Dog sex on the pool

“You guys know something? I could really use a dip in
the pool. What do you say we get the boys and take a
swim?” I think it was Deidre this time.

“Sounds good to me,” Debra agreed. I was ready as well.
We put on white, terry cloth robes and nothing else and
headed outside. The boys were very excited to see us and
fell in behind as we walked down the hill to the pool.
Just the underwater pool lights were on and they gave a
glow to the pool and the area around it. It was quite
romantic. We slipped into the pool after having removed
our robes and held each other in the warm water. We
kissed each other sharing the intimacy and felt our
bodies against each other as we embraced. I was getting
very horny.

Hands explored bodies beginning with breasts with Debra
being the most active. She began to suck my nipples as
she used her hands Deidre’s. All three of us were
exploring, caressing each other getting us all very hot.

I moved one hand between Debra’s legs and the other
between Deidre’s causing them both to moan deeply. I
found each of their clits and began tracing little
circles around them. They spread their legs even farther
apart and I felt one of them return the favor as the
other begin to rub the cheeks of my ass. At almost the
same time, each of them penetrated my with a finger
causing me to moan much as they had and press back
against their pressure. They pushed their fingers deeper
and deeper until their fingers were totally inserted in
me. What a wonderful feeling! I knew I couldn’t last
much longer before I came.

They brought me to my climax with their expert
manipulations of my private parts and I came hard. My
juices flowed into the water as they kept fucking me
with their fingers. Finally, I collapsed into their arms
and let them hold me up and keep me above water.

During all this, we hadn’t paid any attention to the big
dogs we had with us. When we took a look, all three of
them were lying side-by-side on the edge of the pool
watching us closely. We chuckled at them and praised
them for being such good boys.

“That was fantastic, you two,” I wanted to thank them
for the climax they had just given me. “I want to return
the favor. Why don’t both of you climb up on the side of
the pool and let me work my magic on your gorgeous

The twins looked at each other and grinned. Deidre
lifted her eyebrows just so asking her sister an
unspoken question. Debra nodded back to show her
approval. They must have seen the quizzical look on my
face wondering what they were thinking. It was Debra who
spoke first.

“I have a better idea since there are two of us and only
one of you and you can’t do both of us at the same
time,” she said. We three are going to get off together
this time. Sounded good to me. I kissed them both.

“Ok. So what do we do?” I asked.

“We are going to get out of the pool, but we are going
to do something slightly different. Ok, very different,”
she laughed. The three of us got out. The twins spread
three big towels out so that they overlapped. Then they
lay down on the towels, leaving room for me in the

“Come on down here you delightful piece of ass. You are
going to love this,” Deidre promised.

Seeing them lying there naked made me want to get my
head between their legs even more. “Whatever you have in
mind, will just have to wait. I have been wanting to get
between your legs ever since we all got naked. Just give
me a minute to explore both of you.”

So I got down on my knees and lowered my mouth between
Deidre’s legs. Her pussy was beautiful and tasted so
sweet. I licked and sucked her until she was crazy wet
and the juices were streaming from her pussy. Then I did
the same for Debra. She was not quite as sweet as her
sister but tasted great none the same. I loved doing
these girls.

“Ok,” I pulled way. “I am done for now but it is certain
that I want some more of both of you later. Now what did
you have in mind?” My curiosity was starting to get the
better of me.

Out of her sex-clouded haze, Debra looked up me and
thanked me for the attention I had given her with my
tongue and mouth. She sat up and helped me lie down in
the middle of the towels. Deidre turned toward me and
kissed me in gratitude for what I had done for her.
While we were kissing, I heard Debra call, “Zack. Come
boy.” He came over excitedly and Debra guided him to
Deidre. She spread her legs in front of him and rolled
her hips back exposing herself to him from ass to pussy.
On command, Zack sniffed her several times and then
swiped his tongue from top to bottom of her slit,
beginning with her ass and ending with her clit. He then
licked her harder and inserted his tongue in her pussy
and started moving it in and out.

When Debra was satisfied that Deidre and Zack were
engrossed in each other and Deidre started her low
moaning, she then called Jack over. She assumed the same
position as Deidre and Jack began to do his thing to
her. Rather than moaning, Debra began breathing heavily.
I could tell she was really into the big dog’s tongue
and what he was doing to her. Before she succumbed
totally to his licking, she told me to call Caesar over
and do the same things they had done. I was totally
horny by this time and did just exactly what she said.

