Discovers the Beast

John Derek was looking for a new movie for his
beautiful young wife, the ravishing Bo Derek. He
needed something to show off her beautiful body to the
world once more.

Ever since she was first presented to the world in her
first movie, ’10’, Bo Derek had been the source of many
fantasies for thousands of men. And a fair share of
the woman population as well, I would suspect. Her
chiseled features and firm body was a rare find indeed,
even in the world of movie stars.

Yes, Bo Derek is a ravishing woman, and she did love
her sex.

Despite marrying John Derek, a man old enough to be her
father, she never let an opportunity pass to indulge
her sexual appetite. She would even encourage her
husband, as prudish as he was, to watch her and other
men or women during these sessions.

Yes, she definitely loved her sex. And with her looks,
she would never have any problem seducing anybody that
she wished.

At first her activity bothered him. But as time
passed, John Derek found it quite pleasurable to watch,
as his young wife would indulge in her sexual escapades
before him. But what really converted him to her way
of thinking came soon after watching her getting gang-
banged by some Mexican teens in Mazatlan, where they
spent their first vacation.

He had watched intently as she seduced them. Later she
would suck and fuck all seven of them before her
husband. He could see her smile at him with her eyes
as she swallowed one of the boy’s penis, while another
fucked her pussy.

John couldn’t help but take out his own stiff cock and
began jerking as he continued to watch Bo perform
before him. Though old enough to be her father, he
loved her very much.

Two of the young men began suckling on the movie star’s
firm breast. The same breast that had stiffened many a
cock around the world just by being on the screens.

Bo sighed a deep breathy sigh as she experienced the
first of many orgasms that day. She undulated her hips
against the boy fucking her pussy and he soon
ejaculated deep inside her. He pulled his cock out and
was replaced immediately by another of his buddies.

While she was enjoying the young fuckers, Bo also
wanted to have John in her as well. She crawled on all
fours, dragging the youth in her cunt along, towards
the seated John and took his cock deep down her sucking

John could only close his eyes in ecstasy as his
beautiful young wife swallowed his manhood. When he
opened his eyes again he could see that yet another of
the boys had taken position behind Bo. Only this one
aimed his cock to her asshole. John was about to stand
up to stop him when he felt Bo’s hands pushing him back
down in his chair. John understood right off that she
wanted it just as badly as the young man.

Despite all of the depravity that John knew about in
Hollywood, he himself was somewhat of a prude when it
came to sex. But with his marrying Bo Derek all of
that was about to change.

This Mexican lad had a cock that was quite mature. He
was proud of the fact that his cock measured 10 inches,
and was looking forward to burying it all in this
Yankee bitch that had invited his friends and he to
fuck her. He wanted to hear her scream when his stiff
cock pushed into her ass.

Bo didn’t scream in pain though. She let out a yell of
ecstasy. She just loved to be fucked in the ass. She
immediately began pushing back into the thrusting cock,
burying it further up her shit chute.

The Mexican teen was disappointed that he wasn’t
hurting this horny bitch, but he wasn’t complaining
either. He kept fucking this movie star as hard as he
could. With each thrust forward, he would be pushing
her against her Hombre husband. This would send John’s
cock deeper down her throat and Bo was loving it all.

Finally John couldn’t hold out any longer and he shot
his load down his young wife’s gulping throat. Bo
pulled it out slowly, making sure to lick it clean as
she did.

When the young Mexican saw her slipping her husband’s
cock out of her mouth he flipped them both to the
ground, landing on his back with her on top of his
chest on her back.

Bo was surprised at this sudden move, and the hard
landing shoved the boy’s cock even deeper into her ass.
Her eyes bulged as she gasped at the deep penetration.

“Hola, Muchachos!” The young teen called out to his

“Let us fill this bitch.” An evil grin spread across
his lips.

His five friends approached the couple. One of them
fell to his knees between her spread open legs and
aimed his stiff cock to her exposed pussy. With one
powerful lunge he buried it into Bo Derek’s cunt and
began fucking in and out with earnest.

Bo loved the feel of the two cocks as they fucked into
her in unison. She could feel them rubbing through the
thin membrane that separated her two holes, as could

Another of the youths came over and straddled her on
her stomach. He aimed his cock between her cleavage
for a tittie fuck. Two others came to assist as they
took a nipple each and began sucking hard on them. At
the same time they pushed them together for their
friend’s cock. He immediately began fucking his hot
cock between those luscious tits.

That took care of five of the six youths, which left
only two others. They easily solved their own wishes
by kneeling at her head and presented their cocks to
her. Bo took them both greedily into her sucking mouth

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His
beautiful young wife. The sexy and beautiful Bo Derek,
was being gang-banged by seven cocks at the same time.
Just watching this got his old pecker all stiff once
more. He began to stroke it as he continued watching
the lewd action going on before him.

All eight participants in the gang-bang were huffing
and puffing in exertion as the fucking continued. The
virility of youth allowed the seven young men to hold
off cumming for a good three minutes before the first
one gave in.

The one in her ass was the first, but then again he was
also the one that was at it the longest. As he felt
his cock shrink he stayed beneath the pile of fucking
people, trapped there until they finished with the
Yankee bitch. The tittie fucker soon followed him.

Bo could feel his sperm hitting her chin as he shot his
load up through her cleavage. She was disappointed
that she wouldn’t be able to swallow it, but her mouth
was otherwise occupied at the moment with his two

Once the tittie fucker finished shooting, he got off of
her and traded places with one of his buddies that had
been sucking her nipple. This fresh cock began fucking
into her cleavage just as his friend had.

The next to cum was one of the boys in her mouth. Bo
felt the jism hit the back of her throat as the young
man shot it into her. She sucked as hard as she could
to get all of his load. She was disappointed when she
felt him pull out his spent cock from her sucking lips.
But she still had another cock to suck nonetheless.

The youth that had just emptied his balls in her mouth
traded places with the second lad suckling her nipple
who immediately presented his stiff cock to her face.
He had to slap her face with it a few times to make her
aware of his presence though.

A crinkle appeared in her eyes as a smile came to her
when she saw the new cock. She took it into her
gulping mouth along with the cock that she was still
sucking on.

John was stroking hard on his own stiff cock as he
continued watching his wife’s sexual escapades with
these underage studs. He still found it hard to
believe that a woman could have taken on seven cocks at
the same time, much less his own wife. He knew when he
first saw her that she was very sexy, but nothing could
have prepared him for something like this.

Meanwhile, with all the fucking action going on above
him, the youth that was still impaling her ass began to
feel his cock reviving. As soon as he felt it to be
stiff enough he began to fuck her ass once again. So
once more Bo was having all orifices fucked into.

After a few more minutes the most unexpected thing
happened to her. Each of the remaining five cocks in
her came together. She could feel the jism flooding
her in each of her holes, just as the tittie fucker
began shooting his load up to her face. This event
triggered the most powerful orgasm that she had ever

She sucked the jism out of the two cocks in her mouth
as hard as she had ever done before. At the same time
she shoved the head of the two boys sucking her nipples
into her breasts.

Seeing his wife twitch in orgasm triggered his own
orgasm. He shot his load across the floor seeing it
land on the group at his feet. He didn’t think that he
could do that at his age.

After what seemed an eternity, the gangbanging group
collapsed against each other. All of them were
breathing heavily in sheer exhaustion.

The cocks in Bo’s mouth slipped out as the two lads
rolled away from her. Those at her chest followed
suit, while the one in her pussy just fell forward on
top of her.

The final two cocks, the one in her ass and her cunt,
were the only ones still invading her cavities. But
they were limp now. Their owners too weak to even
bother pulling out of this luscious blonde Yankee movie

John had to get up and pull them out of his wife’s
holes. As he pulled the first boy out of Bo’s cunt he
could distinctly hear a sloppy slurp as it slipped out
of her. This was soon followed by a slimy stream of
jism leaking out of her pussy.

Next he picked Bo up off the almost unconscious youth
in her ass. This time it was a popping sound that he
heard as his cock slipped out of his wife’s sphincter.
And here also a stream of jism was escaping her hole.
He could clearly see the two streaks of cum as they
trailed down her beautiful long legs.

He carried his naked and exhausted wife back to their
cabin and prepared a warm bath for her. He was sure
that she would need it when she regained consciousness.

He had definitely enjoyed watching the wild, animal
like, sex that his wife had presented before him. This
gave him a idea for the production that he was looking

“Mmmmmmh?” He thought. “A movie in the wild? No, a
jungle adventure. Yes, that has possibilities.”

He went off to the main room and began to work out the
details of the idea that was creeping into his mind.
Yes, the next John/Bo Derek production was about to be

Chapter Two

As soon as the Dereks returned to their ranch, John was
busy working out the details of his next movie project.
For months now he’d been trying to think of one such
project that would allow Bo to satisfy the
exhibitionist tendency that he had discovered about his
young wife. That’s when he started work on the next
movie project for his beautiful young wife. He
immediately began work on the script for ‘Bolero’.

He still wasn’t aware of just how wild Bo’s sexual
appetite went. He thought that she only limited
herself to multiple fuck partners, as she had displayed
before him in Mazatlan. He was about to discover
otherwise soon enough.

Their ranch was in an isolated valley, equipped with a
sophisticated security system to insure their privacy.
This was something that had always been a must for him.
Even before he married a young woman that was the
fantasy of millions of young men, and women.

It wasn’t so much a working ranch, as it was a home.
They did have horses and dogs, but these were for
riding and guarding. John had locked himself away for
three straight days in his private study, working
feverishly on his next production. In his physical
absence, Bo was getting restless and lonely.

This goddess needed a steady supply of sex, and her
husband wasn’t around to fill her needs. So she went
about trying to find other things to keep herself busy.
Being an equestrian, she would go out riding horseback
through the countryside of their immense ranch area.

On one such equestrian expedition, she noticed that two
of the guard dogs were following her and her steed
through the woods. She could see that it was Bud and
Dodger. Both of them were large, menacing looking
German Shepherds.

On this particular day, she had decided to head out to
the isolated lake, in the middle of the woods, to take
a nice leisurely swim in the buff. This was something
that she did fairly regularly, even before she had
married the famous producer.

It took close to half an hour of riding before she
finally reached to secluded lake. Once there she got
down from the huge horse and tied him near some shrubs.
The two guard dogs that had accompanied her here
stopped and lay down on the ground, always alert for
any possible intruder that might menace their mistress.

Next she proceeded to strip down. Actually, the only
reason she even bothered wearing her riding clothes was
to spare her skin from chaffing while riding her

She kicked off her booths, while unbuttoning her shirt.
Within a few minutes she had removed it, to expose her
bare breast to nature. She never bothered with a bra,
her firm tits didn’t need any support. And besides,
she enjoyed the feeling of her clothes as they rubbed
against her nipples. This is probably why they seem to
be always stiffened in all of her pictures in the

Next, she unfastened her riding pants and squeezed her
tight ass out of them. Within a minute she stood bare
ass naked to anybody who happened to be around to see.
Unfortunately, there was nobody around for her to

Taking a deep breath, she turned and headed for the
bank of the lake. Dipping her toes in the water to
test the temperature, she ventured into the lake.

Once the water reached her hips, she dove in and began
to swim at a leisurely pace. She crossed the lake in a
backstroke, and then returned using the breaststroke.
This went on for about an hour of swimming, with
occasional rest stops.

When she felt that this was enough swimming for today,
she made her way back towards her things. She stepped
out of the lake as a goddess. She was a vision. With
her hips swaying erotically, and her breast hardly
jiggling from their firmness, she made her way up to
the tiny beach area of their private lake.

Once on firm ground, she sat down on the soft sand and
shook some of the water out of her long blonde
stresses. Once satisfied that most of the water was
shaken off, other than the few droplets clinging to her
soft skin, she lay back on the sand for a relaxing
tanning session under the bright Sun overhead.

She could feel the warm rays of the Sun caressing her
skin. Her hands would begin wandering over her
stomach. Eventually sliding their way to her breasts.

Having been denied any sexual satisfaction from her
husband for the past three days, Bo Derek was a
frustrated, sexual addict. If her husband couldn’t
help her, then she had no other choice but to satisfy
herself, any way that she could. Even if that meant
masturbating herself.

She began by tweaking her nipples. Then she would
squeeze them and bring one up to her lips and lick
herself. Then she would do the same thing to the

Has she continued licking one of her nips, her free
hand slid down to her crotch and found her clit. She
began by rubbing it. First in a soft and leisurely
fashion, then with added pressure and speed. As her
excitement continued to rise, her breathing would
become more labored.

Nearby, the two guard dogs raised themselves to a
sitting position. Their heads cocked sideways in
confusion. They had never seen their mistress acting
in this way before. As far as they knew, she may be in
some kind of trouble.

Bo continued to rub harder against her now protruding
clit. At this level of excitement, her tits became
secondary. Her pussy needed her complete attention
now. So her other hand dipped down to her crotch and
she immediately shoved two fingers in her cunt and
began to fuck herself with her long, slender digits.
These were a poor substitute for a hard man’s cock, but
what else could she do.

Her first orgasm came and went with her barely noticing
it. She never could get a strong orgasm without a

Even though Bo hardly took notice of this first orgasm,
the two dogs ears perked up. Their sharp sense of
smell had picked up her pheromones in the air. Their
cocks stirred slightly as soon as they smelled her.

But they were completely befuddled now. Their cocks
were reacting to some bitch, but there was none around.
Yet they could definitely smell sex in the air.

Bo was oblivious to how she was affecting her guard
dogs, just a few yards away. She just wanted to get
this frustrating practice over with. Masturbating was
such a waste of her time, she felt.

The two large German Shepherds kept sniffing the air to
try and locate the bitch that was arousing them. As
they kept on sniffing, they slowly circled Bo who was
still finger fucking herself, unaware of the goings on
around her.

The two dogs continued circling her, and the circle was
getting smaller as each second passed.

Bo was getting close to her next orgasm, when she heard
the ruffling on the ground around her. She cautiously
looked up and smiled when she found that it was only
her two dogs. She ignored their presence and continued
with her self-fucking.

The two large dogs both discovered the source of the
pheromones that had aroused them at the same time.
Their noses were mere inches from her pussy, breathing
hotly down on her pussy lips. Bo took immediate notice
of their hot breath and looked down at the two curious
dogs. She smiled at them, not expecting anything
unusual to happen.

“Jeesh!” She said in jest. “Even dogs want some of my

The next thing that happened shocked even the
promiscuous Bo Derek, Bud licked his long doggy tongue
across her pussy lips.

Bo caught her breath at that first bestial contact.
Not because it disgusted her, but rather because it was
one of the best feeling that she had felt against her
cunt in months.

Bud repeated the licking. This time his tongue made
slight contact with her clit. Bo immediately orgasmed
at that contact.

Dodger, the other dog, joined in next. Suddenly, Bo
was being licked by two very large and ferocious
looking dogs.

She was sure that they wouldn’t arm her, as they were
well trained. But she didn’t think that they were
trained for something like this. Not licking a human
that is.

The feeling in her cunt was exhilarating. In the hopes
that things would get even better, Bo spread her legs
apart. Opening her pussy to their talented tongues.

This didn’t go unnoticed by either guard dogs. One
would dip his tongue and pull it out as his buddy did
the same. Their tongues were much longer than any man
could ever hope of having. They were reaching areas of
her vagina that had never experienced any type of
contact with a tongue.

Unlike a cock, a tongue would wiggle inside of her like
a living thing. This brought on Bo’s first bestial
orgasm, and also the best one that she had experienced
in ages.

“Oh, yes doggies,” Bo exclaimed. “Deeper. Go deeper.
Yesss, right there.”

With her pussy being taken care of by the two dogs, Bo
returned her hands to her tits and proceeded to mangle
them in her excitement. Never forgetting to lick and
suck on each nipple occasionally.

The two dogs were unrelenting as they continued to lick
their mistress. They didn’t, and couldn’t, know any
better. They were simply following their instincts in
this matter.

Bo had never been turned on as much as she was right at
this moment. Her breathing was ragged as the two large
dogs continued to ravish her gaping pussy. And
whenever they would nip on her b***d engorged clit, her
breath would catch and pause, as she luxuriated in the
intense feelings that it would generate.

Within minutes she exploded in one of the best orgasm
in her still young life. Her juices sprayed out and
struck the snouts of both dogs. They drew back in
surprise, but dove right back in as soon as they got a
taste while licking their chops clean.

Their excitement increased to an even higher level, and
their cocks surged out of their furry sheaths. Within
only a minute, both their penises extended out to an
impressive ten inches. The girth was imposing as well,
much wider than any human male could ever hope for.
Both their cocks glistened with a slimy coating of pre-
cum juices, and they were a deep pinkish color.

Bo remained oblivious to the sexual excitement that was
taking over her own dogs. She was content in the
sexual pleasure that they were giving her. She
continued to play with her firm breasts as the dogs
continued to drink out of her pussy hole, her juices.
And again Bo exploded in orgasm.

She couldn’t even remember when was the last time that
any of her lovers had caused her to have so many
orgasms as these dogs were managing. And of those that
she could remember, they had managed it while fucking
her senseless. But these adorable dogs were satisfying
her simply by using their oh so talented tongues.

After her fourth, or was it her fifth, orgasms, Bo
raised up to her elbows and looked down at her new
lovers. That was when she noticed, for the first time,
their stiff cocks.

Her eyes bulged. She never would have believed that a
dog could have such impressive tools. Its size was
really disproportionate to the size of their bodies.
But seeing was believing, there before her were two of
the biggest cocks that she had ever seen in her
life. They put all her human lovers to shame.

Her mind was reeling. At the sight of those cocks, her
thoughts began to drift towards sex. Then the taboo
aspect of it brought her back to reality. But she
would soon go back to thinking of sex with these two

That famous innocent, mischievous smile of hers crept
across her lips, as her resistance to the notion

“Could I? Should I?” She said to nobody. “Can I
really make love to an animal. A dog, no less.”

She looked back at the two, still licking, dogs. And
the sight of those two juicy looking cocks only helped
to feed her desire to try.

“Maybe just a hand-job,” she said to herself.

She reached down towards Dodger and petted his head, to
reassure him. She then ran her hand along his back,
then his flank. Slowly making her way closer to the
dog’s hindquarters.

Dodger wasn’t paying much attention to his mistress’
action, he was too busy licking the succulent morsel
between her spread open legs. He knew about his stiff
rod, but that would have to wait till he found a
suitable bitch back at the house.

In the awkward position that the dogs were in, Bo had
to pull Dodger around, so that his hindquarters would
be closer to her torso. She was happy that he didn’t
offer any resistance, and he never even missed a slurp
from her cunt.

“This is much better,” she told him.

Now she could easily reach under him and touch that
monster tool of his. She peeked under to have a closer
look at her first dog dick. She had never seen such a
strange looking cock in her life. And believe me,
she’s seen many, many cocks.

Though its size was impressive, it was its shape that
intrigued her the most. It looked like a blackjack.
It seemed thicker at the tip, then would narrow to
finally bulge back out with a huge ball at the bottom
of it.

Bo Derek had no practical knowledge about canine
anatomy, so she didn’t know anything about the purpose
of the knot that she was seeing.

She slowly reached out towards Dodger’s cock, not
wanting to startle the beast. She was immediately made
aware of the slimy coating along its whole length. She
was confused about that, men didn’t have anything like
it for her to compare with.

She brought her hand up to her nose and sniffed on the
substance that was on them.

“That doesn’t smell too bad,” she told herself. Then
hesitantly she licked her fingertip for a taste. “Not
bad. Not bad at all.”

She immediately returned her hand to the dog’s crotch
and grabbed hold of his member. Dodger just raised his
head momentarily, then returned to his snack when he
saw that it was only his mistress.

Slowly at first, then with a bit more energy, Bo began
stroking the dog cock. She wanted to see what doggy
cum would look like.

Dodger reciprocated by increasing the tempo of his
licking. Bo also noticed the dog’s reaction to her
stroking him.

She pulled the dog closer to her and ducked her head
under him. She wanted to smell him in his crotch. In
this close proximity of his cock, she got a strong
whiff of his cock as she continued stroking him.

As she continued with the hand-job, the thought of
doing something more with the dog was slowly creeping
into her mind.

“Fucking is out,” she said. “The dogs wouldn’t know
how anyway. And neither would I, for that matter.”

She wanted to be more daring, but bestiality had never
even crossed her mind before. And she didn’t know if
an animal would want to do anything with a woman

She continued stroking Dodger as her mind kept trying
to think of what to do next.

“Ma…maybe Dodger would let me lick him,” she thought

So, her mind made up, Bo Derek ducked her head under
the German Shepherd’s groin and slowly approached his
huge cock. She was also going slowly because there was
still some doubt that she could go through with
something as vile as this.

But the closer she got to hit, the stronger his smell
was. And that was eating away at any doubts that she
might still have.

Finally, she was only a mere inch away from the surging
cock. She hesitantly stuck out her tongue and jerkily
approached Dodger’s cock-tip.

That first contact was like touching a scolding piece
of metal that she had to pull back her tongue urgently.
She couldn’t believe how hot it felt on her tongue.
But she had had her first contact with an animal cock
and she wanted more.

With more confidence this time, her tongue slithered
out again and licked across the dog’s cock-head. Bo
heard Dodger whimper at the contact, as did she.

Now that she had gotten over that first hurdle, she
began to lick along the length of the dog’s cock. It
seemed to never end, that is until she reached that
bally thing down its length. Then she simple reversed
direction and licked back up to the tip.

Dodger’s hindquarters were jerking slightly from the
contact of a tongue on his cock. He gazed lazily back
and could only see his mistress around. He was all
confused about this. And since it wasn’t hurting him,
he simply returned to the task of licking her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmh!” She hummed. “That tastes good.”

Her mind was reeling more and more with each passing

So mesmerized was she that she was working on instinct,
just like the dogs. She closed her eyes as she felt
another orgasm hit her.

Without even thinking about it, Bo opened her mouth
wide and slipped the head of the doggy cock past her
lips and began to suck it down.

She had three inches in her mouth before she realized
what she had done. By then she had had a real taste of
doggy cock and she loved it. She opened her eyes and
looked down her nose. She could see the cock-tip
disappearing further into her sucking mouth.

Dodger also realized that something new was going on,
and his instincts told him to hump. And so he did.

As the dog began humping, Bo could feel more of its
cock being shoved in her gaping mouth. She was
surprised that a dog would react like this, but she
wasn’t about to stop him. As far as she was concerned,
a blowjob wasn’t a blowjob if the guy, correction, cock
wasn’t fucking her mouth.

More and more of the doggy cock disappeared in her
mouth. When it reached the back of her throat, Bo
relaxed and allowed it to continue on its way down
throat. With all of the jobs that she had given over
the years she was an expert deep throat artist.

But the position that they were in was making it a
somewhat awkward blowjob. Bo decided that the best
thing to do was to change their present arrangement.

She pulled her mouth off of that succulent cock and
pushed the dogs away from her. They obeyed,

She looked at both of them and noticed Bud’s vibrating
cock at that time.

“Dodger,” she told her first doggy lover. “I’ve
already tasted your cock. Your brother here needs some
relief too.”

Thinking that she could control these dogs as she would
have any of her human lovers, she pushed Dodger away.
She then called Bud over to where she was.

From her first experience with Dodger, she knew that a
new position would have to be found if she intended to
suck Bud properly. So she turned over onto her hands
and knees.

“I think that this will be better,” she told the dogs.
“You’ll be able to really get deep in my mouth now.”

She always found deep-throating so much easier while in
the doggy fuck position. An irony that didn’t escape
her as she smiled at the thought.

Bo ducked her head under the second German Shepherd.
This time she didn’t hesitate in the slightest as she
gulped down Bud’s hot, hot cock. She was able to take
the first six inches without any trouble. But the wide
girth of it was making it harder to get down her
throat, as easily as she usually could.

Unfortunately, Bo hadn’t even considered the
consequences of assuming the doggy position. A sight
that was not lost on either dogs.

Since Bud’s cock was being taken care of by her mouth.
It fell to Dodger to handle the copulation. He moved
behind the voluptuous beauty and began licking her
pussy again.

Bo squirmed at his intrusion, but did nothing to stop
him. ‘A licking would feel good right now,’ she
thought, as her mouth was full at the moment.

Dodger’s intention wasn’t to lick her clean, as Bo had
assumed. But rather to lubricate her for his cock. He
only licked for a few moments then his tongue

Bo didn’t know what had happened to her tongue lashing.
All she knew was the disappointment that she felt
towards Dodger.

‘Just like a man,’ she thought. ‘Can’t keep his mind
on business. Well, at least I still have Bud’s cock.’

Then suddenly, her back sagged from the added weight of
Dodger. She had to push herself back up urgently, or
else her mouth would be pulled off of Bud’s cock.

With all her might, she managed to get back up, despite
the one hundred pound, plus, of Dodger’s added weight.
She was confused as to what was happening. She
couldn’t figure out what the dumb mutt thought he was

She thought that maybe Dodger might be jealous of Bud,
and this was his way of objecting to being left out.
But there was no way that she was giving up on Bud’s
cock until she drained him. She’d punish Dodger later.

Dodger had his forelegs wrapped around her waist and
was jerking his body forward. Trying to locate the
bitch’s pussy hole.

Bo continued to suck earnestly on Bud’s cock,
preferring to ignore the bothersome dog on her back.
It still hadn’t dawned on Bo yet what Dodger was trying
to do. That is, till she felt something hot and hard
poking against her rear.

When she felt Dodger’s hard cock hitting her behind,
she stopped sucking on Bud’s cock, but never released
it from her ovaled lips.

‘A dog can’t fuck a girl,’ she was thinking. ‘Can it?’

Her question was answered right then and there, as
Dodger found what he was looking for. Her gaping pussy
hole. In one mighty surge Dodger managed to bury the
first six inches in her cunt.

Bo gasped aloud, even though her mouth was still
stuffed by Bud’s raging hard-on. She closed her eyes
in shame as she felt her vagina invaded by the huge
dog, while still impaled in the mouth by his comrade.

Bud noticed his fellow canine mounted on the blonde
beauty and decided to follow suite. Twisting his body
so that he now faced Bo, he leaped up and straddled her
from the front.

This caused her elbows to buckle again as the added
weight of the second dog fell on her. Now Bo was
essentially trapped between the two horny beast.

With a stiff cock impaling her mouth and cunt, she felt
like she was in a barbecue spit. Both cocks were deep
enough in her holes as to prevent her from freeing

As both dogs felt secure inside this human bitch, they
both proceeded to do what nature expected from them.
They both began humping her from both sides.

