Enzo dog against

This fiction recalls a series of intensely erotic
encounters unfolding at an impressionable age, which
opened my mind (and body) to a much wider range of
sensual-sexual possibilities than most people (myself
included) would have thought I was capable of.

At the time, I nearly lost myself in sexual addiction,
but managed eventually to get out of that trap without
suffering from guilts or complexes, and in doing so, I
learnt a great deal about myself and gained a huge
amount of self-confidence to try and enjoy all that is
sexually stimulating and possible to me; so I now have
plenty to enjoy without descending into painful, messy,
or humiliating depravity.

I love my past and enjoy the present. I also now feel
quite open about my inner fantasies and private desires
that had boiled up inside a highly sexual teenager,
eventually overflowing in barely controlled lust and
lots of passion.

My name is Nicolette. This is a reasonably accurate account
of a life-changing experience I had a few years ago,
when I was in my late teens, in my “blonde hair and
neatly trimmed pussy” phase. I have always been said to
be a pretty girl, with a heart-shaped face and nice
naturally full lips. After puberty I ended up with had
nice C-cup upward-pointing breasts and a size 12
curvaceous body at 5ft 7inches, with pubic hair that
needed only slight trimming to emphasis my prominent
mons, and slim finely crinkly pussy lips just visible
along my slit.

I had engaged in sexual activities including
masturbation, with and without insertion of phallic
objects, and heavy petting with boys since I was 13. I
enjoyed giving oral sex and (by the time I was 16)
enjoyed cum in my mouth, and swallowing it if I was
really turned on, and lost my virginity when I was 15,
but it was another two years before I had achieved
orgasm with a cock in my vagina, and even longer before
I could find any boy interested in licking my pretty

By the time I left school at 21, I was beginning to
realise that most boys couldn’t give a fig for my
intimate sexual needs, though perhaps it was because
those handsome studs who had been lucky enough to enter
my snug love tunnel were so self obsessed they thought
that all girls were there to service them!

In the year after leaving school, I had not succeeded
in getting in to any of my ambitious university
choices, and I was struggling to decide what to do. At
my family’s advice, I went to stay for a short while
with Kristen, a close longstanding friend of my older

Kristen by then lived in her own in a terraced house in
East Anglia, and had offered to show me something of
what it meant to work in a vocational career. She was a
qualified nurse, who had recently started working as a
midwife in the large hospital nearby. I was tentatively
thinking of training as a nurse myself, and so Kristen had
agreed to let me stay with her for a while, settle in
for a few days, and then she would show me around her
workplace and brief me well before I visited the human
resource recruitment manager, assuming I wished to
pursue a similar career.

As it happened, since my early teens I had always got
on really well with Kristen, who was the same age as my
sister, and therefore 5 years older than me, and was a
naturally very tactile and pretty person, with an eye-
turning figure, a lovely deep honeyed voice, and a
strange inability to keep interested in boyfriends.

Although I wasn’t “out” or anything, in my private mind
I definitely fancied her, or perhaps it would be more
accurate to say I had a really strong “crush” on her.
She always smiled and looked at me a bit longer than
necessary, whenever I touched her or hugged her, but
she never made any moves towards me.

I suppose I would have been terrified if she had done
anything obvious, but privately I had increasingly
erotic fantasies about her, such as snuggling with her
on the sofa by the fire in her living room, slim
curvaceous Kristen in her fluffy full length white
dressing gown and long hair, sipping a sweet liqueur
and frightfully elegant and knowing, whilst I ached
with a melting pussy, inwardly trembling, brushing one
hand accidentally across her covered breast as I
reached past her for my own glass, my other hand gently
resting on her thigh as I did so…

The first evening, Kristen cooked a stir-fry and we had
Chinese lychees for dessert. She didn’t want to talk
about work until I was settled in over the next day or
two. There was a fire in the living room, and Kristen
moved across to the sofa cupping her glass bowl of
sweet dessert fruit. I followed with my own glass bowl.
Relaxed and mellow, I sucked one of the white sweet
fruits down with a gentle slurp, looking over my spoon
at Kristen, coquettishly, as I thought. Kristen did her thing
of just smiling and looking at me, and put a lychee in
her mouth, pouting slightly, and giving a deep moan.

I felt inner butterflies and wanted to lean across to
her, and slip another fruit into her mouth, but the
mood broke as her large and loyal dog, a Weimerana
affectionately called Enzo, came noisily in, pushed
his nose at Kristen’s crotch, was pushed away after a
slightly too long pause on target, and instead licked
Kristen’s face and settled down in front of the sofa. Kristen
just smiled at me, so I commented on what a lovely dog
he was.

“Oh, he’s just bonkers,” came the reply. “He always
comes in to see what’s going on, and always has to have
a good sniff, naughty boy!” she laughed, rolled her
eyes, and then she looked at me again, smiling.

I think I missed something in the moment, but then we
started chatting about the lovely meal and Kristen’s warm
living room with the friendly fire in the hearth. We
laughed about useless boys, and how I’d just given the
elbow to a nice but pushy young man who never seemed to
let me get fired up properly before cumming himself
simply no idea about how to give a girl a good time!
After all, a real gentleman always attends to a girl’s
needs, and always lets the girl come first! We giggled
and agreed, and I felt emboldened by knowing that Kristen
would view me as an adult, instead of the naive girl
she probably remembered from when I was younger.

We went to our separate rooms for bed. Just before
retiring, Kristen said it was going to be cold tonight,
and if I found myself too cold then to come into her
room and we could snuggle together for warmth. I
suppose I wanted to snuggle with her, especially after
the close and tactile laughing and giggling that had
been going on all evening, but I went demurely to my
own bed. I was so unbelievably horny that night. After
recently ditching my boyfriend, I was not really
thinking of men at that time. I rubbed my pussy and
fantasized lewdly about Kristen licking my trimmed pussy,
sucking and pouting against my clit, and myself
suckling on her breasts. After cumming hard, I fell
deeply asleep, and completely failed to take Kristen up on
her offer of a warm cuddle in her double bed.

Next morning Kristen had already gone to work when I got
up. There was a brief note in the kitchen asking if I
could empty the hearth and set the fireplace for this
evening, and take Enzo for a walk, with a list of
places to go and things to do. I was just in my long T-
shirt which was my night shirt, with no panties, and
thought I could do the hearth before having a bath. I
cleaned the old ashes out, laid the fire, and was
kneeling on my forearms, looking at the hearth to
adjust the air vent, when I felt a push against my bum.
I looked round, and saw Enzo, who was trying to give
my pussy a good sniffing.