“Caesar,” I called. “Come.” He didn’t hesitate. Although
the twins didn’t yet know about our afternoon encounter,
Caesar remembered. He knew just what to do. I rolled my
hips back and raised my legs to give him access to all
my goodies. Soon, I was in the same corner of sexual
heaven as Deidre and Debra. The dogs were doing a
wonderful job on all three of us. I was sure there would
be three orgasms in a very short time.

Combine the mojitos, the sex we three had shared, and
now this and powerful climaxes were a natural and normal
thing. Not to mention inevitable. The girls looked at
Caesar and me and just smiled then went back to their
own pleasure. I realized that I could never equal the
job the dogs were doing to us and I realized why the
twins wanted those big, long tongues licking them. I
know I had never had a woman or a man who was as
talented as Caesar and I suspected Deidre and Debra felt
the same way. Just think, before this afternoon I had
never been licked by a dog and now I was hooked after
just two times with Caesar. It made me wonder what it
was that Mrs. Brown found so appealing about actually
having that huge cock fucking her for real.

Just then I heard Deidre’s moans change. They became
more intense and more frequent. Since I was not very far
from my orgasm, I knew she was about to come. Debra was
also close based on the sounds she was making. I felt
the warmth rising in my own loins and forgot all about
them. I concentrated on what Caesar was doing to me and
moved with him, getting the best fucking I could get
from him. When Deidre and Debra let out their cries of
passion they pushed me over the edge.

I flooded his tongue with my juices and he lapped them
all up. My pussy lips were on fire and at the end, just
as if I had told him to do, he buried his tongue in me
and started twirling it around. My hips raised off the
towel and my whole body clinched in ecstasy. I did that
several times as my climax racked my body. Finally, I
collapsed on the towel breathing hard and trying to keep
the feeling going. When it was over, I opened my eyes to
see the girls looking at me with big smiles on their

“Bravo,” they said together as they gave me a big round
of applause. I was a little embarrassed at the attention
and coyly ducked my head with a huge grin on my face.

“You two were right,” I told them. “There is no way that
can compare with what I might have been able to do to
you. It was amazing.” The dogs had curled up at our feet
and were lying there very peacefully considering what
they had just done. Good dogs!

Good girls! The bond between us was strengthening the
more we were together.

“That was so good!” Deidre exclaimed as we all made our
return to reality.

“Yes, it was,” offered Debra.

“Same here,” I chimed in.

“You really took to that like you had done it before,
Alicia,” Deidre observed. “Have you been holding our on
us?” She was halfway joking.

“Well, to tell you the truth…”

“I knew it,” Debra cut in. “Tell us about it, please.”

I paused for a moment considering what I would say.
“Believe it or not, it was this afternoon before you two
showed up. After you mom left, Caesar and I were playing
and I took off my bathing suit and was pleasuring myself
when he decided I might need some help. Well, one thing
lead to another and before I knew it, he was licking me
and brought me to a wonderful orgasm, my first K9
experience. So now you know.”

“Awesome,” the twins replied together.

“There is something better, you know.” Deidre had a
certain mischievous grin on her face.

“Are you talking about?” I asked knowing that she

“Yes. I mean actual sex with one of those big cocks and
all their energy,” she confirmed. “Let me show you.”

She grabbed Zack by his pointy ears and pulled him
closer. Then she gave him a big hug and put her fingers
around his sheath. As she moved up and down on it, his
cock quickly appeared and got bigger and bigger. Soon it
was at what I thought was full length and girth. I could
see her juices flowing from her vagina already. She then
turned over onto all fours and put her head down and her
ass in the air. At the command, “Zack, mount,” he did
just that and lay on top of her with his front legs
wrapped around her body.

It didn’t take but one thrust for him to find her pussy
and he sank about six inches of his dick into her. She
gave out a little cry and began to clutch the towel with
her hands. On his second thrust, he was all the way into
her. She uttered another little grunt and began to move
with him, fucking him back while he drove deep inside
her over and over.

The up-close view I was getting was far more exciting
than the long-range shots I had taken of her mother. In
and out he pistoned as he lightly bit her ear and took
total control of her. She was truly his bitch now and
his one goal in life was to breed her and put puppies in
her belly.

The big dog was giving her a fuck the likes of which I
could not have thought possible. I could see his cock
pushing inside her with every thrust. His pre-cum began
flowing around his dick and dripping down her legs. His
thrusting became more rapid and even more energetic if
that was possible and I could see a huge bulge forming
at the base of his cock. With one huge forward movement
of his hips, he pushed the whole thing into her making
it disappear. When he did that, Deidre gave out a huge
“Ahhhhhh” and collapsed beneath him. He didn’t even slow

All of a sudden, he stopped thrusting and began pumping
his seed into her. She was in another world as she felt
his cum flowing into her with every clinching of his
muscles. Over and over he shot his load into her,
filling her to overflowing. Even with the knot inside
her acting like a plug, the cum squirted out of her in
great globs. Then he was done but it wasn’t over yet.
His know stayed inside her and he just lay down still
joined to her and rested after his massive climax.