As one dog shoved his dick in her, that action would
force Bo to take in more of his friend. Feeling
hopelessly trapped in her present situation, Bo
resolved herself to the sexual onslaught of the two
guard dogs. The beautiful Bo Derek resigned herself to
her bestial gangbang.

It didn’t take her long to get into the swing of
things. After only a few strokes from the dogs, she
began to add her own efforts in it as well. She would
undulate her back in time with Dodger’s in stroke for
maximum penetration, while shoving her head forward to
get more of Bud’s down her sucking mouth and throat.

Both dogs knew a willing bitch when they found one and
increased their tempo.

Meanwhile, Bo was having a slight problem catching her
breath. What with her throat almost completely blocked
and the hard fucking that she was receiving in her
pussy. The excitement that she was feeling had
engulfed her. Her nipples were fully distended as they
hung under her. But still, those firm jugs hardly
jiggled from the fierce fucking.

‘This is the best fuck that I’ve ever had,’ she thought
to herself.

She had not yet realized that it was far from over. She
felt the hard lump of Dodger’s strange ball hitting her
pussy lips.

‘I guess that’s as much as he can give,’ she thought.
‘There’s no more cock for him to shove in.’

But Dodger did not stop there. He kept pushing
forward, trying to get his knot in this hot bitch. He
kept on pounding his cock harder against her cunt. His
knot only meeting the resistance of her tight pussy

For as promiscuous as Bo Derek was, her pussy had only
experienced normal, human, cocks. Nothing had ever
prepared her for something like the knot of a canine

Finally, Dodger could feel his cock making some
headway. Bo’s pussy lips were beginning to give way to
his assault. He could feel those cunt-lips opening
wider and begin to wrap themselves around his shoving
knot. More and more of it was gaining entry.

Bo also felt the knot begin to force its way into her
pussy. Her eyes bulged, as she continued sucking
relentlessly on Bud’s fucking cock. She was finding it
hard to believe that her pussy could accommodate
something as thick and wide as that knot that she had
seen, before all of this had started.

With one final shove, Dodger managed to get his knot
inside of her. Bo’s eyes bulged even wider as she
realized that the dog had gotten the whole thing inside
of her. She had never felt so filled as she did, this
very moment.

Now that his knot was securely inserted in his
mistress’ cunt, Dodger continued fucking into her. But
because of being tied to her, he could only do it in
short hard strokes.

Bo couldn’t believe how stuffed the dog’s cock had
filled her pussy. She had been fucked by some of the
largest studs in Hollywood, but none of them could even
come close to how filled she felt at this moment.

While all of this was going on Bud continued to fuck
his hot pole past her lips. He didn’t care that it
wasn’t a bitch’s cunt. All he knew was that it felt
just as good, and his instincts was telling him to
drive his rod deeper.

Well Bo wasn’t about to disappoint him. She buried her
face into Bud’s crotch while pushing her ass back to
meet Dodger’s lunges. She had gotten eight inches of
Bud’s cock past her lips, but there still remained
another three left before his knot.

Taking a deep breath she shoved her face forward and
swallowed those last remaining inches. But she made
sure that the knot stayed out of her mouth. She knew
that she couldn’t take something that large and

Meanwhile, Dodger kept fucking into her cunt. Bo
groaned in response to the double fucking that she was
receiving. She reached a hand under her and reached
for her clit. She added her fingers to the bestial
orgy that she was submitting herself to.

After what seemed an eternity she exploded in the most
powerful orgasm she had ever experienced in her life.
And let me tell you, she’s had more than the average
woman should be entitled to.

Almost at the same instant, she could feel the hot
squirt of Dodger’s cum shooting deep in her pussy. Bud
wasn’t far behind. He too began shooting his heavy
load down her throat and Bo was struggling to keep up
with vast amount of cum that was squirting down her

When the cum surge began to subside Bo tried to
disentangle herself from her canine lovers. Bud didn’t
present too much of a problem, but she was surprised to
discover that Dodger wouldn’t, or rather couldn’t free
himself from her clinging cunt. Each time that she
tried to pull herself away from him, it caused immense
pain. So she quit trying and remained motionless under
the huge guard dog.

What happened next was yet another, in a long line of
surprises. Dodger turned himself around so that they
were now butt to butt. Bo couldn’t figure any of this
out. She had never even imagined that something like
this could happen. Yet here she was tied to a dog, and
the dog had turned himself around, and his cock had
never released itself from her pussy.

After what seemed like hours, she began to feel a
change with Dodger’s cock. It seemed to be shrinking.
She crawled forward a bit and was pleased to notice
that the cock had pulled out slightly from her pussy.
With the end in sight, she began pulling herself away
from the dog.

Finally, with a loud popping sound, she stumbled unto
her face in the sandy beach as the dog’s cock came
free. She could feel the warm jism ooze out of her
gaping pussy and puddling to the ground beneath her
weakened, naked body.

She felt for sure that this bestial ordeal was finally
concluded. But her two guard dogs had other ideas.
Smelling their cum leaking out of their mistress, they
located the source and began to lick her clean.

This final gesture brought Bo to another climax. She
let the two large dogs finish cleaning her pussy and
began thinking what else she could do with these

Now she knew that she needn’t worry about her sex life
while John was engrossed in writing his next

Thirty minutes later, the dogs finally relinquished and
she got up off the ground. She made her way to her
clothing and began dressing herself for the ride back
to the ranch.

The two dogs just looked on curiously as their mistress
dressed and got back on the saddle of her horse. Then
all of them began trotting back towards the ranch

Chapter Three

That night, John showed his wife his next movie project
for her. She spent the night reading the screenplay
and fell in love with it. She particularly was
fascinated with her scene of riding a stallion bareback
and naked. It brought back memories of the bestial
fucking she had received that very afternoon.

The notion of being naked on a powerful horse started
her mind thinking of the possibility of taking the next
step in her newly discovered passion.

When they went to bed that night John received the
hottest fucking that he had ever gotten from his young
wife, Bo Derek. He couldn’t believe how excited she
was tonight. Being twice her age he was getting
worried that he wouldn’t survive the night. This
didn’t stop him from enjoying her firm body.

Especially those firm tits of hers.

Bo fucked him hard for what seemed like hours. And
even after he had shot his last load for the evening,
she wouldn’t give up on him. She would gulp his limp
penis in her mouth and suck on it desperately trying to
revive is again.

When Bo realized that John wouldn’t be able to satisfy
her starving sex drive, she got out of bed and
disappeared downstairs.

John was confused as to where she had gone so suddenly.
He was even more confused when she returned with
Bruiser, their St-Bernard.

He was a large animal. Well over 100 pounds of soft
furry canine flesh. The dumb brute was just as
confused as he was at this point though.

Bo pushed the huge beast to his side, and glancing over
to her husband, buried her face in the dog’s groin.
John couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His
beautiful, and definitely horny, wife was trying to
suck on this beast right before his eyes.

He had read and heard of accounts of bestiality through
the years. Mostly about some live shows down south in
Mexico. But he had always discounted them as just wild

New he had to consider that there may well be some
truth to those stories after all. If Bo Derek can do
it, then why not some other woman, or women as the case
may be.

John lifted himself to his elbows to get a better look
at his young wife perform fellatio on the huge dog. He
honestly didn’t think that the dog would show any
interest, but looking more closely he could see its
penis extending out of its furry sheath and Bo was
licking it along it length.

Bo glanced up at John and her lips curled in a sucking
smile as she saw her husbands cock stirring back to
life. John noticed his penile reaction as well and
smiled back at her as his hand found his stiffening
rod. He began a slow stroking motion as he continued
to watch his first bestiality show.

Bo resumed her efforts on the Bruiser, and slipped a
hand down to her seeping pussy. She wanted it stuffed
also, but she was too engrossed in sucking the dog’s
cock to take the time to ask John to help her. So she
had to settle with her fingers for now.

Bruiser was beginning to get the idea that something
good was about to happen to him as soon as his cock was
exposed to the cool air of the bedroom. When he felt
Bo’s tongue exploring the length of his cock, he was

He lifted his head lazily and gazed down at the blonde
movie star as she wrapped her lips around the head of
his cock. As soon as he felt those soft lips sucking
on his cock, his instincts began to take over and he
began to undulate his rear end. Trying to perform a
fucking motion so that he could fuck her mouth.

Unfortunately, in his present position, lying on his
side, he just couldn’t be very effective. But still,
he continued to try and fuck his loins forward towards
her face.

John and Bo, both noticed the dog’s attempts and both
arrived at the same conclusion. John helped Bo to her
hands and knees.

This gave Bruiser the opportunity to stand up again.

During this change of position, Bo never released his
stiff cock. Bruiser didn’t mind that in the least. In
fact, he was now able to mount her head and really
answer his instincts.

John sat back down and watched in amazement as the huge
St-Bernard mounted Bo’s head and drove, what looked
like a ten-incher, actually it was closer to twelve,
past her gulping lips. His own cock was now raging and
he decided to join in on this entertaining development.

Crawling on his hands and knees, he placed himself at
her ass and probed her soaking pussy with his hand.
Seeing how wet she was (big surprise) he placed the tip
of his cock at her entrance and shoved hard into her.

He shoved so hard that he pushed Bo’s whole body
forward, forcing her to take in even more of Bruiser’s
cock down her throat. He could hear his wife moan in
ecstasy as she deep-throated the beast staring back at

This was by far the best that he had ever seen her give
him, or anybody else for that matter. He would have to
reward her somehow. Maybe he should be looking for new
pets for the ranch. He considered that idea and smiled
at himself.

After all of the fucking that he had survived this
night, he couldn’t hold out long, no matter how erotic
the scene before him was. He shot his load in her
pussy and fell back, never losing sight of the dog cock
disappearing at a rhythmic pace into Bo’s willing

John was feeling a bit jealous at the virility of the
beast. Bo had been sucking him for over ten minutes
and he still looked as hard as ever.

Finally he heard a groan escape Bruiser as well, as
Bo’s throats. The St-Bernard was shooting his load.
John got next to Bo’s face so he could get a closer
look. He could see her throat muscles swallowing as
fast as she could, but in no time sperm began escaping
her lips as it overflowed faster than she could

The creamy jism just kind of stuck to her chin, but she
didn’t give up. She continued sucking desperately on
the huge cock. John couldn’t get over the quantity
that the dog was dumping into his wife’s stomach. The
whole scene was almost surreal to him as he continued
watching, mesmerized.

Finally Bo pulled her face away from the still hard
penis, sucking hard on every inch as it slipped out
slowly. She wanted John to clearly see how big the
dog’s cock really was. Inch by inch it would slip out
of her mouth. For a while John could almost convince
himself that there might be a yard of cock in her

When the cock-tip finally popped out, it just bounced a
few times, but remained as stiff as when Bo first began
sucking it. John had to force himself away from the
inter racial couple. Enough was enough and he could
feel his chest ache from palpitations. He was even
concerned that he might be suffering a heart-attack
from this sexual exertion.

But for now, he had a movie screenplay ready for his
wife, Bo Derek, and he had phone calls to make the next
day to make things happen. So he laid his head on the
pillow and tried to go to sleep, leaving his beautiful
starlet wife to continue with Bruiser.

Because of his exhaustion, John slipped to sleep
rapidly. This, despite what Bo was doing with the dog
just a few feet away from him. He slumbered peacefully
through the night.

Bo, on the other hand, recalled how good a dog cock
felt in her cunt that afternoon. And she wanted
Bruiser to do the same tonight.

She decided to make it as clear as possible to the
large dog. She crawled away on all fours making sure
that he could see her snatch. She even wiggled it to
entice him.

Bruiser wasn’t ignorant about mating. He had already
impregnated a number of the bitches in the county.
Even so, this was something new even to him. But he
didn’t waste any time wondering what the difference
might be. There was a hole to be filled before him and
he never turned down that kind of opportunity before,
and he wasn’t about to start now.

He moved up behind Bo Derek’s upturned ass and swiped
that thick tongue of his across her pussy lips. He got
a taste of John’s jism and proceeded to clean her out
before mating.

Bo couldn’t get over how good that tongue felt as it
slipped into her cunt and was slithering about trying
to get to her husbands cum. It felt like a live snake
was burrowing through her. And each time the huge
dog’s tongue would extract itself from her cunt, he
would swipe across her clit, which would trigger an
orgasm in her.

Bruiser seemed to be taking his time before mounting
the blonde movie star. He was too engrossed in licking
her pussy to bother with mounting this bitch just yet.

Bo was getting frustrated at the dog’s abstinence about
fucking her. She wanted to feel that huge doggy cock
in her, and she wanted it right now. In desperation,
she reached far between her legs and tried to grasp
Bruiser’s hard cock. But it stayed beyond her reach.

Bruiser just kept licking away starvingly at her
seeping pussy. Then he felt her fingers brush against
his cock-head. His instincts made fuck forward a few
inches. But that was enough for Bo to finally grasp
that eluding member.

Bo Derek smiled triumphantly as she began to tug on the
huge dog’s penis, dragging him closer to her womb.

As with most dog’s, Bruiser was resisting being pulled
against his will. If only he knew what was in store
for him, he wouldn’t be fighting his mistress’ attempts
of pulling on his dick. But being the sensitive organ
that a cock is, he wasn’t resisting too much.

A few more pulls and Bo finally felt Bruiser’s cock-
head brushing against her pussy lips. She smiled in
triumph, and resumed pulling.

Bruiser also felt that first contact. The dog couldn’t
quite understand what had just touched his cock-tip,
but he somehow felt it familiar. He took a step
forward, which allowed the first inch of his cock to
slip into Bo’s clenching pussy lips. He now knew what
was expected of him and mounted Bo’s back.

Bo’s back buckled a bit at the surprising weight that
had suddenly jumped on top of her. She had to fight
her way back up and lock her elbows before she began to
concentrate of Bruiser’s cock.

As soon as Bruiser felt those soft pussy lips wrap
themselves around his rod he understood what he had,
and what he had to do. In one mighty lunge h shoved
his whole body forward, driving his thick cock into
Bo’s willing cunt.

The sudden, and unexpected, spearing of Bruiser’s cock
into her vagina rammed Bo’s head against the night
table that lay in front of her. She whelped at the
sharp pain as her head hit the furniture. But she
wouldn’t let a little pain spoil this moment from her.
She began pushing her butt back against the St-
Bernard’s loins to meet the dog’s thrust.

It took them a few moments. But eventually, both
canine and human had reached a synchronization in their
tempo. Whenever Bruiser would fuck forward into her,
Bo would be shoving her cunt back to drive him even
deeper. And they would both pull away until only his
cock-head remained at her entrance, and they would fuck
into each other again, and again.

Bo was in fuck heaven. Tough Bruiser’s cock wasn’t as
long as Bud or Dodger, the other two dogs that she had
fucked so far, his was much thicker.

Her sexual excitement was mounting so high, that her
nipples were stiffening without any manipulation from
anyone. Her breathing was getting deeper and shallower
as the bestial fucking went on. She could feel
Bruiser’s saliva dripping on her back, but she didn’t
give that any thought. All that she was concerned at
the moment was feeling that hot canine penis driving
itself past her cunt-lips.

She glanced up to the bed and was a bit disappointed to
see that her husband, John Derek, was sound asleep.
She had hoped that he would have joined them back down
on the floor.

Since Bruiser had already cum once before, thanks to
Bo’s blowjob, he would last much longer on his second
attempt. Bo wasn’t yet aware of this particular quirk
about dogs.

The huge dog kept sliding his thick cock deep into his
mistress’ womb. Then his knot finally reached her
entrance. It was huge, even for a dog. He kept trying
to shove it past the tightness of Bo’s cuntal ring to
no avail.

Bo wasn’t sure what the dog was trying to do, but she
could definitely feel something hitting her pussy
entrance. But for the life of her, she couldn’t figure
out what it was. She knew about a dog’s knot, from her
experience with Dodger, but it wasn’t anything quite
like this.

Curiosity took the better of her as she reached between
her legs to feel what was bumping so hard against her
entrance. She gasped aloud when she felt and realized
that it was Bruiser’s knot. Tame kind of knot that
Dodger had locked into her at the lake, but much, much

For the first time she was getting a little concerned
for her safety. She reluctantly decided to terminate
this fucking and tried to pull away from the St-
Bernard. But Bruiser’s forelegs held on to her tightly
and prevented her from escaping his cock.

He just kept on lunging forward. And with each thrust
Bo could feel that knot striking harder and harder
against her sensitive pussy. Tears were starting to
stream down her cheeks from the pain she was feeling.

For what seemed an eternity Bruiser kept trying to
shove his knot past her resistance. Bo didn’t believe
that that would be possible. Then in one powerful
lunge, the knot found itself inside of her, and they
were tied.

When she felt that bulbous knot break into her Bo could
only gasp out in shock and surprise. She had never
felt so full in her entire promiscuous life.

Now that he knew himself securely tied to his mistress,
Bruiser reduced his pace a notch. He kept fucking his
cock, as much as he could, deeply inside her clenching

Recovering from the shock of the dog’s knot penetrating
her, Bo started feeling good about it again. She began
to join in the dog’s effort of fucking. She was a bit
disappointed that he could only move a little in his
fuck movements, due to the knot. The width of his knot
also f****d her to open her legs wider apart to reduce
the strain to her vagina.

Bruiser on the other hand was used to this limitation.
It was expected to him, at least. He leisurely kept on
fucking into this bitch’s tight twat. In the dog’s own
experience, this had to be the tightest cunt that he
had ever buried his cock into.

Bo settled in for the slow fuck that her St-Bernard was
now giving her. One benefit that she soon discovered
to the dog’s shortened strokes was that it extended it
far beyond any man ever could maintain. She looked up
at the alarm clock and saw that ten minutes had passed
since the dog first entered her vagina. And it showed
no sign of loosing any of its virility.

The thickness of her pet’s cock guaranteed that with
each movement, no matter how minute, he would be
rubbing against her now hypersensitive clit. Bo Derek
was experiencing multiple orgasms as she had never felt

In the past, she had had a few human lovers who had
managed to make her cum two, sometimes three times
during a fuck session. But Bruiser had already made
her cum at least six times and showed no signs of
needing to stop.

After what seemed an eternity, Bo finally felt the warm
jet of doggy jism being shot deep inside of her. This
automatically triggered yet another orgasm, which she
yelped so loud that she was worried that it would wake
her slumbering husband.

She looked up at the clock to be amazed that over
thirty minutes had passed since he first entered her.

“Oh, my God!” She said breathlessly. “H… he’s been
fuc… fucking me for that lo… long.”

So much doggy jism was being pumped into her already
overstuffed cunt that it had no place to go but to
squirt out past the plugging cock. She could feel it
streaming down her naked thighs as the dog kept on
shooting his load.

When she finally felt the cum stop squirting into her
pussy, Bo was sure that he was done. But the dog had
exhausted her so much that she had to collapse her arms
and fell to her face on the ground. Her butt was kept
up because it remained impaled by Bruiser’s cock and
knot. She fell asleep in that position.

She was sure that they were done for the night. But
Bruiser had other ideas. His cock had not lost any of
its rigidity. He knew from past experiences with his
harem of bitches that he would be ready to continue
soon enough.

Chapter Four

After about fifteen minutes of rest, Bruiser began
rocking his butt once more. But with Bo passed out
under him, there was not much interaction at this time.
But being a dog, he didn’t really mind her non-
participation. He kept on humping his ass against her
upraised butt.

His balls were refilling rapidly with fresh sperm and
his energy was increasing accordingly. Bo’s slumbering
body also was now beginning to have some reaction to
the steady stroking of the huge beast above her.
Slowly, but steadily, she began to regain
consciousness. Even before she was totally awake, her
body had started humping back at the dog’s assault.

Bo’s eyes fluttered open slowly as she awoke from her
sleep. She could feel the cock sliding in and out of
her pussy, but she was confused about why she was on
the floor next to the bed.

And when she looked up she could see John still
sleeping soundly in bed.

‘Then who’s fucking me?’ She tried to remember.

When she looked back and saw Bruiser on top of her, her
memories of the last few hours flooded back at her and
she just smiled.

“My! What a good lover you are,” she told the dog.

She couldn’t believe that she was about to get yet
another round from this dog. The first one had totally
exhausted her. How was she ever going to be able to go
through another of the same.

Then the most unusual thing happened. Bruiser, still
tied to her, was turning himself around to her. She
felt his forelegs unclench her waist and land on one
side. This was soon followed by a furry hind leg
sliding across her back. The inter-species lovers were
now butt-to-butt, but remained locked together by the
dog’s thick knot.

Bo was more confused then ever now. She never imagined
that any cock could do something so weird. But despite
this, she loved the sensations it generated and it
twisted around inside her pussy.

She soon discovered though, that in this position,
Bruiser was no longer thrusting into her pussy. For a
horny star like Bo Derek this was not an acceptable
situation. She came to the realization that if she
wanted to get fucked again, then she would have to do
the maneuvering.

She began to move her body to and fro, jabbing her butt
against Bruiser’s. It wasn’t as satisfying as the
animalistic fervor of the beast, but the huge cock in
her compensated for that. She rapidly discovered the
difficulty that Bruiser must have had fucking deeply in
her because of the restrictions imposed by the huge
knot tied in her.

She found that she couldn’t enjoy the splendor of
feeling all ten inches stroking past her pussy lips
because of that darn knot. But she tried to fill that
loss with the feeling of the huge invading member.
Also, now that Bruiser was no longer on her back, and
weighing her down, she could now make use of her hands
at her clit and tits.

She closed her eyes as she continued to fuck herself
back against Bruiser’s butt. She reached beneath her
and began playing with her clit. Because of all the
excitement of the night, she reached orgasm very

Her eyes popped open as she was startled from the alarm
clock going off. Bruiser had been at her for the whole
night. She looked over to where her husband was
sleeping to see him looking back down at her smiling,
and stroking a beautiful hard- on.

She returned his smile and invited him down on the
floor to join them. He hopped out of bed fully
rejuvenated from the previous night. He positioned
himself at Bo’s head and proceeded to fuck her mouth as
he would have her pussy. But since that position was
already filled…

Bo loved this whole situation. She had the best of
both worlds. Her pussy was filled with the thickest
cock that any woman would want, and she was sucking her
loving husband. And the best thing of all, was that
her husband didn’t seem to mind her deviant behavior in
the least. If anything, it got him more aroused than
anything she had done in the past.

It took a few tries, but eventually John found the
proper pace that would best serve his young wife. He
would fuck into her so as to drive her butt onto
Bruiser’s cock as he drove his own deep down her
throat. He already knew how good she was at deep

The addition of her husband brought on yet another
climax out of her sexually exhausted body. She had
long since lost count of how many orgasms she had had
since last night.

By some miracle, her husband managed to hold off for
much longer than he ever had before. This pleased her
immensely. She loved it when a lover manages to hold
off as long as possible. Then her mind wandered back
to the dogs she had fucked in the past twenty-four
hours. All of them had tremendous staying power.

Her best estimate was that none shot a load in less
than twenty minutes, if not longer. This simple
statistic convinced her that this wasn’t going to be
the last time between the dogs and herself.

She returned her attention to fucking and sucking the
two cocks impaling her. On the out-stroke, she would
swirl her tongue around her husbands cock-head, then
swallow it back down her throat.

John could feel his jism building in his balls. He
knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer. He grabbed
is wife’s head and buried his cock to the hilt and blew
his load.

Bo had to fight her way to his cock head. She wanted
to taste that succulent juice before swallowing. John
relented and allowed his wife to grasp his cock-head by
her lips so that his cum would fill her mouth, before
she proceeded to swallowing it.

Almost at that same moment, Bruiser began shooting his
second load in his mistress’ womb. With her pussy
still filled from his first ejaculation, this added
fluid immediately began squirting past her plugged
cunt-lips and flowing in a steady stream down her inner

Bo gasped as she continued to suck on John’s cock. She
was hit by another orgasm and almost collapsed from
exhaustion. John had to grasp her shoulders to keep
her steady.

When he and Bo felt that he was done, he pulled out his
cock from her still sucking mouth. It slurped out
loudly as Bo reluctantly allowed it to escape her lips.

John fell on his ass in complete satisfaction. He
looked over at Bo and Bruiser and smiled as he saw how
ridiculous they looked, butt-to-butt.

When the huge St-Bernard finally finished cumming, Bo
tried to pull away only to discover that they were
still tied together. She looked over at her husband

“John, you’ve got to help me here,” she begged. “We’ve
been tied for over an hour. And as good as the sex
was, I don’t think that I can take much more of this.”

“Aw c’mon babe,” John teased her. “You’ve never turned
down a cock in your life. Now you’re telling me that
you’ve met your match with a dog.”

“You shit-head,” she played along. “Haven’t you ever
heard that too much of a good thing isn’t necessarily

“Are you sure you don’t want me to get you another one
of the dogs?” He asked playfully.

“God, no,” she stared at him. “At least not for
today.” She smiled coyly at him.

Deciding that the fun had lasted long enough, John
crawled over to the stuck couple and examined the
problem more closely. He could see the problem. The
dog’s unusual knot was almost the size of a softball
and showed no sign of reducing its size.

Tentatively, he tried pulling them apart. This brought
painful objections from both his wife and the dog, who
snapped at him. He pulled away and tried to think of a

He recalled seeing dogs tied together when he was a
young boy. His father would throw a bucket of cold
water on them to break them apart.

‘I guess if cold water can work on a guy,’ he thought
to himself. ‘It should work on any cock.’

Bo watched frustratingly as John disappeared out of the
room towards the bathroom. He returned soon after with
a bucket. Before she could shout out any objection he
poured the content of cold water over the two locked

“John! You shit!” Bo yelled out. “Wha… what do you
think you’re doing?”

“Trying to pry you two apart,” he answered back. “What
do you think.”

“By drowning me,” she sputtered back at him.

“What else do you want me to do?” John yelled at her.
“Call the paramedics so that it’ll hit the papers in
time for your morning coffee.”

She was about to yell back at him when she felt a
change. She could feel Bruiser’s knot shrinking a bit.
Still not enough to pull away, but definitely

“I… I’m sorry john,” she settled down. “You just
caught me by surprise. But I think you might be on the
right track though.”

“What do you mean, hon?” He asked her.

“I… I think that his cock is finally shrinking a
bit,” she explained.

“But I think that he might need another dunking.”

John went back to the bathroom and returned with
another bucket full of cold water.

“Dunk the dog this time, will you?” Bo instructed him.

John did as she asked and emptied the second bucket on
Bruiser. John observed the knot had definitely shrunk
somewhat. Its edges were now beginning to pull out of
his wife’s cunt. He reached down and pulled on
Bruiser’s cock stem.

