Deer Hunter and the dog sex show

In October of 2019, I decided to go hunt deer from my
tree stand, having seen a very likely spot while bird
hunting earlier in the year. I walked into the woods in
the dark, and found the tree I had located. I climbed
about 20 feet up and settled in to wait for a deer to
come out of a weed field nearby and head back into the
woods. I was overlooking a small glade, dappled in
sunshine filtering through the oak and maple leaves
that hadn’t fallen yet.

About 10 a.m., I was beginning to think about calling
it a morning, when I noticed something walking through
the woods towards me. I didn’t expect a deer to come
from that direction at that time of day, but if you
hunt long enough, you will learn that anything is
possible. For sure I could see a light brown, furry
animal coming my way. I stood up and got ready to take
a shot. I waited a few more minutes, and then realized
I was seeing a large dog, something like a golden

Then I heard someone whistle, and looked further into
the woods. There was a girl following behind the dog,
and she was carrying a blanket. They entered the little
clearing below me, and she spread the blanket and sat
down. She was wearing a green sweater, a green and
black plaid pleated skirt, and tennis shoes.

The dog lay down next to her, and rolled over on his
back. I was just about to let them know that I was
there, when I was shocked to see the girl reach over
and start playing with the dog’s balls. She was talking
to the dog in a low voice, and I couldn’t make out what
she was saying, not that it mattered. I was mesmerized
by the sight.

A few minutes later, I could see that the dog was
getting hard. The red tip of his cock was peeking out
of his sheath, and the girl moved her hand from his
balls to his cock. She began to stroke the sheath back
and forth, while the dog laid there and loved it.

Soon the dog’s redbone was all exposed, shining in the
sun like it was wet. The girl then laid back and pulled
her skirt up, revealing a beautiful full red bush and
no panties. She pulled her legs up until her knees
almost touched her shoulders, put her arms behind her
knees, and started patting her pussy and urging the dog
to come do her a favor. Not that he needed a lot of

He rolled over, got to his feet, and started lapping at
her red pussy like an expert. She laid back and closed
her eyes, and moaned a little while the dog went to
town on her. I watched as that dog licked her pussy for
what seemed like 10 minutes. The girl moaned and came
several times. Then she rolled over to her hands and
knees, reached back and flipped her skirt up over her
hips, and kneeled there with her beautiful, heart-
shaped ass in the breeze.

I was sure that it wasn’t the first time they had done
that, because the dog knew precisely what to do next.
He reared up and mounted her, hunching forward until
his thick, red meat touched her pussy, and then he
proceeded to drill his meat into her wet, waiting
pussy-hole. She made a lot more noise from being dog-
fucked than she did being licked, moaning and groaning,
bucking back at the fucking dog.

I saw the dog’s onion come out of the sheath, and she
really wailed when it went into her pussy. He must have
fucked her for 10 minutes or so (I couldn’t take my
eyes off them to look at my watch!) Then he slowed to a
stop and backed off. I wondered if they would get hung
up like dogs and bitches do, but his onion and cock
just slid out, letting a gush of dog cum run out of her
pussy and drip off her clit in a steady stream.

The girl flopped over on her side and just laid there
for a while. I’m sure her legs were tired from holding
up the weight of that dog. Finally, she got off the
blanket, hiked her skirt up again, and squatted to take
a postcoital piss. When she was done, the dog came over
and licked the spot on the ground. I don’t blame him, I
wanted to do it, too!

After they left, I just sat down in my tree-stand,
shaking too hard to try to climb down. My own cock was
rock-hard, and I had to relieve the pressure. I
unbuttoned the fly in my camouflage pants and let Old
One-Eye out for some air.

As I sat there stroking, I visualized the scene as the
dog ran his tongue up her crack, and how he mounted
her. I couldn’t hold back very long. I stood up, took a
couple more strokes, and blew my load halfway across
the clearing, spurt after spurt. 20 minutes later I
climbed down and went home.

I will be back there, and I hope they are, too.

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