Dirty old guy

My name is Michelle, I’m 35, and my husband would
consider me prim and prudish and so would nearly
everyone who knows me. I consider myself very
conservative and a bit of a goody two shoes, when it
comes to the opposite sex, very reserved and shy, but
until recently, fairly innocent.

Mike, my husband, had begun mentioning the idea of me
having sex with another man, but it really wasn’t for
me, I was much too proper for that sort of thing. But
I would play along with him in bed, sort of

Once whilst making love, I had mentioned that when I
was about 16, I’d gone to the cinema with some friends
and some stranger next to me had felt me up, unbeknown
to my girlfriends. I’d let the guy do it because it
felt nice and I knew that he couldn’t do anything
else, not with all my friends so near.

This story turned Mike on to no end, and after that he
was regularly trying to persuade me to go with him to
a cinema. He reasoned that if he was there any
stranger that would do similar thing, would only be
able to go as far as I was willing to let him.

I resisted until one day, I was feeling a bit horny
and I’d been fantasizing what it might be like to be
the object of another man’s lust. Finally to Mike’s
surprise, said yes when the subject came up.

I didn’t intend letting anything go too far, but
decided to dress as sexily as I could for the
occasion, to help fulfill Mike’s fantasy as much as
possible, and I expected he and I would probably make
love when we got back home. I wore some tan coloured
stockings (normally only tights), and nice lacey
panties (white) and matching bra, plain pale blouse,
and a black and white check skirt, just past the knee.
(This is as slutty and sexy as I can get, but pretty
daring for me.

We went to an ADULT cinema we found in the phone book
and I was very, very nervous as we went in, not
knowing what to expect. Mike said he had been anxious
and terrified whilst also excited all at the same time
from the moment I had agreed to do this.

We went in and it was very dark, after a few seconds,
we could see quite a few spare seats toward the middle
of the theatre about half way down. I noticed the back
row seemed full, all men. As we sat down, a big
fattish oldish guy, probably about 60-ish seemed to
have followed us into the row, and passed me and,
innocently enough it seemed to me, sat alongside me to
my right. We all watched the film for about 10
minutes, and to be honest, it was quite sexy and a bit
of a turn-on with all the rude things happening in the

I had become quite engrossed in the film and was
getting a bit aroused and wet from the action on the
screen when IT HAPPENED. At first, I thought the
stranger’s foot next to mine had accidentally come
into contact with me. I realised he hadn’t apologised,
so he obviously had done it on purpose. After a few
seconds, I nearly jumped out of my chair with shock,
as the man placed his hand on my knee, through my

After getting over the shock, I moved his hand off,
but a few seconds later, it was back. I again moved it
off, but he just continued putting it back there
again. Mike seemed oblivious to all this, staring
ahead at the screen.

I was breathing heavier now, but decided not to make a
scene, and let the hand stay on my knee. After a few
seconds the guy got bolder, and I felt the weird,
strange experience of a stranger begin gently stroking
my knees before ever so slowly, sliding his hand under
my skirt, and lightly and ever so slowly move onward
and upward.

I sat there frozen, but highly aroused, and could feel
myself getting hotter and wetter. It took an eternity,
but eventually he reached my panties, and began
searching for a side opening. He had rested his hand
on my hole from the outside for a few seconds, but now
he was trying to get inside them… and then he did.

Suddenly I felt Mike’s hand on my knee, he was trying
to touch me up, unaware of the stranger. I stared
ahead as Mike’s hand slid up my stockings and then…
looked at him as he realised a strangers hand was
already inside my knickers, fingers ever so gently
probing, touching and opening up my hole.

Mike looked shocked at first, but I guess it was what
he had wanted, however he did make a small half-
hearted effort to move the man’s hand away, but was
shrugged off firmly by the man. I sat there, sopping
wet, at fever pitch and took a peep at the man who was
helping himself to me. Big Fat Dirty Old Man, but he’d
got me to such an incredible state.

