Dominant Family

Looking over the fields of hay at the back of our house, I remembered the many happy memories. There was and still are lovely, lush, green fields and woods, with many different paths you can take, all different but all beautiful. I used to spend many happy hours running nearly naked through the hay and woodland trees, trying to catch the beautifully coloured butterflies, while listening to the bird song, the long grass tickling my legs. Laughing, and jumping, in all the tiny puddles of water with my daddy and brother Ian.

Playing in the pool, we found the water coming to my knees as I splashed Ian. Daddy was laying a blanket on the ground, spreading some food and drink for us, while watching us, then saying to Ian while we were eating, ‘how about we teach angel how to swim?’ looking from Ian to me, and back again.

‘Oh, daddy,’ I squealed, ‘you know I tried when I was at school, and it scared the crap out of me. Let me think about it, and maybe I will try in later.’

‘Oh, Angel, everyone should learn to swim, it will only be the three of us, and you know we would never let any harm come to you.’

I looked up at him, nodding, sweat breaking out on my forehead at the thought of it. ‘Oh daddy, okay I will try, but only you and Ian, no one else please, you have to promise me, and only in the pool at home,’ my fingers twisting the hem of my short skirt, plucking the invisible thread.

‘I promise, baby, he said looking down at my trembling fingers and the sweat breaking out on my forehead.’

I lay on the blanket, memories of times gone past came flooding back. Thinking to myself, ‘that was over ten years ago. I was now over eighteen. Could I learn to swim,’ I wondered. Closing my eyes, I closed my mind from such a terrifying thought. Taking as much warmth from the sun as I could and without thinking, I let my legs splay open, my fingers caressing my body. wondering, ‘did I unconsciously torment them both?’ if I did, I didn’t know I was doing it until daddy coughed and said, ‘Angel, close your legs and stop showing us your cunt, it isn’t a ladylike thing to do.’ Gasping, I closed my legs, blushing from head to toe as I looked at daddy and Ian.

My fingers were playing as I relaxed by the pool, reminiscing, naked as I always was when I was alone, enjoying the hot sun as it caressed my body. An occasional breeze caressed my skin, making my nipples stand erect and teasing my protruding clit. I opened my pussy lips wider as I lay on the lounger, gazing at the pool, sparkling and twinkling as the rays of the sun bounced off the top of the water.

My fingertips, caressing my nipples, pulling back the hood of my clit, as the warm breeze made me tingle, causing me to start juicing. My fingers found my wet pussy. I caressed my pussy lips, my fingers drenched with moisture.

Licking my fingers, I found I liked the taste that was leaking from my pussy. ‘Would daddy be cross if he knew I was naked, legs spread wide, licking my juices off my fingers? Would he spank me, like he used to spank mummy?’ I thought to myself.

The pool was around the back of the house and very secluded. I just had to make sure I put my bikini on before daddy and Ian came home. But, I loved the sensations I was feeling at being naked, the heat of the sun beaming down on my body. The breeze was tantalizing my nipples and between my thighs. My fingers, circled my hardening nipples as my other hand caressed my clit. Spreading my legs wide as I opened my pussy lips with my fingers, my clit started to protrude more. The more I tormented it, the more it protruded, the more I enjoyed it.

The sensations I felt made me tremble all over. Especially when I pulled hard on my nipples, sending millions of tingles down to my tight virgin pussy. I loved how it was making me feel, my hips automatically bucking and jerking, causing me to moan out loud, ‘yessss.’

The heat of the sun; was making me feel hot and sweaty, so I got up and went to the kitchen for a cool drink. Wondering, ‘how it would feel to have a real man to caress me like this.’ I could feel and see strings of pearly moisture between my thighs, feeling it trickle down my inner legs. I didn’t bother to put anything on, seeing as I was the only one here. I had another hour or so before daddy and Ian were due home.

Taking a cold shandy from the fridge, I placed it to my lips, gulping half the bottle in one go. Drips from the bottle fell onto my nipples, making them react to the coldness, causing me to shudder. I could feel my inner thighs were more than moist. I placed my open hand on my pussy, not realizing just how wet I had got.

I perched myself on the edge of the table, spreading my thighs wide. I put a mirror between my legs, my fingers tapping my clit, and the wetness I was oozing. Scooping some juices onto my fingers, I lifted them to my mouth, tasting myself again. My fingers were holding my pussy lips wide; my clit had gone a deeper red colour. I could see my pussy, all pink and juicy.

I liked how my clit felt when I circled it. How my pussy looked as I was exploring myself, and how the sensations made me feel. I enjoyed all these new feelings I was getting. I could see my pussy lips opening and closing. Scooping my juices onto my fingers, I sucked them dry, ‘mmm.’

Putting the mirror on an angle so I could watch my pussy as I masturbated. I began to rub my clit hard. The more I rubbed, the more juice escaped from my cunt, pooling on the table. I was so deep in thought as I watched my pussy opening and closing, getting nearer and nearer to cumming, ‘fuck daddy, yesss.’ I didn’t see or hear my daddy walk in. When he realized what I was doing and looking at, he stopped by the door rubbing his crotch, watching me as he said.

‘What are you doing, Angel?’

Hearing his voice made me jump, just as I was licking my fingers dry again, making the mirror clunk on the table, quickly closing my legs in embarrassment.

‘Oh crap daddy, you made me jump. What are you doing home so early! I wasn’t expecting you for a while yet,’ I replied, flushing beetroot red, keeping my eyes averted. Also aware I was still naked, yet daddy could see my whole naked body.

‘As I’ve just said, what are you doing sitting on the kitchen table, naked with your legs wide open, looking at your cunt?’

I could feel his eyes roaming over my body and had to think of something to say quickly, ‘I-I, I’m not sure if something has bitten me, so I was trying to check, sorry daddy.’

Putting his briefcase on a chair, he walked around to face me. Lifting my chin with his fingertips, he looked into my eyes, taking the mirror off me and placing it on the counter behind him.

‘Here, let daddy have a look to see where you have been bitten. Maybe I can soothe it for you,’ he said, never once did he take his eyes from mine. ‘Show me where you think you have been bitten, baby,’ glancing down at my body, noticing my small perky breasts and how my nipples hardened at his gaze, my tiny waist, and fuller hips. Holding my hands, he held them out, but he could not see anything like a bite. Although, he could see my pussy opening and protruding red clit. He could see how red and swollen it was and my juices pool around my butt.

