Dominant Mother

Peter heard the click clack of high heels on the stone
floor of the cellar coming towards him. He was naked and
tied to a bench, his arms were tied to the side, his
feet with his knees bent were tied to the legs. His back
rested on the black rubber covered seat.

He knew she would be wearing something tight and shiny.
‘Easier to wipe clean,’ she had laughed.

There would be pain and pleasure, mostly his pain and
her pleasure, he thought, but Peter knew that she loved

She had to, she was his mother!

Fiona Henson was a 48 year old widow and a highly
respected solicitor. Her husband had died four years ago
leaving her to bring up their only c***d, fourteen year
old Peter. Luckily her husband had provided for her
sufficiently enough that she only worked three days a

Peter was now 18 and had just finished school and was
looking forward to going away to university in a couple
of months time.

Fiona was dreading being left alone but she was also
frightened of losing her son to other females when he
was away. She hated the thought of a predatory
university girl getting her hands on her boy. Even worse
if it was a lecturer.

Peter was a good looking young man. Just under six feet
tall with a good slim body. His mother knew he would be
picked up on straight away.

‘If only there was a reason for him to stay or at least
come home regularly,’ she thought.

It was three days later when she was cleaning his room
and she found a magazine hidden under his bed. It was a
glossy Femdom mag and Fiona was surprised that Peter
would actually have something like it. She didn’t think
he would have been interested. ‘Was he,’ she pondered.

She sat on his bed and flicked through the pages. There
were stories that had illustrations. Photographs of
ladies in tight PVC and latex corsets, leather cat suits
and skin tight rubber dresses. Looking closer most of
the ladies were more mature and the males were young

As Fiona looked through the magazine she noticed one
particular story had been read more than once, it even
had stains on the pages. She was intrigued to find it
was about a mother that dominated her son. The woman was
tall and dark haired just like her. She was slim with
large breasts, just like her. Fiona started to wonder if
her son was really into that sort of thing and if he
actually fantasised it was happening to him? This
certainly got her thinking.

Peter and his mother lived in a large townhouse in North
London. It was on three floors with a large dry but
unused cellar. Whenever Peter was out Fiona would work
away converting it to a chamber where she could indulge
her whims and her son’s fantasy.

It took just over two weeks to prepare but in the
meantime she had ordered an array of toys and several
outfits over the internet and was very pleased with her
purchases, especially the outfits. She felt incredibly
sexy in them and she was sure she looked it too.

A few days later Peter came home from playing football,
he was dirty and tired. His mother told him to have a
shower, pull on a dressing gown and come back downstairs
for his dinner. She knew he was meeting his friend jacinto
later and suggested that he may not want to spill food
on his new jeans. Peter agreed and rushed upstairs for
his shower.

Fiona had made them both a cocktail before dinner and
had put some quick working sleeping powder in her son’s
drink. Soon Peter was fast asleep on the sofa. She
managed to carry, drag and pull him down into the cellar
where she tied him ,naked, to the special bench she had
purchased and installed. She looked around the dimly lit
room at the implements hanging from the wall and the
drawers full of her sex toys that she was going to use
on her son over the coming weeks. She went back upstairs
to get ready for him.

She chose a shiny black PVC mini-dress that had a low
cut front that showed her large breasts that looked
superbly sexy pushed up against the shiny material. The
hem just covered black silk hold up stockings and on her
feet she wore ridiculously high heeled shiny black
shoes. A little dab of perfume, her silky black hair
combed over her shoulders and some bright red lipstick
and she was ready to confront her prey. ‘God,’ she
thought, ‘I’m feeling so horny.’

Peter was awake and trying to take in what had happened
to him and he wondered where he was when he heard a pair
of high heeled shoes walking towards him.

‘Hello darling. Are you comfortable?’

‘Mum, what…’

‘No Peter,’ his mother admonished. ‘I’m your Mistress
now. I’m only your mummy upstairs.

‘I saw the magazine you had hidden under your bed and it
turned me on to think you liked the idea of me
dominating you and using you as my sex slave. So I just
had to have you and looking at the size of your cock I
think you are quite glad that I did,’ she said.

Peter looked down and indeed his cock was at full mast.
All eight inches of throbbing erection stood firm and
proud with a little dribble of pre-cum forming at the
top. Peter looked back at his mother and the way she was
dressed and moaned, ‘Are you thirsty, darling?’ his
mother asked.

Peter just nodded his head.

‘Oh good,’ she said hiking up her dress. Peter could see
she wasn’t wearing panties and that her sex had been
shaved clean. It glistened with her juices.

‘I’ve been ready for this for ages,’ she said, as she
straddled his head.

‘No mum please.’ begged Peter as the first dribbles of
wee fell on his chest ‘Arrgh,’ spluttered Peter as his
mother pissed all over his face. ‘Drink it darling if
you’re thirsty. In fact open your mouth or I’ll punish
you even harder!

Peter opened his lips and tasted his mother’s piss. He
thought it tasted quite sweet as some went inside his
mouth and he swallowed.