The stranger tried opening my legs as best he could
with his left hand, but then slowly pulled his hand
out. I thought it was now all over, and the
adventure… fantasy… had ended. I was wrong. He
slid his left arm around my shoulders and then
squeezed me tight, pulling me toward him. He leant
across me, almost arrogantly staring at my hubby as he
did so, and blatantly slid his right hand up my skirt,
and firmly and strongly stroked and rubbed my
stockinged-legs and thighs (stockinged for my husband
later I had remembered), whilst all the time pulling
me more toward him.

I was trapped; Mike seemed in a daze, the stranger had
undone his zipper. His penis WAS much larger than
Mike’s, and very, very thick. I noticed other men
sitting in front in front of us, turning and watching
me being molested by this stranger in front of my
husband. Some of them came over to the row in front of
us leaned over the seat back and stroked my legs. Then
another stranger came up behind me and leaned forward,
and slowly began caressing my tits from behind me,
lightly at first and then much, much firmer.

Dirty old man raised my right leg and firmly placed it
over his lap; everyone could see I had stockings on
now. My leg was being f****d to brush his cock, whilst
he reached back over and roughly stroked my thigh up
to my panties then inside.

I was so turned on, I had to admit that I’d never been
so aroused in my life. A man asked Mike to swap seats,
he refused at first, but the man was insistent and a
bit threatening. Eventually, rather than get in a
fight, Mike went to the toilet.

I was now thoroughly trapped, thoroughly aroused, and
at the same time thoroughly afraid of being raped. It
was all TOO much. I suddenly groaned, couldn’t catch
my breath, and orgasmed heavier than any time in my
life, there and then in front of all these dirty old
pervert blokes, a 60 year old guy’s fingers buried in
my pussy. Some of the men grunted, and came, 2 all
over my skirt and the main perpetrator put some sperm
on his fingers and rubbed it roughly into pussy.

I wasn’t on the pill, but the exoticism of the moment
was again becoming too much. The old fat guy was using
my leg to massage his enlarged cock, which I realised
was now dangerously near my hole, although I knew our
positions would make it difficult for him to penetrate
me. I came again, heavily… two orgasms in quick
succession… never known for me.

I came down from my high as Mike returned. I wanted to
go, so did he, the men in the theatre had had their
fun and now I was feeling so slutty that I needed to
get away.

My husband and I left the adult cinema, followed by
the bloke who had originally felt me up so blatantly
inside. The dirty old man, fattish 60 ish big strong
looking guy. As the man came up alongside us he asked
if he could give us a lift home.

We did have quite a long walk home so hesitantly, we
agreed. The bloke led us to his car, his arm around my
shoulders. I was glad of the lift home, after all the
excitement I’d had and a lift home seemed a nice
innocent way to end the night.

We got to the car, he opened the passenger door for
me; Mike was going to sit in the back on his own.
Warning signal?

As the guy drove, he stroked my legs at every
opportunity, told me how nice I was, how he hadn’t had
sex for ages, and how he couldn’t believe someone as
pretty as me could have an husband who allowed
strangers to feel them up. I explained this was a one
off, we had just fulfilled a fantasy, and that was it.

He started getting a little vulgar, asking me how far
our fantasy was going to go, how he’d like to fuck me.
After I had told him I wasn’t on the pill, he’d said
how much he’d love to empty his huge load into me
filling me up with his babymakers.

Strangely, I was getting aroused again with all this
dirty talk, I wouldn’t have believed that I would
have, only the day before.

Suddenly he turned off the main road and parked the
car up behind some deserted factory buildings. Before
we could say anything, he had reclined my seat and
climbed on top of me and was sliding his hands up in
my skirt. As he put his weight on me, I realised I
couldn’t stop him, and Mike would have to prevent
things going too far.

The man opened my blouse and squeezed my tits roughly,
before reaching down to unbuckle his belt. That was
going too far, I thought, and think I actually
murmured a subdued no at that stage.

Mike must have heard me and he told the man to stop
and take us home. He said that we had no condoms, and
he didn’t want me to be fucked by some strange guy.

The man, looked over at Mike. In that moment I saw
that if this guy wanted to do something that my
husband wouldn’t be able to stop him. But then the man
said, “OK, I won’t go too far. I’ll stop short of
cumming in your doll.” But look at her man, she’s
panting for some fun.”