This time it wasn’t as painful to the inter-specie
couple. As soon as the knot popped out of her a flood
of dog semen poured out of her overflowing pussy. He
couldn’t believe the amount of cum was stuck in his

Bo could actually hear the cum pouring out of her. She
was orgasming at the release of pressure from her
bloated womb. It felt like a cleansing enema, but an
enema of her vagina, rather than her rectum.

After cleaning herself up in the shower, Bo joined John
on the patio for a big breakfast. She needed to
rebuild her strength after the wild fucking she had
endured through the night.

“I told the staff about the water mess in our room,” he
was telling her. “Told them that we got silly and had
a water fight with buckets. I think they’ll buy that.”

Bo only smiled back at his resourcefulness in the
circumstances and took another bite from her plate.

“If you want to keep doing things like that,” he went
on. “We’ll have to be more careful, hon.”

“Uh-uh,” Bo mumbled.

John reached under the table and squeezed her thigh.
Bo reciprocated by trapping his hand between her warm
legs, while he slid it closer to her cunt. After all
that she had gone through in the last 24 hours she
wasn’t in the mood for more sex play so soon. Which
must be a first for her.

“Oh, by the way,” he broke the talk. “I’ve finished
the first draft for your next project.”

He slid the screenplay of ‘Bolero’ across the table to
her. Bo picked it up and flipped through the pages.
What little she saw, she liked. She could see John’s
handiwork about her sexual pleasures written into the

By the end of the day she had read through the whole

“So,” John asked. “What do you think?”

“I like it baby,” she said. “But I have a few

“Like what?” He asked.

She hesitated before saying what she was fantasizing
about. But her recent discovery of doggy sex opened
her eyes to new possibilities.

“Well,” she flipped the script to a particular page.
“Like here. You have me riding bareback on this black
stallion. I think it would be much more erotic if I
did that in the buff.”

“I don’t know babe,” he paused. “That might be pushing
it with the censors.”

“Why?” She quizzed. “It’s not like I’ll be fucking
the stud.”

John smiled at the image that was brought to his mind.

“I know that,” he explained. “But it might be too

Bo gave that famous innocently naive smile of hers and
him too make it happen.

They filmed the movie with all the erotic suggestions
that she had made to him. Though the movie wasn’t a
great box office success, they were nonetheless pleased
that they had done it as it was.

Bo hadn’t counted on getting so aroused by that nude
bareback scene though. The memory of it just wouldn’t
leave her waking thoughts. She wouldn’t be satisfied
until she tried it again, here on the ranch, in the
privacy of their home.

For the first few weeks she began taking out her steeds
bareback until she was confident enough to take the
next step. She knew that she still had to maintain a
certain level of propriety. What with all the staff
that the ranch had.

The day finally came when most of the staff had the day
off. There wouldn’t be a better time to try this than
today. She headed for the stables, wearing her regular
riding clothes, and placed the bridle on Geronimo. He
was a beautiful white palomino stallion that John had
given her as a wedding present.

Leading him out of the stables she jumped on his
bareback and headed for the woods nearby.

As soon as she entered the confines of the forest she
halted her horse and looked around. Seeing that they
could no longer be seen from the ranch, she dismounted
and began removing all of her clothing.

The shirt came off first. And since she never bothered
wearing a bra, her breast didn’t need one. Next came
her riding boots and socks. And finally she peeled off
her tight fitting riding pants under which she was
pantiless. There she stood, in her full splendor. The
body that have caused many a hard-on to make
appearances in men’s crotches and wet pussies in

She peered down at her naked body and smiled pleasingly
at herself. She ran her fingers through that blonde
bush of hers, sliding them up to her breasts which she
gave a sensuous squeeze.

She took another look around and saw one of the dogs
approaching her location. It was Bud, one of their
German Shepherd guard dogs. And one of her first
bestial lovers. She smiled inwardly. She wouldn’t mind
his company. He might even be useful by the time they
reached the lake.

She tucked her clothing away next to the tree and
walked over to Geronimo. With gymnastic skill she
jumped on his bareback and rode him down the path
towards the lake.

Her naked pussy was rubbing against the rough hair of
her steed. The bristles were rubbing her just as it
had during her filming of ‘Bolero.’ It made constant
contact with her clit and gave her an orgasm before she
was halfway to the lake.

“Its just as I remembered during filming,” she said

Yes, she had had orgasms during filming this particular
scene, multiple orgasms in fact. Nobody was suspicious
about it then. She had insisted in wiping down the
black stallion after each take. The handlers didn’t
mind, they would get paid nonetheless.

Bo had been concerned that if anybody else would have
done it, they would have seen her cum streaking its
hairy back. That’s when her thoughts began drifting
towards her own horses back here at the ranch.

She finally reached the lakeshore, but not before
cumming two more times. She slid off Geronimo’s back
quite pleased with the experience. Her nipples had
stiffened from her sexual arousal so she tweaked them

She dropped the bridle to the ground and walked
sensually towards the water. She would need the cool
refreshing waters to settle her nerves. She knew that
Geronimo wouldn’t wander, he was a good horse.

Bud had followed his mistress and could smell her sex
in the air. This was a smell that was quite familiar
to him now. He bolted out of the bush and startled Bo
momentarily. Realizing that it was only Bud, she
smiled at him and resumed heading for the lake.
Unfortunately, Bud had other plans.

He reached her while she was only a few feet away from
the huge horse.

Bo stopped suddenly when Bud stuck his cold snout in
her crotch and began licking fervently at her wet cunt.
She smiled and relaxed as he continued this task.
Within minutes her breathing was deep and heavy from
arousal. She just had to lie down so that Bud could
really service her properly.

She dropped to her knees and then to her back,
spreading her legs apart to give the dog better access
to her pussy and clit.

Bud saw his mistress’ compliance to his needs and
burrowed deeper into her gaping pussy. His tongue
delving deeply inside of her.

Bo was helping things along by playing with her breast
as her mind soared in ecstasy. She had to admit it to
herself. This wasn’t just a fad of the moment. She
was hooked on doggy sex and she wanted it everyday from
now on.

When she felt herself ready for a fuck, she turned over
and got up on her hands and knees and called out to the

“C’mere Bud,” she called as she slapped her buttock.
“Give Bo what she needs.”

From their previous experience, Bud knew what was
expected this time and mounted the gorgeous blonde
movie star. He started humping immediately, even
though he hadn’t located her hole with his cock yet.
Bo had to reach between her parted legs with her hand
in order to guide him into her.

But once the dog’s cock-head found its mark, Bud drove
his shaft to the hilt, which caused Bo to gasp in
pleasure. She joined in the fuck effort and began
fucking her butt back into Bud’s loin. She wanted to
feel that knot in her pussy again and she wanted to do
everything possible to accomplish this in record time.

She was enjoying the fuck so much that she hadn’t been
paying attention to her surroundings. If she had she
would have noticed that Geronimo had picked up the
distinct smell of sex in the air. Or that he was
slowly approaching the copulating couple.

While in the through of sexual ecstasy, Bo had her head
down facing the ground and grunting with each fuck
thrust that Bud was giving her.

It wasn’t until she noticed the shadow on the ground
that she looked up again. There, right next to her,
stood Geronimo. But that wasn’t what caught her eye.
What did catch her attention was the cock that was
sticking out of his underside.

She was shocked to see the size of it. It must be at
least two feet long and as thick as her arm. The sight
of it was surreal to her. No more than the fact that
she might be responsible for arousing such a monstrous
looking cock. But what was shocking her even more was
her desire to touch the stallion’s cock.

With Bud in tow, she crawled closer to Geronimo’s
hindquarters. When she was within reach she lifted her
right hand and touched the cock with her fingers. She
pulled it back almost as fast.

The heat that was generated from the horse’s cock felt
almost scalding in comparison to her husband’s or the
dogs for that matter.

She got her courage back and reached up to grasp
Geronimo’s cock again. All the while Bud never let up
on his fucking. The dog seemed oblivious to the new
participant in this bestiality scenario.

Bo stroked her hand along the immense length of horse
cock. She was amazed how sturdy he was along its full
length. From past experience with human partners, the
longer the cock, the harder it was for them to maintain
rigidity along the length. It took too much b***d for
them to hold their stiffness.

Bud finally got his knot inside her pussy, which
brought Bo’s attention back to the cock fucking madly
in her pussy.

‘How could I have forgotten about Bud,’ she thought to

She returned to humping herself on the German Shepherd
while never releasing Geronimo’s mighty shaft. She
found it very difficult to accept as yet how turned on
she was becoming with her animals.

Being so close to that equine penis, even her human
nose could pick up the distinct smell of sex emanating
from it. With no self control left to her, Bo pulled
on that giant shaft above her. She was trying to lower
it to her kneeling position. She wanted to get a
closer look at it.

The horse’s shaft was so stiff, it felt like trying to
bend a metal rod, rather than one of flesh. But
slowly, inexorably, the giant cock was bending to her
will. With a bit more effort Bo Derek finally managed
to get the cock-head down in front of her face.

She was fascinated at its strange shape. The flatness
of the head. How thick the veins were, running along
its sides. Even the piss-hole was so different from
what she would expect of a cock, any cock. The piss-
hole looked like a straw sticking out of Geronimo’s

‘The easier to drink out of,’ she thought amusingly.
‘I guess.’

As soon as the thought entered her mind, Bo began
wondering how a horse would taste differently from a
man, or a dog. She didn’t have to think about it for
too long, she was long past considering about the taboo
of what she was contemplating. She has been since the
previous days introduction with the dogs.

With Bud still fucking blissfully away at her cunt, Bo
moved closer to her stallion and began licking the
length of its cock. Geronimo snorted loudly as he felt
the human’s tongue sliding along his penis.

Bo loved the texture of the horse cock. She knew
definitely now that she wanted to suck on it as quickly
as possible. With that in mind she began running her
tongue towards the cock-head and licked around that
flat tip. Squashing her tongue on it and licking its
entire surface.

With one hand holding onto Geronimo’s cock, Bo found
that she didn’t have to support Bud and herself from
the ground with her other arm. The sturdiness of the
equine cock was sufficient to accomplish this. This
allowed her to start using her now free hand to other
pleasures. Such as rubbing her clit or tweaking her
stiff and sensitive nipples.

This unlikely threesome continued in this unusual
gangbang for a good fifteen minutes before Bo felt dog
cum being shot into her cunt. By this time she had
miraculously stuffed her horse’s cock-head past her
lips and was sucking on it feverishly.

With her hand on Geronimo’s shaft stroking along its
length trying to make him cum as well. She wanted to
taste horse semen, at least once before deciding how
far she should go.

Bud remained tied to Bo after having shot his load, as
was expected. And Bo remained vigilantly attached to
Geronimo’s cock, sucking hard and stroking just as

The one thing that she hadn’t been counting on is that
Geronimo would also act on instinct as his hindquarters
unexpectedly humped forward. Forcing another few
inches into her mouth. Bo was willing to take in the
cock-head, but to have even a few inches stuffed past
her lips was beyond reason. Her jaw ached at this
sudden mass in her mouth. She tried to keep her teeth
away from the horse’s penis. A feat that seemed almost
impossible considering its girth.

Just about then, she could feel Bud getting his own
second wind and start humping into her once again.
This helped her in handling the horse cock in her mouth
problem somewhat. But not enough for her not to panic
at the predicament that she found herself in.

Bo finally tasted a trickle of horse cum escaping its
straw like hole. Wanting to get this done with, she
intensified her efforts at getting the stallion off.
She also concentrated some effort at humping in unison
with Bud.

Once more she heard a loud snort from Geronimo who
humped forward once more. But it could not go any
further inside her mouth. Bo’s throat could never
accommodate something so wide. Nonetheless, the
horse’s added excitement must have been a sign that he
was fast approaching his own climax.

For the second time Bo felt the hot fluids of Bud’s
jism shooting in her pussy, at the same instant as the
first powerful jet of horse cum flooded her mouth and
throat. That single ejaculation was enough to
completely fill her cavity. So much so, that it
squirted out the corner of her mouth and even escaped
through her nose.

Bo spat out the horse cock, gagging. A large puddle
formed from the escaping cum of her mouth. She gagged
momentarily as she tried catching her breath. A second
splash of horse jism shot over her face and body. Cum
was dripping from all over her body. Bo also climaxed
along with the two beast inside of her.

Once she recovered from the initial shock of the amount
of cock, Bo returned her lips to the horse cock and
resumed sucking on it. Despite the gagging effect that
was inflicted on her, she found that she loved the
flavor of Geronimo’s jism.

She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. But
despite her reputation as a master cock-sucker, Bo
still couldn’t keep up with the huge beast. With each
new ejaculation, there would always be some that would
escape despite her best effort.

After what seemed like gallons of cum being shot in her
stomach, it finally appeared to be subsiding. She
sucked for a few minutes more before releasing the cock
from her lips. By this time, Bud had also finished
with his business and had dismounted her a few minutes
earlier. He had skulked away to lick his cock clean.

Bo collapsed in a heap on the sandy beach. She was
covered in horse jism, despite her best efforts and
doggy cum was still leaking from her wasted vagina.

Exhausted, she crawled towards the lake to wash up.
She was too exhausted to be able to walk over. Once at
the water’s edge she began to wash off as much as the
equine jism as she could. It was a sticky mess to do
so, but she had to be at least presentable before
returning home.

When she was satisfied as to her appearance, she laid
on her back and floated leisurely in the cool water.
She stayed that way for a long while before her
strength returned to her sufficiently.

She raised herself out of the lake like the goddess she
would appear to be. She strode steadily towards
Geronimo and mounted his back for the ride back. Like
Lady Godiva of old, she rode her stallion back to where
her clothing were hidden and dressed for the final leg

The trio came out of the woods as if nothing unusual
had happened on this nice sunny day. She waved at the
ranch hands as she rode past them. Nobody seemed the
wiser when she brought Geronimo back to the stables and
gave him a nice refreshing rub down.

She strode at a fast pace back to the main house. She
wanted to avoid having to have any long discussions
with anybody for the moment.

She walked through the main entrance and climbed the
staircase, two steps at a time. The house staff simply
assumed the she wanted a refreshing bath before dinner
was sounded.

A relaxing bath was also on her mind, but not for the
reasons assumed off by her staff.

Chapter Five

That same night, Bo disclosed her new bestial conquest.
At first John was revolted at the notion that his
beautiful wife had gone so far with a horse. That is
until he saw the excitement in her eyes as she
recounted every sordid detail. He found himself with a
raging hard-on, which Bo was only too pleased to take
care of for him.

His mind was reeling at the images that were flooding
it. He could picture his wife’s horny face stuck on
the end of a giant horse cock. Now he was wishing that
he had been there to witness the event. But for now he
would be satisfied with the feeling of Bo Derek’s lips
sucking lovingly on his cock.

John was fast becoming a devotee of bestiality himself
without even realizing it. His mind kept wandering to
imaginary images of his wife, Bo, fucking various
breeds of animals. Even his thinking for movie
screenplays were imperceptibly drifting towards

For the next few weeks, Bo and John experienced and
played with every animal they had on the ranch. They
would get one of their many dogs in the bedroom to join
them every night. Occasionally two would be brought

But amazingly, Bo was getting actually bored for lack
of diversity. It was at this point that their animal
collection began growing. You might have noticed this
when Entertainment Tonight would conduct interviews at
their ranch.

On one such interview, Bo managed to introduce Julie
Moran into her world of bestiality. She was in the
middle of the interview when she noticed the brunette
reporter staring at one of her dogs protruding penis.
It happened to be her St-Bernard, Bruiser.

Bo smiled at her and coughed slightly to gain miss
Moran’s attention. When Julie returned her attention
to her interviewee she was blushing profusely. They
had to tape the interview over so that make-up could be
applied to her reddened cheeks.

After the interview, while the ET crew were packing
their gear in the trucks, Bo approached Julie.

“Miss Moran. Mind if I call you Julie,” Bo said to the
brunette. “I want to apologize for the distraction
that Bruiser created back there.”

At remembering the incident Julie began blushing again.
She couldn’t get over the size of the penis that the
dog exhibited.

“Uh! Oh, don’t worry about it miss Derek,” she

“Bo. Please,” Bo tried to break the ice. “Miss sounds
so… fuddy-duddy.”

“Only if you call me Julie,” the ET reporter smiled

“OK, Julie,” Bo went on. “Why don’t I make it up to
you. Will you stay for dinner. John is out of town,
and I really would like the company.”

Julie thought about it for a few seconds and agreed.
She had her own car, so the crew didn’t have to wait
for her. The two beautiful women walked back to the
ranch house and settled in the main living room while
waiting for dinner.

Julie asked to use the telephone so that she could let
her husband know that she would be late coming home and

Bo left her alone for this an was planning her next

The housekeeper appeared at the doorway and announced
that dinner was ready. They headed for the dining room
and enjoyed a succulent lobster dinner along with a
nice bottle of wine.

Afterwards they returned to the living room and just
had a pleasant girl talk conversation. Bo dragged it
out as long as she possibly could.

When Julie looked at her watch it was already past

“God! Where did the time go,” she said.

This was what Bo was hoping for.

“It’s much too late for you to drive back tonight,” she
told her guest. “Why don’t you stay the night and make
an early start in the morning. There are plenty of

Julie thought about this proposition for a minute, then
decided that it would be a good idea. Of course she
needed the phone once more to call her husband and
explain things to him. This did not present a problem
as their marriage was on solid ground.

Since she was now staying the night, Julie saw no
reason to cut the girl talk short. They resumed their
conversation. Now all Bo had to do was steer the
discussion to Bruiser.

“Again I’d like to apologize for Bruiser’s behavior,”
she said. “He always seems to act that way around
beautiful women.”

Julie smiled at the implied compliment. She also had
to admit to herself that she was a bit attracted to the
blonde movie starlet herself. Even though she had no
lesbian tendencies herself. She couldn’t explain why
the attraction existed, but it did nonetheless.

“Really,” Julie replied. “Isn’t there something that
can be done about it.”

“Well, the vet explained that its because his needs
aren’t being met,” Bo bluffed. “He suggested that when
something like this happens that I should… um… help

“Help him,” Julie quizzed. “Help him how?”

“Oh, I don’t want to bother you with details,” Bo acted
innocently, with that shy smile of hers.

“No, tell me,” the reporter asked. “I’m curious now.”

“Well,” Bo hesitated. “He said that he would need to
ejaculate to settle him down.”

Julie had a shocked expression across her face. But
behind the shocked mask, she was very curious as to
where this was going.

“And how are you supposed to accomplish that?” She
asked the blonde beauty.

“Now don’t be shocked,” Bo answered. “But he needs to
be jacked off. You know. A hand job.”

The trap was now set. Would the brown haired reporter
bite the bait.

“Ho… how can you do something so… so wicked,” Julie

Putting on her best acting performance she replied to
the reporter.

“A… at first it was embarrassing to do something so
vile,” she shrugged. “But after a while it wasn’t so
difficult to do.”

Her curiosity aroused, and her panties getting soaked,
Julie pushed onward with the conversation.

“But you didn’t do anything like that for him today,”
she asked. “Did you?”

“Well,” Bo paused. “I couldn’t really do it in front
of you. Now could I?”

Pausing for a long moment before the words could leave
her lips, Julie Moran’s curiosity was about to have the
better of her. Just as Bo had hoped.

“Yo… you shouldn’t make him suffer,” the reporter
said. “Just because of me. Actually, I’d like to
watch if you don’t mind. Strictly off the record of

Triumph. Bo feigned thinking about it before giving
her ‘victim’ an answer.

“If you’re absolutely sure you want to,” she finally

Julie smiled back as she nodded silently in the

“Alright then,” Bo went on. “But I think we should
move to the bedroom. It was hard enough to explain
this to John. I don’t need the staff to blab about
this. You know how the tabloids would blow this out of

Julie accepted this blindly. It seemed like a
reasonable precaution. And she had to agree with the
blonde movie star that the tabloids would have a field
day with something like this. They might even twist it
into a story of bestiality.

Little did she realize that she was about to walk into
this world herself.

Bo got up off the easy chair that she was sitting on
and headed for the door. Julie followed suite and
followed her towards the main hallway.

Bo then stopped at the bottom of the stairwell and
turned to her beautiful houseguest.

“Why don’t you go up to my bedroom,” she said. “Its
the first door at the top of the stairs. The one
facing us. I’ll go get Bruiser and meet you there in a
few minutes.”

Julie accepted this innocently enough. She started
walking up the stairs slowly. Bo paused momentarily as
she watched the sexy stride that the ET reporter was

Then her mind snapped back to the present. She needed
to find Bruiser for her ‘guest.’ She fully expected
that his cock would have subsided by now, and in order
to convince the brunette waiting in her bedroom that
his condition needed ‘treatment’ she would have to
arouse him again before taking him upstairs.

It took a few minutes for her to finally locate the St-
Bernard. He was snoozing near the house kennels. His
huge head snapped up when he heard his mistress call
his name in the dark.

When she approached him it was as she expected. His
cock had receded back in its furry sheath. She would
have to do something fast to get him excited again.
And from experience, she knew that nothing would get
him aroused faster than a quick blowjob.

She knelt next to him and gave him a few quick hand-
strokes to get things started. When she felt the tip
of his cock beginning to protrude, she ducked under him
and wrapped her lips and began sucking.

The virile canine didn’t take long to regain his full
length and rigidity. Now they were presentable to her
‘novice’ guest in waiting. She guided Bruiser back to
the house and they both made their way up the stairs to
the master bedroom.

When she entered the bedroom, Julie was looking around
the large room. She was at the dresser looking at her
collection of braids. When she heard the door open
behind her, she turned and gasped. She had almost
managed to drive the image of Bruiser’s cock from her
mind. But there it was before her once more.

All twelve inches of hard, vibrating and glistening

‘Was it shiny like that earlier,’ Julie asked herself.
‘I don’t think it did.’

“Make yourself comfortable,” Bo told her. “There’s a
chair over there where you can sit and watch.”

Julie settled down and tried to relax. She was
shuffling in her seat as she watched Bo and Bruiser
approach closer to her. She just couldn’t take her
eyes away from that cock though.

Bo noticed that immediately and smiled to herself. She
now needed to proceed with her plans. She began
removing her clothing slowly, seductively before the

“Don’t be alarmed,” she reassured Julie. “I’ve learned
from experience that this can be rather messy. You
should have seen the first few weeks. It was safer to
buy a new wardrobe than explain the stains on my
clothing. Since then I find it more… economical to
do this naked. You don’t mind, do you?”

“I leave it to you,” Julie answered back. “You’re the

When Bo removed her shirt and exposed those godly
breast, she heard Julie’s breath catching. This was
going to be much easier than she had anticipated. Next
she peeled herself out of her tight fitting lycra
pants. Her blonde bush was awash with her own wetness,
which she didn’t mind showing off to her guest.

Julie noticed the glistening effect of Bo’s pussy as
well, and that got her aroused a bit as well. Again
she had to convince herself that she was not a lesbian.

Next would come the actual exhibition for her newfound
friend. Bo called Bruiser to her. The huge brown and
white St-Bernard trotted over to his mistress and gave
a tentative lick of her breast with his wide slobbering

Julie was fascinated at the impressive size of
Bruiser’s tongue. But her attention was drawn back to
his cock.

Bo had him roll over onto his back so that his huge
head was just between Julie’s slightly parted legs.
She felt that in this position, Julie would get the
best possible view of Bruiser’s cock, knot and
eventually his cum.

“Now the vet explained to me that its just like doing
it to a man,” Bo explained nonchalantly.

As if giving instructions on how to operate a piece of
machinery, she took hold of the dog’s large penis and
began to manipulate it. Stroking in slow and steady

Bo could hear Julie’s breath increasing slightly. This
was a good sign that her plan was working.

She grasped the dog’s cock harder yet and squeezed it
in her nimble hands. This caused the head to bulge
from the added b***d pressure.

“Oooooh!” Julie exclaimed under her breath.

Bo smiled inwardly and continued manipulating the cock.
She switched hand and reached out towards Julie with
her doggy slime covered hand.

“Could you hand me a tissue,” she asked Julie. “Its
right next to you.”

Julie complied and reached for a tissue. But when she
tried to hand it to her, Bo intentionally missed and
slimed the brunette’s backhand.

“Oh! So sorry,” she excused herself.

“Tha… that’s alright,” Julie stammered, feeling the
warm slime on her hand.

Bo used the tissue to wipe her hand clean for the
intention of her guest. She resumed stroking Bruiser,
again feigning ignoring Julie.

Julie’s curiosity got the better of her, as Bo had
expected, and raised her hand to her nose and sniffed
the doggy slime that was on her hand. From the corner
of her eye Bo could see the ET reporter did exactly as
she had hoped that she would.

Julie, oblivious to Bo’s plan, was sniffing contentedly
on the fragrant aroma on her hand. Then, without
thought, she licked the slime off of her hand. She
found the taste most pleasurable.

When that was done, she returned her attention to the
blonde beauty and the dog.

Bo’s plan was working out perfectly. Julie Moran, ET
reporter, was getting a taste for doggy cum. She knew
that it wouldn’t take much more to get her into the

She returned her attention to Bruiser’s cock. She
continued rubbing her hand up and down along the full
length of the huge St-Bernard, for Julie’s benefit.
She wanted the dark haired woman to get the full view
of Bruiser’s virile cock.

Having gotten a taste of the dog’s slimy fluid, Julie’s
excitement was mounting. With no conscious thought her
legs were beginning to open and close by their own
volition. Her body was trying to rub her pussy without
actually touching herself. This did not go unnoticed
by Bo, who was almost smiling openly now. And with her
attention fully preoccupied by the vision of the dog’s
cock, Julie wasn’t even aware of her action or Bo’s

Julie was amazed at the incredible stamina exhibited by
the dog. Bo had been stroking him for twenty minutes
already and he still hadn’t cum. Her panties were
getting soaked from excitement and she finally had to
admit to herself that the whole thing was very

Bo could feel Bruiser’s balls tightening just then. A
sure sign that he was about to blow his load.

‘Finally,’ she said to herself.

Julie was bending forward slightly for a closer look of
the action before her. Her legs continually open and
closed by their own volition, rubbing her soaked
panties and pussy lips together.

Bo’s arm was beginning to ache from this long hand-job.
But she had to keep up the act until she got Julie
truly hooked. But she suspected that it wouldn’t take
long now.

While continuing to stroke the cock, she
surreptitiously raised it slightly. Aiming it between
Julie Moran’s slim, dark stockinged legs. Then Bruiser
reached his bursting point.

A powerful stream of jism began shooting out of his
cock-tip and sprayed forward. The first jet hit
Julie’s face and she instinctively pulled back. The
following shots were spraying the inside her legs with
some landing in her crotch.

She squealed in excitement. Her tongue was trying to
lap up the jism around her lips.