‘No daddy, I’ve not been bitten on my body,’ trying to pull my hands from his, but he held me securely. Parting my legs; so I could show him the inner part of my thigh. ‘Somewhere around here,’ I said, trying to point to my inner thigh, which I couldn’t see without a mirror.

‘Lay back, baby, let daddy have a look. Just let me get some ointment to rub on; and while I am getting it, cover yourself up,’ he tossed me a hand towel to cover myself. While he went to the bathroom for the ointment, I saw him adjusting his pants as he went. He was hoping I hadn’t noticed the effect I was having on him.

Angel brought back so many memories of when her mother was still with them; and how she loved to be used and dominated. But, she had passed over a few years ago now, and Angel was the image of her, both in looks and body shape, ‘ohh fuckkk,’ I growled.

Getting the ointment, I tried taking a deep calming breath before going back to the kitchen where my beautiful daughter was waiting for me.

I was on the kitchen table with a hand towel partially covering me; my daddy could see my nipples poking up, as the towel wasn’t big enough to hide them.

‘Which leg do you think you’ve been bitten on baby,’ daddy asked, raising an eyebrow, as he placed the ointment by the side of me. Looking up at him, I pointed to my left leg.

‘Lift your knees for me and hold them, let me take a good look for you.’

As I lifted my knees, the towel shimmied between my breasts, exposing my bare moist cunt. I didn’t bother covering myself again, as daddy had already seen me when he had walked into the kitchen watching me cum.

Trying to ignore what he was seeing; daddy scanned my legs as he lifted both my ankles. ‘I don’t see anything that looks like a bite, are you sure you’ve been bitten?’

‘Yes daddy, but it’s nearer my butt,’ pushing my legs farther apart, which opened my pussy lips more to him. I knew I was oozing juice; I could feel it trickling down, pooling at my butt hole. Daddy could also see it.

‘Right baby,’ he said, pushing both my legs further up the sides of my chest, lifting my butt slightly off the table, making my legs fall wider open, not only showing daddy my cunt, but my ass hole too. Audibly gulping, I flushed crimson, knowing my daddy could see how wet I was. Would he know I had been playing with myself? Was he looking at my open cunt or my ass, or was he simply just looking for the bite I said I’d got; I wasn’t sure.

‘Daddy, can you see anything?’

‘Yes, I sure can see plenty, but there is no bite mark at all, although you look really red around your clit and cunt! Have you been scratching or masturbating maybe’ he asked, glancing at me as he raised his eyebrows. ‘Never mind, stay as you are while I put some ointment on you, and hold your legs wide open for me.’

I couldn’t answer him; I just nodded my head.

Picking up the ointment, he squirted a little on his fingers, then massaged it into my pussy, and round my swollen clit and asshole, which was making me tingle and my pussy began to pulsate. As he was doing this, Ian walked in the back door, laughing and joking with his friend Paul, a look of surprise on both their faces; when they thought they saw what was happening.

‘Dad, what you doing? And you Angel, you’re naked.’

‘It’s not what you think Ian, she was looking for a bite mark when I came in, she couldn’t find it, so I’ve tried to find it for her. But she hasn’t been bitten, although she is looking very red around her cunt, so I have rubbed some ointment on for her. Take a look for yourself.’

‘Don’t need to dad, I can see perfectly well from here, and so can Paul; yes, she does look very red, what you been doing angel, playing with yourself;’ was his simple reply, smiling, as he glanced at his dad, then his friend Paul.

A gasp came from my mouth, my hands shooting down my body, as I tried to cover myself and close my legs, ‘daddy,’ I cried.

‘Keep still baby till this ointment has soaked in,’ he said, keeping hold of me, stopping me from closing my legs, allowing them all a full view of my cunt and ass. They could see my maiden pussy lips swelling and getting more than most, my juices were dripping down my ass. They could see my nipples hardening as the towel daddy had given me covered nothing.

‘Ian just hold her legs open for me please, while I wash my hands.’

Ian looked at his dad but did as was asked of him, and he couldn’t help looking as my cunt kept opening and closing, licking his lips, he watched my juices run down my valley, as it pooled around my ass. Feeling a stirring in his pants, he glanced at Paul, who was standing by the door, taking everything in he was seeing. Paul was also adjusting his lengthening cock. Both of them noticed my fingers pinching my nipples.

Paul coughed as he looked at Ian, ‘I’ll wait outside for you buddy!’ Slipping quickly through the open back door.

‘Oki doki Paul, I’ll be with you as soon as dad comes back.’ A few minutes later, Daddy came back into the kitchen.

‘Has Paul gone,’ daddy asked Ian.

‘No dad, he is waiting outside for me,’ glancing at him as if to say, ‘what did you expect.’

‘Right, let’s have a look at you now baby,’ taking hold of my ankles, allowing Ian to disappear in the same direction Paul went.

‘See you later dad,’ daddy heard, seeing the kitchen door close.

‘Okay, son! Now tell me, Angel, what have you been doing exactly, your pussy looks as though you have been masturbating, or is it, you just may need some help. Do you want daddy to help you with what you need?’

Checking the ointment had soaked in properly, his fingers tenderly touched my cunt lips, opening them with his fingers. He could see I was still untouched by any man by how small my pussy hole was.

Daddy said, ‘there you go baby, all done, you should be alright now,’ still caressing my pussy, his fingers tenderly touching my protruding clit, making me gasp, hearing my juices squelching the more he played. Letting go of my ankles, he stepped back.

Snapping my legs together, I sat up. Jumping off the table, I ran to my room, slamming the door behind me. But the door didn’t latch properly as it slowly and silently swung open, so whoever was walking past would be able to look in. Falling onto my bed, I felt mortified that both daddy, my brother and his friend Paul had seen my open cunt and butt and how wet I was.

The way my body felt, I couldn’t ignore. My heart was pounding. My nipples, rubbing on my duvet covers. Turning myself over, I flipped onto my back, placing my fingers on my nipples, which were beginning to burn as they stood proud; pulling and pinching them sent an eruption of butterflies throughout my whole body, pooling in my cunt. I needed release, especially after the way daddy had just touched me.