Deidre moved her head and I could see her grinning from
ear to ear. When his bulge subsided, he pulled out of
her and went over by the hedge to curl up and recover. I
was absolutely dumbfounded. Debra saw the look of
incredulity on my face and gave me a hug. I didn’t know
what to say or do so I did and said nothing. What Deidre
and Zach had just done was the most amazing thing I had
ever witnessed.

At last I was able to speak again. “So now I see why you
both have your own dog.

They erupted in laughter. “Yes, now you know.”

“And your mom has Caesar.”

“Yep. She turned us on to it when we were much younger,”
Deidre related. “For us, it has always been girls and
dogs. Men just can’t measure up to that.”

“I can see that I have a lot to learn about all this.
Thanks for showing me what it is all about,” in my most
sincere tone.

They chuckled together. “We haven’t shown it all to you
yet, my dear.” I could see the delight in their eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Tomorrow, lover, tomorrow. It is getting late tonight
and we all could use some sleep,” Debra explained. “Now
let’s go up and go to bed. Together, of course.”

“Of course,” I replied although how she thought any of
us were going to get any sleep sleeping together I
couldn’t fathom.

The next morning, I was awakened by the rumble of
thunder and rain beating down on the roof. My first
thought was, since I had gone to sleep between the
twins, why was I now on the edge of the bed? They were
still asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. I could just
imagine what had happened.

I felt a strong urge so I got up being careful not to
disturb them and went into the bathroom to relieve
myself. I also brushed my teeth and realized that I was
very hungry. Next stop, the kitchen. I slipped on my
robe and took a look in the fridge. There was some
cantaloupe, yogurt, and some granola to put on the
yogurt on top of the fridge. Not a bad breakfast at all.
Next, I put some Earl Grey in the Keurig and drank some
OJ while it brewed. It all tasted so good! Excellent way
to start the day.

I took a seat at the breakfast table and as I ate,
Caesar came in the room with a sleep look on his face.
He sniffed the various smells and decided on having a
bite to eat from his bowl along with a drink of water.
He was too tall to get under the table so he just sat
down beside me and plopped his head in my lap. I gave
him several, “Good Boys” and patted him on the head. He
whimpered at my touch. What a big baby!

I finished my breakfast and noticed that it was still
raining. “Well, boy, looks as if we are staying in
today. What do you think about that?” He seemed to
understand and was OK with it. I cleaned up the dishes
and moved over to the sectional. He was in my lap almost
before I sat down. I lay back letting my robe open and
reached down to rub his head. He moved up between my
legs and I could tell what was on his mind.

All night long, I had had horny dreams and having him
there with me brought those feelings back. I parted my
legs to give him access to what he wanted and just
closed my eyes. He gave me a thrill when he put his cold
nose on my pussy lips, but then he began to lick me as
he had done last night. I just went with the feelings I
was having. This time I was much more relaxed and knew
what was happening. He did a great job and soon I was
soaking wet and the pussy cream was flowing. I was
loving it!

After he had worked on me for a while, he moved his head
away from between my legs and climbed on top off me to
lick my face. This was something I didn’t really
understand until I saw his engorged penis rubbing
against my stomach. It was huge. He had been giving me
all of this attention and hadn’t even cum once himself.
He was one horny dog and I immediately realized what he
wanted and needed. I was not quite sure I wanted to let
him fuck me since I had never done that before. I
thought I knew what to do having watched Deidre down by
the pool last night. He kept licking my face and rubbing
his cock against me. His dominance was coming through in
spades. I was not sure he would let me go even if I
wanted to. I made my decision.

I grabbed his head and kissed him, tweaking his ears. He
kept pinning me down. He let me turn over and I assumed
the position, head down and ass up. He didn’t need any
further encouragement or direction.