He tipped his nose under the hem of my nightshirt, and
went right up against my bare naked pussy. I jumped,
startled, and tipped myself over onto my side to get
away from his thrusting cold snout. He came up and
licked my face, rather affectionately, actually not at
all slobbery, and then turned away. I noticed his cock
sheath was shooting a pink tip, and he ducked his head
under to gave it a lick, which seemed to make it pout a
bit longer, and the sheath seemed to be a bit fatter
all of a sudden.

He was an imposing dog, and very smooth-haired and
silky looking in handsome liver-brown. He turned back
to me and lifted the hem of my night-shirt again,
nosing once again towards my pussy. As I watched,
motionless with fascination, his slim pointy cock
seemed to lengthen in front of my eyes. I think my
mouth was open with the hypnotic moment..

It clicked immediately this time, it dawned on me that
Enzo was familiar with Kristen’s pussy, really very
familiar by the looks of things, and that Kristen clearly
didn’t scold him for nuzzling her pussy or showing off
his cock… omigod! Maybe she got him to fuck her with
that growing cock of his… which was already making me
feel tingly in my own pussy?!

The thought of lovely pretty Kristen being fucked in her
pussy by the big handsome svelte Enzo made my pussy
melt instantly into slippery wetness. Enzo nosed
towards my pussy, smelling my arousal for sure, and
licked a long slurp, from anus to clitty hood, opening
my pussy lips apart in one stroke, which made me gasp
in shock and pleasure. By reflex, in my state of
instant arousal, I opened my thighs, and pulled my
upper leg up and back with one hand behind the thigh,
giving him open access to my melting honey pot.

As he licked my already slippery pussy again, and then
again, I watched his cock, mesmerised, his cock was
getting really long while the velvet-haired sheath was
beginning to bulge. As he moved his rear legs closer
and started to hunch his back, a few clear drops
appeared at the end of his pointed prick, which shook
off with his movements onto my leg. The clear drops
were very warm, almost hot.

I rolled fully onto my back, and he came forward with
his front paws right astride my chest, licked my face,
and tried to hump my belly. I lifted my bum up off the
carpet, raising my pussy towards him, he seemed to know
where my pussy was located, as he stabbed towards it
but kept thrusting into the air above me. His front
paws clamped against the side of my waist, his sharp
dew-claws blunted by my cotton night shirt.

I was now absolutely ragingly horny, all I could think
about was getting that shiny long pink cock to slide
into my aching pussy, while hot drops of clear dog-cock
fluid kept showering lewdly onto my belly. I looked
breathlessly over at the footstool in front of the
sofa, and pulled it swiftly over to me. Once I had
raised my bum onto the footstool, with two cushions
hastily arranged behind my shoulders, I was at the
right height.

I reached over to his sheath and gently pulled him
obligingly towards me. As I did so, with one hand
around the base of his sheath, all in about two or
three seconds the rest of his cock telescoped out of
the sheath, and two large bulges swelled in my hand
inside the velvety sheath. I gasped at the sudden size
of his cock, it was a good 7-inches and growing, and as
fat as a courgette already. He was humping fast now in
my hand, and little squirts of clear hot juice were
squirting from the bevelled pointy tip of his long fat
cock hitting my pussy lips and trickling down my crack.

I had to have him, and it was obvious that he had to
have me. I almost couldn’t breathe with my lust. While
I held the base of his sheath with one hand, his firm
humping started to push the tip of his cock into my
pussy crack with each advance. Each thrust squirted hot
clear juice into my pussy, and his thrusts were getting

His cock spurts were hot and delicious as the angle and
jet pressure of each mini-squirt f****d the clear fluid
past the entrance into my pussy. At the base of his
cock, his sheath slid fully back revealing two big
bulges, shining and pink with veins over them, and his
shaft was fully stiff and thick. I couldn’t stop him as
he clamped my waist with his front paws, and shuffled
his rear forwards, humping a long deep thrust, which
slid his cock right into my juice-soaked pussy, forcing
his copious hot juices, which were already filling up
inside my honey pot, to overflowing around my inner
thighs as he sank into me.

I was riven deep and thickly, plunged right up to the
hilt, his thick dog-cock was really hot, my pussy was
totally slippery expanding up as his width filled me up
completely, it was, oh, so glorious, there was no pain,
only a delicious rippling distension of my copiously
slippery pussy as it gripped the outside of his firm
thick long shaft sinking deep into my youthful quim.

He humped long, hard and really fast, those enormous
bulges at the base of his cock pushing against my pussy
with each thrust. I was in ecstasy, on the sweet point
of a huge climax for the longest time, only holding
back from relaxing into orgasm because I was scared
that he might try to push those enormous nudging knobby
bulges all the way inside me.

So while I was being bounced in erotic helplessness on
the footstool by his thrusts deep inside my pussy, I
moved my hand from the base of his sheath up to the
base of his cock just in front of the bulges, to stop
him going all the way inside me. When I gripped the
base of his cock, his whole canine cock swelled thickly
even more, and he pushed really hard, his cock now felt
even deeper and stretched my cervix, filling me
unbelievably full.

I felt his hot cum pouring into me in longer, stronger,
jet-squirts, small amounts escaping around the sides of
his cock now wedged in my tight pussy. With the hot
liquid spurts vibrating inside my pussy with each jet,
I came then, in great shudders, grasping the base of
his thick cock in one hand, and my other arm around his
neck as I hugged his forequarters down to me, pulling
my breasts up to his smooth-haired chest.

I had never experienced a climax so full throttle
sexually charged and intense before, and I fell back in
ecstatic exhaustion after about 20 seconds, my cunt
still twitching and so full of cock and cum. He
continued to ejaculate into my full pussy for another
half minute or so, his dog-cock was so hot, much hotter
than a man’s cock, and the dog-cum was really hot, I
could feel its warmth inside me. Then he paused, and
after about ten seconds, pulled his dog-cock all the
way out of my pussy.

Gawd, it was absolutely colossal, it seemed to slide
out forever, then with a sucking plopping sound, a
great gush of cum poured out of my puffy sexed-up
pussy. I was shocked by the size of his cock, at least
9 inches from knobs to tip, and as thick as a cucumber
at the widest point. Much bigger than when it went into
me. No wonder it had felt so intense, it was a perfect
fit from start to finish, as it expanded up from the
moment of penetration to its huge long thick hot finale
inside my tight but ever so slippery youthful
accommodating pussy.