‘Good boy but I must remind you to call me Mistress.’
she stated. ‘I’ll think of something to jog your

When she finished peeing she pulled down her PVC dress
and saw that some of her urine had splashed back onto
it. ‘I’m so glad these are easy to wipe clean,’ she
laughed. ‘I have lots of similar outfits for us to have
fun in.’

‘Now, what should I do to remind you that down here I’m
your mistress and not your mother?’

She went over to the wall and wheeled back a trolley
with a metal box on top that had several leads hanging
from it.

‘Wha…what are you going to do?’ stammered Peter.

‘First of all I’m going to gag you.’ she said with a
smirk, taking a bright red ball gag and forcing it in
his mouth. ‘You ask too many questions and talk too
much. You have to let your Mistress do what she wants to
you.’ She fastened the gag behind her son’s head. ‘Urggh
urrgh!’ was all Peter could manage.

She took a pair of clips and attached then to Peter’s
nipples. He screamed into his gag as the teeth bit into
his flesh. Then she taped two pads to his balls. She
took hold of his hard cock and slowly pulled back his
foreskin over its purple head. She proceeded to wrap
wire around the crown then connected it all up to the
metal box.

She now unfastened the ball gag and removed it from his

‘Mu..Mistress, why are you doing this to me?’ he asked.

‘You know why darling. I want to give you what you
desire,’ she said, ‘and besides I have needs too.’

She again lifted the hem of her dress and straddled her
son’s head facing towards his feet. Unknown to Peter she
had picked up the remote control for the electric box.
‘Now Slave I want you to lick and kiss my pussy and
let’s see who cums first.’

She lowered her pussy to his face and ordered him to
pleasure her before switching on the power to all the
leads. A low voltage jolt of electricity tingled his
cock, balls and nipples.

Peter let out a muffled moan as the electricity pulsed
through his tender parts. His mother then turned up the
voltage another notch whereby Peter began licking and
sucking harder on her pussy. ‘Mmmm, good boy,’ she

Fiona began to fuck his face faster and was groaning as
her excitement built. She was almost at the point of her
orgasm so she turned up the voltage one more notch. Just
then Peter let out a long hard groan and Fiona looked to
see cum erupt from his cock. That pushed her over the
top and she came hard on her son’s face,

‘Well that was exciting wasn’t it darling?’ she
commented. Peter was still trying to get his breath
back. As his mother undid the wiring he squirmed in pain
as b***d rushed back to his tender nipples as the clips
were removed. ‘I think you like pain Slave! Your cock is
still hard.’

Peter looked down in amazement as his shiny cock stood

‘We can’t waste that can we? Are you ready for round

Peter was silent as he saw his mother straddle his young
prone body. She took hold of his cock and stroked it
causing him to moan. She rubbed it between her pussy
lips before sliding down his cock until it was fully
inside her. Peter couldn’t believe this was happening.
His normally straight mother was dressed in PVC and
stockings and had committed incest with him but by the
time she started riding him he didn’t care, he was so
turned on.

She rode him harder and harder pounding his cock with
her tight pussy as he moaned and groaned. She was nearly
there and she could tell by Peter’s breathing he was
too. She leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips
slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. He kissed her
back passionately and with his mother’s tongue in his
mouth he couldn’t warn her he was about to cum. Fiona
could feel his cock expand which pushed her over the top
and she came heavily at the same time her son flooded
her pussy.

‘That was delicious darling. I do hope you enjoyed it.
Now I must go and get cleaned up. You get some rest
because you’re going to need it,’ she giggled. ‘Then you
can tell me where you got that naughty magazine.’

Fiona pulled the cart over once again and took a long
thin probe that was attached to the metal box by wires.
‘This will help you get nice and hard for when Mummy
Mistress comes back,’ she said as she slowly pushed it
deep into her son’s arse. She turned on the power and
Peter moaned as a pulse went straight to his prostate.
It was like someone had used a long finger nail to
scratch over it. There was a little pain but Peter
thought the feeling was amazing. He moaned again ten
seconds later.

‘Have fun darling. See you soon,’ his mother said as she
left the cellar. Peter moaned again and could feel his
cock growing. ‘I don’t think I could stand this for
long,’ he thought.

Thirty minutes later he heard the now familiar click
clack of high heels on the stone floor. His mother had
taken off her dress and was just wearing her black hold
up stockings and high heels. She had combed her hair and
added fresh lipstick but she still had that ‘just
fucked’ look about her. Peter was amazed at the size of
her breasts and her hard pointy nipples. The look in her
eyes showed she wanted more sex.

‘That looks nice darling,’ she said staring at her son’s
hard cock. It was fully erect and dripping pre-cum.

She walked over to him, her large breasts swaying as she
did. She took hold of his cock and slowly stroked it.

‘Pl..please Mu..Mistress,’ he pleaded. ‘What darling,
tell me what you want.’ his mother asked.

‘C-cum…’ he stuttered as the probe in his arse pulsed

‘Tell me where you got your magazine, darling!’

‘I-I found it,’ he replied.

‘Oh dear, that’s not good enough,’ she said as she went
to a set of drawers and pulled out a pair of latex
gloves and some lube. She squirted a dollop of gel in
her latex covered hands and pulled back his foreskin.
She then started to play with the exposed head of his
cock very slowly.

