Drunken mom and her sons

This story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
real life!

Amanda was looking forward to a peaceful evening,
especially as her thirteen year old son Mark was going
to be out at a party half the night, it was a chance to
relax and not have to worry about anything but what she
wanted for a change.

She sighed at the thought of some free time for herself,
at the same time wondering just when her son and his two
friends, Tom and Bob, would be leaving for this party of
theirs. Right now they were downstairs in the living
room, talking, well what teenagers these days called
talking, to Amanda it was more like shouting. She was
also pretty sure they were taking advantage of her being
upstairs to sneak a crafty drink from her liquor cabinet
before they went off to their party.

The sound of the telephone ringing interrupted Amanda’s
thoughts, sighing she went to lift the receiver when she
heard her son shouting up the stairs.

“I’ll get it mum.”

Obviously he had been expecting a call; no doubt he’d
let her know if it was for her. When there was no shout
up the stairs after a minute Amanda assumed the call had
been for Mark and carried on with what she had been
doing originally, getting ready to take a shower. Her
plan for the evening was to shower, dress up and call
one of her ‘men’ friends over to help her while away the
hours that Mark would be at his party, she knew just who
she was going to call and just what they would be doing
to pass the time.

Grinning in anticipation Amanda laid out her clothes on
the bed, a slinky dress in black that she knew only too
well showed her still firm body off perfectly, beneath
the dress a filmy bra and panty set made of sheer
material that hid little if anything of what they
covered. To complete the ensemble self-grip stockings
and high heels, she knew a garter belt would add to the
look, but she never felt comfortable in the things and
found they pinched in a clinch. Smiling at her ‘pinch’,
‘clinch’ thought Amanda quickly stripped and headed for
the bathroom, as always she paused in front of the full
length mirror and gave herself a once over.

“Not bad at all for a woman of thirty-seven.” She smiled
at her reflection.

Nor was she wrong in her assessment, her body was trim
and firm thanks to daily workouts at the gym, her
breasts, though not overly large, were equally as firm
and more than enough to satisfy most men. Rubbing her
pubic mound Amanda decided she was feeling a little
stubbly, she’d shave her pussy while in the shower,
shaving her pussy made it easier to change the colour of
her long flowing hair from time to time, right now it
was her natural colour, blonde, next week? Who knew?

In no rush, Amanda enjoyed her shower, even took time
out to play with herself a little both before and after
shaving her pussy, an action that always turned her on
anyway. Eventually she stepped out stepped out of the
shower, dried and went into the bedroom to dress, her
thoughts already looking ahead to her evening of ‘fun’,
her body already aroused by her shower-time solo
pleasures. Dressed, hair brushed and tied back in a
ponytail, make-up in place Amanda looked at herself in
the full-length mirror and smiled.

“Good enough to eat,” she laughed at her reflection.

On that note she headed down to the living room with the
thought of calling her special friend and inviting him
over, she knew he would come whatever he was doing.

As Amanda reached the bottom of the stairs she was
puzzled to hear the sound of glass on glass coming from
the living room, it had been so quiet for a while she
had thought, with some relief, that Mark and his friends
had already gone.

Entering the living room she felt annoyance rising in
her, not only were the three boys not gone, they were
slouched on the furniture with full glasses of amber
fluid in their hands, a two thirds empty scotch bottle
on the floor by her son’s feet confirmed what was in the
glasses. The bottle had only been put out that day, it
had been full when she had gone up for her shower, and
she felt her annoyance grow even more.

“I thought you were going out,” Amanda said sharply to
her son.

“I was,” he responded with a half grin “only the party’s
off, so I thought me and my mates would stop in.”

“Stop in and drink my scotch,” Amanda snorted. “I don’t
suppose it occurred to you that I may have made plans
for tonight?”

“Yeah, well,” Mark drawled, “it had kinda occurred to me
when I saw you all tarted up.”

Tom and Bob sniggered at his words, which annoyed Amanda
even more, Mark’s little rebellions had been getting a
bit much of late and this was the final straw as far as
she was concerned. Before she could say anything,
though, her son was speaking again.

“We’d rather have been at the party, isn’t our fault the
thing got cancelled.”

“And I suppose it’s not your fault that the scotch is
all but gone?” Amanda retorted.

“Well,” Mark grinned. “I guess we needed to drown our
sorrows. ‘Sides, there’s enough left for you to have a
drinkies too.”

“Damn it Mark!” Amanda snapped. She turned to the other
two youths and continued, “This has gone far enough.
Tom, Bob, time for you to go.”

Neither of them moved; their only reaction was to give
her lopsided grins and to raise their half full glasses
to her.

“Aww mum,” Mark wheedled, “don’t go all rigid on us,
we’re down and out already. Have a drink with us then
the lads can go on their way.”

Against her better judgement Amanda agreed, especially
as Mark had got up to fix her a drink as he had spoken,
she felt no less annoyed though, all her plans for the
evening were out the window. Accepting the drink her son
held out to her Amanda sat herself down in an armchair
and took a deep swallow from it, the alcohol warmed its
way down her throat as she sat back and looked at the
three youths.