I was literally stunned by this experience, dizzy,
unable to do anything but gasp breathlessly and flop
back. It took me a couple of minutes to gather my
strength and pull myself together, still feeling
unbelievably horny and tingly, as if my pussy was still
being plunged and filled, though now empty and yearning
for that feeling to return. Enzo turned away and
licked himself clean, his formidable tool pendulously
suspended beneath his belly, and then curled up by the

First I had to get up, but even with my hand pressed
against my tightly squeezing pussy, another great rush
of cum gushed out of me uncontrollably. I tried to
catch it all in my nightshirt, but some squirted around
my fingers and dripped onto the carpet. I staggered
into the downstairs shower-room, and sat on the toilet.

Another dollop of cum came out as I squeezed and
relaxed my pussy, I was fascinated by the amount of
cum, much more than I had ever received from a boy, and
my pussy felt empty and needed filling, so I slipped
two fingers into my loosened pussy up to the knuckle to
see what was going on. My pussy was squishy and so
slippery, there was still plenty of cum creaming out. I
wiggled them about, pushing my G-spot a bit, which felt
really nice, and then pulled my fingers out and licked
them, it tasted really quite good, with a slightly
metallic edge to the cum, so I dipped in again with
three fingers for some more.

I was still high, buzzing with sexual excitement, and I
knew I could cum again so I fucked myself with three
fingers, deep into my loosened up pussy, rubbing my
clit-hood with my other hand, until I came again. I
almost fainted with the second juddering climax, my
legs out straight and squeezing my thighs and cunt
tightly around the fingers up my pussy.

Later, after my bath and cleaning up the living room
floor, I washed my nightshirt, and did the fireplace.
Enzo was quite obviously Enzo about Bonking, and
now I could see Kristen’s name for him was so appropriate.
He was completely nonchalant about the whole thing
afterwards, after licking himself clean and resting. I
took him out for a walk, and did a bit of window
shopping, and bought a half bottle of cava for later.
Enzo stayed close and attentive to me all the time
we were out, as good and appropriate as one could find.
No public sniffing, no following other girls… I spent
the remainder of the day getting to grips with my

I kept getting these mental images of Kristen being
fucked, from the front, the side, from the rear, in the
living room, on her bed, anywhere in the house, dress
hitched up, or naked; in make-up or tousled first thing
in the morning; it was such a lewd day for me. It
seemed so obvious to me that Kristen would know I’d done
it with her big lovely dog, he obviously likes it a
lot, and she would surely wonder if Enzo had “outed”
her whilst she was out at work, and anyway, maybe
Enzo would give me away somehow to her, and how was
I going to deal with it?

Kristen was due back at 4.30 after her early shift, so I
lit the fire at 4 o’clock and prepared some afternoon
tea. Being winter it was already getting dark.

When Kristen arrived, I was in the kitchen and Enzo was
up and waiting at the front door for her. I could see
just past the edge of the kitchen doorway as Kristen came
in through the door, he immediately went up to sniff
under her skirt. As she shut the door, leaning back
against it, Kristen moved her legs slightly apart and
tilted her hips, lifting the front of her hem for him.

She tipped her head back slightly, and smiled, stroking
one hand on his head and behind one ear. After about
five seconds, and presumably about five licks from him,
she closed her eyes and her mouth formed a perfect
little pouting “O”, and she pulled him away and
straightened up, going down at his face level, petting
him affectionately as he licked her face for a few
seconds, while she fussed over him.

I was awestruck. “Kristen does do it with him, she lets
him fuck her,” is all I could think right then. I
discreetly ducked my head back.

I stayed out of sight in the kitchen for a few seconds,
and then called out:

“Kristen, is that you?”

She popped her pretty head around the kitchen door,
doing her smiling thing and looking at me, head
slightly tilted.

“So, have you had an exciting day?” she asked me.

“Oh it’s been great. Done the chores. I just love
Enzo, he’s been so good.”

“I’ll bet,” she said coyly, “Did he behave himself?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “He did everything he was asked,
and behaved like a real gentleman”

“Yes?” asked Kristen, her eyes laughing as she took in my
body language, and looked me slightly up and down. “A
real gen-tel-man, huh?”

“Hmm hmmm,” I nodded, smiling slightly dreamily,
unconsciously leaning back against the worktop surface
while fractionally half closing my eyes.

Kristen smiled wickedly at me, almost lewdly, for the
longest time, and then came up to me and gave me an
affectionate girlfriend hug but closer and slightly
longer than usual, and a soft peck on the cheek just at
the edge of my lips. I slightly responded by turning my
lips towards hers, so the peck became a half-kiss. I
felt her already-erect nipples inside her dress
pressing against mine, which immediately crinkled to
hard points, pressing back.

“Is it getting very cold outside?” I asked, feigning
innocence, my cheek against hers, and one hand still
round her waist, my breasts still touching hers. I
could feel her warmth penetrating me, and her breasts
pushed back very slightly, those hard nipples quite
erotic against my adolescent hard-tipped cones.

“Hm hmmmm,” she hummed back in a tenor pitch, copying
my response a few seconds earlier, “I should think
we’re going to need some extra warming this evening”
she said, in a honeyed tone.

“Oh good,” I giggled, “I was a bit cold last night, as
you warned me, maybe I should have taken you up on your
parting offer of a nice warm snuggle.”

Kristen also giggled, a spontaneous and sexy response, and
squeezed my waist against hers, and then released me,
giving me another soft kiss just a bit more lingering
than a peck, this time half across my lips from the

“That sounds like a good idea. Thanks for seeing to
Enzo,” she said, ambiguously, “and thanks for doing
the fire, it’s a real treat to come home feeling a warm
glow like this.”

My breasts were heaving slightly, and I found myself a
little breathless. I’m sure I was flushed, my lips felt
full and I licked them unconsciously. I had been a
sexual time-bomb all day, and anything was going to
light the fuse. Kristen moved apart from me, but trailed
her hand from my waist along my arm, finally sliding
her hand like a feather across my hand as she parted
from me. She looked at me with that maddeningly direct
smile tipping her head very slightly, but this time I
started getting a sexual buzz from it, no question at

She seemed to take it all in with her gaze. My pussy,
which had been half-alight most of the day, started to
itch with that familiar throb. There was a long pause,
and I felt the atmosphere start to get fragile, in
danger of breaking. To rescue it, I moved back towards
the kitchen units, as if moving past her, using my left
hand on her arm to stabilise myself as I leaned past
her for a plate of tea cakes. She reflexively returned
the pressure on her arm against my hand, and she
discreetly inhaled my scent as I brushed past her. I
could detect the faint odour of the hospital on her,
over her own fragrance.

“Have a little nibble, and then we can make an evening
of staying in,” I said, passing her the tea cakes.