I was so turned on by this strong older man who seemed
to dominate both of us with his presences. He held me
tight and then kissed me as he rubbed his thick cock
against my knickers. After a while, I was definitely
hotter than I’d ever been in my life before, and I
starting to lose a little control.

He slid his hands up to my panties and ever so slowly,
incredibly slowly, lowered them, bit by bit, until I
felt myself subconsciously raising my hips to help
this stranger undress me.

Mike reminded him again and he said it was alright, he
just wanted to be near my pussy when he came, which he
said he was about to. He asked me to rub his cock near
my hole and make him cum.

I felt much happier being in control and was willing
to do what he wanted. He held my hand on his cock,
making me masturbating him, all the time dangerously
near my pussy. He began kissing me again, harder, then
harder yet, I was trapped.

Suddenly it happened, he yanked my arms up over my
head, holding them tight, kissing me so fully I
couldn’t moan or tell him to stop, or warn Mike, then
he was humping at me, I knew it was all over! He was
pushing into me, there was no resistance, I was so wet
and aroused that he just slipped in, literally
screwing his cock into me, penetrating me with slow
circular movements, opening me up, further and

I was thrashing my legs around beneath him, but it was
no use. It was happening, a man other than my husband
was finally inside me, I was being fucked by a
complete stranger and without protection. He was
pumping away, and suddenly I realised I was liking it.
So prim and proper or not, I knew I was getting the
best sex I’d ever had in my life.

I stroked his shoulders and mewed in lust quietly
begging him to do it harder. He knew I had surrendered
to him and he released his grip and came up for air.
As he panted breathlessly, he was still relentlessly
thrusting in and out of me.

I must have looked such a slut giving myself to him
like this. What was Mike doing while this man was
forcing himself on me, where was Mike?

The stranger grunted then and I felt his body stiffen,
he growled that he couldn’t hang on anymore and with
a huge, “YES!!” he began pumping his spunk deep into
my womb, his body jerking on top of mine with each jet
of cum he shout into me, and he kept cumming for the
longest time I’d ever seen.

I was soaked and nearing my own orgasm, Mike had
uttered NO just then, but I scrunched around
desperately afraid that he would hate me and got the
shock of my life. My husband had his inflated dick in
his hand and had cum all over himself. I dismissed him
as the stranger kept up the thrusts, building an
orgasm deep within me. The man kept talking dirty to
me, asking me to cum for him, to show my hubby how
turned-on I was by being fucked by a real man. How my
belly was full of his cum. How much I’d wanted it,
needed it. All the things you read in stories, and
here it was, happening to me.

I ended up even telling him I wanted his baby. I was
so aroused and his dirty talk made be beg for it. Then
it happened, I was orgasming for the third time that
day. I was well and truly fucked by this stranger. He
had had me completely.

Afterwards, my hubby looked shell shocked by it all.
As we all dressed, the man gave us his phone number,
we gave him a false one. Then we went for a drink, all
3 of us.


I’d had an incredible evening, first the adult cinema
experience, then car-sex with the big fat old guy
getting his first sex in ages, and using me for the
experience. What had I become? Hubby, stranger and I
all went into a nearby pub for a cooling down drink,
Mike got the drinks in, the stranger blatantly sat
next to me on a back-row of seats.

We must have looked a strange threesome to the
regulars in the pub, because I had this big older guy
with one arm around me and his other hand resting on
my knees or lap at every opportunity, and quite
obviously there was my husband, bringing our drinks
and sitting opposite us, as I was continually touched

The stranger didn’t seem to care about my husband,
once again, getting the subject back to sex. Norman,
as his name turned out to be, apologised for cumming
inside me, but he’d been so turned on he couldn’t help
himself, and the thought of me not being on the pill
had given him such an urge to have me fully. His ex-
wife had not been able to have kids, so he got a buzz
trying to impregnate anyone he could.

Charming I thought, BUT having a family WAS in my and
my husband’s plans, but for us alone. After 3 drinks,
I was so drained, I was ready for home.