‘Does daddy know how much I want him,’ I wondered to myself.

My fingers felt like fluttering butterflies floating down my body till I reached my clit. I began circling it, moaning louder. I could feel the tingling sensations getting stronger, my fingers circling; faster. I knew I was cumming; my pussy and fingers were wet through. My thighs spread wide as my hips bucked, making the bed squeak as I came. Thinking, ‘would I get the same feelings when my daddy fucked me, taking my virginity. Oh Daddy, yesss, fuck me harder,’ I murmured.

When I had calmed some, I felt a little better; my legs still spread-eagled for all to see. I was still playing, although; thoughts of daddy being my first and taking both my cherries wouldn’t leave my mind. Ohhh, there was no question about it. I loved my daddy so much.

Once I remembered, when I was desperate for the bathroom, I went dashing in, so I didn’t pee myself; I bumped into daddy, he was totally naked, as he was stepping out of the shower, water dripping off his hair and down his body. We both stopped what we were doing and stared at each other. ‘Oh daddy, sorry, but I’m desperate, I need to pee,’ dancing from one leg to the other, pressing my hand on my pussy, in the hope I wouldn’t wet myself. I saw his penis bobbing around as he moved.

‘Oh daddy, please, I need to pee,’ not taking my eyes off his cock.

Smiling, he wrapped a towel around his hips as he walked out of the bathroom, shaking his head as he went, and pulling the door too, but not closing it. He heard me peeing as I sighed a sigh of relief, saying quietly to myself. But loud enough for daddy to hear.

‘Fuck, what a cock, I would love to get my lips around it.’

At hearing this, daddy stopped in his tracks, wondering if he had heard right. Thinking to himself, he would have to be more careful in future, as I was growing into a young woman now; I wasn’t a c***d any longer. Making a note of this in his head, he carried on.

When he had dressed, he again bumped into me as he left his bedroom. I had my head down towelling my hair, a small towel wrapped around me; that barely covered anything.

‘Angel, what’s got into you lately, parading around practically naked.’

I looked up; as I walked to my bedroom. ‘Well, why not, you and Ian have already seen my cunt and ass, Paul as well, come to think of it;’ I replied, letting the towel fall to the floor as I looked him up and down, knowing what was hiding underneath daddy’s clothing. With that thought in my head, I blushed furiously, hurrying into my room, not bothering to close the door.

A few minutes later, daddy was standing by my door watching me. He saw I had a tiny top and a short summer skirt on.

‘Did she have any underwear on’ he wondered!

I was sitting at my vanity staring into the mirror, my hands tight between my thighs, my fingers rubbing my so sensitive clit. I noticed that daddy was watching my every move very closely.

‘Ok baby, what’s going on, tell daddy.’ He could still see my naked body, and it was beginning to affect him. He would have to do something about it, as I was growing into a beautiful young lady.

‘I, I, I’m scared,’ I stuttered, my eyes turning into saucers brimming with tears, as I looked at him.

‘What! what are you scared of,’ a look of concern crossed his face. Coming to sit on my bed, he held his arms open. I turned to face him, sucking my finger ends as I hopped onto his lap, wrapping my arms tightly around him. Daddy could feel my breasts and the way my nipples were hardening and poking his chest; as he held me. He could also smell my sex as he held me tightly. I could feel his cock twitching between my butt cheeks.

‘Baby, tell daddy what’s troubling you.’ He could feel tears wetting his top as my shoulders shook.

Wriggling on his hardening cock, I could feel myself getting warmer and moister. ‘I, I can’t do it daddy,’ was all I said.

‘You can’t do what baby,’ holding me away from him so he could look into my eyes.

My chin began quivering, ‘you know,’ nodding my head towards the window.

‘No, I’m sorry, I don’t know baby, tell me.’ His hand fell onto my lap, and he could feel how warm and wet I was getting, wondering if it had anything to do with what had happened earlier in the day.

Lifting his hand to my breasts, he could feel my heart racing. I placed my fingers on top of his and started gently squeezing. ‘Well, there are a couple of things really,’ feeling my nipples hardening even more under his tender touch; this made me squirm more, feeling his hard, lengthening cock between my thighs. I loved what I was feeling, not wanting it to stop.

‘I want to know what it’s like to be fucked,’ I blurted out, looking into his eyes. I felt him squeeze my nipple, flicking and pinching them with his fingers and thumbs, sending thrills coursing down my body. ‘ohhhhhh,’ he heard me whimper.

‘Angel,’ daddy said, rather firmly, ‘your my daughter.’

‘But daddy, I trust you, or would you prefer I go with any boy who might give me something and hurt me.’ I wriggled my ass cheeks on his lengthening cock, which was getting harder by the second. ‘The boys I’ve dated just want to see my cunt and have a quick feel to satisfy themselves, then telling their friends, ‘I had Angel’s twat last night,’ or for me to give them blowjobs, and that leaves me so frustrated.’

‘Ok, ok, I want you to tell me what else is troubling you,’ not taking his eyes from mine.

‘I, I, I began stuttering.

‘Angel, whatever it is, it can’t be that bad, surely,’ although he had a good idea what was troubling me.

Shaking my head from side to side, he felt another teardrop fall onto the back of his hand. ‘Oh baby, come on,’ as he held me tighter to him, ‘nothing is ever as bad as you think,’ bending to kiss my cheek.

I was about to ask him a question when he kissed my lips, silencing me. His fingers gripped my shoulders, deepening the kiss, his hand grabbed my hair, his hips moving up to my moistening cunt. I could feel the heat begin to emanate through his pants.

‘We really shouldn’t be doing this. You do know what you are asking of me, don’t you? I know you haven’t had full sex,’ he said, kissing my neck as one hand caressingly went to the top of my inner thigh, making me catch my breath. He found my clit; gently circling as it protruded for him. He could feel my cunt, all hot and moist. As I looked up at him, my breath was getting more ragged.

‘Well, no not really,’ widening my legs a little more for him to get easier access.

‘What do you mean, well no, not really. I know you’re still a virgin. I could see that when I rubbed the ointment on your cunt earlier. Tell me, what you have done?’