She took one, and licked the edge cheekily, then took a
little bite, pouting her lips as she did so.

“I think I’ll have a bath, and then we can get comfy,”
she said, archly, raising her eyebrows and mincing out
toward the stairs, with the slice of tea cake held
provocatively by her open mouth.

“Let me know when you want me to come up and do your
back,” I called, “I’m sure I could help you unwind,” I
added, in a smoochy voice.

“HmmmHmmmmm,” Kristen replied with exaggerated, sexiness,
“that sounds like just what the doctor ordered,” she
added, equally smoochily, as she slid up the stairs.
“I’ll ring for room service shortly.” She giggled, and
disappeared into the bathroom, starting the bath

I was hot and breathless again. Butterflies in my
tummy. Things were really going to happen tonight, I
felt sure. My pussy was throbbing and I could feel the
little patch of wetness spreading in my crotch. I leant
back against the worktop, and Enzo, attracted by the
odour of my arousal no doubt, silently slipped under my
skirt pushing his nose right on target firmly onto the
centre of my wet panties! I gasped out loud, and popped
my head back, holding my arms out either side of me for
support as I leant back, parting my legs for him to get
better access.

He nosed again against my clit-hood inside my
underwear, and then licked my panties, so I slipped my
gusset to one side for him to get direct access to my
pussy. His next lick was right on target, and I gasped

“Did you say something Nicolette?” called Kristen from upstairs

“No .. (uttering an involuntary “hnnnf” as another
slurp from Enzo’ long tongue lashed along my
slit)… er, everything’s OK. I’m just dealing with
Enzo…” I replied.

“Oh just let him do what he wants, he’s usually pretty
good,” Kristen offered, from upstairs, out of sight of the
shockingly lewd activities taking place in the kitchen.

“Oh… (gasp)… OK then,” I responded, relaxing into
Enzo’ licking strokes.

The sound of the bathroom door shutting reduced the
sound of the bath water flowing.

After a few more long languid licks along my widening
slit by the handsome dog, I slipped my knickers right
off, holding them in one hand, lifted my skirt hem, and
leant back against the counter with my legs spread and
my hips tilted slightly upwards. My sex was brazenly on
display, I was bare naked from the waist down with my
skirt held up quite openly. Enzo went to work
properly on my slit as my pussy juices started to flow
in earnest. While his tongue snaked along and inside my
pussy lips, making me shudder with intensity and
pleasure each time it reached my clit, I conjured up
the mental image of Kristen at the front door letting her
big dog do the same thing to her, and her mouth making
the perfect “O” as he licked her sexy target. His licks
were slightly rough in texture, and unstoppable, and
just so intense.

I came fairly quickly, with strong pulsing
contractions, but instead of sating me, the buzz was
increasing, building my excitement. I kept thinking of
Kristen’s face in sexual pleasure, so I pushed Enzo
away and squatted down with my face at his level, like
Kristen had done earlier. The lovely dog licked my face a
few times, but seemed fairly nonchalant, soon turning
away. As he did so, I saw a couple of inches of his
pointing slim red cock tip which slowly slipped back
inside his sheath this time.

I was so horny, but I wanted to see Kristen’s breasts and
pussy, and let her play with my own trim pussy, if I
could get it to happen.. I wanted to see her face
showing her pleasure, with that lovely pouting silent
“O” like she had done when Enzo’ tongue caressed her

I opened the fridge, rubbing my thighs together, and
took out the chilled Cava, I gently popped the top and
poured two glasses. As I put the remainder back in the
fridge, I noticed a long cucumber with a distinct bend
in the shape. Gawd! I thought, everything looks like a
cock to me at the moment! I put my hand on the round
smooth end of the lewd green vegetable, and rubbed my
thumb thoughtfully over it.

Taking it out of the fridge, and selecting a sharp
veggie knife, I removed the rear stalk and trimmed the
back end nice and round like the front. It would
definitely do for a double-dildo, I thought. I ran hot
tap water into the sink, and soaked it for a minute or
two, until it was just a bit warmer than body
temperature. I had rude inner images of Kristen and myself
coupling along the fat slightly-ridged shaft.

“How to get it into play?” I wondered. “In the bath?
That could work!”

First I went into the shower room with it, and looked
around for the body lotion and body massage oils kept
in there. I tucked the cucumber provocatively jutting
out of the top of my skirt waistband, picked up a nice
tangerine-scented massage oil and some vanilla and
coconut lotion to enhance any tactile fun, and
collected the two glasses of cava in my other hand from
the kitchen. Taking them all with me I went upstairs
into the spare room, my bedroom. The throb in my pussy
was almost unbearable, if I couldn’t get to play with
Kristen, at least I would end up with the cucumber!!

I stripped off, and checked my pussy and tits. All
seemed lovely and aroused, fresh and ready for play. I
then worked the body lotion all over my body, over my
pussy, and then after looking at it again, worked it
over the cucumber.

I tried slipping an oiled-up finger into my pussy. My
slit parted like butter, and my oiled finger sank into
my slippery crack. Then two fingers, no problem. I
gently eased my fingers out, and then posed the
cucumber up like a bowing erect gigantic cock. With
massage oil on the end of the warmed cucumber, I sank
down onto it, and it parted my pussy erotically, and
gently eased me fully open as it sank blissfully deep
into me.

I raised myself up and sank down again a few times,
sliding my pussy tightly around the veggie cock, it was
just lovely. I thought of sliding along in the bath
towards Kristen, face to face, with my secret underwater
organ firmly embedded in my own pussy, ready to slide
into her soft pussy. Yesss! I was at the next level of
arousal with another small orgasm, as my pussy clasped
and unclasped the cucumber a few times.

I gave the cucumber a slight push to bury it fully in
my vaulted cunt, about three quarters of its length in
my pussy, held it there feeling the deep stretch, and
felt an answering squeeze from my clenching pussy
kegals, and then slid it out. As it left my pussy, I
squeezed my cunt muscles tight shut and gave more tone
to my kegals. No slackness in my pussy. It gripped my
testing finger like a vice, and then relaxed and
tightened again on my impulse. Nice. Very very nice.
Nobody would know I had taken a huge dog cock today,
and now a cucumber, full fathom deep, in my youthful

I kept imagining Kristen letting Enzo fuck her pussy
with his huge dog-cock. She must have an accommodating

“She’ll definitely like the feel of the cucumber in our
pussies,” I fantasized to myself.

I coated the cucumber liberally with tangerine oils and
pulled on a fluffy bathrobe, tucking the cucumber in
the belt behind my back, and turned in the direction of
the bathroom.

