvet and rolled
the cover back. Mum was sleeping topless! with just a small pair of
panties barely covering her pussy. I just sat and stared for a few
minutes, then put the cover back and went back to bed. I had a bloody
good wanking session.

Nothing else happened for two weeks, mainly because I lost my
nerve and was frightened about trying again..

Two weeks later I followed the same routine except this time I
reached out and brushed my finger tips of her tits. The skin was so
smooth and silky. I ran my finger tips over one of her nipples and
noticed it swelling and growing hard. I guess she must have felt some-
thing because she stirred.

I almost shit myself, flicked the cover down and ran back to
my room. I lay there waiting for the reaction but strangely there was
none. I crept back through to see her fast asleep on her back. Pluck-
ing up my courage (aided by my aching erection) I rolled back the
covers again to reveal both her tits and gently started stroking with
one hand while playing with my cock with the other.

I felt myself starting to come so had to quickly abandon the
operation and get back to my room. No way on earth to explain away
semen on the bedroom floor!

I tried this a couple more times and reckoned that she didn’t
realize…however the fourth time I tried this I noticed she wasn’t
wearing any panties in bed and I had a little stroke of that dark bush,
fine black silky smooth hair.

Next time I put my full hand between her legs and started
gently stroking her pussy. Horrors!! her legs closed and my hand was
trapped. What the fuck was I going to do now ? I needn’t have worried
because she started rubbing her pussy on my hand and then after a
couple of minutes opened her legs to let my hand free.

I was shaking at this point and left in a hurry, but thought
that out of the corner of my eye I saw a smile on her face…Anyway I
was expecting some fallout and flak, but none came. Gaining confidence
from this the next time….

I stood by the bed naked with my cock stiff as a pole and pul-
led the covers back. I stroked her pussy and ran my finger down her
lips. They started to open. Next thing I know I feel a hand grab my
cock. I jerked back out of the way.

Mum looked at me and said “why stop now, you’ve been touching
me for weeks”. She had known all along and had been silently encourag-
ing me by removing panties, lying on back etc.

She reached out and grabbed my cock again. It felt like a jolt
of electricity as her cool hands touched my throbbing end, nobody apart
from me had done that so far. She started stroking me, guiding my hand
down to her pussy, which was wide open and wet by now. We brought each
other to climax and I felt like my insides were coming out.

Ahh Ireland, the home of the bards, and the nymphs….

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