As we drove, same situation as before, husband in
back, I couldn’t believe it when we stopped off again
at the original spot of my first extra-marital
experience. Even though I was disheveled, worn out,
hair a sweaty mess, Norman told me how pretty I was,
and again reclined my seat, and slid his hands up my
skirt. He removed my panties, and once again clambered
on to me.

We didn’t speak, Mike didn’t say anything either, we
all knew what was going to happen and nobody tried to
stop it. I was kissed gently by Norman, his cock was
incredibly hard again and once more, slowly I was
being opened up and penetrated once more by him.

Without him telling me, I instinctively placed my
stockinged-legs around his waist/upper thighs and
rubbed them teasingly along his big wide body. He
smiled, we were like seasoned lovers, knowing how to
arouse each other, him knowing that to penetrate me
fully to the hilt was such an immense turn on for me,
especially comparing his size to my husband’s much
smaller penis.

I knew he was right up me again, close to my womb, and
he was talking dirty again. “Do you want my spunk?” –
“Do you want every last drop inside you?” – “Do you
need MY cock?” – “Do you want this injection
regularly?” – “Do you want my baby?”

Finally I responded, “YES!” I gasped to all his
questions. I couldn’t have a fourth orgasm in one
night, surely? Yes, I did, I now knew I just wanted
HIM to cum. To cum inside me, have his way with me, do
what he wants and empty his balls into me. Make me
pregnant, I didn’t care, I just wanted the power to
make him cum. So I began caressing his bum cheeks,
before squeezing them with all my might.

“Cum in me,” I murmured, looking into his eyes.
“You’ve had me fully, you’ll make me pregnant, come on
big boy, empty yourself in me, you’re so much more of
a man than my husband has ever been, prove it now,
come on…” Story fantasy stuff, I know, but ALL TRUE
and happening to me.

Me talking dirty to him this time was all it needed,
he grunted and his body jerked as he shot another load
of cum deep into my belly. He pumped for all he was

Finally, we were all done, fucked, shagged out. Still
on top of me he rubbed my belly and smiled. I knew
what he was thinking.

As we finally went our separate ways, us with his
phone number, him with the false one, we were careful
to have him to drop us off away from our house.


Two months later, we rang him and met him in a pub, he
immediately assumed the dominant role again, sending
hubby to the bar, me sitting next to him, his arm
around me.

As he stroked my tummy, with my hubby sat opposite, I
broke the news. He had gotten me pregnant. “Oh
Michelle,’ he said enthusiastically. “that’s grand
news.” He began to firmly caressing my knees and
thighs, blatantly in front of Mike who although quiet,
looked as if he had expected this all along. He really
didn’t seem to mind.

Norman, my stranger, spent the rest of the night
stroking my stockinged thighs, caressing me, rubbing
my belly, telling us how wonderful it was to have put
someone as pretty as me in the family way. Mike just
accepted it all.

We went out, and Norman gently put some more of HIS
baby juice in me in the car, as we made love, and
ensured the baby would get well used to mummy’s
lover’s sperm joining it in the womb.

We met about once a month, I didn’t want much more
contact with him than that. Our routine was pretty
standard. We would meet at dinner time, Mike would
watch as my lover caressed my legs and belly gently or
firmly as he desired, we would go shopping for
maternity clothes, which Norman would pay for, as most
of the clothes were of his choice, I was just to wear
them, Mike had no say, then we would stop off for
Norman to make love to me, and pump more spunk inside
my rapidly growing belly.

I grew pretty quick, we had arranged early on that we
would not have any further contact after about 8
months, when I was really large. After each liaison,
Norman would keep my panties, and it turned me on
knowing that this dirty old guy was probably bragging
to his friends how he was shagging some young pretty
not-getting-enough housewife.

On our final meeting we went to his flat, and he took
some pictures of me, dressed in my large pink
maternity smock, and flat shoes, and some of me
undressed, as he promised not to show them to anyone,
he wanted them as his souvenir.

I didn’t mind, I had something from him after all, and
Mike had had his fantasy fulfilled… more than he’d
expected, I’d guess.

We never saw Norman after that, I expect he has happy
memories when he thinks about me and masturbate over
my panties, looking at my pictures. Mike and I are
still happily in love.