“Would you like to take a bath?” called out Kristen, in a
tenor voice, oh so sexily, “there’s room for two if you
want.” God, I was so in tune with her thoughts, and she
with mine. She KNEW I was ready for more intimacy,
though I was only a teenager and she in her twenties. I
was hot for her. My heart kicked, my breasts heaved,
and my pussy melted, oozing sweet tangy pussy juice
lubricating the inside of my thighs.

“Oh yes, that sounds perfect,” I called back, a slight
catch in my voice due to my sexual tension, though
trying to sound casual but warmly appreciative, “I
could do with a lazy snuggle in a warm bath.” I put the
oils and lotion bottles in my pocket, and carried the
glasses of fizz into the bathroom.

Kristen was lying back, nude in the full-length Victorian
pedestal bath with side taps, her arms and elbows along
the top edges holding her up so she didn’t slide down
into the bath. As I leaned over to give her the glass
of fizz, she reached up with her hand revealing above
the water line her beautiful breast with beautiful
areola and pointed nipple. She was really sexy and very
pretty in the bath, with waterproof eyeliner and
slightly pouting “kiss-me” lips.

I could smell heady fragrant bath oils, forming oil
patterns and beads which obscured the surface of the
milky-coloured water. I couldn’t stop myself from
looking at her breast in admiration, Kristen of course
with her steady gaze taking in my every nuance.

I knelt down, as Kristen took a delicate elegant sip of
the fizz, and slowly closed her eyes appreciatively,
and swallowed, her pale throat rippling slightly as she
tipped her head back a fraction.

I slipped the cucumber unseen from behind my back and
put it on the floor towel protecting the carpet, beside
the bath, hidden from view by the rolled-over edge of
the tub, positioned where I could reach it whenever I
wanted it.

“Oh, Nicolette, you’re a sweet love,” she said, smiling
again, as she opened her eyes again, “what a delicious

I reached over and touched Kristen’s lips with my finger,
shushing her.

“It’s OK, Kristen, I thought we could have a little

She kissed my finger appreciatively, and then sucked in
the tip of my finger and kissed it again, smiling

“Mmmmm,” she said, sliding her lips along the side of
my fingertip, “you smell lovely � fragrant citrus, and
something tangy like sea-breeze,” she said, “Mmmmmmm.
Verry nice.”

I giggled, blushing slightly, realising that sea-breeze
was the perfect description of the scent of my aroused
pussy, and gently withdrew my hand.

I unloaded my pockets of lotions and oils, so Kristen
could see them, and then undid my robe, pushing my
breasts forward and letting the garment fall open.

“I’ve brought in a few things that might come in useful
if we want to unwind,” I said helpfully, pretending not
to care that my nipples were fully erect and my tits
jutting naively at Kristen’s eye level.

My breasts were perfectly revealed, the nipples hard
and aroused, but not quite separate from my young
conical areolas, and I licked my lips again
unconsciously as Kristen’s eyes flicked down to my nipples
and back up to my eyes. I stood up as gracefully as I
could manage, and raised one smooth shaved leg onto the
side of the bath, baring my pussy to her gaze, pausing,
while I let the robe fall back off my shoulders, and
slowly slide down past my waist and onto the floor.

Kristen’s eyes went from my eyes to my lips, to my tits,
and then to my trim pouting pussy, the clit hood just
visible at the top of my slit, my slim crinkly lips
definitely puffing and shining wet with pussy juice and
beginning to separate. My crotch felt totally slick and
increasingly slippery under her widening gaze at my
half-open pussy-lips.

I was feeling magnificently exhibitionist, and so
ready. Her eyes gazed steadily at my sex for a languid
moment, and she licked her lips inadvertently, before
dropping her gaze to my ankles and feet.

“My word, you’ve really grown up so very pretty,
haven’t you Nicolette? You’re so lovely standing there, but
I wouldn’t want you to get cold, and the water’s so
warm, why don’t you join me?”

She raised herself up and revealed both breasts,
flawlessly shaped and tightly erect nipples, as she
reached for my hand. I took her hand, and stepped in,
keeping my back arched and toes pointed, showing off my
tits and bum and glowing skin. Our faces leaned
together as I lowered myself, and I gave her a gentle
kiss full on her lips, then pulled back, and sat down
in the warm oily water, embracing the fragrance. It was
Kristen’s turn to be a bit breathless this time, as her
bosom heaved slightly, and she swallowed and closed her
eyes slowly and opened them again.

She leaned back and our legs tangled beautifully
underwater, as we took our drinks and sipped them in
synchrony, both murmuring “MmmmMmmmmmmm” as we

I was in heaven.

My right leg was over hers, and my left leg was under
hers, knees just above the water.. We faced each other,
our legs entwined and our pussies perhaps 18 inches
apart. Kristen slipped one hand under the water and gently
stroked my right leg, just as I dipped my right hand
under, and started to stroke her left leg lightly as if
in response.

“Oh, you’re lovely and so smoooooth,” I commented,
smoochily, as I gently moved my hand upwards.

“Hmmmmmmm…. so are yooou,” she returned, in deep
tenor silky voice, sliding her hand with a feather
light touch up past my knee, and then over to the inner
aspect of my thigh..

I slid very slightly down in the water, and Kristen did
the same, keeping our eyes at the same level as each
others’ and looking sweetly at each other. Kristen’s lips
seemed to be fuller and more rosy than usual, and she
had a coy smile that emphasized her lovely pout. I
licked my lips again, and so did Kristen. It was perfect.

I was tingling, our pussies must be only inches apart,
and any second now they would touch.

I stroked her inner thigh, moving my fingers closer and
closer to the sensitive area just below the pussy lips.

Kristen copied, and then there was a glancing touch as her
movements brushed past my pussy lips, which made me
gasp quietly and pop my head slightly back. Once, then
again, then again, she grazed my pussy lips, as she
gave me that maddening steady smiling gaze, now heavily
laden with sexual implications.

My hand steadied against the inside of her thigh, just
touching her pussy.

She stroked my slit directly this time, gently, her
thumb sliding up my lips and buffing my clit-hood,
coaxing my concealed sensitive button, but just
avoiding direct over-stimulation too early. I closed my
eyes and moaned quietly, and slid down another couple
of inches, my heels sliding behind her hips..