Taking another swallow Amanda felt herself relaxing a
little, perhaps she was being a bit hard on them, after
all, as Mark had pointed out, it wasn’t their fault that
the party had been called off at the last moment. She
felt some of her annoyance fading, only to be replaced
by a touch of frustration, she really had been looking
forward to a good time and was, she was surprised to
discover, still feeling turned on from her playing with
herself in the shower.

Sighing Amanda drained her glass and put it on the
coffee table, she’d barely sat back when Mark was on his
feet, he took her glass, refilled it and came back to
where she sat.

“You look as though you need this as much as we do,” he
commented as he handed her the full glass.

Before sitting down again Mark topped up his friend’s
glasses with scotch, Amanda made no comment, but did
make a mental note to deduct the cost of the scotch from
Mark’s allowance, time he learnt that things don’t just
grow on trees. Sipping her drink she crossed her legs
and leant back in the chair, gradually a warm glow
spread over her and she began to feel relaxed in

Looking over the rim of her glass Amanda noted that all
three boys were looking at her with what could only be
described as leers on their faces, it suddenly dawned on
her that sitting as she was she was showing off a good
deal of stockinged-leg. She grinned into her glass at
the thought of the three teenagers getting a kick out of
looking at her legs, emptying the glass in one long
swallow Amanda held it up and looked at Mark.

“Another?” he asked.

“Please,” she smiled.

He got up and refilled her glass again, out of the
corner of her eye Amanda saw that Tom and Bob were still
gazing with horny teenage eyes at her legs and she
decided she was going to have a little fun teasing these
boys. Not that it would make up for not getting laid
that night, but it would be a subtle and sweet revenge
to send the two boys home later on feeling as frustrated
as she was. It didn’t occur to her that her own son
would be feeling that frustration too, or that they may
have other ideas.

“Here you mum,” Mark said as he handed her a full glass.

Mark sat himself back down again, his eyes once more
returning to his mothers legs, leaning forward slightly
he tried to see up her skirt, but her position was such
that he could see no further than the lower swell of her
thighs. Glancing across at his mates he could see they
were as intent on the view as he was, and wishing they
could see more too. The three boys looked at each other
and grinned then turned their attention back to Marks
mother, in that one look, that one grin, the three boys
had agreed on a course of action.

Amanda had noticed the boys look at each other then
grin, but she thought nothing of it, she was too busy
being amused by their efforts to see up her skirt
without appearing to be doing so. Deliberately she
shuffled slightly so that her dress would ride up a
little, she smirked into her glass as the boys all went
wide eyed and leant a little further forward, she knew
they couldn’t see much of anything, but they were
getting hopeful that she’d move enough to allow them a
glimpse of something more.

She’d tease them a little more; maybe let them get a
glimpse of her stocking tops then pull the rug out from
under them. Once again she shuffled in the chair as she
shifted position slightly, this time the dress rode up
slightly more than she’d actually intended it to, but
Amanda only smiled softly to herself at the thought that
they may just get a glance at her flimsy panties. She
could see the boys were getting turned on by what she
was doing, even Mark, which surprised her, and she
waited for a few moments before making her move to dash
their hot little hormones with cold water.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked in a sarcastic voice some
minutes later.

“Geez, yeah!” Tom grinned barely raising his eyes.

“You got great legs Mrs. W,” Bob grinned.

This was not at all the response Amanda was expecting,
she had expected them to blush and get all flustered
with embarrassment, instead she was the one feeling
flustered, unsure whether to tell them off for staring
at her legs or thank them for their compliment. When
Mark spoke she couldn’t believe her ears, she was too
stunned to do more than smile weakly at her son and his
two friends.

“You’ve got damned good legs mum,” Mark grinned, “as you
already know or you wouldn’t be flashing them at us that

In disbelief Amanda heard the three of them start up a
conversation with her as the central topic, they were
talking as though she was not in the room.

“I reckon your mum has to have the best legs of any girl
we know,” Bob commented.

“Too right,” Mark laughed coarsely, “likes to spread ’em

“Wonder if the rest looks as good?” Tom smirked.

“I bet it does,” Bob replied with a leer in Amanda’s
direction. “I mean, she looks real hot sitting there in
that dress, what’s under it has got to look good to make
that dress look so good.”

“Well we could always find out.” Mark grinned.

Mark’s last comment sent a shiver down Amanda’s spine,
she was unsure about the path the conversation was
taking and was uncertain as to where it was all leading.
Nor did the looks all three boys were giving her do
anything to calm her sudden nervousness, those looks
spoke of one thing and one thing only, pure lust!
Pulling herself together Amanda started to get out of
her chair, her only thought was to get out of the room
and up to her bedroom and let the boys do as they wished

“Leaving us mum?” Mark’s voice caught her as she was
leaning forward in the chair.

“Uh, yes,” she replied with a nervous smile, “I thought

“Oh I don’t think so,” Mark drawled with a hint of
menace in his voice. “In fact, I think you want to stay
right here and keep us ‘company’, don’t you.”