Bo smiled broadly now as she watched Julie lapping up
Bruiser’s cum. Her submission was almost complete.
But there was still more to accomplish before victory
could be achieved.

“Oh! I’m so sorry,” Bo apologized (wink). “Here let
me help clean that up.”

Julie didn’t even have a chance to object. Without
waiting for an answer she began wiping Julie’s thighs
with tissue, reaching ‘innocently’ under the hem of the
reporter’s short dress. That caused the dark haired
beauty to catch her breath when Bo’s hand brushed
against her soaked panties. Bo also confirmed her
suspicion. Her guest was wearing a garter rather than

“Th… that’s alright,” Julie stammered. “Accidents
will happen. Y… you don… don’t have to do…

Bo smiled with satisfaction seeing the reaction that
she was having on her new playmate.

“Its not a problem,” Bo answered. “It was all my fault
anyway. Its the least I could do.”

Julie’s eyes closed in ecstasy as she felt Bo Derek’s
hands rubbing in between her legs. She hadn’t even
noticed that she no longer had any tissue in her hands.
Bo was simply rubbing the doggy cum into Julie’s
stockings so that the warm fluid would make contact
with her skin.

Her arousal was rising beyond her control. Within a
few minutes, her hands reached up to her own voluptuous
breast and began rubbing them sensually. All the while
Bo continued rubbing her thighs harder. Her hands were
snaking their way slowly towards the soaked panties
until she made contact.

Julie groaned again at the contact against her excited
panty clad pussy. She opened her legs wider,
invitingly. For which Bo took advantage of. She ran
her fingers along the outline of Julie’s inflamed pussy
lips that were visible through the wet fabric of the

Chapter Six

By now Julie was hooked to what was happening to her.
She gazed down at the kneeling Bo and smiled.

“Maybe I should take these off,” she said. “Before
they stain.”

“That would be reasonable,” Bo agreed.

Hesitantly, Julie Moran, crack reporter for
Entertainment Tonight, stood unsteadily to her feet and
began to unbutton her sweat drenched silk shirt. She
removed it delicately and laid it over the back of the
chair. She was wearing a flesh colored bra over her
voluptuous breast. Bo couldn’t wait to see those
melons exposed to her.

Julie then reached behind her and unfastened the skirt,
which slid to the ground unaided. There she stood in
all her glamour. She posed seductively for Bo wearing
only her underwear. Bra and panties, which were
completely soaked by now, and her long stockinged legs
in garter. Bo also enjoyed the fact that the brunette
was wearing four inch heels. This accentuated her
calves as it does for most women.

Reaching to her back once more, she unclasped her bra
and removed that as well. Her bouncy tits popped out
of the tight confines of it, to Bo’s pleasure. When
she tried to remove her stocking clasp of the garter,
Bo’s hand reached up and stopped her.

“No,” Bo spoke out. “Don’t take them off. Just the

Julie smiled and slipped her panties down to her ankle
and kicked them away across the room.

The somehow forgotten Bruiser trotted over to the
soaked panties and began licking and munching on them.
The taste of female cum on his tongue would revive his
staff for the next round.

Meanwhile, Bo was stroking Julie’s long slender legs
and pulling her down to her knees by her ass-cheeks.
Julie offered no resistance. She soon found herself
face to face, breast to breast, and cunt to cunt to the
sexiest woman on the big screen.

Bo approached her and kissed her deeply. To Julie,
this was her first experience with another woman. Even
back in school, when her friends experimented in this,
she refrained from doing so. Now she found herself
openly kissing this ravishing beauty before her.

Bo slipped her tongue past the brunette’s lips and
began frenching with her. Their tongues soon found
themselves intertwined as the kissing continued. Julie
returned the kiss.

Bo’s hand then reached her hand up and cupped Julie’s
breast and tweaked on her nipple. Julie gasped in Bo’s
mouth as she luxuriated in Bo’s apparent expertise.
She returned the attention and cupped the blonde
bombshells breast as well.

She was amazed at how firm they were. There was no
evidence of sagging that most women experience as they
aged. She tweaked those firm nipple nubs just as Bo
had done for her.

This went on for a few minutes more before Bo decided
that it was time for the next step. Her hand moved
away from Julie’s breast, despite her objection, and
slid down to her pussy.

When Julie felt fingers brushing near her crotch, she
spread her legs apart a bit more to allow better access
to her female companion. Bo accepted the invitation
and slipped a finger into the reporter’s willing
vagina. She got it down to her fist knuckle.

‘Obviously the woman had been well fucked by her
husband,’ Bo thought to herself.

So she added another finger, then a third. She began
fucking her fingers in and out of Julie’s warm love
tunnel. All the while she would be using her thumb on
her guest’s clit.

Julie could not help but gasp in excitement as she
came. Bo could feel the woman’s cum soaking her hand.

She allowed this to continue for a few more seconds and
pulled out her hand from her friend’s pussy. She
brought her cum covered hand to her face and licked the
female juice a bit.

“Mmmmmmh!” Bo luxuriated in the flavor. “This is

Julie was getting jealous at Bo now. She pulled Bo’s
hand to her own face and licked her own juices from the
blonde’s hand. She surprised herself when she found
that she actually enjoyed the taste of it.

The next thing that happened pleased Bo immensely. On
her own volition, Julie bent her head down and sucked
on one of Bo’s stiff nipples. She tilted her head back
as she absorbed the feeling of those soft female lips
sucking on her.

‘She’s almost there,’ Bo thought to herself.

Glancing over to Bruiser, who was still licking at
Julie’s panties, Bo could see that his cock was also
ready for the next step.

Reluctantly, she pushed Julie away from her breast.
The brunette looked up questioningly at the starlet.
She thought that maybe she had done something wrong.

Bo wasn’t displeased with her. In fact, she wanted to
make things better. She pulled Julie down to the
ground so that she found herself lying on her back,
facing up to her. Then Bo straddled herself on top of
the brunette in the classic 69 position.

Julie was totally unfamiliar with this position. She
never even tried this with her husband. In fact she
had rarely sucked on a cock before and never a pussy.

Bo realized that she would have to show Julie how to
proceed next. She dipped her head down to Julie’s open
legs and to her pussy. Julie gasped aloud at feeling
Bo’s tongue against her pussy lips. She had never felt
anything like this before. The sensitivity, the
sensuality of the moment was beyond her comprehension.

Bo was pleased at Julie’s reaction, but she wasn’t
being serviced herself. She would have to do something
about that.

To get her new lovers compliance, Bo lowered her own
pulsing pussy closer to Julie’s face. Julie could only
stare helplessly as those reddened cunt-lips came
closer and closer. Then her nose picked up the
unmistakable scent of the aroused starlet.

As that scent began to overcome her, Julie licked her
lips sexily. Her mind was reeling at what she knew was
about to happen to her. She finally conceded and
lifted her head and tentatively brushed her tongue
along Bo’s pussy lips.

Bo closed her eyes and returned her own mouth to
Julie’s excited cunt. The two women buried each other
into the others pussy and sucked on their pussies and

Bo lowered her body on top of Julie’s and crushed each
other’s breast against their bodies. They continued
this way for a good fifteen minutes until Bo decided
that the next step was upon them.

While in the midst of their frolicking, Bo rolled their
bodies over each other and rolled to the center of the
large master bedroom. When they finally stopped
rolling, Bo was below and she was now straddled by
Julie Moran.

Bo knew that she now owned Julie’s sexual will. As the
brunette, now in the position to free herself, made no
such effort. But just to make sure, she wrapped her
legs around Julie’s head.

“Oh, God!” Julie moaned. “I’ve never felt anything so
good before.”

And she returned her face to Bo’s crotch. Bo never
allowed Julie’s pussy to leave her lips. But she did
manage to tie her legs around the unsuspecting
reporter. Now with her head and legs trapped by the
horny Bo Derek, was the right time for the next big
step. She then glanced across the room to Bruiser.
She had to figure out a way to attract his attention.

It dawned on her that she should do what she usually
does to get her attention. With that in mind, she gave
a loud slap to Julie’s butt. Which, by the way
resulted in a surprised yelp to escape the brunette’s
pussy stuffed lips.

Bruiser’s head snapped around at the sound. He
recognized the upturned ass of a woman in the middle of
the room. And from his past experience with his
mistress, he knew what was required of him.

Chapter Seven

Bruiser, Bo Derek’s large brown and white St-Bernard,
strode across the master bedroom towards the two
clenching woman.

He didn’t know who this other woman was that was
exposing her pussy for him. But he knew what he had to
do. He stuck his cold wet nose at Julie Moran’s pussy
and proceeded to lick her, in unison with Bo Derek who
was beneath the brunette reporter.

Julie’s head snapped up in surprise at the cold
contact. When she tried to look back, she found that
she couldn’t because Bo’s legs remained securely
clasped about her head.

“Bo?” Julie mumbled back. “Wha… what’s going on?
What’s happening back there? Is there someone else in
the room?”

The ET reporter was panicking a bit now. What if one
of the ranch hands snuck into the house and was now
trying to r**e her. She hadn’t noticed anybody enter.
But then again, she was rather preoccupied. And what
if there was more than one in the room with them. And
why didn’t Bo answer her.

“Why aren’t you doing anything?” Julie pleaded. “Why
are you letting this happen to me?”

She gasped aloud as she felt not one but two tongues
stroking her pussy lips, Bo’s and Bruiser’s.

She surrendered, since there was nothing else that she
could do, to the ravishment of the two tongues on her
cunt. Once that was accomplished, she saw no reason
not to return her attention to Bo’s hot pussy.

After a few more swipes of her tongue on Julie’s
succulent pussy, Bo backed her face away and looked on
to enjoy the show that was about to unfurl.

Bruiser’s wide tongue licked energetically at Julie’s
overexcited pussy. She knew that her dog would do what
was necessary to please the brunette.

To help things along, Bo decided to use her hands in a
more productive fashion. She reached up and pulled
open Julie’s love tunnel to allow direct access to her
dog. She watched fascinated as that large doggy tongue
seemed to disappear deep inside the reporter.

“Oh! Yessss!” Julie cried out.

She never could have believed that a tongue could go so

After all was done, she just had to meet this man that
was sucking her so expertly. It felt like a live snake
was swirling around inside her womb. The way that
tongue was moving seemed so unnatural to her limited
sexual knowledge.

The licking went on for another fifteen minutes before
Bo decided that Julie was now ready for the ultimate
sensation of this night. She slapped the trapped
brunette’s bum once more. This was Bruiser’s signal to
mount the bitch.

The huge dog stepped back a pace and leaped forward,
landing heavily on Julie Moran’s back. When Julie felt
the dog land on her back, its added weight made her
back sag slightly. She immediately pushed herself back
up. Then it suddenly dawned on her. This man was
covered in fur. Thick soft fur.

‘Oh my god!’ She screamed in her mind. ‘It’s the dog.
It’s the damn dog.’

Desperately, she began to struggle to try and escape
Bo’s entangling limbs. But it was useless. The added
weight of the St-Bernard removed any hope of freeing

She could feel the rubbery pads of the dog’s paws as it
maneuvered itself on top of her. He was shuffling
forward so that his cock could reach her exposed
vagina. She could still picture in her mind the image
of the size that would soon invade her private neither

Bo looked on lustily as she observed her Bruiser
getting closer to the goal. She kept her hands at
Julie’s pussy-lips to make it that much easier for him.
He was only a few inches away now. Bo couldn’t wait to
see Julie Moran’s bestial deflowering. She had never
seen this from this perspective before, since she was
the one usually getting fucked by the beasts.

Meanwhile, Julie’s panic had the adverse effect on her
of adding to her sexual excitement. Her nipples were
harder than they had ever been before and accordingly
they were much more sensitive.

When Bruiser’s cock-tip touched, only to briefly, her
pussy-lips it triggered and immediate orgasm in the
brunette’s body. She felt her body shaking from the
explosive climax. She could feel her own cum spraying
out of her held open pussy.

Bo opened her mouth wide to catch as much of the
womanly juices that she could capture in this
particular position. Hopefully next time there will be
no need to restrain the ET reporter.

When Bruiser’s cock actually began entering Julie’s
pussy, Bo released her friend’s pussy-lips. She knew
that the brunette would enjoy the fuck so much more if
her pussy was clasping Bruiser’s hot cock.

“Oh shit,” Julie exclaimed. “That feels nicccce.”

“Go for it honey,” Bo told her. “there’s nothing
better than a good hard fuck.”

Julie was beginning to realize that herself. She
instinctively humped back at bruiser, which drove
another few inches past her clenching pussy entrance.

Bo smiled broadly as she now knew that Julie Moran was
now slave to Bruiser’s cock. She reached up and took
hold of the dog’s hard cock and began to manipulate it
like a dildo. She began pushing it harder and deeper
into Julie’s sucking cunt.

Julie exploded in yet another orgasm as she felt the
hard cock being driven deeper inside her. She couldn’t
help herself, she just had to hump back. The wide cock
was going deeper into her and she was enjoying every
loving inch.

Meanwhile, Bo couldn’t help herself. With all the
fucking going on above her head, she just had to get
into the act. She lifted her head up and licked along
Bruiser’s cock, then back down to

Julie’s pussy. She licked along the junction of her
pussy-lips and the St-Bernard’s stuffing cock.

She could see that Julie had already taken in at least
eight of Bruiser’s twelve inches. That wasn’t enough.
Bo wanted her to feel every invading inch, as well as
that cunt stuffing knot of his. She f****d in another
two inches into the brunette reporter’s cunt.

“Oh yessss!” Julie cried out. “Get it deeper.
Harder. Do it to me doggy. Fuck me like the bitch I

Bruiser increased his tempo and fucked harder. Without
any further assistance from Bo’s hands, he was driving
more and more of his cock into the sexy reporter. His
forepaws were wrapped securely around her now willing

Bo now felt confident that she could release her grip
on her friend so that she could relax and watch the
show above her head. It was an amazing sight. To see
that mass of cock-flesh disappear in a woman’s pussy
like that. Now she knew what she must look like to
John as he watches her bestial acts.

She saw that the knot was just an inch away from
impact. She was debating if maybe she should restrain
Julie again.

Bruiser took that decision out of her hands. In his
next forward thrust, the knot hit Julie’s vaginal
entrance. The woman must have assumed that this was
all that there would be. She didn’t have anything to
complain about. Her husband had a decent sized cock,
but it only measured nine inches, and was nowhere as
thick as what she had presently.

So Julie Moran settled down for a hard fuck from the
heavy dog on her back. With each thrust that hard
obstruction would hit her pussy, almost painfully. But
she didn’t care anymore. She just wanted that doggy to
empty his load in her womb.

Harder and harder Bruiser kept on surging forward. His
cock was well imbedded in the brunette’s cunt and he
just kept on fucking forward. He too wanted to bury
his knot in the bitch’s pussy, as was expected of him
from his mistress.

Bo looked on as she was witnessing Julie’s vagina start
to give way to the onslaught of Bruiser’s knot. She
figured that another few more hard thrust and the deed
would be done.

Her assumption was correct. Three more thrust and she
heard Julie Moran scream in agonizing pain as the wide
doggy knot gained entry and tied her to her canine

She could hear Julie sobbing in pain as her body tried
to get used to the softball size knot that was now
holding her in place with Bruiser. And now that she
was satisfied that Julie wasn’t going anywhere for a
while at least, Bo slid herself out from under the
inter-specie couple.

She stood up and looked down at her accomplishment.
The famous ET reporter was shaking her head from side
to side as she was being fucked by the large St-
Bernard. Her, previously, well coifed hair was hanging
disheveled over her face. Bo couldn’t see her
expression, but she expected that it would be one of
ecstasy. If not right this minute, then soon.

Julie wasn’t even aware when Bo left the room. She was
gone for about ten minutes. And during that time,
Bruiser never let up. The pain had finally subsided
and she was now truly enjoying her first doggy fuck
once more.

When she heard the door creak open, she looked up and
saw Bo Derek reentering the room. But she was followed
by two large German Shepherds, Bud and Dodger. But she
didn’t panic this time. Actually, she was kind of
looking forward for what was to happen next.

Chapter Eight

Bo Derek approached the still locked couple and smiled
down at them. Julie Moran, reporter for Entertainment
Tonight, returned the smile but was continually
distracted by Bruiser’s thrusting at her backside.

“So?” Bo asked. “How do you like my little secret?”

“Mmmmmmh!” She replied. “It’s just the… Ugnh! The

“Ready for some more?” The starlet asked of the

“Mm, mm” she answered simply.

“Bud! Come her boy,” Bo called out. “I want you to
meet a new friend of ours. Julie, this is Bud. He’s
one of our guard dogs. Have you ever sucked cock

“On… only a few times,” she answered, fearing where
this was leading to.

“That’s okay,” Bo smiled down at her. “Today you’re
going to suck off my pal Bud here.”

Despite what had happened to her so far this night.
Between lesbian sex and Bruiser fucking her at the
present. The ace reporter wasn’t sure if she was ready
for this.

Bo could see the reluctance in the woman’s eyes. This
would call for a bit of extortion she guessed. She
took out her 35mm camera and began snapping away at
Julie Moran getting fucked by a dog.

“Wh… what do you think you’re doing?” Julie

“Simply making sure that I get your undivided
cooperation,” she told her. “Now then. If you do as
you’re told you get the negative. If not. I’ll send
it to the tabloids and let them take matters in their
hands. And you know how nice they are. Especially
when they have the cold hard facts in their grubby
little hands.”

“Alright, alright,” the reporter surrendered. “I’ll
suck his fucking cock. But I want the film now.”

Uh! Uh!” Bo shook her head negatively. “Only
tomorrow morning when we’re through.”

Julie knew that she was in no position to negotiate.
She agreed.

Bo brought Bud forward and had him facing the now
submissive Julie Moran. But before things would go
further, she decided to make things even more
interesting. She grabbed hold of Bruiser’s collar and
pulled him off of Julie’s back.

She wanted him turned around. She wanted him butt-to-
butt to the tied woman.

Bruiser was familiar with this situation, but Julie was
taken aback by it. How could a cock twist around in
her pussy as it was presently doing. It felt so
strange, but also so good.

After a few more tries Bo finally managed to turn
Bruiser completely around. Julie and Bruiser were now
butt-to-butt. She then returned her attention to Bud
who remained obediently seated in front of Julie face.

“Okay sweetheart,” Bo instructed her. “Now you can
take care of Bud her. Play with his balls a bit to get
him going, then I want to see you suck him off.”

Julie obeyed Bo’s instructions and reached forward and
rubbed the German Shepherd’s balls. She was only
playing it for a few seconds before she noticed the
pinkish cock start peeking out of its furry sheath.
She glanced up at Bo and saw that she was still aiming
her camera at her.

She returned her attention to Bud. The more that she
rubbed Bud the faster his cock would surge out. Within
a few more seconds, eight full inches was out.

“Okay Julie,” Bo told her. “You take that juicy morsel
of cock-meat in your mouth now. I want to see you suck
on it like your life depended on it.”

Julie bent her head down and kissed the cock-tip
lightly. Gazing upwards she could see Bo’s
disappointing glare. She reluctantly took in the cock-
head past her lips and began sucking on it lightly.

Bo smiled. She figured that it would only be a matter
of a few minutes before Julie would fall under the
spell of sucking doggy cock.

It took even less time than that. As soon as her
tongue made contact with the slimy cock-shaft Julie
Moran was hooked.

Taking a deep breath she shoved Bud’s entire length
down her gullet.

Bo started snapping away with her camera. If the
tabloids weren’t going to get them, maybe she could
save them for her own future enjoyment.

As Julie continued sucking on Bud’s cock, his full ten
inches had reached its full length. Bruiser was still
doing his own thing in her pussy, as they were still
tied. That left only Dodger to take care of.
Bo had her own ideas on that. She was feeling
particularly devilish this night.

She lay her camera down and knelt next to the third
dog. She began by playing with his balls, the same was
as she had instructed Julie. Soon, Dodger’s cock
peeked out. Bo bent down and sucked it in her mouth.

By the corner of her eye Julie could see Bo sucking on
the other German Shepherd.

‘At least I won’t have to do anything with him,” she
thought to herself.

She resumed sucking on Bud’s cock as she kept humping
her ass against Bruiser’s cock. She was finding this
whole experience beyond her wildest fantasies. She
never could have imagined something like this to ever
happen to her.

After a few minutes of sucking, Bo was satisfied that
Dodger was now ready for action. She looked over at
the ET reporter and was pleased to see that she kept on
sucking voluntarily. It was quite an erotic picture
before her. Bud in her mouth and Bruiser in her pussy.
And Bo could clearly see that she was enjoying every
single inch inside her. She was as hooked on sucking
doggy cock as she was at fucking one.

She grabbed Dodger’s collar and guided him to the
threesome. When they were parallel to Julie’s body, Bo
placed Dodger’s forepaws around Julie’s waist.

In this position, Dodger began humping wildly against
the brunette’s side. But there was no hole for him to
bury his cock.

Julie was also confused as to the happenings next to
her. She tried to turn her head to the side to see
what was going on. What was Bo Derek planning for her
now, she wondered.

Bo grabbed hold of Dodger’s hind legs next and placed
them across Julie Moran’s buttock. The third dog was
now above Bruiser’s pussy stuffing cock. Bo then
reached between Dodger and Julie’s bodies and was
trying to guide his cock to the last available hole
that the entertainment reporter had remaining. Her

By the time Julie figured out what Bo was planning it
was too late. She could feel the third dog straddled
over her back and the slimy feeling of his cock being
guided to her bunghole. She was about to be gangbanged
by three very horny dogs.

As soon as Bo found Julie’s sphincter and guided
Dodger’s cock-head to it s entrance, she let Dodger
take over. He humped hard and fast into her.

“Arrrggghh!” Was all that Julie Moran could yell.

Once satisfied that the final deed was set in motion,
Bo returned to her camera and began snapping away
again. She had already gone through two rolls of film
and she need to reload.

On the floor before her, Julie was being savagely
fucked by the three virile dogs. Dodger was fucking at
a lightning pace into her ass. She was virgin there
and it was by far where all her pain was coming from at
the present.

Instinctively, she kept humping back at Bruiser, while
at the same time she kept sucking on Bud’s raging hard-
on. No Dodger was the only one that was worrying her.

Bo kept moving around the foursome. Trying to find the
best angle or the most interesting shot. She would
lift Dodger’s tail so that she could get a clear shot
of the two dog cocks stuffing her rear. Then move back
for a close-up shot of her sucking Bud.

It took a while, but Julie’s ass muscles were starting
to relax enough so that she was now actually beginning
to enjoy the feel of a cock there. Better yet was the
sensation that ran through her innards a Dodger’s and
Bruiser’s cocks seemed to be rubbing against each other
through the thin membrane that separated the two

Another few minutes and Bo could hear Julie moan in
pleasure as orgasm after orgasm started hitting her in
rapid succession. Bo smiled in satisfaction for a good
nights work.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Julie felt
Bruiser shooting deeply inside of her vagina. He came
and came and came again. She could not believe how
much cum he must be filling her with.

“Mmmmmmmh!” Julie mumbled in ecstasy around Bud’s cock

Of course, Bo knew that for Bruiser this was but his
first load. He was at least good for two or three a
night. But she had fucked him hard the night before,
so she suspected that he might be good enough for a
second shot, no more.

Julie thought that at least she was done with one dog.
Imagine her shock when she discovered that Bruiser’s
cock was showing no sign of shrinking. A smile crept
across her cock stuffed lips. She was now totally
committed to this doggy lifestyle.

Dodger kept on with his own mission of the night, as he
fucked hard into the reporter’s ass. And Julie made
sure not to ignore Bud’s cock that she was sucking
lovingly now. She slipped a hand down to Bud’s balls
to get him to shoot faster. She was now desperate for
the taste of doggy cum.

Bo continued snapping frame after frame of film at
Julie’s depraved new sex life. Each time she would
take a picture of the reporter sucking on the
Shepherd’s cock, she would try and get a clear shot of
her face so that there would be no mistaking who the
woman in the picture truly was.

Julie didn’t care anymore. She would help along by
turning her face slightly sideways to give Bo a nice
clear shot. And Bo would reward her by tweaking the
brunette’s hard nipples, or squeeze those beautiful
breast of hers.

Suddenly, sperm began flooding her throat. Julie spat
out Bud’s cock gagging. He had caught her unprepared
for the sudden flood. But as soon as she regained her
breath she stuffed the spurting cock back in her mouth
and began swallowing in earnest.

The scene was not missed by Bo’s camera. She had
caught at least a dozen frames as Bud’s cum was
spraying Julie’s face as she was catching her breath.
And every moment afterwards.

Just about then, Dodger howled as he too came in her
ass. Luckily, his knot couldn’t tie in such a confining
hole. But Bo knew that he was shooting in her and she
could see her body shuddering as she suspected that
Julie was probably in the throes of one major orgasm.
Of course she was right. “Oooooh!” Julie howled
herself. “Mmmmmmh!” She never lost her mouthy grip on
Bud’s squirting cock.

Meanwhile, Bruiser was starting his second round in her
pussy. Julie also could feel this second coming and
began humping her ass back to fuck herself on Bruiser’s
cock once more. This time she was looking forward to
receiving his cum.

When Julie finally released bud’s cock from her mouth,
she found herself being french kissed once again by Bo
Derek. The blonde actress was trying to get some of
Bud’s jism for herself. And who was she to refuse.
She returned the kiss and their tongues swirled as she
passed on whatever jism was available in her mouth to

Dodger had emptied his balls and was struggling to jump
off of her back. This caused a number of visible
scratches on her back. But she no longer cared.

She kept kissing Bo as she kept humping as hard as she
could into Bruiser’s cock. This went on like this for a
good thirty minutes before Bruiser finally shot his
load. And as Bo expected he was done for the night.
His knot began shrinking a few minutes later and he
popped out loudly from her sore cunt.

Julie promptly collapsed in exhaustion, her face
landing squarely in Bo’ crotch.

Bo smiled in satisfaction of the nights events. She
placed a pillow under Julie’s head and left the room
with her photographic equipment. She headed straight
for her darkroom. She wanted the film developed before
Julie Moran awakened.

She had six full rolls and it took the better part of
the night to get the prints done. She looked at them
and was very pleased at the results.

When she returned to the room she smiled broadly as she
observed all three dogs licking Julie’s unconscious
form of all their jism.

Bud and Dodger were trying to clean out her pussy,
while Bruiser was busily licking her ass clean.
Occasionally, Julie would moan softly as if dreaming
from a sexy dream.

With her, she carried two manila envelops containing
over one hundred shots of Julie Moran’s escapade with
her three canine lovers. One set she put away in her
night dresser, the other was to hand over to Julie as
promised. It would be for her personal use.