It happened. We were leaning back, and our pussies
touched, and then they gently pressed against each

I arched my back, jutting my firm young breasts, and
tilted my hips forwards a fraction, to get my clit in
contact with hers. I was so slippery with arousal, and
with the bath oils, that it felt slick and wonderful
and intense. I rubbed my pussy against hers, and tilted
my hips back and forward a couple of times, very
gently, causing a delicious sliding friction of
beautiful intensity, pussy lips to pussy lips, clit to
clit, and thighs to thighs.

Kristen finally closed her eyes, popped her head back, and
moaned in ecstasy, sliding her hands up to her breasts
and lifting the nipples up on her third fingers, thumbs
stiffly pointing forward as she paused before pinching
her buds between finger and thumbs. Her mouth was only
just open, but her lips were pouting, making a tiny
“O”. The sight of her ecstatic face and the mashing of
our sexes together caused my pussy to twitch and a
mini-orgasm rippled through me with a fine tremor.

“Oh Luce, that’s heavenly,” I murmured.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” replied Kristen, “Room service has
certainly improved since you’ve come to stay,” she
added sexily, pressing her pussy back against mine, and
tilting her hips in time to mine, to enhance our mutual
slippery erotic friction.

“We aim to please,” I replied hornily, “first come,
first serve.”

After a couple of minutes of gentle but intense mutual
rocking, I leaned forward, keeping my opened pussy
pressed against her parted cunt lips, and with the
change in angle our parted pussy lips protruded our
erect clits out from beneath their hoods, and they
buffed together, we both gasped and reached for each
other in desperate urgency, trying keep our sexes
rubbing together.

Kristen held me behind my arms, and I held her behind her
waist. Our legs were widely opened, heels around each
other’s bums, pulling our hips and pussies together. We
were both slightly tilted to our right side, due to the
tangling right-over-left arrangement of our legs, which
allowed closest meeting or our sexes.

We kissed slowly and delicately, and then she slipped
the tip of her tongue over my lips and past them
between my parted teeth and into my mouth, where she
encountered my own tongue, snaking forwards to entwine
with hers. I felt Kristen’s tremor of a mini-orgasm, then
we were both murmuring and moaning quietly as we made
sweet love, sliding pussies together, buffing clits,
breasts touching, and kissing passionately but

Our synchronised sinuous pelvic rocking caused hardly
any water disturbance, but seismic forces were building
fast inside me, and I came again, intensely this time,
leaning back against Kristen’s arms, gasping in orgasmic
release while she leaned her upper body forward and
kissed my lips, face and eyes, our nipples just bumping
each other.

After a minute or so, I kissed her again with my tongue
in her mouth, titivating with her own tongue. Then I
slid back a bit, making some space, watching her
arousal in her face, and slipped one hand down onto her
breast, and the other one down to her pussy lips. I
rolled her nipple and squeezed it gently, and cupped
her breast, while my other hand stroked up her slippery
crack, widening the lips apart, and then gently
slipping two fingers into her vagina.

I had never put my fingers into another girls’ pussy
before, but hers felt so soft and snug around my
fingers, and warm, I twisted them around till I could
push up against her G Spot, and then rocked my wrist to
get my fingers masturbating her deeply.

“Oh Nicolette, that’s nice,” she murmured into my mouth,
“Put more fingers in me.”

I slid them out and then pushed three in, my little
finger stroking along her bumhole as my fingers slid in
and out of her vagina. Her fleshy cunt walls and pussy
lips clenched on my fingers, and then in a series of
definite relaxations, opened up and allowed me to push
four fingers in up to my knuckles, my thumb lying over
her clit. I fucked her cunt firmly, her clit receiving
a fast rub from my thumb as my four fingers slid in and
out, Kristen’s slippery juices and the bath oils making
her sex so lubricated and slick, it was quite

“Oh Nicolette, oh Nicolette,” she gasped, “I’m going to… going
to… OOOOooooooh!” she leaned against me, opened her
mouth into a wide “O”, and pressed one hand on my
invading hand, pushing it harder and deeper into her
cunt, and her other hand pushing my hand harder on her
breast, so I squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple as
she burst into a long, long, long, shuddering climax,
her cunt clutching and clenching my hand again and
again and again.

When she finished orgasming, I slowly withdrew my hand
from her cunt, and simply caressed her pussy slit while
stroking her breast and nipple.

She pulled me to her and kissed me gently again, with
delicate tongue tips flicking against each other, and
moaned sweetly in her throat.

“Oh Nicolette, you’re perfect, I’ve been hot for you for the
longest time, I can’t believe you couldn’t know? I
would have been ready any time if you made any sign.”

“Oh Kristen,” I said lovingly, “you’re so wonderful, I’ve
so wanted you too, especially today, all day, and you
were so good, I just wasn’t sure how to start! Oh, I
just love this bath!!”

We looked at each other’s tits and smiling faces, and
caressed each other beautifully.

“Does my sister know you’re so good at this?” I asked,

“Well, she never took my hints, and I never made
anything happen,” replied Kristen, smiling dreamily. “but
I do wonder if she thinks about me in this way
sometimes. She couldn’t be as good as you, though,” she
added, stroking my breasts and very gently pinching my
nipples as she passed her hands over the youthful
areolas. Her continuing sensual attention made me
shiver, and my pussy was still yearning with that itch
to be filled.

We sponged each other gently, and then I reached for
the massage oils. Kristen leant forward cuddling me and
occasionally buffing her breasts against mine, while I
massaged her back. Then she leant back and put her
hands behind her head, head back and eyes closed. I
lovingly massaged her neck and then her breasts. I
gently chewed on her nipples again, and Kristen sighed and
pushed her tits into my mouth as I sucked on the buds.

With Kristen lost in her fantasy tit-massage, I silently
reached one hand down to retrieve the cucumber from the
carpet beside the bath. Kristen’s eyes were closed, and
she had one hand behind her head, the other snaked its
way down to her pussy which she started fingering, now
that a gap had opened between our lower halves. I
kissed her lips again, chewing gently on her lower and
then her upper lip, and then sucking her tongue, and
then I slid back to my end of the bath. Underwater, I
opened up my pussy lips, and gently slid the invisible
well-oiled cucumber deeply into my cunt, curve
uppermost. Oh god, it was glorious. My lewd cucumber
cock jutted forwards and slightly upwards out of my
love tunnel, hidden below the milky water level.

Kristen opened her eyes slightly, frigging her cunt rather
obviously under the water, oblivious to the proximity
of the impudent organ pointing earnestly at her sex
beneath the waterline and murmured:

“Oh Nicolette, come back here, it’s so lonely with you at
that end of the bath”

“OK, Kristen, here I come,” I said sexily, inching my way
towards her, both hands under water, one holding the
rude cucumber in place, and the other reaching for
Kristen’s cunt.