Amanda didn’t like the emphasise on the word company,
but found herself agreeing to stay with the boys, though
she had the horrible feeling growing in her that in
agreeing to stay she had just made a horrible mistake.
Nodding Mark went back to his conversation with his
friends while Amanda sat tensely in her chair tugging
her dress hem down to cover her slender legs.

“Aww,” Tom commented “don’t spoil the view Mrs. W., it
was just getting interesting.”

Though he hadn’t raised his voice there was a hint of
menace in Tom’s softly spoken words, another shiver ran
down her spine as she stopped pulling the hem down.

“Hell mum,” Mark said sharply, “what you want to do that
for. Come on flash the legs like you were before!”

The forcefulness in his words made her start, bewildered
and becoming more than a little scared Amanda pulled her
dress up to the point it had been before, her hands
trembling as she did so. She looked at Mark and grew
even more scared at the wild, lustful look in his eyes,
her concern grew as she saw the same look in the eyes of
his two friends. Mark spoke again making her jump a

“Just sit back and uncross your legs will you!” He
snapped out.

Almost without realising what she was doing Amanda did
as her son commanded, she knew that with her dress
hitched the way it was and her legs parted it wouldn’t
take much effort on their part to see right up to her
crotch. The way they leant forward then smirked told her
they had seen her filmy panties, not only the panties
but also her shaved pussy through them. Their next words
only confirming this and filling her with a mixture of
dread and, what was worse, a flutter of arousal, she
felt ashamed of herself. How could this frightening
situation be turning her on?

“Damn,” Bob laughed, “lookit that! The bitch has see-
through panties on!”

“Don’t know why she bothers to wear ’em,” Mark laughed,
“She couldn’t show off more if she was without ’em.”

“You’re one lucky son-of-a-bitch Mark,” Tom laughed
loudly, “having a dish of a slut mum like that!”

“Yeah, guess I am,” Mark laughed in reply. “Hey, slut
mum, pull your dress up so we don’t have to get a crick
to see.”

She felt her face going red with embarrassment, not just
from the words, but also from the looks they openly made
up her dress and Mark’s command to her to pull her dress
up for their convenience made her blush even more with
shame and humiliation. Even so she did as he had
ordered, she knew she should have bolted for her room,
but something held in the chair and moved her hands to
his whim, something called ‘fear’ that was growing in
her, the same fear that held a rabbit motionless as the
snake approached.

The three of them looked, leered, and cheered as she
drew the dress up to her waist, their eyes burning hotly
on her legs and pussy making her shame grow even more.

“Shit, just take the damned thing off mum!” Mark said
sharply “May as well take it all off, keep the stockings
on though, I like the feel of them.”

Amanda stared at her son in disbelief, her eyes moved on
to his friend Tom then to Bob and back to Mark again.
What she saw drove her to her feet; there was no
mistaking the look of desire and intent to fulfill that
desire in their faces. Barely had she taken a step
towards the living room door when she felt a hand grip
her upper arm painfully tightly, turning her head she
saw it was her own son that was holding her back.

“Going somewhere, mother dear?” Mark sneered at her. “I
don’t think so. Now, STRIP!”

He turned her around and pushed her further into the
room, Amanda couldn’t believe what was happening, it was
like some bad dream, a nightmare that she wished she
could wake up from.

“Mark, please…” she pleaded with him.

“Oh fuck this!” Mark snapped.

Amanda had no warning, suddenly her son’s hand slapped
across her cheek bringing tears to her eyes and fear to
her heart, behind him she could see his two friends
laughing and smirking at her and her son’s actions. She
would have escaped were she able, but now the three of
them were between her and the living room door.

Mark looked at her, then followed her eyes to the door
to freedom, she saw his lips curl in a sneer as he
instructed Tom to lock the door and put the key in his
pocket. Horrified Amanda watched Tom carry out her son’s
instructions; wide eyed she looked back at Mark.

“Get ’em off, NOW!” Mark snapped.

She backed away from him, but the three of them moved
with her, all of them waiting for her to take off her

“NO!” Amanda snapped back. “I won’t do it.”

She cried out as Mark slapped her across the cheek
again, then she felt the material of her dress being
pulled, she jerked forward as the material tore with a
ripping sound. She tried to cover herself with her arms
as she stared in horror at her son who had now tossed
the ruined dress aside and was reaching out to her

Even though she knew there was nowhere to go Amanda ran,
their cruel laughter chasing her as she tried to get to
the locked door, but Bob caught her, his fingers digging
into her upper arm painfully as she struggled to get

She almost succeeded, but Tom took hold of her other arm
in an equally painful hold and between them the two boys
held her struggling form, turning her around to face her
son. She cried out as he slapped her first across one
cheek, then across the other, his voice rose in
laughter, then he reached out and tore her filmy bra
from her breasts.

“Nice tits,” he commented with a laugh “What d’you think

“Fucking A!” Tom laughed as he leaned over to look.