Making eye contact, ‘well I play a little, you know, the way you used to tell mummy to play with herself to please you all, as you all watched her. I used to hear you say, you’re our dirty fucking slut, now open your holes for us, or I shall tie you up outside naked, spread-eagled with your collar and leash on, so all the neighbours can see you and use you.’ I would pull on my nipples and rub my clit till I cum, just like you’re doing now, but you doing it feels so much nicer,’ closing my eyes and splaying my thighs wider for him. ‘Oh daddy, that does feel so good,’ I could feel his rock-hard cock throbbing between my ass cheeks, my hips moving backwards and forwards with the sensations I was getting.

Laying me back on my bed, daddy pulled my top over my head and my skirt down past my knees, letting it fall to the floor, then he spread my thighs wide. Kneeling by the side of the bed, daddy pulled me towards him, his fingers cupping my ass cheeks. His tongue found my pussy lips, circling round and round, making me moan. Looking up at me, ‘you like that baby, don’t you?’

‘Oh yes daddy, please don’t stop.’ My fingers found my nipples, which were hard and hot, making me pull and pinch them hard. He went back to sucking and circling my cunt, his tongue lapping up my juices, then on down to my asshole, rimming me and back up to my clit. When he reached my clit he sucked hard, flicking the end of it, time and time again. Sending thrilling sensations right through my body. His fingers splayed open on my stomach, ‘now keep still or I shall tie you to the bed,’ his fingers gently circled the inside of my cunt, slowly moving down to my ass. Pressing his wet finger firmly, I felt it give a little, as the tip of his finger penetrated my butt, gently pumping in and out, at the same time pushing his tongue inside my cunt. He looked up at me and saw me playing with my nipples.

‘Did I give you permission to play with your fucking tits,’ slapping them both making me squeal, ‘cum for me baby, I want to see your lovely virgin cunt pulsate for daddy,’ he said with a deep, commanding voice. A voice I knew I had to obey.

My eyes were closed as I felt a sensation I had never felt before rip through me, my hips trying to buck up to his mouth for more. Little did I know then, but you had your hard cock out of your pants and, you were wanking yourself; as you were pleasuring me. You watched as my cunt opened and closed for you, my clit red and burning. ‘Keep still slut, or get punished, do as daddy tells you.’

You got on your knees, saying to me, ‘open your eyes and look at me, I want you to see what you have made me do.’ I opened my eyes to see your hard cock; it looked huge, a lot bigger than when I saw it in the bathroom. ‘You will cum for your daddy, while daddy cums all over your tits.’ He could see how I was reacting to his voice! My virgin body, responding to what he was saying and doing to me.

I opened my eyes to see your hand pumping your massive cock furiously, your fingers circling and pressing hard on my clit.

‘Fuck baby, cum for daddy.’

My hips bucked up and down of their own accord, ‘daddy, daddy I’m cumming, I want you to fuck me,’ I shouted. The intensity of my orgasm made me feel as though I was floating. I could feel my pussy pulsating.

You watched my cunt quivering for you, just as your cock gushed rope after rope of spunk all over my tits, stomach and face. My fingers, finding the warm wet creamy seed that you had just ejected. I lifted them to my lips, desperate to know how you tasted.

‘Mmmm daddy, you taste really good,’ finding all that I could and lapping it off my fingers.

Daddy walked to my side, his cock showing signs of his release. ‘Open your mouth for me and suck my cock clean now baby.’

‘You are so big daddy,’ as I opened my mouth, you gently pushed in as much of your cock as you could. I felt you filling my mouth and hitting the back of my throat, making me gag; my eyes watered as I sucked eagerly and greedily. I noticed you hadn’t even got half your cock in my mouth.

‘I think we are going to have to train your mouth to take all of my cock in,’ you said as you smiled at me.

‘Daddy, I thought you were going to fuck me?’

‘Oh, I am baby, I am, but not here, we are going down to the pool, if you’re a good girl, and do as you are told, I will fuck you so hard, you won’t ever want anyone else, I can promise you. You will be mine and the family, no one else’s unless I say so.’ You pull out of my mouth, holding your hand out for me to take.

‘Come baby, time for your first lesson.’

My mouth hung open as I held back, looking from your hand, to your cock, then your face. I leaned forward, smiling up at you, wanting to take your cock in my mouth again.

‘Oh no you don’t, I know what you are trying to do, but it won’t work.’

‘Yes daddy, but you enjoyed me sucking your cock, didn’t you, even though I couldn’t get it all in. Let me try again?’ looking into your eyes, innocence in mine as I licked my lips.

‘Are you going to take my hand or not?’

I shake my head, trepidation now flowing through me. You look at my nakedness; you close my legs and pull me into a sitting position. ‘take hold of my hand Angel, I won’t ask again, obey me, or I am going to give you a good spanking, so don’t test me.’

You waited for a minute or two. ‘Ok, you asked for it.’ You stood up, saying, don’t you dare fucking move,’ you sat me on the edge of the bed spreading my legs wide, then placed my fingers at the entrance of my virgin cunt, opening me wide, then walked out of my bedroom into yours. I heard you open a drawer then slam it shut, making me jump. You come back into my bedroom, holding something in your hand as you sat by me on the bed. You put my wet fingers to your mouth as you pulled me into a standing position, keeping a tight hold on me, pulling my naked body over your lap. I didn’t think you would ever spank me, and here I was, about to get my first ever spanking.

‘Daddy, please don’t spank me.’

‘Don’t daddy, me,’ you have been flaunting your body in front of me for weeks, and you have to learn a lesson.’

Daddy heard me whimper but still brought the paddle down and paddled my butt, catching my pussy in between swats. Feeling my tits as he swatted me, he pinched and pulled on my nipples. I was dripping wet, my butt stinging and burning hot at the same time. ‘Don’t you fucking well dare cum,’ he said in an authoritative voice. I felt the sting, but slowly the sting turned from pain to pleasure. I stopped wriggling and widened my legs more for him, wanting more.

Standing up, you held onto me. You bent down and threw me over your shoulder, throwing the paddle on the bed, then strode out of the bedroom and down to the pool, not stopping until you were knee-deep in the water, ignoring my squeals of protest.