My fingers touched Kristen’s frigging hand, which was
buried in her pussy up to her knuckles. I gently pulled
it out, and Kristen moaned, reaching for me, to pull me
towards her. I obliged, sliding slowly along the oily
slippery bottom of the bath. I slipped three fingers in
her accommodating cunt, widening them apart to open her
up, the cucumber now poised ready to enter her
unsuspecting honey tunnel.

“Oh, Kristen, don’t you wish I could fuck you,” I said.

“Oh yes,” replied Kristen innocent of the imminent
penetration, “Push your hand deeper into me.”

Getting the angle right, I then pushed my hips forward
slowly but firmly, guiding my thick green cock between
her cunt lips into her vagina, which was clutching at
my fingers as I slightly withdrew them using my thumb
to frig her clitoris. I slid forward further in the
bath, and replaced my hand with the advancing cucumber.
Kristen’s eyes opened widely, as the lewd dildo slid
smoothly into her cunt.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, immediately thrusting her cunt
willingly towards the invading object, “Oh god, Nicolette,
oh god, that’s wonderful” She accepted the lewd
invisibile dildo deeply and swiftly and willingly up to
the hilt in her cunt..

At the end of the steady inexorable slide, the cucumber
bottomed out in the depth of our cunts, deeply embedded
and filling us both, completely embedded so that our
pussy lips and clits mashed against each other. We were
joined as one, and then we were both fucking against
each other along the firm shaft, water splashing around
us as we humped each other’s cunts with the deep
impaled dildo stretching both of us to ecstasy again
and again. Our clits and pussies mashed at the end of
each deep stretching thrust, and the cucumber slid back
and forth inside our love tunnels as our cunts rippled
around it in a frantic sexual crescendo.

I was holding my breath, my muscles straining as I got
closer and closer to my volcanic eruption, while Kristen
was panting and contorting her face in deep
concentration, sweat beads forming on her forehead. We
were closer, closer, our hips bucking and fucking each
other harder and harder in perfect synchrony, then Kristen
started a moan that rose in pitch until she let out a
gasping cry, “Aaaaaahhhh, fuck meeeeeeeeee!”

I exploded in orgasm, my cunt on fire, my legs on fire,
my heart pounding in my temples, and my vision
completely blotted out. The jerking juddering spasms of
my clutching, clenching, clasping cunt squeezed on the
firm dildo, making me feel completely filled and sexed
out to oblivion.

I was desperately trying to hang on to Kristen, and she
was reaching wildly for me, missing, and we both slid
back clumsily against our ends of the bath, the angle
pressing the upward curving cucumber in our cunts
harder and sweeter against our G-spots, increasing the
ecstatic intensity part-way through the climax, causing
a tantric high lasting for the longest time as we
shuddered and spasmed to exhaustion.

We were both by now in an utterly shocked state in the
fragrant steamy bath, hair mussed and splashed with
water, sweat on our foreheads trickling down our
temples, our breasts heaving breathlessly.

I kept moaning “Oh god yes, oh god yes, oh god yes…”
in between sharp intakes of breath, my pussy still
clutching at the cucumber with aftershock diminuendo

Kristen was panting, her breath hissing in through her
half-closed teeth with each intake.

Kristen recovered first. She swallowed and brushed her
hair away from her eyes, and started gently easing her
cunt back off the cucumber, holding it in place inside
my own sex. I moaned pathetically, “Oh no, no, no, no,
you mustn’t….”, trying to stop her sliding away but
my arms were limp and my efforts were ineffective.

Kristen eventually pulled off the huge tool, moaning again
as she eased her gripping cunt off the end, tightening
up to avoid a gush of bathwater up her love sheath.

She raised up to a kneeling position, and then leaned
forward, and gently slid the cucumber in and out again
in my cunt. I spasmed again with another aftershock,
and leant forward, stopping her.

“Oh god, Kristen, it’s so sensitive, I just want it to
stay in my pussy for a while.”

She bathed my face and sorted out my hair, and then
reached for a bath towel to pat my face dry, and hers
too. She started to get up, and then I reached for her.
She pulled me up, still with the cucumber embedded in
my cunt, and I held it in place as I stood up. She
stared lewdly at the sight of my perfect body,
youthfully oestrogenic and feminine, with a huge dildo
jutting out from my pussy, stretching widely the folds
of my labia and revealing my erect clitoris to her full
gaze. I straightened up, and posed, keeping my thighs
tight to stop the lusty weapon from escaping, just
keeping one hand along the green protuberance in a
proud provocation.

“Oh my gawd, Nicolette darling, you’ve got a gorgeous cock!”
Kristen observed, raunchily.

We both started laughing, and with the force of
laughter coupled with my poor grip on the oily slippery
dildo in my well-lubricated and loosened cunt, the
cucumber slipped out into the bath through my fingers
with a splash.

“OOoops,” I giggled, vainly trying to clutch it as it
flew out, “There goes my love-toy of the moment,” and
we flopped against each other, slipping and sliding in
the oily bath and collapsed in a fountain of water out
of the bath onto the carpet, laughing in ecstatic post-
coital bliss, all tangled and floppy with legs that
wouldn’t work properly and arms that no longer seemed
to obey our commands.

We lay there laughing and giving each other brief
attempts at kisses, before bursting out in fits of
hysterical giggles again. Eventually, Kristen untangled
and knelt up on her forearms, her bum facing the
bathroom door, face looming over mine as I lay on my
back looking up at her throat and tits. She looked as
if she might even be starting to get a grip on the

At this point, Enzo, having wandered up the stairs,
moseyed into the bathroom, pushing the door open,
looking for the source of his favourite love-scent
a.k.a. wet pussy, the airborne traces of which had
registered on his olfactory radar despite the intense
bath oil fragrance concealing the odour from less
developed human senses.

One glance told him all: Kristen his mistress was wet and
sexually fragrant, evidently sexually aroused, and
waving her bum invitingly at him. Duty called. He
padded over to her and licked her pussy affectionately,
to her shrieking delight, and mounted her almost
immediately, his pointed cock powering out from his
retracting sheath straight into her ready sex.

I grabbed Kristen’s arms and gasped with astonishment and
excitement, Enzo had her firmly by the waist and was
already humping into her at a furious rate, and Kristen’s
buttocks and belly were quivering with every thrust.
Her head bobbed and she tried to speak in gasping
words, interspersed with grunts caused by the humping
behind her.