If she chose to destroy, that was okay. But Bo
suspected that she would want to keep them as a
reminder of how wonderful this night was for her. Bo
could see it in her face and eyes that she did in fact
enjoy the experience.

Once all of this was done, she looked down at the
slumbering brunette and settled herself next to her on
the floor for a nights sleep. Bo lovingly caressed
Julie’s sleeping body, careful not to wake her. She
eventually fell asleep herself with her hand cupping
her friend’s breast.

Chapter Nine

When morning came along, Julie Moran awoke to find
herself lying on the floor next to a sleeping Bo Derek.
It took her a few minutes to recall the events of the
previous night.

At first she reacted out of revulsion, then she
remembered how good it all felt to her. She turned back
to face Bo and leaned down and kissed the sleeping
beauty next to her. And just as in the story of
‘Sleeping Beauty’ Bo woke up to the smiling face of her

She looked around and noticed that all three dogs had
wandered out of the room during the night.

Julie stretched her arms above her head and yawned the
sleepiness from her body. This stretching exercise
only served to accentuate her breast. Bo smiled and
followed suit, she also stretched her arms far above
her head and stretched.

Julie smiled down at her and dipped her head to the
blonde starlet’s breast and sucked one in her mouth.
Trying to get her morning milk out of it.

Bo giggled at how transformed the Entertainment Tonight
reporter had become. She was sure that she would
become a frequent visitor to their ranch in the coming
months. And John would probably like the change of
partner in his voyeuristic habit that he had formed.

“Mmmmmmh!” Bo yawned. “Good morning miss Moran. Did
we sleep well.”

“Quite well, miss Derek,” she cordially replied. “So
how long have you been doing this?”

“Is this an official interview?” Bo giggled.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” was Julie’s reply. “No you horny
bitch. It is not an interview. How long have you been
doing it with your dogs.”

“Only a few months actually,” Bo said honestly. “I was
practically raped by two of them at the lake.”

“Oooooh!” Julie squealed. “That sounds exciting.
Tell me about it.”

So Bo recounted the events at the lake with Bud and
Dodger. Then she handed the envelop with the
photographs to her.

“Here,” she said as she handed to Julie. “These are
for you to do with as you wish. But I think that you
might want a memento of this night.’

Julie opened the envelop and gasped. There were
hundreds of shots of her and the dogs. Her shock
disappeared quickly enough though. She started looking
at them with the keen eye of a reporter and was getting
turned on all over again.

“Thank you,” she said. “Yes, I think I will keep them
with me. I appreciate this.”

“What are friends for?” Was Bo’s response.

“Now, how about some breakfast before you go,” Bo
offered. “After last night, you must be famished.”

“Come to think of it,” she agreed. “I could stand for
a stack of pancakes.”

“Pancakes it is then,” Bo picked up the house phone and
conveyed her wishes to the kitchen staff for both of

Julie was about to put her clothes back on when she
noticed all of the dried cum encrusted in them. She
looked up at Bo who immediately understood her problem.

“Don’t worry,” she offered. “I’ll lend you some of
mine. Wouldn’t do to have your hubby that you’re
cheating on him.

Now would it?”

Julie smiled her appreciation and followed her into the
walk-in closet. Bo had a fantastic collection of sexy
gowns, but that wasn’t what was required here. She
selected a simple pant suit ensemble. Unfortunately
for Julie, Bo didn’t have any bras to lend her as she
never wore any. Luckily Julie’s proportions were close
enough to hers that the fit was almost perfect.

Bo picked out some plain blue jeans and T-shirt,
braless of course. After all this was a working ranch
as well as her home and she did enjoy taking care of
the animals.

The two women enjoyed a heavy breakfast along with some
conversation. Julie then loaded up her things in her
car and drove off. They waved to each other as she

She passed Bo’s husband, John, returning from his
business trip and waved to him as well.

Bo was so happy to see John finally home. It had been
weeks since she last saw him.

As soon as he entered the ranch house, Bo told him all
about Julie Moran’s introduction to the dogs. Later
she would show him the series of photos that she had
taken of the event. John couldn’t get over how hot
Julie looked with all three dogs fucking her in every

That was something that his promiscuous wife, Bo, had
never even attempted before. The image was engraved in
his mind and he wanted to see it himself.

“Bo honey,” he asked. “Why don’t you go get the dogs.”

Bo smiled and left hurriedly. She saw how much John
enjoyed the pictures of Julie with all three dogs and
she fully expected him to ask her to perform the same
for him tonight. That was something that she was
looking forward to.

For throughout Julie’s gangbang, Bo was jealous of the
canine virgin. When her devious mind first thought up
the idea, she wasn’t sure that it could be done. But
now that she knew that it could, she wanted to get the
same treatment.

While his wife left to get the dogs, John prepared the
room for the love play that was to come. He pulled out
the heavy, rubberized, mat and laid it across the
center of the bedroom.

They had learned the hard way what a mess came out of
this bestial fuck play. Now that they knew better,
they used this mat to protect the floor. It also saved
them from trying to explain why the bedroom needed
constant cleaning.

She returned with three dogs. Since that first night
their kennel had tripled in size. There were now
twelve dogs roaming the ranch. And they were all
selected for their potential as studs. It was a bit
awkward trying to get to see their cocks under the
noses of the owners.

Anyway she wanted a fresh team for her tonight. Her
three favorites would be too wasted to give her a grade
‘A’ fuck. That’s why she picked three fresh cocks.

One was an Irish Wolfhound with a nice twelve inch
cock, which they name Wolf. Next was a Great Dane
named Marmaduke, Duke for short, and he had an
impressive fourteen-incher. And finally there was a
jet black Labrador by the name of Roscoe, and his cock
was eleven inches long but extremely thick.

John had to admire his wife’s courage. Of all the dogs
she could have picked these were the ones with the
biggest cocks. He had expected her to at least chose
one of the smaller cocks for her ass.

Bo had already given this whole thing a lot of thought
since last night. Her plan was to take Roscoe in her
pussy. Give Wolf a nice long blowjob, deep-throat if
she could manage it, and get John to mount Duke at her

The couple prepared for the night by getting some
lubrication that they would need to make it as painless
as possible, something that Bo regrettably didn’t think
of for Julie the previous night.

John called Roscoe over. He would have to be the first
to get stiff if this was to work. Bo went to work on
his cock immediately. Meanwhile the other two dogs
zeroed in of Bo’s pussy.

“Mmmmmh!” Bo gurgled as she continued licking Roscoe’s

John sat back until he would be needed. But that
wouldn’t be quite yet. He watched as his beautiful
wife began sucking the Lab’s cock into her gaping
mouth. It always fascinated him at how rapidly a dog
would get hard.

In a matter of minutes, Roscoe was fully erect and
ready for action. Bo turned around and presented him
with her cunt.

Meanwhile she turned her attention to her other dogs in

Roscoe was licking her pussy as he always did never
missing a stroke. And repeatedly slurped on her clit,
which Bo really liked.

She had her head buried in Wolf’s crotch sucking his
cock to life, next would be Duke. She wanted this show
going as rapidly as possible and didn’t want to waste
any time on preliminaries.

With that in mind, she slapped her butt, which alerted
Roscoe that he had to mount his mistress now. He did
so reluctantly, the dog really loved the taste of her
pussy and his snack was being interrupted at her

John watched, mesmerized, as the thick cock approached
Bo’s pussy. As soon as its head poked her vagina, he
surged forward. Burying half his cock in her pussy in
the first thrust.

“Ungh!” Bo groaned at Roscoe’s vicious entry.

But that didn’t deter her from her objective. She
continued to suck Wolf’s cock. When his cock was hard,
she turned her attention to Duke. She didn’t have as
much to do for him as he was already getting aroused at
the scent of sex in the air.

Once Duke was hard, she returned her attention to Wolf
as planned. She began to suck in the Wolfhound’s cock
while Roscoe kept shoving his thick member deeper
inside her pussy.

John had pulled out his own cock as he was watching
Bo’s performance. He was stroking it in a leisurely
fashion. He didn’t want to shoot until much later in
the show. His eyes grew wide as he watched her pussy-
lips spread obscenely in order to accommodate Roscoe’s
wide girth.

Then he would glance at her head and the disappearing
cock in her mouth. She had already managed to take in
half of its length, six inches. He also noticed that
her hand was manipulating Duke’s cock so as to keep him
hard and interested.

Bo pushed her ass back at Roscoe and managed to squeeze
another few more inches into her tight pussy. The black
Lab wasn’t about to give up the cunt now. He humped
harder still, trying to get those last few inches so
that he could get his knot in this bitch.

Bo was moaning all around Wolf’s hard cock by now. She
had managed to take in another three inches down her
throat, but she wanted all twelve inches before she was

She had already experienced three orgasms in succession
and was expecting many more before this night was over.

Duke was getting a bit frustrated standing by with Bo’s
hand stroking his stiff cock. He was trying to escape
her grasp if nothing was going to happen for him soon.

John noticed the Great Dane’s randiness and felt sorry
for the beast. He knew what that dog’s job was going
to be, but the scene wasn’t set yet. They had to wait
for Roscoe to tie with his wife before they could
proceed further.

Roscoe pushed hard and finally Bo felt the impact of
his knot against her cunt. Now would come the hard
part. Getting that oversized melon of a knot past her
pussy-lips and locked into place. To try and
accomplish this, Bo reached between her legs and
grasped the base of Roscoe’s knot.

Once that was accomplished she began to try and push it
past her cuntal-lips, rather than have Roscoe try
jamming it in by thrusting. It wasn’t as sexually
gratifying as having him fuck it into her, but she was
desperate to get Duke into the act.

John saw that Bo was having a problem getting Roscoe
properly tied. So he stepped away from his strictly
voyeur position and came to the rescue of his wife. He
reached between Roscoe’s legs and pushed against his

With the effort of all three participants, the knot was
slowly making its way past Bo’s resisting cunt.
Finally with one final effort the knot made it through.
Its width f****d her leg apart a bit further.

“OOOOH! MY GOD!” Was Bo’s victory cry.

While Roscoe felt secure in the knowledge that he was
now tied to his bitch. He resumed in the short stroke
fuck that his customary to dogs in this situation. But
his excitement was a bit more wild than Bo expected.
As Roscoe kept trying to give her long strokes.

The consequence being that her whole body was being
pulled like a rag doll with each to and fro movement.
A few times Wolf’s dick almost escaped her mouth. She
had to plant herself as firmly as possible so the
Roscoe’s strength wouldn’t be a factor.

Now that Roscoe was tied to his wife, John’s help was
required for the final leg of this canine gangbang. He
came over next to the Labrador and pulled his forelegs
away from his wife’s back. Making him land sideways to

Next he pulled on his collar so that he would twist
around and come about face. Roscoe was obeying without
any trouble so far. He was familiar enough with this
to not be concerned, so long as his bitch remained

Bo felt Roscoe’s weight removed from her back and knew
that John was proceeding according to her instructions.
Soon, very soon, she would get her third cock and be
completely satisfied.

She felt the Labrador’s cock twisting around inside her
pussy and knew that things were going well so far.
Next came Roscoe’s hind leg as he dragged it across her
back in the final step of getting butt-to-butt with the
large dog.

Bo never lost track of Wolf’s cock during this time.
She had managed to get up to ten inches of his cock
down her gullet, but she still had two more to go.

John finally got Roscoe in the proper position. He
then got up and approached the frustrated Great Dane.
Taking hold of his collar he led him alongside Bo’s
kneeling form. He then took hold of his forelegs and
had him grasp around Bo’s waist as if he was mounted.

Duke obeyed but started humping desperately trying to
locate a hole to stuff his aching dick in. John almost
laughed aloud at the sight of the humping dog. Its
stiff cock hitting hard at Bo’s side. He could even
see a few bruises forming where the dog’s cock was
hitting her so hard.

Before going further he grabbed a tube of K-Y jelly and
applied a generous portion in and around Bo’s tight
asshole. He had no intention in inflicting pain to his
young wife.

He then grabbed one of his hind legs guided him to
straddle her buttock just above her stuffed pussy.
Next, he reached between Bo’s and Duke’s bodies and
took the dog’s cock in hand. He had to pull back on it
as it was too high and sliding up her ass-crack.

He managed to pull it enough so that he could slide it
down to where her sphincter was waiting. He rubbed it
around to hole in order to get some of the lubricant on
the dog’s cock. Then he guided at the entrance and let
him loose.

Duke could feel an entrance before his cock and humped.
Only the head pushed in that first try, but the second
allowed three inches to enter her anal passage.

“Mmmmmm!” Bo mumbled.

That anal invasion gave the extra push to get Wolf’s
last inches in her throat. She now had a twelve inch
doggy cock down her gullet and she loved it. It was
hard going to fuck it in and out of the tight confines
of her throat, but she felt the experience was worth

Now she had to concentrate on all three cocks together.
As she humped her ass back, she pull Wolf’s cock out of
her mouth, but Duke and Roscoe’s were fucking deeper in
her rear.

Now Bo knew how Julie felt with two large cocks double
fucking her rear. She could feel the cocks were
rubbing each other through the thin membrane that
separated them. What was particularly exciting was
near her entrances. Duke’s cock was rubbing directly
against Roscoe’s monstrous knot and the tension there
was much higher.

John settled back down and stroked his own cock as he
watched how amazing his wife was. Here was one of the
most desirable women in the world. The fantasy of
millions. And she was getting fucked by three very
virile dogs.

“Oh, John,” she exclaimed, removing Wolf’s cock
momentarily. “This feels sooo goooood.”

Then her head went back to deep-throating the
Wolfhound. John increased the tempo of his
masturbating. He could no longer control himself at
this point. The bestial gangbang before him was more
than any man could take.

Just then Roscoe started woofing loudly, announcing his
climax. Bo could feel the hot stream of the Lab’s jism
reaching the bottom of her love tunnel, flooding it.
This managed to trigger her own orgasm.

Wolf began shooting his load past her tonsils, and that
also triggered a new orgasm for her. Her climaxes were
now coming in rapid succession. Soon, if things don’t
settle down a bit, she expected not to know when one
ended or the next one started.

John came crawling next to his wife’s cock stuffed face
and aimed his own cock in that direction. A few
seconds later Bo could feel his hot jism hitting the
side of her face. She wanted to take his cock in her
mouth, but she didn’t want to release Wolf’s still
spurting cock.

John didn’t mind. The sight of his jism staining her
face just added to the excitement that the bestial orgy
had given him. He continued spraying her as the third
dog, Duke, yelped his climax.

Within only a few minutes all three dogs were shooting
their loads in her cavities. It was as close as she
had ever gotten to simultaneous cumming with any lover.
And the fact that this would happen for the first time
with dogs was beyond Bo’s expectations.

She shoved back against Roscoe’s still cumming cock and
sucked harder of Wolf’s. She knew that this would end
soon and she wanted maximum penetration from all of

Wolf was the first to be released by the sex obsessed
movie star. He trotted over to a corner of the room
and licked his cock, as if Bo’s treatment hadn’t been

But now Bo’s mouth was empty.

“Here baby,” John told his wife. “Suck on this for a

And he presented is semi hard cock to her face. Bo
smiled up at him and proceeded to lick his balls,
followed by his shaft before taking him deep in her

‘How could I have been so lucky,’ she was thinking.
‘To have a husband like John.’

Roscoe and Duke were still busily emptying their balls
in her rear. So much cum had been deposited inside her
that it was running down her legs from both her ass and
her pussy.

Duke was the next to finish and he was struggling to
leap over his still tied mistress and the Labrador.
When his cock slipped out of her ass a large amount of
jism came streaming out.

John watched all this in total fascination as Bo kept
sucking on his cock. His all too human penis was
reviving which was something that was getting harder
for him to do at his age.

This only left Roscoe still tied in Bo’s churning
pussy. This was something that she fully expected and
wanted. She loved it when his huge knot tied with her.
And she also knew that she could get a second load out
of him before his knot would shrink enough for them to
be separated.

To that end she started humping back against the dog’s
butt to get things started for a second load.

They remained tied for a bit over one hour and two full
loads before John finally managed to pry them apart.
When that happened a flood of dog cum came pissing out
of her vagina.

Chapter Ten

As expected, Julie Moran became a frequent visitor to
the Derek Ranch. She and Bo would frolic with the dogs
at almost every visit, there were awkward times when
they were prevented to try.

Bo had even convinced the beautiful Entertainment
Tonight reporter to get gangbanged by all of her ranch
hands, including the maids. Bo had been fucking the
staff regularly for a few years now, with John’s

That was a most pleasurable weekend. She and Julie
shared all twenty of the staff between each other.
Both women even managed to get two cocks in their
pussies simultaneously on one occasion. But she had to
remind Julie that the ranch hands were not aware of her
bestial practices.

But that’s another story.

Since the poor receipts of ‘Bolero’ John was trying to
find another project that would be right for his young,
and horny wife. For months now he was stumped.

Then one night he was reading an old novel. It was
‘Tarzan of the Apes’ by E. R. Burroughs. That was when
the idea came to him to do a remake of this classic.
He discussed this idea with Bo to see if this might
appeal to her.

The idea of a movie surrounded by jungle animals and
black men definitely got her juices going. They spent
the next few weeks talking about what they could and
could not do on screen.

Of course Bo was insisting of a lot a nude scenes. She
was just an exhibitionist at heart. And they both
agreed that a number of animals would be on screen with
her. But John had to reprimand his wife when she
suggested some erotica scenes with some of those

“Get real hon,” John said angrily. “The censures would
crucify me and run us out of the movie business. You
know that, so stop suggesting it.”

“Then how about afterwards,” Bo compromised. “Couldn’t
we… you know… try them out.”

She gave him one of her trademark naive, innocent
glances and he conceded. After the movie was in the
can he would allow her some free time with some of the
animals on the set.

The next discussion was who would get the title role of
‘Tarzan.’ They looked through photos that were sent to
the ranch from the various agents in Hollywood, but
none of then seemed right for the role.

Finally John decided to hold a cattle call in order to
find some new face for the role. What the Derek’s were
looking for was someone very athletic and acrobatic.
They weren’t all that concerned about the man’s
speaking abilities as this role wouldn’t call for too
many lines for him.

The casting selection went on for months, until John
narrowed it down to three choices. The final decision
would be made jointly between himself and his wife.

The final decision would be made jointly by John and
Bo. She insisted on this. She wanted her leading man
to present the right chemistry with her on the screen.
And the easiest way to find that out would be by her
own special method.

When John showed her the candidates pictures, Bo had to
admit that they each looked very promising. But a
picture just wouldn’t reveal the key ingredients.
After discussing it further between each other, and
between fucking, they decided to conduct the final
interviews at the ranch.

So they invited each of the finalist for an individual
weekend at the Derek Ranch.

The first candidate was eliminated very rapidly when he
showed himself to be a hardcore homosexual who couldn’t
hide his revulsion to a woman’s body. Even John had to
scratch him out. How could the movie proceed when the
main storyline was to be the budding romance between
‘Tarzan and Jane’ with an actor who got sick at seeing
Bo Derek naked.

The next candidate was a young new actor by the name of
Miles O’Keefe. He had a beautiful physique. Muscular,
yet supple enough for the acrobatics required for the
role. Now Bo only had to determine if the right
chemistry could be exhibited between them.

Miles drove up in his beat up, old Chevy to the Derek’s
Ranch. He followed the directions on the invitation
that was sent to him by courier, courtesy of John Derek
himself. He hoped that this was in regards to the
screen test that he had done for the famous director.

‘This could be my big break,’ he thought to himself as
he drove into the ranch grounds. ‘And if I’m lucky,
maybe I’ll get to meet Bo Derek.’

As yet he wasn’t made aware of the details of the movie
project, or even if Bo Derek would be the star. But he
was hoping. He knew from John Derek’s work, that his
wife is almost always in his productions.

Just like every heterosexual, healthy male around the
world, Miles O’Keefe was not immune to the physical
charm of the star of the movie ’10’. Many a night he
had masturbated just thinking of the perfectly firm
example of the female body.

Mind you, with his physique, he never had any
difficulty in meeting women. Once they saw his
muscular chest, they couldn’t wait to jump his bone.
But Bo Derek was the Gold Medal of womanhood in his
book. He had yet to find any woman to match her.

Bo was riding back from the lake on Geronimo, after
another love session, when she heard the old Chevy’s
muffler blast an explosive backfire. The loud noise
momentarily startled her stallion. But she was an
excellent horseback rider and Geronimo had steady
nerves. He settled down almost immediately.

As she approached the stables she saw the vehicle in
question. And from a distance she could see the
silhouette of their guest grabbing his overnight bag.
She hurried Geronimo along and handed to one of the
ranchmen to give him his rub down. She was anxious to
meet candidate number two, after the disappointment of
the first one, she wanted to get things moving in the
right direction.

John met Miles at the door and the two men shook hands.
One of the housekeepers led the young man to the guest
bedroom where he unpacked. She was a Cherokee native,
with the typical high cheek bones that made them so
sexy looking. She was in her mid-twenties and quite

“Mr. Derek will be waiting for you in his study,” the
housekeeper told him. “It’s the first door at the
bottom of the main stairs, on your right.”

“Thank you,” Miles said politely. “And what is your

“Maria sir,” she told him.

“Miles. My name is Miles,” he smiled at her. Wouldn’t
mind knowing her a bit better,” he thought to himself.

She smiled and closed the door to the room as she left.
She headed back to the kitchen thinking how hot this
man was.

‘Maybe if he is here long enough,’ she was thinking.
‘I will have an opportunity to be alone with him.’

Miles busily unpacked his bag. He didn’t bring much
with him though. Firstly, because like all struggling
actors, he didn’t own a whole lot. Secondly, he
understood from his screen test that his physical
attributes will count immensely in his chances.

With that in mind he brought clothing that would show
of his body the best. Mostly shorts and very tight
shirts and T-shirts, and of course his Speedo swimwear
if swimming is available.

When he was finished settling in, he headed back down
the stairs to rejoin Mr. Derek. He followed the
directions given to him by the beautiful Maria and
knocked on the door of the study.

“Come in,” he heard the director answer.

Miles opened the door and walked in. john was sitting
behind his mahogany desk and pointed over to a
comfortable looking chair nearby. He followed his
directions, sat down and waited.

John was reviewing some notes while the poor young
actor squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. The director
smiled inwardly.

‘Why is it that new actors are always so nervous around
me,’ he was thinking to himself.

Anyway, this next stage of the interview couldn’t get
started until Bo arrived, and he expected her any
moment now.

As if on command, Bo Derek walked through the doors.
Miles leaped nervously to great her.

‘God, she’s even more beautiful in person,’ his
thoughts flooded him.

Bo had to cough aloud twice before it registered to
him. He looked down and saw his hand shaking hers like
a complete moron. As his eyes drifted up towards her
face, they couldn’t help but pause at her famous

John had to cough himself to awaken the poor young

Miles f****d himself out of his daydreaming and looked
straight into the most beautiful face that he could
ever hope of meeting.

“Won’t you introduce me to our guest, John,” Bo said.

“So sorry dear,” John began.

He shuffled through his notes trying to find the boy’s

“Mi… Miles O’Keefe,” Miles answered for himself.
“You don’t know what a pleasure it is to me you. Meet
you both. I’ve been a great admirer of both your

“I’m sure you have,” Bo said smiling broadly.

She had heard the same compliment time and time again.
And most of the time it actually meant, ‘I love your
body,’ or ‘You have the most beautiful tits in the
world.’ And she suspected that for this young man it
was one of the latter two, rather than her movie

Just to tease him and see his reaction, she bowed over
in a curtsy and gave him a ringside view of her
cleavage. She heard a loud gulp escape his throat as
he got a glimpse of Bo Derek’s assets up close. She
and John both smiled to themselves.

The three of them settled back down in the chairs of
the study and the first part of the interview began.
They asked Miles some typical questions regarding
acting. Has he worked before, what school he went to,
and so on. Then they began asking questions that would
be pertinent to this particular role.

“Have you ever owned a pet before, Miles?” Bo asked

He was a bit taken aback at that. What does this have
to do with acting?

“Uh! Yes,” he answered. “Used to have a bloodhound
back home. That was years ago though.”

“And do you think you’d be comfortable working with
animals?” It was John’s turn to ask this time.

“Uh! I guess so,” he was getting confused now. “Could
I ask what kind of animals we’re talking about here?”

“Jungle animals mostly,” John answered honestly.
“Monkeys, elephants, lions and the likes. You don’t
have to worry though. They are all perfectly trained.”

“Okay,” he gulped. “I guess I can handle that.”

“And how about nude scenes,” Bo asked. “Do you think
you’d be comfortable doing that on screen.”

Miles gulped even louder now.

‘Were they talking about a nude scene with Bo?’ Miles
mind was racing. ‘Of course they were talking about
her. Who else would John Derek cast in the female

The thought of him lying next to a naked Bo Derek was
getting his heart pounding faster and faster. He was
losing control of some bodily function by now. Most
specifically, his penis.

B***d was rushing to his groin and a hard-on was
pushing against the confines of his tight jeans. He
was beginning to cross his legs, trying desperately to
hide it from the Derek’s sight.

Both John and Bo knew what was going on with the young
actor. They could see him fidget nervously trying to
hide his bulging pants. They continued with the
interview as if they hadn’t noticed though.

“How about your passport and immunization shots,” John
asked him. “Are you up to date.”

Miles was getting a bit nervous now. He had his
passport in the hopes of traveling someday, but as yet
it hadn’t been used. But what concerned him most was
his immunization. Would the fact that he hadn’t gotten
his shots k**l his chances?

“N… no,” he answered nervously. “I never had to
travel before.”

“Don’t worry about it,” John smiled at him. “We just
need to know, in case you’re to join us on location.”

Miles sighed a sigh of relief. At least his career
wasn’t over before it had a chance to get started.

The questions kept coming tot him about various things.
Everything seemed to be going fine so far. He was
beginning to think that he might actually have the
inside track for the job. Of course, he didn’t know
how many others might also be in the running.

“Now then,” John broke into his thoughts. “We’ll need
to see exactly how athletic you are. This particular
role will be very demanding, and you’d have to do most
of your own stunts.

Don’t worry though, none of them are too dangerous.”

“I have no problem with doing my own stunts, sir,” he
pointed out to the famous couple.

“John,” the director interrupted. “If we’re going to
work together, get used to calling me by my name. Will

“Okay,” Miles answered, smiling. “John.”

“And you should start calling me by my name,” Bo threw
in. “Don’t you think so Miles? Mrs. Derek makes me
sound so old. No offense John honey.”