‘I’m going to lower you into the water; it will help your spanked butt and cunt cool down, stay calm and don’t panic,’ he lowered me into the pool. Now take some deep breaths; I won’t let you go, I promise.’

The sun was warm and bright; as daddy lowered me into the water. He kept hold of me. I flung my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, opening my pussy to him. We were both naked, his hard cock bobbing up and down in the water; as though it was asking permission to enter my pussy. I couldn’t help the feelings daddy was giving me. Nevertheless, my voice was shaking with fear.

‘Oh daddy, don’t let me go, please, don’t let go.’

‘No, I won’t let you go, baby, I have you tight. But I can feel your nipples pressing my chest and your cunt is rubbing on my cock;’ whispering sweet nothings in my ear, this seemed to relax me more. You gently unfastened my legs from around your waist and my arms from around your neck, but you didn’t let me go as you glided through the water.

‘Do you still want me to take your cherry baby? But I am telling you now if I do, you will belong to me and the family, you will be my slut and obey me at all times.’

‘Yes, daddy I do, I trust you,’ looking into your eyes, I could see something in them that I couldn’t figure out.

‘Please daddy, take your little girl and make me your woman.’

‘Oh, fuck baby, what are you doing to me.’

Smiling, ‘fucking me hopefully,’ giggling and wiggling my butt in the water. Not realizing I was floating in the water.

‘There’s my girl,’ he gently walked over to the side of the pool, placing both my hands on the safety bar. ‘Now don’t let go of the bar baby, I am right here with you.’

Moving from my side, you stood directly in front of me; you placed your open hands on my ass. ‘Now lift your legs up. I want to see you masturbate for me. Show me what you do to make yourself cum, promise I won’t let you go.’

With your hands on my butt, you lifted me a little out of the water, my tits floating on the surface, my nipples hard and inviting. Bending down, you took one of my nipples in your mouth, sucking and flickering hard and vigorously, making me moan, my hips bouncing.

I felt you lift me out of the water, sitting me on the edge of the pool, my legs dangling in the water so you could see my open cunt and ass. I lowered my hands, spreading open my cunt lips wider for you.

‘Yes baby, open for daddy to see.’ You opened my legs wider, staring at my cunt and butt holes. ‘You’re sure you really want daddy to fuck you?’ you asked, looking deep into my eyes. ‘You know there won’t be any going back if I do fuck you.’

Nodding my head, ‘yes, daddy, I’m sure, I want you to make me yours as you did with mummy. I used to hear you fucking, you saying to mummy, who did she want in her ass, and who in her cunt. Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam were with you and some of your friends; then you made her beg for you to let her cum. I used to hear her say, ‘spank my clit, my cunt, my tits, I have been a dirty slut today, daddy; I need punishing.’ I used to peek out of my bedroom window and see you fasten her to the binding you had placed in the garden; you would lay her down naked and spread her legs wide, then you would all fuck her. Or, you would invite more of your friends around telling her to crawl on her hands and knees; with a collar and leash on; they all had their cocks out, and women would be as naked as my mummy. You would lead her from one to the next telling her, to suck cock, or cunt; some would then wank all over her, cumming all over her body. Others would be fucking, some of the women would beg you to let them use you. I heard you say once, ‘when her twat is full of all the men’s spunk, you can use her, but you must make her cum. When they had all had the fill they left, leaving you with uncle Sam and uncle Tom. You each would fuck her and tell her what a dirty whore she had been, telling her how much you loved her. ‘Have you been fucked enough now baby?’

Sometimes I would hear her whimper, ‘yes, daddy, thank you for using me as your whore.’

Sometimes, I would hear her say, ‘Daddy, please, your whore needs to be used and fucked more. I would hear you speaking with someone on the phone, and a few minutes later grandpa would walk in.’

‘Fuck Angel,’ I could feel you gently push your hard cock into my tight opening, ‘this may hurt a little, but it won’t last.’ I could feel you stretching me, making me tense.

‘The more you can relax baby, the better it will be,’ gently pushing in and pulling out. You felt me relax as you held my butt, your thumb gently pushing on my ass. You heard me moan and felt me shiver, thrusting in me, causing a stabbing, stinging pain. My hymen broken, you stilled, allowing me to get used to having my virgin cunt filled, but I could feel your thumb gently pumping in out, in out of my ass. My hips began moving of their own accord, which gave you the go-ahead to fuck me hard.

All I could manage to say was, ‘fuck me, daddy, teach me everything you know.’

‘Is this what you need baby girl, for daddy to make you mine?’

Oh yesss, daddy yessss, make me your slutty whore like mummy and grandma were, and how you wanted her naked when friends and family came round. I used to get so upset when you sent me to my room.’

Lifting me so you could see your hard cock, pumping in and out of my cunt, your thumb continued to fuck my butt as you felt me tightening around you. You looked into my eyes saying, don’t you dare cum till I say you can, do you understand?’

Nodding my head, I felt the sensations pulsing throughout my body; I began to shake, not sure I could stop myself from cumming.

‘ohh daddy, I’m cumming, I can’t stop it,’ I squealed.

My body began shuddering uncontrollably; I came long and hard. Sorry daddy, I tried to hold back,’ I whimpered.

Daddy was fucking me hard, looking into my blue eyes, ‘I see I am going to have to teach you how to behave for me.’

He could feel me building again, and he was getting close too. Taking his thumb out of my butt, he gripped my thighs, holding my legs as wide as he could, ‘I am not going to last much longer baby, so get ready for me to fill you full of spunk. Here it comes baby, just for you.’

Two, three hard thrusts and, he was filling me full, rope after rope filling me full. His spunk, leaking out of my pussy, dripping onto the top of the water. ‘Now let me feel and see you cum for me again baby, I want to see your cunt pulsating,’ pulling out of me, he watched his cum ooze out of my newly fucked cunt. He pressed hard on my clit, as he filled my ass again, ‘cum for daddy.’

All of a sudden, I let out such a scream, ‘fuckkkkk, daddyyyyyy, I’m cumming again.’

‘Yes, you are baby, and watching my spunk ooze out of you, is making daddy hard again.’

When I looked down, I saw his spunk floating on the surface of the water, with b***d mixed in.

‘Daddy,’ I whispered, looking up at him.