“Uhhnh, Good dog, uuhnh, oh yes, Nicolette, uhhnh, he’s
such, uuhhnh, a good dog, uhhnh, don’t stop him!” she

“I know he’s good, and my word he’s a big boy,” I
replied, my eyes fixed on the animal coupling between
Kristen’s legs, my position granting me a perfect view of
her erect clit on full view between widely splayed
pussy lips, stretched open by a huge shining canine
cock sliding effortlessly into her.

Enzo humped and humped like a jackhammer, his chest
and head resting along her back, and his feet
scrabbling for new purchase on the carpet. I could see
his thick long pink cock, glistening with Kristen’s juice,
slamming into her belly past her cunt lips, and pulling
back with each thrust, small squirts of liquid spurting
out around his cock with each backwards movements, and
Kristen’s pussy and clit dripping with the copious clear
pre-cum. His knobby bulges were getting large, and they
were starting to force past her rudely widened cunt
lips with each thrust.

“Oh god, Nicolette, he’s going to go all into me, I can’t
stop him, he’s going to, going to, aah, aaah, aaaaah,
Ohmigod… Aaaaaaaaahhhh oh god!” She burbled, as his
bulges entered her cunt and her belly quivered.

Enzo gave a series of harder and longer thrusts,
bouncing Kristen’s buttocks and body, and then a long hard
thrust with a pause and then a few smaller thrusts and
then stopped, panting hard along her back. His bulges
f****d all the way into Kristen’s loosened-up cunt, and
Kristen’s pussy lips closed behind them, around his shaft
embedded a full 10 inches deep in her cunt, an awesome

Kristen just flopped down her front half onto my belly,
and thrust back her ass at the dog’s massive tool,
embedding his knot even deeper and let out a long groan
of painful ecstasy. She started cumming again, hard and
uncontrollable, her body almost convulsing with her
climactic pleasure. Cum was squirting in little jets
from her pussy clenched around the thick dog-cock,
little jets and squirts every time she moved or he
adjusted his position.

I realised that I was furiously rubbing my clit and
watching the animal penetration with total intensity. I
noted every fold of Kristen’s stretched pussy, every fold
of her inner labia that protruded out with each
withdrawal of the cock and slipped back inside out of
view with each forward thrust in. I noted every quiver
of her buttocks and belly, and every drop of doggy pre-
cum, every rim of pussy-cream, and every squirt of
orgasmic doggy-cum. I inched forward under her, towards
her sex, and licked at her clitoris.

Kristen gave another clutch of vaginal spasms, and gasped
again, so I licked her soaking cunt lips and button,
allowing the overflowing doggy-cum to dribble into my
mouth as it dripped from her quim. I was lost in the
sexual immediacy of the moment, and was ready to do
anything to make Kristen’s orgasm last forever. I had
never experienced anything so intense. After another
two or three minutes, Kristen gasped at me to stop, and
then she just wiggled her bum every half-minute or so.

I lay there, hot dollops of cum splatting onto my face
every time she moved, and little trickles dripping all
the time into my open mouth as I breathed onto her sex.
I was still rubbing my cunt almost ready to come again.

Kristen called me to be careful when Enzo tried to
dismount, and could I hold his hind legs if he
attempted to pull away. Shortly after, Enzo turned
himself around, arse to arse, his cock still embedded
in Kristen’s cunt, which was now bulging as if she was
about to give birth.

“Aaah, hold his legs, Nicolette, hold him,” she called
urgently. “He’s too huge to pull out until his knot
goes down, it just takes a while.”

“OK, Kristen, I’ve got him,” I replied, hanging on to his
hind legs while he tried to walk away. Kristen was
slightly pulled backwards along my belly, and gasped in
pain, I could see the bulging outwards of her pussy
where the knobs were pulling out, so I firmly resisted
any further movements by Enzo, who stopped and
allowed his cock to return to its deeper position of
comfort. My own pussy was now receiving no attention,
since both hands were on the dog’s legs.

Kristen took the opportunity to push her face into my
crotch, and gently started sucking and licking on my
lips and clit – pushing her tongue into my entrance and
generally working on my sex. She brought one hand round
and started flicking my clit area, which had an instant
effect of bringing me back to the point of cumming.

I became a total slut, now the dog-cock was starting to
shrink, and I just allowed the mixture of Kristen’s and
Enzo’ cum to pour down over my face and into my open
mouth, while Kristen worked on my sensitive spots knowing
exactly how hard and where to suck, lick, tease, and
flick. Orgasm was approaching, then I came, hard again,
but this was short and final, and almost painful.

I heard Kristen make a muffled sound, and swallow,
presumably she got some of my liquid pussy squirt which
I make when I cum. We lay there panting again, resting
for a few minutes. Kristen occasionally pushed back or
wiggled her bum, and giggled a few times as mini gushes
of cum glopped out into my mouth and over my face.

“Kristen, he’s going to come out,” I said, seeing her cunt
lips start to part and the bulging base of Enzo’
cock emerge into view.

“I know, it’s OK,” said Kristen, breathing rapidly through
pursed lips, “He knows what do do now, he’s usually
good about it.”

I released some of my grip on his legs, so Enzo
immediately started to pull away. His cock came out
even more spectacularly than when he pulled out from my
own cunt after our passionate fuck in the morning. The
gush of cum, accumulated pre-cum, and pussy juice, was
a cascade. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but the
copious quantity and liquidity was just awesome, it
just poured aromatically over my face, neck and hair,
and up my nose.

I spluttered, and Kristen was free. She rolled off me to
one side, and looked back at my cum-drenched face, both
of us were dewey-eyed, with sex juice and with
emotional affection, and she gave me a lovely mussed-up
look full of sweet compassion.

“Oh, Nicolette, that was just the best ever.”

“Hmmmmmmmm,” I replied, wiping my face and eyes clear
of the pungent liquid, licking my lips, “You really
know how to entertain! As soon as I’ve had another
wash, I’ll be needing the rest of that drink!”

We crawled round to each other, and Kristen licked my eyes
and face lewdly, and slurped some of the cum dripping
from my chin and on my tits, and then we both leaned
over the bath splashing our faces, with smiles and
affection all the way. I had never had sex without the
post-coital anticlimax before, this was the first post-
coital bliss occasion and one of the best in my life.
Meanwhile, Enzo was already padding off downstairs,
to lick himself clean and relax in front of the fire.

After a quick wash and shampoo with the shower
attachment, we helped each other with blow-drying our
hair, rubbing massage oils from face to feet, and
donning fluffy dressing gowns, and preparing for a nice
evening in!

Two like-minded free-spirits and a handsome stud dog,
each now with our essence firmly embedded in each
other’s soul. This was the start of a much longer stay
than was first intended.

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