‘Oh god no, please. Please let me cum.’

‘Only if you tell me the truth,’ his mother said as she
continued to stroke him slowly.

‘Aargh, it was… it was jacinto’s,’ he gasped as the
teasing became increasingly tortuous.

‘Really? Little jacinto, who would have guessed. Does his
mother know he reads stuff like that?’ she asked.

‘I-I don’t know…’ Peter replied desperate to cum.

Fiona stopped stroking and got up and straddled her son.
She took the crown of his cock and inserted it in her
pussy, gripping it tight. Peter moaned in frustration
and tried to fuck his mother. Fiona moved back so only
the head remained in. He pussy managed to slowly fuck
the crown of his cock.

‘I want you to bring jacinto over here tomorrow night. Be
here for when I get in from work then I’ll make an
excuse for you to leave us alone. Can you do that?’ she
asked as she continued to slowly fuck him.

‘Y-yes!’ gasped Peter. He would have agreed to anything
to be able to cum.

‘Good boy,’ his mother said as she sank fully down on
his cock. She leaned forward and thrust her large
breasts in his face as she squeezed her pussy walls
around his cock. Peter groaned loud and shot his come
into his mothers milking pussy.

Fiona rode his still hard cock through another two
orgasms before Peter came again.

‘I think I may have found a way for him to spend his
weekends and holidays at home when he goes away to Uni,’
she thought with a smile.

The next evening at six o’clock Fiona let herself into
the house and stopped by the hall mirror. She tousled
her hair and put on fresh red lipstick, a colour she’d
never wear for work. She took out of the closet a pair
of shiny black high heel shoes and put her sensible work
ones back in their place.

She undid two buttons on her blouse that showed off her
breasts encased in a quarter cup black satin bra which
matched the black satin suspenders that were holding up
dark grey silk stockings. She looked totally different
to how she looked at work although she still wore her
tight black pencil skirt and jacket.

Peter and jacinto were sat on the sofa watching television
when she walked in and plopped down in one of the

‘Be a darling and pour me a gin and tonic will you, ice
and lemon?’ she asked her son.

Peter went into the kitchen and came out empty handed.
‘We don’t have any gin, Mum,’ he said.

‘Be a good boy and pop along to the shops for a bottle.
It’ll only take you thirty minutes,’ she asked,
emphasising thirty minutes.

‘jacinto can stay here and keep me company,’ she said
handing Peter money for the gin.

After her son had left Fiona stretched out her long
legs. jacinto couldn’t keep his eyes off them.

‘Do you like my legs, jacinto,’ she asked.

‘, I mean yes. They’re very nice,’ he replied.

‘I’ve seen you looking at me whenever you’re here,’ she
said standing up.

jacinto sat quietly on the sofa. Fiona walked over to him
and leaned over putting one hand on the top of the sofa
by his head. jacinto could see her perfect breasts swing
towards his face.

‘I think you are a very naughty boy jacinto,’ she stated as
she rested her other hand on his crotch. She could feel
his erection through his jeans. ‘A very naughty boy

jacinto groaned as she squeezed it and she said, ‘you know
what happens to naughty boys, don’t you? They get put
over mature ladies knees and spanked!’

She ordered him to stand and she sat down in his place,
then she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his
underwear to his ankles.

She sat up and pulled her skirt from under her so it
bunched around her waist. jacinto could see her satin
suspenders and stockings and realised she wasn’t wearing
panties. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him
as he let himself be lowered over his best friends
mothers thighs. Fiona opened her legs so his hard cock
slipped between them then closed them again trapping it
between her nylon covered thighs. She started to spank
his bare bottom, lightly at first but becoming harder.

His erection was push against her with every slap. He
could feel his orgasm building and so could Fiona. She
shifted position so that his cock was rubbing against
her bare skin and her suspender belt. This proved too
much for jacinto as after just a couple more smacks he
gasped that he was cummimg and shot his load all over
Fiona’s thighs.

She pushed on the floor and grabbed him by the hair.
‘Lick up your mess,’ she ordered. jacinto gingerly licked
his cum of her stockings and suspenders then her bare
thighs above the stockings tops.

Fiona moved his head between her thighs and ordered him
to pleasure her. He licked her pussy and clitoris so
good she wondered who he’d practiced on. jacinto was two
years younger than her son and now she knew she had
another slave to take care of her needs while Peter was
at university. She began to fuck his face and soon she
could feel her orgasm about to peak. With a groan she
pulled his face tight into her pussy and showered her
juices all over him.

jacinto fell back on to the carpet, his erection sticking
straight up. Fiona looked at her watch and saw she had
ten minutes left so she mounted the young boy’s cock and
rode him hard.

As she was fucking him she wondered if she should tell
her best friend Colette what she was up to. They could
both dominate and fuck jacinto. Tie him to the cellar wall
and flog his cock and balls until he begged for mercy.
Then they could take it in turns fucking him with a

Fiona knew Colette would love to do this to jacinto, after
all, she was his mother!

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