Dogs and sluts

I look back and wonder what would have happened if I
had not made a quick stop at a Stop and Go store to
pick some water on my way home from my job. I work at a
Veterinary office near my home which is out in the

I am a single white female. I don’t really have to work
but I thought that working at the Vet’s office would
get me out of the house and keep from getting bored. I
lost my husband in the Bosnia fiasco and he left me a
good insurance package plus widows pay from the

My family lives on the west coast but I had chosen to
stay in Virginia where I purchased a country home
around Manassas.

Night is good in D.C. and Georgetown and living in the
mountains is quiet and beautiful with lots of privacy.
I had been working with animals mostly dogs, cats and
the occasional farm animal. I never gave it a thought
about their sexuality much less mine at the time.

On that particular day on the way home form the Vet’s I
stopped at a small store to get a drink before I got
home. When I entered the store, I noticed a young
beautiful girl standing there and sort of looking out
the window at someone or something. I grabbed my water
and went outside and she came out behind me.

She had been checking on her dog, a beautiful Pharaoh
dog. He was big for his breed and he was so glad to see
her he stood on his hind legs and licked her face. She
bent over and gave him some water from her cupped hands
as I stood there admiring the animal. I felt
embarrassed because I caught a glimpse of her pubic
hairs showing thru the side of her running shorts.

I couldn’t help noticing that she was wearing a thin
blouse which showed off her nipples too. I glanced at
her crotch again and was rewarded with a parting pussy
lip sticking out from her crotch. Hannibal, her dog
drank the water and with his still wet nose he snuggled
his nose into her crotch. She stood up and said, “Stop
that Hannibal!” She was a bit embarrassed and her face
was red as she turned towards me and said, “I’m sorry,
he does that all the time. It’s not bad at home but in
public it’s embarrassing.”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it its natural.
He loves you I can tell and he is showing his
affection.” At which time Hannibal poked his nose under
my dress and gave me a quick lick thru my panties! Now
I was embarrassed. She chastised him again but Hannibal
just grinned as dogs do and his ears turned pink
(Pharaoh Dogs blush like that).

She apologized again and I told her not worry about it
and I added, “I work at the Vets just a few miles down
the road. I have my Veterinary Assistants license.” I
felt very proud being able to say that.

She sort of smiled and she said, “Well this dog is ill
mannered. And you have to be careful because sometimes
he tries to mount me!” Then she laughed out loud.

I replied, “Looks like he needs a bit of training.”

She gave me a funny look and said “You ever hear that a
dog is a girl’s best friend?”

It was my turn to blush because I knew what she meant.
I said, “Well in a way but I thought all that was old
maid’s stories.”

She looked at me for a long time as Hannibal sat there
with his pink cock sticking out as dogs do. She finally
said, “I don’t want to offend you or embarrass you but
would you like to hear about it and maybe even see it?”

I really didn’t know what to say but I replied dumbly,
“Oh sure, I don’t think anything can offend me or
embarrass me.” And I gave her a nervous laugh.

She responded, “I don’t live far from here if you would
like to join be for a cool drink I will tell you all
about it.”

I agreed, and we got into my SUV. We drove a few miles
in the direction of my home and I found out she was my
next door neighbor!

When we arrived she fixed us each a drink and we sat
down as we drank in silence as she looked at me.
Finally she said, “Okay, let me give you an education
on K9 sex and if you don’t like what you see we can
stop and we can just be friends and neighbors. Okay?”

I laughed and said, “Sure,” as I dumbly stuck my hand
out and shook her hand. She told me her name was Ivy
and that she came from Fredericksburg and as attending
Georgetown University off and on. Her parents were very
wealthy and didn’t mind her living on her own.

She had a trust fun from her Grandfather and she lived
comfortably. Ivy told me she was 19, although I would
have guessed more like seventeen or eighteen. She had a
healthy glow about her, delicate white skin, blue eyes
and blonde hair. She had a body to die for and
beautiful feet. I had never noticed feet before but
hers were exquisite, thin and long, beautifully trimmed
toes and painted nails (a bright deep red).

I told her about my circumstances and that my name was
Crystal. She told me she had been introduced to canine
sex when she was in California at Berkeley. A
girlfriend trained her and she had found that canine
sex was indeed better than with a man that it provided
her with great sex without the mind games men play. She
told me she had been into canine sex for two years and
that she was very happy.

She went to the DVD player and stuck a Disc in it and a
video called Zoo Skool came on. I found it to be an
amazing training video and very technically correct. I
also started getting wet. Still I had my reservations.
A dog! An animal for sex?

Next, Ivy put a DVD of several movies with women having
sex with their dogs, oral, and in different positions.
That got my juices flowing. I was so entranced in
watching the video that I didn’t notice Ivy taking off
her shorts and blouse and Hannibal licking her.

When I realized what was going on I turned away from
the TV as I watch the real thing before my eyes! I sat
there trembling and gushing! I found highly hot and
erotic and found myself rubbing my breasts and wishing
I was next.

Ivy turned over and lay on the couch with her knees on
the carpet and Hannibal mounted her like a dog bitch.
Hannibal was very well trained. Two humps and he was in
her! He pulled Ivy back by her hips with his fore paws
and pushed against her. Ivy cried out but didn’t back

She was having an orgasm I could tell and Hannibal was
lunging faster than any man I had ever had (all of
two). I pulled off my skirt and panties and my blouse
and bra and brought myself off by rubbing my clit and
inserting two fingers in my vagina. I pulled my nipples
with my free hand and humped my hand as I came in a
rush. Hannibal was still humping Ivy when I opened my
eyes again and I could clearly see that his knot had
entered her and he was fully seated.