‘Don’t worry about it, it’s natural, every woman bleeds a little when she is fucked for the first time, it won’t happen again, and you will enjoy it even more I promise, I will make sure you do. Now you’ve had your first swimming lesson, and first fuck, let’s get out and cleaned up before Ian comes back home.’

‘I enjoyed that daddy, and if all my swimming lessons are like this, you can teach me all day, every day,’ I said, grinning up at him. ‘Daddy will you fuck me again, as I can see that you’re still hard and I want to feel your cock inside me again, and will you tell me and show me how you and mummy fucked. I knew she enjoyed the fucking sessions as she always had a smile on her face.’

‘You want me to fuck you again,’ he asked, looking at me.

‘Yes, I do daddy, I want you to fuck my ass as well, you might as well take my anal cherry, now I’m not a virgin any longer.’

‘You have no idea baby. I am going to teach you so much, you will do as I say and obey me always or I shall punish you, no matter where we are or who we are with, understood.’

I stood facing daddy, wrapping my fingers around his cock, which was still hard, gently pumping him up and down, feeling him getting hard again. ‘Will you teach me everything daddy like you did mummy?’

‘Yes, I will baby, now kneel.’

‘Huh, why do you want me to kneel?’ I asked, looking up at him.

Slapping her tits, ‘Kneel, now, your first lesson in obedience.’

I knelt in front of him, not knowing what he intended on doing. He held a fist full of my hair as he pulled my head up. ‘Now, put your hands on your lap, palms up and spread your legs wide, don’t move.’

I did, spreading my legs open. One hand holding my hair, the other hand gently holding my chin, he opened my mouth wide.

‘Stick your tongue out for me,’ saying this made me giggle. ‘Stick your tongue out, I won’t ask again,’ giving my tits another good slap.


I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. Daddy held the tip of my tongue with his finger and thumb, gently sliding his hard cock into my mouth, then pumped in and out. ‘I’m going to cum in your mouth, and if you can, swallow everything I give you,’ he then let go of my tongue, holding the sides of my face, taking great care not to be too rough on his baby girl. He felt himself building again as I began to suck him down my throat. My head bobbed backwards and forwards, faster, harder deeper as I looked deep into his eyes. I could see him smiling at me.

‘Good girl, make daddy cum again. Oh fuck baby, your cunt is beginning to leak again, you’re making a puddle on the floor.’ I then felt him grip my head, ‘fuckkkk, I’m cumming again,’ just as the first shots of cum hit my throat, making me gag. Soon I began to swallow nearly everything he gave me, but some fell out of my mouth, dribbling onto my tits, but I enjoyed every minute, the last spurt of his spunk splashed on my face.

Looking down at my body, ‘You will not clean yourself, I want to see my spunk where it landed this evening when we eat, and if Ian sees it and wants to lick it off you, you will not let him, not until I tell you he can, do you understand me, and don’t let him fuck you. You will dress in what I layout for you, no questions asked, do you understand me?’

‘Yes daddy, I understand, you’re going to make me your fuck doll,’ I said, looking up at him, smiling.

‘Careful what you say, baby, or I shall make you walk around naked in fact, yes, you will be naked no matter what happens or who comes to visit. You are mine now and you will obey me.’ He disappeared into one of the cupboards and brought out a blanket, laying it on the floor by his feet. ‘Lay down on your back, arms above your head, legs up and wide open. At times I will tell you to position yourself like this for my pleasure; do you understand me?’

I nodded my head, ‘yes, daddy.’

Now go and sit in the chair and spread your legs over the arms I want to see your open cunt and ass; I’m going to fuck you again.’ And fuck me, he did, making me cum three more times, then came all over my tits and face again to finish.

‘You will not shower or wash any of my spunk off. I think it’s about time Ian learnt how to treat a woman.’ He noticed my fingers had travelled south again and saw me wanking my clit. ‘Do you want me to bind you to the chair, your cunt and ass on full show? Maybe I, should phone your uncle Tom and uncle Sam and get them to come round then we can all play, and you can be a proper slut for us,’ daddy said?

Little did we know, Ian had been watching us for the last hour, cock in hand, giving himself a good wank. He watched us disappear through the kitchen door; just as he shot his load towards the pool. ‘Oh fuck, I am going to approach dad to see if he will help me be as dominant as he is and fuck our Angel,’ he thought to himself.

Walking towards the kitchen, he peered through a window to see if he could see anything. Ian heard his dad say, ‘kneel on the table, head down and open your ass cheeks for me, I am training your ass, but you need to get used to wearing a butt plug. Helping her onto the table, Angel did everything daddy asked of her, head on the table, ass in the air, totally naked. There was some lube and a butt plug by the side of her. Angel opened her ass cheeks, allowing daddy to insert some lube into her as he fucked her ass with his fingers, then on the butt plug, as he gently inserted it, slowly pumping it in and out. I could see dad’s cock hardening again.

Ian could hear Angel start to moan, ‘oh fuck, daddy, that’s so good, you making me tingle again. I want more fucking.’ Just as I walked into the kitchen, hearing dad say. ‘I just might wait for Ian to come home, then ask him to fuck your mouth. I know he wants to, with the way he keeps looking at you. Would you like us both to fuck you at the same time?’

They heard Ian walk into the kitchen, sporting a massive hard-on. ‘What do we have here then, your still naked Angel, with spunk all over you.’ Looking at his dad, ‘are you going to train her dad, like you did mum,’ he asked, making them think he had only just arrived.

Angel jumped, but daddy had his open hand on her back, keeping her still. ‘I was just saying to Angel; I could teach you to be dominant.’

‘I’ve been watching you for a while dad, I think I know how to handle her. Do you want me to show you?’ he asked, letting his cock fall free from his pants.

‘Do you think you could son,’ dad asked, smiling at him.

‘Yeah, I think I could; let me show you, then you can tell me if I go wrong anywhere.’

Standing at his dad’s side, he was slowly wanking, looking at the butt plug now inserted in Angel’s ass. He grabbed the butt plug, gently turning it. ‘Lovely, Ian said as he walked round to face her, ‘open wide for me Angel,’ brushing the wet tip of his cock across her mouth, ‘tongue out, and take a deep breath.’ Looking at Ian, she did as she was told, taking a deep breath but couldn’t help but squirm, as she bucked her hips. He gripped her hair, pushing his cock to the back of her mouth as he pounded her, eliciting moans, as daddy played with her plugged asshole.