“Can’t wait to get my hands on them!” Bob laughed.

“Not long now, Bobby boy.” Mark laughed as he grasped
her panties and pulled.

“Oh God, no!” Amanda cried out “Mark, no! You can’t! I’m
your mother! Please! Please don’t do this Mark!”

All she got in reply was laughter from all three of
them; tears filled her eyes as she struggled against the
two boys holding her, their fingers digging cruelly into
her arms. Legs thrashing she tried to kick out at them,
but all she got from that was another slap from her son
and the sound of laughter in her ears.

Tom moved, for a moment she saw a chance of breaking
free only to have it dashed as Bob twisted her arm up
behind her back, moved behind her, grasped her other arm
and twisted it up as well. Held as she was Amanda
couldn’t get away, even struggling sent pain through her
arms, nevertheless she continued to struggle against
Bob, even more so when she saw her son and Tom starting
to undress.

“Yeah,” Bob breathed menacingly in her ear, “that’s
right, we’re going to do you, bitch.”

Amanda froze at the sight of Mark and Tom’s erect
pricks, but renewed her struggles as they moved towards
her. Tom took over the hold from Bob and while Bob
undressed Tom pulled her tightly to him, his skin hot
against hers, his cock pressing at her buttocks. Mark
stood in front of her, his face twisted in an evil grin
of anticipation as he reached out and started to play
with her boobs.

“Mark first,” Tom hissed in her ear, “gonna be a right
turn-on watching your son screw you. Then me, then Bob.”

“God no!” Amanda gasped.

“He won’t help you.” Mark laughed as he squeezed her
boobs hard.

There was nothing gentle about her son’s touch, his
fingers dug into her boobs as he kneaded them, when he
turned his attention to her nipples his fingers squeezed
and twisted until she cried out. To her shame, despite
all this, Amanda began to feel herself growing aroused
by her son’s attention to her boobs, she could feel the
heat growing in her pussy as tears coursed their way
down her cheeks. Then one of her son’s hands was moving
down her body, it pressed against her clit briefly then
slid down to her pussy, two fingers suddenly plunged
into her, the hand crushing her pussy lips as her son
rammed his fingers into her with cruel force.

“Jesus!” Mark laughed. “What a whore! She’s fucking wet
and enjoying it!”

All three of them laughed at that, but Amanda only felt
shame that her body could react as it was under their
assault, though she struggled it did her no good, her
arms were almost being pulled from their sockets the way
Tom had them twisted up behind her, but her feet were
free for all the good that did her.

“You want it,” Tom breathed in her ear, “you know you
want it bitch. A little slut like you can’t get enough
of it.”

Mark laughed as Tom spoke in her ear; she was determined
to wipe that laugh off his face no matter how briefly.
With a screech she kicked out, her foot hitting him
square in the groin with force, the laugh died in his
throat as he dropped to his knees gurgling in pain and
clutching at his groin. Behind her Tom was so stunned by
what had happened he loosened his grip and she twisted
free, turned and kneed him in the groin, she had the
satisfaction of seeing him go down before a fist smashed
into the back of her head, stunning her and sending her
to her knees.

“I’ll fuckin’ fix you, bitch!” Bob’s voice spat out.

Amanda felt herself being dragged to her feet by her
hair, then Bob twisted her arms up behind her with a
force that made her cry out loudly, shaking her roughly
Bob hissed dire threats at her. Then Mark was in front
of her again, he seemed recovered from her kick, but he
was no longer smiling, instead there was a look of anger
on his face.

“You’ll pay for that!” he snarled menacingly.

Amanda spat at him; wiping the spittle from his face
with one hand Mark slapped her with the other.

“Get her down!” he snapped. “Fuck warming her up! Let’s
fucking do her!”

Before she could brace herself to resist Amanda felt
herself being thrust down onto the floor, she tried to
roll over onto her stomach, but cruel hands turned her
onto her back. Tom, now recovered as well, took her arms
and pulled them out level with her shoulders, then he
knelt on her upper arms with his full weight, Mark
grasped her ankles and despite her kicks f****d her legs
up to her shoulders. Then he pushed her legs open, in
horror Amanda saw Bob lean over Tom and grab hold of her
ankles, holding her wide for her son’s pleasure, Mark
let go of her and dropped his hands to her tits, his
fingers leaving angry red marks on her flesh as her
cruelly played with her. Then he once again turned his
attention to her nipples, teasing them cruelly with his
fingers, tugging at them and twisting them until Amanda
cried out in both pain and, to her mortification,

Through her humiliation, fear and growing excitement
Amanda constantly pleaded and begged for them to stop,
her words fell on deaf ears, the three boys were intent
on their actions.

Still struggling Amanda almost managed to free one of
her arms, but Tom and Bob, as though it were a practised
manoeuvre, shifted their positions until they were each
kneeling on one of her arms with their full weight. She
could feel pain in her arms as their weight crushed down
on her muscles and when they shifted the grip on her
ankles so that they had a leg apiece Amanda sobbed with
the knowledge that there was nothing she could do to
stop what was happening.