Her husband smiled at her jibe. He had long been
accustomed to his wife being referred to as Bo, rather
than her full name. After all she was a sex icon
around the world, always in the public eye. While he
was generally in the background.

With all the hints that the Derek’s were giving him,
Miles started to relax a bit more. He was feeling more
and more confident that this was going to work out to
his benefit. Though he was still fidgeting to hide his
hard-on in his pants from the famous couple.

After three grudgingly long hours, they took a break
for dinner. At the table the conversation went more
with recent events around the world. Miles was
impressed at Bo’s general knowledge of current events.
He had fallen in the trap of association her blonde
beauty and typecast her as a dumb blonde.

This thought him the lesson of judging people by their
accomplishments, not their appearance. It was a lesson
that he wouldn’t forget.

The discussion drifted to different topics, then Bo
slanted towards the internet.

“So Miles,” she would ask him. “Do you own a computer?
Have you ever gone on the Internet?”

“No,” he answered. “I haven’t the money to indulge
myself as yet. But I hope to buy one as soon as I can
afford it. In today’s world, a computer seems to be a

“That’s true,” John added his opinion. “All too true.
Even in this industry of ours we are working more and
more with computers. It wouldn’t surprise me if
special effects won’t be taken over by computer
software in the next few years.”

His words would prove quite prophetic, this was a few
years before the CGI effects craze hit Hollywood.

Miles and Bo both agreed with John on the power of the
computer in
the movie industry of today.

“I’ve been exploring the World Wide Web in the past few
weeks,” Bo interjected. “You wouldn’t believe what is
available there.”

“Like what?” Miles had to ask, his curiosity was

John smiled at his wife and nodded his approval for her
to continue.

“Well,” she began. “For one thing. Everyone seems
fascinated with nude pictures of celebrities. Movies,
television, singers, sports. It doesn’t seem to

Not owning a computer as yet, Miles was unaware of
this. He had heard such accounting from a few of his
friends but he had never seen any for himself.

“Really?” He sounded excited at the idea.

“Yes,” Bo continued. “If an actress, or actor, never
posed nude. These people on the websites would fake
nude pictures of them. Personally, I don’t think that
they will have to bother doing something like that for

Miles smiled at her straight forwardness. He didn’t
dare vocalize his agreement to her honesty, for fear of
enraging her. Or her husband for that matter. This
was no time to throw away the opportunity of a

“You must be very popular,” Miles chanced. “On the
web, I mean.”

“Why thank you Miles,” Bo smiled at him. “That’s so
nice of you to say. But I’m afraid not. The most
sought after, are pictures of those actresses that have
never exposed themselves.”

“I guess it’s because people have more to fantasize
about dear,” John threw in, smiling at his wife. “The
hidden treasure effect I guess we’d have to call it.”

Bo stuck out her tongue at him for his insensitivity,
then laughed aloud at his jibe. The two men joined in
her laughter as they finished dinner.

When they were done, they walked out to the patio to
continue the interview in a more relaxed setting.

Chapter Eleven

Miles O’Keefe’s interview with Bo and John Derek
continued till well past eleven o’clock that night.

“Well,” John looked at his watch. “I think that that’s
enough for today. We’ll pick up again tomorrow

Bo got up from her bench and kissed the young actor of
the cheek, wishing him a good night’s sleep. Then she
turned and followed her husband to the master bedroom.
Miles just stared at her sensuous buttocks as they
strode away from him.

His daydreaming was interrupted by the presence of
Maria, the Cherokee housekeeper of the ranch. In her
mid twenties, she was a beautiful young woman in her
own right. A slim figure with a nice set of jugs which
compliment her five foot six inch frame, and must have
weighed in at about 95 pounds. All in all a picture of

“Will you be requiring anything else this evening?”
She asked him.

Miles hesitated a few moments before daring the
question that he had in mind. “Would you like to stay
the night with me?” He asked her.

Maria just smiled shyly and nodded her head up and
down. Taking his hand she pulled him to his feet and
led him back to the guestroom that was assigned to him
for the weekend.

Once in his room, Miles reached around her and gave her
chest a squeeze, to which she gave a gratifying sigh.
He was pleasantly surprised to discover that this
native beauty didn’t bother with a bra, her
housekeeping uniform had hidden that fact from him

He turned her around and worked the back buttons of her
uniform loose with his hands as he kissed her deeply.
She returned the kiss by sucking on his fishing tongue,
then sending her own past his lips.

In a matter of moments she stood before him only in her
panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels. She
was an exquisite site. Her aureoles were only dime
size, but he liked them that way.

Already he could see how excited she was becoming as
her nipples were stiffening before his eyes.

She pulled the pins holding her raven hair up, and they
tumbled down to her ass. Miles could never get over
how a woman’s hair could be hidden no matter its true
length. She looked like an Indian princess before him.

He proceeded to strip off his shirt and showed her his
well developed chest. He had put a lot of work on his
muscle tone, in the hopes that one day this would win
him a part in an action film. And he knew that his
goal might be near.

Maria smiled her approval at seeing Miles naked chest.
He was has sexy looking as she had imagined. She
approached the muscular chest and began sucking on his
nipples. Miles didn’t know how erotic a sensation this
would cause him. He could feel his cock pushing
against his tight pants.

As Maria continued sucking on his chest, Miles managed
to unfasten his belt and unsnapping his pants. It took
a bit of effort to get those tight jeans off, while not
disturbing Maria’s expert treatment.

When he was down to his shorts, Miles lifted Maria’s
face by her chin and began kissing her deeply as he
effortlessly took her in his arms. He carried her
towards the king-size bed that was his, and deposited
her gently. He then dropped on top of her slim figure
and caressed her gently.

“Mmmmm!” Maria moaned. “Oh yes, sir. Do continues.”

“Miles,” he corrected her. “You can call me Miles.”

“Yes Miles,” she giggled like a c***d.

He slid one hand between their bodies and found her
mound. He would then insert it past the waistband of
her panties and located her vagina. He knew how
excited the young woman was getting for she was already
all wet between her loins.

Maria arched her back when Miles fingers touched her
pussy. It had been so long since she had had a lover.
Occasionally the mistress of the house would call on
her for sexual pleasure, which she also enjoyed. But
the ranch hands were so, so rough, she didn’t consort
with them at all.

That only left her with her time in the outlying towns,
when she had the time to travel there on her days off.
But the pickings were slim at best. This weekend, she
was presented with this actor stud and she would be
happy. And she would please him at his leisure.

Miles slid his body down hers and suckled on her firm
breast and nipples. Again Maria moaned in ecstasy at
finding such a tender lover. She wrapped her fingers
into his long locks of hair and shoved him into her
breasts, no wanting him to stop.

Miles was only too happy to oblige. He would shift his
lips from one aureole to the other. And was pleased
hearing Maria’s moaning. But he wanted a freer access
to her pussy. So in desperation, he began pulling on
the thin material of her silky panties.

Maria heard the tearing sound of her panties as the
young actor kept pulling on them. Two more tugs and
her panties came apart in his hands.

Now that Miles had opened the access to Maria’s pussy
he pushed two fingers in the woman’s cunt and began to
fuck his hand in and out. Maria began shacking as the
first of many orgasm to come hit her. It had been so
long since she had had such a fine lover indeed.

She began humping her hips into Miles thrusting hand.
She wanted more to fill her emptiness. All the while
she continued stroking his hair as he never
relinquished her nipples. Miles added a third finger
in her hungry pussy and continued to fuck her

Miles continued with this foreplay for another few
minutes then rolled of the beautiful housekeeper. She
looked over to him and saw that he wanted her to come
over to him.

She slid down in between his legs and pulled off his
Speedo underwear. She gasped in pleasure when she saw
the size of his manhood. Even only semi-erect it
already measured nine inches. She daren’t guess how
big it would get when he would bury it in her wanting

She bent down and took the semi hard cock in her mouth
and began to breath life into this sex serpent. Miles
closed his eyes as he felt those soft lips wrap
themselves around his penis. He resisted the
temptation to hump upwards into her. He wanted her to
have the full satisfaction of getting him ready for
their upcoming love session.

Maria brushed her hair aside so he could watch her as
she deep-throated his cock. He didn’t think that this
petite woman, no matter how sexy looking, would be able
to manage such a feat. But he would let her do her
best nonetheless.

Maria felt confident that she could take any cock as
deep as necessary. After all, she was under the
tutelage of Bo Derek. And the mistress of the house
was very generous in teaching her all the tricks that
she knew of.

Miles cock grew to its full twelve inches after only a
few moments of Maria’s sucking. The housekeeper was
ecstatic at the beautiful rod that was awaiting her.
The petite woman knelt before him and shuffled forward
so that she would be straddling his crotch. She wanted
to impale herself on that iron hard cock.

Miles reached up and grabbed her by her slim waist. He
also wanted to get the beautiful woman on his shaft.
He slowly guided her down to his cock, which was
standing straight up like a flag pole.

With her hand on his cock she helped in guiding it to
her waiting pussy. She held her breath as that thick
cock began slipping past her b***d engorged cunt-lips.
She slowly settled herself on his lap, trying to get
all twelve inches inside of her.

Meanwhile, Miles had transferred his hand to her breast
and was busily massaging those beautiful mass of female
flesh. He just loved the feel of a firm woman’s breast
in his hands. He lifted himself forward and sucked on
one then the other.

He wasn’t oblivious to the sensation he war receiving
from his shaft as it disappeared in Maria’s gaping love
hole. Their breathing was getting shallower as each
inch became part of her.

It took a few tries but Maria finally managed to sit
herself on Miles lap, taking all twelve inches up her
snatch. She settled down for a few seconds before she
started lifting herself up off his loin until only its
head was still encased by her pussy-lips.

Then she just drove her body down hard and took all
that fleshy staff inside of her. Miles huffed at her
enthusiasm, then participated himself by lifting her
back up. And drove his hip off the mattress to meet
her descending body.

The two soon had a rhythm established and they were
soon working up a sweat because of it. Miles wrapped
his arms around her back and kissed her deeply as their
thrusting continued.

“Oh yes Miles,” she exclaimed. “Shove that gorgeous
cock up my pussy. Kiss my tits. Bite on them if you

Miles just grunted in her breast as he continued
fucking her up and down on his lap.

“Fuck!” He yelled aloud. “You feel so good and smell
so nice.”

Her long hair trailing behind her was actually tickling
his balls, which just increased his excitement. Maria
knew of the effect her hair had on men. It took her
years of practice to achieve this intentionally. She
would shake her head sideways to move her stresses in
the desired direction.

Miles had never felt something so good. His balls kept
tightening with each stroke of the housekeepers hair.
And each time, his hip would shoot upwards to meet her
downward thrust.

“Ungh! Ungh!” Miles kept grunting. “You are the best
fuck I’ve ever had.”

“Oooooh! Yes baby,” Maria exuded. “You’re driving me
crazy. It’s been so long.”

Miles couldn’t understand how a gorgeous woman like her
would have any problem getting any man she wanted, or
any other woman for that matter. He pushed that
thought aside and concentrated on their fucking.

Maria had increased the tempo. She was now bouncing on
his lap at a furious pace. Up and down, up and down
she went. So fast that Miles was having a problem
keeping up. But that wasn’t about to stop him. He
loved a woman that took charge.

Their love making continued through the night. But
unbeknownst to the fucking couple, they were being
observed via close circuit television from the master

John Derek was behind his wife, Bo, ramming his stiff
shaft in her ass as they both looked at the view screen
at the two lovers in the guestroom.

“You see honey,” Bo told her husband. “I told you that
camera was a good idea.”

John looked at the two on the screen and had to agree
with his wife. Ever since he started playing the
voyeur in her wife’s bestial activities, he found
himself more aroused then ever. And to see their
housekeeper, Maria, taking this young man’s impressive
cock had him as horny as ever.

‘How did I ever miss noticing what a beautiful body
Maria had,’ John was scolding himself.

Mind you, with a wife like Bo Derek around, why should
he even bother looking around.

Bo on the other hand knew all about Maria’s attributes.
Many a times she would invite the housekeeper to stay
with her whenever John was away on business. But Maria
was still in the dark in regards to the her mistress’
usage of the animals on the ranch.

“Ohhhh, John,” Bo said excitedly. “Did you see the
size of Miles cock.”

“Uh! Uh!” John agreed. “Got you going. Didn’t it?”

“Really John,” Bo teased him. “You know that you’re
the only one for me.”

“Yeah, right,” John played along.

Like a spoiled brat, Bo stuck her tongue out to him,
which he sucked in his mouth in a loving kiss. They
returned their attention to Miles and Maria. Bo was
pleased that her pupil, Maria, managed to take that
whole twelve inch cock in her so rapidly.

Maria leaned forward after another explosive orgasm hit
her. She flattened herself to Miles chest crushing her
tits against him. Miles grabbed her buttocks and
rocked her body to and fro so as to continue the

Bo and John could see the man’s cock sliding in and out
of their housekeeper’s grasping pussy-lips. They then
saw Miles pulling her ass-cheeks apart exposing her
cute asshole to their view.

“How would you like to stick you meat there babe,” Bo
asked her husband.

“Do you think she’d let me?” John asked hesitantly.

Their marriage was an open one. But more so for the
benefit of Bo rather than himself. He had only had a
few extra marital affairs, with his wife’s blessing.
But seeing such a beauty under his nose at the ranch
got him thinking about it more seriously.

Miles was nearing his climax by now. And Maria had
already experienced four thanks to his expertise. When
he finally shot his load deep inside her vagina, it
triggered her fifth orgasm of the night.

“I think that Miles might be what we’re looking for,”
Bo suggested.

“What we’re looking for, for the movie,” John answered
back. “Or what you’re looking for, you horny little

Bo smiled back at him. Her husband knew her so well.
They turned their attention back to the screen as they
watched Miles endless cock slipping out of Maria’s
clenching vagina. When that cock popped out, a stream
of jism came leaking out.

Bo couldn’t wait for her chance to get at that luscious
cock. And she knew that John wouldn’t object. In fact
she hoped that he would join in when it happened.

John was thinking along the same lines by including
Maria in the festivities.

The married couple continued to watch the two people on
the screen as Miles and Maria were rearranging
themselves for the classic 69 position.

Bo watched gleefully as Miles busily cleaned out her
Cherokee housekeeper’s vagina of his how sperm. And
Maria sank her mouth on his still rigid cock. Just
then she felt her husband empty himself in her ass.
She squirmed in pleasure on his shooting rod while
never losing sight of the other couple.

Miles concentrated himself on Maria’s clit while
slipping his middle finger in her ass burying it to his
knuckle. Maria groaned in pleasure. She pushed her
back against his intruding finger and began fucking
herself on it.

He thrust his hip upwards, driving his twelve inch cock
deep down her throat not worrying if Maria could handle
it. She had proven herself quite capable earlier in
their encounter.

The two couples fucked themselves throughout the night
and all of them slept in that next morning.

Bo and John were the first to get up. Bo looked over
on the screen and smiled as she saw Maria cuddled next
to, whom she hoped would be her co-star in the ‘Tarzan’
movie. They both dressed and headed for the patio for
lunch, as it was already past noon.

Passing by the guestroom door, Bo knocked on it

“Miles,” Bo spoke through the door. “Why don’t you
join us on the patio for lunch.”

Miles woke up with a start at hearing the starlet’s
voice. Then he glanced down at the beautiful naked
form of Maria and smiled, remembering the evening they
had just spent together.

He decided to treat himself to another moment of
pleasure and slipped his semi-hard cock in her vagina.
And began pumping into her again.

Maria woke in the middle of being fucked and smiled up
at the young man fucking into her.

“Nothing feels better,” she told him. “Like waking up
stuffed.” They both laughed aloud as the humping

Twenty minutes later Miles made his appearance on the
patio where John and Bo Derek were enjoying the sunny
day, wearing sunglasses. He sat at the table and
poured himself a cup of coffee and began sipping it

“Good day Miles,” John said.

“You slept well I take it,” Bo added smiling. “Was
Maria able to give you everything you needed.”

Miles coughed up the coffee he had just drank, grabbing
a napkin to minimize the mess he was creating.

“You had all the covers that you required, didn’t you?”
Bo loved to tease young men like this whenever the
situation presented itself.

“No, no,” Miles sputtered. “Everything was perfect in

Just then Maria appeared with plates of hotcakes for
their meal. She smiled curtly to Miles as she set his
plate in front of him. Bo smiled at her knowingly,
which caused the native American to blush slightly.
Miles didn’t notice, so he was unaware that the Derek’s
knew of their time together the previous evening.

Chapter Twelve

Today would be the follow-up to Miles O’Keefe’s
audition for
John and Bo Derek for their next movie project. A
project that was as yet to be revealed to him.

After finishing lunch, the three of them headed for the
stables. Once there they mounted the horses that were
prepared for them by some of the hands.

Miles followed the famous couple as they headed down
the trail, which lead to their private lake. He
noticed that a couple of their guard dogs were
following as well. He wasn’t too concerned about it
though. He was sure that they were well trained

He admired the countryside as they rode along. And
could only dream of ever owning such property himself
one day.

They rode side by side as John and Bo continued to ask
him various questions relating to the movie project.

When they finally reached the lake shore, they followed
it until they reached a cabin with a dock reaching out
over the lake.

They each dropped to the ground and tied the horses to
the railing that was there. Then Bo gave a short tour
to Miles through the cabin.

“We use this whenever we want a bit more privacy than
normal,” she told him.

“It’s a beautiful locale,” he complimented her.

“Why thank you Miles,” she twinkled her nose at him.

Then they both joined John sitting on the deck outside.
Bo brought out some refreshments and settled in the
easy chair next to her director husband.

“Now then,” John began. “For this next stage I have to
see if there is the right chemistry between you and

Miles gulped aloud. His suspicion that he was being
cast as Bo Derek’s love interest in this project seemed
to be confirming themselves.

“Wha… what do I have to do?” He asked the director.

“Not a thing, my boy,” John smiled at the nervous young
man. “Not a blessed thing. In fact, you most show no
interest in her whatsoever.”

‘Now how am I supposed to do that,’ Miles thought to

‘In fact, how is any man supposed to succeed.’

John settled in his chair and glanced at his waiting
wife. She saw his signaling glance and stood up before
both men. Then to

Miles shocked amazement, she began stripping off her
clothing before him. He had to force his will to his
crotch to try and prevent his penis from reacting.

Bo continued to seductively strip for him. First came
her shirt, braless of course, exposing those beautiful
melons of hers. Next, she turned around facing her
husband, and bent at the waist as she proceeded to
slide her riding pants down those long slim legs of

Miles had an eyeful of her muff only a few feet away.
He was finding nearly impossible to control his b***d
to his crotch. Any second now he expected to be
disqualified because of it.

John whispered something in Bo’s hear and slapped her
buttocks as she smiled at his suggestion. She turned
around to face the young prospect again and sucked on
her forefinger. Then proceeded to trace it along the
length of her body down to her vagina.

Miles could only watch, mesmerized, as he saw that
finger disappear in her love tunnel. That was it. He
couldn’t hold of any longer. The front of his pants
tented by his stiffening cock. He looked up in
desperation to see Bo Derek smiling down at him.

Bo lowered herself to her knees before him and began to
unfasten the young actors pants. Miles looked over to
John Derek, only to see the older man stroking his own
cock as he watched his wife attacking his crotch.

He concluded that they wanted to go through with this.
He obliged by lifting his butt off the chair so Bo
could pull his pants and underwear off of him.

Then Bo literally jumped on his cock and swallowed it
in a single gulp. He thought that Maria, the Derek’s
young housekeeper, was a good cock-sucker. But he soon
discovered that Bo Derek was as talented as she looked.

She continued to suck on that beautiful man sized cock
and Miles began humping his ass of the chair to drive
it even deeper. He closed his eyes. Never in his
wildest fantasies about her had he ever imagined Bo
Derek’s mouth to feel so good.

John looked on with him smiling. Then he noticed Bud
and Dodger climbing onto the deck. ‘This could be
interesting,’ he thought to himself.

Miles was unaware of the new arrivals. He was much too
engrossed in Bo’s luscious lips to worry about anything
right now.

Bo felt the dogs presence when they stuck their snout
in between her legs and began licking her hot pussy.

‘They must have smelled me,’ she was telling herself as
she continued to suck Miles’ twelve-incher.

Not wanting to give up a free licking, she spread her
legs apart to give the two canines a better access to
her cunt. The dogs knew about this and began feeding
themselves ravishingly on her leaking pussy.

Miles was getting somewhat distracted by the strange
slurping sound that his hears had picked up. When he
opened his eyes, he was greeted with the most fantastic

There, behind the kneeling Bo Derek, were the two large
German Shepherd guard dogs that had followed them to
the lake. And they were both busily licking the
superstar’s pussy.

He looked over to John and saw that he was enjoying the
show with the dogs. Could it be that the Derek’s have
done this before with the dogs? He couldn’t be sure of
course, but it seemed likely.

As he continued watching the dogs slurp their large
tongues into Bo’s cunt, his cock surged even harder
than he had ever experienced before. He slid his hands
over Bo’s head and began fucking her face as he would a

In and out his cock went in her mouth. John began
stroking faster at seeing that long hard cock appear,
almost entirely, and then disappear in his wife’s
willing gullet. Then he would be drawn back to the
dogs as they continued to eat her out.

Bo began undulating her back. A signal that the dogs
recognized as her wanting a cock stuffed in her cunt.
Dodger took the lead and leapt on his mistress’ back.
Miles looked into that wolf-like face as the large dog
humped in search of her hole.

“Mmmmmmmm!” Bo hummed along the length of Miles cock.

The vibration brought him to climax. He could feel
that Bo had no problem swallowing his load as it shot
into her mouth. She gulped it as fast as he could
shoot it.

After he had emptied his balls, Bo refused to release
it. Instead she kept on sucking it back to life as
Dodger located her pussy and drove his own shaft into
her depths.

“Ungh!” Bo grunted as the large doggy cock invaded

She concentrated her efforts at getting Miles hard
again. She didn’t have long to wait. The sight of the
big dog fucking his fantasy girl was more than he could
have imagined. But the sight was too damn erotic not
to affect him.

He was twisting in his chair trying to get a better
view of her dog stuffed pussy. But all he could make
out was the rapidly humping behind of the dog as it
drove its cock into the movie star. All that he could
do was to fuck her face once more and hope that the dog
wouldn’t finish before he got a chance to see the
action up close. He didn’t care if it cost him his
movie deal, he just had to see it.

As Bo continued sucking in Miles cock, Dodger reached
around her face and swiped his thick doggy tongue along
the length of the young actors cock as it was exposed,
before Bo swallowed it back to the depths of her

And each time it would slip out of her mouth, there was
the large guard dog adding his own tongue to the

This was a new twist to the Dereks, and definitely new
to Miles O’Keefe. John shot his load within a few
moments of seeing

Dodger participate in the young man’s oral pleasure of
his wife’s talented tongue. His cum flew threw the air
to land next the kneeling blonde movie star.

Bud, the second dog, was watching intently his canine
brother’s antics and decided to try it himself. He
trotted over the exhausted John Derek and began
lavishing his now limp cock with his doggy tongue.

John was either too tired to care, or too curious not
to try. He couldn’t decide. He let the large dog
continue with his licking his cock and balls as he
tried to follow the antics of the threesome across from
him. He saw that Dodger’s knot was ready to immerse
itself in his wife’s cunt so he watched.

Dodger’s next thrust shoved his large knot into the
slim actress and locked into place.

“Oooh!” Bo mumbled around Miles cock.

Her eyes shot up at the young man’s face for a
reaction. Miles was too engrossed at the dog’s tongue
on his cock and her mouth wrapped around that same
shaft to notice what had happened at her rear.

She was slightly disappointed that he didn’t seem to
care. But then again she couldn’t really blame the
poor boy. His mind was somewhere else at the moment.
So she simply resumed sucking on his stiff cock.

Then for no apparent reason she pulled her succulent
mouth from his cock and pushed Dodger away as well.
Miles was shocked by the sudden absence of the two. He
looked down pleadingly at the starlet with begging

Bo looked back up at him and smiled that ever so
innocent smile of hers. She curled a finger edging him
to come join her.

“I’ve got something much better planned for you,” she
said softly. “First, I want you to turn Dodger

“Dodger?” Miles asked, confused.

“The dog silly,” she smiled. “Turn him around.”

Miles did as he was told. That’s when he discovered
that the dog’s cock was locked inside her pussy
somehow. When he had done as her was told, Bo and
Dodger were butt-to-butt. With his cock still buried
inside of her.

It was a funny sight to someone not yet familiar with
this type of sexual play.

“Now,” she continued. “I want you to stick that
beautiful cock of yours in my butt.”

Miles smiled as he looked down and saw her puckered
bunghole just waiting for him. He straddled across her
back and Dodger’s and aimed his cock down towards the
target. He lowered his buttock and pushed gently
forward as his cock-head entered her sphincter easily.

‘Obviously, she’d done this before,’ he thought to

He had double-fucked other woman before, but never with
a dog a the third party. He continued pushing into her
until about half his cock was in. That’s when he began
feeling the strange bulbous mass of the dog’s knot
through the thin membrane that separated them.

John watched knowingly at the horny threesome before
him. He knew that the time was near for the next step.
A step he was now reluctant to go ahead with for it
would require him giving up Bud for the moment.

At Bo’s signal he got up and led the second Shepherd to
the front of the threesome. Miles was confused as to
what was about to occur. That is until he saw the
second dog mount Bo’s shoulders from the front. That’s
when he realized that she was to take that cock in her

This was beyond imagining. How could Bo Derek, the
woman of every man’s dream be so deviant as to, not
only fuck with dogs, but also suck their cocks.

He couldn’t complain much though. He was enjoying it
all way too much. He pushed another three inches in
her ass and continued to try and work in the remainder.

He twisted sideways and could see the strange shape of
the dog’s cock as it disappeared past her lips. He
also had his first glimpse at the knot.

‘That must be the lump locking her with the other dog,’
he correctly surmised.

He continued ramming his twelve inch cock in her tight
ass, and each time he pulled on his out-stroke it would
shove her more on Dodger’s locked cock.

This went on for a good ten minutes before he felt his
balls tighten and empty in her waiting ass. Bo could
feel the warm fluid as it filled her.

Miles weakly pulled himself out of her and stumbled to
the deck. He looked over to her and smiled as he
watched his fantasy idol with two dog cocks stuffing
her at both ends. She was skewered by these two
monstrous shafts, like a pig over a Bar-B-Q pit.

He shuffled under her and took one of Bo’s stiff nipple
in his mouth. He soon realized that he was joined by
her husband on her other tit.

Bo Derek was being serviced by four males, two human
and two canine.

‘Can life get better than this?’ She asked herself.