‘Fuck Ian, you should see her cunt pulsating, she’s making me want to fuck her again.’ Looking at Ian, he simply nodded his head; pumping the butt plug in and out, he lubed his cock, then he pulled the plug out of her ass, replacing it with his cock. ‘I will go gentle with you Angel, just stay relaxed,’ he felt her tense as he pushed his hard cock past her sphincter. ‘Relax baby, relax,’ pushing two fingers up her cunt finding her ‘G’ spot, he worked to make her cum again. As she came, she relaxed more, allowing him to push deeper into her ass.

As they were both fucking her, the kitchen door opened, and who should walk in but uncle Tom and uncle Sam and Grandpa.

‘Wow, what have we hear’ all of them taking the scene in.’

‘You training Angel to be our new bitch,’ grandpa asked.

‘I am, she used to watch us as we used and fucked her mum, she’s ready Pa, just look at her cunt, she is dripping wet, she wants to be just like her mummy, don’t you Angel.’

Angel nodded her head smiling up at Ian, as Grandpa, said ‘I need to get a taste of her, lift her up so I can get underneath her, I need to suck her dry.’

Dad lifted her so grandpa could slide under her. He placed his open mouth over her cunt, pushing his tongue deep in her hole, and started sucking hard. ‘Sweet heavens, just like her mama, and grandma.’

As grandpa laid under Angel, his cock was so hard it was pushing against Ian’s ass. Grandpa needed entrance in a hole, as Ian blurted out, ‘Oh fuck I’m going to cum, I am going to feed you, Angel,’ he began spurting rope after rope of spunk deep in her throat, and she swallowed greedily, lapping it all up.

Angel’s orgasms were all rolling into one. Uncle Tom and Uncle Sam were both pulling and twisting her nipples. Daddy was near to erupting in her ass. Grandpa opened her cunt wide, drinking everything that flowed from her, then sucked hard on her clit, as though it was a pacifier, his hard cock swinging in front of her eyes, she no more than sucked it into her mouth, taking it as deep as she could just like she had Ian’s. Although she couldn’t get a lot of grandpas’ cock in, he was huge.

Daddy, Ian, uncle Tom, uncle Sam and grandpa all used my holes, and by the time they had all finished, I was a cumming wreck, yet I wanted more from them, and they all knew it.

I looked at them all, knowing my life had now changed and I was their whore, their slut, my eyes ending on daddy. ‘Daddy, I am a virgin no longer, and what a way to lose my virginities, to all the men I love dearly. Now I think I shall go and shower then lay down for a while.’

‘You think so, do you.’ He went over to her and placed a collar and leash on her and some cushioned knee pads. ‘On your hands and knees slut and lay down in the position I showed you earlier.’ He went over to the sink, rummaging under the cupboard till he found three bowls. Filling one with water he placed it on the floor. One he placed by the door. The third one he placed by the sides of the plates that he had brought out. She wondered what on earth he was doing, but she was soon to find out, placing herself as she had been told to.

Ian came back in the kitchen, ‘just ordered tea dad; I hope Chinese is ok for everyone.’ Everyone nodded their heads, especially Angel, saying she was so hungry.

‘When the order comes,’ grandpa said. ‘You will go and answer the door Angel, and take the order from whoever delivers it.’

‘Ok grandpa, no problem, just let me get a skirt and top on.’

‘No, Angel, you will stay naked, covered in our spunk when you answer the door. Now come here, while I suck on your nipples, I want them to start producing milk. I have some pumps that we used on your mama and grandma and soon will be feeding us, just like your mama and grandma, just like we are feeding you. You will wear these pumps and be suckled and if you are fastened to the cross over there,’ pointing to where daddy and Ian were pulling a large cross from behind the cupboard, ‘you will be naked and spread-eagled to whoever comes in and they will suck on your nipples as they massage them, doing this you will soon start to produce milk;’ whether it is family, friends or neighbours. Do you understand what I am saying to you, Angel?’

Everyone was looking at her, waiting for her answer. She noticed they were all slowly wanking again; seeing this sent tremors rippling through her, ‘Yes grandpa.’

‘Good, then we will start tonight and don’t think your daddy will go easy on you if you disobey, because if I know my son, he will be a strict master. Just like I was with your grandma and mama.’

‘Fuck all this talk, my cock is hard again just looking at her. ‘Come, do your duty Angel, there’s a good girl,’ Uncle Tom said. ‘Crawl over to me, and put your head on the floor, I’m going to fuck your ass.’ Hearing this made her start juicing again as she crawled over to him. ‘Open your ass cheeks for me, show me that magnificent asshole and twat.’ She did as she was asked of her, putting her head on the floor and her ass in the air, holding her ass cheeks open. ‘That’s a good bitch,’ he lifted her till her ass was level with his cock, pushing her on his cock, ‘don’t you fucking dare let go of your ass.’ While he was giving her another good fucking, grandpa sat in front of her, suckling hard on her nipples. His cock was at the entrance of her vagina, and with one lunge, he was deep in her cunt.

Her mouth was open, taking some much needed deep breaths when uncle Sam threaded his cock deep into her throat; when she screamed as she started to tremble and shake.

‘No, you don’t you whore slut, you are not allowed to cum again tonight,’ her daddy said. ‘Don’t be too long, tea will be here shortly.’

‘Right you are, someone play with my balls and ass.’ Grandpa pushed his open hand to where Tom’s balls were hanging and started to massage them, as Tom pounded her ass. The more he pounded her, the deeper his pa’s fingers went up his ass. ‘Yes Pa, yes, I am going to fucking well come,’ as he said this, he shot his spunk out deep in her. Feeling this grandpa also shot his seed deep in her cunt.

Her nipples were hard and hot, she was trembling with the need to cum, but she knew she didn’t dare to. Sam pulled out of her mouth, shooting his load smack on her tits. ‘Ahhhhhhh, fuck, that’s better, for now.