“Damn she’s hot for it.” Bob laughed as he pushed the
leg he held to one side, opening her pussy wider.

“And she’s gonna get it!” Tom laughed as he too pushed
her other leg wider apart.

“No, please no.” Amanda sobbed, “Mark, please!”

Mark’s only response was to laugh then lean forward to
suck one of her nipples into his mouth, his free hand
sliding down her body to her pussy where he pressed hard
against her clitoris before rubbing at it forcefully.
Despite herself Amanda felt her body responding with
increased arousal to her son’s rough handling, try as
she might she could not hold back the growing storm of
the orgasm rising within her. What was worse, her son
knew she was responding, so too did his friends and they
laughed, joked and made coarse comments about her

She felt herself trembling on the brink of climax when
Mark moved his hand from her clit and plunged his
fingers, into her pussy, the sensation of his fingers
thrusting into her sent a burst of pleasure throughout
her body. With a denying cry of despair Amanda climaxed,
her body trembling as wave after intense wave of
unwanted pleasure shot through her, she felt as though
her body was betraying her as her pussy pushed up on her
son’s intruding fingers.

“Man is she juicy!” Mark laughed, “I got to get me a
taste of that!”

His friends laughed and encouraged him to ‘suck the
bitch out’ and to ‘tongue her cunt’; Amanda sobbed with
both pleasure and shame as she felt her son move down
her body. Then his mouth was at her pussy, she could
feel his breath on her flesh as he hovered for a moment
above her.

“Damn she smells good!” Mark commented.

Suddenly his mouth took possession of her pussy, she
felt his tongue snaking into her, licking at her juices
and probing deeper for more, his hands slid up her body
to play with her boobs again and despite everything
Amanda felt herself rising to an orgasm once more. With
a cry she came, her body heaving and straining against
the constraints on her arms, pushing up to her son’s
face insistently as though demanding his attentions. The
laughter of her son’s friends rang in her ears as she
was overwhelmed by passion, albeit unwanted passion.

“Someone help me!” Amanda sobbed loudly “Oh please God,
someone help me!”

“Damn she tastes great!” Marked laughed ignoring her
pleas “You guys have got to get some of this before we
do her!”

They never gave Amanda the remotest of chances to break
free, Mark took Bob’s place kneeling on her arm and
grasping a leg so smoothly they could have spent hours
practising just this movement. Bob lost no time in
playing with her boobs, his touch as cruel and harsh as
had been her son’s, nor did he treat her nipples any
more gently and once again Amanda felt her body rising
towards an orgasm.

When Bob moved a hand down to her pussy she shivered in
both dread and anticipation, then she was gasping and
sobbing as his fingers invaded her with a cruel thrust.
Laughing and making coarse, humiliating comments the boy
finger-fucked her roughly, concerned only with his own
pleasure, but giving her pleasure despite that. Amanda
sobbed, then cried out as her orgasm exploded, once
again her pussy pushed up onto the fingers invading it,
she felt violated by what was happening, but could do
nothing to stop her body reacting to their touch. Then
his fingers were gone from her, closing her tear filled
eyes Amanda tried not to enjoy the sudden placement of
his mouth over her clit, but his tongue pressing at her,
circling and twirling her sensitive bud f****d her to
cry out yet again with enjoyment of what was being done
to her.

Even when he bit her clit she could only cry out in
shame and excitement. Laughing Bob pushed his tongue
into her pussy, lapping at her juices while she cried
out her pleas for them to stop what they were doing amid
her cries of gratification of what they were doing.

“Oh yeah,” Bob grunted, licking his lips as he moved
away from her a while later “she is so sweet. Damn, she
tasted good! Get in there Tom, you’ll love it!”

Once again the boys switched positions, this time it was
Tom that violated her, his hands rougher than Bob’s or
Marks had been at her boobs, his fingers torturing her
nipples when he moved his focus to them. Under his touch
Amanda screamed in pain mixed with excitement, but he
did not bring her the same pleasure and when Tom moved
his attention to her pussy Amanda had not climaxed.

That situation did not remain for long though, Tom
attacked her clit with one hand while plunging the
fingers of the other into her with enough force to drive
her down tighter to the floor, she felt that he was
trying to split her apart with his fingers, but her body
reacted with pleasure, her screams of pain mingled with
groans of enjoyment. When he dropped his face to her
groin Amanda felt his tongue spear into her pussy and
his teeth scrape on her outer flesh, with a nibbling,
lapping action Tom sampled her juices until she yet
again cried out her pleasure and shame.

Tom drank his fill of her, then he and Mark swapped
positions while Amanda sobbed, pleaded and cried out for
help, all to no avail. She felt her son looming over her
and opened her tear filled eyes, above her Mark was
leering down at her, pleased, even excited by her
degradation, she could feel his weight coming down on
her and shook her head in denial of what he was about to

“NO!” she wailed as she felt her son’s cock pressing to

Above her Mark and his friends laughed as Mark thrust
himself into her in one heavy motion, she felt his
erection slide right into her, heard his laughter as he
began to fuck her with cruel strokes, her pussy lips
crushing between them as he ground down into her.

