She woke on the floor in front of the now cold fireplace, her body was sore. The evening before, after her dark, taboo coupling with Jack, she was exhausted. She did little more then crawl onto the warm place in front of the fire and sleep, Jack snuggling in beside her, and stayed that way until morning. She stretched and stood, feeling what little of Jacks cum that was still in her trickle down her leg and she felt a mischievous smile cross her face, today was going to be a good day…
She called Jack, then opened the back door to let him outside. She set about gathering his bowl and fixing his breakfast, still naked. Opening the fridge to get the can of wet food, the cold air swept across her chest, causing her nipples to stiffen and stand out, she scooped a spoonful of wetfood into the bowl and replaced the can. Grabbed a spoon, mixed it all in and set in the raised bowl stool and opened te door for Jack to come back in.

Then she set off for the bathroom, got the shower going and melted into the hot water. She started to think about what had happened the night before…she had never considered fucking a dog, but when he gave it to all she could do was turn into a cock hungry bitch. She didnt feel the slightest guilt either, it didnt even feel strange or awkward to her, and she couldnt wait to do it again.
She squatted over the floor jet, sighing as the spray massaged her still sore pussy. Jack picked that time to come in and take advantage of her position, walking right under the spraying water to shove his nose in her pussy. His tongue swiped across her very sensitive hole and she slid down onto her back…water falling all over her body and Jacks tongue slurping around in her pussy.

His tongue did so much better of a job at soothing her than the water jet had, and made it hard for her to lay still. She reached for something to grab and found nothing so she moved her hands up to run through her hair before sliding down to grab hold of her tits and hanging onto those. He continued to lick, making wet noises that drove her wild, which made wetter noises…He really knew how to get his tongue up in there too, she wiggled, squirmed and bucked her hips up, finally letting out with a loud moan,which was normal for her as she was a quiet lover, and shuddered in orgasm.

Once she eventually came down of the sexual high, she turned over and pushed herself up, which Jack thought was a perfect invitation. He jumped on top of her and started thrusting, but he was too low and hit her thighs. She adjusted to give him a better angle, and he thrust foward but was too high…too high! A quick second thrust jabbed his dick right into her asshole, she had never done anything anal before, and he buried himself to the hilt in her ass.

He pounded into her and she cried out, he fucked her so hard she could not control her muscles. She started to pee, he was so deep in her his thigh were smacking against hers, causing it to go everywhere. His knot swelled and locked deep in her ass, and she was afraid, it kept growing and she felt like she couldnt take anymore. She knew how big his knot was, but it felt so much bigger in her ass, and he continued, faster shorter thrusts…

With one final push he blew his load, hot and so much of it, and his knot made a tight seal in her no longer virgin asshole. Her limbs felt too weak to hold her up, her arms dropped and her face rested in the water on the floor.

Jacks fur was wet, and clung to her skin, water cascaded down his body and along hers, every few seconds his cock would pulse and give another spurt. He pushed off of her and lifted his rear leg over her back and stood ass to ass with her. Hot water rolled down her asscrack and tickled her swollen hole, she moaned, then yelped and Jack took a step forward and d**g her across the wet tile floor by her ass.

His knot started to deflate, he pulled again and his dick yanked out. She fell flat and dog cum flooded from her gaping asshole, she laid there panting and feeling the fluid pour from her blown open ass and she couldnt stop it. She made herself get up, her legs wobbly, and as she washed herself off the shock wore off. Her ass just got violated…and it felt amazing! her muscles were clenching and unclenching rapidly still…it was like nothing she had experienced.

She shut the water off, found a towel and dried off, then hunted down Jack and dried him too. He was in the living room licking himself, every lick he gave a small thrust…he was still ready to go. She got down on the ground and crawled over his, rubbing her body along his.

He turned over onto his back, she rubbed her pussy lips against the head of his dick which was still out of the sheath. He reacted by humping hard, ramming himself into her and fucked her as hard as he had the first time, his sex drive was insatiable. She came while he fucked her, her juices and his precum spilled out around his cock and onto him. She grinded on him as he thrust against her, her muscle were stil clenching, gripping his cock. His knot formed a little quicker this time, but he came just as hard as before, and more juices flooded around his knot. Locked together, she leaned down and kissed her lover, and he shoved his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on his wide, rough tongue.

When his knot pulled out of her, there combined juices spewed from her onto his fur…
She turned around and put her pussy in his face and he began licking desparately…drinking from her sloppy cunt like he was dehydrated, and she licked his soaked fur like a bitch and almost as deperately as he licked her.

She felt like a dirty bitch…infact she was even hornier then a bitch…but she loved it

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