I felt his cock poking me as he tried to find my pussy
and then it happened. He sank that wonderful cock about
six inches deep in me. I felt some pain since he was so
big and I had never had a cock that big before. Although
I cried out, he didn’t care. He captured me with his
forelegs around my upper body holding my arms and all in
his powerful grasp. Then he plunged again. I swear I
could feel him all the way up to my throat. My pussy was
stretching to accommodate his girth but not fast enough.
He took care of that too. He just kept ramming his huge
member deeper and deeper in me. I felt him pushing up
against my cervix and swore he was going to rip it

I could feel the pain lessening and a pleasurable glow
began to take its place. As he pounded by pussy, I began
to move with him. I began to feel the wonderful feelings
he was causing me to have. He was just fucking his bitch
and doing a wonderful job of it. I could feel his wad
building up inside his loins and he got deeper in me.
Where else could he go with that thing? I was soon to
find out.

I knew he was close and so was I. With one massive
thrust, he penetrated my cervix with the pointed end of
his dick. Then he exploded in my womb, past the last
barrier and filled me with his cum. When he got in
there, I also exploded into orgasmic bliss and began
humping him back. When he passed my cervix, he had
enough room inside me to ram his knot in me, sealing up
anything that would let his sperm escape. He kept
fucking me with that knot inside me and I kept fucking
him back. I felt like my abdomen was going to pop like a
balloon. It just added intensity to my orgasm.

It took him a long time to get it all out and into me.
He shot wad after wad into me until there was no more
left. We both collapsed still joined together. Every now
and then, he would twitch his cock inside me causing new
ripples of pleasure through me. I couldn’t move. At long
last, he turned until we were ass to ass and we lowered
ourselves together to reclining positions on the sofa. I
thought he was going to sleep. He had surely worn me

I was brought back to life by clapping and whistling
coming from across the room. It was the twins. They had
been watching us and had really enjoyed the show. They
both came over to us and gave us hugs. Caesar was about
ready to get up and his knot had receded enough for him
to withdraw. Debra grabbed a towel to as not to leave
too big of a mess on the sectional and helped Caesar
detach from me. He left the sofa and curled up on the
floor. I sat up and took hugs and kisses from Debra and

“How long have you two been watching?” I asked.

“Ever since we heard you scream,” said Debra. “We knew
something must be going on so we came in here to take a
look, being careful not to interrupt anything. It was
quite amazing to see you lose your K9 virginity in such
a manner. How was it?”

“It was the greatest sex I have ever had,” I told them.
“It was so raw, so savage, unlike anything I have ever
experienced before. When Caesar recovers, I am going to
do it again. In fact, I might just stay inside and fuck
all day long.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Debra agreed. “In fact, I am
the only one now who hasn’t gotten laid this weekend.
That is about to change.”

She called Jack and he came eagerly. He knew what was
about to happen. Her chosen place was the plush carpet
that covered the floors of the living room. She was
already sopping wet between her thighs having watched
Caesar and me going at it on the sectional sofa. All she
had to do was reach under Jack and slide her hand up and
down the shaft. His erection occurred immediately. He
hadn’t gotten any either. When he was ready and she
couldn’t wait any longer, she got down on all fours and
he came over to her sniffing her dripping cunt. He
licked her a few times and at her command, “Jack,
mount,” he did just that.

He went crazy as he jumped up on her back and rammed his
bulging rod inside her on the first thrust. She let out
a loud squeal and just let him do his thing. Her vagina
had been stretched out from numerous encounters with the
big dogs and he was able to get balls deep at once. His
fucking was almost violent as he rendered her helpless
underneath his massive body. It was a wonderful sight.

I was amazed at the differences between the dogs and the
way they fucked. From Zack who acted like a lover to
Caesar who was only concerned with his own pleasure to
Jack who truly was ravaging Debra as Deidre and I
watched. I could tell that being on the floor enabled
him to get a lot of leverage against her and his
strength was evidenced by his moving her a little bit
forward with every stroke into her. He was going crazy.

Debra was in her own little world with that big cock
inside her. He must have been getting past her cervix
and into her uterus with his massive member. This was
animal mating at its finest. To him, she was just a dog
for him to have his way with. She came hard. He knotted
her and began to shoot his load in her. His was the
biggest knot of all three of them. She took it all and
clinched her muscles around it to keep it in. It was
obvious that the two of them knew each other well.

When it was over, Jack went back to licking her so that
he could get every drop of her juices and his cum as
they mixed together. Deidra and I cleaned the carpet
where Debra had leaked her juices and Jack eventually
was able to withdraw. He did the same thing most males
do after sex. He curled up and went to sleep.

We ministered to Debra and gave her kisses and touches
in our aftercare. She had such a look of contentment on
her face. Now we had all seen each other getting laid by
our K9 friends as well as having enjoyed each other’s
sex together. The only question was what we were going
to do for the rest of the day and night. I was sure we
would think of something.

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