I had never been with a woman before but I moved closer
to Ivy and I pulled on her nipples and rubbed her clit.
She turned her face towards me and gasped, “Kiss

I did it without thinking and we battled with our
tongues for supremacy or just plain lust. It was
wonderful and my pussy leaked and wet the couch we were
sitting on.

Suddenly, Ivy grunted and let out a small scream as she
dropped her head to the couch and I could see Hannibal
holding tight against her and licking her neck and
back. Hannibal had a glassy eyed look and they were
half shut so I presumed he was cumming! He lay on Ivy
for a full twenty five minutes and then he laid his
head sideways on her back and panted. He pulled out
shortly and I could see his enormous cock, swollen and

Without thinking I leaned over and sucked his cock! It
was tart, and kind of doggy tasting but I swallowed as
much cum and as much of his cock as I could! When I let
him go he backed off and began cleaning Ivy with his
tongue. Ivy lay there having orgasms all thru his
cleaning. When he finished he went to his corner pad
and lay there cleaning himself.

I was disappointed because I thought it was over. I
leaned over kissed Ivy, and said, “I guess I missed my

She smiled lazily and said, “Wait twenty minutes.”

My pussy splayed open and my womb turned over. I lay
there opening and closing my legs trying to find
relief. Ivy crawled over lazily and pulled my legs
apart as she kissed my thighs and licked up the juice
that was drying on my legs. I shook and my toes curled
as Ivy licked my clit and stuck her tongue in my pussy.
I came almost immediately and humped my hips against
her face. She made love to my pussy. She didn’t just
fuck me. I shook and trembled, moaned, groaned and

I didn’t need the dog, Ivy was all I needed! But
Hannibal came over and took over her licking and I went
crazy with his tongue digging in my pussy and spooning
out my juices. He curled his tongue around my clit and
I came again and again.

Then he surprised me as he jumped up and placed his
front paws around my neck and stepped in between my
legs. I felt his cock seeking the entrance to my pussy
and I raised my ass off of the couch and met his cock
as he lunged forward. God!

I almost fainted as I felt his slimy cock sliding
between my swollen pussy lips on the first thrust. Too
wet together and he slips out and has to find my hole
again and I felt the same thing all over again only now
my cunt was throbbing for him even more. Then there was
the emotional part of wanting him so bad.

When I finally felt him enter me I felt like I was
going to die! I felt joy and fulfilled and full of
happiness! I felt him growing as he humped me, pressing
more and more against my walls, stretching me wider! It
was getting tighter and tighter in me, filling me up
making me feel fuller and fuller! I was full of cock
and the friction was getting stronger and both of us
getting hotter!

I felt the heat inside me burn and I wanted more! It
was feeling him want me so much, making me start having
orgasms from his fucking! I felt his knot starting to
grow and knocking at the entrance of my cuntal muscles.
I went crazy feeling my vagina being stretched near the
entrance where all my nerves are!

I felt his cock and knot throbbing on my clit from the
inside and he was rubbing my g-spot. I felt my orgasms
getting so intense! I felt him banging my cervix and my
whole body went weak with passion and a strong shock
hit my womb like an electric shock shooting through my
whole pelvic area every time he hit it! I had no
control, just a cunt wanting to fuck by this wonderful
animal! I was his totally! I felt like a bitch,
completely helpless and surrendered to what he was
doing to me and the orgasms just kept cumming! I was
crying then.

I felt him cumming as he lodged in me and I felt his
staccato spurts of hot sperm! So hot, so hot! I felt
the throbbing of us both, the fullness. I felt
heaviness inside me as he humped so hard and fast!
Faster and faster and I couldn’t tell one orgasm from
the next as he started to shoot!

He hugged me tight and got deeper and deeper! I could
feel him slip in where he wanted to be at the deepest
place he could get. His was behind my uterus and then I
knew he is going to cum and I felt the pressure of his
semen stream spraying against me inside burst after
burst and I never wanted it to stop!

My vagina was so stretched by his knot it was
borderline painful which only made the pleasure more
intense! I squeezed my cunt muscles hard to try and
feel him more! I couldn’t explain the fullness like he
was going to poke right through me up into my throat
from my cunt and then there was the absolute emotional
ECSTASY of feeling him satisfy himself in me!

His cock was raging hot and it felt like he had set my
whole cunt on fire and we both pulsed together even
after his cum was over. I loved the feeling of him
poking my cunt trying to find his way in, the
anticipation of feeling him hit home and the fucking he
is going to begin or to end and wanting it so bad is
one of the most intense feelings I have ever known. I
was thoroughly in love.

I felt him lay there kissing my face and sticking his
doggy tongue in my mouth French-kissing me and I
kissing him back. Then I felt him pull back slowly as
his knot slipped out and torrents of juices stained the
couch and spilled to the floor. I felt it run down my
legs, still hot still feeling delicious.

I couldn’t move just lay there in a passion stupor. Ivy
was washing my face with a cold wash cloth and Hannibal
was lying in the corner licking his wonderful cock
still hard but with knot getting smaller. I wanted him,
wanted to suck his cock, hug him and hold him. I loved
Ivy for her introducing me to this world and loved her
for her womanless and sexuality.

Ivy moved in with me. I bought, on her advice, a
Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is a great sex partner, friend
and companion. We share our dogs and sometimes we visit
the dog parks and invite other women with their dogs
out to our country home. Sometimes it works out and
some it doesn’t, but most times life is full of