In desperation she tried to struggle before her body
could betray her again, but it was no use, the boys
kneeling on her arms and holding her legs spread had her
upper body immobilised while the weight of her son on
top of her as he fucked her kept her trapped where she
was. Still calling out for help and pleading with them
to stop Amanda felt her body beginning to move with her
son, it was as though something had taken her over,
making her body co-operate with her violators.

“Yeah, you like it.” Mark laughed down at her shame.
“You love it, slut, I can feel you doing it with me! Hey
guys, lookit my mother fuckin’ up on my cock. You are
going to love how tight she is too!”

“Hey Mark, stop moving and let the bitch do the work!”
Tom laughed, “She wants to do it, anyone can see that.”

“You got it!” Mark laughed as he pulled two thirds of
his length from his mother’s pussy.

For Amanda everything had taken on a dream like quality,
her mind withdrawing as her body surrendered to their
lusts, her sobs were still interspersed with whispered
pleas for succour, but she knew there would be none.
When her son stopped moving Amanda’s body took over,
thrusting herself on him, driving his cock in and out of
her pussy, and then she felt her legs suddenly released.
She might have kicked out, might have attempted escape,
but her mind was not in control.

With a will of their own her legs wrapped themselves
round her son’s body, drawing him tighter to her as she,
or rather her body, fucked him like the slut they had
been taunting her as being.

For a while her son let her do all the work, let her
fuck him, her legs pulling him tight to her with each
thrust upwards of her body, but eventually he started to
move again. Grunting with effort he pushed down at her,
his thrusts driving her down to the floor, his young
cock pushing into her then pulling back in an ever
faster rhythm that f****d her to climax over and over.

“HOT DAMN!” Mark groaned loudly as he pushed into her.

Amanda sucked in a shuddering breath as she felt his
cock bury itself deep inside her body, felt it swell and
jerk then felt the spreading heat of his semen filling
her as her son came in her. Despite her orgasmic
shudders Amanda cried out in despair at this final
violation of her body by her son, her head turned to one
side as shock overtook her. Nothing they did now could
match the degradation she felt of having her own son
fill her womb with his seed, or so she thought.

Dimly she became aware that her arms were no longer
pinned down, barely had that penetrated her shocked mind
than she felt a weight settling on her, pressing down on
her as a cock pushed at her groin. Then it was inside
her, sliding and thrusting into her, turning her head
Amanda saw it was Bob that was taking her, even as she
identified him she felt her traitorous body responding
to him, moving with his frantic humping.

“Christ Mark, your mum’s loving this!” Bob laughed as he
sated his lust in Amanda’s body.

Though Amanda cried out in denial her body gave the lie
to her words, physically she was theirs, her body
shaking and tingling in excitement from what they were
doing to her. As a climax hit her Amanda once again felt
the boy on top of her thrust cruelly into her, his cock
swelling and twitching as he filled her with his seed.
Then her pussy was empty, the weight gone from her body,
but only briefly.

Moments later another weight was pressing down on her,
another cock was forcing its way into her pussy and
another wave of pleasure was filling her as she began to
move with the boy on top of her. She didn’t need to look
to know it was Tom that was taking her, his voice
whispered breathlessly in her ear as he thrust and
ground on her.

“Like it bitch?” he was saying “Sure you do. You’re
loving it, aren’t you bitch. Whores like you always love
it! Come on admit it, tell me you love being fucked, say
it slut, say it, say, it…”

The words ‘say it’ became a litany that ran in time with
Tom’s thrusts only ending when his climax hit him. With
a groaned curse Tom pushed into her, she could feel his
cock twitching as it pumped his semen into her, then he
was moving again, but only for a few brief moments. Once
again Amanda felt the weight leave her, eyes closed,
tears forcing their way past the lids, she lay there
feeling violated, humiliated and used.

Even though the ordeal was over she felt no sense of
relief only shame at the way her body had betrayed her
while the boys had raped her. Above her the boys were
laughing and joking, she heard them calling her whore,
slut and bitch, declaring loudly what a good lay she had
been, all of which fuelled her shame at her reactions.

“Up on your knees slut.” She heard Mark’s voice saying.

A hand seized her ponytail and pulled upwards, crying
out at the pain Amanda had little choice but to follow
the direction she was being pulled. Her son pulled her
to her knees, then pulled her head back painfully by her
hair, with a growing terror that her ordeal was far from
over Amanda looked pleadingly up at her son’s face.

“You,” he leered down at her without a shred of mercy in
his eyes, “are going to suck us off. You bite, just
once, and I’ll knock your teeth out. Got it?”

Filled with terror Amanda nodded her understanding as
best she could, moments later she was gagging as her son
pulled her face to his groin and pushed his half erect
cock into her mouth. Too shocked mentally to do anything
but submit to what was happening Amanda withdrew her
mind and let her body take over.