Chapter Thirteen

Miles O’Keefe received word two months later that he
would be the star in John Derek’s next movie project, a
remake of ‘Tarzan.’

Now he knew why all the questions regarding animals.
After his introduction into Bo Derek’s quirky love
habits, he had convinced himself that they were for
that rather than a movie. Now he knew. What happened
back at the Derek Ranch was just a bonus.

He could still picture Bo and John along with the dogs.
That same night he had given the Derek’s young
housekeeper, the Cherokee beauty Maria, the fucking of
her life. The poor girl had actually passed out from
the tremendous orgasms she had received.

That same week he was shipped out to Africa to meet the
animal trainers. He needed to get the animals used to
him before the shooting started a few months later.

He had no trouble with the monkeys. There were
chimpanzees and Orangutans mostly. All of them were
well trained, they followed his commands as he was
taught by the trainers without question.

He was a bit more concerned about the bigger animals
for the set. Such as the elephant and the lion.
Especially the lion.

That huge cat looked so menacing, despite the trainers
reassurance that they had been declawed. But
eventually he did get over his fear and actually
enjoyed wrestling with the big cat. Something that was
added to the movie once he suggested it to John later.

John and Bo Derek conferred with Miles about his

“Everything’s going great,” he told them. “In fact,
I’d like to suggest an addition to the script.”

That’s when he suggested that his character, ‘Tarzan’,
wrestle with the big cat. John liked the idea. He was
glad that their choice for the role was so resourceful
and willing. They spent the next few days going over
the script to see if other things could be improved.

Bo was looking forward to the actual filming. The
thought of being surrounded by dozens of African
black’s that were hired for extras as porters for the
movie was getting her wet already. In fact, the hiring
of these extras was her contribution to the movie

She had managed to hire all of the extras required at
below union rates. One night, john had queried her
about that.

“You’ve got to tell me hon,” John asked. “How did you
get them to agree to that?”

“Well, I kind of offered fringe benefits,” she smiled
at him as she said it.

“What kind of benefits?” John was a bit worried at how
much that would cost.

“I offered my body,” she told him bluntly. “For as
long as the production goes.”

John just laughed aloud. He should have known better
than to ask. And the image of his wife getting
gangbanged by a dozen or so black men came flooding
into his mind. Maybe he would sit back and watch. And
he knew that her taste ran towards the big cocks, so he
expected each and everyone of them to be sporting
impressive equipment.

Production began a week later. Things were proceeding
smoothly with the filming. Their main concern was
doing it on location in the middle of the African
jungle. But no unexpected problems arose.

Of the whole cast, only Richard Harris who was playing
‘Jane’s’ father in the movie, was proving to be
demanding. John had to arrange to fly him back to the
city and his nice comfortable, and high priced, hotel
room. He wouldn’t stay in the jungle as the rest of
the cast did.

Bo didn’t mind this problem for it gave her the
opportunity to keep her work to the cast of extras.
The first night out, she had walked into the camp area
reserved for the eighteen black men playing the role of
slave porters for the movie.

The men all stood as she walked into their encampment.
At first they couldn’t believe that a star of Bo
Derek’s prominence was really serious with her offer of
special service when she had hired them. But here she
was approaching them all together.

As soon as the campfire began lighting her pale body’s
silhouette she began stripping off her period costume.
She wanted to live out the fantasy of this Victorian
woman being ravaged by a troupe of savage black men.

The first of them approached her hesitantly. She just
grabbed the closest and crushed her mouth to his thick

When they saw that happen, the remainder rushed to her
and proceeded to tear at the Victorian dress and
accouterments that she was wearing. Bo struggled
playfully against their attack as she heard the thick
material tear and get ripped off her body.

Within moments she stood naked with only tatters of her
dress hanging off of her. Her world famous breast
sticking out proudly for all of them to see. Already
her excitement was arousing her as her nipples
stiffened before their eyes.

“Take me,” she commanded them. “You savages.”

As if on cue, the grabbed her forcefully and pulled her
down to the ground. Two pounced at her b***d engorged
pussy and proceeded to eat her out.

Four others grabbed some of the tent stakes and pounded
in the ground around her. When they were done, others
joined in. And taking the remnants of her Victorian
dress, went along with her wishes of a fantasy r**e and
tied her to the stakes.

While the two black men continued to suck on her pussy
and clit, Bo found herself helplessly bound and spread-
eagled before the pack of horny men. Wanting to
continue with the play acting she began to beg for

“Please,” they heard her beg. “Please don’t hurt me.
I’ll do anything. Anything you ask of me.”

One of the extras caught on to what she wanted and
improvised the next line.

“This strange white woman is different from ours,” he
said aloud.

Another smiled and jumped in.

“That is true,” he said. “But she has holes just like

“Do you think it is safe to mate?” A third said, as he
pulled out is twelve inch cock.

Bo knew that each and everyone of the men had at least
a twelve-incher. She even knew of one with a sixteen
inch cock, though she couldn’t see him at the moment.
She knew that eventually, he would find her. But right
now she had some serious fucking to handle.

The one who started the dialogue walked up to her head
and knelt above her tied body. He then lowered his
hard cock until it was just a few inches from her face.

Continuing with the playacting, Bo turned her head away
in make believe disgust. The black man squeezed his
big fingers to her sculpted cheek and turned her head
back to his cock.

“You will milk me now,” he ordered her. “Milk like the
whore you are.”

And with that he shoved the first few inches past her
lips. Bo had to consciously prevent herself from
sucking on this beautiful ebony shaft, even though she
wanted it. She just had to maintain the play. The man
also realized that she was feigning resistance.

“I think she wants us to really r**e her,” he whispered
to a man next to him.

The word got passed around and over half of their cocks
surged with a bit more excitement.

Meanwhile the man with his cock in her mouth began to
lower himself further. Shoving his thick rod further
past her lips. They could all hear Bo Derek gurgle as
more of their friend’s cock continued to disappear in
that resisting mouth.

When he got six inches in, he could feel that his cock
was now making its way down her throat. He could see
that she wasn’t experiencing any difficulty so he

Two more joined in and they each took one of her
beautiful tits in their mouths and proceeded to suck on
them energetically.

Down at her cunt, the two who had been sucking her to
her first climax changed position. They did something
that Bo rarely experienced. They were alternating
fucking their cock in her pussy.

First one would drive his cock to the hilt inside her
and pull out completely, letting his buddy shove his
for one stroke and pulling out himself. This went on
like this for a long time. That fuck lasted much
longer than any single man could accomplish.

In fact, it was close to as long as her fucking dogs
could maintain. And their cocks each had different
characteristics that drove her to multiple orgasms
before they would cum themselves.

In the process of this new twist, three of the others
had managed to shoot their own load down her throat.
By that time all pretense of resistance evaded her.
Her sexual energy took over, but they still kept her
tied to the stakes on the ground.

Bo could feel two more cocks being placed in the palm
of her tied hands, which she grasped instinctively and
began jerking them. But the bindings were preventing
her from doing it along their full length. But rather
than untying her, the two men began fucking their stiff
cocks in her bound hands.

“Mmmmmmmm!” She murmured aloud as she was thinking.
‘I think I made the right choice with these guys.’

When the two alternating fuckers finally shot their
load in her cunt, they were replaced by the big boy of
the bunch. The man with the sixteen-incher lowered
himself at her feet and fell heavily on top of her
bound form. He reached down between them and guided
his cock to the mouth of her pussy and rubbed it
against her over excited pussy-lips.

“Do you want this,” he played along. “White bitch?”

Bo could only nod affirmatively as she had yet another
cock buried down her throat.

Accepting the nod as her answer, he lowered himself
into her pussy. Everything was going fine until he
reached fourteen inches. It then required a bit more
effort out of him to get the final two completely
imbedded in her.

“Ungh!” Bo grunted.

Taking that sixteen-incher was harder than she
expected. Despite the fact that she had fucked her
horse, Geronimo, once before. Her bondage position
made it awkward for the stud fucking her now to enter
easily. But she couldn’t inform them of this, not
while a cock was still fucking her face.

She gazed around above her, and saw so many black cocks
being hand fucked in preparation of their turn. That
she smiled despite the cock in her mouth. She
increased her effort on that cock. She wanted a chance
to fuck and suck each an everyone of them before this
first night was out.

Finally one of them got the idea of sliding under her
bound body and managed to guide his cock up her asshole
from beneath. She now had three cocks filling her
completely, as well as two fucking themselves into her
clasping hands.

Three more times through the night she had all three
holes filled at the same time. It was over two hours
later before the men decided to untie her from the
stakes. That’s when they discovered the real Bo Derek
in action.

She almost leaped into the pack trying to take them all
together. She knelt in the middle a seven of them and
began to suck them one after another. She would suck
in their cock. Lick it for a few seconds, then move on
to the next. It took thirty minutes before they
finally started shooting and she never lost a drop.

One after another they switched places throughout the
nigh. Bo must have cum at least a dozen times herself.
She had lost count on how many times the men had filled
her holes.

Chapter Fourteen

Bo Derek continued fucking and sucking the, black movie
extras, throughout the filming of ‘Tarzan’.
Occasionally her husband,

John Derek, or her leading man, Miles O’Keefe, would
fuck her in their tent. A few times her two white
lovers would just sit back and watched as the black
actors had their way with her.

The filming continued uneventfully for the next three

The first problem arose when Bo started showing up for
her nude scenes sporting hickeys across her body,
leaving no room for doubt that she had been sucked
hard. Especially on her succulent breasts.

John had to be creative in hiding those blemishes on
his wife’s beautiful body. That’s how he came up with
that chalk white make-up in the movie.

The scene remained the same as originally planned
except for that make-up. It covered her from head to
toe hiding all of those unsightly hickeys perfectly.
Something that her fans in the audience wouldn’t have
accepted, though they probably often fantasized about
giving her some themselves.

You’ll remember that many of Bo’s nude scenes in the
movie had her partially clothed or painted in that
awful chalk white make-up. This would explain why she
needed to cover herself so much during her scenes.

Bo, ever the exhibitionist, loved the scenes where
Miles O’Keefe, alias ‘Tarzan’, was discovering the
differences between man and woman. His poking at her
naked tits as if it was something that would bite back
was fun to do.

Miles improvised on the script and acted as a c***d
with a toy balloon as he kept poking at her naked
breast. Luckily for him, the scene was with them in a
pond of water. The camera never got a glimpse of his
hard-on as it tented his character’s loin cloth.
Something that didn’t escape Bo’s view.

Right then and there she decided that this evening
would belong to her co-star.

That being said, they continued filming the movie. The
next scene had her being kidnapped by a savage tribe of
natives and caged. She was surrounded by the tribal
woman as they painted her body with the white make-up
and she called out for her ‘father’, played by Richard

This is when her hero, ‘Tarzan’, comes to her rescue.
They get away on the back of his elephant, followed by
its herd as they trample the tribal village.

The end credits are then played where the audience sees
‘Tarzan and Jane’ play together on the shore of the
river along with three large Orangutans that are part
of the animal cast.

What we are not made aware of at the time was that the
filming crew had long since left. These particular
scenes were filmed by John Derek himself. No other
witnesses were around. Here now is the action that was
cut from public view.

As we all saw in the end credits at the theater. Miles
and Bo are playfully frolicking with the big apes for
about fifteen minutes. These are the only clips that
were added to the released copy. What went on
afterwards was beyond censorship.

One of the large apes physically pushed Miles aside as
he grabbed Bo’s arm. The ape had of grip made of iron.
No matter what she did, Bo couldn’t get him to let her
go. With his other humanlike hand, he pushed her to
her back easily.

Despite their small frame, about a foot shorter than
Bo, the apes were extremely strong creatures. Then the
most unusual thing happened. Using his feet as another
set of hands, he clasped Bo’s ankles and held her
helplessly to the ground.

Bo struggled to get loose desperately. John and Miles
stood helplessly by as the big ape held her down.

For the first time in her adult, even teenaged life, Bo
was frightened about what might happen to her next. In
her struggle she looked up and was faced with an
unbelievable sight.

The Orangutan was getting a hard-on and it was a
beautiful hard-on too. Already it had reached a length
of over a foot and seemed to be growing still.

Her fright was soon replaced by lust. The longer she
stared at that solid piece of meat the more she wanted
to go further.

As the ape cock continued to grow, it got closer to her
face. The large simian wasn’t oblivious to her
treasure either. His bestial sense of smell detected
her love juices in the air and sniffed it back to its
source. He then stuck out its long ape tongue and
slithered it deep inside her vagina.

Bo was amazed at the length of the ape’s tongue. It
must have been at least nine inches if not longer. It
managed to reach deeper than any tongue she had ever
had before, even the dogs. It was so much longer, and
thicker too, than anything she had stuffed other than a
cock that is.

John had a hard time believing that his young wife was
actually enjoying this simian r**e of her young body,
even though she didn’t have a choice in the matter.
Miles on the other hand had reached beneath his
‘Tarzan’ loin cloth and was busily stroking his cock at
the sight of the famous sex symbol, as the ape had its
way with her body.

The other two Orangutans noticed their friend and what
he was doing. They both approached cautiously to
observe more closely.

As they came closer they too picked up the distinctive
smell of sex in the air. The went straight for her
groin. Bo could feel three thick simian tongues
digging into her pussy. The one thing that she did
notice as different about monkey tongues was that they
were almost as thick as a human cock. But unlike a
cock they would twist like a snake inside of her,
reaching areas as yet untouched by a cock.

The two new simians had all their hands free and found
her tits. They each grabbed one and began to maul them
and pinching her nipples. One of them even went so far
as to explore her butt and discovered her puckered
asshole. He inserted one of his long, thick simian
fingers and pushed it past her sphincter.

To Bo it felt like a cock was being inserted in her
ass. Though she loved ass fucking a lot, this was the
first time that a finger was giving her as good a
penetration as a cock did. She squirmed her ass to
entice the ape to continue and to try and get more of
his finger inside of her. With each knuckle passing
her tight ass ring, she orgasmed.

With all the tongue action at her cunt, Bo could no
longer hold off on what she knew was inevitable. She
lifted her head and gulped down the head of the first
ape. The big ape raised his head up from her groin in
surprise and looked around.

He couldn’t see how is cock could be buried somewhere
when there wasn’t another cunt around. But its
instincts took over and he hunched down driving his
cock deeper in Bo’s mouth.

Then one of the other large beasts shoved the one
holding her down aside. Though he never lost contact
with Bo’s mouth. His cock kept fucking her throat.
The shove did manage to dislodge him from her vagina,
leaving it available to his buddy.

As soon as that ape saw her gaping vagina available, he
scrunched down and inserted his own stiff cock at its
entrance and thrust forward.

“Mmmmmmm!” Bo hummed in excitement at feeling the
large penis enter her.

The two apes traded handholds of her limbs. The one
stuffing her mouth kept holding onto her outstretched
arms, while his kindred took hold of her ankles as he
shoved more of his hard cock in her cunt.

The third great ape was somewhat left out. He could
only satisfy himself with fingering her asshole and
playing with her tips. He would occasionally lean over
and suck hard, harder than any lover ever did before,
on her famous breasts. He would leave large hickeys on
them each time.

John and Miles looked on in fascination as the simians
shoved their large penises in her mouth and pussy.
They could clearly see her lips being stretched way out
of shape to accommodate the great ape as his friend was
having the same effect on her elastic pussy-lips.

Their own hands were a blur on their cocks as they
pleasured themselves watching her with the three hairy

John, having less resilience than the younger Miles
O’Keefe, shot his load first and it flew through the
air towards the bestial foursome in front of him, but
fell short.

Miles wanted to try and hold off as long as possible in
the hopes that he could sink his own cock after the
beasts had been done with her. But he didn’t think
that he could hold off that long, or that the apes
would be finishing anytime soon.

The two apes impaling her rolled themselves on the
ground carrying Bo’s light body with them. She found
herself suspended in the air. Her mouth and cunt still
stuffed with their large members.

Now in this presented a target to the third simian
rapist. He spied her puckered asshole available now.
he removed his long finger from her bunghole and
climbed on top of her, while the other two managed the
weigh with ease.

Once on top he hunched down and guided his hard cock to
Bo’s exposed ass. When that large penis f****d its way
in her ass, Bo had to resist from biting down on the
cock in her mouth from the pain that it was causing

“Grrargh!” They heard her growl past the simian cock
stuffing her mouth.

This anal invasion took much longer to get used to than
any she had ever endured before. The great ape only
managed to shove the first three inches into her before
he stopped any further attempts. Bo’s ass muscles had
stiffened and was keeping him out as best it could.

Meanwhile the other managed to shove more of their
cocks in her other two orifices, as Bo was greatly
distracted by the pain the ass fucker had inflicted on

As soon as she realized that the other two apes had
shoved more meat in her, her ass muscles relaxed to
concentrate on their invading dicks. This allowed the
ass plunging ape to shove more of his in her butt.

This seesaw went on for endless minutes, until all
three apes had buried their full lengths in all three
of Bo Derek’s holes. And she had estimated each of
them to measure at least fifteen inches. During the
whole seesaw sequence, Bo kept having orgasm over
orgasm. She couldn’t even tell when one ended or the
next began.

Then in rhythmic unison the three apes began fucking
her together. Bo was beyond herself as the three large
cocks fucked in and out of her three holes.

For the first time in her sexual memory, Bo Derek
passed out from sheer sexual bliss.

John and Miles looked worried when they saw her whole
body go limp in the midst of the bestial r**e. At
first, they feared that she might have died from the
ape sexual attack. But they soon relaxed when they
both noticed that her breathing remained regular, even
though her body showed no sign of life. They soon
realized that she had in fact passed out from ecstasy.

The sight of Bo Derek unconscious and suspended, like a
limp rag doll, in the air by the great apes caused both
their pricks to revive themselves. Within a few
seconds their hands found their cocks and began
stroking themselves all over again.

“Mmmmmh!” Bo started to regain consciousness a few
moments later.

Her eyes fluttered open to stare blankly at the first
apes hairy ball just inches from her face. She could
see how big they were and could only imagine how much
jism they must hold.

The three simian cock continued to fuck her senseless.

‘How long can they keep going?’ She was beginning to

The Orangutan in her pussy was the first to give sign
that he was nearing climax. Bo could feel its cock
twitch inside her just a few moments before the hot
simian semen flooded her womb. Just the sudden
intrusion of that cum drove her to yet another orgasm.
The flow never seemed to stop. His cock kept spurting
like an open tap.

John and Miles smiled as they saw the great ape in her
pussy lurch his head back and let out a might savage
below. Then they could see simian semen squirt out
past Bo’s clenching pussy lips. They knew then just
how much cum was being injected inside of her.

They began to worry about the one stuffing her mouth.
If he also began shooting such an amount of jism, she
may c***e to death before they could save her. But
they also realized how strong the beasts were and that
they could do nothing until they satisfied themselves.

When that ape finished shooting her pussy, he remained
in place so as to continue suspending the woman’s
weakened body for his compatriots. The next to begin
shooting was indeed the first one. The one presently
stuffing her mouth.

Bo could feel the warm fluid shoot almost directly into
her stomach. That is until he began pulling out and
the jism flooded her mouth. She got her first taste of
simian cum that day. She found it much saltier than
the other species she had sucked before, but she found
it delectable nonetheless.

She was swallowing as fast as she could, but that
wouldn’t be fast enough. Monkey sperm was seeping out
of her mouth, even her nose was spurting gobs of the
thick fluid. But still she kept trying to drink it

In the midst of her mouth getting flooded, the third
ape began shooting his own load in her ass. Bo’s body
shook as another, more powerful orgasm hit her.

“MmmmArgh!” Bo screamed despite the plugging cock in
her mouth.

John and Miles shot their second load together as they
watched their white jism fly across the air.

Bo’s body was shaking from exhaustion while still in
the grasp of the apes raping her. Finally the ape in
her mouth pulled completely out and she gasped a deep
breath of fresh air for the first time in almost an
hour. She was gasping and gagging as she continued to
breathe in deeply.

The third ape, now finished himself, pulled out of her
ass with a very loud pop and jumped back down to terra
firma. Once the three Orangutans were done, they
simply dropped her limp form to the ground and wandered
away as if nothing had happened.

John and Miles quickly got up and rushed across the
stream to the semi-conscious Bo. As soon as they
reached her they searched for a pulse. They were both
relieved when they located it nice and strong.

They picked her up and made their way back to the camp.
They spent the next two days there to allow her to
recover enough to travel back to the big city and home.

The animal trainer came by the next day to pick up
their pets for transportation back to the States.

“Gentlemen,” John stopped the animal handlers in their
work. “I was wondering how one would be able to
purchase animals like yours. As you know I have a
substantial ranch back Stateside and my wife is a
fervent protector.”

The two handlers looked at each other questioningly.

“Well, Mr. Derek,” one of them explained. “It is
unusual for individuals to want to purchase some exotic
animal privately, it is not unheard of.”

“That’s true enough,” his co-worker interjected. “Just
look at Michael Jackson. He owns more exotic animals
than a lot of zoos.”

“So how would I need to proceed?” He asked them.

“Well, I suppose you’d have to demonstrate to the
authorities that you have the facilities to care for
them,” the handler explained. “Next you’d have to get
the import licenses.”

“Is that all,” John continued. “What you are saying is
that a good lawyer can handle most of this for me.”

“More than likely he could,” the handler agreed.
“Thanks,” John shook their hands and let them with
their work. “I’ll look into it as soon as we get back.
I’m sure that my wife will love the additions to her

Two days later they traveled to the capital of the
region. And a week later they boarded their private
plane for the United States. Bo was still feeling the
effects of her simian r**e a week after the event.

Because of her condition, John and Miles had to find
other partners to quench their own physical needs. John
frustration was starting to show at the hotel.
Actually, Miles literally had to drag John to a local
whore house to get laid.

In the week that they stayed over in Africa, John and
Miles had fucked three different women each. It was
John’s first time with a colored woman and he found
that the skin contrast added to his excitement. Miles
had found a rare gem in a Eurasian woman that he ran
into on the streets.

She was an airline stewardess on layover and he
captivated her attention as soon as he mentioned that
he had just finished filming a major motion picture.
They stayed together for the next two days until she
had to catch her flight to Amsterdam.

In the short time that they had together, she
introduced one of her stewardess friends for John and
they had a fun time swapping through the night. The
two men would fuck one, then the other. Then Miles had
the bright idea to double fuck them both along with
John. The stewardesses agreed readily. They were two
very horny women.

The double fucking went something like this. John and
Miles would stuff their hard cocks in one of the
women’s rear, pussy and ass, while the other woman
would present her dripping pussy so her friend could
lick her clean.

Then later the women would switch places and the
fucking would start over again.

Finally the day came when the Dereks and their star of
the movie ‘Tarzan’ headed home.

Chapter Fifteen

The opening of their movie, ‘Tarzan of the Apes’,
brought them rave reviews, as all of Bo Derek’s movies
did, and shot a newcomer in the limelight of celebrity.
One in the name of Miles O’Keefe, a.k.a. ‘Tarzan’.

And with success of a movie came numerous interviews.
But none more awaited for than by Julie Moran of
Entertainment Tonight. It had been so long since they
had seen other and Bo had so much to relate to her
friend Julie.

The ET crew showed up at their ranch, as they usually
did when interviewing the Dereks. Julie also had an
opportunity to meet and interview the star of the
movie, Miles O’Keefe.

She had to admit that the young man was quite
attractive. In fact she felt her panties getting
soaked just looking at his muscular frame. Bo had
described to her what a beautiful cock her co-star had
and Julie had been jealously awaiting her shot at him
ever since.

They taped three interview segments for the show and
the crew packed their equipment and headed back to Los
Angeles. As usual, Julie stayed behind to spend the
night with her friends.

When they were finally alone on the ranch, except for
the regular staff, Julie approached Bo for details of
what really happened in Africa.

Bo gave her details of her simulated gang r**e by the
black actors hired for the movie. And the many
pleasurable nights that she spent with her husband or
Miles. But she intentionally left out the apes.

Miles spotted Maria, the Dereks young and very
beautiful Cherokee housekeeper, and smile in her
direction. She discreetly returned his smile and
continued with her chores. He had missed her during
his time away from the ranch and was hoping for a get
together this weekend. Maria was secretly hoping for
the same.

Julie continued to quiz Bo. The reporter in her was
telling her that something was missing in the movie
star’s accounting of her time in Africa. Though she
couldn’t guess what considering what she was told so

Miles didn’t let Julie’s gorgeous body go unnoticed
either. If Maria wasn’t around for him, he would have
seriously considered jumping on the beautiful reporter
instead. He couldn’t keep his eyes away from her
luscious lips and how nice they would feel wrapped
around his hard cock.

Julie had noticed young Miles sexy stare and smiled at

“Hrumph!” Julie cleared her throat to get the young
actor’s attention. “And what about you Miles. What
did you find interesting in the jungles of Africa.”

“Uh! Oh!” Miles cleared his head. “Well, for one
thing, I found working with the animals lots of fun.”

“Oh really,” she queried, he curiosity was peaked.
“And which animals did you get to work with?”

“Well, there was a lion,” he started.

“Weren’t you scared?” Julie interrupted.

“At first I was,” Miles explained. “I guess that’s why
John sent me on ahead so that I could get properly
trained with them. That worked out great. After a few
days, that lion was acting like a big pussycat around

“In fact,” John added. “It was Miles suggestion that
the lion wrestling scene be added into the movie. They
were actually just playing around, but visually it
looked like fighting the beast.”

“Is that true, Miles?” Julie continued asking
questions, the reporter in her couldn’t help it.

“Well, I… I guess,” the young actor was a bit shaken
to be exposed as suggesting improvements to anything
John Derek might do.

“Don’t be shy Miles,” Bo threw in. “John just gave you
a glowing compliment when he mentioned that.”

Miles smiled broadly after considering her words.

“And what other animals did you work with?” Julie
continued pressing the issue.

“There was an elephant,” Miles added. “It was rather
cool riding him in the movie.”

“I bet,” Julie smiled at him sexily.

“Then of course there was the monkeys,” Miles finished
off. “You can’t have a Tarzan movie without the apes,
now can you.”

“No,” Julie agreed. “I guess you can’t.”

Julie remained none the wiser as to Bo’s secret, though
she suspected that her friend would reveal it to her
soon enough. As the night dragged on they all began to
break off for bed. Julie was a bit disappointed that
the Miles O’Keefe left her behind. Bo seeing her
friend’s disappointment took her up to the master
bedroom with John.

There they brought up two of the dogs and proceeded to
have a hot fuck session. Julie had missed fucking Bo’s
canine studs almost as much as she missed sucking on
her pussy. After they had finished that’s when Bo
revealed the close circuit connection to Miles bedroom.