The doorbell rang, and once again, they looked towards Angel. ‘The money is on the small table near the front door, off you go.’ She went to stand, ‘no, on your hands and knees and to make sure you obey, I shall hold your leash, like the bitch you are for us tonight.’

She crawled to the door, cum all over her, her daddy holding the leash. He had to open the door for her; when he did, he swung it wide, so whoever was on the other side would be able to see her entire naked body.

‘Delivery forrrr,’ then silence as the middle-aged man took in what he was seeing. When he looked at her daddy, he said, ‘hi Kade, didn’t know it was here where you lived, still training I see, and what a beauty she is, she looks just like her mum doesn’t she?’ looking very intently at her cum filled body.

‘Yes, she certainly does, and I think she is going to be just as good, if not better. Stand up Angel and pay the gentleman his money, don’t keep him waiting.’ He lifted her to a standing position by her collar, spreading her feet wide apart as he pushed her forward.

She was practically touching him as she went to give him the money. Looking up at him, she could see the desire in his eyes as his cock throbbed in his pants. He tried to adjust himself but wasn’t having much luck.

‘I can see you are struggling, would you like Angel to ease your situation. She loves cock in all her holes.’

Angel automatically placed her open hands at the front of his pants, feeling his erection. She opened her mouth wide for him to use, waiting for him to fuck her face.

He could see kade nodding his head as he said to him.

‘I would love to see her cum filled cunt and ass Kade.’

Daddy did no more than lift Angel, placing her back to his front with his open hands under her knees, lifting her and showing him her open cunt and ass.

‘Fuck me, she is just like her mother, a whore in the making.’

‘She sure is,’ came the reply. Putting her on her feet again, he said ‘make the delivery man happy, while I go give them their food, I shall be back shortly.’ With that, he left her standing naked at the mercy of this man.

He unzipped his pants and his hard cock sprung out at her, ‘suck my cock bitch,’ was all he said. She opened her mouth taking him deep in her throat, ‘play with my balls and stick your fingers up my ass; it won’t take me long to cum.’ Within ten minutes, he was shooting hard down her throat, pulling out suddenly he finished shooting his spunk on her face. Looking at her, he pinched and twisted her nipples hard, then said ‘go back to your daddy and tell him, thank you very much.’

Kade heard the door close, as she padded back to the kitchen. ‘What did I tell you, Angel, on your fucking hands and knees and crawl. We want to see your holes open all the time. He stood, going to the bowl that he had placed on the counter, and emptied some food into it. Then placed it by his feet on the floor and pointed to it. ‘Because you disobeyed me, you will eat from this bowl, don’t spill anything.’ She couldn’t believe what she heard but knew she had to obey her daddy.

She was on her hands and knees and crawled over to where the bowl was. She stretched her hands to lift it so she could eat. ‘No, hands and knees on the floor, head down ass in the air, legs spread wide.’

She knew she wouldn’t be eating if she didn’t do as she was told. It took her a while to finish, but finish she did, and when she looked up, she smiled as he brought his hand down stroking her hair, ‘good girl. Now say night, night to everyone, I am going to take you upstairs and bathe you, then put you to bed. You have taken a lot today and I am very proud of you.’

Angel beamed at him, ‘am I like mummy and grandma now,’ she asked. They all spoke in unison, ‘you certainly are and more.’ Her daddy’s eyes were full of love for her, ‘your mummy and grandma couldn’t take what you have taken at the beginning; we had to work them up to what you have taken today. Yes, we are all so proud of you.’

She looked at her grandpa, ‘Grandpa will you feed me before daddy takes me upstairs to bathe me.’ She jumped naked on his lap, squirming her ass on his growing cock. He looked at Kade, and kade nodded his head, ‘ok baby girl, grandpa will feed you again.’

‘Oh good, she giggled as she got up from his lap holding her cum filled cunt; ‘just let me go for a piss.’

‘Angel,’ her daddy said, if you want to piss or poop, you will do it in that bowl on the floor, then one of us will clean you up. You are now under our full control, do you understand.’ Angel nodded her head, going over to the potty bowl and squatting down, and pissing, with the odd fanny fart, which made her blush furiously and this made her poop. ‘Daddy,’ she said looking over at him, ‘I just pooped, I need some toilet tissue.’

‘No Angel, while grandpa is giving you your last feel Uncle Sam will clean you up. Now come and get on the table there’s a good girl.’ She did as she was told, looking at grandpa and Sam, who was licking his lips with a gleam in his eyes.

‘Open up for me,’ grandpa growled as he was fisting his lengthening cock. My head hung off the edge of the table at the height for grandpa to fuck my throat again. He fucked my mouth, penetrating deep into my throat. ‘Ahh, you fucking whore, you are nothing more than a fucking machine for us all to use.’ I felt him swell, then emptied his balls as spurt after spurt of cum filled my throat.

My hands were placed behind my knees. I was told to lift them to my chest, a cushion was placed under my hips, my ass in the air as Sam held my cheeks open. I heard him smacking his lips together, then burying his tongue in my ass, sucking and slurping as he cleaned me out. I noticed some lights flick on in some of the neighbours, I knew they were watching.

‘Fuck daddy, I want my cunt and ass filling again, pleaseeeee, I need to cum again,’ Angel begged. She couldn’t get enough cock the more she got, the more she wanted, no, the more she needed. She wanted to be used by whoever, wherever, whenever.

She’s clean again now, Daddy,’ grinned Sam as he glanced at Kade. ‘Just look at how her holes are pulsating,’ going to stand by Sam, his cock in his hand slowly wanking. None of them could get enough off Angel, ‘She needs fucking badly, take her into the garden and tie her down spread-eagled. Angel, you must be worn out’ daddy said looking at her.

‘No daddy, I need more, much more. I didn’t know how good it would feel to have all my holes used at the same time, but I do now and I want more.’

She was gang banged by all five men in every hole, even the pizza man, and a couple of the neighbours and it was way past three in the morning when daddy carried her upstairs to bathe her, ‘you have been a good girl for daddy, you are daddy’s true whore now, and we will use you when, where and how we please, you no longer have a say, now lay down and let daddy inspect your cunt and ass.’

She obeyed him, letting her legs flop wide for him as he inspected her for any injuries; she fell into a deep sleep, not hearing daddy say, ‘today is just the beginning, my precious slave.’