Mark gave a groan of delight as she began to suck on
him, though withdrawn Amanda was aware of everything
that was happening, all too aware as it burned itself
indelibly into her memory. While she sucked her son’s
cock his friends laughed and shouted words of
encouragement to Mark and to her.

“Yeah Mark, fuck that sluts mouth, make her take it
all!” one of them was shouting.

“Take it bitch!” the other voice yelled, “all of it!
Suck that motherfucker’s dick!”

Amanda gagged when her son f****d his meaty cock into
her throat, but still she sucked on him, her tongue
moving on the underside of his shaft as he rocked to and
fro, his cock moving in her throat as he fucked her
mouth. Then his hand was pulling her head tight to his
groin, her nose crushed into his flesh, his cock pushing
deeper into her throat, he held her head motionless as
his cock twitched then shot hot, sticky semen into her

“Ahh… SHIT!” Mark grunted. “God that feels good!”

Satiated for the moment Mark pushed his mother away from
him, she sank back panting and gasping for air as he
stepped away from her and the next boy took his place.
Once again Amanda felt her head being pulled into place,
once again a cock pushed between her lips and she
started to suck on it. As though from a distance she
heard Bob’s voice as she sucked and bobbed on the cock
in her mouth, gagging as it was f****d into her throat.

“This bitch really knows how to suck cock!” Bob was
saying in a breathless tone, “Man I’m right down her
throat and she still wants more!”

Once again the cock was thrust deep into her throat as
her face was pulled tight to the body connected to the
thing, it twitched and a warm gush of sticky fluid
flowed into her throat. Swallowing all the flow Amanda
groaned around the flesh in her mouth, a groan of
humiliation, but also a groan of pleasure as the three
boys once again f****d her towards an orgasm.

The cock moved from her mouth, she barely had time to
get a shuddering breathe before the third cock was
rammed past her lips and straight into her throat making
her gurgle in discomfort.

“Oh yeah,” Tom’s voice sounded as she serviced the
moving cock fucking her mouth and throat, “hot damn,
yeah, your mum is one hot whore Mark, Jesus what a hot
little slut she is.”

Eventually the cock was thrust down her throat as her
face was pulled tight to a body, so tight her nostrils
were blocked and with her throat filled with meaty flesh
Amanda couldn’t breathe. Panic started to fill her, as
the boy using her mouth didn’t climax, instead he was
humping forcefully in her throat while crushing her head
tighter to his body.

Desperately she swallowed, praying that the movement of
her throat muscles would stimulate whichever boy it was
into cumming, almost a minute later, with her senses
reeling the cock twitched and semen erupted into her
throat. Still the boy held her to him, and then suddenly
released her to step away from her body as it fell half
unconscious to the floor. Amanda gasped and whooped in
air, her senses returning, though she wasn’t sure that
being conscious was something she wanted under the
circumstances, especially as what the three boys were
saying sank in to her.

“Damn she’s hot,” her son’s voice reached her bewildered
mind, “her cunt was tighter than I thought it would be.”

“Yeah, and if her cunt was tight,” Bob was saying, “what
the hell will her arse be like?”

“Sheeit!” Tom laughed, “I can’t wait to find out. Get
the bitch up, let’s do her arse now!”

Amanda cringed at their words, dreading what they were
planning, but knowing she was helpless, she hadn’t the
power to stop them. When rough hands started to pull and
push her up to her hands and knees Amanda screamed out
weakly, but her cries only made the three boys laugh all
the more loudly.

Her entreaties became ragged sobs as she felt a hand
stroking over her buttocks, despairingly she tried to
crawl away from the hand touching her, but all that
brought her was pain as her pony tail was grabbed and
pulled sharply and her hand was slapped with a force
that sent a loud crack round the room.

“Stay still mummy dear,” Mark’s voice came from behind
her, “or you get more of this!”

With his last words Mark’s hand smacked down on her
buttock, Amanda cried out then sobbed with the pain as
her son spanked her, when he stopped she felt a moment
of relief that quickly faded as she felt his hand
rubbing at the crease of her buttocks. Mark laughed as
he circled her anus with a finger making her tense up,
then he was pushing his finger at her tight puckered
hole, forcing it into her without any form of

“OH GOD NO!” Amanda cried out as his finger suddenly
overcame the resistance of her anus and thrust all the

Relentlessly her son finger fucked her arse, the pain
she felt making her scream out, her cries became even
louder when he f****d a second finger into her.
Mortified Amanda felt her body start to grow aroused
despite the pain she was feeling, despite the way she
was being violated by her own son, with horror she
realised that after her son would come his two friends.

Ages seemed to pass as her son fingered her, she felt
powerless, as her body grew more excited by his actions,
ashamed at the way it began to move with him in slow
jerks. Even more so when the boys noted her body’s
actions and made coarse remarks about how ‘hot’ she was,
calling her ‘insatiable’ a ‘right whore’ and worse.

When her son eventually pulled his fingers from her back
passage Amanda was trembling on the verge of a climax,
in her shocked and bemused mind she knew what his
withdrawal meant and though she prayed that she would
pass out to be spared this final humiliation her mind
stayed alert, noting and memorising everything that was
being done to her.