Julie watched intently as his thick cock disappeared in
the clenching lips of the housekeeper’s pussy. Now she
really wanted that cock for herself, married or not.
But considering what she had been doing with the Dereks
in the past year, fucking a young stud was mild, don’t
you think.

“What do you think of our housekeeper?” John asked the

“She is quite exquisite John,” Julie commented. “Did
you ever fuck her.”

“No,” John admitted. “But I believe that Bo trained
her a lot.” Julie looked over at the blonde movie star
who was smiling demurely.

“I bet she did,” Julie quipped.

“Now don’t be a bitch,” Bo cut in.

“Sorry sweetie,” Julie said apologetically. “Its just
that I missed you all so much. And to see that
beautiful hunk of man wasted on the help…”

“How would you like to break her in?” Bo asked her
reporter friend.

“How?” Julie was puzzled. “I mean she already knows
how to fuck. Just look at her.”

She said pointing to the screen.

“Yes she does,” Bo shot back. “But she hasn’t been
introduced to my pets.”

Julie smiled broadly, understanding what Bo was
suggesting. Bo was inviting her to introduce Maria to
the dogs, just the way that she had done for her those
many months ago.

“How can I do that,” Julie asked excitedly.

“First, go back to your guest room,” Bo told her.
“Then call her to help with something. She’ll have to
answer. After all, it is her job here.”

Julie hurriedly scampered in the buff to her room and
buzzed for Maria.

The young Cherokee appeared ten minutes later, out of
breath. Her chest was heaving heavily under that bulky
uniform she had to wear. Julie knew why that was. She
had just been fucking Miles furiously when she was
called to her room. She would have had to put her
uniform on before coming over, and had to rush getting

“Oh! Hi Maria,” Julie smiled at the raven haired
beauty. “It is Maria, isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss,” Maria answered obediently. “Is there
something that you wanted me for?”

“I’d like to take a nice warm bath,” Julie thought at
the last second. “Could you draw it for me please?”

Maria couldn’t believe that this bitch called her in
the middle of the night for something as simple as
drawing a bath. But she held her tongue and headed to
the bathroom.

As Maria went to prepare her bath, Julie stripped down
completely behind her. She then walked quietly towards
the unwary housekeeper.

“What do you think of me Maria?” Julie asked her. “Do
you think I’m fat.”

Julie ran her hand along her slim waist to emphasize
her concern. Maria turned around and gasped at the
naked woman standing before her. Her eyes scanned the
beautiful reporter from head to toe, stopping briefly
at her tits.

Julie was pleased that her body was satisfactory to the
young woman. Sure she was help, but she saw her naked
with Miles and had to admit that she too had a
beautiful body.

Julie stepped forward and kissed the young Cherokee
woman full on the lips. Maria returned the kiss as her
hands stroked the brunettes slim body and captured her
breasts in her hands.

Then Julie hurriedly helped Maria strip off that ugly
uniform until both women were naked in front of each
other. Julie took her and guided her back to her bed.
She pushed her down gently and fell on top of the young

Their tits crushed against each others as they rolled
over each other repeatedly. After only a few minutes,
as they were already aroused from previous action, they
turned around and assumed the classic 69 position,
burying their faces into each others pussies.

Bo and John were watching things progress on the
screen. They had installed mini-cams in all of the
bedrooms of the main house. As soon as Bo saw the two
women locked in a 69 embrace she got out of bed.

“Be right back baby,” she told her husband as she gave
him a kiss.

She grabbed the collar of Brutus, a large Doberman, and
left the room. She walked naked down the hall to
Julie’s room. Once there she quietly opened the door a
bit and let the dog in.

Julie noticed the arrival of the dog and smiled. At
this point, Maria was on top and Julie did as Bo had
done to her when she introduced her to doggy sex. She
locked her legs around the housekeeper’s head and
wrapped her arms around her slender waist.

Maria would now be helpless to the wants of the huge
horny dog. Brutus was long accustomed to the scent of
human pussy.

As soon as he got of whiff of it his cock almost popped
out. He jumped on the bed and sniffed around behind
the kneeling Cherokee woman.

Maria had felt the movement on the bed but knew not
what had caused it as yet. She concentrated her
efforts of Julie’s pussy just below her face.

Suddenly she felt the presence of a second tongue
invading her own pussy. She struggled against Julie’s
grip to see who had joined them, but Julie would not
let her go. So she resigned herself to the double
licking, thinking that Mr. Derek or Miles had joined

“Grrrrr!” The Doberman growled.

Maria recognized that sound immediately. It had to be
one of the dogs that had gotten loose and was now
licking her cunt. She struggled harder to get loose of
Julie’s grasp, but Julie would not have it. She held
onto the young woman even harder.

John and Bo looked on as their young housekeeper was
about to be raped by Brutus. Bo was especially pleased
to see Julie Moran a willing participant in the girl’s
bestial r**e.

Julie kept on licking Maria’s pussy as she felt the
poor girl struggle against her. And as she looked up
she saw the Doberman’s red cock vibrating with energy.

Brutus was ready for his role. He jumped onto the
native American’s upturned ass and was shuffling
himself forward. Julie kept an eye as it was getting
closer to the woman’s cunt.

Maria struggled harder still when the huge dog’s
forepaws wrapped themselves around her slim waist. She
knew what was about to happen and she didn’t want that
at all.

The Doberman kept shuffling himself closer with each
hump that he made. Finally its cock-head began bumping
against Maria’s ass. Julie had to pull her face away
from the young woman’s pussy to avoid being hit by the
dog’s energetic humping.

Maria was crying openly now. She could feel the dog’s
hard penis hitting her buttock and knew that it
wouldn’t be long before he entered her vagina. She
wanted nothing to do with Julie’s pulsing vagina now.
For Julie that was regrettable, but she was sure that
the young housekeeper would return to her once the dog
found its mark.

John was enjoying this performance so much that he
stepped behind his young actress wife and shoved his
hard cock inside of her. They proceeded with a doggy
fuck as they watched their Maria’s introduction.

Finally Brutus found his mark and buried his long hard
cock in Maria’s pussy. He had a nice penis. Over
twelve inches and quite wide. Julie was also admiring
his knotty knob. She could still remember the first
time that a dog had tied with her. It seemed so long
ago now.

“Oooowww!” Maria cried out. “Please. Don’t let…
don’t let him do this to me. Take him… take it out,

“I can’t do that sweetheart,” Julie tried to console
her. “Just relax and you’ll enjoy it so much more.”

“I won’t!” Maria cried out. “This is disgusting.
It… it isn’t even natural.”

“Dearie,” Julie countered. “There is nothing more
natural than having your pussy filled with a hard cock.
You should know all about that. What with Miles and

Maria was shocked to learn that she had been caught
fucking with one of the guest of the house, two
actually now that Julie Moran was included. She
realized that this could be grounds for her dismissal.
She thought that this woman was insinuating blackmail
on her. But she would learn better only at a later

Julie also realized Maria’s mistake in analyzing the
situation. But she wasn’t about to let it go to waste.

“Now,” the ET reporter told her. “You’ll do as you’re
told or else.”

Maria bent her head down in defeat. She knew that she
was beaten. If she wanted to keep her job then she’ll
have to obey this bitch, no matter what was asked of

“Very well,” Maria conceded.

“Now get that sweet mouth of yours,” Julie ordered.
“Back on my pussy. I’m hot and I need some release.”

Maria obeyed and lowered her head back down. She
her sucking and licking of the brunette’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Brutus was driving his cock at a furious
pace. Until now, Maria had remained oblivious to the
dog’s assault. She was too angry and scared to let its
penetration hit her as yet.

But as soon as she began to relax while eating out the
famous reporter, her pussy was sending signals to her
brain that was triggering her first bestial orgasm.

“Oooooh!” Julie heard the girl exclaim.

But she never stopped licking out her pussy. Julie had
a front row seat to the dog’s r**e of her pussy.
Giving her enough time to get used to the dog’s
fucking, Julie then lifted her head up and began
nibbling on her clit as the large Doberman continued
fucking the helpless Maria.

By now she had resigned herself completely to the
bestial attack. John, Bo and Julie could see that the
housekeeper was now undulating her back. She could no
longer control the urges that this fucking was giving
her. The action of her back was so that she could hump
against the dog’s forward thrust. She now realized
that she wanted all of that cock inside of her. She
was now actively participating in her r**e.

But Julie wasn’t satisfied yet. She wanted to see that
large doggy knot tie with the beautiful girl. With
that in mind, she reached up and grasped the dog’s cock
and helped it in pushing deeper in Maria’s cunt.

Maria could now feel the large knot humping against her
pussy-lips. At first she thought that it might be the
Doberman’s balls hitting her. But that notion soon
disappeared as she felt her pussy-lips being spread
wider with each push.

Julie kept on pushing the dog’s knot into the young
housekeeper’s pussy. She could see that some headway
was being made as her pussy lips were beginning to wrap
themselves around the huge bulb.

“Oh! My! God!” Maria was yelling. “That feels so…
so weird.”

“It gets better, sweetie,” Julie told her.

With one final shove Brutus’ knot broke through.

“Aieee!” Maria screamed, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

Upon hearing Maria’s scream, Miles burst out of his
room and shoved the other guestroom’s doors wide open.
The sight that greeted him made his cock stir back to
life. He smiled down at his Maria as he saw her with
the Doberman’s cock shoved in her beautiful pussy.

But what he really enjoyed seeing was Julie Moran’s
exposed pussy under Maria’s face.

When Maria opened here eyes again, the first thing that
she saw was Miles at the door. She turned her face
away in shame.

‘How could he love me after this?’ She was asking

But then she felt his soft hands turn her head to him
and his lips against hers. She could feel his tongue
licking Julie’s female juices from her mouth and lips.
She smiled while still kissing her lover.

Miles pulled himself away so that he could taste
Julie’s cum first hand. He buried his face in her
crotch and proceeded to lick her clean.

Julie was now convinced that Maria was fully
cooperative now.

The energy that the housekeeper, or so she thought, was
putting into her lapping was telling her so. She began
to buck her hips up to meet the licking tongue.

All the while she continued licking the Doberman’s and
Maria’s tied sex. She would especially concentrate her
efforts on Maria’s clit.

Maria was now experiencing multiple orgasms. The dog’s
prick and Julie’s licking was driving her out of her

“Oh yesss,” Maria said aloud.

“Wha… what?!?” It dawned then on Julie that it
wasn’t Maria’s lips on her pussy.

How could it have been? The lips never left her when
she heard the dark skinned beauty shout her latest cry
of passion.

Julie tried to peer down to her pussy to see who was
there with them. But she found herself with the tables
turned on her. Just as she had prevented Maria from
discovering the presence of the dog earlier, she was
now unable to see who was ravishing her now.

Finally, Miles pulled his face away from the beautiful
reporter. He lifted himself up and presented his
already hard cock to

Maria’s face. She gratefully took it into her mouth
and sucked it for a few strokes. Then she pulled it
out and guided to Julie Moran’s cunt.

Both Miles and she had the same idea.

With one mighty lunge, Miles drove his full length into
the brunette’s pussy.

“Oh yess,” they heard Julie cry out. “Fuck it to me.
Get it deeper. Do it harder.”

Miles was only too happy to oblige. She pounded his
forward. With each thrust her tits would jiggle

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” Julie would grunt, while trying
to maintain her mouth on Maria’s clit as the Doberman
continued fucking the Cherokee housekeeper.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” Maria would be doing the same
with each powerful thrust of Brutus.

Suddenly, Miles pulled out of Julie’s pussy.

“No don’t pull it out,” she cried out. “I need it.
Put it back inside, please.”

Miles smiled as he lifted her legs up and back. He
then instructed Maria to place her arms to the back of
Julie’s legs. She did as instructed. Now Julie’s legs
were bent back to her head, being held there by the
housekeeper’s arms. This raised her buttock higher in
the air, giving Miles a clear passage to her asshole.

He aimed his slick cock at the entrance of her
sphincter and began pushing in.

“Aiiiieee!” Julie yelled aloud in pleasure.

Miles kept shoving more of his cock into her butt.
Then he placed a hand to Maria’s head and pushed her
face down to Julie’s now upturned pussy. Maria smiled
as she caught on to her lover’s intentions. She buried
her face in the ET reporter’s pussy and began to suck
her out, while the dog kept on fucking her own pussy.

“Oh yesssss,” Julie exclaimed. “That feels so good.
Keep fucking my butt. Keep licking my pussy. God you
two are good together.”

Back in the master bedroom, John and Bo were in their
second round of fucking as they now watched Julie being
victimized by her intended target. Bo called Buster
over so that she could suck his mighty cock as she
continued watching the action on the close-circuit TV.

Miles was fucking harder into Julie’s ass as he watched
Maria licking the reporter’s clit with earnest. Just
then Buster began howling. A clear sign that he was

“Yeowl!” Maria yelled as she felt the hot fluid
shooting in her pussy. “Damn, that feels nice.”

She was fucking harder against the dog, trying to get
more of his cock inside of her vagina. Julie was
beneath as some of the dog’s jism was escaping past her
pussy-lips. She lifted her head and hunted each
escaping drop.

The dog came and came some more. Maria was amazed at
how much cum the dog could shoot. Knowing that the
Doberman was emptying its balls in his Maria was enough
to get Miles over the edge. His own balls tightened
and he began emptying himself in Julie’s ass. Who in
turn exploded in her own orgasm.

The whole scene played out as a sexual domino set. One
orgasm was triggering the next.

Finally exhausted, the four lovers disentangled
themselves and collapsed in a heap on Julie’s bed.
Brutus just sauntered out of the room to lick his
aching dick in the hallway.


John and Bo Derek were ecstatic at the outcome of their
beautiful Cherokee housekeeper’s, Maria, introduction
to animal sex. It had turned out even better than they
had planned.

They had convinced their guest, Entertainment Tonight
reporter Julie Moran, to orchestrate a doggy r**e.
Much the same way that Bo had done to her almost a year
earlier. Things were going quite well.

Then Miles O’Keefe, Bo’s co-star in the movie ‘Tarzan’,
bolted through the door and the table was turned on
Julie. She new became the r**e victim while Miles and
Maria took control of the scene.

But in the end the main goal had been accomplished.
Maria was now as hooked to doggy dick as Julie and she
were. Now the Dereks could proceed to the next phase
of her plans for the weekend. Tomorrow she would
reveal a special surprise to Julie and Maria.

Miles slept through the night in Julie’s guestroom with
the two naked woman on either side of him. Both woman
wrapped a leg over his as they slept with their breasts
crushed against his muscular chest. A man couldn’t
dream of a better situation than this.

The next morning everyone met on the patio for
breakfast. Maria did her job as expected while Julie
kept playing footsie with Miles under the table.

Bo tapped one of the glasses to get everybody’s

“Excuse me everyone,” she said. “You too Maria.”

Maria stopped what she was doing to hear what her
mistress had to say.

“John and I have prepared a special surprise for you
all,” she continued. “After breakfast, we’re all going
to the lake cabin. That is where the surprise is.”

Everyone’s curiosity was peeked by this announcement.

Especially Maria. She wasn’t usually included in her
bosses entertainment. She just couldn’t figure out
what might be awaiting them at the cabin.

When everyone had finished with breakfast they were all
lead to the stables where five horses were waiting for
them. They all climbed their mounts and headed off to
the lake, with four of the dogs following along.

Maria looked down at the dogs with a smile. The memory
of the previous night still fresh in her mind. She was
hoping for some free time with the dogs from now on.
That is if she could sneak it by the Dereks attention.
She couldn’t imagine being able to keep her present
employment if she was ever caught.

The five of them arrived at the lakeside cabin after
about fifteen minutes of riding. They all got down
from the horses and walked, chatting towards the cabin.

Miles immediately took note of the changes since the
last time the Dereks had brought him there. Gone were
the furniture. In its stead was a giant monkey bar
arrangement that took over the whole main room. He
soon understood why this was done. Out of one of the
backrooms came strutting out with its hairy arms raised
high, one of the Orangutans from the ‘Tarzan’ set.

He and the Dereks smiled wickedly as the same idea was
now being shared by them.

“Julie. Maria,” Bo began. “This is Bongo. He has two
brothers with him here also. Jim-Bob and Gonzo.”

At hearing their names the other two apes sauntered
into the giant playroom.

Julie and Maria had a confused look in their eyes.
They couldn’t see where this was going as yet “Boys,”
Bo spoke to the apes. “Why don’t you go say hello to
my friends.”

John and Miles stepped back in anticipation of what
would happen. Meanwhile Julie and Maria just smiled at
the cute monkeys. They didn’t seem concerned at the
big apes approach..

Bongo, the bigger of the three, was nearing the petite

While his two brothers, Jim-Bob and Gonzo approached

When the simians got close enough to them, both women
tried petting them in a friendly manner. The great
apes smiled up at them, with that ape smile of theirs.

“They seem friendly enough,” Julie said to Bo.

“Yes,” Maria agreed. “Very friendly.”

“When did you get them?” Julie asked her movie star

“Oh, we purchased them after the movie,” John shot
back. “These are the ones from the set.”

“I thought that they looked familiar,” Julie laughed,
as she kept rubbing her hand in Gonzo’s wild hairy

Then, without warning, the apes jumped into action.
John and Bo had spent the last month training them for
this. Those powerful simian hands grabbed a hold of
the two women’s garment and literally ripped it off
their startled body.

Julie and Maria were stunned as they tried pulling away
from the, suddenly, savage beasts. They stood there
before the great apes in their underwear only, with
only a few tatters of their clothing hanging on them.

The jungle apes weren’t done yet. As they grabbed hold
of the their wrist with their hands, they used their
prehensile feet to rip what little remained of the
helpless women. Within seconds both Julie and Maria
found themselves naked before the muscular animals.

Bo, John and Miles looked on intently as the two
beautiful women struggled to free themselves from the
grasp of the three apes. They also noticed that the
beasts were getting aroused with each passing second.

Bongo was the first to take the initiative. His long,
thick tongue found and began exploring Maria’s vaginal

“Ooooh!” She gasped as she felt that squirming tongue
digging into her pussy.

Julie watched, mesmerized, at the dexterity of the
Orangutan’s tongue on the young housekeeper. She
looked back at her captors and noticed their pink cocks
peeking out of their groin. She struggled harder

Then Jim-Bob inserted his tongue in her, just like
Maria, while Gonzo’s apish lips wrapped themselves
around her right breast. She could only close her eyes
as she absorbed to good feeling that they were giving

The apes would vary their ‘foreplay’ with the two
women. They would insert their long fingers in them,
either their pussy or their ass. They would be
constantly suckling on their tits, concentrating on
their now hard nipples.

Meanwhile, on the sideline, Bo was being fucked
furiously by Miles and her husband as the three
followed the progress of the apes on their companions.

Julie and Maria were now screaming in ecstasy as they
were being hit by one orgasm after another.

Finally the time came for the next stage of this sex
play. Bongo flipped Maria around so that his cock was
now at the entrance of her tight young pussy. With one
mighty thrust, he drove half of his twelve inches
inside of her.

“Aiiiiieeeee!” Maria screamed just before she passed
out from the shock.

Bongo didn’t care, he kept humping into her now limp
body. She was being supported by his large hands that
wrapped around her thin waist.

Julie could only watch in concern as the unconscious
housekeeper was getting reamed by the great ape. She
could only imagine what that must be like. But she
wouldn’t have to wait long.

Following their brethren’s lead, Gonzo and Jim-Bob
turned Julie over to her hands and knees. She found
herself facing Jim-Bob’s large cock, as she felt Gonzo
poking at her backside with his. She didn’t know what
to do. She knew that struggling with these muscular
animals would be fruitless. Yet she wasn’t sure that
she could handle their bestial lovemaking.

But the situation was out of her control. Not
bothering to wait for a sign from her, both apes shoved
their cocks in her at opposing ends.

“Guurrlll!” The observers heard Julie gurgle as Jim-
Bob’s cock stuffed her mouth.

John and Miles increased their fucking tempo into Bo as
the threesome continued to watch the ape r**e of the
two beautiful woman.

Julie was struggling to breath on the outstroke of the
monkey in her mouth. While her pussy was still trying
to get used to the power of Gonzo’s fuck thrust. She
knew now why Maria passed out from her ordeal. But
this double fucking that she was enduring was keeping
her too focused on the two simian cocks thrusting into
her body.

Jim-Bob’s grip was around her chest and was constantly
rubbing her hard nipples. While his buddy grasped her
by the waist. Both animals were thrusting as hard as
they could. Julie had to urgently relax her throat
muscles before she would c***e on the powerful cock.

Maria was finally coming out of her unconscious state.
Her body was beginning to hump back against Bongo even
before she was fully awakened. When her eyes fluttered
open, there was a look of ecstasy in them.

While unconscious, her body had given her numerous
orgasms. Though she hadn’t experienced them first
hand, the aftermath still bathed her.

“Oh god! Yesss!” Maria cried out. “Fuck me monkey.
Fuck me good and hard.”

Julie joined in the housekeeper’s outcry. The two
women were in chorus as the apes fucked them harder
than any man ever had before.

“Yess!” They both shouted in unison. “Fuck, fuck me
good. God this feels so nice.”

For fifteen minutes the three apes continued to r**e
their penises into the women. Miles, John and Bo
noticed the apes ball sack tightening, a sure sign that
they were about to blow.

A few minutes later, Maria and Julie could feel the
powerful jet of simian cum flooding their pussies.
Seconds after that Julie’s mouth was also receiving its
promised load. So fast was it shooting in her that
Julie couldn’t hold it all. Cum began spurting past
her clenching lips down her chin.

When the great apes were done, they simply released
their ‘mates’ and trudged off to a corner to rest.

Julie and Maria slumped to the ground exhausted. Their
chests heaving as they tried to regain their composure.

Maria was the first to move. Miles and the Dereks
watched intently as the housekeeper crawled over to the
ET reporter and proceeded to lick the monkey cum off of
the brunette’s face.

Once that was done she kissed her deeply sending her
tongue to gather still more.

Miles got up and walked over to the exhausted women.
He grabbed Maria by the waist and positioned her over
Julie Moran’s body in the 69 position.

As soon as they saw each other’s cum filled pussy, they
buried their faces into each other and cleaned
themselves out of the simian semen. They loved the
taste of it. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of it.

The three observers in the monkey playroom, Miles, John
Derek and his wife Bo, smiled with satisfaction at the
two women’s compliance to the apes love making. They
knew that they were now to be willing participants in
anything that they decide to indulge in.

This is when Miles walked over to the door and opened
it, allowing the four dogs that had accompanied them to
enter. They were Bo’s favorites, Bud, Dodger, Bruiser
and Buster.

Their noses immediately began sniffing the air. The
smell of sex was flooding the room.

Needless to say it didn’t take them long to locate the
two exhausted girls in the corner. They all bolted to
them and buried their doggy tongues in their b***d
engorged pussies. They were trying desperately to get
to the last remnants of the Orangutans cum that the two
women couldn’t reach.

Meanwhile the three apes watched dispassionately the
action around their mates. As the women’s pussy began
exuding fresh cum, their cocks were slowly reviving, as
were John and Miles.

All of this didn’t go unnoticed the ignored Bo Derek.
Who would have thought that her pussy would be ignored
in the middle of an orgy, bestial or otherwise.

Unable to stand it any longer, Bo rushed forward and
took Gonzo in hand. She guided him to the center of
the room and began to suck on his cock while on her
hands and knees.

Buster noticed his mistress’ position and trotted over
to mount her immediately. Bo gurgled in pleasure as
the two cocks fucked into her from her animal lovers.

John and Miles looked at each other and moved in on the
two other women.

John would finally have his shot at Maria, while Miles
pulled Julie Moran to her feet.

The young actor lay himself on the floor and guided her
cunt to his stiff cock. She settled on it with
pleasure. Once she had bottomed out on him, she began
to hump him by lifting herself up and down on his

John meanwhile, was getting his own cock sucked by his
young housekeeper. She took his whole rod in her
mouth, and even tried to insert his balls past her
tight lips.

The dogs didn’t feel like being left out. They rushed
the three couples and found their own spot.

Bud found Maria’s vacant pussy and fucked his vibrating
cock in that target.

“Ungh!” John heard her cry out, as he watched the
large German Shepherd mount her.

Julie noticed the Derek’s large St-Bernard, Bruiser,
approaching her. He was heading behind her. She knew
where he wanted to put that monster cock of his. He
was planning on plunging it in her asshole. This
concerned a bit, for she knew how thick it was,
especially his knot.

By this time Buster had managed to tie with Bo and was
twisting around so has to be butt-to-butt with her.
Once that was accomplished the last dog, Dodger, saw
his opening. He leaped over the Doberman to land at
his mistress’ back and was humping furiously trying to
find her asshole.

The dogs had long learned how to accomplish such a feat
from months of training/practice with their masters.

Meanwhile, Bud had also tied with the petite Maria and
had twisted around. Jim-Bob had seen how one of the
dogs was fucking one of his mates in the wrong hole.
He figured if that animal can do it, then so could he.
He approached Maria and got on her tiny back. He found
that he had to guide his cock to this hole, and he did

The hairy ape fucked his twelve inch cock into the
housekeeper and began to hump from her back. she was
having a difficult time managing all the added weight
on her back, but she held on.

That left only one final participant. Bongo, the third
ape. He approached the only vacant hole that he could
see. Julie Moran’s mouth. He lumbered over like a
clown and grabbed her long brown hair roughly. Pulling
her face up.

“Aiiee!” Julie cried out. “What are you doing, you
fucking ape?”

Of course Bongo couldn’t answer. At least not in words.
He simply pointed one long finger to his cock. Julie
was amazed that the ape could have learned to
communicate his desires so rapidly.

She smiled up at the hairy ape and lowered her face to
its groin and began licking along the length of its
simian cock.

Miles had a front row view of the large cock
disappearing in the ET reporter’s mouth. He could
clearly see her cheeks bulge outwards as more of
Bongo’s cock went inside of her.

The bestial orgy was now complete.

Maria was being gang-banged by her boss, John Derek,
the German Shepherd Bud and the Orangutan Jim-Bob.

While John’s wife, Bo, was being serviced by the
Orangutan Gonzo, her Doberman Buster and the second
German Shepherd Dodger.

And the final female of the group, ET reporter Julie
Moran, had Miles O’Keefe fucking her hungry pussy, the
Derek’s St-Bernard fucking her ass, as she was actively
sucking on the third simian, Bongo.

They stayed at the lakeside cabin for the next two days
and nights. Fucking anything with a cock in various

Next time, Bo would have to introduce Julie to the
horses. She was sure that her friend would enjoy it
has much as she has.

But that will have to be for another story.

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