More for his own comfort than from any feeling of mercy
to his mother, Mark thrust his prick into her pussy,
letting it lie within her for a few moments to be coated
in her juices. For one brief moments Amanda though that
he would take her in the pussy rather than the anus, but
this faint hope was dashed when he pulled from her pussy
and pressed his cock to her puckered hole.

Although excited, her body still resisted the entry of
his erection, she could feel him pushing and pushing,
feel her anus tighten against him, but his determination
won out. Almost as though a door had swung upon her
son’s cock suddenly overcame the resistance of her anus
and surged into her to the hilt, she felt his groin slap
against her buttocks even as she cried out her pain and

“Christ she’s tight!” Mark groaned in pleasure “Jesus,
you are gonna love this Tom, she is so fucking tight!
Unbe-fucking-lievable man!”

Then he was moving in her, his erection pulling and
tugging at her back passage as he fucked her with hard,
heavy strokes that had her screaming with pain and shame
even as her body shook in climax. Mark seemed to go on
forever, in despair Amanda realised that his having
taken her twice already meant he would be a long time in
climaxing again, though the same could not be said for
her traitorous body.

Time and again she felt herself driven to a climax
against her will, her cries and protests growing weaker
with each orgasmic shudder that ran through her. She had
no idea how long her son abused her arse, but eventually
he pushed into her with a violent thrust and she felt
the twitch of his cock and the spreading heat in her
bowels that meant he was cumming.

“Oh yeah!” Mark groaned leaning over her back. “Boy, are
you a good fuck mother!”

A few minutes later, satiated for the moment, Mark
pulled his prick from her, gave her buttocks a slap then
moved away from her.

“Get in there Bob, it’s fan-bloody-tastic!” Mark

For Amanda the t*****e began over again as Bob ‘got in
there’, he wasted no time with playing with her, in one
hard motion he buried his erection in her arse and
started humping away frantically. She lost all sense of
time as the second boy fucked her back passage, her
whole being was overwhelmed by the humiliation she felt
and the shame that her body was reacting with excitement
to her defilement.

Almost mindless she still experienced every move the boy
was making in her, felt every stroke of his hands on her
back and when he eventually pushed into her with force
she felt every jerk of his cock as he filled her with
his semen.

“I am going to love this,” she vaguely heard Tom state
as she felt Bob withdraw and move away from her. “I’m
really gonna enjoy this!”

The other two boys laughed as Tom cruelly thrust his
prick into her; she felt his groin slap against her
buttocks as his hard flesh tore into her. The he was
taking her, his motions fierce and painful, added to the
movement of his cock in her back passage was the sudden
crack of his hand across her buttock.

“Ride ’em cowboy!” Mark laughed as his mother cried out.

“Yeehaw!” Tom laughed back as he began to spank Amanda
with each thrust of his prick.

By the time the boy pushed into her one last time, his
cock jerking as it spurted his seed into her depths,
Amanda’s buttocks felt raw, even her traitorous body had
lost its feeling of excitement under his onslaught. When
Tom finally pulled himself from her back passage she
collapsed in a sobbing, untidy heap, thankful only that
the ordeal was at last over, that they had no other ways
to take her, or so she believed.

Locked in her pain and humiliation Amanda heard the boys
laughing as they stood over her prostrate form, taunting
her with words that didn’t really sink in to her mind,
calling her names that had no real meaning to her. As
the minutes stretched out she felt herself become more
aware of her surroundings, she took in the words they
spat down at her, took in the comments they were making
and sobbed weakly at the realisation that her ordeal was
far from over.

Hands pulling and pushing at her, Amanda felt herself
positioned over one of the boys, through tear filled
eyes that were dulled with despair she looked down and
saw her son leering maliciously up at her.

“Why?” she whispered in dismay, “Dear God why?”

“Because we can,” he answered, as he thrust his cock
into her pussy and lay still, “You’re going to love the
rest of the night!”

A weight pressed to her back, then there was pressure at
her anus, Tom’s voice sounded in a groan of pure
satisfaction as his cock f****d its way into her back
passage making her cry out weakly. Then her cries were
stifled as the last of the three boys f****d her head up
and pushed his cock at her mouth, pushing it in past her
lips to slide into her throat. Violated at every orifice
Amanda groaned in despondency as the three of them raped
her at the same time, her body yet again betraying her
as their moving cocks f****d her to climax over and over
and over again…


Amanda woke with a start, looking up at the person
shaking her she saw her son leaning towards where she
lay sprawled in an armchair.

“You okay?” he asked, “You were groaning in your sleep,
we thought you were having a heart attack or something.”

“Just a bad dream,” she muttered to herself. “Thank

Looking down Amanda saw that she was naked, looking up
at her son she saw that he was naked, as were both his

“I think you’ve rested long enough,” Mark leered at her,
“time for you to ‘entertain’ us some more I think.”

With a despondent cry she realised it had been no dream.

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